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Some concerning info about 1998-99 Self Propelled Windtunnels
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Post# 458647   12/18/2022 at 18:11 by AmtrakSebo1997 (Im stuck in the backrooms, help)        

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So I was looking through the CPSC's articles about vacuum recalls, when I came across one about Hoover Windtunnel Self Propelled models from 1998-99. Apparently, there was some problem with the switches on them that caused them to overheat the handle and toolholder areas of the vacuums, resulting in a fire hazard. I'm not sure if this problem still occurs on the ones that you can find on Ebay, Cragslist, etc., but i still think it's wort putting this out there.


Post# 458650 , Reply# 1   12/18/2022 at 19:16 by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

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Yes…Hoover paid for the repair. We had ours done at the time, even though we never experienced any problems.

Post# 458658 , Reply# 2   12/18/2022 at 21:04 by AmtrakSebo1997 (Im stuck in the backrooms, help)        

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Also, I've noticed that there's a lot of listings for Hoover Windtunnel S3765 bagless canister vacuums on Ebay, even after those were recalled too. I know that the problem was just with the power nozzle's cord, and all that needed to be done was to take it to Hoover for a free repair, but I'm not entirely sure how many people actually got that repair. Also, there was a recall for some of the Windtunnel T-Series bagless uprights with a cord rewinder, because the cord was improperly seated in the cord rewinder assembly, and could be pulled loose, posing fire and shock hazards. Was the problem on those also fixed on most of those Windtunnels? Anyways, here's the links to the S3765 canister and T-Series upright's recall articles:

Post# 458672 , Reply# 3   12/19/2022 at 15:30 by huskyvacs (Gnaw Bone, Indiana)        

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Those recalls never amount to anything, it's just done for litigation protection.

I have the original Windtunnel with no repairs and it is fine. I also have the T-series as well and never had any problems with it.

Post# 458674 , Reply# 4   12/19/2022 at 16:52 by AmtrakSebo1997 (Im stuck in the backrooms, help)        

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Huskyvacs what is that supposed to mean?

Post# 458683 , Reply# 5   12/19/2022 at 20:45 by AmtrakSebo1997 (Im stuck in the backrooms, help)        

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I found this on the subject here:

Post# 458698 , Reply# 6   12/20/2022 at 16:48 by huskyvacs (Gnaw Bone, Indiana)        

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It means just because something has a recall doesn't mean it's dangerous and everyone has to throw it away or not sell it. The chance of a recalled item having that problem is incredibly small.

Post# 458701 , Reply# 7   12/20/2022 at 17:51 by AmtrakSebo1997 (Im stuck in the backrooms, help)        

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huskyvacs just because you haven't experienced those problems on your vacuums personally, doesn't mean that they don't exist, or happen to other people with the same vacuums. Now could someone please tell me if these issues were kinked out on the ones you can still buy today?

Post# 458740 , Reply# 8   12/22/2022 at 15:24 by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

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You can't buy those Windtunnels anymore today, at least not brand new, because Hoover quit selling them.

Post# 458741 , Reply# 9   12/22/2022 at 18:53 by AmtrakSebo1997 (Im stuck in the backrooms, help)        

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panasonicvac your right, but you can still find plenty of them used off Ebay, Cragslist, etc.

Post# 458742 , Reply# 10   12/22/2022 at 19:11 by luxlife (Under a Pecan Tree)        

This post has been removed by the member who posted it.

Post# 458743 , Reply# 11   12/22/2022 at 19:53 by AmtrakSebo1997 (Im stuck in the backrooms, help)        

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luxlife All I'm asking if that problem was fixed on those Windtunnels that I mentioned. Is that too much to ask??? As for the Lewyt electronic, aren't those things really rare? Idk I don't know much about vacuums older than the 1970s.

Post# 458744 , Reply# 12   12/22/2022 at 20:48 by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

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Unfortunately the used ones I'd come across with are totally worthless. All of them had the idler cables broken off. Because these Windtunnels are no longer made, they don't even make parts for them anymore. When I first got my Ultra, the cable broke but was lucky enough to get a replacement as soon as I did because that was when they were still being made. But if you want to get a Windtunnel, locally is your best option. Only if it works of course, I would not buy one that doesn't work. And I would not buy one from online like eBay or Craigslist, that is a risk, especially with how ridiculously expensive these are being sold for as is. I could buy a brand new Hoover today for less money and that even works better. Not to say that the self propelled models are terrible cleaners because honestly, I've used more worse Hoovers before.

Post# 458747 , Reply# 13   12/22/2022 at 21:52 by AmtrakSebo1997 (Im stuck in the backrooms, help)        

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panasonicvac Ok? lots of vacuums that are second hand are trashed when you get them. I don't see how they're any different from any other vacuum in that regard. As for parts, I'm sure you'd be able to at least get a new switch for them, because come on, it's a rocker switch. Speaking of, did you ever replace the one on your Ultra that you showed off on your Youtube channel?

Post# 458749 , Reply# 14   12/23/2022 at 01:21 by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

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Mine is from 2001, never had the switch replaced and I don't see a need to. Even if it was one of the models with a defective switch, I'm not going to bother fixing up something that I don't really use. This is one of the reasons why I'd recommend finding something locally because you can be able to see the vacuums up close in person before you'd consider buying. I always inspect the machines that would catch my interest to see if I want to buy it or not. Doesn't just include where it's been from the last home but also by estimating how much it'd cost to fix and restore it to like mint condition. I know there were machines in the past that I've sadly had to pass on even though I would've loved to have them. But I wasn't happy with the shape they were in. Either they were heavily abused like severely scratched up for example, too costly to fix, or parts were just not available to get anymore. There were a few Ultra Windtunnels that I saw at my local thrift store recently but all had broken cables so I chose to pass on them.

Post# 458751 , Reply# 15   12/23/2022 at 05:30 by wstonehockertv (North Carolina)        

Also, let's not forget the reality that the Self-Propelled Windtunnels came from the Maytag era, as well as TTi. Given that parts for them are not so easy to find these days, I'm now convinced that the older models without the Self-Propelled feature are better. Hell, whatever TTi puts out these days is better.

Post# 458753 , Reply# 16   12/23/2022 at 10:06 by AmtrakSebo1997 (Im stuck in the backrooms, help)        

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Panasonicvac the recall was only for models from 1998 and 1999, so you should be fine anyways.

Post# 458762 , Reply# 17   12/23/2022 at 15:07 by JustJunque (Western MA)        

I just hit one of the local thrift stores for the first time in probably a couple of months.
There was a self-propelled WindTunnel.
I believe the serial number indicated a 1997 model; May or June, I think. I would describe the color as a sort of dark bluish green.
It had a few scrapes and scuffs, but nothing too bad. And I think the dusting brush was missing.
It was marked $9.99, and came with some spare bags.
I passed, because I have gotten to a point where it has to basically be something I feel like I have to have. Since I have no practical use for an upright, let alone a self-propelled one, I figured I'd leave it for someone who will really be thrilled with finding it.
It was a nice looking machine though.


Post# 458770 , Reply# 18   12/23/2022 at 20:08 by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

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There's a black Turbopower 7500 and a green premium model made around during 1998-99 that I would love to find for my collection someday. But when or if I do, I'm still not going to bother replacing the switches on them. Seems rather pointless anyways because I wouldn't use either machine except for when I do YouTube videos.

The non-self propelled models are definitely for sure more reliable. But despite that, I still would buy the self propelled models over the non self propelled models. I really like the self propelled feature and I like that the brushroll can turn off either in upright position or when you switch it over to bare floors. When TTI took over, they've definitely made some improvements but also cheapened some things as well on these Windtunnels. Personally, I prefer the older Maytag/Whirlpool Self Propelled Windtunnels. The Ultra that I have, it's my all time favorite one.

Post# 458784 , Reply# 19   12/24/2022 at 06:36 by AmtrakSebo1997 (Im stuck in the backrooms, help)        

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Well even if you don't end up using them a lot, what if you end up selling them? What of the person you sell them to ends up using it more than you did? I'd still recommend replacing the switches, just to be safe.

Post# 458798 , Reply# 20   12/24/2022 at 16:44 by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

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Nah, that wouldn't ever happen in my lifetime I can guarantee it because those two Windtunnels definitely played a huge role during my earlier days. But when or if I get those two machines, there's a 50-50 chance that they may already have their switches replaced anyways since that recall happened a while ago. This is not something new, and Maytag has been long gone now. As long as they both turn on, I still don't see a need to replace the switches. I had a bagless non self propelled Windtunnel U5768-900 before and that one I did had to have the switch replaced. Not because the switch was hot or sparking. But the switch had a hard time turning on or off. huskyvacs definitely has a point here, recalls are less likely to be concerned about, even Samsung who just recalled their top load washers yesterday. If you look at the recall page, only a over couple hundred were reported to have the issue out of over six hundred thousand Windtunnels. That's very little. And both huskyvacs and eureka prince said theirs's never had any problems.

Post# 458810 , Reply# 21   12/25/2022 at 07:53 by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

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Truth is, I guess any old vintage vacuum could develop an electrical problem that might make it dangerous to use. We just have to be really careful with using anything electrical that is no longer covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Especially power nozzle canisters where a cracked hose could be dangerous to use, or where the wand contacts are not in good condition.

I remember being sooo disappointed that Eureka’s Excaliber upright was developing electrical problems at the switch. I thought the design was such a great idea - a two motor bag-first upright that could be set for suction only. But I remember the switch was not designed properly and users found that it overheated.

Post# 458814 , Reply# 22   12/25/2022 at 12:57 by luxlife (Under a Pecan Tree)        
Absolute truth here!!!

I’d like to think that people are smart enough to do their own research about product recalls before buying or acquiring a used vacuum, but we all know that that isn’t the case. It’s just not practical or productive to think that we all have some sort of obligation to create product awareness or fix our used machines before selling them or putting them on the curb. That’s a bit quixotic, codependent at the least.

Post# 458823 , Reply# 23   12/26/2022 at 07:56 by AmtrakSebo1997 (Im stuck in the backrooms, help)        

amtraksebo1997's profile picture
Even if the actual number of reported injuries was very small, I still would just be safe and replace the switches on them. But I can lead the horse to water, but I can't make it drink I guess.

Post# 458827 , Reply# 24   12/26/2022 at 14:24 by wstonehockertv (North Carolina)        

That post was very pointless. Someone will come on here and say that their original switch still works just fine. It all boils down to the consumer and how they maintain it, regardless if the product was from Maytag or TTi. Granted, not all machines are made equal, but my point still stands.

Example: I had the Anniversary Self-Propelled Windtunnel when I was in high school (it came from Sears, and RIP to that store), and being a TTi product, the switch was working fine. What the hell happened was the bag door couldn't stay on properly no matter what I did (this was in 2012) and the brushroll wouldn't stay off when in floor mode even though the slider was in the right position (this was in 2011, and a few months after purchase). I didn't bother getting it fixed, and now that they are no longer in production, it's not even worth it.

Post# 458830 , Reply# 25   12/26/2022 at 16:27 by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

panasonicvac's profile picture
No vacuum is made to be perfect, all parts can wear out and go bad eventually. Even these Windtunnels. And again, that recall is just old news. Nothing new, especially to us collectors who'd take the best care of vacuums than anybody else. And I'm betting most people don't have those older Windtunnels anymore mainly because they've moved on to something more modern or even better. Yeah despite the fact that I really like these machines, I know I've used other Hoovers and brands that are better. Example the HushTone Commercial CH54115 which I humbly think is Hoover's best bypass upright that they've ever sold by far. If I was a consumer and if I was using one on those 98 or 99 Windtunnels as my only vacuum that like broke down today, I would just simply upgrade and buy the CH54115 or a different brand. Even if it was just the $5 switch that like sparked or overheated, I'd be ready for something new and better.

Brain, I didn't know those Excalibur uprights had switch problems. And I agree with you that it was a nice design. I do know that the Boss 4D uprights had switch problems as well because not only I've read reviews that the switches overheated but I've also experienced it myself. I've used one when I was vacuuming an empty apartment as my laundry was being washed and dried because there was nothing else better to do than to just sit and wait or go back to the apartment I was living at (I had to go to this other apartment and use the laundry set there because our washer broke down). Anyways, the switch was at my fingertip and I remember the switch got hot very quickly. I knew that wasn't normal to have. And for it being a later version, I was surprised the switches didn't get upgraded.

Post# 458835 , Reply# 26   12/26/2022 at 19:35 by AmtrakSebo1997 (Im stuck in the backrooms, help)        

amtraksebo1997's profile picture
I get the feeling that most people on this thread don't care about what I'm saying. How does anybody know that people have widely moved on from the older windtunnels? I don't think any of us do. So there might be someone, somewhere in the world (yes, the windtunnels were sold outside the U.S.) that is using one of those 98 or 99 windtunnels that might have the problem. Or, a young, inexperienced vacuum collector might buy one of these, and might run into this issue. I still think there's a possibility.

Post# 458837 , Reply# 27   12/26/2022 at 20:41 by huskyvacs (Gnaw Bone, Indiana)        

huskyvacs's profile picture
It's not the fact that we don't care, it's the fact that this is a post with no direction. The intentions are good, but you seem to be misguided. You're getting all riled up about a recall from nearly 20 years ago that was already addressed that applied only to a specific serial number group of the very first run of Hoover Windtunnels sold in 1998. Plus the T-series which hardly anyone even bought to begin with. The recalls already notified people.

People had their warning in the mid 2000s and can use google and look it up if they want to or care to. It's not your job to badger people about defective vacuums on a forum devoted to vacuum collectors who can readily fix these issues if they so choose, or leave them alone and not have any problems at all with them. As was already stated in my posts above, just because something is recalled doesn't mean it is dangerous or should even be acted on. It means there is a small enough chance that the company could be sued so they are protecting themselves by making a recall on it. That is your answer. The recalls only apply at time of sale or shortly after within reason of warranty periods, and lose any and all merit secondhand and especially nearly 2 decades later.

They do not even sell bags for this vacuum in department stores anymore, and their brushrolls or transmission usually have gone out long before then at this point in time going into 2023. And trying to address this recall today, guess what will happen? They will send you a discount voucher for a new Hoover Windtunnel bagless vac made in china that will have even bigger issues than these do and last maybe 3 years before the motor burns up. Maytag doesn't even own Hoover anymore so who knows if the recall claim will even be answered.

The main reason why people even donate these vacuums to thrift stores is because they tear out their carpeting and install vinyl flooring, as these vacuums can not do bare floors and they will mangle up and chew apart area rugs. Any time I get a bagged vacuum, the date on the bags that come with it is usually 2009-2012, and they haven't been used for over a decade.

Furthermore, Shark, Dirt Devil, Dyson, Aldi, even Rainbow vacuums have all had recalls on them, why focus on Hoover and specifically the Windtunnel? If your goal was to create awareness, why not cover all the other recalls as well? Heck, every vacuum Aldi sold in the last 5 years has been recalled for "fire hazard" (generic terms).

Post# 458839 , Reply# 28   12/26/2022 at 21:57 by AmtrakSebo1997 (Im stuck in the backrooms, help)        
I'm sorry.

amtraksebo1997's profile picture
The reason I made this thread is mainly because I have anxiety issues, and I felt that if I didn't warn people about these recalls, I would be letting people continue to use dangerous vacuums that could potentially cause people injury, or worse, death. Also, the reason I only covered Hoover recalls was because I'd probably drop dead from the stress of trying to warn everyone about other every vacuum recall. I really don't want to be worrying about this stuff, but my anxiety keeps making me. It also extends into other things. For example, I'm worried that my old kirby D50 has asbestos in it, as well as two of my other vintage vacs. Heck, I'm worried that my whole house is filled to the brim with asbestos, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. So yeah, I'm sorry.

Post# 458846 , Reply# 29   12/27/2022 at 10:24 by wstonehockertv (North Carolina)        

It's actually easier to buy bags for the machine online, as are filters and regular flat belts.

If I ended up with a Windtunnel, I'd stick to the model without Self-Propel.

With the help of two extension wands, a bare floor tool, and a turbo tool (thank God the fitting is inch and a quarter), they do make the machine better (as do cloth HEPA bags)

Post# 458856 , Reply# 30   12/27/2022 at 13:23 by AmtrakSebo1997 (Im stuck in the backrooms, help)        

amtraksebo1997's profile picture
Gosh, not God.

Post# 458859 , Reply# 31   12/27/2022 at 14:04 by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

eurekaprince's profile picture
Hi Bailey….no need to apologize…you were just doing a good service to us all to remind us to be careful with older vacs….especially ones that had official recalls on them due to something dangerous. Thank you for starting this thread…it is an important topic.

And I understand the challenges of severe anxiety…many of us do here on Vacuumland. So you are among friends here….🤗

Post# 458870 , Reply# 32   12/27/2022 at 19:41 by AmtrakSebo1997 (Im stuck in the backrooms, help)        

amtraksebo1997's profile picture
eurekaprince could you please not use my real name, I don't wanna get doxxed here. But thanks anyways.

Post# 458872 , Reply# 33   12/27/2022 at 20:27 by Hoover300 (Kentucky)        

hoover300's profile picture
Your name is in your profile

Post# 458878 , Reply# 34   12/27/2022 at 22:08 by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

panasonicvac's profile picture
You do have the option of not sharing your name on your profile.

Post# 458879 , Reply# 35   12/27/2022 at 22:31 by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

eurekaprince's profile picture

Post# 458881 , Reply# 36   12/27/2022 at 23:25 by maytag142c (….)        

Of course there’s some good info on here and we surely thank you! However as cautious as you are, don’t be afraid to take the proper protective precautions when servicing a machine that you feel might have certain chemicals in them. One learns by exploring, so dive in and give it a shot, there’s so much to learn!

Btw what is the meaning of doxxed?

Post# 458899 , Reply# 37   12/28/2022 at 13:35 by AmtrakSebo1997 (Im stuck in the backrooms, help)        

amtraksebo1997's profile picture
Doxxed is just a term for getting your personal info shared.

Post# 458900 , Reply# 38   12/28/2022 at 13:36 by AmtrakSebo1997 (Im stuck in the backrooms, help)        

amtraksebo1997's profile picture
How do I do that?

Post# 458901 , Reply# 39   12/28/2022 at 14:05 by maytag142c (….)        

That won’t happen here, I’ve been a member of this site since 2007 and not once has that happened. ☺️
Anyway you can see at the top of the screen, it says update your profile, click that, edit your name and done.

Post# 458903 , Reply# 40   12/28/2022 at 14:34 by AmtrakSebo1997 (Im stuck in the backrooms, help)        

amtraksebo1997's profile picture
Thanks :)

Post# 458904 , Reply# 41   12/28/2022 at 14:37 by maytag142c (….)        

Of course!

Post# 460203 , Reply# 42   2/10/2023 at 21:16 by AmtrakSebo1997 (Im stuck in the backrooms, help)        

amtraksebo1997's profile picture
hey, I know it's been a while, but could you remove that post that contained personal info? thanks

Post# 460208 , Reply# 43   2/11/2023 at 11:04 by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

eurekaprince's profile picture
Hi AmtrakSebo….I am not able to delete posts because I am not a paying member of VacuumLand. Robert - if you are reading this, could you please remove my posts from this thread? AmtrakSebo prefers strict confidentiality…thanks in advance!!!

Post# 460213 , Reply# 44   2/11/2023 at 12:36 by AmtrakSebo1997 (Im stuck in the backrooms, help)        

amtraksebo1997's profile picture
Just remove the ones containing personal info of mine, thanks.

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