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42859     Shark Vertex Bagless Corded Canister Vacuum with DuoClean PowerFins
Created by ralph123 on 01/01/2022

42860     Tristar dead?????
Created by Thevacomaticiec on 01/01/2022

42874     Worn bristles on decent quality bare floor tool
Created by moderneezer on 01/06/2022

42881     Hoover Widepath/Dimension
Created by Eureka1998 on 01/09/2022

42902     Is Sebo X7 really good?
Created by bannister on 01/16/2022

42904     Finished my Central Vac install
Created by vacuumboy12 on 01/16/2022

42916     Bare floor friendly vacuums
Created by S2_82 on 01/19/2022

42920     Will 'lux plastic and metal wands interchange?
Created by mjhoshaw on 01/19/2022

42923     S381 tool cover dark blue metallic
Created by newoldcleaners on 01/21/2022

42925     Sanitaire Vacuum
Created by cam2s on 01/21/2022

42928     Aerus Lux Classic
Created by LuxManMatt on 01/22/2022

42932     Potential New Kirby Vacuum Model Discussion
Created by KirbyCollector on 01/23/2022

42939     Which modern (last 20 years) Kirby should you buy?
Created by Gvox on 01/26/2022

42940     Considering something cordless and easy
Created by Jo on 01/26/2022

42950     Riccar Vibrance r20up or Simplicity symmetry S20up
Created by Johnsmith96 on 01/29/2022

42959     Favorite cordless stick vacuum.
Created by Tomdawg on 02/02/2022

42971     Kirby Carpet Fluffer
Created by Bimmer740 on 02/05/2022

42976     Aerus guardian power issue
Created by Gmarquez on 02/06/2022

42979     Electrolux Oxygen Ultra
Created by cam2s on 02/06/2022

42995     Miele S5981 vacuum hose problem
Created by peterc on 02/13/2022

43000     Bissell spin wave mop
Created by Jo on 02/16/2022

43001     Hoover HushTone 15 circuit board problems? Help!
Created by EvolutionClean1 on 02/16/2022

43012     disappointment when an item becomes part of vacuum history
Created by n0oxy on 02/19/2022

43013     can anyone identify this power nozzle
Created by n0oxy on 02/19/2022

43026     Miele Electro Repair
Created by richmnz on 02/22/2022

43028     What are the annular grooves in this motor's commutator?
Created by mjhoshaw on 02/23/2022

43029     David Vacuums
Created by Mieles5380leo on 02/23/2022

43035     Considering buying a Lux Legacy - question though
Created by mjhoshaw on 02/25/2022

43038     Looking for kenmore hose part
Created by Chris on 02/27/2022

43039     Local San Diego and online vacuum dealers
Created by dylanmitchell on 02/27/2022

43042     Kroger cleaning machine
Created by WindsorFan on 03/01/2022

43047     Your recommendation for vac to clean 1 wall-to-wall carpet
Created by Tseg on 03/02/2022

43050     Ibaisaic
Created by Kirbyman2007 on 03/04/2022

43051     Eureka Whirlwind Lite thrift find... Need a filter!
Created by EvolutionClean1 on 03/04/2022

43054     Air-way vacuum cleaners
Created by S2_82 on 03/05/2022

43057     My new Riccar Prima Power Team Full-Size Nozzle R50FSN.4
Created by dylanmitchell on 03/05/2022

43062     The Roomba Experience
Created by cam2s on 03/06/2022

43063     Kirby Avalir belt issues
Created by whiteley03 on 03/07/2022

43070     Oreck BB280D thrift store find - dumpster edition...
Created by texaskirbyguy on 03/09/2022

43078     Newer USA Hoover windtunnel
Created by gsheen on 03/11/2022

43087     Where to buy a Nacecare Charles WV370
Created by dylanmitchell on 03/15/2022

43088     Found a Sentria I...want to turn it into a "Hentria" -- metal fan OK?
Created by superocd on 03/16/2022

43091     Riccar SLR commercial model - very LOUD
Created by ralph123 on 03/16/2022

43098     NEW VACUUM
Created by Adam-aussie-vac on 03/18/2022

43101     Sanitare
Created by Chan55 on 03/18/2022

43106     Central vacuums vs robot and stick vacuums
Created by Ajr2993 on 03/19/2022

43108     Are mini-electrified upholstery tools better than turbo tools?
Created by ajr2993 on 03/19/2022

43109     My reasons why Johnnyl8 (VacuumFacts) Sucks
Created by ajr2993 on 03/19/2022

43115     US Henry, Charles, PPR380 (Nacecare)
Created by dylanmitchell on 03/22/2022

43118     Deep-cleaning carpets that haven't been cleaned in 20+ years
Created by ajr2993 on 03/22/2022

43132     Sanitare update
Created by Chan55 on 03/26/2022

43136     Does Anyone Remember This Guy
Created by repairman on 03/27/2022

43137     2003 Eureka the Boss (7671A-4)
Created by Soul_Venom on 03/27/2022

43139     Miele c3 Auto Shut Off Rear Park Switch
Created by O0John0O on 03/27/2022

43140     Why do bypass vacuums have such terrible deep-cleaning performance?
Created by ajr2993 on 03/27/2022

43144     Eureka Powerline canister Ltd Edition thrift store dumpster find
Created by texaskirbyguy on 03/28/2022

43147     Got my Sanitaire SC688B today!
Created by mjhoshaw on 03/29/2022

43150     Height adjustment question for my new Sanitaire SC688B
Created by mjhoshaw on 03/30/2022

43151     What commercial vacuums do you think are terrible?
Created by ajr2993 on 03/30/2022

43153     Looking for best affordable hard floor attachment ?
Created by MamaWolf5526 on 03/31/2022

43157     recommendations requested
Created by gmkubancsek on 04/01/2022

43166     Airsign vacuum
Created by rugsucker on 04/04/2022

43169     Getting paid to vacuum your family members' house(s)?
Created by niclonnic on 04/04/2022

43171     Part for Nilfisk GDP2000
Created by Ben770 on 04/06/2022

43173     Unique use for your Rainbow
Created by electro on 04/07/2022

43182     Commercial Extractors
Created by cam2s on 04/09/2022

43187     Discounted Vacuum Cleaners
Created by evacuum on 04/11/2022

43191     Wessel Werk MT 165 Handheld Turbo Brush
Created by dylanmitchell on 04/11/2022

43193     Kirby Selling Online Now
Created by KirbyCollector on 04/12/2022

43201     Caddy Vac Fan Stuck
Created by VacsofProsper on 04/13/2022

43202     Rainbow SRX
Created by JAG on 04/13/2022

43204     Is the Wessel Werk HEB-160 useless?
Created by ajr2993 on 04/14/2022

43212     Electrolux C151D help.
Created by cam on 04/16/2022

43220     Opinions on Shark's Powerfins.
Created by mariotron on 04/19/2022

43223     What Canister To Buy?
Created by repairman on 04/19/2022

43229     Dyson dc 07 needs repair
Created by Jo on 04/20/2022

43234     Numatic Henry Cordless Stick Vac
Created by singingrainbow on 04/22/2022

43235     Numatic BAGGED stick vac
Created by Blackheart on 04/22/2022

43236     How to remove hose handle from Aire Jett/TriStar hose
Created by mjhoshaw on 04/22/2022

43245     Canavac XLS semi-acquired
Created by Blackheart on 04/24/2022

43247     Budget vacuums of the past vs today.
Created by mariotron on 04/25/2022

43248     shark rock steam mop question (shark pro lift off steam mop)
Created by juju93 on 04/25/2022

43250     Sanitare update
Created by Chan55 on 04/25/2022

43253     Stinky bagless vacs and bulky item day trash finds.....
Created by kloveland on 04/26/2022

43258     Miele s314 Red Star motor upgrade trouble
Created by Rpkinney on 04/27/2022

43262     Kirby green LED
Created by fan-of-fans on 04/28/2022

43263     Blue Windtunnel Bagless?
Created by Mattworld808 on 04/29/2022

43266     Finally got a Kirby
Created by Kirbyg6 on 04/30/2022

43269     Best vacuum small extractors household use
Created by dylanmitchell on 05/01/2022

43270     Help with C and/or Q bags for Panasonic
Created by DanielJay on 05/01/2022

43271     Help! Rainbow e2 Gold leaking water
Created by blakecol on 05/01/2022

43272     2006 Eureka Altima 2991AVZ
Created by huskyvacs on 05/02/2022

43274     I thought I'd never do it, but . . .
Created by mjhoshaw on 05/02/2022

43280     Do central vacuums loose suction and airflow through the piping?
Created by ajr2993 on 05/04/2022

43281     Sucking Air at Dust Bin-Cyclone Junction--Faulty Gasket?
Created by lothian on 05/04/2022

43287     Kirby G7D burning through belts regardless of adjustment settings
Created by mariotron on 05/05/2022

43289     Clean Obsessed bags in TriStar - YAY!
Created by mjhoshaw on 05/05/2022

43291     Canister Vacuum recommendation - repair or replace?
Created by avic on 05/06/2022

43293     I'm shot full of shop vacs now
Created by fan-of-fans on 05/07/2022

43294     Anyone own a newer Hoover Porta Power?
Created by electro on 05/08/2022

43296     Dyson DC17 Cyclone Issue
Created by niclonnic on 05/09/2022

43298     Robot Vacuum for multiple floors
Created by icu222much on 05/11/2022

43300     I am now a (hopefully proud) Kirby owner
Created by fan-of-fans on 05/12/2022

43303     2003 Eureka the boss lite 4331
Created by OldCrankman on 05/13/2022

43306     My vacuum cleaner collection.
Created by OldCrankman on 05/13/2022

43309     my robot vacuum collection
Created by n0oxy on 05/14/2022

43313     DrainVac Little Giant Central Vacuum
Created by panasonicvac on 05/15/2022

43314     Simplicity "Brio" canister vacuum
Created by tolivac on 05/15/2022

43320     2007 Eureka the boss mini model 442.
Created by OldCrankman on 05/16/2022

43322     Oddball Kirby nozzle
Created by mjhoshaw on 05/16/2022

43324     Just bought a new Lindhaus Aria Elite! - but the good A3 bags not available any longer?
Created by blueviewlaguna on 05/16/2022

43335     Fleas in carpet
Created by ajr2993 on 05/18/2022

43336     Vacuum Trial Service
Created by anontemp123 on 05/18/2022

43338     Was this vacuum i bought a bad idea?
Created by OldCrankman on 05/19/2022

43340     Rexair rainbow e2 gold
Created by Vacuumfan123 on 05/19/2022

43344     Miele s7280 - Sourcing a Replacement Bumper Cover
Created by lothian on 05/20/2022

43348     Was at a "Community yard sale" this a.m.
Created by gottahaveahoove on 05/21/2022

43351     Oreck XL-21 vs Gold Forever
Created by anontemp123 on 05/22/2022

43353     2006 eureka altima 2996
Created by OldCrankman on 05/23/2022

43360     What year is this shark vacuum?
Created by OldCrankman on 05/24/2022

43363     San Diego New in Box BG10 and hose $400
Created by dylanmitchell on 05/25/2022

43370     Carpet extractor/ spot cleaner low foam or non foaming detergent
Created by dylanmitchell on 05/27/2022

43375     Do central vacuums work well for killing ants?
Created by ajr2993 on 05/28/2022

43376     Simplicity symmetry 6100
Created by OldCrankman on 05/28/2022

43390     What is the purpose of the 8.4" motor?
Created by Blackheart on 06/03/2022

43397     I own a Kirby g6 with tradition 2 attachments
Created by Adam-aussie-vac on 06/05/2022

43405     I think this bissell is rare
Created by OldCrankman on 06/05/2022

43410     I found a rare black dirt devil scorpion?
Created by OldCrankman on 06/06/2022

43417     Eureka litespeed motor removal
Created by VacsofProsper on 06/08/2022

43420     Hoover Windtunnel Self Propelled variants
Created by fan-of-fans on 06/09/2022

43421     Cen-Tec CPB-100 power nozzle problem
Created by Bimmer740 on 06/10/2022

43422     My handheld vacuum cleaner collection.
Created by OldCrankman on 06/10/2022

43429     Proteam Proforce 1500xp
Created by cam2s on 06/10/2022

43436     What brand do you hate the most?
Created by ajr2993 on 06/11/2022

43439     HELP Rainbow e2 gold leaking water
Created by Vacuumfan123 on 06/12/2022

43440     A Thread for Collections!!!!!!
Created by Eureka1998 on 06/12/2022

43442     What's your childhood vacuum?
Created by Vackid1243 on 06/14/2022

43444     Well, that escalated quickly!
Created by blueviewlaguna on 06/15/2022

43446     Craftsman wet/dry vac 2 gallon model 113.177110
Created by OldCrankman on 06/15/2022

43448     Proof older Bissells are better
Created by OldCrankman on 06/18/2022

43449     The new Air-Way Ultra Kleen
Created by dysonman1 on 06/18/2022

43453     Simplicity 5000A.
Created by OldCrankman on 06/18/2022

43464     Dyson Ball Animal 3 in the US
Created by niclonnic on 06/22/2022

43474     Hey guys, itís been awhile.
Created by RoyalFan103 on 06/25/2022

43482     WOW....polishing a Kirby is a pain this arse.
Created by Gvox on 06/27/2022

43483     Do central vacuums work well if properly installed?
Created by ajr2993 on 06/27/2022

43487     Storage Unit
Created by fan-of-fans on 06/28/2022

43489     (2009) eureka lightspeed 4752
Created by OldCrankman on 06/29/2022

43493     Do central vacuums actually deep-clean carpets as good as a portable?
Created by ajr2993 on 06/30/2022

43497     My Return & Finding An Oddity In The Bissell Line-Up
Created by wstonehockertv on 06/30/2022

43498     When Samsung & Bissell Stopped Working Together
Created by wstonehockertv on 06/30/2022

43505     I dedicate this video to everyone
Created by OldCrankman on 07/01/2022

43509     Leather strap type wrench to hold fan while removing nut
Created by blueviewlaguna on 07/02/2022

43520     Shark Vacuum Fascination
Created by wstonehockertv on 07/05/2022

43521     (2004) Hoover spin sweeper outdoor sweeper.
Created by OldCrankman on 07/06/2022

43522     I want a new Miele bagged model
Created by eniot on 07/07/2022

43525     Iím an official member of the Windtunnel Club!
Created by RoyalFan103 on 07/08/2022

43527     Mvac CV switchable between Series and Parallel
Created by Blackheart on 07/08/2022

43528     Entry model Bissell powerforce bagged 3522
Created by OldCrankman on 07/08/2022

43532     Blackheart's Canavac Tests
Created by vaclab on 07/10/2022

43533     Whatís your favorite carpet cleaning solution?
Created by RoyalFan103 on 07/10/2022

43539     Metal wire brushroll
Created by ajr2993 on 07/11/2022

43540     Who made these motors?
Created by RoyalFan103 on 07/11/2022

43546     The horrible truth about central vacuum systems and why every non-Canadian millennial hates them.
Created by ajr2993 on 07/11/2022

43548     Was this video worth it
Created by OldCrankman on 07/12/2022

43549     Do geared belts provide more torque than traditional rubber belts?
Created by ajr2993 on 07/12/2022

43551     I found this thing today
Created by VacuumInfo on 07/12/2022

43552     Wanted: Dirt Devil Dynamite Blue (2008 model)
Created by VacuumInfo on 07/12/2022

43553     Wanted: Dirt Devil Dynamite Blue (2008 model)
Created by VacuumInfo on 07/13/2022

43557     What was your childhood machine?
Created by VacuumInfo on 07/14/2022

43559     Dirt Devil Turbo Tool Recall
Created by RoyalFan103 on 07/15/2022

43564     Kirby Avalir 2 ads on YouTube
Created by tolivac on 07/16/2022

43566     Evolution of Kirby vacuum cleaners.
Created by OldCrankman on 07/16/2022

43568     my 12 yer old hepa filter from my Rainbow
Created by electro on 07/17/2022

43572     Amazon Prime Days
Created by jfalberti on 07/18/2022

43573     What vacuum do you think was the last good Eureka?
Created by ajr2993 on 07/19/2022

43574     testing CentraLux power unit
Created by blknblu on 07/19/2022

43576     Love These New Cordless Power Heads!
Created by eurekaprince on 07/20/2022

43579     Eureka Vs The Carpet Extractor
Created by wstonehockertv on 07/22/2022

43581     shopvac praise the lord for it !!!
Created by Thevacomaticiec on 07/22/2022

43583     My opinion on the MD/Centec Vibrating Upholstery Tool
Created by ajr2993 on 07/23/2022

43584     Do you think Numatic will ever manufacture in China?
Created by Ilovehoovers on 07/23/2022

43585     Hoover Carbon HEPA Y bags
Created by fan-of-fans on 07/23/2022

43586     Has Miele changed hands?
Created by Mieles5380leo on 07/24/2022

43587     Good vacuum for good deal.
Created by OldCrankman on 07/24/2022

43589     Replicating The Amway Cleartrak
Created by wstonehockertv on 07/25/2022

43591     Does anyone know anything about these?
Created by Lotsofkirbys on 07/26/2022

43596     How I service my machines
Created by panasonicvac on 07/27/2022

43597     Craftsman vacuum filters
Created by fan-of-fans on 07/28/2022

43601     I don't see this ending well
Created by Hoover300 on 07/29/2022

43604     Belt for Samsun Quiet Stormn canister vacuum
Created by Crazy_Betty on 07/30/2022

43608     Bissell proheat Clearview repair trouble
Created by 2011hoover700 on 07/31/2022

43615     Saving Dirt Devil
Created by wstonehockertv on 08/02/2022

43616     Miele Complete C3 Dead
Created by spacey3 on 08/02/2022

43627     What brand New with box Vacuums do you have?
Created by Vacummatt4886 on 08/05/2022

43631     Amazon Buys IRobot - Maker of Roomba Vacuums
Created by eurekaprince on 08/07/2022

43641     Five dollar thrift store Hoover
Created by Dysonman1 on 08/09/2022

43642     Forgotten Bissells
Created by wstonehockertv on 08/09/2022

43647     Itís vac in a yearÖAnother canister
Created by rivstg1 on 08/10/2022

43656     What's the American equivalent to Henry, popularity wise?
Created by Ilovehoovers on 08/13/2022

43658     I need help with eureka models?
Created by OldCrankman on 08/13/2022

43666     How do you 'de-fog' a bagless vacuum's bin?
Created by Ilovehoovers on 08/15/2022

43675     Kirby bearings after 2009
Created by vacuumdevil on 08/18/2022

43678     wet pick up in aisle 1
Created by Thevacomaticiec on 08/19/2022

43679     How rare is this???
Created by VacuumInfo on 08/20/2022

43684     Pink Sentria Bag Help!
Created by Preston on 08/21/2022

43685     Cirrus Unit Made By Tacony
Created by repairman on 08/22/2022

43693     Shark rotator commercial use
Created by Cope304 on 08/24/2022

43701     SupraLite vs CleanMax
Created by anontemp123 on 08/25/2022

43702     Bissell Lift-Off Deep Cleaner 35K3 - Solution Leaking/Suctioning Issue
Created by niclonnic on 08/26/2022

43707     iRobot Roomba 960 curbside find
Created by texaskirbyguy on 08/27/2022

43709     (2011) Bissell Powerforce Bagless 6583-W
Created by OldCrankman on 08/28/2022

43712     Canister vacuums are they actually good at deep-cleaning carpets
Created by ajr2993 on 08/29/2022

43720     Forgotten Hoover Products
Created by wstonehockertv on 08/31/2022

43728     New Sebo Cordless Bagged Upright
Created by eurekaprince on 09/03/2022

43731     Forgotten Eureka Products
Created by wstonehockertv on 09/04/2022

43732     Sebo Cordless SoftCase BP60
Created by ManchesterVacs on 09/04/2022

43739     Numatic is entering the USA properly!
Created by Ilovehoovers on 09/06/2022

43740     Nacecare/ Numatic motors
Created by dylanmitchell on 09/06/2022

43744     Simplicity 6100
Created by OldCrankman on 09/07/2022

43747     Miele Triflex Cat & Dog Unboxing
Created by countryguy on 09/08/2022

43750     Lux Guardian Platinum - Parts
Created by ClosetVac on 09/08/2022

43755     Ebay purchase, Dutchtech DTX1100
Created by fantomfan57 on 09/10/2022

43756     (2007) Dirt devil express vac 085855
Created by OldCrankman on 09/10/2022

43762     The rarest Windtunnel?
Created by Eureka1998 on 09/12/2022

43767     (2003) Hoover Windtunnel Preferred Twin Chamber
Created by RoyalFan103 on 09/13/2022

43768     Aerus Lux 5500 Chord will ONLY retract (no stops)
Created by Beatrice on 09/14/2022

43770     Forgotten Dirt Devil/Royal Products
Created by wstonehockertv on 09/15/2022

43771     (2002) Hoover Windtunnel S.P. Ultra (U6432-900).
Created by OldCrankman on 09/15/2022

43778     central vacuum stores
Created by n0oxy on 09/18/2022

43782     Simplicity 6 and 5 series info.
Created by OldCrankman on 09/19/2022

43787     Miele SES 113 hose
Created by kloveland on 09/21/2022

43789     Does A HEPA bag = HEPA filtration?
Created by mark40511 on 09/21/2022

43793     Electrolux 3000/ 4000 Aerus Lux Proteam XP clones
Created by dylanmitchell on 09/22/2022

43797     Hoover FloorMate
Created by JustJunque on 09/23/2022

43804     Testing TriStar CS Power Head & Hose without a canister
Created by ptferris on 09/26/2022

43807     Favorite rare 80s-2000s vacuums?
Created by Eureka1998 on 09/26/2022

43813     The true entry model hoover wind tunnel self propelled.
Created by OldCrankman on 09/28/2022

43814     Need to reach the ceiling and washable filter.. Henry?
Created by rebar on 09/28/2022

43818     Dyson vs Windsor paper shredded test. SHOCKING RESULTS!!!
Created by OldCrankman on 09/29/2022

43819     Windtunnel Lite
Created by cam2s on 09/29/2022

43822     Am I changing this belt correctly? (Pictures)
Created by mark40511 on 10/01/2022

43825     Extra long wand attachment for Dyson DC17?
Created by niclonnic on 10/02/2022

43829     Ewbank Chilli
Created by JustJunque on 10/03/2022

43830     Dyson DC28 Airmuscle
Created by cam2s on 10/03/2022

43831     What niche vacuums do you like?
Created by ajr2993 on 10/04/2022

43833     Vacuum Collections Pic Or Videos
Created by VacGuy1984 on 10/05/2022

43841     Stilinox steam vacuum help
Created by Adam-aussie-vac on 10/06/2022

43846     The Mandela Effect......
Created by Eureka1998 on 10/08/2022

43847     Shark UV330 broken wand joint
Created by Jo on 10/08/2022

43850     ProSpec (Hoover) Commercial vacuums?
Created by Eureka1998 on 10/09/2022

43851     (1999) Eureka the boss 7620.
Created by OldCrankman on 10/10/2022

43853     SP Windtunnel Cables Discontinued
Created by repairman on 10/11/2022

43855     Washable Filters
Created by fantomfan57 on 10/11/2022

43857     This machine does it all.
Created by OldCrankman on 10/12/2022

43875     Some kids get it.
Created by VacMadMan on 10/20/2022

43877     RARE 1998 Miele S401i
Created by kirbylux77 on 10/20/2022

43882     I wish Sebo would sell this in the US
Created by panasonicvac on 10/23/2022

43883     Vacuum Sounds - Helping babies sleep?
Created by eurekaprince on 10/24/2022

43884     Vacuum Sounds - Helping babies sleep?
Created by eurekaprince on 10/24/2022

43885     Newer model TriStar hose material
Created by armandjc on 10/24/2022

43887     (1998) Hoover wind tunnel U5395-900.
Created by OldCrankman on 10/24/2022

43889     What store were these exclusive to?
Created by Eureka1998 on 10/24/2022

43892     Piping 2 central vacuum units in tandem
Created by ajr2993 on 10/25/2022

43893     New Filterqueen $1199 & Kirby $1295.
Created by jarvis on 10/26/2022

43905     Simplicity 5300
Created by OldCrankman on 11/01/2022

43910     Simplicity Timeline
Created by OldCrankman on 11/05/2022

43912     Blue power cord?
Created by fantomfan57 on 11/05/2022

43913     No Bissell/DD Power Nozzle Canisters Until The Early 2000's
Created by wstonehockertv on 11/06/2022

43914     Hoover Tempo/Windtunnel modification
Created by Eureka1998 on 11/06/2022

43916     12 years later after sitting in original box.
Created by vacuumdevil on 11/07/2022

43918     SRX power nozzle
Created by juju93 on 11/08/2022

43920     Aerus 5000 motor issue
Created by Beatrice on 11/08/2022

43924     Unusual Kenmore canister?
Created by JustJunque on 11/10/2022

43925     Henry Micro discontinued!
Created by Ilovehoovers on 11/11/2022

43937     Unknown year for Oreck magnesium.
Created by OldCrankman on 11/16/2022

43942     Second hand Kirby buyer's guide
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