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Potential New Kirby Vacuum Model Discussion
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Post# 449483   1/23/2022 at 12:46 (372 days old) by KirbyCollector (Columbus Ohio USA)        

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I decided to make a thread dedicated to the rumored new Kirby, since another thread was getting filled with comments about this.

As mentioned earlier, there is a rumored new Kirby model, that is said to come out this year. Take this with a grain of salt. There’s no guaranteed information here, it’s just a rumor until further notice. Feel free to put your thoughts, and opinions about this topic here.

Post# 449484 , Reply# 1   1/23/2022 at 12:52 (372 days old) by Kirbyg6 (York)        

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I keep imagining it and thinking about it we just going to have wait and see it if its true then I will be amazed I hope it has a fancy colour scheme

Post# 449485 , Reply# 2   1/23/2022 at 12:56 (372 days old) by KirbyCollector (Columbus Ohio USA)        

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Yeah it would be very cool indeed. We’ll see if they are actually releasing one. Where I stand with this whole thing. I want it to be true, and I hope it is. But I’m not going to hold my breath until we hear something more official.

Post# 449486 , Reply# 3   1/23/2022 at 13:00 (372 days old) by Kirbyg6 (York)        

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Yep I’m holding my breath too

Post# 449487 , Reply# 4   1/23/2022 at 13:14 (372 days old) by human (Pines of Carolina)        

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I'd be intrigued to see what they come up with--provided they manage to avoid bagless design, excessively plastic construction, circuit boards and moving production to China. Any of those would be a death knell, as far as I'm concerned.

Post# 449488 , Reply# 5   1/23/2022 at 13:30 (372 days old) by Kirbyg6 (York)        

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I wonder what it’s going to be called that’s another thing I get excited about when Kirby launches a new model

Post# 449490 , Reply# 6   1/23/2022 at 14:02 (372 days old) by juju93 (South Georgia)        

Several things I only care about with the next model or future kirby's in general:
1. No more sentria look
2. No more black or grey color schemes.
3. shamppo system needs to be reworked and scaled down in overall size
4. Make it more quieter.
5. Addional optional accessories
6. Redo the zippbrush to actualy suck up the dirt and debris from the cleaning jobs.

If this rumor of a new kirby being cogged/geared belt driven does that mean the shampoo system will also be the same way? or will the shampoo system be completely attached differently. I also can't see kirby with onboard tools or controls at the handle as those defeat the overall function of the main power plant and thus making the handle non removable. I will say this, that I do like with the G-series and that has to do with the attachment bag. I do hope Kirby keeps the attachment bag that they launched a few year ago with the avalir2. It looks like it makes taking the attachments along a lot more easier than having it in the typical platic caddy that takes up more space than the "tote bag". Also can spmeone approve me to the no kirby left behind group on fb.

Post# 449495 , Reply# 7   1/23/2022 at 16:52 (372 days old) by huskyvacs (Gnaw Bone, Indiana)        

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I'll call it now. It will be called the Avalir 3 (the 3 in subscript) or have a totally new model name with some cheesy pun based on what it does. It will be battery powered in some way with a big battery pack, and it will still be bagged.

Post# 449500 , Reply# 8   1/23/2022 at 18:40 (372 days old) by juju93 (South Georgia)        

What Id like to know is why is it supposably getting launched in June. Anything particular happening in June for kirby or the vacuum community as a whole?

Post# 449513 , Reply# 9   1/24/2022 at 00:27 (372 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

I know a Kirby distributer in Atlanta-He will let me know when a new model comes out-and sell one to me.We will just have to wait for what the future brings.

Post# 449531 , Reply# 10   1/24/2022 at 10:42 (371 days old) by KirbyCollector (Columbus Ohio USA)        
Here is some of the discussion from the other thread.

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I figured I’d carry some of it over to here.

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Post# 449534 , Reply# 11   1/24/2022 at 13:45 (371 days old) by robsmith1977 (Alexandria, Virginia)        

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I wish Kirby would do something about that suds tube on the carpet shampoo system. Ever since they went to a rigid 90 degree piece and not a flexible hose, I haven't wanted to use the Kirby for carpet shampooing. It's just not as easy as it used to be. I had a brand new Sentria (the first series) and it was great all around! The Zip brush was kinda worthless though for using in the car because it couldn't pick up larger particles.

Post# 449544 , Reply# 12   1/24/2022 at 21:50 (371 days old) by human (Pines of Carolina)        
Zip Brush...

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The spinning Zip Brush is a novel design but its performance is not particularly impressive. I think it's designed more for spot scrubbing than for sucking up dirt. Ironically, Kirby got it right with the Turbo Brush that preceded it in the Heritage era and then abandoned it. Those brushes are far superior to the Zip Brush for actually sucking up dirt. For my money, they're about the best non-motorized revolving brushes I've ever used.

Post# 449547 , Reply# 13   1/24/2022 at 22:20 (371 days old) by RegularRett69 (San Clemente California, USA)        

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A little patent research and a lot of y'alls questions would be answered. Did the work for you, these are Scott and Fetzer patents from 2009. It's clear that by now they would've improved the design, and had well enough time to design a new Kirby, having released the Sentria, Sentria II, Avalir, and Avalir II while having this patent still active to this day. Direct air still, but has handle controls, still a self propelled mechanism, and hose options too.

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Post# 449554 , Reply# 14   1/25/2022 at 01:43 (370 days old) by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

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I agree with reply #12, those turbo brushes are really awesome! It's a shame they quit selling them, I like them MUCH better than the zip brush. But luckily you can still buy those turbo brushes brand new today under the Rugrat, they're mainly for central vacuums but they can easily fit on any Kirby hose with no problem. I also think it's a shame that they quit making the Vacuette, I also like those hand vacs better than the zip brush. Who knows, maybe they may reintroduce them when the next Kirby model comes out.

Post# 449561 , Reply# 15   1/25/2022 at 08:48 (370 days old) by juju93 (South Georgia)        

The images in post 13 have me asking a couple of questions and making a few comments. In the first picture with figure 9, I don't thing thats an attach hose to the system but yet a fill tube, like what they have on the current and older models, that way the dirt has something to travel to before getting into the bag. I say that because if you look at the arrows from the bottom of the machine and follow them through the system then you see the arrows pointing out for the dirt going out of the system. Then moving onto the second pic with all different diagrams and pieces. Looking at the main machine itself it does look possible for kirby to keep the function of a multi power plant system. I do have a few questions and comments for each diagram.

1. Is diagram 702/704 suppose to be the bag system attached when using it in a portable cleaning mode? If not then what is it suppose to represent then?

2. I have no clue what diagram 502/504/506 is suppose to be. It looks like some sort of nozzel with two rows of brushes. (Top corner next to the power handle)

3. 202/210 looks like it could be the power nozzel, which is good that its still removable.

4. 400/410 which is ovious the hose attachment. Which if by looking at the diagram, it doesn't look any type of electrical unlike the attachment next to it.

5. 300/302/390/304/374/ 380/376/378 I can't quite figure out what this is suppose to be. Based off the image itself it looks like the typical canister set up with the power nozzel and electric hose. This then leads me to ask is this going to be a new optional accessory for those that prefere to use their systems as a canister. If so how much. Also it looks like the electric wiring is on the outside of the hose and not inside like most modern cleaners with elrrctric hoses. Granted this is from 2009 so I can't complain.

Post# 449562 , Reply# 16   1/25/2022 at 09:05 (370 days old) by dysonman1 (the county)        

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Those patents have expired because Kirby didn't pay the yearly renewal fee. They will not be making the machine shown in the 2009 patents.

There has to be an investment of substantial amounts (millions) of dollars to have a new model launch that's truly a 'new' model. When Warren Buffet gave Kirby the old flush down the tubes, there went that kind of money. All we'll ever see is a color change.

With their door-to-door sales methods Kirby doesn't have to change anything about it. No one wakes up thinking "I'm going to spend two thousand dollars on a vacuum today". The Kirby only has to beat whatever machine is in current use by the prospect. It's not like they're sold at Wal-Mart and you pick it out of a line-up.

Post# 449566 , Reply# 17   1/25/2022 at 10:11 (370 days old) by juju93 (South Georgia)        

Again: They could've had this new platform design for years and put it off till now. Or they could've had something similiar or completely different in the works that they've kept on the hush hush about. Yes the timing of the company getting sold does raises questions to where the money for future research and design would come from. However it doesn't mean its not possible for them to do it. I mean 10+ years from now kirby isn't going to be like " ok lets release sentria/avalir x". I think they know they need something to give customers hope for the future and a recolored modeled thats been out since 2006, realistically 1990, isn't much hope for customers to believe in. Then again they'll probably raise the MSRP for this new system, which then distributors will turn around and raise their prices as well. Like the cost of eveything going up, so will a kirby system. Also something to take into account is if they were going to release another recolored avalir I'm sure they wouldn't wait till june to do it. when you look at avalir 1 transitioning to avalir 2, kirby just drop it out of nowhere in Febuary of 2018 for no reason, giving no indication of a new model, let alone another color scheme. When you think about it, it really wasn't much, if any of all, a color change. But for them to wait till June, which I'm still curious to why June, to release a new model, if that, raises the question if this is really a new model. Because if this was a color change they can drop it tomorrow, next week, next month, whenever they feel is neccessary.

Post# 449567 , Reply# 18   1/25/2022 at 10:50 (370 days old) by KirbyG6 (York)        

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What I don’t get is If they aren’t making a new machine why would somebody say there’s a pilot model for a new design coming out

Post# 449570 , Reply# 19   1/25/2022 at 12:06 (370 days old) by Oreck_XL (Brooklyn, New York 11211)        

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With this RightLane Industries now at the helm of Kirby, I would say there's a better than not chance that there WON'T be an all new model. Now the purists on here will tar and feather me saying "if it's a proven design why change it." Well, maybe. But it's the SAME PLATFORM from 32 years ago. Kirby got 20 years out of the Classic series. When is enough enough? There may be another trim change in a new model but with Kirby in danger of extinction I doubt RightLane is going to subsidize new tooling to manufacture a new model from the ground up. Just my 2 cents.

Post# 449572 , Reply# 20   1/25/2022 at 18:49 (370 days old) by human (Pines of Carolina)        

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My fear is they'll just slap the Kirby name on some random POS Chinese made plasticrap vac and think they can charge an exorbitant price for it. That would truly be the end of the road for Kirby—an an ignoble end at that.

Post# 449577 , Reply# 21   1/25/2022 at 22:18 (370 days old) by juju93 (South Georgia)        

All I know is, this shits getting old, and by that I mean the G-series/sentria/avalir design.

Yeah kirby is going on 32 years with the G-series and yeah they may have had 20 with the cassic but what wasn't mentioned is that the first generation got 35 years before kirby launch the second generation series, which was the classic series, which is also longer than this current gen.

(1935-1970) first gen
(1970-1990) second gen
(1990- To damn long) third gen.

All I got to say is, its time for kirby to make some steps towards modernization and major updates and not just cosmetics. I'm sure they themselves are getting tired of the same old same old sentria recolored and represented as a new model. I'm also sure they have someone read these online forums and stuff and doing the research that way. Now and days everything is done online, even in terms of researching products that consumers like us are saying about their current products and what we like to see changed. Whereas back in 1990 and ealier online sources didn't exist and most research and developement was based off of peoples in home demonstrations and customers uses. Granted these days all kirby really needs to do is read these forums and communicate with current users and do the research that way. Now as for development of the machines, well that I can't comment on.

Post# 449605 , Reply# 22   1/26/2022 at 13:31 (369 days old) by juju93 (South Georgia)        

One thing I wonder and it has nothing to due with this thread, but how does kirby come up with these names for these models and does the names come from anything big or relevant to society. I say this because im sure kirby didn't decide to one day name a machine sentria or avalir or ultimate or even some of the names they named the older machines. I am curious to what they'll name future models or how they'll come up with names for them.

Post# 449658 , Reply# 23   1/27/2022 at 21:24 (368 days old) by KirbyCollector (Columbus Ohio USA)        

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The Sentria & Avalir names are pretty interesting.
According to a thorough google search, these are their meanings.

Sentria means “Versatility”
Avalir means “To Destroy”

They seem pretty obvious to me. Kirby is basically saying the machine is versatile and destroys dirt and debris.

Post# 449660 , Reply# 24   1/27/2022 at 22:01 (368 days old) by juju93 (South Georgia)        

That makes since. Now as for older models some of the names are self explainatory. I am held bent on trying to figure out why their waiting till June to release this "new model". Like hello kirby, avalir 2 is beyond the experation date and needs to be extinct like now. 4 years is way to long especially for a model that has a 2 in it. Also when in June are they planning on releasing it? I'm also curious to what they'll name it if its a new platform. They can't name it Generation 4 because thats already used as well as classic. So what the name is going to be is a good curiosity, assuming this is a truly new model.

Post# 449669 , Reply# 25   1/28/2022 at 07:59 (367 days old) by Oreck_XL (Brooklyn, New York 11211)        

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Maybe Avalir was the name choice in that it was self-destructive. Like they are destroying their own company by rolling out the same old SH*T for the past 30 some odd years....

Post# 449698 , Reply# 26   1/28/2022 at 18:50 (367 days old) by Kirbyg6 (York)        

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They must be up to something for the Avalr 2 to be in production for this long because when they bring out the second version of the same machine it’s only in production for about a year or so I just can’t wait to see the next beast

Post# 449702 , Reply# 27   1/28/2022 at 21:43 (367 days old) by juju93 (South Georgia)        

This is what I personally think. I think kirby probably had wanted to launch this "new model/platform" back in 2020, at the start of the decade, just like they did with the classic in 1970 and G-series in 1990. But heres a few factors to why I think they waited this far. The first reason being the pademic. I don't see kirby lauching a new machine at a time when a lot of people are staying at home,unemployed, and all other type of stuff. And with people being out of work during the pandemic, people aren't going to be like, "ok let me go out or have a kirby rep come to my home during a global pademic and sell me a 2k vacuum". Another reason why I think kirby held off is because back in 2019 rexair had launched the SRX, which was their next platform in machines. I think kirby was like "ok lets let rexair have 2019 to have their launch year and then we'll have ours next. So I think kirby let rexair have 2019 to release the SRX and then have 2020 and onwards to launch and sell their machines till its been out for a lil while and sales for it slow down a bit. Then the other reason I think why kirby is waiting to launch this machine is because they probably dont want any recall issues with it like what they had back in 1990 with the G3 and the tech drive or what rexair had a few years ago with the SRX. Granted I could be completely wrong and they could have completely different reasons for the delay. However with the sale of the company to Right Lane Industries it does have me questioning what future models will be like, or even if we get anymore platforms in 30+ years.

Post# 449705 , Reply# 28   1/29/2022 at 01:36 (367 days old) by fan-of-fans (USA)        

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I've been on this forum about 10 years now. And I just think it's funny how many times we've talked about a new Kirby model coming out, looked at patents, discussed improvements we'd like or what changes might be coming, and when the "new model" comes out it's just a slightly updated model with new colors, some different trim, and a new handle style and bag pattern. LOL

Post# 449711 , Reply# 29   1/29/2022 at 05:34 (366 days old) by Kirbyg6 (York)        

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Yeah covid could have something to do with it we just got to wait and see

Post# 449713 , Reply# 30   1/29/2022 at 07:08 (366 days old) by Juju93 (South Georgia)        

Well if you really think of it, avalir 2 shouldn’t really even count as a new model let alone a new color change. I mean all it really did was change a the color of the accent points on the machine and that was it. It didn’t even change the color of the machine overall. Avalir 2 didn’t even change the pattern scheme. I think they’re waiting for their next color and pattern scheme to go for the next “new model”. Again I’ll mention, why are they waiting till June to supposedly release it?

Post# 449759 , Reply# 31   1/31/2022 at 07:12 (364 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

I'll believe it when I see it...

Post# 449767 , Reply# 32   1/31/2022 at 14:37 (364 days old) by Kirbyg6 (York)        

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I’m thinking about it every day

Post# 449770 , Reply# 33   1/31/2022 at 18:41 (364 days old) by KirbyCollector (Columbus Ohio USA)        
As I’ve said before…

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We’ll see what happens. It’s good to have this thread to discuss this.

Post# 449771 , Reply# 34   1/31/2022 at 18:56 (364 days old) by juju93 (South Georgia)        

All I got to say is.... Why June? And its a neutral question, in reguards to if its a new platform or if its another G-series. Why launch it in June?

Post# 449772 , Reply# 35   1/31/2022 at 19:55 (364 days old) by human (Pines of Carolina)        

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Why launch in June? Easy! They're banking on COVID subsiding in the summer months so they can unleash their strong-arm sales enforcement shock troops to muscle their way into unsuspecting--and otherwise unwilling--customers' homes to coerce them into shelling out obscene amounts of cash for a vacuum they would not otherwise buy.

Sorry. As much as I love their products, Kirby really needs to come up with a more ethical and humane sales method. I would never allow a Kirby thug to cross my threshold.

Post# 449773 , Reply# 36   1/31/2022 at 20:31 (364 days old) by Gvox (Georgia)        

I really like Kirby vacuums, but I like them because they don't make big changes.  I like the classic design. 


What do you guys want them to do?  Do you want a stronger motor?  Different brush, or different tools?   Do you want a lighter or heavier machine?  Do you want more metal or more plastic?  Is it a new color you want?  What feature do you guys want?


What do you consider was the last big change?





Post# 449786 , Reply# 37   2/1/2022 at 10:24 (363 days old) by Kirbyg6 (York)        

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I think the last big change was the shampooer when the avalir was launched

Post# 449787 , Reply# 38   2/1/2022 at 10:45 (363 days old) by dysonman1 (the county)        

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The outdated sales method is holding them back. Kirby makes the machine and sells it directly to a distributor. After it's sold, it's out of Kirby's hands and the actual demonstration and sale to the consumer is not done by them. There's where the problem comes in. Gaining entry to the home. For the most part, people have no idea what a new Kirby looks like or does. They might know the name, but most people think of a vacuum like a Shark when thinking about a vacuum at all.

Would changing the machine for the sake of change sell any more machines using their current sales method? No.

But,what if Right Lane Industries wants to make a Kirby-like cleaner in China and sell it on QVC? "The new Kirby on 5 payments of $129 a month". They have the right to the Kirby name. It can be anything they want. They did that with Electrolux. After the Aerus name change, QVC "Now selling Electrolux" didn't tell anyone that it wasn't actually your grandmother's Electrolux. "It's a Kirby" but not your mother's Kirby.

Post# 449792 , Reply# 39   2/1/2022 at 12:42 (363 days old) by Juju93 (South Georgia)        

I can say that the last actual change that was made to the machine’s themselves that was, or at lease in my opinions a “major change” was when they launched the original sentria back in 06. I say that because it gave it a more modern appearance with the led lights and more curves on the handle as well as the chrome belt lifter. Which I don’t know why Kirby stop making it that way for the avalir 2 let alone for the shampoo systems on sentria 1&2 back in the day…… I can also say this, we are now in February, which means we’re another month closer to this “new model” get launched. Yeah the sentria, as I can think of it, was the last real model change in terms of cosmetics and appearance on the outside. I don’t count the accessories as major improvements because technically they can be used with any of the G series so yeah.

Post# 449799 , Reply# 40   2/2/2022 at 08:02 (362 days old) by rugsucker (Elizabethton TN)        
"--sales method--"

Some former Kirby salesmen turned out OK.Willie Nelson for example.

Post# 449800 , Reply# 41   2/2/2022 at 10:36 (362 days old) by luxlife (Under a Pecan Tree)        
So True!

Duane Chapman (Dog the Bounty Hunter) is another one.

Post# 449804 , Reply# 42   2/2/2022 at 12:29 (362 days old) by Bisonian (Where the buffalo roamed! (Ocala, FL))        
Not Just Kirby

Dog the Bounty Hunter sold Bisons as well.

Post# 449808 , Reply# 43   2/2/2022 at 14:58 (362 days old) by KirbyCollector (Columbus Ohio USA)        

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It’d be very cool to see Kirby make a change regarding their sales method. I think maybe they should have vacuum shops, and janitorial suppliers sell them. As well as have them available on their page. That would be a cool thing to see.

Back to new models. This is very unlikely to happen, but it would be very cool if they resurrected an older Kirby design and sell it as the budget/economy model. Then have the G series, or this new model if it really happens, as the higher end premium model. Just an idea worth mentioning.

Post# 449809 , Reply# 44   2/2/2022 at 17:48 (362 days old) by Gvox (Georgia)        

Having more direct manufacturing dealers would be the best change to the sales model. As I understand it, it's an MLM with a few layers, all wanting to make money.  


Give a dealer an area, give them factory pricing, and market the vacuum in their area.  


I don't know how many layers they have in their MLM, but I get the impression it's at least three. 


Factory direct dealers who sell at a markup, their come-and-go dealers who recruit and train sales reps, and then the sales reps who have to try to make some commission on top of that. 


Of course, I could be wrong; I'm just spitballing. The secondary market price for Kirby vacuum cleaners is closer to the price they should be sold at than what the door-to-door sales reps have to try to sell the units for. That's not good for the sales reps or the customers.  


It's a great vacuum, but it's not worth what some people pay for them.  


It's not worth $1,200. I've heard of people sold on them at $1,800-$3,000, which is just wrong. 


If you sell them at that price to someone smart enough to be wealthy, whatever, it's a free market.  


But if you sell at that price to a little old lady on a fixed income, or someone living in a trailer, by offering them easy credit payments, you're scum.   


As far as changes, I like the more subdued colors of the Aviler and Aviler II; I'm not a fan of a lot of graphics. I almost wish they just came with a solid color bag. I want a more solid, substantial handle, and I'd like the belt release to be polished aluminum. In fact, I'd like the entire housing to be aluminum. Call me old fashion ---I hate plastic, the more metal, the better.  ...but that's just me.  



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Post# 449813 , Reply# 45   2/2/2022 at 18:52 (362 days old) by juju93 (South Georgia)        

Heres my suggestion. If anyone wants a brand new kirby but doesn't want sales people coming into their home, just go purchase one through your local service center. I mean I'm sure they sell them brand new with the actual MSRP and not what door to door people try to sell them for. Thats what my mother and grandmother did back in the days instead of having someone come into their homes they went out to a local service center and purchased them that way. It saved them both time and money in the long run, not having random strangers come to your home and spending unnecessary amount of time demonstrating stuff you already know about the kirby. But most importantly your not paying those higher end door to door prices. Thats what I also did when I purchased my SRX a few years ago. I sought out a reputable dealer in my area with good reviews and pair pricing on the things I want with it, got in contact with them and bamn, I had purchased an SRX cleaning system in less than 20 minutes and figured out everything on my own, which was really easy.

Post# 449814 , Reply# 46   2/2/2022 at 19:20 (362 days old) by Gvox (Georgia)        

The problem with going to the Kirby Service Center, at least in my area, is they do not sell direct to the public.  They are the level 1 dealer in the MLM.  They get their units at factory pricing.  In my area their building is not open to the public.  I imagine they have a warehouse because there are a couple of loading docks, service area, and some offices and conference or meeting rooms.  It's a sizeable building.  


If you go to their website, all you'll get is a pop-up about a "free room cleaning." If you call them, and say you want to buy a vacuum cleaner, they'll send your contact information to their downstream level 2 dealers, who are their most successful door-to-door sales reps who are now recruiting sales reps under them.  You'll get one of their door-to-door salesmen at your door.  


The door-to-door sales reps are in a miserable position.  They are trying to make a commission while working for a "level 2" dealer, who are trying to make money off their level 2 pricing from the level 1 "Service Center" owner.  


I actually feel sorry for the door-to-door reps.  These guys are trying to sell a good product that has multiple layers of distribution costs that they have to sell over to make a commision.  It's a bad sales model.  


Which is why you get some reps who are actually desperate enough to try to sell an overpriced unit on a crazy finance plan to people who shouldn't be spending a huge amount of money on a vacuum cleaner.  





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Post# 449829 , Reply# 47   2/3/2022 at 00:46 (362 days old) by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        
Reply #43

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I'd also love to have Kirby reintroduce some of their older models as well. Preferably the ComVac line. I think there is still a market left for commercial vacuums since more buildings are having carpets than more homes that do. It's like when Hoover quit making the Guardsman line for residential use but still made them for commercial use. And now that Royal's metal uprights are gone, Kirby could fill in the spot and not have competition anymore.

Post# 449830 , Reply# 48   2/3/2022 at 00:49 (362 days old) by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

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Yeah I really would like to see this line again.

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Post# 449839 , Reply# 49   2/3/2022 at 13:10 (361 days old) by kansasking (Midwest)        
If Kirby wants to survive, cords have to go.

The only way Kirby gets traction and sales in the coming years is with a cordless vacuum. The current Kirbys only pull around 600 -700 watts. There is no reason they couldn’t design a slightly more efficient direct air machine that operates cordlessly. Heck, give the option of running with a cord as well but most importantly, it has to be able to run off a battery and the carpet agitation must still be intense. The whole removable head design also has to go as that kind of design is archaic.

This may sound sacrilegious but the metal body also has to go. Including a battery is going to already add weight and plastic can be extremely durable with the right design and materials.

If Kirby can modernize the vacuum into a top performing cordless carpet cleaner, then they may have a winner. The design doesn’t necessarily need to be a jack of all trades design. However, I would like the machine to be a little lower profile and maybe be able to go under some furniture. It just needs to be less clunky.

I like my current Kirbys but they only get pulled out when necessary. They are heavy, cumbersome, and don’t really maneuver well as the heads don’t articulate. They do one thing great though and that is shake the bejesus out of my carpets. I also like the tech drive mechanism but whatever Kirby does, it needs to be modern.

The other thing Kirby needs to address are their sales methods. From everything I’ve read, the salesmen don’t get paid diddly for what they do. Kirby needs to try selling through more traditional channels and I think they can but they have to do one thing first, make a modern vacuum that competes with other higher priced machines. They will have to compete with the Sebos and Mieles of the world.

Post# 449842 , Reply# 50   2/3/2022 at 14:30 (361 days old) by juju93 (South Georgia)        

Look, all I got to say is, June needs to hurry up already.

Post# 449848 , Reply# 51   2/3/2022 at 16:30 (361 days old) by Kirbyg6 (York)        

kirbyg6's profile picture
Yeah me too June could be very exciting

Post# 449851 , Reply# 52   2/3/2022 at 16:55 (361 days old) by luxlife (Under a Pecan Tree)        
Could y’all PLEASE just pump the brakes a little…..

And try not to obsess about the next Kirby on a daily basis. Doesn’t ANYONE appreciate the element of surprise anymore??? We got a few of the same individuals here that were involved in the Rainbow SRX thread a few years back. Some of you simply ruined it for yourselves and I have to wonder if you’re the type to snoop around your house in late November to see what you’re getting for Christmas. When the SRX was finally released, a few of you had very little good things to say about it because you’d been preoccupied with every little tidbit of information that you could get before it was officially available. So when it officially hit the market, some of you were criticizing everything that YOU BELIEVED TO BE wrong with it- in YOUR OPINION. Isn’t it a pity that vacuum manufacturers don’t have enough to keep vacuum enthusiasts satisfied, but if the enthusiast/collector community had more buying power, then who knows what could happen….

Post# 449882 , Reply# 53   2/4/2022 at 22:39 (360 days old) by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        
Reply #49

panasonicvac's profile picture
Actually Kirby already developed a cordless vacuum, it's called the Split Second hand vac. It originally came out to compete against Hoover Concept Two's Help Mate hand vac but they've sold that cordless machine for many years. I wouldn't mind if Kirby developed a cordless stick vacuum. But if they wanted to replace their main vacuum with a cordless, to me that's risky. I've been into homes before where they took more than two hours to clean and my first concern would be not finishing a whole big house with a cordless Kirby. My second concern would be performance. I know Kirby won't release a new model until it is proven to be better than their predecessor. And I know I've used many cordless vacuums that are not as good or even better than their corded versions. My last concern would be marketing. Could they pull it off? Maybe. But I know there are many consumers out there that would still prefer to use cords over cordless, myself included. Especially in situations where I would have to use a corded machine over cordless. Example, I would pull my camping trailer out of storage and first thing I would notice is how dirty it is inside. I'm also in a hurry to clean it out so it's something where I have to vacuum like right away with a corded machine versus waiting several minutes or even hours to charge a vacuum battery because I wouldn't have electricity running through my trailer when I would have it sit in storage. If Kirby could pull it off, then great! But at least though I wouldn't discontinue the corded one, I'd sell both to give each consumer an option like you said to go for either corded or cordless like the ProTeam FreeFlex for example.

Also for removing the nozzle to be eliminated, well how else could I change the belt or use the other accessories for it? I would've may as well just buy a metal Royal upright instead.

I wouldn't mind if Kirby develops a machine that uses plastic all over the body. Electrolux was able to pull it off on their canister machines and if they could do it, so could Kirby. I didn't mind that their Kirby Vacuette hand vacs were all plastic. But I still like the idea of having metal on a Kirby, they even look pretty anyways.

Lastly but not least, I think eventually Kirby would change the way that they do on sales, at least have like what Filter Queen is doing nowadays. I'd rather buy a Filter Queen or a Kirby online than have a salesperson come to my house.

Anyways that's just in my opinion.

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Post# 450000 , Reply# 54   2/10/2022 at 13:21 (354 days old) by RainbowD4C (Saint Joseph, Michigan )        

rainbowd4c's profile picture
A lot of people are saying the same thing about the Kirby. That it's a dated design. But at the same time I get why it hasn't been changed. I bought a Avalir 2 back in May 2021 and to be honest. I actually really like it. Yes it's a pain in the *** to attach the hose and attachments. But in all honesty the way they have it set up is how you are going to get the best suction. And lets face it nothing has suction like a Kirby except maybe a shop vac or Central Vacuum System. I also got mine at a dirt cheap price. I only paid $844.82 for it and I didn't trade anything for it. I just completely controlled the sale. I only bought the day to day attachments and nothing else. And I made it extremely clear to the sales man that if he wanted the sale that he was going to follow my direction or it was over and he left empty handed. Yes it's heavy and loud. But that what they are known for and maybe why they clean so well.

Post# 450005 , Reply# 55   2/10/2022 at 15:52 (354 days old) by dysonman1 (the county)        

dysonman1's profile picture
What if you were a consumer who didn't know anything about Kirby? No one would pick it up out of a line-up of current vacuums, especially for even half the MSRP of $1997.00

Which is why it makes absolutely no difference if the machine is updated, lighter, vintage looking, etc. Also, do any of you seriously think that the salesmen (who work a week or two) are going to learn about a second, cheaper model we well as the more expensive one? And carry both of them in their car? No. Not gonna happen. They have enough problems selling one model.

I sold Kirbys door to door. I know that it made no difference what kind of vacuum the consumer had, the Kirby only had to beat that one. The secondary market of used Kirbys is immaterial to the salesman in the home. They are either going to buy the new one or not.

Think of the consumer who actually (in a pandemic) opens their door to a salesman?
Who does that? And lets a stranger (or strangers) into your home? The salesmen have enough trouble getting into the home. The Kirby never has to change models ever again, and they'll still sell. The average is one in three people buy - you just have to get inside the house.

Post# 450006 , Reply# 56   2/10/2022 at 16:50 (354 days old) by Kirbyg6 (York)        

kirbyg6's profile picture
I think Kirby will go bust if they just keep making colour changes the industry has moved on since the G3 was launched I feel they are stuck and can’t make a totally new machine I think the G series is an absolute beast but they need to move on and make something that’s up to date

Post# 450011 , Reply# 57   2/10/2022 at 19:41 (354 days old) by Gvox (Georgia)        

If you use an inflation calculator and adjust to 2022 dollars, it looks like most top of the line vacuum cleaners sold throughout the years were in the $800 - $1200 range (in 2022 dollars).  I would say that maybe a new Kirby is worth something in that range. 


I've no idea what innovations would make it more competitive without turning it into just another plastic craptastical vacuum cleaner.  Which I think might actually destroy the brand.  It's kind of a niche appliance. The Harley Davidson motorcycle of the vacuum world.  The aluminum body is probably overkill but right or wrong screams durability, it's motor and nozzle produce good airflow for an upright.  Consumer reports says 5-7 years is a Dysons average life.  People typically don't service them, they use them until the plastic gets scratched up and nasty looking, and or something cracks or breaks, and then they throw them away.  So on top of the MADE IN USA, there is an environmental pitch with long-lasting Kirby's as well.  "Save the planet and buy a USA made product that will last a lifetime!"


If they want to increase sales, they should get rid of the MLM door-to-door sales structure they are using and just go to a franchise dealerships model, or better yet sell them direct to the consumer through big box retailers. 


They could probably drop the retail price to around what a new Dyson upright cost ($700 retail) slap a MADE IN USA sticker on it and ask a little more.  Promote it's longevity, durability, reliability, and serviceability, and call it a day.  A new Dyson upright weighs just north of 19 lbs and is promoted as "lightweight" and has no self-propelled function The Kirby with light comes in at just north of 23 lbs, and at least has an aluminum upper shell.  It's much easier to change a bag out then take apart and clean a Dyson vacuum tank parts, and a lot less nasty.   


Your average Millennial probably doesn't even know the brand exists, unless their parents or grandparents had one.  Relying on financially desperate strangers knocking on doors to be your brand ambassadors trying to sell it for stupid amounts of money significantly reduces their market penetration in the younger demographics who is turned off by that approach.  ...they probably won't even open the door.  


Selling them to poor people and little old ladies with the pitch of getting a "free room cleaning," is a little scammy too.  Trying to corner an unsuspecting potential customer into a multi-hour hard sales pitch with what usually ends in an overpriced offer with predatory lending isn't a good look.  And probably turns off more customers than it wins.  


The one improvement Kirby could make would be to change their marketing strategy and sales practices.  Bring them into the 21st century.   


It's a good upright with ok attachments.  But the company needs to focus on their strengths and forget the rest.  

Post# 450024 , Reply# 58   2/11/2022 at 21:29 (353 days old) by huskyvacs (Gnaw Bone, Indiana)        

huskyvacs's profile picture
1. change the styling to something innovative and sleek. More than just retooling the shape of two parts. Even making a canister model as a partner to the upright would be a huge help.

2. Drop the weight down a few lbs. If Kirby would tweak the design to be more similar to the Bison (which was already futuristic for its time) and make it even more streamlined and flatten it a bit more it would be really cool I think as well as shedding some weight.

3. Quick connect easy tool changing from hose to brushroll (magnetic attach/detachment?). while at it, make a more easy to understand nozzle height adjustment and have onboard tool storage for most commonly used tools.

4. Make it possible to come in other colors or bag patterns.

5. sell it retail and online, ditch the door to door garbanzo.

6. make it battery powered, or both corded and cordless at the same time, in a way similar to a laptop. automatic switching to battery power when the machine is unplugged, or running off battery entirely and plug in to recharge

7. have a hard floor nozzle that is padded or with soft brushes that can sweep the floor and suck up debris

Those are some fast ideas that I think will help the company get out of the bleachers and back onto the court.

The price being around $1 grand is not a big deal if the quality and reliability is there. Same for being bagged. People will drop that much cash for a Miele or Sebo and they do not even have spare parts available for most of their vacuums. They will use it for a couple years then when it gets clogged or someone says they can't fix it, it gets trashed and they buy another and have no hesitation about the cost.

Post# 450063 , Reply# 59   2/16/2022 at 00:32 (349 days old) by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

panasonicvac's profile picture
Unless if Kirby buys Royal's design, tooling, and moldings. They could bring back Royal but have them rebranded as Kirby. I personally would rather have Kirby bring back Royal's metal upright vacuums instead of Kirby developing something new because I personally liked Royal better than Kirby.

Post# 450065 , Reply# 60   2/16/2022 at 00:41 (349 days old) by KirbyCollector (Columbus Ohio USA)        

kirbycollector's profile picture
Yes! I would love to see that! A Royal resurrected as a Kirby would be so cool if I’m being honest. Maybe even bring back the 888 style one with the removable nozzle and belt lifter. I doubt it’ll ever happen, but just imagine…

Post# 450135 , Reply# 61   2/18/2022 at 14:15 (346 days old) by gsheen (Cape Town South Africa)        

gsheen's profile picture
I think Kirbys R&D centre must be a incredibly boring or at least very frustrating place to work

We know the prototypes exist, their have been enough patents and enough people ( insiders like the guy that worked for UL ) who saw actual working models. Just before the launch of the sentria II, their was much talk of this exciting new model here on vacland and amoungst dealers, but what came seemed to be a stopgap, then again for the avalir so much fan fair and just another rehashed g3.

I know of two dealers who switched brands already and the owner of another one here locally said they need something new he cannot keep selling these things. He said to me he has been with Kirby for 30 years and all he has sold is the same machine in different colour schemes with very minor updates.

Their is no reason for any G series customer to upgrade to a new model as they are built to last forever and their is no real advantage of a new one over the older models that justify the costs involved.

Here is to hoping we finally see a new model soon

Post# 450138 , Reply# 62   2/18/2022 at 14:43 (346 days old) by juju93 (South Georgia)        

My question is how long does kirby actually do R&D, cause it doesn't look like much? Like how long did they do R&D before launching the classic in 1970 and again with the Gen 3 back in 1990? And also the real question is how long and how often do they even work. I say that because if a kirby model is out for 3-4 years at most, and sometimes 6, with the original sentria, then what are they doing for all that time while a model is out? Also how do they even conduct said research?

Post# 450144 , Reply# 63   2/18/2022 at 15:57 (346 days old) by gsheen (Cape Town South Africa)        

gsheen's profile picture
Like you say,If they do have engineering department what do they do all this time. prehaps their is just one lonely engineer their with his Cad system trying to finish the new kirby for the past 20 years, almost his working lifes work.

It doesn't take 12 years to change the colour of a bag and trim.

with rapid prototyping and other new design aids designing a new vacuum would take weeks ( if not complicated ) to a few months. the most time consuming part of any design process is the development testing to make sure it works as it should and lasts as it should.

I have to wonder if they dont employ a outside design house to do a new model, like they used to in times gone by. it doesn't make sense for kirby to have a huge design department when their design progression is so slow

Post# 450201 , Reply# 64   2/19/2022 at 23:15 (345 days old) by KirbyCollector (Columbus Ohio USA)        

kirbycollector's profile picture
Hopefully something will happen. Better than nothing happening at all. Something has to happen, whether it’s a color change, or redesign. Something… and not nothing.

Post# 450218 , Reply# 65   2/20/2022 at 21:49 (344 days old) by juju93 (South Georgia)        

Yeah thats true. I mean they can't keep sentria 4 out forever. I mean avalir 2. Something will need to change because I'm sure even kirby themselves know what flaws they have with its current design and even within its current design the issues they have selling it, simply it being to similar if not the same as previous models. Does anyone know when in June they'll release this new model? or more importantly what color it'll be. I'm hopping for an actual teal color kirby with white accent points or a misty blue/ baby blue with white accent points. Kind of like the kitchenaid limited edition that was out a few years ago.

Post# 450226 , Reply# 66   2/21/2022 at 10:28 (343 days old) by Gvox (Georgia)        

The door-to-door salesmen are selling these vacuums as the best, most perfect vacuum money can buy and will give a lifetime of service!


How would the consumer (not collector) feel about spending well over $1000 sometimes $2000, sometimes FINANCED, if major changes or upgrades were made year-to-year?


I get we're in a throw-away society.  But what more do you really need from an upright vacuum cleaner?


I don't think you can make vacuum cleaners the new "smart phone."  Not without losing what makes your brand great, or without losing, or maybe even pissing off, a lot of customers.  

Post# 450237 , Reply# 67   2/21/2022 at 17:40 (343 days old) by gsheen (Cape Town South Africa)        
if major changes or upgrades were made year-to-year?

gsheen's profile picture
Not every year but atleast a decent upgrade every 5 years and a new design every 10.

Salesman will always sell but they are hitting a new problem now. The machine hasn't really changed since 1991 .

My mate told me of two situations that arose recently and he said its fairly common.

In the first one the guy asked after the demo, what would it cost to do a full rebuild one one of these machines so the rep did some numbers and gave him a price, around a quarter the price of the new one, so the guy went to the garage and pulled out a old g5 and said here fix this one then its cheaper and its the same machine.

Another asked the same question and then right their bought a second hand one online .

The product needs to change enough to keep competitive with its predecessors too.

Why buy a new Merc over a old one, its still a Merc but the new one is safer more efficient , looks newer ( looks count allot ) has new features.

The world has changed allot since 1990, most homes back then still had wall to wall carpet, most modern homes have very little to none.
Your average cordless vacuum can vacuum hard floors as well as a Kirby can, possible even better. Kirbys big deal was it could suck dirt from under your carpet, very few of its competitors could do this and almost nothing bought in a wallmart could, that's what made them great but without carpet they have nothing special about them apart from their build quality but they are bulky to use on hard flooring and thats why so many new ones end up at goodwill. Its time for a rethink

Post# 450257 , Reply# 68   2/21/2022 at 19:37 (343 days old) by Gvox (Georgia)        
It's a vacuum cleaner. The technology has matured.

Most of the features that are sold today are simply bs.  I guess the robotic vacuums are the "new thing."  But manual vacuums are simple machines.  It's a mature product segment.  


Make them dependable, durable, and simple to repair.  Make them a quality once in a lifetime appliance.  There's not much more that can be done to improve their basic function.   


If Kirby really wanted to make an improvement, it would change its sales and marketing model. 


Price them competitively sell them through dealers, on the internet, or retail outlets and get rid of the desperate salesman knocking on doors.  Sell them for $700-$1000 which is about what they're worth brand new, and make sure parts and service support is strong.  





Post# 450423 , Reply# 69   2/27/2022 at 20:03 (337 days old) by Ohiokirby (Ohio)        
A NEW model KIRBY…but that about the ATTACHMENTS?

Would anyone out there in the VacuumLand realm care to share what KIRBY attachments they like, OR what new-redesigned attachments they’d like to see with a new model KIRBY?

Post# 450426 , Reply# 70   2/27/2022 at 21:53 (337 days old) by juju93 (South Georgia)        

A shampoo system that actually shampoos and exacts stains as well as something thats scale down in size that way it doesnt make the machine so big and bulky to use in certain places. Because the current set up is a joke and doesn't get into hard to reach places. Its what I call a gimmick system.

A redesign zippbrush would be nice. The current one is ok but it doesn't suck up the dirt and you have to then clean it afterwards, so its pointless. A new redesign one would be nice that way it can actually suck up the dirt and debris. Also make it motorized,

A motorized hose with electrical wands and a potential power nozzle would be nice that way you can use the system as a true power/motorize canister cleaner. This would be ideal to use in canister mode if kirby decides to not make the future models with removable handles like they've always been. Someone said on here that the controls were going to be bult in the handle, which indicates that the handle won't be removable. Which is probably a good thing because people probably don't use their systems in the portable cleaning mode with the nozzle attached to the machine.

Post# 451385 , Reply# 71   4/8/2022 at 00:57 (298 days old) by KirbyCollector (Columbus Ohio USA)        

kirbycollector's profile picture
Well, if this new model is really happening. It’ll truly be interesting to see how they approach this. If it does happen, hopefully we’ll be getting something truly great and that will continue to live up to the performance Kirbys have, among other things.

Post# 451420 , Reply# 72   4/9/2022 at 14:52 (296 days old) by Kirbyg6 (York)        

kirbyg6's profile picture
Who knows what they have been up too since the avalir 2 was launched I think they will have been working on a new model

Post# 451426 , Reply# 73   4/9/2022 at 21:46 (296 days old) by juju93 (South Georgia)        

Well whatever they've been working on its way past its time to have launch it. Plus avalir 2 aka sentria 4 isn't a real color change. I say this because as with most color changed kirby's that have a 2 in the name, they typically have some more of pattern scheme change and actual color thats different than the previous model. So since they didn't change that with avalir 2, it makes me think they're saving a new color scheme and pattern scheme for the next model. Plus, like I've said in previous posting they only keep the models with "2" out for like about 1-2 years and then they launch the new model. So for kirby to have avalir 2 out for over 4 years now, which is way to long if you ask me, makes me think they do have something up their sleeves that we don't know yet. All I know is that they just need to go ahead and launch it already. I mean we're already a 3rd of the way through with April and supposedly its suppose to be launch in June. The real question is, when in June will they launch it and how will they launch it. Then the next question is how long will it take to hit the market place and when will kirby update their youtube channel and or its website.

Post# 451513 , Reply# 74   4/12/2022 at 13:21 (293 days old) by Juju93 (South Georgia)        

Hey y’all, maybe this new model is coming sooner than expected. I say that because Kirby just updated their website with a new design and layout which is nice. They even have it where you can by the machine online directly through them.

Post# 451514 , Reply# 75   4/12/2022 at 13:29 (293 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
Looks like things are changing there

gottahaveahoove's profile picture
in Cleveland.

Post# 451580 , Reply# 76   4/14/2022 at 04:42 (291 days old) by cleanairhybrid (Maryville, IL, USA)        
Online Purchase

cleanairhybrid's profile picture
Just wondering what y'all think about the new online ordering option for Kirby machines and the new site design?


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Post# 451583 , Reply# 77   4/14/2022 at 07:13 (291 days old) by Dysonman1 (the county)        

dysonman1's profile picture
It’s definitely the way of the future. Certainly better than letting strangers into your home.

Post# 451724 , Reply# 78   4/17/2022 at 19:00 (288 days old) by huskyvacs (Gnaw Bone, Indiana)        

huskyvacs's profile picture
The door to door sales method was obsolete even by Y2K and after 2010 it became exploited greatly by scammers and people using it as a ponzi scheme. I have seen many Kirbys in pawn shops and Craigslist with their serial numbers filed off, I can be sure they were likely used for commission fraud by someone. Many reports from dealers that got caught scamming buyers so it doesn't surprise me at all.

It was long overdue to stop beating a dead horse and bury it. This is a major step ahead for them and a way to get these sold to people under 60 years old. They are excellent great quality vacuums and are totally undeserving to be sunk into the mud over long outdated sales tactics and bad PR. It seems like whoever bought Kirby (if it has been bought?) is headed in the right direction with their plans.

Post# 451736 , Reply# 79   4/18/2022 at 07:26 (287 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        
This is definitely a move in the right direction

I feel that Covid-19 has forced changes in this area. It may have killed door-to-door systems forever.

Now, if Kirby really wanted to get modern, they would enter YouTube and social media and make professionally shot videos showing the same demos as they used to perform in-house.

Now all they need is a truly revolutionary engineer to design an amazing machine that is direct air AND less bulky/loud/clunky.

Post# 451742 , Reply# 80   4/18/2022 at 10:15 (287 days old) by juju93 (South Georgia)        

This makes me wonder how they'll get future models advertised and marketed, especially if its something different than its current G-series machines. I feel like they finally went this rout that way they can get more sentria 4's out the door before they launch a new model. I say this because theres rumors of a new kirby on the horizon, hence this thread, and what way to get the old system/style out other than selling them online. For me personally the timing of this new change raises some questions for me. Also kirby has had many years and various models to marketed this method of selling to. I'm still not crazy about the short videos that they post on youtube, although they are graphically and camera angeled nicely.

Post# 451891 , Reply# 81   4/22/2022 at 15:50 (283 days old) by Kirbyg6 (York)        

kirbyg6's profile picture
Come on Kirby let’s see the new beast

Post# 451892 , Reply# 82   4/22/2022 at 16:51 (283 days old) by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        
This is getting tiring

panasonicvac's profile picture
luxlife on reply #52 made a good point. I think we should all take a break on this thread UNTIL we would eventually see a release of the next Kirby.

Post# 451899 , Reply# 83   4/22/2022 at 20:04 (283 days old) by KirbyCollector (Columbus Ohio USA)        

kirbycollector's profile picture
Let’s wait and see what happens.

Post# 453979 , Reply# 84   6/20/2022 at 16:04 (224 days old) by juju93 (South Georgia)        
any word?

so we're more than 2/3 of the way through june and still no signs of a 'new kirby". Has anybody heard anything?

Post# 453983 , Reply# 85   6/20/2022 at 20:57 (224 days old) by Kloveland (Tulsa)        

kloveland's profile picture
Because it wasn’t the truth to begin with. I do not believe a “new” Kirby is coming out soon. It is my belief that collectors start false rumors because they want attention. Not to mention our economy at the moment and supply chain issues. For awhile fans were in short supply.

Post# 453987 , Reply# 86   6/21/2022 at 02:44 (223 days old) by Kirbyg6 (York)        

kirbyg6's profile picture
Yeah they just wanted some attention but you never know it could still happen

Post# 453996 , Reply# 87   6/21/2022 at 11:19 (223 days old) by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

panasonicvac's profile picture
All right just to settle in with this thread, I'm going to go talk with my Kirby dealer later this week to see if a new Kirby is coming out at all anytime soon. But I do know one thing for sure, Kirby has been short on fans as what one user pointed out here. Assuming that because of alot of issues we have going on around the world, I don't think Kirby has time to release a new model anytime soon.

Now lets say that they did, if I were to take a guess, Kirby would do exactly what they did on the first Avalir where after a while, they'd put in more colored parts on to make it look more pretty. I could see Kirby replace some of the black and grey parts on the Avalir 2 with blue ones like what Kirby did on the first Avalir where they replaced those same parts with red ones on.

Post# 454040 , Reply# 88   6/22/2022 at 19:22 (222 days old) by huskyvacs (Gnaw Bone, Indiana)        

huskyvacs's profile picture
Just because there's no news don't just assume it was a hoax. Many many many many companies are VERY aggressive and VERY protective about their products and will silence anyone to stop leaks.

The thing to do is say "oh there might be a new Kirby coming out" and then keep that in your mind and then stop talking about it. If it happens it happens.

If they are having supply chain issues they most certainly will not be launching a new Kirby. They will wait until supply is met and they have already made at least a few hundred before announcing it.

Post# 454041 , Reply# 89   6/22/2022 at 19:27 (222 days old) by luxlife (Under a Pecan Tree)        
“keep that in your mind and then stop talking about it “…

Isn’t that always the hardest part???

Post# 454042 , Reply# 90   6/22/2022 at 21:21 (222 days old) by juju93 (South Georgia)        

Y'all I didn't know that there was a shortage on fans and other kirby parts. Thats on my end. I'm just so tired of avalir 2 (sentria 4) being considered a new model, when its been out for 4.5 years, or just about. God forbid they pull a sentria 1 and have avalir 2 out for another 2 years.

Post# 454073 , Reply# 91   6/24/2022 at 00:40 (221 days old) by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

panasonicvac's profile picture
Alright so I went over to my Kirby dealer today and this is what they've told me. They're not aware of a new Kirby that's coming out anytime soon, otherwise they'd know already from Kirby themselves if there is one that would be released in the near future. They also told me that Kirby did tried to design that Kirby with a hose onboard on reply #13 but they couldn't figure out to get it working right.

Post# 454075 , Reply# 92   6/24/2022 at 05:48 (220 days old) by Kirbyg6 (York)        

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That’s a shame shame I thought it would be for attention seeking

Post# 454081 , Reply# 93   6/24/2022 at 12:12 (220 days old) by luxlife (Under a Pecan Tree)        
I wouldn’t rely on that info…

I suspect that they’re denying a new model and not saying anything in order not to interfere with selling more of their currently available inventory. Anyone holding out for the next model wouldn’t want to buy the current one.

Post# 454094 , Reply# 94   6/25/2022 at 05:08 (219 days old) by huskyvacs (Gnaw Bone, Indiana)        

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"Kirby did tried to design that Kirby with a hose onboard on reply #13 but they couldn't figure out to get it working right."

Look at it this way - that means they do have people that are - or were - indeed working on a new model at some point in time recently. Regardless of it coming out this year or next year or in 2 years there is a new Kirby in the skunkworks in some shape or form. So there will be a new model - just not with any definite time frame.

Post# 454143 , Reply# 95   6/27/2022 at 15:14 (217 days old) by vaclab (Pickerington, Ohio)        
I would be very interested in an all new design BUT

vaclab's profile picture
Would us enthusiasts really be that satisfied with an all new Kirby that wasn't much...of a Kirby.

I think of the Hoover Convertible or any other machine of that type. Decades went by and the basics changed very little. Cosmetics sure, but the basic direct air design stayed the same.

While I'm definitely not stuck on any particular shape or color scheme, I'm certainly performance oriented. The last few years of Kirbys hover around 150 CFM and 30" of suction at the nozzle and a whopping 120 CFM at the hose end.

All that useful cleaning power and it only consumes under 730 Watts (I literally just tested my Avalir 1 running on medium pile carpet for this post). Yeah, I know it's rated a 7 Amps (840 Watts), but it consumes far less power.

I'm much more concerned about all-new design completely wrecking the Kirby's cleaning ability.

"Be careful what you wish for. You may just get it."


Post# 454168 , Reply# 96   6/28/2022 at 06:07 (216 days old) by Gvox (Georgia)        

I'm not a collector, just a person who likes well-built machines that work can be maintained, and more importantly,  repaired.  


When it comes to vacuum cleaners, companies are now making a huge deal out of functionally tiny differences, and then they're exaggerating those innovations to try to sell consumers NEW vacuums for relatively large sums of money.  While discouraging them from just fixing their old machine by phasing out product support.  They also do design changes that they know will eventually make repairing their old models more difficult if not impossible (planned obsolescence).


Kirby is one of the last companies that don't do this.  Unfortunately, it's not the most profitable business model.  But Kirby has been able to do this because of its direct sales and the relatively high prices consumers pay for new machines. 


As I said, I'm not a collector or vacuum enthusiast.  I like old vacuum machines because I can easily fix them.  I prefer metal over plastic.  I like simplicity.  


Honestly, going forward I think all the innovations and leaps forward will be made in robot vacuums.  If I were the CEO of Kirby I'd keep building the same durable manual vacuums, perhaps come up with a smaller model for the Zoomer and younger Milinial market, expand into high-end whole-house systems, and develop a robot vacuum system.  



Post# 454177 , Reply# 97   6/28/2022 at 11:43 (216 days old) by Hoover300 (Kentucky)        

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They need to go back to the basics. No tech drive, no giant handle, etc. The D50 was probably their magnum opus. It was still lightweight like the early 500 series and had the comfortable, small handle. But it also had 2 speeds, a better bag connection, and a more powerful motor. I think they should modernize the D50 design, maybe add paper bags, plastic fan, and a cord that is harder to remove. It would make it alot easier for many people to use, young and old alike. Maybe do away with the hose and attachments too, not many people care enough to use them for the effort they take to connect. Being as it is a direct air system, there really aren't any ways to have a good, quick way to use the tools unless they are on board, which is another can of worms. They should probably sell a companion mini canister vac, like Oreck did.

The amount of people I have met that have stored, chucked, or given away their Kirby as it was "too heavy" or hard to use is astounding. Said machines are always Classic, Heritage, and Generation body styles.

Post# 455577 , Reply# 98   8/8/2022 at 09:17 by beldridge (Versailles)        

Thanks for providing this thread.

Hopefully new design will have a brushless motor while providing the same performance and reliability. If less room is needed for the motor housing, then may consider doing away with Tech-drive too but am not sure how easy shampooer would be to use.

Weight seems to be number one complaint. I have a modified 1955 Kirby with no emptor and no Tech-drive (of course) and it weighs just a little over 13 pounds!

A fill bag indicator or sensor could be handy as well. Have refurbished well over 50 Kirby's and many times the bag is too full when I pick them up. As a result, performance can be hindered.

Post# 455578 , Reply# 99   8/8/2022 at 10:19 by Kirbyg6 (York)        

kirbyg6's profile picture
It feels like this new Kirby is taking forever to launch

Post# 455580 , Reply# 100   8/8/2022 at 11:04 by Ilovehoovers (England)        

ilovehoovers's profile picture
It's been 32 years, I think whatever wait we have ahead of us is still shorter than what's behind us

Post# 455606 , Reply# 101   8/8/2022 at 16:47 by Dysonman1 (the county)        

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I don’t see how Kirby is making anything at the moment because Cleveland wood products is not producing any brush rollers for anyone. CWP was sold off by Right Lane Industries.

Post# 455607 , Reply# 102   8/8/2022 at 18:03 by Blackheart (North Dakota)        

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Oh that's not good news! They made a good number of replacement brushrolls that were seemingly pretty good.

Post# 455609 , Reply# 103   8/8/2022 at 20:05 by Dysonman1 (the county)        

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CWP also makes factory original brush rollers for more than just Kirby.

Post# 455615 , Reply# 104   8/8/2022 at 22:56 by repairman (Woodridge, IL)        

Tom. I noticed CWP Hoover Elite Brushrolls are discontinued. Does that have something to do with this?

Post# 455650 , Reply# 105   8/9/2022 at 18:48 by juju93 (South Georgia)        

god forbid avalir 2 is like sentria 1, 6 years in the production line. I mean hey its already been out for 4.5 years, mines well keep it going. (not really wanting that)

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