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Universal Upright model VC5708
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Post# 131392   4/8/2011 at 22:54 (4,702 days old) by Crevicetool (GA )        

One of the dream machines for this collector! Yeah, I know - it's a little rough, but it's all there (at least the important parts)!

Note to self: Don't write model numbers of vacuum cleaners on the wall before painting over them. Use a scratch sheet of paper!

Post# 131397 , Reply# 1   4/8/2011 at 22:58 (4,702 days old) by electrolux~137 ()        



I've never seen that model. I bet it will be real purty after its day at the Sweeper Spa. Smile

Post# 131398 , Reply# 2   4/8/2011 at 22:59 (4,702 days old) by Brandon_W_T ()        


Ill be sure to keep my eye out for another one, just for you, Rick! I know one cant be enough!

Such an interesting design.

Post# 131400 , Reply# 3   4/8/2011 at 22:59 (4,702 days old) by Crevicetool (GA )        

This was a recent EBay find that I would have missed if not for a heads up from our very own Webmaster and our favorite spy a007Kirbyman. Bill's notice to me came in the form of disappearing ink, and I had to eat the note after I read it. I think it was just to see if I'd really eat it. He said the ink wouldn't disappear if I didn't. He's such a joker.

Anyway thanks to both of you!

View showing slightly dislodged headlight lens and the suction regulator knob.

Post# 131401 , Reply# 4   4/8/2011 at 23:00 (4,702 days old) by Brandon_W_T ()        


How bout that royal-esque handle bail! Interesting!

Post# 131402 , Reply# 5   4/8/2011 at 23:01 (4,702 days old) by HooverCelebrity (Germany)        

Congrats! I know you'll do wonders in your vac-spa...

Is that the same one that was in yesterday's VOD?

Post# 131403 , Reply# 6   4/8/2011 at 23:01 (4,702 days old) by Crevicetool (GA )        

The blue cord and replacement bag. The cord, as well as all other exposed rubber parts are badly deteriorated. I will have to make molds of them and pour some new rubber parts.

Post# 131405 , Reply# 7   4/8/2011 at 23:04 (4,702 days old) by HooverCelebrity (Germany)        

I bet you could use a blue replacement cord from a Royal upright. I used one on a Hoover model 42 tank -- which is the same color blue as the models 62 and 63 uprights. It's a very good match... and doesn't have a brand-name stamped into it like a Kirby Tradition cord. Keep that in mind

Post# 131406 , Reply# 8   4/8/2011 at 23:06 (4,702 days old) by Crevicetool (GA )        

Fred, this would have been older than the one in that picture which was nearing the end of production I believe in the early 1960's This one would have been built around 1950(?) I think. They started this model in 1947. (pamphlet pictured below courtesy of John Lucia)

Post# 131407 , Reply# 9   4/8/2011 at 23:07 (4,702 days old) by Crevicetool (GA )        

Look at this!!! Is this not funny? A Lux plug.

Post# 131409 , Reply# 10   4/8/2011 at 23:09 (4,702 days old) by Crevicetool (GA )        

Something I did not know. It took paper bags. Look to be similar to Hoover T&A bags. The bag I hope will hold out long enough to make a pattern out of it.

Post# 131410 , Reply# 11   4/8/2011 at 23:11 (4,702 days old) by Crevicetool (GA )        

This is the plug that connects to the handle upon assembly. I will remove this plug and put it on the end of the new cord that you suggest Fred - and thanks for the tip.

Post# 131411 , Reply# 12   4/8/2011 at 23:11 (4,702 days old) by HooverCelebrity (Germany)        

You mean Hoover C bags, or Eureka F&G bags...

Post# 131413 , Reply# 13   4/8/2011 at 23:12 (4,702 days old) by Crevicetool (GA )        

Like I said, a little rough, but nothing that can't be fixed I don't think. I've had worse turn out just fine.

Post# 131414 , Reply# 14   4/8/2011 at 23:14 (4,702 days old) by Crevicetool (GA )        

Oh, you're right Fred, I was thinking of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

Post# 131415 , Reply# 15   4/8/2011 at 23:14 (4,702 days old) by HooverCelebrity (Germany)        

You better get a workin' on that... I hope it's back in shape to make it's grand debut at the Convention in September! :-)

Post# 131417 , Reply# 16   4/8/2011 at 23:16 (4,702 days old) by Crevicetool (GA )        

Sadly the name plate will not improve much. It's pretty scratched up.

Post# 131418 , Reply# 17   4/8/2011 at 23:21 (4,702 days old) by Crevicetool (GA )        

And now, for the engine. It's a two-cylinder, horizontally opposed seven horse power with a Chrysler torque-flight transmission and Hurst shifter.

Actually, I have seen this type of brush holder before. I don't' know if my Universal canisters have them or not. It's been a while.

Post# 131419 , Reply# 18   4/8/2011 at 23:22 (4,702 days old) by portable (Corvallis, OR)        

portable's profile picture

Wow! I'd say that the tufts of the brushroll are pretty much gone. And that's one pretty rusty bottom plate. I guess the plate could be sandblasted and re-painted. If ANYONE can do it, it's you.

Post# 131420 , Reply# 19   4/8/2011 at 23:22 (4,702 days old) by Crevicetool (GA )        

Famous suciton regulator in low (suction) position.

Post# 131421 , Reply# 20   4/8/2011 at 23:23 (4,702 days old) by Crevicetool (GA )        

High suction.

Post# 131422 , Reply# 21   4/8/2011 at 23:25 (4,702 days old) by Crevicetool (GA )        

Junction block/radio interference suppressor. Mica insulators. I think LF&C held on to the use of that stuff for far too long...

Post# 131423 , Reply# 22   4/8/2011 at 23:27 (4,702 days old) by Crevicetool (GA )        

Well, I couldn't help myself. I had to get this little guy out to prevent further damage. I cleaned it up and polished it just a little. I didn't want it to get the bed dirty tonight.

Post# 131425 , Reply# 23   4/8/2011 at 23:30 (4,702 days old) by Crevicetool (GA )        

I can't get the plate off the bottom (rusted on) yet, but I don't think there isn't anything that won't allow it self to be repaired somehow - even that brush roll. We'll have to see. (Thanks for the compliment John)

There is nothing else to report on with this unit.

The end,


Post# 131426 , Reply# 24   4/8/2011 at 23:33 (4,702 days old) by Crevicetool (GA )        

Almost forgot....Yep, it runs. It fired up immediately, with very little noise. Bearings are a little dry, but will take care of those when I get there. Good strong vibration free airflow. It managed to blow a stream halfway across the driveway.

Post# 131427 , Reply# 25   4/8/2011 at 23:35 (4,702 days old) by henry200 (Saint Paul MN)        

Thanks for showing the step by step exploratory surgery.  I'll be looking forward to seeing the cosmetic reconstruction too.

Post# 131429 , Reply# 26   4/8/2011 at 23:40 (4,702 days old) by Crevicetool (GA )        

This Upright is the companion machine to the VC6702 Tank unit. This machine won Best Original at the VCCC convention 2009 in Chicago. By itself. No other entries. Alone. (meaning singular)....


Post# 131476 , Reply# 27   4/9/2011 at 10:13 (4,701 days old) by kenkart ()        
Its a shame!!

You cant find an Anser upright for parts, they are almost identical.

Post# 131481 , Reply# 28   4/9/2011 at 10:27 (4,701 days old) by HooverCelebrity (Germany)        
Lies! Lies! Lies!

**Hands on hips**


This machine won Best Original at the VCCC convention 2009 in Chicago. By itself. No other entries. Alone. (meaning singular).... 


Rick -- need I remind you that we've had this discussion before...


There were in fact, two (two, 2, dos, deux, zwei, due) winners in best-original at the 2009 VCCC Convention in Chicago... It was a tie (I already cleared this up once... see this thread).  In fact, I think that's even your handwriting on my blue ribbon.

Post# 131495 , Reply# 29   4/9/2011 at 11:32 (4,701 days old) by luxg ()        

I know that you love a challenge but.......I do know that you will have it looking like new when it's done. I would have guessed that the suction regulator would have been a height adjustment, learn something new every day!! I think that both your Universal and Fred's GE were beautiful machines. It had to be a tie that year for sure. Jus wonder what this year will bring forth!! Thanks for sharing.


Post# 131503 , Reply# 30   4/9/2011 at 12:08 (4,701 days old) by a007kirbyman (--->> Originally My Mom <<--- (now Wisconsin))        
Rick & THEEEeee... Premier...

a007kirbyman's profile picture

Hello Rick.


I am glad you were able get this Premier. I L@@K forward to seeing the finished results. Having seen some of your work, I'm sure she will be able to bask in glory again soon, vs. cowering in the dark, damp places she's been.


Keep us updated on her progress. t/b/c (hmmmm?)


Aren't you glad I used the NON-toxic ink? ~~lol~~


Cheers & hagwknd all,





Post# 131553 , Reply# 31   4/9/2011 at 15:57 (4,701 days old) by pinkge (Indianapolis,Indiana)        

Rick,when you are done with a spa treatment;it will be amazingly beautiful.Hope to see it at the convention.I found one new in the box,complete.Got ya....

Post# 131555 , Reply# 32   4/9/2011 at 16:08 (4,701 days old) by DysonAnimal ()        

I always liked the shape of those machines - I'm sure it'll look stunning by the time you're done with it, Rick! By the way, we appear to have the same lamp...

Post# 131557 , Reply# 33   4/9/2011 at 16:11 (4,701 days old) by DysonAnimal ()        

I assume this Universal is some sort of ancestor of the Anser upright?

Post# 131586 , Reply# 34   4/9/2011 at 17:47 (4,701 days old) by kenkart ()        
The Anser

Is the same except for the brushroll!!

Post# 131601 , Reply# 35   4/9/2011 at 20:57 (4,701 days old) by Crevicetool (GA )        

Thanks for the confidence there guys. I hope it works out, and it will return close to new. Jack, I got my LED lite at Ikea. Do you have those in the UK?

Michael - This IS your didn't survive the trip down here very well.

Fred - that is my handwriting on the back of the award YOU got for YOUR GE I'm just jealous, that's all...

That Anser is pretty cool lookin' Hans. So what's up with the brush rolls?


Post# 131611 , Reply# 36   4/9/2011 at 21:20 (4,701 days old) by DysonAnimal ()        

We do have Ikea here, and I got mine there too, just a couple of weeks ago! Funny we chose the same colour. It's the kind of thing I like - simple and practical.

Post# 131661 , Reply# 37   4/10/2011 at 00:54 (4,701 days old) by HooverCelebrity (Germany)        

Rick --


The Anser was talked about in this thread... the brushroll that was used in it is a Hoover brushroll. 




((P.S.  I was just jokin' with ya about being ticked off up above.  My hands weren't really on my hips.  I know that you know that I know that you know we were both winners in 2009..  The GE is here, sittin' on a shelf.  I may let you touch it... the GE that is... when you're here in September...))  Wink

Post# 131700 , Reply# 38   4/10/2011 at 08:33 (4,700 days old) by vac-o-matic (Saint Louis, Mo.)        

Wow! That Anser is a real looker!

Post# 131715 , Reply# 39   4/10/2011 at 11:08 (4,700 days old) by kenkart ()        
I won ..

A Anser in St Louis at our convention raffle in 1996, I cant remember who ended up with it, as most of you know, im not to big on uprights, but it did really clean well....What I remember most about that day was the fantastic meal Ruth cooked for all of us!!!

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