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27787     Daily driver?
Created by parwaz786 on 01/01/2015

27791     new dyson
Created by orecklover on 01/01/2015

27793     In the market for a new Hoover shampooer
Created by vintagevaclover on 01/01/2015

27794     Anyone.....
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 01/01/2015

27800     Craigslist find-RAINBOW E SERIES
Created by rainbowguy17 on 01/02/2015

27803     MUST see this mans views on dyson
Created by citroenbx on 01/02/2015

27804     Dyson DC28 Question for American Members
Created by ManchesterVacs on 01/02/2015

27807     My Dyson after it's clean up
Created by parwaz786 on 01/02/2015

27809     Miele C2 Complete Powerline Cat & Dog
Created by Turbo500 on 01/02/2015

27811     Aerus/Electrolux Basic Upright Models
Created by ronni on 01/02/2015

27813     Hoover constellation reboot thoughts?
Created by vacuumssuck213 on 01/02/2015

27830     Seeking Info. on Electrolux "LuxLite" and Aerus "Quick Lux" Stick Vacs
Created by kevin on 01/04/2015

27834     My new Dyson
Created by tomvacuum10 on 01/05/2015

27839     Dyson dc07 hepa uk specification overhaul
Created by Dysonabsolute on 01/05/2015

27841     Nilfisk GM80P
Created by Michaelwalter on 01/06/2015

27845     Forbes Article - "How Shark ate Dyson's lunch in America's vacuum market"
Created by Turbo500 on 01/06/2015

27847     Longest Continuously Manufactured Vacuum Cleaner Model
Created by stricklybojack on 01/06/2015

27849     CondoLux by Aerus LLC
Created by ronni on 01/06/2015

27853     kenmore intuition dust problem
Created by guyinva_2005 on 01/07/2015

27854     Longest Continuously Manufactured Shampooer/Polisher Model
Created by ronni on 01/07/2015

27855     Royal Deluxe Power Team Help
Created by FantomFan on 01/07/2015

27856     Seeking a Hoover...probably!!
Created by Durango159 on 01/07/2015

27858     How people buy vacuums.
Created by RainbowD4C on 01/07/2015

27861     Dyson cinetic big ball
Created by Adamthemieleman on 01/08/2015

27863     Dyson Cinetic Big Ball
Created by HVRVACLVR on 01/08/2015

27865     Dodgy vacuum repairs
Created by parwaz786 on 01/08/2015

27866     Germany rates Dyson as No. 1 vacuum brand !
Created by oliveoiltinfoil on 01/08/2015

27870     Sebo Evolution 300 or Sebo G1
Created by spacey3 on 01/09/2015

27872     SEBO E Series Now Landed in Germany
Created by sebo_fan on 01/09/2015

27874     Great find today!
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 01/09/2015

27876     Traded my working Shark for a "broken" Hoover
Created by stricklybojack on 01/09/2015

27881     Dyson DC14 Animal Refurb
Created by parwaz786 on 01/10/2015

27882     you have got to see this
Created by citroenbx on 01/10/2015

27885     Dyson DC15 only contacting carpet pushing forward
Created by kirbyluxhoover on 01/10/2015

27886     Morphy Richards are back with Cylinder Vavuums.
Created by hi-loswitch98 on 01/10/2015

27887     Royal 4000
Created by eurekastar on 01/10/2015

27895     Powerful deep cleaner or carpet destoryer?
Created by stricklybojack on 01/11/2015

27897     I am dying for the new Rainbow!
Created by rainbowguy17 on 01/11/2015

27901     I find it hard...
Created by godfreys_guy on 01/12/2015

27902     Numatic James Question
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 01/12/2015

27907     A collection of Sebo X/C/370 series bags
Created by Reflector on 01/12/2015

27913     Search for schematic of Fantom Twister 700LX (FM780)
Created by treetopguy2028 on 01/13/2015

27916     Should I go for this?
Created by Tomvacuum10 on 01/14/2015

27919     Dyson Customer Service
Created by HVRVACLVR on 01/14/2015

27920     NEW HOOVERS!!!
Created by HVRVACLVR on 01/14/2015

27923     My Extensive Collection Part 8
Created by Unimatic1140 on 01/15/2015

27925     HELP! 😩
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 01/15/2015

27927     Miele S7210 Repair Issue
Created by LazerFlash on 01/15/2015

27929     Hoover Upright U5018-900 disassembly technique needed
Created by treetopguy2028 on 01/16/2015

27930     Strange motor output on a dc01
Created by Dysonabsolute on 01/16/2015

27935     Common vacuums seen in trash
Created by fan-of-fans on 01/16/2015

27939     To sell or not sell kenmore Magic blue dx
Created by Ctvacman on 01/17/2015

27943     A Roll Easy for the 21st Century?
Created by SeamusUK on 01/17/2015

27945     Electrolux Centralux Burned Out Motor??
Created by sweeperboy on 01/17/2015

27946     vacuum cleaner games
Created by citroenbx on 01/18/2015

27947     Dyson DC01 De Stijl Boxed and complete...
Created by Dyson89 on 01/18/2015

27948     Dyson dc01 ease of selling on
Created by dysonabsolute on 01/18/2015

27957     what do think of this Hoover Platinum Cyclonic Bagless Upright
Created by jpow30 on 01/19/2015

27959     Two stories from Australia to you all! (Dyson and Elux)
Created by godfreys_guy on 01/19/2015

27960     Here's an unusual one... Bissell Hydroclean Complete
Created by spiraclean on 01/19/2015

27962     EU Ratings
Created by marcusprit on 01/19/2015

27963     2015 General Electric Roll-Easy
Created by dysonman1 on 01/19/2015

27971     Kirby Birthday
Created by Thunderhexed on 01/19/2015

27978     Maytag (Hoover) WindTunnel Upright Vacuum U5450
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 01/20/2015

27979     The All New VAX Air Cordless Lift, Hot Off The Press
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 01/20/2015

27981     Another Vax Cordless Upright!
Created by sebo_fan on 01/20/2015

27982     Very odd Defender brand Vacuum
Created by vacman1961 on 01/20/2015

27984     Disappointed with Dyson ethics
Created by marcusprit on 01/21/2015

27989     Electrolux/Aerus Green-, White-, and Blue- Bristled Brush Rolls
Created by ronni on 01/21/2015

27992     The new Kirby Avelir!
Created by luxflairguy on 01/21/2015

27995     Should I...
Created by Orecklover on 01/21/2015

27997     KIRBY AVALIR - Part 2
Created by Unimatic1140 on 01/22/2015

27998     Wanted: Dirt Devil M3200 Triangle Head Stick Vac
Created by aprilh on 01/22/2015

27999     Dirt Devil Magnum MVP or Ultra MVP
Created by aprilh on 01/22/2015

28001     Wanted: Dirt Devil M87 Broom Vac
Created by aprilh on 01/22/2015

28005     i got a play with the new dyson cinetic upright
Created by dys0nb0y on 01/22/2015

28010     Kirby avalir
Created by Eakirby1986 on 01/22/2015

28011     *New* Hamilton Beach Vacuums
Created by stricklybojack on 01/22/2015

28017     Air watts bagged vs bagless vacuums
Created by Mike81 on 01/23/2015

28018     Look What I Have Just Gone And Bought!
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 01/23/2015

28023     Oreck XL21 Legend
Created by stricklybojack on 01/23/2015

28026     Wands needed for HOOVER Elite 5018-900
Created by treetopguy2028 on 01/24/2015

28028     Poo smell in vacuum
Created by richardc1983 on 01/24/2015

28030     Advice needed
Created by cc on 01/24/2015

28031     New TOL Bissell Anna 1422 Hybrid Power Bagless Upright Vacuum
Created by stricklybojack on 01/24/2015

28033     New BISSELL PowerGlide Pet 1305 Bagless Swivel Upright Vacuum
Created by stricklybojack on 01/24/2015

28039     Eureka-Electrolux Sanitare commercial
Created by kj on 01/25/2015

28040     DC11 for 20?
Created by SeamusUk on 01/25/2015

28043     Contemporary vac that doesn't look it?
Created by slim2none on 01/25/2015

28049     Dyson DC40 Animal Has Arrived
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 01/26/2015

28052     Aerus Healthy Home Micro Sprayer
Created by ronni on 01/26/2015

28057     industrial CLEANING how are they coping ?
Created by citroenbx on 01/27/2015

28058     I won a dream machine this morning!
Created by thevacuumman on 01/27/2015

28060     Dyson thoughts.
Created by orecklover on 01/27/2015

28064     Electrolux chic lite z1863 floor tool
Created by Dysonabsolute on 01/27/2015

28065     sentria rug shampooer
Created by dsmith5195 on 01/27/2015

28067     I can't believe how people treat their vacuums
Created by Kirbysthebest on 01/27/2015

28078     New eco vacuums doing well
Created by Adamthemieleman on 01/29/2015

28081     My New Sanitaire S675 With Its Older Cousin, Kirby
Created by scooby214 on 01/29/2015

28092     Ever repaired vacuums for local businesses?
Created by niclonnic on 01/30/2015

28093     Oreck Edge Thoughts?
Created by JDrums0789 on 01/30/2015

28094     Sebo or Panasonic?
Created by cleansweep on 01/31/2015

28098     444 CRI SOA/Green Label Certified Vacuums
Created by stricklybojack on 01/31/2015

28099     Spots on carpeting
Created by fan-of-fans on 01/31/2015

28103     Time to get another Fantom Cyclone XT I guess!
Created by fantomfan on 01/31/2015

28105     Dead versamatic
Created by cam2s on 02/01/2015

28110     Dyson Radial Root Cyclone Doesn't Work Very Well!
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 02/01/2015

28111     Height adjustment fault on X1 automatic
Created by Dysonabsolute on 02/01/2015

28112     I bought a new floor mate!
Created by electroluxxxx on 02/01/2015

28113     Sebo X4 brushroll not turning.
Created by hi-loswitch98 on 02/01/2015

28116     My new shark rotator
Created by dys0nb0y on 02/02/2015

28118     A fantastic deal on a Sebo K3 Premium Eco :)
Created by SeamusUK on 02/02/2015

28124     Which? artcile - "Should you trust the new vacuum cleaner energy labels"?
Created by Turbo500 on 02/03/2015

28125     Where art thou, Kirby?
Created by cuffs054 on 02/03/2015

28126     some one is useing alex
Created by citroenbx on 02/03/2015

28127     i wonder why
Created by citroenbx on 02/03/2015

28130     Bissell Bolt
Created by HVRVACLVR on 02/03/2015

28133     Any news about the Sebo E Series
Created by marcusprit on 02/04/2015

28138     Sebo K3 Premium Eco
Created by SeamusUk on 02/04/2015

28142     I Can't Take This Woman Seriously
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 02/04/2015

28145     I have made my peace with James Dyson..........for now
Created by Sensotronic on 02/05/2015

28152     One of my dream machines: AIR-WAY
Created by luxlife on 02/06/2015

28153     Dyson DC33 Multi floor condition
Created by parwaz786 on 02/06/2015

28154     I Hold My Hands Up - I Was Wrong...We Are Now Friends Again :D
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 02/06/2015

28155     Dyson dc07 animal UK Spec
Created by Dysonabsolute on 02/06/2015

28158     Stick vacuum needed....any suggestions?
Created by kirbylux77 on 02/06/2015

28162     Numatic Henry serial number or buying help?
Created by parwaz786 on 02/07/2015

28164     Dyson Cinetic Big Ball
Created by ericaustin on 02/07/2015

28173     new Miele C3 Celebration w/powernozzle available in the UK
Created by Turbo500 on 02/08/2015

28175     Sauber trying to come to the US
Created by lionkcommander on 02/08/2015

28178     New wool loop carpeting...need suitable canister type.
Created by simplemind on 02/09/2015

28179     Robot vacuum attacks
Created by Kirbysthebest on 02/09/2015

28184     Corded Wessel Werk EBK360
Created by floor-a-matic on 02/09/2015

28191     Which Kirby
Created by steelcityuk on 02/10/2015

28194     My new Kirby Avalir....
Created by kirbymodel2c on 02/10/2015

28196     What is the best Kirby model made?
Created by marcusprit on 02/11/2015

28198     Kenmore magic blue help
Created by lionkcommander on 02/11/2015

28201     Aggie McKenzie reviews vacuums for The Guardian
Created by Turbo500 on 02/12/2015

28202     Vax/Hoover Cordless Floormate
Created by Sensotronic on 02/12/2015

28213     Dyson V6 Absolute
Created by Tomvacuum10 on 02/13/2015

28227     dc21 motorhead/ torx screws size?
Created by suckolux on 02/14/2015

28229     My NEW AVALIR and I !!!!!
Created by ethanjr1 on 02/14/2015

28233     2014 Filter Queen Majestic Suction Issue
Created by michvacguy on 02/15/2015

28234     Fake Dyson!
Created by parwaz786 on 02/15/2015

28242     collectible?
Created by citroenbx on 02/16/2015

28248     Dyson DC40 Multi Floor
Created by parwaz786 on 02/16/2015

28251     How to Set the Height on My New Sanitaire
Created by scooby214 on 02/16/2015

28256     Mid 1990s SEBO Automatic X1
Created by PoconoVacMan on 02/16/2015

28259     Hard decision
Created by momof5 on 02/17/2015

28263     New Ritello Dual Power 2
Created by kirbymodel2c on 02/17/2015

28264     Has Kirby Significantly Improved Since the G3?
Created by bagintheback on 02/17/2015

28267     Kirby Sentria
Created by marcusprit on 02/18/2015

28275     this is mad
Created by citroenbx on 02/18/2015

28277     Finally got a new vacuum, BUT......
Created by hooverkid on 02/18/2015

28278     what is this old thing for
Created by citroenbx on 02/19/2015

28279     patriot,miracle mate and tristar
Created by queeny77 on 02/19/2015

28284     Lol
Created by parwaz786 on 02/19/2015

28297     Saw an Electrolux upright today
Created by gottahaveahoove on 02/20/2015

28302     Anyone recognise this American parts brand packaging?
Created by ManchesterVacs on 02/20/2015

28303     Filter Queen 99 (Triple Crown) Wiring
Created by jkbff on 02/20/2015

28305     Bissell Big Green Clean machine
Created by columbus on 02/20/2015

28308     Very interesting new powerhead cylinder from Vax
Created by oliveoiltinfoil on 02/20/2015

28313     Kenmore Limited Edition Progressive
Created by fan-of-fans on 02/20/2015

28318     Kirby avalir
Created by kirbyg6 on 02/21/2015

28319     In the market for a bagless canister vacuum
Created by floor-a-matic on 02/21/2015

28332     Vacuuming up wasps, bees etc.
Created by niclonnic on 02/22/2015

28335     numatic 580 watt single speed models
Created by dysonabsolute on 02/22/2015

28340     Just Purchased a Royal Metal Vacuum Cleaner
Created by rdak on 02/23/2015

28344     I scored at a thrift today!
Created by sonnyndad on 02/23/2015

28345     Bagged Central Vac conversion?
Created by panofan on 02/23/2015

28347     Direct air motor vs Clean air motors
Created by marcusprit on 02/24/2015

28353     What happened to the dual fan vacuum motors?
Created by Mike81 on 02/25/2015

28356     My Sirena PN is DEAD!
Created by mark40511 on 02/25/2015

28362     Vacuum Instagram Page
Created by FantomVacuumFan on 02/26/2015

28363     Capricorn S5981
Created by cara on 02/26/2015

28367     Interest fault
Created by keiththomas on 02/26/2015

28374     Miele S2-Any Concerns?
Created by bagintheback on 02/26/2015

28375     Impressive Dyson DC41 agitation video
Created by parwaz786 on 02/27/2015

28380     Dyson DA001 : Stripdown and rebuild
Created by numatic99 on 02/27/2015

28385     Kirby G-series brush rolls
Created by human on 02/27/2015

28386     Dyson clutch lifespan
Created by niclonnic on 02/27/2015

28387     Some thoughts about the upcoming Sebo G1 replacement
Created by sprockkets on 02/27/2015

28388     Nilfisk GM 80 classic grey
Created by boxer_rules on 02/28/2015

28389     Nilfisk GM 80 classic grey
Created by boxer_rules on 02/28/2015

28392     Bissell Spot Clean machines
Created by countryguy on 02/28/2015

28395     DC59 Animal Complete ordered !
Created by oliveoiltinfoil on 03/01/2015

28396     Sebo Felix, how does it compare?
Created by Blackheart on 03/01/2015

28398     Dyson dc07 Carpet- terrible carpet cleaning?
Created by Dustin on 03/01/2015

28401     Vax VX Zero. VZL-801.
Created by Dyson89 on 03/02/2015

28402     Dyson's new US lineup
Created by niclonnic on 03/02/2015

28403     Dirt Devil Broomy 750 UK (Royal).
Created by Dyson89 on 03/02/2015

28405     Kirby Avalir on eBay
Created by jfalberti on 03/02/2015

28407     My Kirby G5 finally arrived!
Created by human on 03/02/2015

28417     Bork - The "Russian Brand"
Created by sebo_fan on 03/03/2015

28422     $62.33 later and the wheels fall off.
Created by RainbowD4C on 03/04/2015

28425     Royal Upright M1058Z Vs M1059Z
Created by henrodstone on 03/05/2015

28427     Best current Vacuum Cleaner money can buy
Created by slair76116 on 03/05/2015

28429     Miele Vacuums, Anyone selling a miele blue moon?
Created by cara on 03/06/2015

28430     dyson dc19
Created by dysonabsolute on 03/06/2015

28431     Lux Guardian Platinum Filter(s)
Created by kirbysthebest on 03/06/2015

28432     The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball
Created by laszlopanaflex on 03/06/2015

28436     Miele S7 help
Created by parwaz786 on 03/07/2015

28442     "Water" Hoover from Hoover Europe
Created by sebo_fan on 03/07/2015

28443     bissell motor help wirieng
Created by vacuumdude on 03/07/2015

28444     numatic hettys boyfriend for 89.50
Created by dysonabsolute on 03/07/2015

28445     Electrolux Legacy Repair Help
Created by daknx1994 on 03/07/2015

28447     Wet dirt can't fly???
Created by SeamusUk on 03/08/2015

28451     Centec CPB-100 kit (i.e. Riccar made pn)
Created by panofan on 03/08/2015

28454     Hilariously angry sounding Electrolux turbo brush
Created by Mike81 on 03/09/2015

28458     Name This Bagless Model Hoover Upright..
Created by stricklybojack on 03/09/2015

28461     Finally got around to posting this guy here, but here's my latest toy. Hyla NST!
Created by ultralux88 on 03/10/2015

28463     Vax New Wave 1300
Created by beko1987 on 03/10/2015

28466     Bissell Lift-Off Floors & More Pet 2-in-1 Stick/Hand Vac
Created by niclonnic on 03/10/2015

28470     Electrolux Guardian Help
Created by bvac6 on 03/11/2015

28475     Dyson DC28C
Created by Sensotronic on 03/12/2015

28476     Dyson DC24 and DC35 vids
Created by blakaeg on 03/12/2015

28477     Hoover Zen Whisper Cyclonic SH40080 problem
Created by floor-a-matic on 03/13/2015

28479     Royal Vacuum cleaner
Created by hooverjedilord on 03/13/2015

28482     Really, really!!!!
Created by mieles5380leo on 03/13/2015

28484     Hoover PurePower, what happened???
Created by Beechs1 on 03/13/2015

28487     Nuvac
Created by vacuumlover on 03/14/2015

28488     Info on the Nuvac please
Created by vacuumlover on 03/14/2015

28490     Your Dyson don't suck? Gee, I wonder why...
Created by jmurray01 on 03/14/2015

28494     Riccar Immaculate Dirt Sensor (Power Head)
Created by GeorgeCT on 03/14/2015

28495     Argos Catalogue Scans - 1999-2002
Created by suctionselector on 03/14/2015

28496     I love the SEBO X1
Created by blakaeg on 03/14/2015

28498     Hoover used to the MAX!
Created by niclonnic on 03/14/2015

28499     electrolux lux 4000 wireing help
Created by vacuumdude on 03/14/2015

28510     i've ordered the dyson cinetic big ball it's coming this monday
Created by dys0nb0y on 03/15/2015

28512     Dyson DC55 Total Clean - Review and impressions
Created by matt8808 on 03/15/2015

28520     New improved battery
Created by marcusprit on 03/16/2015

28522     Roger does the shake n Vac
Created by marcusprit on 03/16/2015

28523     New Hoover airs for me
Created by gsheen on 03/16/2015

28525     Amway CMS 2000
Created by altrip51 on 03/17/2015

28526     Kirby Filtration
Created by marcusprit on 03/17/2015

28528     Kirby finds a friend
Created by tolivac on 03/17/2015

28531     What are the differences between Rainbows and Filter Queens?
Created by parwaz786 on 03/17/2015

Created by citroenbx on 03/18/2015

28547     Why does my new Sebo G1 make me depressed?
Created by MsMagicBroom on 03/18/2015

28550     Performance ratings are independently tested by the EU
Created by Sensotronic on 03/19/2015

28551     Filter Queen
Created by marcusprit on 03/19/2015

28553     Miele S5510
Created by beko1987 on 03/19/2015

28554     Riccar prima or simplicity wonder?
Created by Miskini on 03/19/2015

28558     My New Guardsman!
Created by Firebirdman55 on 03/19/2015

28562     My Extensive Collection Part 9
Created by Unimatic1140 on 03/20/2015

28563     Kirby Sentria 2 Craigslist Find
Created by dandagreer on 03/20/2015

28567     Brushroll for Kenmore "Panasonic" Upright.
Created by fantomfan on 03/20/2015

28569     Dirt cheap HOOVERS (pun intended)
Created by gottahaveahoove on 03/20/2015

28570     update...Got to see my first Riccar canister today.
Created by momof5 on 03/21/2015

28572     New Dyson Cordless line-up UK
Created by tomvacuum10 on 03/21/2015

28575     Compact Bagless Vax canister vac: which one?
Created by jagodek02 on 03/21/2015

28576     Hands on with Vax Cordless Lift
Created by Adamthemieleman on 03/21/2015

28582     Whats the latest/earliest you vacuumed?
Created by parwaz786 on 03/21/2015

28586     Electrolux the Boss
Created by keiththomas on 03/22/2015

28589     Kirby Lust!
Created by human on 03/22/2015

28597     Five Reasons why Kirbys are guy vacuums
Created by human on 03/23/2015

28601     It feels Like my birthday , hoerah a sentria
Created by Edgar on 03/23/2015

28602     Hum vac
Created by countryguy on 03/23/2015

28605     Maytag Satellite
Created by michaelwalter on 03/23/2015

28617     My Ultimnate Dream Machine Has Been Found!
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 03/24/2015

28618     Vorwerk KOBOLD VK150 - My new toy!
Created by Madaboutsebo on 03/24/2015

28620     Budd Central Vacuums
Created by panofan on 03/24/2015

28624     has anyone got?
Created by citroenbx on 03/25/2015

28626     Vax Factory Sale time... :-)
Created by SeamusUK on 03/26/2015

28630     Cleaning out a Bissell Powerforce Helix
Created by niclonnic on 03/26/2015

28632     Taking apart fan case on an Aerus Motor.
Created by Cam2s on 03/27/2015

28636     Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away Stop Sale/Recall
Created by danorob1 on 03/27/2015

28637     NIB Wet/Dry vac !!!!!
Created by gottahaveahoove on 03/27/2015

28638     SEBO E1 Airbelt Eco 700: First Impressions
Created by sebo_fan on 03/28/2015

28643     Aerus Vacuum dealers?
Created by OCScott3085 on 03/28/2015

28653     OceanBlue?
Created by amasseylpn on 03/29/2015

28658     Hoover turbo brush making AWFUL noise
Created by niclonnic on 03/30/2015

28663     Electrolux Ultra One Quattro - power nozzle photos
Created by blackmesa on 03/31/2015

28668     Need some help.
Created by hooverkid on 03/31/2015

28675     Dyson's new "DC04 Zorbster" replacement
Created by parwaz786 on 04/01/2015

28676     The New Numatic Henry Drone!
Created by sebo_fan on 04/01/2015

28683     Dyson V6 Absolute
Created by marcusprit on 04/02/2015

28686     My Vacuum Tests 1980-2012 Models
Created by wyaple on 04/02/2015

28693     Hoover PurePower U3456
Created by vacuumlover on 04/03/2015

28695     Need some Hoover help.
Created by JustinG on 04/03/2015

28699     New Roll Easy? Or is It A Hoover
Created by vacbear58 on 04/04/2015

28703     Dyson ads?
Created by fan-of-fans on 04/04/2015

28704     Kenmores on eBay
Created by fan-of-fans on 04/04/2015

28708     Fantom FM788HC
Created by wildiriss on 04/04/2015

28709     New use for an older Kirby part
Created by human on 04/04/2015

28711     Vax Dual Power Pro
Created by Sensotronic on 04/05/2015

28713     Dyson DC40 Exclusive for 199
Created by Sensotronic on 04/05/2015

28715     im in a frantic search for a Fantom Thunder brushroll
Created by vacuumdude on 04/05/2015

28717     Shark Rocket HV301
Created by thevacuumman on 04/05/2015

28719     old dyson adverts 1993-2009
Created by citroenbx on 04/05/2015

Created by Svacuums on 04/05/2015

28722     Hello!
Created by shaunr1989 on 04/06/2015

28725     See my new vacuum
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28731     My mini collection
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28735     UGGHHHH Ebay purchase
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28739     Dyson Cinetic doesn't work well.
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28740     Riccar 8715 Repair + Possible Simplicity Equivalent?
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28741     This followed me home today......
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28744     Does Kirby have HEPA filtration?
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28745     New Kirby Avalir Vacuum
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28747     Argos Catalogue Scans From Spring And Summer 1998 And More!
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28748     Newbie here with a query about collections
Created by collectorguy on 04/08/2015

28750     Miele platinum
Created by cara on 04/08/2015

28751     saveing the BEST UNTILL LAST
Created by citroenbx on 04/08/2015

28752     Oreck XL Commercial repair
Created by niclonnic on 04/08/2015

28755     Any idea on where these go?
Created by vacuumdude on 04/08/2015

28759     1998 Electrolux Powerline 1100 Model Z1361
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 04/09/2015

28761     Brandnew Numatic Brochure 2015
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 04/09/2015

28767     New look for my Kirby G5
Created by human on 04/09/2015

28768     Why are Oreck's so rubbish?
Created by parwaz786 on 04/09/2015

28770     Bissell Powerlifter Super Light
Created by HVRVACLVR on 04/10/2015

28775     Dyson Help!!!
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28780     Felix, unplugged
Created by sprockkets on 04/10/2015

28788     Adventures in Kirby disassembly
Created by Dandagreer on 04/11/2015

28791     Seeking Advice - hard floors
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28794     Car Boot Find!
Created by hi-loswitch98 on 04/12/2015

28800     Kirby Avalir Height Adjustment
Created by Jeschbac on 04/12/2015

28801     Kirby Generation 6.
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28803     PR-21's Kirby Avalir
Created by pr-21 on 04/12/2015

28805     The Hoover Elite Finally Turned Up!
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28808     Good Canister with Powernozzle?
Created by michvacguy on 04/13/2015

Created by danorob1 on 04/13/2015

28814     Sanitaire SC899 replacing light bulb
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28816     1991 Hoover Elite ll Total System Performance 430
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28817     My DC01 De Stijl
Created by beko1987 on 04/14/2015

28820     Dyson DC02 De Stijl bargain
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28823     Question about Riccar generic central vac powerhead
Created by panofan on 04/15/2015

28827     What vacuums do YouTubers have?
Created by parwaz786 on 04/15/2015

28830     A Kirby is featured in a crime fiction book....
Created by collectorguy on 04/16/2015

28832     My New Riccar Prima is here,,,,
Created by danorob1 on 04/16/2015

28839     Never used Hoover Turbopower Motor on offee
Created by richardc1983 on 04/17/2015

28841     Riccar prima
Created by Miskini on 04/17/2015

28842     Dyson DC03 Clear
Created by beko1987 on 04/17/2015

28845     A Dream Machine Realized!
Created by cb123 on 04/17/2015

28847     Dyson DC59 Motorhead sale
Created by HVRVACLVR on 04/18/2015

28850     dyson dc07 silver yellow
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28851     Do i need a physicist
Created by citroenbx on 04/18/2015

28864     Riccar Immaculate Filters - Questions
Created by georgect on 04/19/2015

28865     Why don't more UK canisters have Power nozzles?
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28867     Rainbows in the UK?
Created by hooverjedilord on 04/19/2015

28868     Vax Air Cordless Lift!
Created by hooverjedilord on 04/19/2015

28873     Cord Cutters?????
Created by reo580 on 04/20/2015

28874     Filter Queen Serial #'s
Created by michvacguy on 04/20/2015

28878     Dirt Devil Power Reach Bagless Canister
Created by michvacguy on 04/20/2015

28882     Electrolux SmartVac Z4670
Created by vacuumlover on 04/21/2015

28885     Ahh roomba
Created by vacmaster on 04/21/2015

28891     Filter Queen Brush Roller
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28892     Kirby Avalir Now on Kirby's Web Page: Floor Buffer Missing
Created by frkirby560 on 04/22/2015

28896     Kirby G5 Transmission Question
Created by DaftBronyG5 on 04/22/2015

28897     Machines from the vac shop trade in pile
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28898     Kirby G6 Scuff Plate Screw
Created by waynec on 04/23/2015

28903     Question About Elite Fan
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 04/23/2015

28905     Cyclonic vacuums vs Filter in bin vacuums
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28906     The YouTube sensation ibaisaic
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28907     Bissell Powerforce Helix sounds like a chainsaw!
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28910     Vax Turboforce Experiences/opinions!
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28911     Dating a Dirt Devil model 103
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28912     Got a new Floormate!
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28914     I am so happy BUT CAN you help?
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28918     Miele ART
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28921     My new Seabo E3 premium
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28922     Ibaisiac's Greatest Hits
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28924     Two questions on Fantoms
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28928     Water Filtration Bissell Pro-heat All Rounder
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28929     all done not bad is it?
Created by citroenbx on 04/27/2015

28932     WANTED: Fantom Thunder
Created by jfg20 on 04/28/2015

28935     Poor filtration on new vacuums
Created by HEPA on 04/29/2015

28943     MEME TIME!!!!!!
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28949     Look what I bought today!!!
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28951     My dream vac found !!!!😱😱😱
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28952     Sirena.... In the UK :-)
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28955     the reviews of vacs: bissel Power force Wide path
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28956     the reviews of vacs: (Special anouncement and vent).
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28965     1997 Dyson DC01 Absolute +
Created by jmurray01 on 05/02/2015

28967     HOOVER Purepower 700W
Created by jmurray01 on 05/02/2015

28968     i think ibaisaic should put some of these on his channel
Created by citroenbx on 05/02/2015

28971     My new (To me) Dyson DC01 De Stijl!
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28973     Dyson v6
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28974     Which Dyson to buy? DC07, DC14, DC27 or DC33
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28977     Is this Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum from the 90s?
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28980     please can you help me?
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28983     Disappointed.....
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28987     DC50 Brushroll bristles worn down to nothing after 18 months
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28990     new video posted on my channel
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28991     Aadvice on a new vacuum as daily driver
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28996     I'm back to doing refurbishing, resaling and thrifting!!
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29000     Dyson DC24 Brushroll Motor
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29003     Clearing up Confusion on Riccar Tandem Air Uprights
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29004     Joined the Rainbow family
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29010     Oreck Axis $300 Off-Splurge?
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29013     New Electrolux Big powerhead
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29018     My new toy!
Created by JDrums0789 on 05/07/2015

29019     A Dyson that deep cleans!
Created by HVRVACLVR on 05/08/2015

29021     Sanitaire shake out bags
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29022     Sanitaire Bags
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29026     Filter Queen Odor Issue
Created by michvacguy on 05/08/2015

29029     Dyson DC07 HEPA pick up test
Created by tomvacuum10 on 05/09/2015

29034     New House New Vacuum.
Created by RainbowD4C on 05/09/2015

29045     Are Royals Still Made in the U.S.
Created by Zach on 05/10/2015

29047     Alternative to Rainbow chemicals
Created by dandagreer on 05/11/2015

29055     HELP! What model number is this Electrolux?
Created by vacuum on 05/12/2015

29056     homade bumpers
Created by Whatasucker on 05/13/2015

29064     Poor filtration on Shark vacuums
Created by niclonnic on 05/13/2015

29065     Electrolux Commemorative Vacuum never used.
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29069     New Sebo X4 Pet Boost
Created by spiraclean on 05/15/2015

29070     Spring Cleaning 2015.
Created by RainbowD4C on 05/15/2015

29072     I missed the new kirby
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29080     'Options by Hoover' Turbopower - vintagerepairer?
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29084     Another DC01!
Created by numatic99 on 05/17/2015

29087     Centec powerhead brushrolls
Created by panofan on 05/17/2015

29090     Shark Powered Lift Away True Pet
Created by RainbowD4C on 05/17/2015

29095     Help me find these parts for my Electrolux CB2000
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29097     Commercial Simplicity / Carpet Pro Brushroll Issues
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29098     Bissell power lifter super lite. Wow
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29105     Vacuuming questions
Created by parwaz786 on 05/19/2015

29106     Tandem Air vacuum debut
Created by Hoover78 on 05/20/2015

29107     miele S7000 series upright vacuum
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29108     My New Kirby Sentria and Electrolux Super J
Created by ryan1994jeep on 05/20/2015

29109     New Sebo Felix
Created by Blackheart on 05/20/2015

29118     Dyson Argos 2013 Scans
Created by vacuumlover on 05/21/2015

29120     Eureka Whirlwind Plus 3277AVZX
Created by niclonnic on 05/21/2015

29122     Simplicity 6 Series from Goodwill!
Created by sonnyndad on 05/21/2015

29130     Top-Side Canister Cord Reels
Created by eurekaprince on 05/23/2015

29132     Dyson DC05 motorhead owners/experiences!
Created by parwaz786 on 05/23/2015

29133     Windsor and Cleartrak!
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29140     this weeks find's
Created by citroenbx on 05/24/2015

29141     1getting uk vacuums to the usa is it possible
Created by vacuumdude on 05/24/2015

29142     Miele S7210 vs Dyson DC41/65/big ball
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29145     Hoover Turbopower U2806 (mail order) 1996
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29148     Dyson Owners: Help Wanted to Test our Serial Number Recognition Tool
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29149     Commerial Vacuum Auction Score!
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29151     What should I buy?
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29152     Numatic Henry HVR-200 from 1998!
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29160     Duct tape on vacuums
Created by niclonnic on 05/26/2015

29165     new video posted on my channel
Created by vacuumssuck213 on 05/26/2015

29166     Disassembling a Eureka Air Speed AS1000 for switch
Created by treetopguy2028 on 05/27/2015

29168     Conquest vs. Elite vs. Concept vs. Convertible
Created by floor-a-matic on 05/27/2015

29171     Dyson DC05 Motorhead bagless Dual cyclonic cylinder vacuum with HEPA+ filter and bactiguard screen!
Created by parwaz786 on 05/28/2015

29172     Royal 4000 Classic Edition from Goodwill
Created by sonnyndad on 05/28/2015

29174     i got a dyson dc 24 for cheap
Created by jpow30 on 05/28/2015

29176     What is different between Javelin 12 and Windsor S12? Need help
Created by Impfac on 05/28/2015

29177     Funny/entertaining vacuum vids
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29185     $15 garage sale simplicity
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29187     Help With Central Vac Hose
Created by dlb764 on 05/30/2015

29197     Cleaning an apartment before moving out
Created by niclonnic on 06/01/2015

29198     What do you like/love when vacuuming?
Created by vacuumlover on 06/01/2015

29200     Wow good on you Dyson!!!!
Created by Svacuums on 06/01/2015

29214     The Ult. G annoyed me today
Created by cuffs054 on 06/04/2015

29220     My H20
Created by cuffs054 on 06/05/2015

29222     I've had it with the Eureka Boss SmartVac!
Created by niclonnic on 06/05/2015

29228     Tristar EXL
Created by Kirbyduh on 06/06/2015

29231     What bearings do your Modern Day vacuums use? Help
Created by chicagomike on 06/06/2015

29237     Eureka Dial-A-Nap vs. ESP vs. Rugulator vs. The Boss 1934 vs. Retro Vac vs. Sanitaire SC888
Created by floor-a-matic on 06/07/2015

29240     Dyson DC07 cyclone cleaning
Created by niclonnic on 06/07/2015

29248     Electrolux Canister
Created by Streakers on 06/09/2015

29257     Hoover introduces 3D printing of parts and more
Created by ralph123 on 06/11/2015

29261     Vacuums at garage sales
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29264     Fantom Twisters
Created by FantomVacuumFan on 06/12/2015

29270     How it's made - Central vacs
Created by Blackheart on 06/13/2015

29280     Thank you, Vacuumland members!!!
Created by whiskeyjack on 06/14/2015

29282     Whats your favorite vacuum?
Created by vacuumlover on 06/14/2015

29287     So... The best powerhead for hard floors?
Created by godfreys_guy on 06/14/2015

29289     Simplicity 7series help
Created by vacmaster on 06/15/2015

29291     Hoover Windtunnel cord clip broken...again!
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29297     Vacuum pricing
Created by whiskeyjack on 06/16/2015

29302     Miele C3 Electro Comfort
Created by Turbo500 on 06/17/2015

29303     Rainbow E2 Black- Power Nozzle Issue
Created by Rainbow007 on 06/17/2015

29316     You have been vacuuming wrong/vacuuming tips?
Created by parwaz786 on 06/19/2015

29328     Eureka! It's a miracle
Created by cuffs054 on 06/21/2015

29330     Lowest price on a new Rainbow?
Created by FantomFan on 06/21/2015

29331     Eureka excaliber parts
Created by vacuumdude on 06/21/2015

29334     Need some help please!
Created by vacuumlover on 06/21/2015

29335     Smells for the H20 turbo
Created by cuffs054 on 06/21/2015

29336     A Goodwill Find
Created by BikerRay on 06/22/2015

29340     An Unexpected Thrift Store Find
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29347     Fix or don't fix Dyson Airmuscle?
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29348     Dyson travels!
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29349     My Extensive collection part 10
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29351     Sebo X4 bag leaking?!?!
Created by parwaz786 on 06/24/2015

Created by vacuumdude on 06/24/2015

29359     Looking for a modern daily driver
Created by vacuumlover on 06/25/2015

29361     Sanitaire 8 position height position knob
Created by kirbykid63 on 06/25/2015

29371     dyson dc40 vs vax air3 a dyson video.
Created by dys0nb0y on 06/26/2015

29381     Why are Aerus/Lux Type C Bags So Abudant and Cheap Compared to Other Vacuum Bags?
Created by mark40511 on 06/27/2015

29401     A little overpriced?
Created by nicktechtalk on 07/01/2015

29404     I've done the unthinkable.....
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 07/01/2015

29409     Hoover Air Lift Deluxe
Created by HVRVACLVR on 07/02/2015

29412     So, I got a Kirby Avalir demo done...
Created by jade_angel on 07/02/2015

29417     I done it again.....
Created by Blackheart on 07/02/2015

29424     Bissell Pro Heat Steamer can be used to make fog!
Created by cuffs054 on 07/03/2015

29425     Did the eureka world vac 4465B have...
Created by vacuumdude on 07/03/2015

29428     I Can't Believe I Got This RARE Beauty, AND For Only 8!!
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 07/04/2015

29435     Nilfisk Elite Superior
Created by Eluxfan71 on 07/05/2015

29437     Dyson DC25's in Argos
Created by parwaz786 on 07/05/2015

29440     Dyson dc25 blueprint
Created by singingrainbow on 07/06/2015

29441     Shark vacuum struggling on high pile carpeting
Created by niclonnic on 07/06/2015

29444     Dyson DC41 Animal
Created by parwaz786 on 07/06/2015

29445     So question(s) about Kirby
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29450     A New in Box Treasure
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29451     My Dirt Devil
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29455     Kenmore Destiny Plus questions
Created by vacmaster on 07/08/2015

29456     Robot Airflow NS
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29458     Squeaky rear wheels on a Electrolux EPIC Series 6000SR
Created by fred93 on 07/08/2015

29460     Complete Fantom Thunder
Created by vacmaster on 07/08/2015

29469     Should I buy a Fantom Fury LE or Fantom Thunder?
Created by AmwayClearTrak on 07/09/2015

29476     1997 Hoover PurePower U3142 Help Needed!
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29478     Seriously?
Created by vacmaster on 07/10/2015

29481     A Tale of Two Kirbys
Created by human on 07/11/2015

29484     1995 Hoover U2464
Created by vacuumlover on 07/11/2015

29486     Looking for a cordless vacuum
Created by nicktechtalk on 07/11/2015

29487     Trading a Kirby for a cheap Chinese-made product
Created by moderneezer on 07/12/2015

29488     Nilfisk GS90 smells terrible
Created by Hihaho on 07/12/2015

29489     Sebo Felix brochure and manual scans
Created by vacuumlover on 07/12/2015

29490     Info on the Hoover Turbopower U2464 please!
Created by vacuumlover on 07/12/2015

29491     Numatic collection
Created by hooverking on 07/13/2015

29492     Dysons Break free (Queen)
Created by parwaz786 on 07/13/2015

Created by Jeschbac on 07/13/2015

29510     Im in need of some things for my g6 that my grandma gave me
Created by Vacuumdude on 07/15/2015

29524     Help needed: Dyson DC22
Created by luxlife on 07/17/2015

29529     Craptastic Plastic
Created by BikerRay on 07/17/2015

29534     Model number for Kenmore Intuition canister
Created by fan-of-fans on 07/18/2015

29535     Getting a lightweight upright from Tacony
Created by moderneezer on 07/18/2015

29540     Do these sound right?
Created by vacuumlover on 07/19/2015

29545     Dirt Devil UK now TTI?
Created by singingrainbow on 07/20/2015

29553     Trade my H20 turbo
Created by cuffs054 on 07/20/2015

29557     Discontinued Kirby bags
Created by 3rdGenVacGuy on 07/21/2015

29560     Panasonic MCE 42N
Created by parwaz786 on 07/22/2015

29563     Dyson DC 25 Ball, Why Won't This Recline Beyond About 40 degrees?
Created by driz on 07/22/2015

29564     is this hoover RARE?
Created by citroenbx on 07/22/2015

29566     My Current Vacuum Collection
Created by vacuumlover on 07/22/2015

29567     You can't really argue Dyson's new video
Created by oliveoiltinfoil on 07/22/2015

29569     which riccar should my grandma buy?
Created by singerman on 07/22/2015

29580     Kirby Salespitch -nice article
Created by ralph123 on 07/23/2015

29585     Vac recommendations - vacation lake house
Created by panofan on 07/23/2015

29587     genuine electrolux hoses
Created by floor-a-matic on 07/24/2015

29588     Henry Vacuum - Cocaine Problem...
Created by machineage on 07/24/2015

29597     Another Rainbow E series
Created by bikerray on 07/24/2015

29601     Wide area vacuums
Created by Blackheart on 07/25/2015

29604     reaping-the-whirlwind-james-dyson
Created by citroenbx on 07/25/2015

29605     What does an arcing motor sound like?
Created by vacuumlover on 07/25/2015

29613     Help! Please? ~~ Dyson
Created by tomvacuum10 on 07/27/2015

29615     Royal/Dirt Devil Handy's
Created by parwaz786 on 07/27/2015

29617     Comparing the upright Electrolux models with those from Dyson
Created by moderneezer on 07/27/2015

29618     New RugDoctor carpet cleaners
Created by ralph123 on 07/27/2015

29623     my introduction and some other thoughts
Created by n0oxy on 07/28/2015

29624     I Hate These "No Loss of Suction" Claims
Created by panasonicvac on 07/28/2015

29629     comparing suction on my canister vacuums
Created by n0oxy on 07/29/2015

29633     brand new hoover turbopower stuff
Created by citroenbx on 07/29/2015

29636     My new Riccar Radiance!
Created by mieles7 on 07/29/2015

29637     Perfect hepa P103CE (basically Sanitaire)
Created by thekirbylover on 07/29/2015

29640     the best nozzle for cleaning hard floors
Created by n0oxy on 07/29/2015

29641     vacuums I want to add to my collection
Created by n0oxy on 07/30/2015

29642     HOW do you take apart hoover turbopower bearings
Created by citroenbx on 07/30/2015

29643     On the prowl for a Eureka...
Created by Vacuumdude on 07/30/2015

29650     Anyone need a Beam central vac hose?
Created by electrolux137 on 07/30/2015

29651     I'm tempted....
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 07/30/2015

29660     New Hoover Commercial Uprights
Created by Durango159 on 08/01/2015

29662     Just Moved to Denver: Local Kirby Owners & Distributors?
Created by kirbytradition7 on 08/01/2015

29664     Miele Bags
Created by suckolux on 08/01/2015

29665     Kenmore CrossoverMax bagless upright vacuum
Created by kirbylux77 on 08/01/2015

29668     you hoover fan's will be impressed
Created by citroenbx on 08/02/2015

29669     Electrolux Z85 3in1 cleaner
Created by Eluxfan71 on 08/02/2015

29671     Yellow eureka superbroom?
Created by Vacuumdude on 08/02/2015

29674     Numatic Henry Xtra overheating?!
Created by parwaz786 on 08/03/2015

29685     riccar starbright
Created by n0oxy on 08/04/2015

29700     Thrift store find pics.
Created by panasonicvac on 08/05/2015

29704     Shark/Euro Pro Infomercials
Created by HVRVACLVR on 08/06/2015

29705     does any body know anything about Hitachi CV975D
Created by citroenbx on 08/06/2015

29707     Doubtful of New Panasonic Vacs In The UK
Created by sebo_fan on 08/06/2015

29709     Royal 1048
Created by bobo on 08/06/2015

29716     Help! Carbon Bush Sticks?
Created by vacuumlover on 08/07/2015

29718     anyone have an elite legacy dirt finder vacuum?
Created by lha1992 on 08/07/2015

29720     electrolux ultra one series
Created by n0oxy on 08/07/2015

29723     Blue Bagged WindTunnel2
Created by stricklybojack on 08/07/2015

29725     for Mr Parwaz786
Created by citroenbx on 08/08/2015

29730     Commercial Eureka Model C2094
Created by vintagevaclover on 08/08/2015

29731     Question for the experts.
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 08/08/2015

29734     Clean Grease Lubricate Kirby Tech Drive Transmission?
Created by chicagomike on 08/08/2015

29737     RIP Silver King?
Created by Blackheart on 08/09/2015

29745     A dream machine has been aquired!
Created by beko1987 on 08/10/2015

29746     can i buy filters for ?
Created by citroenbx on 08/10/2015

29753     greetings
Created by spiderweb on 08/10/2015

29755     YouTube Channel
Created by vacmaster on 08/10/2015

29759     Miele Score!
Created by streakers on 08/11/2015

29765     So I messaged Eureka about a nos Eureka world vac
Created by Vacuumdude on 08/11/2015

29766     Arguement over new Royal vs. new Kirby
Created by FantomFan on 08/12/2015

29767     my review of the Riccar Prima
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29770     best attachment for wet vacuuming
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30535     vacuum cleaner storage
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30572     i really need this can you help
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30611     does the uk care about deep cleaning? WHAT DO YOU THINK
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30761     Concerned with a possible air leak, advice appreciated
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