DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) Policy

Here at we take copyright infringement very seriously and strive to keep copyrighted material off of our web severs.

Section 512 of the Copyright Law of the United States (17 USC 512; available online at limits liability for copyright infringement by service providers if the service provider has designated an agent for notification of claimed infringement by providing contact information to the Copyright Office and through the service providers website. is a "service provider" within the meaning of Section 512 and we have designated an agent to receive notification of alleged copyright infringement. Our designated agent to receive notification of alleged copyright infringement is Robert Seger.

How to report a claim of infringement?:
If you believe that a hosting client (hereinafter a Subscriber) has posted material that infringes your copyright, please contact our designated agent via the web form located at the bottom of this page. We will respond to your request ASAP and include a mailing address for you to send us the proper documentation as listed below:

You must submit a written claim to our designated agent. Section 512 (c)(3)(A) requires that in addition to being written and addressed to our agent, your claim of copyright infringement must provide the following information (the list below comes directly from the statute; if you do not understand the language please seek legal advice): is not required to respond to notices that do not meet the requirements of Section 512 (c)(3)(A). When filing an infringement claim, please include any URLs identifying the allegedly infringing material along with any other information that might assist our agents investigation of your claim.

Upon receipt of a valid claim (i.e., a claim in which all required information is substantially provided) will undertake to have the disputed material removed from public view, in accordance with Section 512 (g). We will also notify the Subscriber who posted the allegedly infringing material that we have removed or disabled access to that material., as a service provider, has no other role to play either in prosecuting or defending claims of infringement, and cannot be held accountable in any case for damages, regardless of whether a claim of infringement is found to be true or false. In the event that must remove, or disable access to, material on your site that is alleged to infringe anotherís copyright under the DMCA, you acknowledge and agree that may do so by disabling access to your entire web site. Please note: If you materially misrepresent that material infringes your copyright interests, you may be liable for damages (including court costs and attorneys fees) and could be subject to criminal prosecution for perjury. will actively refer complainants who use the DMCA for improper purposes to relevant law enforcement agencies.

How to make a counter notification:

If you are a Subscriber and you feel that material you have placed online that has been removed following an infringement complaint is in fact not an infringement, you may file a counter notification. Section 512 (g)(3) requires that to be valid, the counter notification must be written and addressed to our agent (please use web form below to contact us for our mailing address) and must provide the following information (again, the list below comes straight from the statute; if you do not understand the language please seek independent legal advice):
Our designated agent will present your counter notification to the person who filed the infringement complaint. Once your counter notification has been delivered, is allowed under the provisions of Section 512 to restore the removed material in not less than ten nor more than fourteen days, unless the complaining party serves notice of intent to obtain a court order restraining the restoration.

It is policy to terminate Subscribers who are found to be repeat infringers. accommodates and does not interfere with standard technical measures, as that term is defined in Section 512(i)(2).

Please use this webform below to request our mailing address to send all copyright inquiries:

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