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35715     Miele Plus...S 251i Motor Question
Created by funvacfan on 01/01/2018

35718     Qustion about Rainbows and cat litter.
Created by gottahaveahoove on 01/01/2018

35720     Got my Grandparent's Hoover Windtunnel Twin Chamber
Created by ultramvp on 01/01/2018

35721     Bissell Powerforce Compact Airflow Losses
Created by vaclab on 01/01/2018

35723     How to change individual brushes on Royal brushroll
Created by Steve on 01/02/2018

35733     New Year, New Cleaners
Created by funnynet1231 on 01/04/2018

35735     I bought my first NEW Hoover Vacuum
Created by Kirbysthebest on 01/05/2018

35739     What do you think about Oreck Vacuums?
Created by FantomTechGuy on 01/05/2018

35743     Question about Miele S7 Series Uprights
Created by tazcatsdad on 01/06/2018

35747     Which High Dollar Vacuum?
Created by markhenry on 01/06/2018

35748     Kirby Avalir tool holder
Created by Evilvacuumman on 01/06/2018

35751     Kirby Avalir VS Kirby Sentria II Questions
Created by HonestJoe68 on 01/07/2018

35752     All Tacony machines pass stringent CRI tests
Created by electromatik on 01/07/2018

35753     Royal brush roll repairing failed bearing...
Created by Steve on 01/07/2018

35754     Tom Gasko signature series Airway for sale on eBay
Created by vacman1961 on 01/07/2018

35755     What comes closest today to a 1960 canister Electrolux?
Created by cochitin on 01/07/2018

35760     I Robot Vacuum
Created by Compactelectra on 01/08/2018

35762     Airflow Box Measurements 1975-2015
Created by vaclab on 01/08/2018

35763     Kirby/Rainbow
Created by markhenry on 01/08/2018

35769     Electrolux
Created by Mieles5380leo on 01/09/2018

35778     Shark NV680UKT
Created by dave on 01/11/2018

35782     Miele C3
Created by markhenry on 01/11/2018

35785     My updated vacuum cleaner collection
Created by Jashields83 on 01/12/2018

35794     Just bought a brand new
Created by gottahaveahoove on 01/13/2018

35795     Miele active airclean filter
Created by Mieles5380leo on 01/14/2018

35802     Wet N Dry Vacuums?
Created by markhenry on 01/15/2018

35803     Huge airflow differences in the recent vacuums
Created by Mike811 on 01/15/2018

35806     Watch out boys...
Created by cuffs054 on 01/15/2018

35807     Felix being discontinued?
Created by dave on 01/16/2018

35812     Generic backpack vacuums
Created by Rainbowvacfane2 on 01/17/2018

35817     My latest acquisition
Created by Oldskoolguy on 01/18/2018

35819     Brand new canister vac options
Created by dylanmitchell on 01/18/2018

35827     Hoover Air Cordless BH50140 vacuum
Created by vacuumdevil on 01/18/2018

35828     Lux Guardian upright--U147F & U147G comparison
Created by Paul on 01/19/2018

35829     new Dyson big ball joke
Created by royalfan on 01/19/2018

35831     Kenmore U bags-Miele
Created by fan-of-fans on 01/19/2018

35832     Miele C3 Electro heads...
Created by markhenry on 01/20/2018

35838     Youtube: Dyson Ball 2 Better Than The Miele C2 electro
Created by Mike811 on 01/21/2018

35842     Electrolux 2100 Question
Created by eurekastar on 01/21/2018

35850     Shark Week- an experiment
Created by blackheart on 01/22/2018

35851     Check this out guys!
Created by Louvac on 01/23/2018

35853     LATE 90s Panasonics Mc-e461 still available in the USA
Created by dysonuk on 01/23/2018

35855     Eureka Boss Vac
Created by Spacedogb on 01/23/2018

35857     The Big Blue Bomb # 97
Created by vacfanatic on 01/23/2018

35859     I need help choosing a new vacuum
Created by compddd on 01/24/2018

35862     Vorwork vacuum
Created by markhenry on 01/25/2018

35864     Problem with Shark DuoClean Apex 952
Created by mikeaz123 on 01/25/2018

35865     Miele C3 - Thanks
Created by markhenry on 01/25/2018

35867     Wanted: Fantom Lightning how-to VHS
Created by Michboy on 01/25/2018

35871     getting an awesome new machine
Created by n0oxy on 01/26/2018

35874     ProTeam- & Aerus-Style Upright Duct Hose
Created by Paul on 01/26/2018

35881     Kmart closing sale leftovers
Created by fan-of-fans on 01/27/2018

35884     Updated Numatic range
Created by Turbo500 on 01/28/2018

35888     CU vacuum reviews
Created by tolivac on 01/29/2018

35891     New Aerus Line?
Created by Paul on 01/29/2018

35892     SEBO UK Facebook page
Created by Monika1701 on 01/30/2018

35902     Bissell compact Clean up
Created by S1015075 on 01/31/2018

35911     Hit the Aldi today
Created by cuffs054 on 02/01/2018

35912     Rainbow separator shaft rust
Created by Spacedogb on 02/01/2018

35913     Karcher Puzzi 10/1 review - my first ever video review
Created by matt8808 on 02/01/2018

35919     Brushless motor
Created by compactc9guy on 02/02/2018

35922     Help With Riccar 1500P
Created by cbimmer on 02/03/2018

35929     Need Font Neck Coupling for Maytag M500 or Riccar R10P Supralite
Created by Hank on 02/03/2018

35943     Aerus/Electrolux Upright Afterfilters
Created by Paul on 02/04/2018

35947     Shark Powered Lift-Away
Created by electrolux137 on 02/06/2018

35954     Dusting brush for Kenmore Progressive Canister
Created by fan-of-fans on 02/06/2018

35958     Everyone's favorite Henry
Created by cookiefortress on 02/07/2018

35961     New vacuum needed
Created by oldskoolguy on 02/08/2018

35964     Hoover Commercial Insight 102 Height not Adjusting
Created by Hank on 02/08/2018

35965     Kirby question
Created by Kirby27 on 02/09/2018

35967     Hoover WindTunnel 2 Rewind Pet - Rocker switch flash
Created by niclonnic on 02/09/2018

35968     What's an affordable vacuum with swivel steering?
Created by niclonnic on 02/09/2018

35972     Kirby Sentria 2 Questions:
Created by HonestJoe68 on 02/10/2018

35977     ordered a quantum
Created by n0oxy on 02/10/2018

35982     Just scored a Sentria
Created by human on 02/11/2018

35987     Shark Rocket Pro - Just a funny
Created by MadMan on 02/11/2018

35988     Kirby Avalir 2?
Created by KirbyCollector on 02/12/2018

35995     Questions about Tacony products
Created by electromatik on 02/14/2018

35997     My Newest Shark!
Created by HonestJoe68 on 02/14/2018

35998     Miele C3 Cat&Dog v Lux Guardian Platinum
Created by cfmhead on 02/14/2018

36000     My Valentine’s Day Present!
Created by HonestJoe68 on 02/14/2018

36002     Wanted - 1994 Numatic Henry HVR 200
Created by dan on 02/15/2018

36004     Kirby Maintenance Questions
Created by HonestJoe68 on 02/15/2018

36007     New Oreck Cordless
Created by singingrainbow on 02/16/2018

36009     New Hoover Guardsman
Created by Mpbyrd on 02/16/2018

36010     No suction?
Created by Vac-o-matic on 02/16/2018

36014     Mondern Roll Easy
Created by kirby519 on 02/17/2018

36015     Kirby?
Created by Lesinutah on 02/17/2018

36016     ProTeam Progen
Created by cam2s on 02/17/2018

36017     Need A New Steamvac
Created by repairman on 02/18/2018

36018     New Vacuum needed for Elderly Relative
Created by airway77 on 02/18/2018

36020     The Lux Legacy
Created by Keither on 02/18/2018

36021     Hetty - HET 200A New PCB
Created by missstarmag on 02/19/2018

36033     Yes or No!
Created by luxflairguy on 02/20/2018

36034     my review of the Hyla
Created by n0oxy on 02/20/2018

36038     soniclean galaxy canister
Created by n0oxy on 02/21/2018

36041     Water Filtration Vacuum Questions
Created by HonestJoe68 on 02/21/2018

36042     Royal 1030
Created by Lesinutah on 02/21/2018

36043     Aerus/Electrolux uprights
Created by S2_82 on 02/21/2018

36044     New Member/First Post, Road Trip & My New Vac!
Created by frostyvac on 02/22/2018

36045     New Riccar Impeccable
Created by funeraldirector on 02/22/2018

36047     My new goodwill vacuum find!
Created by Gj3476 on 02/22/2018

36052     Eureka web site is totally gone
Created by n0oxy on 02/24/2018

36054     Kirby shampoo alternatives
Created by human on 02/24/2018

36055     Can this carpet be saved?
Created by Oldskoolguy on 02/25/2018

36059     Why Dyson is the best vacuum in the planet.
Created by Mike811 on 02/26/2018

36062     Aerus Classic PN Brush Roll Quality.
Created by lux14 on 02/26/2018

36065     Impulse buy of the year!
Created by S31463221 on 02/26/2018

36066     Beam Q Central Vacuum
Created by Iann_nic on 02/26/2018

36067     Trade
Created by Lesinutah on 02/26/2018

36068     Miele vs Dyson - Which vacuum is best?
Created by niclonnic on 02/26/2018

36069     Black & Decker PowerSeries Pro
Created by HonestJoe68 on 02/27/2018

36071     Aerus Bissell?
Created by crazykirbydude on 02/27/2018

36072     My thoughts on Hoover.
Created by Oldskoolguy on 02/27/2018

36074     Handy Andy vacuum
Created by crazykirbydude on 02/28/2018

36075     Hoover Floormate Spinscrub H3010
Created by luxkid1980 on 02/28/2018

36077     Stealth Power Head
Created by Iann_nic on 02/28/2018

36081     Born from the Ashes
Created by broomvac on 03/01/2018

36087     Bagless cleaners are better than Bagged cleaners.
Created by vacfan1982 on 03/02/2018

36090     I Jus Luvs Me My Henry
Created by bikerray on 03/02/2018

36091     Just shined up my Sentria
Created by human on 03/02/2018

36092     Kirby – it’s definitely more than a vacuum
Created by Oldskoolguy on 03/02/2018

36093     Well I've done it again (Henry)
Created by blackheart on 03/02/2018

36096     Cordless Powerhead
Created by Mike811 on 03/03/2018

36099     Best device to clean hair from upholstry
Created by homecleaner on 03/03/2018

36112     Question for Miele Upright Owners....
Created by HonestJoe68 on 03/05/2018

36117     Hey this is my hoover brush vac and this is my riccar 8955
Created by walterdj85 on 03/05/2018

36118     Sebo airbelt-E bags fixed
Created by drsnuggle on 03/06/2018

36119     Dyson DC24 Experiment
Created by bikerray on 03/06/2018

36121     I bought a Hoover Spotless
Created by suckolux on 03/06/2018

36122     No more corded vacuums to be developed by Dyson
Created by Sensotronic on 03/06/2018

36128     Central Vacuum Help!
Created by Iann_nic on 03/06/2018

36133     DIY Central Vacuum Installation Kit
Created by Iann_nic on 03/07/2018

36134     Vacuums at my Goodwill
Created by niclonnic on 03/07/2018

36137     Lewyt YL 108
Created by Collector2 on 03/07/2018

36141     Life’s Good... brand new Cordless Vacuum coming soon!
Created by HonestJoe68 on 03/07/2018

36143     Royal
Created by Lesinutah on 03/07/2018

36151     Looking for a canister for around $400
Created by bryan1980 on 03/09/2018

36152     Full Presentation of the Dyson V10 Unveiling
Created by henrydreyfuss on 03/09/2018

36153     Amway CMS1000
Created by vacmaster on 03/09/2018

36156     Bought a Bissell Crosswave
Created by Hank on 03/09/2018

36158     Need help identifying vacuum
Created by Gorilla on 03/10/2018

36160     Kirby Miracle Shine - Help
Created by MatthewShaver on 03/10/2018

36161     Kenmore Whispertone quitting randomly
Created by quebecois on 03/10/2018

36163     Bag savers eat airflow!
Created by blackheart on 03/10/2018

36164     MD Flo Master M85 (650)
Created by Iann_nic on 03/10/2018

36168     Shop Vac Industrial Upright Vacuum
Created by panasonicvac on 03/12/2018

36176     converting European power nozzle plug
Created by n0oxy on 03/13/2018

36181     Kirby & Aerus Supplies Availability
Created by Paul on 03/13/2018

36184     Rainbow Cleaning
Created by chris on 03/14/2018

36188     Electrolux Velocity
Created by Rdwdcp on 03/14/2018

Created by vacfan1982 on 03/15/2018

36194     Miele dynamic U1 maverick
Created by Evilvacuumman on 03/15/2018

36199     HILARIOUS :)
Created by vacfan1982 on 03/16/2018

36201     Maybe this is the reason some can't keep a vacuum very long
Created by Kirbysthebest on 03/16/2018

36206     New Fuller Brush Mighty Maid
Created by HonestJoe68 on 03/16/2018

36208     Toy Dirt Devil Junior Hand Vac Problem
Created by fan-of-fans on 03/17/2018

36209     $30 Dyson eBay Find
Created by huskyvacs on 03/17/2018

36210     A floating Compact
Created by dysonman1 on 03/17/2018

Created by niclonnic on 03/17/2018

36214     Anybody seen this Kenmore vacuum before?
Created by Gj3476 on 03/17/2018

36220     Sunpentown V-8506 HEPA Bagless Vac
Created by huskyvacs on 03/18/2018

36221     Bissell ANNA Vacuum.. Great in theory, but already discontinued
Created by HonestJoe68 on 03/18/2018

36232     Dyson DC07 Animal - Clutch knob stuck
Created by niclonnic on 03/19/2018

36240     Weirdest Vacuum Handles?
Created by crazykirbydude on 03/21/2018

36242     Central vac vs Portable vac.
Created by Vacfan1982 on 03/21/2018

36243     hello anyone heard of these before vortech powerforce
Created by walterdj85 on 03/21/2018

36246     Oreck Rebadged As Royal
Created by repairman on 03/21/2018

36249     Rebadged Vacuums... Company Buy Out Twins!
Created by HonestJoe68 on 03/22/2018

36250     How much have Kirby G Series Mini Em-Tors improved?
Created by crazykirbydude on 03/22/2018

36251     Question for Everyone into Scientific Studies...
Created by HonestJoe68 on 03/22/2018

36254     I got a Whispertone!!!!
Created by Gj3476 on 03/22/2018

36257     My vacuum cleaner collection
Created by Mike811 on 03/23/2018

36259     Thought you might all enjoy this 😁
Created by Vacfan1982 on 03/23/2018

36260     Kid makes thousands buying broken vacuums
Created by Vacfan1982 on 03/23/2018

36268     A new ball Mr Dyson?
Created by Sensotronic on 03/23/2018

36269     Oddball fantom fury
Created by Electroluxxxx on 03/23/2018

36270     I bought a Dyson V10!
Created by matt8808 on 03/24/2018

36275     The worst vacuum I've ever owned
Created by niclonnic on 03/24/2018

36277     Eureka beater bar stuck?
Created by gbsk on 03/25/2018

36278     Riccar Supralite Cordless
Created by Vacfan1982 on 03/25/2018

36282     Eureka Vacuums 2007 Catalog (PDF)
Created by huskyvacs on 03/26/2018

36283     Any UK Members Own this Samsung? (In the Video)
Created by HonestJoe68 on 03/26/2018

36284     What I thought was Samsungs Latest and Greatest.. well at least it is for the USA
Created by HonestJoe68 on 03/26/2018

36286     Introducing the new UK Dyson Ball Animal 2
Created by matt8808 on 03/26/2018

36288     Aquamate owners: is Rainbow Carpet Cleaner the only safe choice?
Created by troopersam on 03/26/2018

36289     So, Eureka did a thing...
Created by mariotron on 03/26/2018

36290     Dyson V10 run time and performance demonstration
Created by matt8808 on 03/26/2018

36294     Just got new carpet: some worries
Created by broomvac on 03/26/2018

Created by vacfan1982 on 03/27/2018

36297     Narayan Kundu
Created by Vacfan1982 on 03/27/2018

36298     Best affordable bagless vacuum for small apartment with no pets?
Created by niclonnic on 03/27/2018

36299     Vacuum Sales and Promo Codes for USA Customers....
Created by HonestJoe68 on 03/27/2018

36300     MD M85 (650) First Impressions
Created by Iann_nic on 03/27/2018

36302     PURPLE! Samsung Quiet Jet mod. VAC-9069G
Created by funktionalart on 03/27/2018

36304     New Electrolux Pure D9 Canister Cleaner
Created by eurekaprince on 03/27/2018

36309     Dyson V6
Created by suckolux on 03/28/2018

36310     Small rollers on base plate
Created by dwtjan on 03/29/2018

36311     Airflow v Airspeed
Created by vacfan1982 on 03/29/2018

36315     new turbocat pro
Created by n0oxy on 03/29/2018

36316     Hoover windtunnels
Created by Kirby27 on 03/29/2018

36318     Eureka True Hepa Smart Vac
Created by Mpbyrd on 03/29/2018

36320     Rainbow Minijet is kind of fragile
Created by troopersam on 03/30/2018

36323     Anyone in the UK Own the Newest Model G-Tech Ram??
Created by HonestJoe68 on 03/31/2018

36331     Vacuum Infomercials
Created by Eureka1998 on 03/31/2018

Created by vacfan1982 on 04/01/2018

36338     are these floor brushes the same
Created by n0oxy on 04/01/2018

36339     SEBO D2 cannister
Created by nickuk on 04/01/2018

36343     Dyson DC07 Animal clutch repair success!
Created by niclonnic on 04/01/2018

36344     James Dyson 1983 Interview On "Afternoon Plus"
Created by huskyvacs on 04/02/2018

36347     Deep Down dirt removal is unnecessary?
Created by Mike811 on 04/02/2018

36348     If you could have one vacuum NOT available in your home country...
Created by broomvac on 04/02/2018

36352     Commercial direct air shark?
Created by Evilvacuumman on 04/03/2018

36353     URGENT! My Fantom Fury has died!
Created by niclonnic on 04/03/2018

36356     This Eureka... thinks it’s a Dyson Fluffy!
Created by HonestJoe68 on 04/03/2018

36357     A
Created by HonestJoe68 on 04/03/2018

36359     Xiaomi Cordless Vac
Created by Rolls_rapide on 04/04/2018

36361     Worlds first BAGGED Dyson is born
Created by Mike811 on 04/04/2018

36362     Miele Blizzard CX1
Created by Gman on 04/04/2018

36370     NOS Fantom Parts Located
Created by broomvac on 04/05/2018

36373     My 1st Riccar!!!!!!
Created by Gj3476 on 04/06/2018

36386     EU Vacuum Ratings (Dust Re-Emissions)
Created by vaclab on 04/07/2018

36389     Dyson V10 Question
Created by HonestJoe68 on 04/07/2018

36390     My Experience with Dyson
Created by HonestJoe68 on 04/07/2018

36391     Looking For A Sanitaire Help!!!
Created by henriquesousa7 on 04/07/2018

36397     A Couple Goodwill Vacuums
Created by huskyvacs on 04/08/2018

36404     Riccar supralite RSL4
Created by Lesinutah on 04/09/2018

36405     Ridgid WD1280 filter cage
Created by floor-a-matic on 04/10/2018

36420     Aqua-Air Central Vacuum System
Created by panasonicvac on 04/11/2018

36422     I don’t know which one to chose from!
Created by Kirby27 on 04/12/2018

36425     my review of two more water vacuums and my vote for the best one
Created by n0oxy on 04/12/2018

36426     In the search of a Bissell Proheat Clearview 7901 or similar machine
Created by devin1234 on 04/12/2018

36432     probably for the first time, a separator water vac sold by a department store chain
Created by n0oxy on 04/14/2018

36433     Hoover Constellation (newer Models: Stainless & Grey/White)
Created by KIRBYMAN on 04/14/2018

36435     Help me identify my Simplicity Synergy!
Created by Schlotzky on 04/14/2018

36436     Kirby G6 Arcing Brushes
Created by Repairman on 04/14/2018

36439     Who makes Kenmore shampooers?
Created by fan-of-fans on 04/15/2018

36440     Who makes Sears' replacement attachments now?
Created by fan-of-fans on 04/15/2018

36449     Hoover Spotless Unboxing/First Impressions
Created by panasonicvac on 04/17/2018

36452     Miele Blizzard CX1
Created by completenutt on 04/17/2018

36458     hello anyone know how to repair sensor s12 and adavance spectrum 12 inch and 15 inch vacuums
Created by walterdj85 on 04/18/2018

36459     Maytag Satellite
Created by lancar on 04/18/2018

36462     Kirby Sentria sighted at work!
Created by niclonnic on 04/18/2018

36463     Rsl4 supralite
Created by Lesinutah on 04/18/2018

36474     Funny Gif outrunning a Riccar Supralite lol 😂
Created by Hoover78 on 04/20/2018

36478     Dyson v4 digital motor 120v spare part
Created by Jzd on 04/20/2018

36479     Amazing Deal for $20
Created by Mpbyrd on 04/20/2018

36480     Did There Ever Exist A....
Created by repairman on 04/20/2018

36487     Aerus Electrolux Lux Platinum
Created by TXcleanfreak on 04/22/2018

36489     Bosch Unlimited
Created by Adamthemieleman on 04/22/2018

36490     Electrolux vacuums to become extinct?
Created by completenutt on 04/22/2018

36507     National vacuum cleaner day?
Created by Evilvacuumman on 04/25/2018

36508     Sanitaire commercial
Created by Lesinutah on 04/25/2018

36511     DirtDevil Ultra hand vac.
Created by mariotron on 04/26/2018

36515     Compact vacuum for litter? Suggestions please!
Created by blackheart on 04/27/2018

36520     Vacuum my wife will love?
Created by Tseg on 04/28/2018

36522     wow mint dyson DC07 on ebay cheap
Created by dysonuk on 04/28/2018

36530     To Canister or not to Canister?
Created by completenutt on 04/29/2018

36532     My Miele Titan having issues
Created by suckolux on 04/29/2018

36533     Sunday find/ gift
Created by suckolux on 04/29/2018

36535     New Eureka?
Created by Crazykirbydude on 04/30/2018

36537     Dyson evolution - timeline?
Created by Unconscious on 04/30/2018

36540     Riccar hand vacuum
Created by Lesinutah on 05/01/2018

36541     Sebo Felix is amazing performer
Created by Mike811 on 05/01/2018

36543     here is some pictures for you
Created by rdwdcp on 05/01/2018

36544     Miele Blizzard Airflow
Created by blackheart on 05/01/2018

36548     Lux Upright Nozzle Contaminants
Created by Paul on 05/01/2018

36549     Thoughts on Sebo D4 series?
Created by jp10558 on 05/02/2018

36550     Barber-Shop-Vac
Created by Crazykirbydude on 05/02/2018

36553     Oreck
Created by Lesinutah on 05/02/2018

36557     Vacuum tech ama on reddit opinions
Created by MapleBanjo on 05/03/2018

36558     My mistake.
Created by broomvac on 05/03/2018

36566     Craftsman shop vac
Created by Evilvacuumman on 05/06/2018

36568     Hoover experts: When was the Windtunnel U6430 introduced?
Created by broomvac on 05/07/2018

36569     I bought an Avalir 2 :)
Created by Mpbyrd on 05/07/2018

36572     Vorwerk Kobold VK135: Massive Airflow
Created by Mike811 on 05/08/2018

36576     Miele U1 bag fitment
Created by Tseg on 05/09/2018

36577     New Kirby website
Created by godfreys_guy on 05/09/2018

36578     2010 picture of my 2 toy Dyson vacuum cleaners
Created by rdwdcp on 05/09/2018

36582     Dirty, Avalir... Can it be redeemed?
Created by godfreys_guy on 05/10/2018

36583     Vacuum Buying Question...
Created by HonestJoe68 on 05/10/2018

36586     Post your favorite bagless vacuums!
Created by broomvac on 05/10/2018

36589     Looking for a possible new carpet cleaner
Created by oldskoolguy on 05/11/2018

36590     Lift-Off vacuums marketing &should be replaced with canister vacuums!
Created by vacuumdevil on 05/11/2018

36592     goodbye DC11!
Created by Unconscious on 05/12/2018

36596     Some rare Dyson images
Created by rdwdcp on 05/13/2018

36599     Material
Created by Lesinutah on 05/13/2018

36601     Will a Dyson DC41 belt fit a DC65/UP13/UP14
Created by broomvac on 05/13/2018

36611     Shopvac work
Created by compactc9guy on 05/16/2018

36616     Shop vac
Created by Lesinutah on 05/17/2018

36617     Newest Vacuum for my Collection!
Created by HonestJoe68 on 05/17/2018

36620     Electrolux Lux400 Model U140a belt
Created by James819 on 05/18/2018

36622     Another cordless schtick...
Created by vac-o-matic on 05/18/2018

36635     A possible g series successor.
Created by hooverkid on 05/22/2018

36640     Kirby G4 Armature
Created by Repairman on 05/22/2018

36643     Filter Queen Comparison
Created by toastermike on 05/23/2018

36650     Birthday Wishes
Created by dysonman1 on 05/25/2018

36652     Dyson motorheads - what's the difference?
Created by Unconscious on 05/25/2018

36653     New to me Fantom Crosswind 600 XL
Created by FantomFan on 05/25/2018

36656     Vacuum recommendation for low pile carpet and stairs
Created by VacPack on 05/25/2018

36665     Simplicity Synergy model X9.4SSSV question/help
Created by Steak on 05/27/2018

36670     Miele White Pearl
Created by suckolux on 05/28/2018

36686     Aerus Lux Guardian Platinum Reviews
Created by frkirby560 on 05/31/2018

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36733     New Rainbow
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36770     Just got a "turbolite"
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36773     Aerus's Lux Legacy & Lux Guardian Hoses, et cetera
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36788     cutest vac award?
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36843     Oreck Fan/Housing Replacement Procedure
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36844     Who here has experience with the Kirby Delicate/Berber Brush Roll 159398?
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36846     Fun with static electricity
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36862     I’d Love to get to know more of you... PLEASE Comment.
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36895     Lux Legacy and Platinum
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36896     Need something to keep Kirby from picking up runner.
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36903     PN cord wiring for canisters with polarized plugs
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36905     Curious comparison??
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36983     Ridgid NXT Series Wet/Dry Shop Vacs
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36985     people are so wastefull!!!
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37067     It happened ...
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37080     Bag/bagless observations
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37085     Hoover fans, need your thoughts...
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37092     Oreck DutchTech - Love them.
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37093     Sweden’s Electrolux + China’s Midea = Germany’s AEG in China
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37096     What is your favorite Tristar Bags
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37101     Central Vacuum - Pistol Grip
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37106     Who makes these Kenmore stick vacs?
Created by fan-of-fans on 08/07/2018

37118     Who is making these...
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37121     Why are tub style vacuums and carpet cleaners not popular in US?
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37128     What's your opinion on the Hoover Purepower?
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37131     Unusual Craigslist finds
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37141     How to choose?
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37143     Aerus deals won't quote price over phone?
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37150     Upright Vacuums with Separate Hand Vacuum Attached??
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37153     Miele U1 Maverick, started vibrating and sounded bad, easy fix!
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37155     Newer Filter Queen question
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37162     I Finally Went For It
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37183     Ekonovac
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37189     I found a Eureka that looks like a classic Fantom
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37192     What is the worst vacuum from the past 20-ish years?
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37195     Favorite Straight Suction Vacuum made?
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37197     New Oreck Cordless Stick Vacuum
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37199     NIB Bissell Lift Off 3554
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37204     Electrolux has sold both Sanitaire and Beam
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37208     Black Friday vacuums past
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37209     What vacuum do you recommend for the car?
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37211     Simplicity 7200
Created by vacmaster on 08/25/2018

37216     Pet vac
Created by Evilvacuumman on 08/25/2018

37222     Found An Interesting Patent From Fantom
Created by NickTechTalk on 08/26/2018

37224     Cordless Shop Vacuums - which one do you prefer?
Created by eurekaprince on 08/27/2018

37225     I think I’m sticking to bagged
Created by Rivstg1 on 08/27/2018

37226     Home Depot Sanitaire Rebrand
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37236     Deep Clean Agitation Test Ideas
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37237     NIB 1999 Hoover Windtunnel Score!
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37244     The Blackest of Knights
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37248     Does anyone have a diy recipie for kirby shampoo?
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37264     ATTN PERFORMANCE REVIEW GUY: tacony lightweight vid.
Created by Hoover78 on 09/05/2018

37273     Airflow question
Created by Lesinutah on 09/06/2018

37289     What is your favorite still in production vbare floor tool?
Created by Vacuumdevil on 09/08/2018

37290     Power Nozzle Addition
Created by vacman4 on 09/08/2018

37302     Does anyone know the "chronology" of the Kenmore Progressive canister colors?
Created by fan-of-fans on 09/09/2018

37307     Best Central Vacuum Power Team/Power Head
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37310     The right kind of crazy...
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37311     Request to the Miele Company - Lightweight Upright Please
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37315     New Kirby Attachments & Carpet Shampoo Kit!
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37317     Picked up a used I expecting too much?
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37319     Why am I fascinated with vacuum cleaners?
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37323     some interesting Centec kits
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37324     Kirby ultimate carpet cleaner?
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37337     Finally Did It!
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37339     Justify Miele Purchase
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37340     MD SilentMaster opinion
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37344     Dirt Devil Breeze
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37346     New Roomba Self-Empties, and The New Dyson 360 is Heuristic
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37354     Are canister vacuums in terminal decline?
Created by electromatik on 09/22/2018

37355     Attachment storage on used uprights
Created by fan-of-fans on 09/22/2018

37356     Electrolux Epic
Created by Luxkid1980 on 09/22/2018

37361     Something has been on my mind for almost 20 years
Created by Eureka1998 on 09/23/2018

37364     Shark Navigator Lift-Away worth it?
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37366     Got a new Kirby G3/4 stretch hose but one problem.
Created by Gj3476 on 09/24/2018

37367     What really are stick vacuums?
Created by mikanic on 09/25/2018

37371     Miele S5210 Euro vac
Created by fantomfan57 on 09/25/2018

37376     Went thrifting today....
Created by S31463221 on 09/27/2018

37380     Dyson V6 vs Dyson v10?
Created by luxlife on 09/28/2018

37383     Kirby's in the European market
Created by kirby519 on 09/28/2018

37386     A NOS Fantom Has Been Spotted
Created by nicktechtalk on 09/29/2018

37391     Best commercial vacuum options for multiple floor types (with some sort of power head)
Created by photowizd on 09/30/2018

37393     Today's Dream Machine Purchase Sponsored By AT&T
Created by huskyvacs on 09/30/2018

37394     Miele S5210 find
Created by fantomfan57 on 10/01/2018

37396     Inexpensive shop-vac type unit using universal/brushed motor
Created by MM300 on 10/01/2018

37399     Robs Kirby G6 Y2K Edition Expresto!
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37402     Miele S143 stick vacuum won't change speed?
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37403     Got this Beauty today...
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37408     My canister vacuum cleaners airflow performance
Created by Mike811 on 10/06/2018

37411     Hoover Discontinuing the Venerable Self-Propelled Windtunnel
Created by speedqueen on 10/06/2018

37412     Hotel vacuums.
Created by vacuumdevil on 10/06/2018

37413     another central vacuum unit I am considering
Created by n0oxy on 10/07/2018

37416     Just got the Bissell Big Green 86T3
Created by Tseg on 10/08/2018

37419     has any one seen one of these mk1 dc07 animal
Created by dysonuk on 10/09/2018

37420     Fantom Crosswind eBay DISHONEST SELLER
Created by FantomLightning on 10/09/2018

37429     Central Cleaning Inlet Placement.
Created by RainbowD4C on 10/11/2018

37432     Shocked! The Dyson V10 Beat the Sebo Felix 1 with Embedded Sand on Carpet
Created by VacuumWars on 10/12/2018

37440     LG A9 Cordless Stick
Created by Rolls_rapide on 10/13/2018

37442     How I "refurbish" bagless vacuums
Created by niclonnic on 10/13/2018

37446     Converting a Central Vacuum to use EZ change bags
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37449     Sears Files for Bankruptcy
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37453     Sebo D4 - default behaviour without hose
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37464     Should I sale my Rainbow or keep it?
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37469     Sebo Felix Repair Help
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37470     Performance differences between Sebo D4 and Felix? (vs old Oreck)
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37478     Messy Electrolux Central Vacuum filters and Adaption to bag use
Created by gregvacs28 on 10/20/2018

37488     Electrolux Velocity
Created by Rdwdcp on 10/22/2018

37489     Eufy RoboVac 30C Wi-Fi Connected Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Created by niclonnic on 10/22/2018

37495     Hoover Air Revolve Canister Vacuum - $34.99...
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37499     Kalorik vac
Created by relhall on 10/25/2018

37501     Kirby shampoo systems
Created by tekjunkie28 on 10/26/2018

37502     Brand new Sentria 2
Created by tekjunkie28 on 10/26/2018

37503     Which Kirby Generation is the best?
Created by mieles5380leo on 10/26/2018

37504     Prolux/Evolution uprights discontinued?
Created by Blackheart on 10/26/2018

37510     Has The Hoover Purepower Finally Been Discontinued?
Created by jake1234 on 10/28/2018

37521     Trash Pick: Hoover React
Created by MadMan on 10/30/2018

37523     My two new Sebo machines - Evolution 350 & Airbelt E1 Komfort
Created by matt8808 on 10/31/2018

37529     This is surely a rebadged Simplitcy
Created by Rivstg1 on 11/01/2018

37533     Poor Electrolux/ Good Miele
Created by Rivstg1 on 11/02/2018

37534     When did Oreck Stores start selling Riccar vacs?
Created by Hoover78 on 11/02/2018

37539     Relationship between Lux International and Aerus
Created by TLFinland on 11/03/2018

37543     Home air quality rants
Created by tekjunkie28 on 11/05/2018

37549     Deals on Hoover commercial vacuums right now.
Created by vacuumdevil on 11/05/2018

37559     Searching for Oreck Upright
Created by domblom36 on 11/08/2018

37560     Oreck Hotel Vacuum?
Created by huskyvacs on 11/08/2018

37561     Why don't Barber Shops and Hair Salons typically use vacuums?
Created by completenutt on 11/09/2018

37562     Calling all rainbow e2 owners
Created by chris on 11/09/2018

37563     how are Kirby bearings grease packed
Created by jheissjr on 11/09/2018

37565     Dyson DC32 Strange Sound
Created by Ilovehoovers on 11/10/2018

37569     2005 Hoover vs. Dyson TV Commercial
Created by niclonnic on 11/11/2018

37570     Miele U1 observations
Created by Rivstg1 on 11/11/2018

37579     Commercial Vacuum options take #2
Created by photowizd on 11/12/2018

37584     Does anyone sell
Created by kenkart on 11/14/2018

37586     Kenmore stick vacuum
Created by luxkid1980 on 11/14/2018

37589     how much is a v6 worth selling?
Created by JUJU93 on 11/14/2018

37590     Avalir
Created by Lesinutah on 11/14/2018

37592     Who has a daily driver?
Created by broomvac on 11/14/2018

37599     My New Upright Bagged Vacuum w/ Pics
Created by mark40511 on 11/15/2018

37606     Another Goodwill Kirby surprise - wanna guess what is is?
Created by texaskirbyguy on 11/16/2018

37612     So I guess the Eureka Mighty Mite is staying around.
Created by fan-of-fans on 11/17/2018

37613     Eureka Website “Under Construction”
Created by HonestJoe68 on 11/17/2018

37615     Monstrous Vacuum Cleaners
Created by broomvac on 11/18/2018

37616     ROTHO Twin TT Water-Filtration vacuum by Robert Thomas LP
Created by vacuumdevil on 11/18/2018

37618     Rainbow Hepa
Created by tekjunkie28 on 11/18/2018

37619     Dirt sensor lights
Created by fan-of-fans on 11/18/2018

37628     Black Friday vacuum deals 2018
Created by vacuumdevil on 11/20/2018

37630     Sears Kenmore Intuition PowerFlow Upright
Created by Louvac on 11/20/2018

37634     Here are some pictures for you
Created by Rdwdcp on 11/22/2018

37640     Who designed/invented the original Hoover Windtunnel Supreme?
Created by Hoover78 on 11/24/2018

37641     Here are some pictures for you
Created by Rdwdcp on 11/24/2018

37642     Here are some pictures for you
Created by Rdwdcp on 11/24/2018

37643     Recommend a vacuum
Created by OCscott3085 on 11/24/2018

37647     Finally a new vacuum I am impressed with
Created by Kenkart on 11/24/2018

37649     Newest Shark Apex ZeroM power head Vacuum can it Cent. Vac?
Created by gregvacs28 on 11/25/2018

37650     Watermatic Filter Magic vacuum filters
Created by fairfaxclass on 11/25/2018

37651     Christmas gift advice!
Created by fairfaxclass on 11/25/2018

37656     One of my Dream Vacuum eBay Nightmare !!!
Created by danorob1 on 11/26/2018

37659     Rainbow E2 Platinum Airflow Losses
Created by vaclab on 11/26/2018

37663     Whirlwinds and other atrocities of various shapes and sizes
Created by S_Brisowitz on 11/27/2018

37665     Pictures of a NIB Eureka 6980 from @ 1998-2000
Created by danorob1 on 11/28/2018

37666     Eureka "The Boss" PLUS ESP Triple Filter
Created by fairfaxclass on 11/28/2018

37667     My Silver King shipping disaster from GreatVacs
Created by fairfaxclass on 11/28/2018

37676     Tested Shark loss of performance when filter is dirty
Created by Mike811 on 12/01/2018

37677     Attention Oreck Magnesium Owners... Bag Sale
Created by HonestJoe68 on 12/01/2018

37680     Seller: Incredivac on ebay
Created by S2_82 on 12/01/2018

37682     Aerus Lux Guardian Platinum - Latest Thoughts
Created by Ocscott3085 on 12/02/2018

37684     What does the acronym AERUS stand for?
Created by completenutt on 12/03/2018

37687     Kirby sentria no light
Created by Oldskoolguy on 12/03/2018

37693     WoW, People really are stupid
Created by Kirbysthebest on 12/04/2018

37703     Vacuum Maintenance Question for Everyone...
Created by HonestJoe68 on 12/06/2018

37709     Miele c2, c1, or u1
Created by ilikevacuuming on 12/07/2018

37710     Good Groomer
Created by Glenste on 12/08/2018

37711     2018 Kirby Avalir 2
Created by rivstg1 on 12/08/2018

37713     Here are some pictures for you
Created by Rdwdcp on 12/08/2018

37719     Miele FJM bag life span
Created by ilikevacuuming on 12/08/2018

37721     Tonight on SNL
Created by completenutt on 12/09/2018

37723     Add headlight to Royal all-metal vacuum?
Created by EEMac on 12/09/2018

37726     Question: Door to door bagless upright
Created by fairfaxclass on 12/09/2018

37731     Oreck XL Commercial CC docking help
Created by domblom36 on 12/10/2018

37732     C2 AirClean microfiber filter cage/bracket
Created by ilikevacuuming on 12/10/2018

37735     Rebrand
Created by Lesinutah on 12/11/2018

37736     Strange vacuum cleaner sale story
Created by gmerkt on 12/11/2018

37738     MINT Black and Decker FloorBuster!
Created by HonestJoe68 on 12/11/2018

37742     Direct Tools Strikes Again! 4 New Hoovers, 2 Steamers and a Dirt Devil
Created by HonestJoe68 on 12/11/2018

37745     Cumbersome and then some.
Created by completenutt on 12/12/2018

37755     Fantom Fury Update
Created by niclonnic on 12/13/2018

37757     Central vac wet/dry
Created by compactc9guy on 12/14/2018

37758     The Entire Kenmore Upright & Canister line is on QVC...
Created by danorob1 on 12/14/2018

37759     World's smallest vacuum.
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37764     How do you put a vacuum cleaner to sleep...?
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