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New Filterqueen $1199 & Kirby $1295.
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Post# 457597   10/26/2022 at 00:16 (546 days old) by jarvis (CyberSpace)        

If you weren't already aware Filterqueen Majestics are now sold New on Amazon for $1199 and New Kirby Avalir 2s are now being sold at Costco for $1295.

Post# 457598 , Reply# 1   10/26/2022 at 00:49 (546 days old) by jarvis (CyberSpace)        

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Post# 457603 , Reply# 2   10/26/2022 at 10:14 (546 days old) by juju93 (South Georgia)        

This must be some sort of hoaks. Idk about filterqueen, but kirby's being sold at costco is unacceptable. Not because costco isn't a great retailer but kirby themselves have always been an in home, and still is, sales tacket. Of course when they went to selling them via their website that opened up a whole new can of worms, both for the company and for the door to door sales people. Just imagine a kirby rep coming to someones home, who also owns a kirby, and the rep ask them where they got there unit and the customer replies, costco. Do you know how that is gonna look. Plus kirbys require bags, belts ect, which costco isn't going to carry because its not a vacuum store. Then again if you look at all the big box stores, all the vacuums that are sold are cheap plastic and also bagless. I don't thing I've seen any bags or belts at all big box stores that sells vacuums in quite some time. Most vacuum parts that are sold are filters and carpet shampoo solutions for carpet cleaners. And most, if not all the kirbys being sold on amazon are most likely used kirbys that users don't have any use for anymore.

Post# 457604 , Reply# 3   10/26/2022 at 10:37 (546 days old) by jarvis (CyberSpace)        

Kirby Co. is now actively selling and expanding into Costcos. They already sell directly over the internet and and now have specialized managers responsible to selling to vac shops.

Healthmor is selling New Majestics and Defenders directly now over the internet and on Amazon at much lower prices than ever before. Under $1200 for a new Majestic.

Post# 457605 , Reply# 4   10/26/2022 at 10:47 (546 days old) by luxlife (Under a Pecan Tree)        
Any way to substantiate this Kirby @ Costco claim?? Proof??

I see nothing about it on Costcoís website and the photo would probably look the same if these were on sale at Samís instead. Can anyone prove that this really is happening?

Post# 457612 , Reply# 5   10/26/2022 at 11:30 (546 days old) by Kloveland (Tulsa)        

kloveland's profile picture
I wish someone would provide the source for the above picture. Itís been circulated quite a few times now online and only this one photo that looks like it was taken with an early 2000s flip phone.

Post# 457614 , Reply# 6   10/26/2022 at 12:20 (546 days old) by jarvis (CyberSpace)        

Directly from the horseís mouth.

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Post# 457615 , Reply# 7   10/26/2022 at 14:58 (546 days old) by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

panasonicvac's profile picture
I think selling Kirbys to Costco is a VERY smart move. It's probably no wonder one of the reasons why Kirby hasn't released a new model yet is they might be behind financially. Door-to-door has become a thing in the past nowadays. I personally would NEVER want to buy from door-to-door, especially when my grandparents were FORCED into buying a new Kirby from a salesperson after they already own two other Kirbys just simply because he wouldn't leave.

Post# 457616 , Reply# 8   10/26/2022 at 15:05 (546 days old) by juju93 (South Georgia)        

So is costco going to start carrying bags and belts for these machines as well as spare parts and not to mention the other optional accessories. This to me just sounds really odd and I don't think itll last at all. I say this because the averge consumer who shops at places like costco probably wouldn't know what a kirby is and their most likely not gonna want to lug it into a basket and then to their verhicles and then into there homes and not know how to use the machine. I mean unless kirby started doing video owners manuals again, which they need to bring them back for those who like to visually see the machine in action. Then this also leads to question how will future models, if any, will be announce and launched and also marketed Because from what the picture shows it looks like theres two kirby boxes, brown boxes with a graphic of the system on and then one box with a lot of graphics on it, which is so odd for a kirby box. Also another thing that is odd is the pricing of these machines. The standard/base kirby package that you can get is about 1600,but yet these are cheaper, so whats the catch?

Post# 457617 , Reply# 9   10/26/2022 at 16:12 (546 days old) by Kirbyg6 (York)        

kirbyg6's profile picture
I hope this helps Kirby release a new model the Av2 is a great machine but time for a new one

Post# 457618 , Reply# 10   10/26/2022 at 16:21 (546 days old) by dysonman1 (the county)        
It's not that difficult to comprehend

dysonman1's profile picture
Warren Buffet got rid of Kirby due to poor sales. Poor sales caused by several factors and exacerbated by Covid. No one lets strangers into their homes today.

Right Lane Industries doesn't care about how Kirby "Used" to be sold. This is 2022. Internet is the way most people buy things. Upscale people in San Fernando Valley, where the Costco pic was taken, can afford to throw the Kirby box into the cart.

Kirby has been setting up vac shops as Authorized Kirby Service Centers for almost a year now. In anticipation of this very thing: Kirby sold in retail stores. Wait until you see the QVC package.

Kirby is going to sell their factory rebuilt cleaners to the public, probably through their authorized service centers. The service centers provide warranty work on new Avalir 2 models, as well as providing service and parts for all previous models that have available parts.

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Post# 457620 , Reply# 11   10/26/2022 at 16:42 (546 days old) by Kirbyg6 (York)        

kirbyg6's profile picture
Hi dysonman1 thanks for the information

Post# 457627 , Reply# 12   10/26/2022 at 20:01 (546 days old) by kirbylux77 (London, Ontario, Canada)        
Filter Queen

kirbylux77's profile picture
Nice to see the Majestic being sold on Amazon, their website and vac shops. However, I would definitely not buy a new one! Filter Queen is definitely a shadow of it's former self, and quality has taken a steep nosedive in recent years ever since the 75th Anniversary came out. The single stage Ametek motors don't last very long....consider yourself lucky if you get more than 10 years outta one before it dies, and they have issues with the electrical connections on the hose, wand and powerhead and the latches on them breaking easily. Also the powerhead is poorly designed and doesn't groom the carpet well.

I would rather buy a older brown Model 700 with the double stage Ametek motor online and put a new motor in it and refurbish the vacuum. Much better quality, the powerhead, hose and wand were a better design and cleaned better. Even if you wanted a better setup, there are retrofit powerhead hose, wand and powerhead kits you can buy to use on any model.

Post# 457629 , Reply# 13   10/26/2022 at 21:42 (546 days old) by Lesinutah (Utah)        
Filter queen

lesinutah's profile picture
I didn't find special at all. If I'm getting something for cleaning the air I'd go with a rainbow. If I had to choose between kirby and filter queen and kirby it's kirby hands down.
If I wanted a cannister vacuum the patriot cleans and filters well.

Post# 457630 , Reply# 14   10/26/2022 at 21:57 (546 days old) by juju93 (South Georgia)        

This is going to be a hot topic for a while now. My other question is, will kirby discount the 1599 price tag that they have on there website to match what costco will be charging for the same package (unit and 15 attachments)? Because if costco is going to charge 1295 for the avalir 2 with standard 15 attachments, then why should kirby themselve charge $304 more for the same package for 1599. To me the pricing doesn't make sense, unless they're really trying to clear out their inventory of a platform thats been out for well over 30 years at this point. Also, what are they then going to charge for the optional accessories, assuming costco will be selling them. Base on the photo they're selling the multi surface shampooer as well, which if you ask me, its a glimic, simply cause the machine is loud, wide and cumbursome and would be unbareable to use on hard surface floors.

Post# 457631 , Reply# 15   10/26/2022 at 22:10 (546 days old) by Lesinutah (Utah)        

lesinutah's profile picture
Kirby multi surface shampooer is actually pretty nice.
I know quite a few people who work at costco. I used to work at WALGREENS and the average markup at Walgreens was 40 percent sometimes 400 percent. Costco markups are 10-13 percent. If I were a betting man the vacuum price will go down.
If they had an avalir 2 fully loaded I'd pay $500.
With costco low margins they might be able to leverage a descent price.

Post# 457647 , Reply# 16   10/27/2022 at 12:38 (545 days old) by huskyvacs (Gnaw Bone, Indiana)        

huskyvacs's profile picture
Selling Kirbys at full retail has been a long time coming and really is needed. Door to door sales died in the early 1990s. Kirby's door to door sales plan was one big ponzi scheme anyway, as as the salesman you only got paid on a per machine commission basis and you had to sell so many machines to get that payment, otherwise you're essentially working for free. Also the salesmen were just overnight companies of a few people that set up schemes to either fraud Kirby or rob people. There was very few reputable salesmen selling Kirbys in the last 10 years. I can't tell you how many Kirbys I've seen in pawn shops that look to have little to no use and with their serial #'s scratched off. The pawn shops don't know anything about vacuums and they have no idea the vacuums are coded with a serial #.

I have pretty much all the Kirby models and my unobtainable ones right now are bookending the collection with the prewar Kirbys and the Avalir 2.

Post# 457679 , Reply# 17   10/29/2022 at 18:28 (543 days old) by beagledad (Florida)        

I find it quite odd that some of you seem mortified at the thought of Kirby being sold at retail. Why? It's their business, not yours. And it seems even Kirby can't deny how sleazy the door to door salesmen are. This is a way to avoid that and sell direct.

Post# 457682 , Reply# 18   10/29/2022 at 21:21 (543 days old) by jarvis (CyberSpace)        

Buying New Kirby Avalir 2ís on ebay for $800 is a common occurrence. If Kirby wants to succeed at retail they to get the price down to $795 ASAP.

Post# 457684 , Reply# 19   10/30/2022 at 00:25 (542 days old) by mark40511 (Lexington, KY)        

mark40511's profile picture
that link you just posted....and unless I missed it... I saw no brand new ones for that price...

Post# 457685 , Reply# 20   10/30/2022 at 00:46 (542 days old) by Lesinutah (Utah)        

lesinutah's profile picture
Did have a multi surface shampooer for $800 new.

Post# 457711 , Reply# 21   10/31/2022 at 16:50 (541 days old) by jarvis (CyberSpace)        

Hereís a new one for $800

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Post# 457712 , Reply# 22   10/31/2022 at 20:37 (541 days old) by Lesinutah (Utah)        

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Wish pickup only would show up on searches done by people close to the location.
I get a used avalir 100th anniversary edition tomorrow. I have the shampooer, multi surface cleaner and attachments. I paid $125 for it. There is a kirby avalir 2 for $450 about 2 hours drive from my location.
I think $400 is the most I'd spend on a new avalir 2 with every attachment.
I hope prices lower and tge costco venture will become a success story

Post# 457740 , Reply# 23   11/2/2022 at 11:22 (539 days old) by whiteley03 (Tulsa, OK)        

whiteley03's profile picture
I think selling in Costco and online is a VERY smart move. It's been a long time coming. I know I've admired Kirby's over the years and have a few in my collection, however I would *never* allow a door to door salesman into my home- especially after Covid. I have after 31 years of life finally bought a brand new Kirby- because I could do so online. I imagine there has//will be quite a few others to follow. Especially if they're being seen on the Costco sales floor. It's too bad Sears is no more. I think they'd do quite well- even at their price point- with the right Sears salesperson demo-ing them.

Post# 457759 , Reply# 24   11/3/2022 at 16:41 (538 days old) by juju93 (South Georgia)        
I would never allow

A door to door sales person in my home. The main reason is because they're total strangers whom you don't know. The other main reason is, I don't want someone coming into my home for 2+ hours just to demonstrate a machine when I can go to youtube or other online sources and figure out how to use it myself. Plus as we've all mentioned door to door tend to hike up the prices regardless of what brand it is. If I wanted a brand new kirby without the door to door demo then I would go to a local kirby service center and purchase it that way. It would save me both time and money. Thats basically what I did when I got my SRX Rainbow a couple of years ago. I went to an authorized rexair service center and purchased a brand new SRX that way. Yes I paid the typical price of what a rainbow would cost, but I saved me time becuase I new what I wanted and was well informed on how to use the system. Speaking of a new kirby, its about time they came out with something, even if its another G-series, cause avalir 2 is on the brink of turning 5 after the first of the year.

Post# 457768 , Reply# 25   11/3/2022 at 21:22 (538 days old) by huskyvacs (Gnaw Bone, Indiana)        

huskyvacs's profile picture
I can assure you that Costco/Sam's Club shoppers are loaded to the gills. Those are stores where you buy in huge bulk purchases of a massive amount of stuff for a huge price and nobody bats an eye. It's all normal to dump $1k on a grocery trip. There has been many Costco exclusive vacuums before so the idea is not an alien one, but it is a first for Kirby. Kirbys come with both print and DVD manuals so people will be fine if they know what they are doing.

This is a big relief for many people that wanted a (new) Kirby without the BS of a salesman hawking it in your house or pressuring you to buy it right now (Kirby salesmen worked under high risk and high stress conditions and were prone to violence if they did not make a sale). This is part of the reason why they sell better secondhand then new because of the hassle of only being able to get one (new) through a door to door sale or through pestering a vacuum store to sell you their floor display model.

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Post# 457774 , Reply# 26   11/4/2022 at 08:01 (537 days old) by Kloveland (Tulsa)        

kloveland's profile picture
What about roof salesmen? I just had a roof salesman come into my house and quote me a price on a new roof. Most salesmen want to talk to you inside the home. Itís not just vacuum salesmen who want to enter your home is the point Iím trying to make. What about exterminators, repairman etc.

Post# 457778 , Reply# 27   11/4/2022 at 14:27 (537 days old) by ralph123 (Little Rock, AR)        

Costco has a very generous return policy. There's a minimum of 90 days to return most objects. What is the return policy for Kirby vacuums sold at Costco? It looks like vacuums sold on will have a 30 day return window with a $100 fee for returns (more if vac damaged).

Post# 457779 , Reply# 28   11/4/2022 at 14:27 (537 days old) by huskyvacs (Gnaw Bone, Indiana)        

huskyvacs's profile picture
This is a vacuum forum so vacuum salesman are the focus

Post# 457780 , Reply# 29   11/4/2022 at 17:13 (537 days old) by Maytag142c (Somewhere over the rainbow. )        

maytag142c's profile picture
"I can assure you that Costco/Sam's Club shoppers are loaded to the gills."

"Those are stores where you buy in huge bulk purchases of a massive amount of stuff for a huge price and nobody bats an eye."

I am a Costco and BJ's member and can assure you that I am not loaded to the gills, I am comfortable but definitely not even close to loaded. Many people shop and buy in bulk because it is actually smarter and most of the time less expensive to pay wholesale for a product in bulk as it is for someone to purchase something at retail. For example, I am a vegan, for me to buy Tofu it is less expensive to buy it in bulk, at 2.19 per container retail VS $6 for 5 containers it is actually less expensive. Appliances that are exclusive to wholesale clubs a lot of the time actually have either more features or something is completely different about the product vs something you'd buy at walmart. Keep in mind too that a lot of wholesalers will also carry products that are limited edition, and or also products that aren't normally carried in stores like Walmart, Target, etc...

Post# 457782 , Reply# 30   11/4/2022 at 17:32 (537 days old) by luxlife (Under a Pecan Tree)        
Well said Maytag142c !

Iíve heard good things about BJís from friends in Skaneateles. Wish we had them here in Texas. Costco can be unbearable on the weekends with the food samples on every end cap and I swear it seems like so many people only go there to graze on the freebies.

This post was last edited 11/04/2022 at 18:03
Post# 457784 , Reply# 31   11/4/2022 at 18:25 (537 days old) by Maytag142C (Somewhere over the rainbow. )        

maytag142c's profile picture
I cancelled my Bjís membership, people say the gas is cheaper but I disagree, if I go to a ďDelta SonicĒ with their membership card, itís almost 30-40 cents less. Besides, I like Costco more. As for the food samples, I canít eat 98% of what they show so I just get what I need and go. ☺️

Post# 457787 , Reply# 32   11/4/2022 at 19:28 (537 days old) by Kloveland (Tulsa)        

kloveland's profile picture
Well said Maytag142c. I agree as well!

Post# 457790 , Reply# 33   11/4/2022 at 23:33 (537 days old) by Lesinutah (Utah)        

lesinutah's profile picture
Your in costco on tasting day ho a many carts are full. If you see 8 registers open your going to see atleast 3 people spending over a grand. I don't use a cart. If you can't carry it you can't buy it. If you use a shopping cart you spend 3 times more than no cart.
If you see someone throw a block party you bet the farm there buying items at costco/Sam's club.
Dyson have sold at costco forever. Sir dyson is a billionaire and he used Costco as a selling platform.

Post# 457794 , Reply# 34   11/5/2022 at 02:34 (536 days old) by huskyvacs (Gnaw Bone, Indiana)        

huskyvacs's profile picture
I do not buy more than I can eat on a weekly basis so I have no use for some giant bulk-buy store nor do I need the fire hazard of filling my house with 100 packs of paper towels and toilet paper that will take 5 years to use. I get all my groceries at Dollar Tree. Also you restated literally what I just said.

Post# 458216 , Reply# 35   11/27/2022 at 18:10 (514 days old) by troopersam (Perris)        

I just accidentally discovered that Filter Queen is selling direct from their site when I went to buy a part.

Then they emailed me a deal to buy a new machine for $899. Couldnít say no.

I guess the old FQ will live in the RV, LOL!

Post# 459364 , Reply# 36   1/12/2023 at 08:37 (468 days old) by juju93 (South Georgia)        
still havent seen

Any kirbys pop up on the costco website or even filter queens. But what I have seen is an inflation price for the avalir 2 on kirby's website. The base package which was the machine and attachments went up from 1600 to 1900 The next step up which includes the shampooer and zipbrush also went up from as well and as well as the ultimate package which includes everything plus 6 bags. Now breaking it down indivdually. The multi surface shampooer went up to 350 from the regualr 250. The zipbrush also went up $30 and the turbo accessory went up from 99 to 149. Any one know why these prices jumped, especially for a 33 year old machine.

Post# 459370 , Reply# 37   1/12/2023 at 12:07 (468 days old) by human (Pines of Carolina)        
Welcome to the 21st century...

human's profile picture
...and good riddance to the door-to-door sales model. That has needed to go away for a very long time. I remember reading once on this site about somebody who had to show the sales goon to the door with a .38 in his hand to get the point across that he wasn't interested and wasn't buying. Kirby is smart to be putting the machines where the buyers are.

I could even see Costco coming out with a Kirkland Signature line of bags and belts for them--in appropriately humongous quantities, of course. I also have to wonder whether the Costco machines would have the same warranty as those bought directly through the company or an authorized sales center. That could be one way to get the cost down. Costco sells Interstate car batteries at a discount, but they have a different warranty (three years prorated, only through Costco) than those purchased from an Interstate dealer (two years free replacement and then three years prorated). They also might not offer the factory rebuild program for those machines. Of course, they still could also leave a little meat on the bone for the local sales and service centers by not offering accessories like the carpet shampooer through Costco. Please understand, this is all supposition on my part as I have no insider information.

The bottom line still remains that Kirby's biggest competitor is itself in form of the second-hand market. Who in their right mind would want to pay well over a grand for a brand new Kirby when a gently used one can be found in the same price range as a cheapo plasticrap vac at a thrift store or online. A couple of years ago, I got a very gently used Sentria with all the accessories, including a carpet shampooer, for $50 at a thrift store. It's essentially the same as today's Avalir although I understand the carpet shampooer may have been improved. Even though I am a Costco member, I have no intention of purchasing a Kirby there, if and when they ever actually show up at my local warehouse.

Post# 459372 , Reply# 38   1/12/2023 at 12:52 (468 days old) by Kirbyg6 (York)        

kirbyg6's profile picture
Iím hopeful this is the year that Kirby launches a new model I think this is a smart move from them

Post# 459538 , Reply# 39   1/17/2023 at 22:10 (463 days old) by juju93 (South Georgia)        

They have to launch something even if its another color scheme (god forbid thats the case) I mean the avalir 2 (sentria 4) is going to be 5 next month. Thats just as long as the OG sentria with a 6 year production run and thats basically the same time that sentria 2 and the originally avalir (sentria 2 had 2 years and avalir had 3 years) being produce together. I mean I get there an inflation throughout the country but I can't see kirby justifying the 300 increase on all the combo choices that they offer and its not like theres a shortage of G-series machines out there lol.

Post# 459539 , Reply# 40   1/18/2023 at 00:32 (462 days old) by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

panasonicvac's profile picture
Honestly, the Avalir 2 might be the last Kirby we'll ever see. They may go out of business in the future but I hope not, I'd love to see Kirby stick around. But why would I want to pay $1,900-$2,500 for a Kirby where I can just buy a used one for WAY less or even better for free? That's what they're struggling today is the used market, I agree with Edgar on this. Another thing they're struggling with today is the competition from other brands. Most consumers want newer technology like something that is bagless, cordless, swivel neck, lifetime belt, cheap, etc. And last but not least is where they're buying it from. Door-to-door has become a thing in the past nowadays, vacuum shops are dying, and most people would just want to shop online or at least at their local department store. Good luck trying to sell a very expensive vacuum at Amazon or Costco.

Post# 459555 , Reply# 41   1/18/2023 at 15:50 (462 days old) by dysonman1 (the county)        

dysonman1's profile picture
They're doing it. Costco machines are in the hands of consumers. Vac Shops like mine are selling the bags and shampoo and belts. We are an authorized Kirby warranty center, so the 3-year Kirby warranty is honored. Personally, I do not think there will be any 'new' Kirby unless Right Lane Industries finds a buyer with the money to invest in engineering and brand-new tooling.

The Kirby looks sold fashioned in its sturdiness, so sitting with the plastic crap vacs is actually a good thing.

Post# 459557 , Reply# 42   1/18/2023 at 16:11 (462 days old) by Kirbyg6 (York)        

kirbyg6's profile picture
The AV2 has been out for to long now

Post# 460380 , Reply# 43   2/16/2023 at 21:13 (433 days old) by Canisterman (Mocksville NC)        
As much as i would like

For things to go back to the way they were 60 years ago, Its not going to happen, No more does the Electrolux man who comes to your house , have a card certifying he is a bonded representative, I sold Rainbows in the early 80s, you could get in a house then, No way would i try it now, If Kirby and Filter Queen and Rainbow etc intend on staying in business, they will have to do it the modern way, I dont buy anything on line, but im old and set in my ways, most people are not,Just as I truly think gasoline cars are going to be extinct in 30 to 50 years, so i believe the door to door salesman will be gone in 20 years.

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