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My Eureka Model Data Thread
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Post# 466645   10/6/2023 at 21:15 (252 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        

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Hi, everyone! This is going to be the thread I will use to document my journey into creating a Eureka F and G upright database, to make it easy to date your Eureka F and G upright. Please edit as needed.


A continuation of the Eureka 238 upright.
A continuation of the 1401.
A basic upright (like 1401 and 1402.)
A basic upright, with two-position Dial-a-Nap. Body, hood, handle, and vinyl outer bag are all Lagoon Blue.
A budget upright, with two-position Dial-a-Nap and a headlight.
Mid-range upright, with a four-position Dial-a-Nap.
Mid-range upright, with a four position Dial-a-Nap, and a headlight.
High-end upright, with a six position Dial-a-Nap, and a headlight.
A basic upright, with a two-position Dial-a-Nap, with a white body, handle, and outer bag
A high-end upright, with a six position Dial-a-Nap, headlight, and Vibra-Groomer II. Advertised heavily by Woolco stores.
A mid-range upright, with a four-position Dial-a-Nap, and headlight, with white body and Windsor Blue base. White plaid vinyl bag.
Mid-range upright, with a four-position Dial-a-Nap

Post# 466669 , Reply# 1   10/8/2023 at 15:38 (251 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

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You can certainly add the Model 270 that was sold from 1968 to 1969. This was the last model to feature a top side hose port, but the first to feature a large box top bag.

Here’s an old Vacuumland thread showing this beautiful early version of the famous 2070 Eureka Vanguard with the very first Rugulator height adjuster:

CLICK HERE TO GO TO eurekaprince's LINK

Post# 466679 , Reply# 2   10/8/2023 at 21:12 (250 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        

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Vanguard upright, with new hood design. One of the very last hose-port models. Rugulator added, creating the model 2070.

Post# 466688 , Reply# 3   10/9/2023 at 12:35 (250 days old) by Paul (USA)        


Apparently, you keep missing my posts to let you know that I have completed my own Eureka F & G upright lists (200, 600 1400, 1900, 2000, 4000, and 5000 Series) and posted them last May on another thread. Search "Color-Pak" and when you access it, scroll down to replies 16, 17, & 18. Here is the 200 Series list:

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Post# 466706 , Reply# 4   10/9/2023 at 21:42 (249 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        

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Thank you very much! My goal is to help sort out the various letters by year. Because there seems to be no serial number data available for Eureka uprights after 1947, my biggest goal is to make it possible for a person to date their Eureka without having to rely on the nipple from the molding process. I know after 1990(?) Eureka started incorporating a date code into their serial numbers.

Similar work has been done with typewriters, for a collector database, and I think our hobby could benefit from it too.

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Post# 466720 , Reply# 5   10/10/2023 at 15:10 (249 days old) by Paul (USA)        

You're welcome, Nick—looks like you've gotten off to a great start!

Post# 466725 , Reply# 6   10/10/2023 at 19:06 (248 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        
Thanks Paul!

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Thank you! I'm hoping anyone with any data points can add them to this thread, especially those that can expand information on manufacturing date and model variations. (I'm trying to make heads/tails on each letter suffix)


Post# 466728 , Reply# 7   10/10/2023 at 19:21 (248 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

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Hi Nick and Paul,

If you have not already done so, you should visit a great webpage set up by Vacuumland’s sister website for washers…click the link below. For a small download fee, you can buy several nice sets of scans of specification sheets for Eureka vacuum cleaners, including uprights. It’s worth the price to get original Eureka documents. As well, there is one Eureka Roto-Matic clone user’s manual under Montgomery Ward.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO eurekaprince's LINK

Post# 466742 , Reply# 8   10/11/2023 at 14:44 (248 days old) by Paul (USA)        

You bet, Nick! I hope you are able to figure out the differences among the Types; that's quite an undertaking, but patience and determination will lead you to success.


Thanks for the tip and link, Brian! I have visited the site a few times but hadn't perused the ephemera scans available for purchase. It would be awesome if Eureka's online vintage ephemera were more complete. Kirby definitely takes the lead in that category!

Post# 466859 , Reply# 9   10/17/2023 at 14:51 (242 days old) by appliguy (Oakton Va.)        
I have Eureka model 260 D that seems to be an anomaly.

Nick I was wondering what your thoughts are on my Eureka 260 D in the picture below. The model number plate says it is a 260 D but it has a square handle with the rear facing switch and has chrome hood but there is no K on the model number plate to indicate it should have the chrome hood. What do you think the situation is? PATRICK COFFEY

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Post# 466871 , Reply# 10   10/17/2023 at 17:24 (241 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        

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I don't know when the handle changed from square to round. Yours looks all-original, so I'm guessing it is. I think it's a case where all models with K are chrome, but not all chrome ones are K models?

Post# 466872 , Reply# 11   10/17/2023 at 17:25 (241 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        

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Also, what's the serial number of yours? Are there any dates underneath?

Post# 466873 , Reply# 12   10/17/2023 at 17:26 (241 days old) by Paul (USA)        


Please post a close-up photo of the manufacturer's tag. It looks to me like a 260-B.

Post# 466883 , Reply# 13   10/18/2023 at 02:54 (241 days old) by appliguy (Oakton Va.)        
My Eureka is defintely a 260D............

according to the model number plate and the serial number is 100521. PATRICK

Post# 466884 , Reply# 14   10/18/2023 at 07:08 (241 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

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If the bag on this 260D is original, this is also a change from the original 260A. The first bags on the 260 had only a small vertical rectangle at the top of the bag. At the top of the rectangle was the famous curved E+W Eureka Williams logo. Below the logo were vertical stripes and the word Automatic written vertically. The first 260 had the golden 50th anniversary colours of green and gold. After the anniversary year of 1959, I guess the 260B debuted with a white hood and square handle and Lagoon Blue bag, base, bumper, cord and plug. This is the version we had when I was a toddler. It was made at Eureka’s Canadian factory in Kitchener, but assume the 260B would have been identical in both countries.

Post# 466898 , Reply# 15   10/18/2023 at 18:20 (240 days old) by appliguy (Oakton Va.)        
Nick do you have any info on the model 239 Eureka upright?

Here is a picture of mine. Close to the model plate there is a little circle with a 72 stamped inside. I was told by another vacuum collector that this means my 239 was made in 1972, is that correct? PATRICK

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Post# 466906 , Reply# 16   10/19/2023 at 01:07 (240 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        
I didn't know there was a 239

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I didn't know they made a 239. Can you post the serial number? Based on my data for the 238, a manufacturing date of 1972 would be likely.

Post# 466921 , Reply# 17   10/19/2023 at 16:06 (240 days old) by appliguy (Oakton Va.)        
Nick you did not know they made a model 239 because.......

they didn't, I misread the model number. My Eureka is a 238 not a 239......sorry about the mistake and thanks for all your help. PATRICK

Post# 466922 , Reply# 18   10/19/2023 at 16:13 (240 days old) by appliguy (Oakton Va.)        
Hey Nick! My 260D has the serial # 100521

Does that mean that the early 260D's might have had the 260B's square style handle and rear facing switch and that the conversion to the round handle and front facing switch did not happen until sometime later in the 260D's production run? PATRICK

Post# 466928 , Reply# 19   10/19/2023 at 18:22 (239 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        
Hi, Patrick

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1. I would love the serial number of your 238, and the letter of it--I think you just gave me a data point! (Thanks!)

2. In terms of the 260D, I'm wondering if either (a) you have a machine with a replacement handle, or (b) if those changes became the 260E.

Post# 466931 , Reply# 20   10/19/2023 at 19:25 (239 days old) by Paul (USA)        


I understood that the 260-A and 260-B were the only versions with the square handle. Also, according to your list the 260-B was the chrome-hooded version of the enameled-hooded 260-A, the 260-DK was the chrome-hooded version of the enameled-hooded 260-D, and the 260-EK was the chrome-hooded version of the enameled-hooded 260-E.

Unfortunately, most VL posters have neglected (or refused) to post photos of the manufacturer's tags and either misidentify them or leave out the letter type. This lack of information makes it hard to verify data; and after awhile repeated misinformation gets accepted as fact like fake news.

Post# 466945 , Reply# 21   10/20/2023 at 14:25 (239 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        

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Is it a safe assumption that the 260-C is defined by the change from a square handle to a round one?

Post# 466979 , Reply# 22   10/22/2023 at 19:12 (236 days old) by Paul (USA)        

The Model 260-C was a product of Eureka Canada (Type C denoted this in at least the '60s & '70s for various models). It also appears to have been factory-equipped with a square handle.

It seems that Hoover USA copied the handle style for its premium upright models in the '70s.

Something tells me that the "260-D" pictured in this thread may be a "Franken'reka".

260-C photo posted by Petek in another thread:

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Post# 467301 , Reply# 23   11/5/2023 at 07:39 (223 days old) by appliguy (Oakton Va.)        

I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. My 238 is a 238FK with the serial number 6163225. As for whether or not my 260D is original, I believe it is because I looked in my 1965 Western Auto catalog and their TOL Wizard Imperial Upright was a 2 speed Eureka with a square handle and rear facing on/off switch that looks just like my 260D. PATRICK COFFEY

Post# 467359 , Reply# 24   11/6/2023 at 14:39 (222 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        
Western Auto Catalog?

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Would you be able to post that page? It may help a lot.

My current theory is that "E" indicates round handle

Post# 467364 , Reply# 25   11/6/2023 at 14:57 (222 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        
Serial numbers?

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Does anyone know if Eureka serial numbers are model-specific, or if it's a big consecutive series? From Hoover300's work in pre-1947 Eurekas, it looks like the D model may have a single range, across models (?)

I'm really curious about the 1400 series models. It would make more sense of the factory to have the same set of serial numbers across the 1400 series (before the date codes), since the primary differences are just features and colors (and if adjustable, all feature the Dial-a-Nap). If this is the case, we would just need to catalog as many 1400 series uprights as we can to determine the ranges.

I've attached an example of a consecutive serial number series from Royal Typewriter's office standard line. Both manuals and electrics share ranges, and the numbers begin at 1 in 1906 and end around 12,367,000 in 1975.

I'm also wondering, when Eureka added the date codes to their serial numbers, if they completely restructured their serial numbers, or just tweaked them slightly.


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Post# 467375 , Reply# 26   11/7/2023 at 00:13 (221 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        
Eureka 1428 D

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Serial number 34811723
Date code: 1987

Post# 467435 , Reply# 27   11/10/2023 at 14:15 (218 days old) by Paul (USA)        


You're welcome to use whatever information from my "Color-Pak" list to complete your 1400-Series list. I know it is less than 100%, so feel free to synthesize your information to correspond with your research.

I still think the best way to get the most accurate data is to visit the McLean Museum of History's library in Bloomington, Illinois, where the Eureka-Williams archives are collected.


I now wonder, too, if the 200-Series information is inaccurate. Might it go something like this ... ?

260-A square handle, cream hood
260-B square handle, chrome hood
260-C square handle, cream hood (Canadian version of Type A)
260-D square handle, chrome hood (Canadian version of Type B)
260-E round handle, cream hood
260-EK round handle, chrome hood

(no 260-DK)

Post# 467445 , Reply# 28   11/10/2023 at 19:53 (217 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        
The McLean Museum

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They didn't have much information on various models. I"m going to email them again

Post# 467488 , Reply# 29   11/13/2023 at 16:51 (214 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        
Data points so far

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Here are the data points I have so far from this forum.

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Post# 467489 , Reply# 30   11/13/2023 at 16:52 (214 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        

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I'm not entirely sure about the 1979 date for the 1419--1975-6 seems more likely to me.

Post# 467490 , Reply# 31   11/13/2023 at 17:32 (214 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        

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248 B 1306951 67 1967

Post# 467491 , Reply# 32   11/13/2023 at 18:03 (214 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        

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Here is my approximation so far. When I get more data points, I will correct this.

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Post# 467492 , Reply# 33   11/13/2023 at 18:04 (214 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        
My estimate

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My estimate is that Eureka sold about 1650000 machines per year.

Post# 467493 , Reply# 34   11/13/2023 at 18:43 (214 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

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Hi Nick,

I think you can add the year 1971 or 1972 for the Model 2010. The 2010 was the budget low end model of the 2000 series of uprights that included the Vanguard 2080 with CordAway. I imagine the 2010 was one of the first Eureka’s with a Dial-a-Nap height adjustment.

Post# 467494 , Reply# 35   11/13/2023 at 19:11 (214 days old) by JustJunque (Western MA)        

justjunque's profile picture
I have a 2010 B.
If the info tag can provide you with any helpful information, let me know!

Post# 467495 , Reply# 36   11/13/2023 at 19:32 (214 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        
It absolutely can

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Please, please, please post your model info tags!

Post# 467496 , Reply# 37   11/13/2023 at 19:43 (214 days old) by JustJunque (Western MA)        

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Hope you can make this out. It's very shiny, which makes it difficult to get a good picture.
Plus, my phone is ancient.

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Post# 467497 , Reply# 38   11/13/2023 at 19:46 (214 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        

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Thanks! If you have any other Eurekas, please post models, serial numbers and/or date codes. Every data point makes it easier :D

Post# 467498 , Reply# 39   11/13/2023 at 19:47 (214 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        
With preliminary analysis,

texbodemer's profile picture
yours seems like it's from 1971. I'd love to see the rest of the machine :D

Post# 467501 , Reply# 40   11/13/2023 at 20:14 (214 days old) by JustJunque (Western MA)        

justjunque's profile picture
That's actually my only Eureka currently.
I used to have a self propelled model, probably from the '80s, that was given to me by an aunt and uncle. But I have no idea what happened to it when we moved.
I have a feeling that a family member, who's notorious for helping themselves to things, may have "borrowed" it.

Post# 467503 , Reply# 41   11/13/2023 at 20:25 (214 days old) by JustJunque (Western MA)        

justjunque's profile picture
I tried to convince my in-laws to let me take this one off their hands, since they were no longer using it.
But, I think they threw it away instead. It's possible they don't like me very much.

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Post# 467504 , Reply# 42   11/13/2023 at 20:30 (214 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        
Some of my data

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Here's what I have so far. Numbers on the right are approximations. Numbers on the left are known data points

  Photos...       <              >      Photo 1 of 3         View Full Size
Post# 467505 , Reply# 43   11/13/2023 at 20:48 (214 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        
So far, it looks linear!

texbodemer's profile picture
So far, it looks like the data points are linear! I can't imagine it would make sense for them to stamp different ranges on the metal data plates. I suspect the model designation was stamped separately from the serial number.

Post# 467508 , Reply# 44   11/13/2023 at 23:22 (214 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        
My Eureka 238 and 260

texbodemer's profile picture

Can anyone help me get these numbers more precisely dated?

Post# 467510 , Reply# 45   11/14/2023 at 00:10 (214 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        
I am so confused

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Patrick's 260-D has a serial number of 100521
My 260-EK has a serial number of 75059 , which seems like it should have been made before the 260-D, except for the suffix. If the 260-D is the Canadian version, would it have a different serial number?

Post# 467511 , Reply# 46   11/14/2023 at 00:48 (214 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        

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Here's my update with more data points

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Post# 467512 , Reply# 47   11/14/2023 at 01:18 (214 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        
Additional data points

texbodemer's profile picture


Post# 467513 , Reply# 48   11/14/2023 at 01:26 (214 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        

texbodemer's profile picture

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Post# 467537 , Reply# 49   11/14/2023 at 20:03 (213 days old) by Paul (USA)        

You've gotten a great start! The next time you reach out to the McLean County Museum of History you may want to include that list of data points, so they can see your purpose. Impressive!

Btw, I also contacted them before I knew you had done so and got a similar response. So, I sent a copy of the 1958 shipping record to illustrate what I wanted. I told them to take their time due to their limited staff; so will let you know when I hear back.

Post# 467570 , Reply# 50   11/16/2023 at 17:26 (211 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        
I plan to

texbodemer's profile picture

Once I get my approximate ranges worked out, I plan to donate it. Paul, do you have a higher resolution copy of the 1958 shipping record? What other resources do you have that may be helpful?


Post# 467572 , Reply# 51   11/16/2023 at 18:15 (211 days old) by Paul (USA)        


I downloaded the 1958 Shipping Record from thread 33551, reply #42, posted by DadsVacuum. His dad, a Hoover salesman, had it among his sales ephemera. I emailed DadsVacuum ( but received no reply.

The only other resource that I have is the online newspaper database, which mainly includes advertisements.

Post# 467580 , Reply# 52   11/16/2023 at 23:39 (211 days old) by texbodemer (Mountlake Terrace)        
That's the same one I found

texbodemer's profile picture
I thought you might have a higher-res copy

Post# 467841 , Reply# 53   12/2/2023 at 12:46 (196 days old) by appliguy (Oakton Va.)        
Here is a photo of he 1965 Western Auto/Wizard Imperial

Here is a picture from my 1965 Western Auto catalog PATRICK COFFEY

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Post# 467847 , Reply# 54   12/2/2023 at 15:21 (196 days old) by Paul (USA)        

Thanks for posting that, Patrick!

It would suggest that Eureka's tapered hood style—first used on the Model 266—was introduced around 1965. It's also interesting that the term "Imperial" was used to denote the full-featured model, and that its color is cream versus the deluxe model's ivory. (From Pinterest: "The main difference between ivory color and cream color are in the yellow undertones of both hues. When comparing ivory vs cream, the cream color will reflect its namesakes creamy yellow undertones that are found in butter or thick dairy products. Ivory color will be a brighter white.") It's possible, then, that the Eureka-branded cleaners used the same colors of distinction.

Another implication is that Sanitaire's ST bags may have been so named for "Sateen Twill".

Thanks again.

Post# 467855 , Reply# 55   12/2/2023 at 18:07 (195 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

eurekaprince's profile picture
Just to add a personal note: my childhood Canadian S260 Eureka upright from 1960 was definitely more of an ivory white rather than a creamy yellow beige. Truth is, the white was close to the pure white of sour cream!!!!

Post# 467859 , Reply# 56   12/2/2023 at 20:11 (195 days old) by Paul (USA)        

Thanks, Brian, for that anecdote. I do recall now seeing a cream-colored Model 238 on VL, so the Eureka-branded top line was ivory ... or was it "sour cream" like your folks' S260 ... or did Eureka USA use ivory enamel and Eureka Canada use the sour cream color ... in my notes I'd better distinguish among ivory, sour cream, and butter cream! Haha!

Post# 467860 , Reply# 57   12/2/2023 at 20:17 (195 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

eurekaprince's profile picture

Minor correction: it was simply model 260C - not S260. 😀

Post# 468386 , Reply# 58   12/31/2023 at 03:10 by hygiene903 (Galion, OH)        
Per Paul's Request

hygiene903's profile picture
Here is the pic of my Eureka 260 that you asked for. It does indeed have the square handle. Sorry, but I don't have a pic of the data plate, but the info on it is as follows: Serial # 260-46711; Volts 110-120; Watts 350.

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Post# 468440 , Reply# 59   1/3/2024 at 13:28 by Paul (USA)        

Thanks, Jeff.

So, yours must be the original cream & green 260 with no 'Type'. The square handle was used longer than what I'd known.

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