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Hoover 913
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Post# 94681   3/27/2010 at 14:30 (3,721 days old) by constellation86 (Roy, UT)        

I have wanted one of these for a long time and this one popped up on the local classified ads.
This one runs fine after cleaning out the hair tangled in the fan and brushroll.
It is serial number EE186790, can anyone date this?
Does anyone have a hose that fits this? I would love to see how it fits on.
Any other info would be great!

Post# 94682 , Reply# 1   3/27/2010 at 14:31 (3,721 days old) by constellation86 (Roy, UT)        

Bag inflated

Post# 94683 , Reply# 2   3/27/2010 at 14:32 (3,721 days old) by constellation86 (Roy, UT)        

The bottom. It looks like part of the back wheel bracket is broke off.

Post# 94684 , Reply# 3   3/27/2010 at 14:34 (3,721 days old) by constellation86 (Roy, UT)        

Only 400 watts!
And my first vacuum from England.

Post# 94685 , Reply# 4   3/27/2010 at 14:35 (3,721 days old) by constellation86 (Roy, UT)        

close up of back wheels.

Post# 94686 , Reply# 5   3/27/2010 at 14:36 (3,721 days old) by constellation86 (Roy, UT)        

I rigged up a C bag and got this from two small rooms!

Post# 94687 , Reply# 6   3/27/2010 at 14:38 (3,721 days old) by constellation86 (Roy, UT)        

And last a hood shot.
I love this vacuum! This thing is built to survive world war 3! I wish there were more like this around.

Post# 94691 , Reply# 7   3/27/2010 at 15:06 (3,721 days old) by funvacfan (Canada)        
Love the styling

funvacfan's profile picture
and looks like it's built like a tank!


Post# 94696 , Reply# 8   3/27/2010 at 16:32 (3,721 days old) by kenkart ()        
Very good!!!

And VERY heavy, I found one of these at a yard sale a while back,it cleans great,and despite weighing a ton, is very easy to use!

Post# 94697 , Reply# 9   3/27/2010 at 16:33 (3,721 days old) by hooverbaby (Dalton in Furness, UK)        
Looks good!

hooverbaby's profile picture
It's very similar to the model 912, which we had over in the UK.

The back wheel bracket looks OK. It's designed so that the whole axle can rotate freely to adjust the height of back wheels and thus the height of the nozzle above the carpet. This is achieved using a sort of cam/eccentric mechanism - simply pull out the spring-loaded central knob and rotate the axle.


Post# 94702 , Reply# 10   3/27/2010 at 16:58 (3,721 days old) by vintagehoover ()        

I can't remember who posted this manual in it's entirety on the forum quite a while back, but I found the files in one of my folders.

This is the only 913-with-tools pic I've ever seen! Uses a very similar design to the one introduced by Model 425 in 1932!

Post# 94703 , Reply# 11   3/27/2010 at 17:03 (3,721 days old) by joe22 ()        

looks like a commercial model

Post# 94723 , Reply# 12   3/27/2010 at 21:09 (3,721 days old) by electrolux~137 ()        

Yes, these are terrific machines. I have a number of fond childhood memories about seeing and using them.

Post# 94724 , Reply# 13   3/27/2010 at 21:12 (3,721 days old) by eluxca ()        

Gosh, I feel old. Most department stores used this machine when I was a kid. I can stiil hear them run and you can be sure that I would search over the store whenever I heard that low hum. Their quietness is impressive and they clean great because of excellent airflow.

Mom frequented Dawahare's department store for our clothes and a rather dignified looking black man would keep the carpets clean with a 913. Straight pins make a distinctive sound when they hit the aluminum fan!

Great find, congratulations!


Post# 94725 , Reply# 14   3/27/2010 at 21:16 (3,721 days old) by electrolux~137 ()        

Here are a couple of my Big Hoover memories. Most of you have probably read them already, but it's my birthday so I get to bore you, haha!


One time, when I was 4 or 5, we visited my Uncle in Maryland (the same one who, many years later, would buy a Kirby from me). I was in Heaven there as he and my aunt had more vacuum cleaners than anyone I knew! They had an old upright Royal that I was afraid of because it looked like a Kirby, then a tan Hoover Constellation, some kind of porta-vac (GE maybe?), a Singer hand vac, and one of those huge commercial Hoovers with an enormous, fat pin-striped bag -- the kind you would often see in theatres, churches, etc.

My cousin Jackie still teases me about how when we were visiting, I brought that big Hoover outside from the garage where it was stored, and vacuumed their entire cement driveway with it! With the motor running!! For some reason I fell in love with that huge old sweeper, and the entire time we were there I dropped very broad hints about how we had "only one sweeper and you have a lot of them," and how I would love to take it home.

When we got ready to leave, I had my little suitcase in one hand and was rolling the big Hoover out with the other hand. Mama told me I had to put the sweeper back. I looked at my uncle hopefully. He said, catching Mama's frantic 'NO!' expression, "Why don't we leave it here, and whenever you come to visit us you can use it."

Well, I started bawling and crying, just utterly despondent and FURIOUS that I could not take the Hoover home with us! There was no consoling me, and I stewed and pouted about it for several days.

Another uncle was a pastor at a large church in Richmond. One time when we went there, the custodian was vacuuming the front area of the sanctuary with one of those big commercial Hoover uprights. I asked him, "Would you mind if I helped you run the sweeper?"

Mind?! He gladly handed the duty over to me and I spent the entire morning vacuuming the expansive sea of carpeting in the large vestibule, then pushed it inside the auditorium and did all the carpeting in there as well!

Post# 94727 , Reply# 15   3/27/2010 at 21:30 (3,721 days old) by vintagehoover ()        

This video is now over 2 years old, and doesn't really compare to the videos I make nowadays! However, it shows you how the 912 looks and sounds in use!

type=application/x-shockwave-flash allowscriptaccess=always allowfullscreen=true width=660 height=525>

Post# 94753 , Reply# 16   3/28/2010 at 01:57 (3,721 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

HUGE commercial 912-913 Hoovers-would LOVE to find one after seeing and listening to the machine shown in VintageHoovers film clip.Sounds like the machine really SHAKES the flooring and carpet with its strong roller brush-much like a Kirby-In the distant past remember these vacuums at some of the schools I went to.Same with NSS Model M's.Hover should bring these beasts back-better than the Plastivac dumpster machines they make now.Bet you will NEVER find one of those 912's in a dumpster!If any VCCC member has one of these Hoovers for sale would love to buy it from you.Again keep looking at the yard sales here-becuase of the cold and rain-have only seen a couple yard sales-and the usual baby toys and baby clothes.Nothing for an appliance hunter such as me.Can you put a bag assembly on a 912 that uses C bags or other disposable bags?Figure most 912's use dump bags.I can sure understand why a vacuum lover would be in tears if he couldn't bring one of those home!LOVE IT-that video urges me to find one.Honestly Hoover should have PATENTED the sound of that machine like HD did with their motorcycles!

Post# 94783 , Reply# 17   3/28/2010 at 16:50 (3,720 days old) by hooverbaby (Dalton in Furness, UK)        
The 912 was one of my first re-builds

hooverbaby's profile picture
I remember back in about 1986, whilst I was still at school, going to work part-time on a farm. I would turn up and do a couple of hours or so of work, cut the grass etc for the parents of a colleague, who was in my class.

Then one day I noticed the 912 Hoover and wondered why it had been abandoned. At the time, they were using a Hoover Ranger U4002 Senior IIRC.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the machine was given to me for repair/servicing. I remember fully stripping the machine down, including the motor, removing the Field Coils, replacing bearings etc. Once rebuilt, the machine ran like a dream. It was no trouble to work on. The only trouble I think I had was in getting some of the screws undone holding the steel plate (holding the motor) onto the chassis. They can sometimes be awkward, since they seize on tight.


Post# 95845 , Reply# 18   4/10/2010 at 22:27 (3,707 days old) by electrolux~137 ()        
Speaking of the 913...

... I picked up a box of 'sweeper' archives in my office today and this fluttered out when I opened the flaps. Thot y'all might like to see it as I do not believe it has been posted before.

Post# 95847 , Reply# 19   4/10/2010 at 22:29 (3,707 days old) by electrolux~137 ()        

Back side--

(sorry these are such lousy copies but my scanner is acting up.)

Post# 95850 , Reply# 20   4/10/2010 at 22:37 (3,707 days old) by electrolux~137 ()        

btw Nicholas, I see your 913 has a replacement bag. You should try to find an original bag -- it's enormously big and fat!! Here's a couple of photos of my 918 which has the same bag--

Post# 95851 , Reply# 21   4/10/2010 at 22:40 (3,707 days old) by electrolux~137 ()        

Post# 95852 , Reply# 22   4/10/2010 at 22:44 (3,707 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
I have 3 of them

gottahaveahoove's profile picture
The newest is the one covered in rubber. I first used one at my church: a 1200 seat cathedral. They are MONSTERS!! Wonderful cleaners, made to withstand a nuclear blast.

Post# 95857 , Reply# 23   4/10/2010 at 22:56 (3,707 days old) by electroluxxxx (Somewhere out there)        

electroluxxxx's profile picture
I have actually seen and tried one today for the very first time in my life and I must say that this machine is extremely heavy and powerful. I would actually love to get my hands on one to use as a daily driver

Post# 95862 , Reply# 24   4/11/2010 at 00:28 (3,707 days old) by ohio_tuec ()        

I must admit, they are built like Sherman tanks! I recall my old church having one as well, and over the years I have seen a few here and there used commercially. Their only downside was of course the weight. It's really amazing that virtually the same machine was sold from the 1940's right up until the '70's (and in England, into the '80's!) I'll never forget the episode of "Rhoda" in which Nancy Walker is vacuuming her living room with either a 913 or 918 (which was mentioned here on the forum not too long ago). I too have a 918, and I was wondering shouldn't the machine have a scuff plate behind the back wheels? It looks as if it is missing from the 913 pictured above as well.

Post# 95864 , Reply# 25   4/11/2010 at 05:45 (3,706 days old) by junior1975 ()        

The 912 912A U7008 and C1312 are the UK variants of this design, first seen in 1940 as the model 90.

This is by far my favourite cleaner of all time.

I have very fond memories of this machine from my early school days in the early 80's. The caretaker at my junior school used a U7008 which was almost new at that time, and I found the beast absolutely fascinating. The noise, the gargantuan bag, and it's "I MEAN BUSINESS" looks.

Very often I would end up being late home from school as I had stayed behind to "help" the caretaker using this wonderous machine.

About 1995, I had been out with my dad, helping him on some business he had, when we passed a household tip, which I begged him to stop by. Reluctantly he did, and it seemed destiny had spoken to me. Right there in front of the office, having just been unloaded from a car was a forlorn looking 912 JUST CRYING OUT TO BE SAVED. 3 later and the old girl was mine. 15 years later and she is still as she was when I picked her up. However, I will be collecting her from my parents place as soon as I can, because I feel summer 2010 will be her time for her makeover.

I am presently using a U7008 as my daily driver, (I beleive the US variant of this was the U7037). This one has the wrap around full depth furniture guard, and looks even more imposing than the 912.

Seamus has the only C1312 (the last variation) I know to exsist. I am sure he posted pics of this old lady a little while back. Lucky guy! :D:D:D:D

I cannot exthol the virtues of this machine enough to anyone, as in my humble opinion there is no finer straight carpet cleaner available, and certainly none of todays plastic junk will match its build and longevity. I think that you guys in the US are extremely lucky to have such machines as the Royals and Kirby (OK so we got Kirby here too) because they are the only ones which come close.!

Happy hoovering guys and gals.


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