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Considering buying a Lux Legacy - question though
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Post# 450391   2/25/2022 at 21:50 (348 days old) by mjhoshaw (Western PA)        

Will the hose from my C151D Lux Classic plug into Lux Legacy main units? I know the tool end is plastic and different. I have the opportunity to purchase a Lux Legacy main unit, which I may well do if my Lux Classic hose will attach. I will use the tools and accessories I have. It will be a hybrid, but I'm OK with that because I never much cared for the plastic electric wands.


I feel like such a newbie asking these questions, but back in the day of metal-bodied canisters, this was easier to figure out.


Thanks for any replies.




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Post# 450393 , Reply# 1   2/25/2022 at 22:01 (348 days old) by beagledad (Florida)        

Yes it will work just fine. No issue at all.

Post# 450394 , Reply# 2   2/25/2022 at 22:07 (348 days old) by mjhoshaw (Western PA)        

I got a reply before I even posted my final version of the question. You all are the tops!


I'm probably going for that Lux Legacy now, based on my newly-acquired information.



Post# 450403 , Reply# 3   2/26/2022 at 20:11 (347 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Yes…and also

I’ve actually been considering same. The Lux Classic and Lux Legacy are basically the same machine, but the Lux Legacy is a more “deluxe” version. The canister body has a different top with those nice attachment wells, and also it has the automatic control to stop the machine when the bag is full and the 4 indicator lights. Aside from that, the bodies are basically identical. Aerus decided to keep the standard tools and wand system for the classic but give the Lux Legacy the plastic wand system which was first introduced on the top of the l8me Renaissance in the mid 90s. I wasn’t much of a fan of it either as it is more specific as to the type of tools you can use…it’s very proprietary but on the Lux Legacy, they do provide that converter adapter to the 1 1/4 standard sizing because it actually MUST be used for the combination dusting brush and upholstery tool. On the Renaissance and Guardian, they made a separate dusting brush and a separate contourable upholstery tool which fit directly onto the plastic wand system…no adapter necessary….but perhaps people just preferred the old original combination dusting brush/upholstery tool so much that they did this “adaptable” system for the Lux Legacy. Being a hardcore Aerus/Electrolux user. I can say the classic combination dusting brush/contourable upholstery tool is unanimously my most favorite vacuum cleaner tool I’ve ever used. And I think a lot of long time Electrolux users agree. I’ve seen people keep it and use it with other vacs after they have deleted their Aerus/Electrolux. The combination rug and floor tool is also another one of my unanimous favorites…and it too is adaptable to fit either the plastic wand system or the 1 1/4 wand system by changing the adapter elbow as they make the elbows to fit either system. Also, you can use the included adapter at the end of the wand then put on a 1 1/4 elbowed combination rug and floor tool. Either way….they made these tools work for either wand system since they have been proven to be wonderful and popular attachments.

But in my opinion, I think you will enjoy the Lux Legacy and the Lux Classic hose and wand system better. It is a very sturdy and reliable tool and wand system and the Lux Legacy canister adds the convenience of the automatic control, the indicator lights, and better attachment storage than the clips on the Lux Classic. And you’ll be able to store the longer 1 1/4 crevice tool that was the standard on most machines until the late 90s.

I’ve often debated if I was buying a new machine if I should get the classic or the Legacy because I like the classic wand system but the Legacy’s base features. I think I would have to strike up a deal with the salesman to let me do a “hybrid” and then he could sell the classic with the plastic wand system to someone who might like the plastic wand system but not necessarily want to pay the Lux Legacy price.

As far as your machine being considered a “hybrid”…you should know that I believe when the plastic body machine top was first upgraded to hold the dusting brush and longer crevice tool, it was when they were still using the 1 1/4 wand system…so this combination actually was a thing at one time. I’m not sure which model it was called…but it was basically the Lux Legacy design top and had the automatic control and lights…but the wand system was the 1 1/4” system. Likely it was in the mid 1990s just before the plastic wand system came out. I think the body was dark blue and the trim and top panel was light gray…but it was definitely the plastic body canister.

Electrolux used to have only two levels of canisters, a more basic no frills model…and then the more deluxe model usually with a cordwinder and the automatic control feature. It wasn’t until the late 1980s after they merged with Electrolux of Canada did they start offering 3 levels of canisters. The basic was called the LE and was standard much like the Lux Classic, then there was the Hi tech 2100 LE which added the automatic control feature…but still a plastic body…and then the top of the line was the Diamond Jubilee and subsequent Marquis, Grand Marquis, and Ultralux classic. The name of the LE changed to Ambassador and the 2100 LE changed to the Diplomat during these years. The Ultralux name was actually used on both a metal body and plastic body machine. This brings us up to around the year 2000…just 3 years before the name on all models was changed from Electrolux to Aerus.

I don’t have to debate anymore which model I would get if I bought a new machine because I acquired a very nice Lux Legacy with all attachments with very light usage that was made in 2005. It was at a habitat for humanity store and I got it for $22. Couldn’t pass it up. I can always just buy a Lux Classic hose if I want to convert to the 1/14 wand and attachment system and use any of my other Aerus/Electrolux 1 1/4 attachments and power nozzles and wands I have.

Post some pics once up you get the Lux Legacy and have it all set up with the Classic hose and tools and attachments. In my opinion this setup is the closest to repeating the top of the line square metal bodied canisters.


Post# 450452 , Reply# 4   2/28/2022 at 22:26 (345 days old) by mjhoshaw (Western PA)        
I didn't buy *that* one, but I did buy one

I grabbed a Legacy 7000 C153A when the seller, who offered free shipping, knocked $15 off the BIN price. It's an omen that it's supposed to be here by my birthday!


Colors won't match but I don't care. I'm after a solid machine that will work with the hose and tools I have, and will have a good lifespan. I will post pics of my Lux Classic, complete except for the crevice tool, and this Lux Legacy, with the Classic hose and accessories. It appears that once my Miele is beyond its useful lifespan, I will be a 'luxer for life. Why not; I grew up with the brand.




Post# 450526 , Reply# 5   3/4/2022 at 22:08 (341 days old) by mjhoshaw (Western PA)        
It arrove today!

Good evening all, it arrove today (watch Support Your Local Sheriff for the use of "arrove." The seller shipped it with the plug facing the bottom of the box, and the plug was mangled. One of the prongs was bent a full 90 degrees about 1/4" in from the end! But I figure that it took an impact that otherwise would've transferred to the cleaner body. I was able to straighten the plug with no problems. The vacuum runs fine and pulls 105" on my meter, better than my Classic C151D. It has the usual screaming of today's motors, but no bearing noise.


It's late and I just now unboxed it, so tomorrow I'll take and post images of it with my Classic hose and tools, as Jon requested. It needs more cleanup than my Classic did, but nothing major. I've never used a Mr. Clean Magic Erasor; maybe now's the time. I've hesitated because I can't help thinking it would change the sheen of the paint or plastic it's used on. I welcome input from those who have successfully used one on vintage vacuums.



Post# 450532 , Reply# 6   3/5/2022 at 11:18 (340 days old) by mjhoshaw (Western PA)        
Here are the images

It did not come with the dusting/upholstery or crevice tools. If anyone has the correct ones that you would be willing to sell, including the adapter for the dusting/upholstery tool, please contact me at the email address in my profile. I know I don't need the adapter for use with this hose, but it appears that the adapter is what locks the tool to the cleaner body. At this point the tool just lays there.


For anyone who's curious, yes, that's a fire pull box on the wall in the second image. My train room wasn't built as commercial space, but I like sirens and fire equipment, so I installed a strobe/bell and a pull box at each door and interconnected them with our smoke alarms. If I pull a handle, all the alarms in the house go off. Conversely, if any alarm sounds, so do the strobe and bell. This made for quite a morning for our next-door neighbors once when an alarm was false-triggered and everything blared for about two hours. While we were out of town.



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Post# 450555 , Reply# 7   3/6/2022 at 10:06 (339 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
The adapter would be useless

In this case. Yeah I guess it would help to hold the brush in place tighter as I imagine if you raise the vac on its back end it just falls out. Hmm. So on second though maybe you do need it for that.

The vac looks quite good.

I have used the Mr. Clean eraser in these plastic body models mostly for stubborn scuffs snd it takes them right off. No damage to the finish. But try it on the bottom side first to make sure you are happy with it, this way if you don’t like what it’s doing to the plastic, that spot won’t be generally visible but I was very pleased that it worked and didn’t leave any traces on my C153C Lux Legacy in the same color combination when I got it. I also used an all purpose cleaner like 409 with the eraser…I did not use it dry. Between the cleaner loosening the dirt that also helped not have to use the eraser too heavily.

Yes I’ve seen the cord end get mashed like that. I careful be d them back with needle nose pliers as just using fingers creates a wiggled shape of the prongs.

Whenever I’ve bought and had any lux shipped I always ask the seller to please pack with crumpled paper. The crumpled paper really cushions the machine and any parts and allows flex of the paper itself if the box is bashed. This way the machine can actually wiggle and wobble in the box a little but just up against a bed of paper that gives far more easily than the plastic or metal parts that would otherwise be damaged. Every time I’ve had something fragile shipped this way I’ve had perfect luck with no damages. It shouldn’t be tightly crumpled but not super loose either…sort of a medium crumple allow decent cushioning but also some “give”. Also the box should definitely be at least 2 inches or more larger than the machine in all sides allowing for the paper cushion and room for the paper to be put in. If the parts are too close to any of the box walls they still could get damaged. The crumpled paper also is lightweight so won’t add too much to shipping weight.


Post# 450558 , Reply# 8   3/6/2022 at 13:52 (339 days old) by mjhoshaw (Western PA)        
The seller did use crumpled paper

He did everything right, box size and all, but the box must've been thrown around. I used pairs of needle-nose pliers to straighten the prongs, one to hold and the other to bend. They're perfectly straight now.


The condition of the plug seems to be a reliable tell of how the vacuum was treated by its former owner(s). The plug on my Classic C151D was in perfect condition, and the entire vacuum was clean as a whistle. The afterfilter proved it had been used, but clearly it hadn't been handled roughly.


My go-to spray cleaner is Krud Kutter, available at home centers. It loosens dirt that Windex and other cleaners won't touch, but it is safe on everything I've tried it on. It makes really quick work of cleaning fans/impellers. I don't currently own a Magic Eraser, so I'll see what this spray can do before I buy one.




Post# 450599 , Reply# 9   3/7/2022 at 16:38 (338 days old) by rugsucker (Elizabethton TN)        
Electrolux plug

Should be fine after using pliers.When metal body Elux was boxed and shipped the cord was pulled out for the plug to be placed into side of front wheel bracket.Plastic body Elux could have cord pulled out and inserted into suction opening.
Looks good,Happy Vacuuming

Post# 450620 , Reply# 10   3/8/2022 at 15:42 (337 days old) by mjhoshaw (Western PA)        
Success with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Jon, thanks for your input on this product. It worked fantastically for me. I'm impressed enough that I posted a new thread about it under Household.



Post# 450706 , Reply# 11   3/12/2022 at 12:47 (333 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        

I found the Mr. Clean eraser some years ago and was impressed though I’m still amazed at how many people haven’t used don’t use or try them. I knew they existed myself but didn’t try them until I had to clean my natural stone shower and asked someone at Home Depot what to use and another customer overheard and chimed in with the magic eraser suggestion for removing soap scum without acidic cleaners which is about all that works to remove soap scum chemical wise. I use windex with eraser on the inside of my shower glass.

They work so much better to remove scuffs from walls too than a rag. I had a rental property I managed and the new prospective tenant asked if the walls in the hall could be repainted because of all the scuffs (previous tenant had just moved out the day before) and I told him those “would be taken care of”. I used the eraser. Afterwards…when he came back he thanked me for repainting the wall and I told him we didn’t repaint but instead used the eraser and he was amazed and said he would have to get some as his kids were constantly making a mess of the walls.

The dense foam acts as a mild abrasive to pull paint and other residue marks off that get put on walls and plastics etc and are otherwise difficult to remove. When I got my Lux Legacy used, it had some weird orange stains and other scuff marks that would not come off with any usual cleaners but the eraser “erased” them all in little time. I’d be curious as to how they would work on the polished aluminum of kiby’s and Electrolux model G’s..the tops of 1205’s etc. Maybe combined with polish they could work well to accelerate the polishing. I have a few model XXX tarnished tools maybe I’ll try on those to make sure it doesn’t leave abrasive buff marks. They do crumble away though. Don’t let pets eat them or the crumbled bits.


Post# 450707 , Reply# 12   3/12/2022 at 13:51 (333 days old) by mjhoshaw (Western PA)        
Doesn't work for me on aluminum

Jon, I just now tried it on the bag door of my model G. I didn't rub it for minutes, but the spot I did work on was no shinier, and nothing came off onto the eraser. Too bad, but that doesn't diminish my opinion of it. Not counting the physical abrasion of the bag door bumpers, my 7000 looks near mint now.


I posit that once aluminum parts are polished to a high sheen, the eraser might be able to keep them that way, although a good coating of car wax goes a long way.



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