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My Fabulous new Eureka!
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Post# 92145   2/23/2010 at 23:54 (3,646 days old) by hoovercelebrity ()        

Robert called me at work a few Saturdays ago -- from an estate sale... "There's a Eureka here for $4... should I get it?"

I told him to grab it -- for $4, if it wasn't anything I was interested in, I'd just throw it out..

It sat in the garage for a few weeks, and I thought to bring it to Chicago this past weekend for the little gathering that went down... maybe we could clean it up and see what we had.

Pat and I got to work on it on Friday... all it needed was a good wipe-off and bath. We removed scuffs with Soft-Scrub, and polished it with car wax, even gave the bag a bath in some lukewarm water with a *pinch* of detergent. A new motor gasket (same part being used on today's Sanitaires, available at the local vacuum store), a bag and belt later -- and we were in business.

Aside from a few "battle scars", this thing is just mint. It purrrrs, and has that famous "whine" that all Eurekas have. I forget to snap a picture of the original "Disturbulator" agitator -- I'll try to do that tomorrow...

Thanks for your help restoring this, Pat!

Enjoy the pictures!

Post# 92146 , Reply# 1   2/23/2010 at 23:55 (3,646 days old) by hoovercelebrity ()        

One of the prettiest Eurekas I've ever seen..

Anybody have an extra set of tools for this laying around?

Post# 92147 , Reply# 2   2/23/2010 at 23:56 (3,646 days old) by hoovercelebrity ()        

Giving it a run!

Post# 92148 , Reply# 3   2/23/2010 at 23:58 (3,646 days old) by hoovercelebrity ()        
My Turn!

I even match!

Post# 92149 , Reply# 4   2/24/2010 at 00:02 (3,646 days old) by hoovercelebrity ()        

Fred N. also happened to have a copy of a Consumer Reports from 1961, I believe -- which had a review of this exact model. It was judged "acceptable".

Maybe he'd be able to scan that? :-)

Post# 92152 , Reply# 5   2/24/2010 at 00:36 (3,646 days old) by hygiene903 (Galion, OH)        
You're Right Fred!!

hygiene903's profile picture
That's one beautiful Eureka! And you can't beat the price! Always liked the blue ones from the 50's and 60's. Is it a model 260? Congrats!

Post# 92156 , Reply# 6   2/24/2010 at 02:06 (3,646 days old) by joe22 ()        

very nice find, congrats

Post# 92157 , Reply# 7   2/24/2010 at 03:43 (3,645 days old) by kenmore81 (Warwick, RI)        
Its Looks fantastik !!!!

kenmore81's profile picture
As do you Fred! Robert suce can pick-em' It looks brand new except for the minor blemish on top.
The tools go under the nome plat on that one.Correct?
Congratulations on this one it definatly a keeper!

Post# 92162 , Reply# 8   2/24/2010 at 07:40 (3,645 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        
This is almost identical to the one that freaked me out as a

eurekaprince's profile picture
Doesn't the head look like a face? A kind of sad, brooding, angry face? The headlight has one long eyebrow, the light is one big eye, and the tool port is a nose!!!!!!

Eventually I came to love the machine, and it lasted in our family for over 30 years.

Why is it that all those plastic tool-port covers ended up cracked? I guess it was because it stayed in place by friction and in order to remove it, you had to "peel it" off the hood. Or someone ended up stepping on the thing while cleaning with tools 'cuz Eureka never provided a neat little pouch in the bag to hold onto the cover while it was removed for tool use.

Time to find a matching turquoise tool box with all the classic Eureka tools!

Post# 92163 , Reply# 9   2/24/2010 at 07:49 (3,645 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        
I remember trying to keep our blue Eureka looking perfect...

eurekaprince's profile picture
We also ended up with those famous scratches on the hood - a result of just barely squeezing the vac's powerhead under a metal bed-frame! (I guess it depends on how thick your bedroom carpeting is....) I used to surrepticiously go into the front closet when no one was looking and try to hide the scratches with "white-out" correction fluid!!!!! The results were not the greatest!!!!

I also remember cleaning the bumper with a wet rag and some Comet or Ajax! It worked!!!!

Post# 92164 , Reply# 10   2/24/2010 at 07:51 (3,645 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

eurekaprince's profile picture
sorry for the incorrect spelling - "surreptitiously" - now there's a great Scrabble word!

Post# 92175 , Reply# 11   2/24/2010 at 12:55 (3,645 days old) by kenkart ()        
Great vac!!

I have one of those with a square handle, they clean great!!

Post# 92178 , Reply# 12   2/24/2010 at 14:08 (3,645 days old) by vinvac (Dubuque IA)        

vinvac's profile picture


You are so right Hahns...will out a clean a hoover convertable any day!

All joking is a very nice vacuum. I have her sister in chrome with a brand new brushroll, thanks to Hahns. I will try to add a pic later....unless Fred hunt's me down..back into hiding.


Post# 92186 , Reply# 13   2/24/2010 at 19:46 (3,645 days old) by kenkart ()        

Didnt you get the red one I had also,I cant remember?? Hans

Post# 92189 , Reply# 14   2/24/2010 at 20:45 (3,645 days old) by 1926700 ()        
I have that same one!

Mines probibly just as nice machine wise but, I don't have the original bag, for
some reason the sateen bags on thoes eurekas and some Hoovers are impossible to find I guess they just wore out that easely, congrats !!!!
Oh p.s. If you have any shag in your house, use this cleaner, just trust me on

Post# 92201 , Reply# 15   2/24/2010 at 21:59 (3,645 days old) by vinvac (Dubuque IA)        

vinvac's profile picture
No Hans.. I got the brown earlier model with the front mount attatchments with the metal convertor that raises the machine..not good with model numbers and the blue and chrome machine.

You had two new brush rolls in each machine and a spare.


Post# 92206 , Reply# 16   2/24/2010 at 22:08 (3,645 days old) by vinvac (Dubuque IA)        

vinvac's profile picture
Here is my machine...Model 260


Post# 92208 , Reply# 17   2/24/2010 at 22:10 (3,645 days old) by vinvac (Dubuque IA)        

vinvac's profile picture
Close up of the attatchment port...I love the way this looks!

Post# 92210 , Reply# 18   2/24/2010 at 22:13 (3,645 days old) by vinvac (Dubuque IA)        

vinvac's profile picture
You can see the other Eureka in this picture...sorry I don't have another good picture..

If I get time I will take pictures of the machine and tools.


Post# 92217 , Reply# 19   2/24/2010 at 22:59 (3,645 days old) by hoovercelebrity ()        
More pictures!

Here are some more pictures that I took this afternoon!

The base.

Glam Shot.

Hood Closeup

Bag Detail.



Data Plate.

Latch detail... I love these!


Disturbulator! Isn't this fabulous?

Does anyone by chance have an extra wheel? This one was cracked and ended up breaking through.. :-(

Hope you enjoyed!


Post# 92220 , Reply# 20   2/24/2010 at 23:28 (3,645 days old) by swingette ()        

Lovely machine. I have one of these and i sit here with my Hoovers model 1060 and 1070 and i honestly dont think i could force myself to choose between the Hoovers and the Eureka. Pros and cons on both sides.

Also interesting is the number of variations on the model 260. Ive seen them with square and round handles. Chrome and white motor covers. Metal and plastic headlight trim. Latch and screw on bags.

Fred, yours seems to have a brushroll holder/catch that ive never seen before.

Post# 92221 , Reply# 21   2/24/2010 at 23:43 (3,645 days old) by hoovercelebrity ()        
True, David!

Although, the 1060 and 1070 came roughly 5 and 9 years after this Eureka...
(I'm not 100% sure, but I think this model is from about 1961... it was in the 1961 Consumer Reports -- I'm not sure how
long Eureka made this model...)

I'll try to grab pictures of the brushroll holder tomorrow.

Post# 92225 , Reply# 22   2/25/2010 at 00:05 (3,645 days old) by kenmore81 (Warwick, RI)        

kenmore81's profile picture
Thanks Fred, for the lovely detail pics =). I love the way the attacment port looks when the vacuum is on. It looks like it also has a light of its own when the headlight shines through.

Post# 92243 , Reply# 23   2/25/2010 at 06:57 (3,644 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        
The version I grew up with must have been from just a bit ea

eurekaprince's profile picture
I think we must have had the 250. Here are the differences:

1. The handle was square in profile. It was also in one piece and must have been shipped separately (?). The newer 260 seems to have the two-piece handle that made it easier to ship in a more compact box.
2. Our two-speed switch was on the underside of the handle above the bag. It was not as "designed" as this one, and was more like the old-fashioned rocker switch. It was also in black.
3. Our wheels were turquoise to match the rest of the base! Speaking of wheels, it's strange that one of the things I remember as a toddler was the unique design of Eureka vacuum wheels, with the multiple "positive/negative" "pie-pieces" like a Trivial Pursuit game marker! I used to love watching how the pattern twirled when the vac was moved back and forth!
4. As I mentioned on another thread, the graphic on the bag was completely different. Imagine a small vertical rectangle at the top of the bag, with a big Eureka "E" at the top of the rectangle and vertical stripes dropping down from the "E". The word "Automatic" was written in vertical letters inside the box as well.

Fred....I think your handle-release pedal is missing a nice, turquose cover!

Friends - this Eureka needs some matching tools! Time to make a trade with the boys in Minneapolis!

BTW, do you do multiple pics in one post with tag lines for each pic? I thought you needed to do this in separate posts?

EP Brian

Post# 92265 , Reply# 24   2/25/2010 at 12:32 (3,644 days old) by hamiltonbeachbo ()        

Thanks for posting the great pics.
I absolutely loved working on that machine with you.
As you indicated early on, it was covered in a thick layer of dirt that, once washed away, revealed a machine in very nice condition.
I was thrilled with the way all the parts came back to almost new.
You did a fantastic job buffing out the light trim ring ... it shines like chrome!!
That machines does a great job cleaning, and with only a 3.5 amp motor.
Running it is like pushing a platter on a cushion of air.
That beautiful cast metal base really helps to give the machine a substantial feel.
(One of my daily drivers is a Eureka with a 7 amp motor and a 4 brush brush roll .... it lifts the carpet nap beautifully!!)
Overall, very fun project and nice addition to your collection.

Post# 92280 , Reply# 25   2/25/2010 at 17:18 (3,644 days old) by rolls_rapide (-)        
Unusual brush design

It looks strange when compared to the likes of Hoover's agitator.

Does it vibrate the carpet well?

Post# 92281 , Reply# 26   2/25/2010 at 17:37 (3,644 days old) by dualsanitronic (Omaha)        

That Eureka is fabo, Fred. And it REALLY did outclean ANYTHING in its day!

Post# 92283 , Reply# 27   2/25/2010 at 17:46 (3,644 days old) by dial-a-nap (Omaha - the home of the TV Dinner)        

dial-a-nap's profile picture
Love that disturbulator - I didn't see that at Fred's. Beautiful machine, Fred, you guys did a fantastic job -- with a little help from vintage Oxydol? Fabulous!

Post# 92299 , Reply# 28   2/25/2010 at 20:02 (3,644 days old) by compactelectra (Rancho Mirage, CA - New home of the Obamas)        

compactelectra's profile picture
Here's the scan of the page from the 1961 Consumer Reports. I found I had a CD with all vacuum ratings from 1958 - 1976. Just emailed them to Fred - hope he got them. What a treasure trove. Ratings of the Electrolux 30 from back in the day. It rated tops in the beginning and then slid as machines were perfected. Ooops, a bit of a sidetrack on the thread. . .


Post# 92300 , Reply# 29   2/25/2010 at 20:05 (3,644 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        
Eureka Top-Fill Uprights vs Hoover Convertible

eurekaprince's profile picture
Remember friends, one of the major reasons the Eureka uprights in the 1960's and 1970's outperformed the Hoover Convertibles was the use of a top-fill F&G bag. For some reason, Hoover did not catch on until the 1980's. The top fill bag makes all the difference in keeping the airflow path free from obstructions and in maintaining efficient cleaning power. When full, it is amazing how much dirt is packed into the bottom of a Eureka F&G bag. Could never understand how the Hoover C bag could contain dirt without it falling back down into the main power unit.

Post# 92304 , Reply# 30   2/25/2010 at 22:19 (3,644 days old) by indyhoover ()        
gosh Fred

I am sooooooo jealous of that Eureka, nice machine!

Post# 92320 , Reply# 31   2/26/2010 at 04:40 (3,643 days old) by kenmore81 (Warwick, RI)        

kenmore81's profile picture
Could never understand how the Hoover C bag could contain dirt without it falling back down into the main power unit.

It did/does. When there is dirt in the bag and you tip the vacuum forward such as to change the belt,dirt does fall back into the fanchamber, then into the baseplate when retuned to upright position =)

Post# 92322 , Reply# 32   2/26/2010 at 05:44 (3,643 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

eurekaprince's profile picture
Thanks for that Kenneth - that's what I thought.

Wonder if these bottom-fill bags caused early motor damage/death compared to the uprights which used top-fill bags.....or did they just force a powerful blast of dust and dirt back up the bag whenever the vac was turned on!

Post# 92325 , Reply# 33   2/26/2010 at 07:23 (3,643 days old) by normvac (COLUMBUS, OHIO)        
Eureka, 260 E

I have a blue and cream 260 A, it has a square handle, with 2 spd. switch on the back of the handle. With the distribulator
brush roll. Trust me, it still does an awesome job of vacuuming, grooming carpets and rugs. I did have a pic to share, but gone with my digital camera when I got robbed back the first of the month. I am disappointed that I can not show it to you. As I have a complete set of attachments and the cardboard carrie. All in good shape, just no suction at the end of the hose! Even on High speed. Much like the Hoover 28,62,29 and 63's.
My sister who is 17 years older than I. Moved into a new bi level home in 1967. Had the whole place carpeted ( as was totally the thing to do in that decade) So the carpet company that she bought almost 2,000 sq. yards of carpet from. Gave her
that same Eureka 260 E. No attachments of course. It came in a square box, with the 2 piece handle. Which of course the 260A square handle is in one piece. Blue and white also. I can remember adv. in the Cleveland and local papers of the day. Giving away this "full size Eureka upright" with the purchase of 500 sq. yards of carep or more.
Just a little P S, I convienced her to buy a rebuilt Kirby,
514, in about 1970. Because of the glued down, no pile kitchen carpet. Plus every room had different hieghts of pile. No shag at that point. It was on the market.

Post# 92344 , Reply# 34   2/26/2010 at 14:28 (3,643 days old) by petek (Ontario)        

Here's mine with the back side switch,,I've never cleaned it up.. it's also missing the grill in front of the light

Post# 92345 , Reply# 35   2/26/2010 at 14:28 (3,643 days old) by petek (Ontario)        

The switch

Post# 92346 , Reply# 36   2/26/2010 at 14:29 (3,643 days old) by petek (Ontario)        

Lookee how pristine the hose is. Probably seldom or never used.
Don't have the wand or tools

Post# 92347 , Reply# 37   2/26/2010 at 14:31 (3,643 days old) by petek (Ontario)        

The brushroll cover

Post# 92349 , Reply# 38   2/26/2010 at 14:46 (3,643 days old) by kenmore81 (Warwick, RI)        

kenmore81's profile picture
Brian- They did indeed force a blast of dust back up through the bag. If you were to take a "full" type C bag, leave it attached and cut the top off you will see the hole in the center. I dont think it caused any or much "pre mature" death it just cut the suction efficentcy.

Pete & Morgan- thanks for sharing the photos I like the unique bottom cover to keep the suction concentrated to the hose. I also love the chrome version.

Post# 92353 , Reply# 39   2/26/2010 at 16:06 (3,643 days old) by samotronic ()        
A couple questions...

....regarding tool use.

1. How good is the suction? I read in one of these posts that it isn't great which was typical of the uprights of this era. Wondering how / if the brush roll cover makes any difference.

2. The Consumer Reports from 1961 posted here references that the "lever" from the tool adapter might mar the finish of bare floors. This was stressed even more in the 1959 Consumer Reports that is posted on the main menu of Vacuumland. What are they referring to? I don't see anything in these photos that would scratch a floor.

For some reason I have a fascination with tool use on vintage upright cleaners, that rarely ever worked, but looked so cool and I wanted to believe it would work.


Post# 92355 , Reply# 40   2/26/2010 at 16:32 (3,643 days old) by petek (Ontario)        

Chris,, the suction with the hose satisfactory for the purpose of dusting, the crevice tool and upholstery use. Without the brushroll cover in place there is no suction to speak of.

The brushroll could scratch the floor by pushing the machine around, take a look at how the bottom of mine is all scraped from rubbing. You'd want to be careful moving the machine around on hardwood and these Eurekas don't tilt back so you can roll them around on the back wheels. Impossible on this model because as soon as you tilt the machine back the handle release button gets jostled and the handle releases.

Post# 92356 , Reply# 41   2/26/2010 at 16:39 (3,643 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        
Pete - the 260 you have is soooooo close to the one I grew u

eurekaprince's profile picture
The turquoise wheels, square handle, switch on the back, attachment hose.....these are all exactly as I remember them. But, unlike all the versions shown so far in this post, my 260 had a matching turquoise power cord, and a different graphic on the bag as I mentioned before.

Love the commentary from Consumer Reports: They were right about how noisy it was when you set it up for tool use! With the bottom plate in place, it became a real screamer! And all for nothing, because the suction through that beautiful hose was very weak. It was enough to dust floors and clean carpeted stairs and car interiors though. And I agree with one of the above posts - what were they referring to as being the "lever" that scratches floors? They must have made a mistake and accidentally meant the older tool conversion set-up.

So interesting to hear how Consumer Reports focused on the benefits and problems associated with the tools provided with the vacs. Wish they would do the same with today's vac ratings, as so many vacs come with really poor excuses for vacuum cleaner attachments. And what was the problem with all those upholstery nozzles tearing up fabric and curtains????? The cheap plastic upholstery nozzles provided with all the current Hoover Windtunnels actually do the same damage to delicate fabric, due to the dangerously-sharp edges combined with the extremely strong suction. I think the deluxe Eureka upholstery nozzle that has survived to this day is probably one of the nicest on the market, and probably does no damage to fabric whatsoever.....

Interesting to read how they downgraded vacs that offered a crevice tool that could mar baseboards! I actually have always hated the recent trend in providing black-coloured tools as I find that some of them have a tendency to leave black marks on walls and ceilings and baseboards.

Post# 92358 , Reply# 42   2/26/2010 at 16:51 (3,643 days old) by petek (Ontario)        

My machine doesn't make any more noise when it's set up with the hose and cover. It sounds exactly the same as when you use it as a regular vacuum, that nice and pleasant Eureka motor sound regardless of lo or hi speed. I think Eurekas have the nicest sound of all. So I'm not sure where CR got that from.. maybe it was a mistake,, they do make them and correct them in later issues

Post# 92360 , Reply# 43   2/26/2010 at 17:13 (3,643 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        
That's interesting....

eurekaprince's profile picture
I distinctly remember an increase in noise level and vibration with the Bottom Plate in place. I now wonder if our vac was broken, or maybe we had already shifted the Disturbulator to the "worn" position, thus making the bristles hit the plate more strongly.....not quite was such a long time ago.

I definitely have to make a play-date with you and Dave at some point so that I can relive some magical vac moments from my childhood....

thanks so much to everyone for posting their pics of the Eureka 260....

EP Brian

Post# 92361 , Reply# 44   2/26/2010 at 17:22 (3,643 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        
Wait a I remember why it became so noisy....

eurekaprince's profile picture
Our cleaning lady used to use our Eureka 260 to clean the stairs, and when you sit the 260 on a stair tread sideways, with the bag facing one side of the stairway, part of the bottom of the unit hangs off the stair-tread. This exposes the motor and allows the noise to be broadcast down the stair-way....I'm sure that's what I remember as being "noisy"! Same with having it stand on a bare floor....the motor noise just reverberates off the smooth surface.

And this is probably no noisier than using any other 1960's upright on a stair-tread...

Post# 92397 , Reply# 45   2/27/2010 at 00:40 (3,643 days old) by henrydreyfuss (Ohio)        
Congrats Fred!

henrydreyfuss's profile picture
That's a beautiful Eureka! I love the very unique hum of those older models. I love the colors and that old Hood design. The bottom plate latches are cool, and I always loved Eureka's distinctive little design choices.

How do you like that Disturbulator?

Fred N...

Thanks for posting the Consumer Reports review for the vacuum. Those old reviews seem to be a lot more in-depth than the new ones!

Post# 92411 , Reply# 46   2/27/2010 at 13:36 (3,642 days old) by ohio_tuec ()        
Hoover Type C vs. Eureka F & G

"Could never understand how the Hoover C bag could contain dirt without it falling back down into the main power unit."

It was a terrible design performancewise, why Hoover kept it around as long as they did is a mystery to me. IMHO Hoover should have ended the bottom-fill bag design with the model 64, and had a top fill (that didn't interfere with Eureka's F & G patent bag) for the Convertible. It's a shame not more of these Eureka uprights survive today. In ways, they were superior to the Convertible. I guess Hoover outsold Eureka by leaps and bounds.

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