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Electrolux model F
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Post# 431265   9/4/2020 at 22:49 (1,408 days old) by DetroitDirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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Hello, new here. Iím trying to restore my mothers Electrolux model F vacuum. I need a few parts, thought I might get lucky here. I need the original braided hose, 1 Front rubber bumper, switch , cord reel. I canít seem to find a parts vac. Any help would be awesome. Iíll see if I can attach pics.
I just bought 2 alum tubes, but they have the wrong finish on.
I have the owners manual, and all the attachments.

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Post# 431302 , Reply# 1   9/5/2020 at 11:51 (1,408 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Youíve hit a good place

Thatís a great Electrolux. I have the same model among others.

Are you attempting to use this with a power nozzle? It doesnít look like yours has the port for it, it would be a little outlet with a rubber door on the side of the top trim, from the pic you included itís hard to tell if it has it because the dusting brush may be obscuring it from view. Itís usually on the left side of that top trim as viewed in this picture.

For a hose best bet is to get a rubber or plastic one. Available on eBay or Has some generics at a very reasonble price for a plastic or rubber non electric one. Just make sure the end that attaches to the main unit is identical as there are many different ones. If you need a power hose youíll need a pigtail electric hose but they are hard to come by and there tend to be more used braided ones available. The braided ones were prone to failure by disintegrating from the interior out so while it may look good, it could be bad and thereís no way to tell until itís in your possession and do the hose test. The way you test is by first running the vac with no hose and covers the suction port with your hand and feel that there should be virtually no air coming out of the blower end when you do this and also note the tone of the motor at this time. Next attach a hose and cover the suction end of the hose handle with one hand and feel if there is air coming out of the blower port, and also compare if the time of the vacuum sounds as strained as it did without the hose, if there is a air, and a lot of it coming out of the blower port and the tone of the motor isnít as strained, the hose is leaking and sucking air through itís length. The rubber and plastic hoses donít have this issue.

If you are interested in going direct to the dealer you will need to locate your local Aerus dealer. Website is The name changed from Electrolux to Aerus in 2003 so the company still exists. They may be able to help you with some parts you want and also check out and Rayks son has a lot of experience in restor8ng the old models so you may want to contact him as well to get the bumper and switch if Aerus tells you they are discontinued. Some aftermarket companies make generic parts for these vacuums and that may be the only option for the switch.

The wands were made in both aluminum and steel over the era and my AF (as the model is typically called) had the steel ones which are heavier duty but also heavier. Any wands will do nicely that are Electrolux and it appears you have a set of mid 80s aluminum ones and they should be fine...the mid 80s aluminum had a more frosty type finish to them.

Not sure if you need a cord is not shown on the vac in the picture, they are inexpensive and screw on around the blower port. There is a screw hole on either side.. It is for standing the vacuum on its end to change the bag and also to wrap the cord on for storage. There was also an optional cord winder for this model..model 2 has the direct plug in cord on it and it screws on in place of the cord halo.

eBay is a great resource for used parts and model AE, and model G used the same switch. Model L, R, E, AE, use the same cord halo.

Bumper may be hard to find, I had one long ago that had them, but my current one wasnít equipped with them.

eBay is your best bet for parts. Look up vintage Electrolux followed by the part you want. The more general you are the more you might find what you want because not all sellers list by model letter or proper name of the part as they may not know it.

Let us know if you have more questions. Iíve done a lot of work on many models including the AF so should be able to help you get what you need.


Post# 431339 , Reply# 2   9/5/2020 at 20:29 (1,407 days old) by DetroitDirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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Hey thanks. Yes, I have the cord winter, but the recoil is broke. I also have all the attachments, manual and receipt. It was just over 100 in 1959. I can post either if you want to see.

Post# 431359 , Reply# 3   9/6/2020 at 09:24 (1,407 days old) by DetroitDirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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Hereís a few pics. The hose does leak where it spins. Thereís a gap in there.

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Post# 431364 , Reply# 4   9/6/2020 at 11:06 (1,407 days old) by DetroitDirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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I just figured out the switch, just the gray plastic rocker I need, I put a new cord on a t the vac works nice.
If someone has a rubber bumper and the gray rocker switch, itís all I need.
The rubber part in the flip brush has a separation, another one would be nice, but this one works. One in the tan would be nice, this one was replaced to teal at some point.

Post# 431382 , Reply# 5   9/6/2020 at 16:31 (1,406 days old) by DetroitDirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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What is the gray dial for on the front?

Post# 431409 , Reply# 6   9/7/2020 at 08:43 (1,406 days old) by DetroitDirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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I found this bag, from the 70ís, I remember my mom buying it to save on buying bags. A reusable Dirt Bag, It almost ruined the vac, her Electrolux fancy rep/ repairman yelled at her, lol. Dirt was going rite through into the motor.

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Post# 431497 , Reply# 7   9/8/2020 at 19:20 (1,404 days old) by Detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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I just bought 2 flip brushes on eBay, I wonít need all the parts, any one needs any Iíll have some Extras, some in teal and tan.

Post# 431518 , Reply# 8   9/9/2020 at 09:23 (1,404 days old) by Detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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Post# 431564 , Reply# 9   9/9/2020 at 20:39 (1,403 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Automatic control dial

The dial in the front regulates the sensitivity of the automatic control feature which pops the bag door open and shuts the cleaner off to signal you to check for a full bag. The machine constantly monitors the suction provided by the cleaner on both sides of the bag, before and after it, as the bag fills with dirt suction will be reduced as the dirt clogs the pores and the bag door will pop open when there is a significant imbalance of suction before and after the bag caused by the bag filling with dirt. A lower number setting makes the system very sensitive to a small loss of suction from a minimal amount of dirt in the bag and a higher number allows it to tolerate a higher loss of suction before popping open.

Fine dust such as powder, ash, and plaster dust will clog a bagís pores very quickly causing a loss of suction even with the bag not full...and conversely, a bag full of pet hair doesnít cut off much suction at all and could be stuffed before popping open. So if you need to vacuum fine dust youíll need a higher number to complete the job without the machine continuing to pop open and for a job with coarse dirt such as pet hair youíll want a lower number to make sure it signals when itís full so you arenít over packing the bag.

For an average home dirt usually 3 is a good number but I usually set my machine on 1 or 2 when I put a new bag in and when it pops open, if itís not full enough to change I select the next higher number and close it and continue vacuuming until it pops open and is full enough to change the bag or I feel the cleaner has lost enough suction that warrants I put a new bag in to restore suction to peak. I like to use a lower setting for carpet so I insure I have the best suction always for carpet that it is not compromised by the bag filled. For hard floors the machine works well even at reduced suction so I will tolerate a higher setting which will allow for less suction efficiency as the bag fills so I can put more dirt in the bag.

Basically the dial adjusts how quickly the automatic ďCheck bagĒ feature occurs. Lower number advances its operation to most frequent and a higher number ďretardsĒ itís operation so you can continue cleaning even though suction is getting blocked off by the dirt accumulation in the bag and fit more dirt in the bag.

It is recommended not to stuff the bag, but rather change it when 2/3 full to allow for good air flow to keep the motor cool and not run the machine at a strain due to blocked suction from a filled bag. The highest number 6 is really just if you are vacuuming fine powder and need to get the job done without it stopping, and then you should change the bag and reset the dial to a ďregularĒ lower number when done.

Your manual should have a page explaining this but it doesnít really tell you exactly how it works, just how to set it. It doesnít tell you if itís adjusting suction or not. Itís actually monitoring the cleaners suction at all times when it is on. Some people think it adjusts suction but it does not, it just allows the machine to operate at a higher amount of suction loss (Inefficiency) due to the bag filling with dirt on each higher numbered setting.

The nice thing is that this system is a constant performance monitor to constantly monitor the machines cleaning efficiency and signal when it is diminishing by the bag filling with dirt which depletes suction.

The first machine this system was introduced on was the model LX and it did not have an adjustment dial and people were going through too many bags too quickly, the addition of the dial allows the user to tweak the automatic control to their specific needs or composition of dirt in their home and also make an exception for a special job such as fine powdery dirt so one would not have to use a bunch of bags to get that type of dirt job completed.

A hint: if you do need to clean fine dust, setting your machine on 5 or 6 is ok for the job and if it pops open you can take the bag out and flick the sides or shake the bag down and reinsert, this will restore better suction as it will clear the bags sides of the powdery dirt and allow it to pile at the bottom of the bag and allow more of this dirt to be added to the bag.

I have one I use as a shop vac and on these types of jobs I usually do that to help restore the bags suction so I can get the task completed without having to change the bag. Sometimes Iíll do this 2 or 3 times before I change the bag but if itís popping open on 6, itís time to just change it for sure as running the machine in this state could wear out your motor prematurely.

The cordwinder can be rewound or if the spring coil has broken a new one is available from Aerus. The biggest thing you must pay attention to is that the spring be wound on a few times around so that when the cord is fully extended it doesnít get pulled off the spool but not so little that it hampers the rewind strength. It takes experience to roll up a cord reel spring and assemble the whole thing and once itís wound it has to be installed onto the base carefully and held to not unwind while doing so. The cordwinders contacts and raceway tracks should be cleaned and adjusted for good contact.

The switch yes has a rocker cover and a mechanism under it. Rumor is the mechanism is discontinued but Iím not certain of that for sure. The mechanism is pretty sturdy and can be cleaned if spark residue has built up.

You may want to search ebay for a model F for parts...itís possible you may get some that way.

Looks like you have a plastic hose which should give you good suction performance.

The original rug and floor tool with the model AF has the cleaner switch on the side end which makes turns on the gleaner bar on the rug side of the tool which helps to pick up hair and lint better it could stick on loop type carpet or loop upholstery so on those surfaces it should be switched off which exposes a smooth side. The carpet side of the tool generally shouldnít be used on hard surfaces but if it is the gleaner should be switched off as it could be damaged on the hard surface or damage the hard surface itself. I keep mine off unless itís needed then switch it back off once Iím done with the task needing it. The rubber bumpers sometimes come available on eBay but sounds like you got an entirely new one.


Post# 431581 , Reply# 10   9/10/2020 at 09:14 (1,403 days old) by Detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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Hey thanks a lot for all the info, I will look into getting the reel fixed, Yes, I picked up 2 flip brushes, one with a perfect tan rubber bumper on it, one with real, It has a teal insert now, Iím almost sure that and the teal rubber part didnít come on it and was replaced, if I it was tan, what color should the melal part in the center brush side be? Tan or teal?
The rubber hose is prob from the 80ís. I remember when it went. We had duct tape on the old one for years.
One of the front rubber bumpers on the front is missing. Iíll keep an eye out for those, the other side is tore as well, so Iíd like to find 2
Plexi cleaner and a tooth brush took of years of dirt off all the plastic parts, thatís all I use on plastic, I found that out cleaning up car interior plastic.
My mom loved this vac and would have been delighted on the work Iíve done to it. Now the Vac just gets a retired life, I have race deck floor in the garage, now it just does that and itís a conversation pc with the car guys.
Iíll post up pics of the flip brushes when they come. I will have some extra parts from the 2, leme know if any here needs parts.

Post# 431589 , Reply# 11   9/10/2020 at 13:17 (1,403 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Color schemes

The light cream wirh teal is a model G, model R and white model L color scheme. The metal part for the bristles would have been turquoise like a model G body.

The all cream or tan colored flip tools are from the 1974-1982 golden jubilee, superJ and Olympia eras with the metal bristle holder either in light blue metallic, gold metallic or brown metallic respectively.

The elbows for the Golden jubilee and super J were metal and the Olympia version in 1980 began a change to plastic. To tune up your rug and floor tools spritz the elbow swivel part with just a quick squirt of WD-40. And spin it around and wipe off any excess with a paper towel. Youíll be amazed at how nicely the tool will work by this little trick. An Electrolux service man showed me this back in the mid 80s as well as some other places to lubricate such as the hose swivel handle and inside the track where the hose attaches to the bag door. Just a wipe of WD-40 or silicone spray is all you need to make things move like new. Lubricate the swivel wheel underneath and the back wheels too. The ball bearings and the ball bearing tracks too on the inside of the cord winder.

The correct coloring for a model AF flip over rug and floor tool would match the machine in the beigey gray with the bumper being in cream and the metal bristle holder would be beigey gray too. I have one for mine and can take a picture and post for you. Also the design of the rug side was different from the updated style that has the single suction slot, the first style had a double slot.

The model R cleaner was also the identical colors to the AF but the attachments I believe weíre the cream and teal because it was the lower line model during the model G era which was after the AF.

Those bumpers for the bag door are rare as they are exclusive to the AF and not all AFís had them at all. They are nice to have but I think will be a challenge to get and you might want to contact Rayís son at to see if he has any. Those will prove to be your biggest challenge.

The cloth dust bags are ok if thereís no holes but fine dust could go through....for household dirt they are ok. Though they clog quickly and cause suction loss much more quickly than the 4 ply palate bags feom the late 80s to early 2000s which really work nicely. Plus when the automatic control engages and pops the door open with a cloth bag some dirt often dumps on the floor because the whole system is cyclonic and the dirt actually accumulated up near the bag door first but the center where the dirt comes in stays clear. The bag fills over time accumulating the dirt up near the top of the bag and then down the sides usually leaving the bottom clear. This occurs this way on paper or cloth bags.

My Dad uses older Electroluxís In the basements of both of his homes because he does a lot of woodworking and has a lot of sawdust to clean up so we have cloth bags in the basement machines so we can just dump them into a trash can. To properly clear a cloth bag you should put it gasket side down on a piece of paper or the ground d and hold it at the gasket then shake it and wait for the dust to settle then carefully lift the bag off. Or if you have another vacuum you can suck the dust off the bag cloth. Periodically hold it up to the light to check for any holes.

To clean your motor you can take off the top and switch and unscrew the top and bottom screws to remove the back end of the cleaner, the. Using a compressor and the air blower attachment, blow the dust out of the motor getting in all the nooks and crannies. Do this outside. Youíll be amazed at how when you are done the motor will look like new. I just did it to mine a few months ago for the first time ever and was amazed. Removing built up dust helps the motor to run cooler and last longer. Clean the gasket between the back of the cleaner and also blow out the back of the cleaner air baffle writh the compressed air too. Thereís is a felt part in there that will no doubt be dusty.

The rubber hose actually looks like it is not all that old, it is generic and looks very similar to the ones sold today so it might be more recent.

Growing up my best friends mom had and likely still has an AF. She never changes anything. Hers is a little later version like mine with the model G Turquoise colored braided hose. Her tools matched the cleaner base colors. I believe her crevice tool was teal. Mine didnít come to me with a crevice tool and Iím not sure what color the originals would have been, likely teal...I havenít seen any from that era in creamy tan, those were started in 1974 with the Golden Jubilee and continued until 1982. The old teal ones were a harder plastic and sometimes cracked unlike the cream Tan colored one In your picture so perhaps your Mom got a new one at some point.

Forgive any typos. Using my iphone and the autocorrect often messes things up. Hopefully you understand if the wrong word or typo got inserted.


Post# 431595 , Reply# 12   9/10/2020 at 15:03 (1,403 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Genuine AF rug and floor tool

Hereís pics of my AF rug and floor tool in correct matching coloring. The darker main part has yellowed a little over the years, but this is the correct matching coloring and as you can tell it matches the dusting brush upholstery tool coloring combination.

Note the difference in the rug side design, the air opening in the center is wider and the channels going to either side are narrow with that blocked out section in the middle on either side. Iíve never tested which design does a better job but I imagine the newer design made an improvement for more even suction along the whole width of the tool.


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Post# 431614 , Reply# 13   9/10/2020 at 20:12 (1,402 days old) by Detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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The owners manual says model F, whatís AF?

Post# 431616 , Reply# 14   9/10/2020 at 20:35 (1,402 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Look on the bottom

The bottom of the bag door underneath it says model Automatic F. Electrolux showed it as either F or AF. F would be the original intention. Previous to the model Automatic F there was an Automatic E and an E. The E did not have the automatic control and was the lower level model of the E series. So after the AE it seemed normal to call the Automatic F the AF for short and thatís how it got to be sort of nicknamed the AF. I think the Electrolux chart shows it as the ďAFď. During the F series, the model S for ďSpecialĒ model was the lower level model of the two but was colored in a light bluish gray with a white bag door and white back end and no cord reel or cord wrap halo.


Post# 431638 , Reply# 15   9/11/2020 at 14:34 (1,402 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Colors not always consistent

Also, the colors of the tools and attachments supplied with every machine were also not always consistent. It really depended on what the factory was producing at the time. Usually the attachments were colored to go along with the current top of the line model and paired with the lower level model even if the color was different. Since the top of the line models and lower level models did not always share the same color scheme and years in production often the models that were sold at the end of an era had mismatched attachments. For example, my Motherís Blue Model L from 1972 had all color correct everything. However a neighbor who I ended up cleaning for had a Blue Model L she bought in November 1975 and it had a gold Golden Jubilee era colored hose and also a Golden Jubilee chrome power nozzle with white bumper and those were the colors it came with as a brand new unit. The combo dusting upholstery tool and crevice tool, flip rug and floor tool, and external hose wrap wiring and power nozzle sheath were all the blue color. Iíve seen other inconsistencies on machines that were sold new with different colored hoses or attachments here and there so it is possible the rug and floor tool with teal bumper and turquoise metal bristle holder was the one supplied with your Momís vac when new as Electrolux may have changed the coloring for the new model G soon to come out and had depleted the model F colored ones and so hers got the new color combination one....Looking at your picture of the receipt it looks like your Mom purchased the F on December 19, 1959? I put a question mark because Iím not sure thatís a 59 or 57 for the year. But based on the production run of the F from 1957-1960 and the G coming out in 1960 itís likely your Momís may have just come equipped with the tan and teal rug and floor tool if they had transitioned the coloring of those to the G colors already by the time her machine was being produced and already discontinued the F colors for the rug and floor tool and depleted the F colored Supply. You can probably make it out better than me from the picture. Usually the bumpers donít wear out that quickly nor the entire tool to warrant replacement and it would have had to have been replaced by 1967 which was the end of the teal and tan attachments so Iím willing to bet the rug and floor tool is the original that was supplied with the machine even though it was colored incorrectly. During the run of the F the design of the carpet side of the rug and floor tool was also changed to the newer single suction channel about a half inch wide all the way across design. They may have changed the colors at that time as well if they knew the G colors were going to be changing.

There are some People on here, including the creator of the site, Charles Lester (Electrolux137) who know far more than me and also some people who worked for Electrolux long ago and know much more than me. My knowledge comes from my observations over time and also these members who have helped educate me even further with their vast amount of knowledge.



Post# 431639 , Reply# 16   9/11/2020 at 15:25 (1,401 days old) by Detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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The factory rep that sold her the unit was a church friend. I hated going over there when I was little. Lol.
I remember it going in for service through the years. We had loner Electroluxe vacís till it was fixed.
I found a guy on line, he said he can restore the cord winder. Terry, in ILL. Anyone here ever use him?
Yes, it looks like Dec 19, 1959. Mr York was his name.
On the bill shows a garment bag, filter, N spare tool, .87Ę. Lol $109.21 for all.

Post# 431641 , Reply# 17   9/11/2020 at 15:48 (1,401 days old) by dysonman1 (the county)        

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That's so sad. In December of 1959 she could have had the power nozzle. It was available and would have made a world of difference.

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Post# 431644 , Reply# 18   9/11/2020 at 16:17 (1,401 days old) by Detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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Where would you plug that in at?
Was the orig power cord tan?

Post# 431686 , Reply# 19   9/12/2020 at 15:24 (1,400 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        

The original power cord was indeed a warm gray or tan.

The AFís that were equipped with power nozzles had a small outlet added to the right side of the chrome trim along the top of the cleaner Close to the front.

It was a retrofit that the dealers could add I think if the customer opted for the power nozzle. Though some may have come from the factory with it...I was originally thinking the early Fís didnít have it but this would be wrong as yours is a late F so this leads me to believe it was a retrofit. Likely the factory supplied dealers with a specially designed clipper to clip out the trim perfectly and this plug was designed to slip on the trim. This way they could do it right in the customers home in a few minutes and sell a lot of their model AE and AF customers from the last few years the new power nozzle without having to replace the entire machine. It wires directly back to the switch as Iíve disassembled mine just recently to paint it and mine has it. I have posted a picture of mine that shows it. There is a little rubber cover you have to lift to reveal the outlet, mine is starting to rip off unfortunately but Iím careful with it when I use it but I donít need to use it much. Keep in mind that mine is repainted a hammered gold. Long story as to how it ended up repainted, but was indeed the same colors yours is when I got it and somewhat scratched and little tiny peppered rust spots on the upper half so it didnít look great. For some dumb reason I decided to paint it dark bronze and that all chipped off horribly and it looked like crap so I did it again with better paint, several coats, And better prep and It looks much better. If I hadnít had the gold hammered paint already I probably would have done my best to repaint it in spray paint as close to the original colors.

Electrolux used this little retrofit for many years and even included it on rebuilt G models that didnít originally have the power outlet there. Most all models of the R, G, and L have the power Plug on the bottom by the right front wheel and a small portion of the early model Gís had them under the automatic control dial but that location tended to have problems with the cord pulling out so they moved it Just forward of the right front wheel Location where it had been on the model R which proved to not have that issue. This location was normal through 1979, When the last of the Model Lís was made using a ďpigtailĒ electric hose or non electric hose with external wire wrap on the hose.

You can retrofit your machine to work with a power nozzle by adding the outlet but obtaining one would be a challenge. I once used a power nozzle sheath cord to add one to an old AF that did not have one...those cords are more readily available. I just drilled a hole in the metal trim to feed the cord through and back to the switch...the end of the cord with the plug did dangle off the trim though.

The power nozzle makes the machine up to date And highly effective and easy for carpet cleaning Removing stuck on fuzz, threads, pet hair and the like in one stroke and even fluffing the nap and the power nozzle glides over the carpet effortlessly. So easily some people felt like it wasnít doing a good job, but it indeed does.. Back in the 60ís the Electrolux with the power nozzle was rated number 1 by consumer reports as the best cleaning vacuum cleaner.

My Mom had a model S with no power nozzle and when my parents replaced all the carpet in the house with light Creamy yellow Carpet In the 70ís, she had the Electrolux salesman out to get the power nozzle. Unfortunately the model S could not be retrofitted with the power nozzle and I think she just really wanted a whole new vacuum for the best suction and to keep the other for the garage and basement so she bought the model L with the power nozzle and electric hose in 1972 or 73. I still remember sitting on the stairs when the salesman sold her the Model L as I was only 4 or 5. She still has both machines today and the model L is still in great shape...the S runs but being a basement and garage vac for all these years it has gotten dented up. Likely from my Dad not being too careful with it.


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Post# 431706 , Reply# 20   9/12/2020 at 22:47 (1,400 days old) by Detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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I see 2 diff cord types reels on the Fís. Mine doesnít have the chrome band around. Whatís the story on the diff?

Post# 431764 , Reply# 21   9/14/2020 at 08:09 (1,399 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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I preserved the vac bag cover, not sure why, but it is from the 70ís.

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Post# 431769 , Reply# 22   9/14/2020 at 09:39 (1,399 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Cord reel

The smaller one with the chrome band is an older version. It is similar to the all chrome ones on earlier models in design. The one you have is the newer version.

That bag package may in fact be an original from when the vacuum was new! The ones from the 70s looked different. But if not, itís definitely from the mid 60ís as Electrolux changed their logo name design in the mid to late 60ís to have that ocular rectangle around the name which was in all caps. This was in preparation to the introduction of the model 1205 with that overall shape to the cleaner body in 1968 but the Logo was introduced a few years earlier as Iíve seen Model G manuals with the new logo and the model G was the predecessor to the 1205. The new name logo I mention may be on your crevice tool, it looks more recent.

Itís certainly fun to have something retro To the machine and that bag package indeed is.


Post# 431770 , Reply# 23   9/14/2020 at 09:43 (1,399 days old) by dysonman1 (the county)        

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The 1959 models of Automatic F came factory-equipped with the power nozzle outlet along the top trim. The Power Nozzle was $49.75 extra. The Electrolux-built cord winders had a black cord with belden end. It wasn't until second year of the model G that Electrolux made their own plugs and did away with belden.

Post# 431771 , Reply# 24   9/14/2020 at 09:45 (1,399 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        

This newer version cordwinder you have was continued on the model R, and model L through 1979. It was colored in the light tan or cream. For the F, R, and early white Lís then a teal blue for the model L, in 1968 and then a metallic Gold for the last few years of the model L. Iíve never opened an older model as Iíve only had one for a short time and it worked fine on a model E, but I have had many of the newer ones. The internal design is identical to the integrated one on the model G and that may be why it was use the same parts.


Post# 431776 , Reply# 25   9/14/2020 at 11:16 (1,399 days old) by human (Pines of Carolina)        
Power Nozzles...

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I can attest to the difference a power nozzle and a good hose make. I have two Electrolux 1205s, one of which my dad rescued from a neighbor's trash pile in about 1981. It had a very leaky non-electric hose and no power nozzle. It was practically useless on the shag carpet we had in the house at the time. I got hold of my second 1205 at a thrift store in 2004 and it had a braided electric hose and PN1. Amazingly, the hose didn't leak terribly much, although the plastic pistol grip was cracked where it met the hose. The difference between the two machines was like night and day. I found the original 1205 in my parents' attic four years ago and carried it home with the idea of it serving as a parts donor for my other one, should the need ever arise but out of curiosity, I put a good vinyl hose and a power nozzle on it (probably the first time it had ever had one attached and also the first time the machine had been powered up at all in about 20 years) and gave it a test run. I was amazed that it performed every bit as well as the other one and now it is every bit the workhorse as any of my other Electrolux canisters.

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I got the flip brush today from eBay, itís almost nOS.
I sent the cord winder off today to get rebuilt.
Hereís the crevasse too. Iím guessing she had to but the dust brush then, something is on the receipt for under a dollar.

I guess good thing I saved the bag package, I sprayed it with water, then cut 2 PCs of pink foam for inside. Pressed it overnight. $3.45 for 18 bags, itís gotta be old.

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Interesting dysonman1

Whatís odd is his Momís receipt of purchase of this machine shows December 1959 but there is NO power nozzle outlet on the machine. So perhaps the factory Was sending some out with The outlet and some without the outlet...though it is possible I guess that it was from 1958 and sat in the dealerís stock room for a while if more people were buying with the power nozzle until someone came along wanting one without the power nozzle.


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The brush I just got in the mail is a later version, it has the real rubber, but it was so new I just had to have. I did buy a tan rubber one, hope itís older and has the correct slot on the one side. We shall see.

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Thatís a beautiful teal and tan rug and floor tool, hard to find those in that combination of colors in that good of condition, usually they are well worn and the bumper corners are well rounded from wear like your original.

The dusting brush/upholstery tool is original and matching colors...nice...the crevice tool looks like itís a 1974-1982 series cream colored and has the new Electrolux logo I mentioned started in the late 60ís but not with this coloring until 1974.

You are familiar with how the dusting brush works, right? The wings flip out and you can put the hose into the bristle end and I now itís an upholstery tool and can even contour to rounded arms on wing chairs and couches and even bolster pillows! This and the flip over rug and floor tool are by far my most favorite tools of all vacuum cleaner brand tools. So convenient...4 tools in 2! The wings are replaceable if they ever break, but I try to be careful as I did break one one time back in the Late 80ís or early 90ís When I dropped the hose with it on and it hit the floor. An Electrolux man showed me run the base under hot tap water to warm the rubber and then you can bend it to open it to release the wing hinge. He had spares from used ones and gave us a used one to replace the one broken wing!

Electrolux designed the entire machine to have replaceable parts and is completely serviceable...and while now Aerus has discontinued some of the parts, if you can get a part somehow, it can be replaced.


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I was thinking we always had the crevasse tool, maybe the orig hose end was wore on an angle, when the hose was replaced she bought that then, I know I always got yelled at when not putting the tool on. Lol

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Doe the manual show a crevice tool included? I know my Momís model S made at the same time did not include one. It was an extra purchase item. Your Mom may have bought one but the early ones were hard breakable plastic,
Erhaps it broke and she got this new one. Anyway, good that you have one! The generic replacement hose you have seems even more recent than the crevice tool and would not have been purchased from Aerus Electrolux....maybe the second hose wore out and she got this one on line or at a general vacuum store. General vacuum stores do not stock new genuine parts, only used stuff as they do not have access to them.


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I don't......

want to get into a member Battle Royal(pun intended) but.......

In one room that is carpeted sat something heavy that smashed the pile down. I've hit that spot with my Royal, my Hoover Convertible and the PN for the Diamond Jubilee.

Guess which one is the only vac that completely raises the pile back to normal(after many tests weeks apart)?


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That isnt a Electrolux hose? thatís strange, I remember when the OG hose wasnít usable, could have went through 2 hoses, at some point Mr York passed away, (factory rep) thatís all possible then. At some point it was retired for an upright, we just used the F for the cars. Leaning her place out, I didnít see an upright. Hmmmmm

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Iím looking at the manual, itís a 1957, it doesnít show a crevasse tool

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The cloth bag was in this. It isnít Electrolux.

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The cloth bag you have in earlier photos and your profile photo is indeed an Electrolux. I have the same one. I think it just got put into an empty package from some generic DVC brand paper bags. Funny, I keep my cloth bag in an empty plastic bag from some generic paper bags too!

Your cloth bag fits a number of models..Automatic E, F, G, 1205 and most models since that take the c bag. Interestingly enough there is also a clear plastic cover for the top of the bag with a hole in the center for the suction port to help contain the dirt. Iíve seen these but never had one. I think they may have been for use with the later models such as the Golden jubilee and on. It really helps the dirt from dirtying up the inside of the bag door.

The cloth bags were used by salesman to demonstrate the dirt the vacuum would pick up in a customers home.

I remember once when staying at my Grandmotherís house the Electrolux man coming and he dumped the cloth bag half full of dirt on her nice formal living room chair. She got very angry with him and told him to ďclean up that messĒ and not to come in her house and make a mess like that, He showed her how the power nozzle head put right on the end of the hose without the wand would clean the chair beautifully. Even so, she still was not very happy with him and sent him on his way with no sale as she already had two Electroluxís. Of course I was right there watching the whole demonstration. My Brother and Sister were there too and my Brother remembers this instance to this day as well.

I think he was demonstrating the model 1205, the power nozzle was a blue PN-1 I do remember that for sure. My Grandmother got sucked in to the Electrolux salesmanís tactics and changed her Electroluxís more frequently than needed. She always had one upstairs and another downstairs, usually the lower level model upstairs. She did like to have things new and have the best and kept a very clean house so getting a new vacuum periodically didnít seem all that unusual to her. On this visit though, she did not buy the machine and sent him on his way. I think my Aunt who lived with my Grandmother allowed him to come in more for entertainment for us kids and especially me because she knew I liked to play with the Electrolux a lot. Our parents were away on a vacation or an out of state wedding I think and us kids were staying at Grandma's for the week so keeping us kids preoccupied was somewhat of a challenge.

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Your rite, I meant the plastic bag wasnít factory. Lol
Every time she took it in for repair, he tried to sell her a new vac. And the loaner was a newer unit.
I also have the sprayer and the vaporizer, still in boxes. I donít remember her ever using them.
There are a few d3 to in the va, Iím wondering if my pointless dent guy could pop some of it out. Iíll ask him some time.
Looking forward for the winder to work. And having the bumpers on the front again, putting these on, do they just push in or do I need to take the front door apart?

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The Elux..........

salesmen were not always predators. I know of at least two that serviced their customers for over 30yrs......were never pushy and fixed their machines for pennies, if needed.

My mother-in-in-law was one of those customers. She lived in the same house for 45yrs and the Elux salesman was the same until he retired. She gave us an old G that she had(she had something newer).

Then she was instrumental in having the Elux salesperson come to our first farm over on the rainy side of WA. We bought a new Diamond Jubilee for a ridiculous amount of money.

Many yrs later we divorced;the ex got the Diamond J and I got the old G. Her cleaning lady absolutely destroyed the Diamond J. It was like watching an ape run a vacuum. I still have the G, but I transplanted its motor into a newer tank body. That was the strongest G motor I ever saw....must have been a story there but people pass on and provenance tales are lost.


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I got the other flip brush today in the mail, I would have never bought it, a day after 1 ordered it my orig one just fell apart, when I took it apart to clean, the screws broke off the plastic. This one is complete. If someone needs a teal one w/ tan rubber, itís pretty nice. It has the elbow part too.

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My vac does not have the power port. Iím not going to add it, hereís with the parts I got so far, cord reel is out getting rebuilt and a rocker switch and a bumper is coming as well. It does work well as it is now.
Are the real Electrolux bags better than the repop?

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I like...

Genuine Electrolux 4 ply bags...some were 3 or 2 ply and the new Aerus home solutions 2 ply bags in blue are supposed to be better Aerus says as the paper is supposed to be a better filtration media but some here have debated about that and I have some that I recently acquired at a thrift store last year but havenít tried them yet. The ďMulti filterĒ brand and ďair plusĒ brand generics are 4 ply and are pretty good too but the top cardboard panel tends to be a little thinner sometimes causing them to warp inward if in the vacuum for a long period of time or run packing them heavily with dirt. The generics have come a long way and the 4 ply generics sold these days should do a fine job.

I bought 54 3 packs of generics years ago from the dollar store, thought it was a good buy at 33cents per bag basically....the plastic bag says they are 4 ply but some were not the multi filter brand 4 ply ones and turned out to have no printing on them at all and are 2 ply so I was not too happy about getting something different than what the packages says on the outside. They were sold by Home Care products and have the big ďvac bagsĒ labeling on the outside. I really should call Home Care products and make them send me replacements since they put something different in the package than what was advertised. Thereís some wording about a satisfaction guarantee on the back of the package. But I think I have to send them the bags at my cost for replacement and kinda not worth it. It was odd, about half the packages have the nice 4 ply multi filter bags and about half have the cheaper thinner bags. I suddenly noticed when I went to open a new package and thought ..gee this package seems not as thick as the other and opened the thicker package as well to reveal different bags. Maybe this is why the lot was sold off to the dollar tree, perhaps Home Care Products discovered their vendor for the bags was not putting the right bags in all the packages. Even so, regardless of where I buy them, they should still honor the satisfaction guarantee. I chose to buy so many because I was running my remodeling business at the time and using the Electrolux a lot and going through lots of bags so I figured Iíd stock up since they were less pricey at the dollar store. A three pack for a buck! Not bad I thought. I bought those over 10 years ago and have used about half of them...I think I bought too many!

On the 4 ply bags there is 3 inner layers of a soft tissue like fabric and this helps to filter the dirt and dust and avoid the pores of the outer paper from clogging too quickly and therefore allowing the bag to hold more dirt before it cuts off suction. I believe this was patented by Electrolux long ago and then when the patent ran out, the generic companies began copying the feature as this used to be a big point Electrolux made as to why their bags were ďthe best bag for your Electrolux cleaner.Ē

Trapping as much dirt as you can helps keep the motor from getting dirt in it as well as fine bits getting sent back out in the air.

Personally for the units I use in my house I use the Genuine Electrolux 4 ply bags...for the one I use for the ďshop vacĒ type jobs to clean the car, garage and remodeling dirty jobs, I use the generics.

Iím not sure if the older genuine yellow bags From the 60s and 70s are 3, ply but I discovered some of the mid 80s bags in gray are only 3 ply and then they changed to 4 ply sometime in that color era. Probably the 3 ply patent ran out so they upped the quality to 4 ply and got a new patent to still have the edge over generic copied bags. The tan genuine Electrolux bags with Tan cardboard colored tops were all 4 ply. I have a bunch of genuine bags from most of these eras mentioned and I should probably cut one of each open to determine how many plies they are. I know some of the genuine packaging says how many plies they are in that package. A genuine package of the yellow ďlightning bolt bagsĒ doesnít specify but does show a graphic of a difference and the graphic depicts 3 total plies.

Really old generic bags from the 50s and early 60s were just single ply or 2 ply and some didnít have the rubber seal either, I definitely do not recommend using those at all.

Some have found fabric cloth type disposable bags with micro filtration by a generic manufacturer..Iíve never tried them and am sure they are not cheap.

Bags should never be emptied and reused..the paper takes a beating especially when trying to get the dirt out and then could split or rip when reusing it allowing dirt to get into the motor. Iíve had genuine bags split at the corner edge seams because they were older...fortunately the inner layers didnít rip and held the dirt in but old paper bags can split just from age as the paper begins to break down just from sitting around for many years so I donít recommend buying ďvintageĒ genuine bags. Iíve had this issue with some of the older yellow genuine bags I picked up at an estate sale or bought off eBay. Those yellow bags are from 1982 on back. Thatís almost 40 years or more!


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Hereís what I bought, it says 4 ply, it was from a Vac store locally, I try to help local businesses since all whatís been going on, they actually said they would look at fixing the switch but I have a new rocker coming. I went there to get 1 alum tube wand , but only had the new steel ones that are chromed and no vintage parts at all. They have been helpful, I have a bag less Bissell upright, the power switch broke, they had a generic one that was red not black, but it works on the vac. It was an easy fix.

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Hereís the cord reel. I hope it all works like new when I get it back. I sent him the rubber stop part off the original.
The bumper on the door, is that just a push in or does the door have to come apart to install it?

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Multiflilter 4-Ply Bags...

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Those Multifilter brand 4-Ply bags are what I use in all my Electrolux machines, both canisters ('C' bags) and uprights ('U' bags). I buy them in bulk on eBay and can generally find 24 bags for about $15 with free shipping, which works out to a fraction over 62 cents a bag. I find they perform just as well as the genuine Electrolux/Aerus bags for a fraction of the price.

Post# 432127 , Reply# 45   9/20/2020 at 13:02 (1,393 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
About the best generic bag you can get

Aside from the micro filter cloth bags, those are about the best generic paper bags you can get so they should do fine.

Thatís a model 2 cordwinder. It looks a bit beaten up like someone dropped the vac tilted up from the front on the pavement. When you get it back you might want to paint it With a matching paint so that scratched area wonít rust.

The cordwinder should have a plastic ring around the hole where the cord comes out. When Iíve had to open any of these, I usually flip the ring around as it wears down on the top side from the cord being dragged along it when pulling the cord out. Itís best though not to pull the cord out in an upward direction, but rather straight out so neither the plastic ring nor the cord itself suffer damage.

In the meantime an extension cord with a correct straight oriented female end will likely plug into the back end of the switch to give you a cord to run the machine sans cordwinder. This machine uses the same standard cord as the AE, R, and L so if you want one of them, you can search eBay for one and also get a cord halo and then youíll have both the non cordwinder setup as well as the cordwinder equipped setup which you can swap out if you like. The cordwinder will add a significant amount of weight to the machine and I added one to my Motherís L and then some years later she complained the machine was heavy so I converted back to no cordwinder and she was happy again. The cordwinder really wasnít something she was concerned about having as much as a nice light weight heavy duty vacuum cleaner, which the Model L was touted as per the advertising on our box which she stored the unit in for many years until the box finally became kinda tattered and she decided it fit in the closet better without the box.


Post# 432128 , Reply# 46   9/20/2020 at 13:12 (1,393 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Not sure on the bumper

Iím not sure on how the F bumpers might look closely at if it wraps into the bag door inside at all, I know the ones on the model L do so changing them involves opening up the bag doors interior cover.

If it stops before the bag door edge perhaps itís just a push in rubber item.

Post a closer pic of the bag door, both sides, the one missing the bumper and the one with the bumper...particularly showing if the bumper ends at the edge of the bag door or seems to wrap in and around the edge of the bag door.

I believe the bag door interior cover swings open if you take out the screws And slide the rubber gasket forward off the collar., Iíd have to look at mine but itís at a different property It was being used at now so I do t have it available to look at. Unfortunately mine was not equipped with the bumpers but one I had at one time was but since they were in tact I never had to deal with them and I actually wish this one I have now had them because they are nice if you accidentally pull the vacuum into a door frame, they soften the impact and avoid nicking your trim wood and paint.

I do wonder when they started putting the bumpers on the bag door. Mine has the power port for the power nozzle but not the bumpers. So odd.


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I appreciate this thread as I was planning on asking you all about quality C type bags. I wondered if any were made in cloth Hepa type/manner because those type keep the airflow so much longer than the paper bags even with filtrating layers inside the paper. Does anyone know of any?

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Vacuum America Clean brand makes a good HEPA C bag

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Yesterday I got good and bad news from Terry,
He said there is 3 diff types of the cord reels for the Fís, mine happens to be the middle version, it has larger parts inside and itís missing half of them, the Electrolux guy my mom knew must have robbed some when the cord was put on directly. So in his stash, he has a reel in teal, and the later F version, also a few early versions with the band around, I liked the 3rd version, only diff is it has 3 little bumpers to sit on when you stand it. ( see pics). Mine is next to the teal unit, I opted fir the same unit not the teal. If I do have to re paint it, has anyone found a matching paint or do I get some enamel mixed at a automotive paint shop and mix in a prevail spray bomb?
Also heís sending the front bumpers, Iíll put 2 good ones on.
Itís crazy how many differences there are for Fís.

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Terry's contact info..........

Is Terry's email address still the same as listed on his website? I had to ask because I haven't seen a webtv email address in a long time.

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Hers what Iím using, if it turns out diff, Iíll repost it

Post# 432196 , Reply# 52   9/21/2020 at 11:13 (1,392 days old) by luxlife (Under a Pecan Tree)        
Ok. I guess it works.

Thank you very much!

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The type two cord reel with the three little rubber feet is for the model R. It uses the same parts as the model G. The type two for the Automatic F used unique inner parts.

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Well crap, it it what it is. Iíll hang onto the OG one, maybe one day Iíll find parts.

Post# 432204 , Reply# 55   9/21/2020 at 13:00 (1,392 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Who knew?

I agree, so crazy the cord reels were changed but I guess Fís had the old cord reel first then the new one was introduced..then iit must have been quickly improved leaving us with the third version of parts which looks to have been identical with parts to the model L, R and Gís just different colors and I would say thatís the best one to go with because there were so many of those made so getting parts in the future would be less difficult.

I wonder if he can fit your new one with the flip open louvre? Itís a Nice touch and can be changed as I see the current one is broken off so just the tab remains. It directs the exhaust air upward so as not to blow any dust on the uncleaned portions of the floor around.

The first F I had...had the second version of the cordwinder I didnít have the louver or the little plastic feet to stand on to avoid the metal from scraping the floor or the metal getting scuffed itself. My Brother ended up with that first F which actually belonged to a neighbor of ours. After his using it for several years the motor started smoking he said and so he threw it away several years ago. It may have had a black cord on it, that seems to sound familiar. It did not originally have the power nozzle power port.. But it did have the bumpers on the bag door. .I retrofitted the power nozzle port to it using a PN-1 teal sheath cord so it sounds like it was nearly identical to yours.

Funny thing is my Brother thought the cordwinder was the motor! He said the vacuum is so funny looking with the motor sticking out the back. I had to correct him and explain it was strictly the cordwinder and that was an option and thatís why it looked like that.

Electrolux was always working on improving the products so Iím not surprised things kept changing.

Glad to hear you have found bag door bumpers!

I noticed the model Eís and model Fís sound different. The Fís sound nearly identical to the Lís and the Eís, Sís, LXís all sound the same. I did notice that these have different size fans which are thicker but not as large of diameter as the L type motors. Hence Electrolux clear did some sort of motor change starting with the F. I always like the tone of the L and was pleasantly surprised when I heard my best friends Mom had her F running that it sounded the same. So when picking a model to replace the E I was using as a shop vac I decided on an F for several reasons.. the unitís carry handle is sturdier and doesnít rip which is a problem on the Eís Rís, and Lís. it included the automatic control which I like, it has the power nozzle port for sometimes I need to use the power nozzle, It isnít as heavy as a G, and the motor sound is pleasant in general. I did consider an1205 as well but with that one Iíd have to use the electric hose for the power nozzle instead of the external wire wrap which I already had and finding an early 1205 with the power port below the hose inlet is more rare.

Iíve never had an AE to know if it uses the same motor as the E or F/L, but Iím assuming it uses the same as the E.


Post# 432205 , Reply# 56   9/21/2020 at 13:23 (1,392 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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Thanks all for the info here BTW, he said has a vent for the back, but I was t going to get it, itís in teal, now Iíll tell him to put it on. I did get a halo fir $25 for the heck of it. He was a pleasure to work with too, looking forward to getting the parts.

Post# 432206 , Reply# 57   9/21/2020 at 14:03 (1,392 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        

You might eventually find the louvre for the back in the tan/cream color on eBay. They were made in that color during the R, Bronze Gís and early white Lís and the last Gold Lís. The trick will be figuring out how people name them on eBay to search for them and find them. The teal Louver wonít be bad though And will match your floor tool. They were also made in the turquoise color for the Turquoise model Gís. Just writing this makes me realize that they were in 3 colors over time and changed for so many different models, not just the two colors which I thought was the case.


Post# 432220 , Reply# 58   9/21/2020 at 16:35 (1,391 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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I called him back, and he said itís blue, not teal. So Iíll look for one. Heís got a blue if anyone needs one.

Post# 432622 , Reply# 59   9/27/2020 at 13:02 (1,386 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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I got my parts from Terry yesterday, everything was nice. Even though the cord winder is off a later Vac, it matches. It came complete with the switch cord, I do have an extra from tan bumper if anyone needs one. I also got a cord halo not sure why, but I he had a few nice ones. My mom sure would be happy itís all fixed up. It gets a retired life now just cleaning the finished floor in my garage. The sound just brings back memories, thanks to all who helped with questions here.
Terry is top shelf on parts and service. Iíd recommend him for your Electrolux needs.
I need a tan vent for the winder. Iíll have to scour eBay.

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I see after filers avail, we never had these, are they good for the vacs?
Does it go in last, by the door?

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When the four-ply bags were introduced, Electrolux instructed users not to use filters in their LXs, LXIs, Es and E-As. Then when the F came out, filters were discontinued. There's not even a way to install them.

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Post# 432686 , Reply# 62   9/28/2020 at 07:45 (1,385 days old) by kirbyklekter (Concord,Ca.)        
I think I read here

that Electrolux owners manuals were printed up in huge batches and they would use the left over stock on the the next model if they could. If the model had a long production run, and they used the same manual without reprinting and editing I could see how certain features and improvements made during said run weren't shown or mentioned.

Kirby did similar during the 500 series. I have four manuals for various models that either borrowed most if not all of the previous models copy. Same manual, different cover. I've learned that you can't always rely on the owners manuals to determine when a new part or feature or change to a given model came about.

Printing is expensive so I can see why they would try to get the most mileage from a print job. It's very common now days for instruction manuals to cover 5 or 6 models in consumer electronics for instance and appliances where the only changes made were cosmetic.

Post# 432687 , Reply# 63   9/28/2020 at 07:49 (1,385 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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Iím going to paint the metal part of the extra floor floor brush I bought on eBay tan, and use the tan rubber from it. The teal just looks wrong on this vac. I have 2 paints, a tan and an almond. Iíll see what matches. I have a nice teal floorbrush plastic pc if someone needs one in the teal.

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Post# 432688 , Reply# 64   9/28/2020 at 07:54 (1,385 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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E137, thanks. I thought you maybe just set in in before the bag, I just bought 24 bags for $16 and change, free ship on Amazon.

Post# 432701 , Reply# 65   9/28/2020 at 11:18 (1,385 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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Iím going to attempt to paint the metal part on the brush side, itíll be kinda hard not getting paint on the bristles, looks like the brushes are crimped in. Hereís 3 tans I had, I did a spray out to see what matches best, itís an extra part so if it turns out bad, no biggie. The paint on the 2nd druse I bought is almost perfect, so Iíll save that one. My mom put a teal brush on there, not sure why. Her Electrolux guy always gave her wrong stuff.

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Post# 432710 , Reply# 66   9/28/2020 at 12:56 (1,385 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
I think trust had been changed

I think by then Electrolux may have changed the color scheme to the teal and tan as that was next to coordinate with the new model G. I know a lot of Electroluxís that were sold with different colored parts as original equipment.

For painting make sure you sand first. Next mask the bristle strips with tape or you and uncrimp with a screwdriver and remove them they are in their own crimp strip. The bristle strips are replaceable and you just receipt to close it back up to hold the strips back in place.

The correct color for the metal piece for an F would have been the main color of the tank which is that beige gray color....Not the creamy tan color of the ends of the machine.

Also several costs will hold up better.

Let us know how it goes and comes out!


Post# 432712 , Reply# 67   9/28/2020 at 14:36 (1,385 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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I can barely see the color in Joís pic. But it looks gray.

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Post# 432713 , Reply# 68   9/28/2020 at 14:48 (1,385 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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I stumbled on this on the web. This is the hose Iím looking for I take it?

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Post# 432721 , Reply# 69   9/28/2020 at 17:48 (1,384 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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Jon, you gave me an idea, so I tried to slide out 5he brushes, a little here and there, and they popped rite out. I straightened up the grooves where they staked the brushes a5 the factory. Now I can wire wheel the steel pc and sand with the brushes out of the way. The brushes say fuller brush on the bottoms. Then I scrubbed everything, way better.
Hereís a gray that I had laying around, rustolium Stainless Steel. Should be fine, not exact but itís on the brush.

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Post# 432762 , Reply# 70   9/28/2020 at 21:42 (1,384 days old) by johnnyb59c (13240 n 3980 rd dewey oklahoma)        

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$100 in 1959 would be like $893.19 today

Post# 432769 , Reply# 71   9/28/2020 at 22:45 (1,384 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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Funnier yet, I spent more than it initial price to refurb it 😂

Post# 432792 , Reply# 72   9/29/2020 at 14:11 (1,384 days old) by Detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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Got her all cleaned up, Iím not happy with the paint, I need to go to Home Depot anyway. So Iíll look for a better gray.

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Post# 432797 , Reply# 73   9/29/2020 at 14:50 (1,384 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        

Maybe itís the metallic finish you donít like perhaps. Though the ones in the late 80s and on were just steel with a clear coat on them so it looked a lot like this. Glad you were able to get the bristles out, definitely makes things easier.

Yes Fuller did make the brush bristles for Electrolux and other vacuum cleaner brands too. Not sure how long they did that for them. But Electrolux made so much of the entire machines themselves that perhaps this they decided to have outsourced. Todayís floor brush and combination rug and floor tool uses plastic bristles. I do NOT like them in comparison. The bristles bend over especially on the front edge. The dusting brushes are still real horsehair though. Some of the real horsehair ones were all black and others a mix of grays. You can actually buy new bristle strips for these. I did some years ago on ebay and they are real horsehair.


Post# 432804 , Reply# 74   9/29/2020 at 16:27 (1,383 days old) by Detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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The Krylon gray paint matches pretty good for the flip brush.

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Post# 432811 , Reply# 75   9/29/2020 at 19:46 (1,383 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Looks pretty good!

I like it, looks pretty darn close from the picture!

Itís nice that your canister doesnít have any rust. Mine had little speckles of rust all on the upper half of the canister and that made me want to paint it.


Post# 432812 , Reply# 76   9/29/2020 at 20:13 (1,383 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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I finished up the floor brush, I swapped out the better brush strips too, thanks for the idea, it came out nice, prob looks like It did new. I think the teal brush replaced the OG tan one, I remember something breaking. Now I have a nice all teal brush if someone needs one. Even has a teal thumb lever pad.

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Post# 432836 , Reply# 77   9/30/2020 at 01:03 (1,383 days old) by electrolux137 (Los Angeles)        

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Nice. What color Krylon is that? The closest match to Electrolux Gray was called Dove Gray. Unfortunately it's no longer made.

Post# 432841 , Reply# 78   9/30/2020 at 07:36 (1,383 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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Krylon gloss vintage gray, if you were to do the whole vac it would prob be ok. No primer with this one too. Itís hard matching 60 year old paint, Iíd have to take the vac apart and get at where itís been cover from light. Terry owes me a switch, but the vac is perfect now, Iím happy.

Post# 432842 , Reply# 79   9/30/2020 at 07:38 (1,383 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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Here, I should have posted it.

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Post# 432845 , Reply# 80   9/30/2020 at 10:08 (1,383 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Came out nice!

That looks very nice. If you have another canister vacuum that uses the standard 1 1/4Ē wands you can use the extra rug and floor tool with it if you like this tool. This is one of my all time favorite tools because it works so nicely and is durable and scratch free for hard floors and also works on rugs too nicely all in one so I have kept extras to use on other vacs that I acquired without such tools or that had tools that were not nearly as nice as these are. Heck, you may come across an Electrolux in the future you get free and need one to go with it!

Did you notice that the gleaner bar is different on the two? Yours has the option to switch it on and off and the grooves are quite aggressive to pull up hair and fuzz and even lift nap while it was redesigned on the teal one to be a different type of smoother groove that would work for all types of carpets and not get stuck on loop carpet so they eliminated the switching capability. During the teal color run they also eventually eliminated the thumb switch groove altogether. On the more recent models which are currently made, they have changed the gleaner bar to be nothing but a smooth metal bar, nearly identical to yours when it is ďoffĒ but yet the raised printing in the suction groove that says ďGleaner barĒ with an arrow pointing to it is still there. (This raised printing was added in the mid 80ís). Iím sort of disappointed Aerus/Electrolux has made it all smooth, the generation just before it seemed to do some good to get up per hair and some stuck in fuzz, but I guess they figure people will use the power attachments for this type of cleaning. Seems odd to me that they downgraded this tool twice over time. I can see if it was getting stuck on loop carpet they would need something that would do the job on loop carpet so redesigning seemed logical. But complete elimination down to the smooth bar as current seems like a total downgrade.

Only the top of the line Lux platinum includes the tool now anyway, I think it is optional on the lower models Lux legacy and Lux Classic. Those include just a single sided floor brush tool that came over from the lexan models from Canada Electrolux when the two merged in the mid 80s.


Post# 432851 , Reply# 81   9/30/2020 at 14:43 (1,383 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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Yes, I thought it was strange on the teal One itís blank on the end, but still has the cut out area.
My moms had it, but it was a combo of later stuff since it broke.
I still have to replace the plastic rocker switch, but it works, so Iíll do that later.

Post# 432856 , Reply# 82   9/30/2020 at 16:21 (1,382 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
If I see one....

If I see one of those rocker switch covers on eBay Iíll be sure to let you know. The main switch body on my model G is identical and it sometimes doesnít work and causes the vac to flicker on then off or not come on at all. Might be why someone gave it away and left it at the free stuff shed at the town trash and recycle station. Problem is intermittent. The switch unit itself is pretty simple and I canít see what could go wrong aside from the spring breaking and thatís not it for sure but I have yet to take it out and examine it closely. It may just need a thorough cleaning. Apparently the switching unit is no longer made by Aerus/Electrolux so getting one is not as easy but an aftermarket company make be making a replacement which could be available at a generic vacuum cleaner repair shop.

How did those dents get in the side of the main body? Is there a story to go along with it? I remember my Momís model L tumbling down the stairs at one time when cleaning the stairs and that put a dent in hers. Kinda frustrating and it was back in the 70s when that happened as it was the main vacuum for the 2 story 4 bedroom 2 living and dining area house and was used weekly like clockwork. She still has it but it resides as the upstairs vac which is only 2 bedrooms and a bathroom for their vacation home that is only used primarily 3 months out of the year during the summer months.

Anyway itís rare to find thIs series of metal units with no dents or scratches since they were prone to tipping onto their side. The model Gís are more common to not be dented because the back end was thick aluminum and the sides had thick rubber bumpers that ran down the entire length of the machine. I actually glued some model G teal bumpers to my Momís unit so as to avoid more dents. I think I did that in the late 80ís and they are still on there.

Oh by the way, did you know you can store the crevice tool on the vac too? While itís kind of odd the narrow end will fit into the dusting brush end and stick up at an angle...also I sometimes store it by threading the narrow end into the handle. These options keep it ďon boardĒ and handy while cleaning. Iíve tried storing attachments on the cord clip at the back of the switch but often they fall off there. The cord clip is convenient for when thereís no cordwinder, just the halo, to either keep the end of the cord in place after winding it up or if one only needs a shorter length of cord just what is needed can be unwound and clipped to the clip so the rest stays firmly on the halo. I do wish they had built in a specific clip for the crevice tool...that would have made this series even better. The brush clip can hold it if it hasnít gotten bent upwards but often they do somewhat from people pulling upward with their brush than just sliding it forward to remove it. It can be bent back by unscrewing it and bending it downward some then putting it back on and it will hold the crevice tool more firmly. But at least the clip is there to hold the multi use combination dusting brush/upholstery tool.


Post# 432862 , Reply# 83   9/30/2020 at 17:23 (1,382 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        

This model F has the original hose on eBay. Also a cordwinder with the swing open back louver! Seems theyíve put a cloth bag in and didnít realize you have to remove the bags gasket to get the door to stay shut and have it taped. Bet it wonít sell and you could pick it up cheap as they have a best offer option! They mis named it. Thatís the cordwinder model not the machine model.


Post# 432865 , Reply# 84   9/30/2020 at 18:27 (1,382 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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Dang, if I didnít just buy the reminder Iíd snag that. I jumped too fast, It has the mill finish tubes, I needed 1 of those. Funny, it doesnít have the front 2 rubber bumpers. And the vent is teal.
The cord winder from terry is cleaner looking. Iíd lov3 to have that hose though 😑

Post# 432866 , Reply# 85   9/30/2020 at 18:33 (1,382 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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The dents were prob from me loosing it down the stairs many times. Mom used to yell. Lol
Before both staircases were carpet they were hard on the vac. Plus she stood it up in the hall closet, it fell over constantly. Iím surprised itís not more beat up. In the end, the dementia set in, a lot of things she tossed without me knowing. She had a green upright vac, one day it was just gone. She threw it out.

Post# 432872 , Reply# 86   9/30/2020 at 20:14 (1,382 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Glad she didnít toss the Electrolux

Likely because it was easy to push. As people get older they lose their muscle tone and find using the Electrolux or a canister quite easy compared to uprights. Especially without the power nozzle. It happened to my friend friend who passed at her later years she didnít clean the house herself but in her 60s and 70s if she had to vacuum (I mostly did it) she didnít like using the power nozzle because it was easier just to use the rug and floor tool. My Mom is now 83 and has arthritis in her right hand and wrist and she is starting to not use the power nozzle every time she vacuums. I got her a eureka quick up stick vac with power brush and itís very light and she uses that a lot so she only has to go around with the Electrolux every two weeks. I told her it wonít deep clean like the Electrolux and she agreed and says she still does use the Electrolux because since we got her the new rubber hoses itís much easier to handle too she said but she likes to use the Quick up frequently.

Sorry your Mom ended up with Dementia, my Grandmother ended up with that too. They called it senility back then but it was very unfortunate. I was young at the time, just 11 and she died just before I hit 14. There was one time when she did recognize my Mother when we arrived for a visit and it was very surprising as it had been quite a while since she knew who anyone was except my Aunt who lived with her. My only hope was that she was not lonely during those years and I think because the mind was going she was living in this world of when she was much, much younger as she would talk about her husband coming home soon who actually had died when my Mother was just 3. Fortunately, she lived in the house she and my Grandfather built at a young age until nearly the end of her life so going through the senility in her house that she lived in at that young age made living there not an issue. Her daughter, my Aunt, never married and always lived with her so that Iím sure made it easy for her but undoubtedly was difficult for my Aunt.

At the early onset of it I do remember my Grandmother using the Electrolux and she would flip the rug and floor tool over but incorrectly, not removing it but instead spinning it over and the suction was at the top when she was doing the hardwood but it was ok, she also would go over the hardwood with a dust mop. She didnít have a lot to do so she cleaned a lot and had worked In her early years cleaning for people. In the later years of the dementia you could give her an entire basket of laundry and she would be delighted to sit and fold it, or give her a dust rag and she would go around and dust everything sometimes more than once if you didnít take it away from her once the laundry was folded or everything was dusted. Cleaning her house was something that she could do at her own pace and kept her busy during the dementia years and my Aunt just kept the toxic cleaning stuff out of the house. Unfortunately she would cut the wires for the stereo speakers with scissors to ďclean that upĒ and that was funny. She liked everything orderly and neat and didnít keep a lot of things around.

Yup, I notice many Fís some with and some without the bumpers. I wish my current one had them but it does not.

Yeah this would have satisfied most all of your needs except for the bumpers and the rug and floor tool.

I have a turbotool rug washer in the gray and tan coloring, it has a teal tank cap and a teal string hook for the dispenser plunger. Iíll take a pic and post it later. I forget that itís in the match F colors. I found it sitting on someoneís trash one day she I was walking home from school when I was in the 4th grade. It was a half day as I think it was just before a holiday and for some reason I decided to walk home the other more difficult route and trash had not been collected yet as it was midday. I thought it was quite interesting and had never seen one ever so of course, it came home with me. Iím not quite sure when I brought it from NJ to TX. I must have put it in a suitcase and checked it on the plane but I have no recollection of that whatsoever! The design is similar to the cordwinder on the top.


Post# 432882 , Reply# 87   9/30/2020 at 22:45 (1,382 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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Looking at the metal pc in the floor brushes, the metal part looks always lighter shade that the plastic parts.
Terry said no matter what condition of an original hose, it wonít be any good to use, anyone still have luck with a orig hose?

Post# 432899 , Reply# 88   10/1/2020 at 11:37 (1,382 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Usually no but...

On rare occasions they may be good but usually have some leakage near the handle and machine end as those get bent and flexed to the extreme the most. The braided hoses were discontinued in the late 90s I believe and I think there was a transition period where Electrolux was making both. With that in mind and considering this is 2020, any braided hose will be 20 or more years old. Usually they crapped out somewhere between 10 and 15 to 20 years of age.

Mine that was purchased in 83 or 84 and used only a handful of times on my XXX. it is crumbling on the inner layer despite it looking virtually new and thatís a bummer and frustrating because my Aunt paid a lot of money for it just before she passed away. Then the vac was stored carefully in a box making sure the ends were not creased over at all but the inner material has just dried out and bits get sucked into the bag if I use it which is rarely. I do have one from a 1953 Model E that is fabric wrapped, it is different on the inner layer and surprisingly leaks only slightly by the handle but the inner diameter is smaller so it seems to reduce the suction power more than that newer one or the flexible rubber or plastic ones.

So I would say expect some leakage from a braided hose for sure and the amount will vary...just depends on how much it has deteriorated and been used. I think storage environment may have affected this too. Too dry and the rubber dries out faster. Last Christmas I discovered the braided hose for my parents basement Electrolux was leaking pretty bad so I had to just wrap the whole thing with duct tape so the machine would be effective when used. Iíll likely bring them a plastic or rubber one to replace it if I can ever get to visit them again with this pandemic.

While the braided ones are retro and pretty, a rubber hose is a true upgrade for functional reliable performance because anytime you put the cleaner under strain, a leaking hose will not have the suction power to pull the deeper down dirt up. Kinda like leaving the suction control on the handle opened, when itís under strain at the hose end it defaults to sucking through the suction control valve and this is what happens with a leaking hose.

Iíve experienced some that are so bad you can literally feel the air being pulled in through the braided outer layer when the hose end is covered and the tone of the motor doesnít change much.

Post# 432932 , Reply# 89   10/1/2020 at 22:12 (1,381 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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Today was a day for wrong vac parts, I had a rocker switch coming also for the F, it showed up in tan. Not gray. Did the Fís have tan also, or is this from a diff model?
Itís perfect though, I just may have to use it, my OG one has a pc broke off on one side

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Post# 432934 , Reply# 90   10/1/2020 at 22:17 (1,381 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
That is from a bronze G

The tan would be from a bronze G or a rebuilt AE, AF, or G. Where Electrolux chose the tan color scheme for those parts. All 3 of those models use that switch and rocker cover. It will work though for you.


Post# 432935 , Reply# 91   10/1/2020 at 22:18 (1,381 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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Looking at the lineup in electro137ís post on speaking of Fís, one F, has the tan switch. Was this Orig or a replacement?

Post# 432951 , Reply# 92   10/2/2020 at 11:06 (1,381 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        

I did notice that too. All the Fís Iíve seen have had the grey switch cover so not sure if this tan occurrence is just a replacement.


Post# 432960 , Reply# 93   10/2/2020 at 12:48 (1,381 days old) by dysonman1 (the county)        

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The hose in the eBay listing is not a genuine Electrolux hose. It's a replacement hose with an incorrect handle end.

Post# 432974 , Reply# 94   10/2/2020 at 14:59 (1,381 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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I almost bought this one. It sold fast. I donít think it was correct.

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Post# 432978 , Reply# 95   10/2/2020 at 20:38 (1,380 days old) by electrolux137 (Los Angeles)        

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That clearly is not the correct hose -- wrong striping and plastic pistol-grip handle.

Post# 433064 , Reply# 96   10/4/2020 at 17:59 (1,378 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
That one...

Is from the super J years. The super J hoses were white with the triple stripes just like this. Electrolux made non electric replacement hoses all along but in the current models coloring.


Post# 433091 , Reply# 97   10/5/2020 at 09:43 (1,378 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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Well, one of these days Iíll come across a correct new hose fir it. Half the fun of a hobby is looking for parts.

Post# 433093 , Reply# 98   10/5/2020 at 09:55 (1,378 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Yes donít be hasty

Donít be hasty and quick to buy if itís not correct or in poor shape, one that you really want will come along...may take months or a year or so if checking eBay every day to finally find it. Donít get discouraged either. Iíve had luck at finding just what I want in great shape for hoses with lots of persistence and patience and time. These items are rare but do come up considering how many were sold and still out there and get out on eBay instead of thrown out or sent off to a thrift store.


Post# 433108 , Reply# 99   10/5/2020 at 18:44 (1,377 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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Yes, I agree, I went to fast on the other parts.

Post# 433205 , Reply# 100   10/7/2020 at 18:01 (1,375 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
This is for you Roger

Came across this and I believe it is just what you are looking for! Correct color.

Youíll need to save and reuse the retainer spring clip when you take the broken off tab from the old one off.



Post# 433221 , Reply# 101   10/8/2020 at 07:32 (1,375 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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That is is. Thanks.

Post# 433315 , Reply# 102   10/10/2020 at 09:15 (1,373 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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Iíll try to message the guy. Looks like the sale ended. Itís not perfect, looks like a pry mark on it. I jumped the gun on other parts, so I didnít buy it.

Post# 433317 , Reply# 103   10/10/2020 at 09:59 (1,373 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Not often to find these

Itís rare to find these so thatís why I sent you the link. Most people donít take them off. If itís gone and you canít find another you might have to check with Bryan Satterwhite at who does restorations to see if he has one. I didnít think the pry mark was too bad.


Post# 433318 , Reply# 104   10/10/2020 at 10:03 (1,373 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Itís relisted

I looked at the old link it shows no longer available but then there are options and it shows it has been relisted and I hit view relisted item. If a seller sets an expiration in the suction they will have to relist it after it expires. Unless he relisted it for you if youíve been in touch. Yeah itís not perfect but not bad... maybe make him a lower offer since itís a bit damaged.



Post# 433320 , Reply# 105   10/10/2020 at 10:38 (1,373 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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Well, I guess I should nab that.

Post# 433322 , Reply# 106   10/10/2020 at 10:46 (1,373 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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And my vac has the dents, lol. Itíll fit rite in.

When I use the vac, you can smell a motor smell, hard to explain, should I do anything to the motor, the repair guy prob did things over the years, but after opening up that Eureka Upright and seeing how filthy it was inside, not sure if I should open it up or leave it alone ?

Post# 433333 , Reply# 107   10/10/2020 at 12:31 (1,373 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Do you have an air compressor?

If you do then opening it up and blowing out the dirt would perhaps help. Itís possible the motor brushes could be causing a lot of sparking giving you the motor smell. It could also just be the rubber baffle or the metal inside thatís emitting an odor. I noticed almost all model Gís have a funny odor so could be something like that.


Post# 433344 , Reply# 108   10/10/2020 at 16:10 (1,372 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

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Whatís the process in taking it apart to blow out the motor?

Post# 433374 , Reply# 109   10/10/2020 at 22:19 (1,372 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Youíll have to...

Take off the top cover where the switch is, unplug the cord. Youíll see a small acre holding the back end on, remove this screw, there is also one on the bottom. Then the back of the machine will slide off. There is a rubber gasket and youíll have to put that back on when reassembling. Clean everything good around and with the gasket. Youíll notice the gasket likely has acre holes through it that youíll need to line up when reassembling. And thatís it...pretty easy! I do t think you have to take the switch off but if you do itís not too diffiicult just take pictures of the proper place the wires are screwed on it before taking it apart. Also the switch has a rod hooked into it that goes forward to the bag door that shuts the switch off when the bag door is opened or pops open from the automatic control. Youíll need to take note of how that rod is threaded into the switch.

I just canít remember if the switch covers that little screw or not. If it doesnít you may not need to touch the switch at all.


Post# 433406 , Reply# 110   10/11/2020 at 21:07 (1,371 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
And hereís your F original hose

Just found this...a bit pricey though. Exactly the original F hose.


Post# 433408 , Reply# 111   10/11/2020 at 22:07 (1,371 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

detroitdirtbag's profile picture
Thatís nice. Only reason Iím not jumping on that is I bought all the rest of the parts I needed too fast I think. I guess Iím looking for a that brand new hose in the box still. Lol. That is tempting. A few glasses of wine Iíd prob buy it.

Post# 433412 , Reply# 112   10/11/2020 at 23:13 (1,371 days old) by electrolux137 (Los Angeles)        

electrolux137's profile picture


That latest photo is not a genuine Model F hose. I posted photos of the correct hose. The colors are wrong and there's no suction relief vent on the hose handle.

Post# 433416 , Reply# 113   10/12/2020 at 08:25 (1,371 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

detroitdirtbag's profile picture
Your rite is is diff. A lot of variables on these hoses so then what kind of hose is this then?

  Photos...       <              >      Photo 1 of 2         View Full Size
Post# 433417 , Reply# 114   10/12/2020 at 08:27 (1,371 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

detroitdirtbag's profile picture
Your rite is is diff. A lot of variables on these hoses so then what kind of hose is this then?
Is the vent just missing?

  Photos...       <              >      Photo 1 of 2         View Full Size
Post# 433426 , Reply# 115   10/12/2020 at 15:27 (1,370 days old) by electrolux137 (Los Angeles)        

electrolux137's profile picture


It's a bojack hose from a vac shop.

Post# 433427 , Reply# 116   10/12/2020 at 16:31 (1,370 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        

Even I was fooled and I usually can tell a fake from a genuine Electrolux product very quickly. The colors look almost perfect compared to yours Charles. I donít see any difference. I do notice the air vent missing so the handle must have been reused from an earlier model before they added the suction control air vent. The machine end even looks like it is an original but may have been a genuine but ďreusedĒ one. I know the modern day generic machine ends have a more curved transition between the tier steps.

I never doubt Charles Lester! His Electrolux knowledge and expertise is more than anyone Iíve ever encountered except perhaps from someone who worked for the company and paid attention to much detail.


Post# 433431 , Reply# 117   10/12/2020 at 18:06 (1,370 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

detroitdirtbag's profile picture
I made an offer on that vent that was posed here and I got it. Lol letís see how this fits.
Iím sure itís missing a part Iíll have to hunt down lmao

Post# 433435 , Reply# 118   10/12/2020 at 18:35 (1,370 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Just noticed something

Take a look at this F for sale on too has what could be the original hose but the handle does not have the suction control vent either. Is it actually possible that some of the hoses had the suction control vent and others did not? This would possibly make that other hose on eBay perhaps an original?

Electrolux made so many changes here and there mid run of machines even including incorrect color hoses and attachments that Iím thinking any of this is possible....

Any weigh in on this Charles?


Post# 433440 , Reply# 119   10/12/2020 at 21:11 (1,370 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

detroitdirtbag's profile picture
Whatís up with the front, it doesnít shut.

Post# 433444 , Reply# 120   10/13/2020 at 00:28 (1,370 days old) by electrolux137 (Los Angeles)        

electrolux137's profile picture


The above Model F has a bojack hose. Again, the pattern colors are wrong. The suction relief valve was introduced with the Model E Automatic and all models thereafter had one, except the Model T.


As for the tape on the front cover, I hate to say it but the owners might have been using it without a bag which is why the cover wouldn't close.

Post# 433447 , Reply# 121   10/13/2020 at 08:12 (1,370 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

detroitdirtbag's profile picture
I think your rite on the no bag, itís filthy on the inside.

Post# 433448 , Reply# 122   10/13/2020 at 08:15 (1,370 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

detroitdirtbag's profile picture
Iím so glad my mom took care of the vac, itís real clean inside.
Looking at the above link, the vent is teal. Funny.

Post# 433455 , Reply# 123   10/13/2020 at 10:26 (1,370 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Cloth bag

I think theyíve been using it with a cloth bag and sometimes these machine can be difficult to latch with the cloth bag in place because the cloth bag has a gasket as well as the bag compartment has itís own gasket in the same area. I have a cloth bag for my F, it does shut and lock but just barely and I have to push it pretty hard to get it to latch. Plus when the automatic control feature activates with a cloth bag in the machine dirt ends up dumping on the floor when the door pops open making quite a mess so perhaps one or both of these issues is why theyíve been using the tape. Also sometime people donít understand that to stop the door from popping open almost completely they need to turn the dial up to 6 and this user may have no understanding of how to adjust the dial or what it does and that it could stop the issue so perhaps they instead just decided to use tape to hold the door shut. They also may have been using it to suck up plaster dust or ash, both of which will clog that cloth bag almost immediately and causing the door to pop open even on 6 so they may have just gotten frustrated and taped it to keep it running.

It definitely is a mess that someone created.

Itís hard for me to tell what exactly isnít right in the color pattern of the hose compared to the original...I think even Detroitdirtbag has difficulty seeing it. What are the exact detailed differences you see on the hose material itself Charles? This way we can learn the difference. Comparing the photos I donít see any difference in color or pattern and not sure Detroitdirtbag does either as indicated in an earlier post.


Post# 433470 , Reply# 124   10/13/2020 at 15:52 (1,369 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

detroitdirtbag's profile picture
Yes itís hard to tell in some pics on eBay. I just donít remember the beautiful hose, it was like all grayish.

Hereís a pic of the inside of moms. Not bad for 61 years, pays off getting good bags.

  View Full Size
Post# 433528 , Reply# 125   10/14/2020 at 15:22 (1,368 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Thatís nice

Very clean indeed. Bet the motor isnít too dirty either then. Have you opened up the back end yet?

My Mom has always used genuine bags in her Electroluxís and also not used the vac to pick up anything but just household plaster dust or ash that could go through the bag so her machines are all pristine in the bag compartments too.

Looks like no one picked up anything wet either. It amazes me how many Electroluxís I see that have evidence of moisture having been sucked into the bag. I had my niece use my F to clean a rental condo that is going up for sale and she cleaned out the fridge and somehow managed to suck up water with the vac. The bag was all wet and split open. There wasnít water in the fridge so not sure how she managed this plus thatís a lot of water to have wet the bag that much and there was a water stain even on the bagís cardBoard front. She had broken a glass shelf in the fridge and sucked up the glass with the vac as it was all tempered so broke into tiny pieces and I had not left her with a broom and dustpan.


Post# 433559 , Reply# 126   10/14/2020 at 22:46 (1,368 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

detroitdirtbag's profile picture
Nope, I have not had it open yet.
Your niece could have sucked up some ice cubes. My mom almost ruined the vac once when she used that cloth bag to save on bags. I remember the Electrolux guy yelling at her. He took it all apart and cleaned it. Luckily she went to him or it wouldnít prob be around for me to fix up.
Iíll have to read how to open it up,again, I think someone posted that.
I remember her telling me he passed away. He prob had a,out of stuff laying around. York was his last name.

Post# 433561 , Reply# 127   10/14/2020 at 22:59 (1,368 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

detroitdirtbag's profile picture
I just saw 3 hoses on eBay.

  Photos...       <              >      Photo 1 of 2         View Full Size
Post# 433609 , Reply# 128   10/16/2020 at 15:20 (1,366 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

detroitdirtbag's profile picture
I got the vent, itís nice, but Iím missing a clip or something to hold it on ?

  View Full Size
Post# 433611 , Reply# 129   10/16/2020 at 16:30 (1,366 days old) by Dysonman1 (the county)        

dysonman1's profile picture
This is the original hose to the model automatic F. It has been in my collection since the late 1960s. Along with the vacuum cleaner, all the attachments, the power nozzle, and the original box. Look very closely at the colors and the patterns. It should help you in identifying an original on eBay.

  View Full Size
Post# 433614 , Reply# 130   10/16/2020 at 17:00 (1,366 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

detroitdirtbag's profile picture
Nice pic, Thanks.

Post# 433650 , Reply# 131   10/17/2020 at 10:06 (1,366 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

detroitdirtbag's profile picture
So what am I missing to hold the vent in, the seller didnít include it?

Post# 433669 , Reply# 132   10/17/2020 at 19:54 (1,365 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Looks like 4 hoses in the pics

These are 2 gray Silverado electric hoses. A blue 1205 electric hose, and a super J era white non-electric hose. Electrolux phased out the metal handles during the 70s and 80s. The last metal handle I saw was on a gray Silverado era electric hose...instead of the plastic handle end, it had the end just like on the blue 1205 hose. I believe Electrolux made these for 1205 owners who needed replacement hoses and wanted to stick with the metal handles, they are more rare than common because the plastic electric handle will work with either the sheath with

Post# 433670 , Reply# 133   10/17/2020 at 20:04 (1,365 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Vent clip

So look on your cordwinder...hopefully the clip and broken tab from the old vent is still there. It was in one of the pics of the cordwinder you posted here. What you will need to do is use a straight blade screwdriver in the center of the slot where the hinge is. You will see a cut out in the center. Put the screwdriver on the upper part of the bump out of the clip and push downward, the is will contract the spring clip and allow it to come out from under the metal trim. You will need to use this spring clip to hold the new vent on so donít damage it or lose it.

To install youíll throw away only the old broken off vent hinge tab and put the new ventís hinge bar in the groove of the clip, and fit the bottom edge of the clip into the bottom of the slot on the back of the cordwinder first, then using the screwdriver push down on the clip bump out to contract it so the top fits into the slot edges.

Let me know if you have questions...


Post# 433671 , Reply# 134   10/17/2020 at 20:11 (1,365 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)

I copied and pasted this photo from your picture above, it shows the broken off vent tab and the clip. I did see a picture after this one that shows the cordwinder after Terry sent it to you without the clip and broken off vent hinge. I hope he didnít take it off thinking he was doing good and not put the clip back in. If he did, perhaps you can ask him to mail you the clip Since It was originally with it and you need it. Since he is into restoring this stuff I doubt he would have thrown it away and can send it to you.


Post# 433675 , Reply# 135   10/17/2020 at 21:16 (1,365 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

detroitdirtbag's profile picture
He took the old clip out, he kind of does what he wants. I asked for my old winder back and he said he threw it out. Also he sent a tan switch when I asked fir gray.
The vent I just bought , is is broken?

Post# 433724 , Reply# 136   10/18/2020 at 11:34 (1,365 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        

The vent is not broken. I was looking at the picture of the cordwinder you posted that I am guessing was going to be the one he was going to send you. But clearly after he sent you that picture he took the clip out and the broken off old bent tab. I guess you can contact him and mention that the photo shows it and ask to buy the clip from him. Hopefully it would be cheap and he will respect your wish to have the part That was originally on the cordwinder photo he sent you initially to complete your restoration rather than taking off the part and keeping it. Without the clip you wonít be able to attach the vent.

Iíd contact him for sure to see if you can get it letting him know you have obtained the correct vent louver but need the clip back that appeared to be on the winder before he sent it to you.


Post# 433763 , Reply# 137   10/18/2020 at 22:49 (1,364 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

detroitdirtbag's profile picture
He took it off. Everything is extra. And like I said, he does what he wants. I said send me a gray rocker, he sent a tan. I put a note in the box, he threw it out. I deal is car parts, it is t that hard.

Post# 433775 , Reply# 138   10/19/2020 at 08:04 (1,364 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

detroitdirtbag's profile picture
What does the part look like Iím looking for to hold the vent on ?

Post# 433778 , Reply# 139   10/19/2020 at 10:18 (1,364 days old) by Real1shep (Walla Walla, WA)        
I'd be wary.....

about that eBay seller with the hoses. Yeah, they look "beautiful" but some of them could leak like a sieve....especially the 1205 hose. And typically if I ask them about hose leakage, they either lie or act confused/insulted at the query.

I've been the recipient of both buying hoses;outright lying and plain ignorance.

Also to have those hoses shipped to me it shows $32 which I'd have to add to the cost. Plus, I have to pay tax on Internet sales now.

I've never had to fix one of those end louvers before. I looked at a couple of G's that I have. If that pic is correct of the louver, then the plastic pin goes inside of a metal barrel on the back. Now I don't know if that metal barrel pries back enough to slip the louver pin in or it comes off somehow. But the plastic louver pin in melted in place and not serviceable.


Post# 433779 , Reply# 140   10/19/2020 at 10:22 (1,364 days old) by Real1shep (Walla Walla, WA)        
Might be.....

different on the F model too....but I kinda think they are the same or similar.


Post# 433782 , Reply# 141   10/19/2020 at 11:02 (1,364 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Hereís an ides

It is basically a rectangular flat piece of spring steel that has a hump across the middle of it longways, this hump forms the place where it goes over the hinging plastic rod of the vent itself. It is just about as wide as the slot in the back of the cordwinder. You can see the hump in it from that one pic I copied above.


Post# 433797 , Reply# 142   10/19/2020 at 15:38 (1,363 days old) by electrolux137 (Los Angeles)        

electrolux137's profile picture


Good Lord.


Post# 433880 , Reply# 143   10/20/2020 at 22:02 (1,362 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        

Yikes. Thatís unfortunate. Iíll look if I have one in my parts bin in my closet but uncertain if I have one. Needle in a haystack you know. If I donít have one perhaps a local Aerus guy would have one off an old machine. Iíve had some good fortune with some dealers that just made my day when I mentioned I had a particular machine but was missing something or a part was broken and they gave me used parts no charge when I was buying something else.


Post# 433892 , Reply# 144   10/21/2020 at 09:37 (1,362 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

detroitdirtbag's profile picture
If someone has the clip, let me know,

Post# 434321 , Reply# 145   10/28/2020 at 10:13 (1,355 days old) by Detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

detroitdirtbag's profile picture
I saw this F on eBay, where does the exhaust exit?

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Post# 434323 , Reply# 146   10/28/2020 at 10:37 (1,355 days old) by electrolux137 (Los Angeles)        

electrolux137's profile picture


This is a very early version. There is no exhaust. The pressure inside the machine just keeps building up and building up and building up until it literally explodes. This problem was quickly remedied but not before numerous injuries and fatalities resulted from the poor design.

Post# 434324 , Reply# 147   10/28/2020 at 11:19 (1,355 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        

I must laugh at you Charles! Thatís a good one! I can see shards of metal going everywhere as the back of the machine finally explodes! We need some humor around here even if it includes sarcasm!

But seriously...the bracket that the cord reel uses was indeed designed with a hole in it before the reel itself...the air just blows agains the opposite side of the reel housing and is deflected all around it. Not as good of a design because it could blow floor dirt around. Iíve found though the older design cord reels like this work better though but Iíve only experienced a few of them and for their age they really worked like new and whip the cords back in quite quickly. Never taken one of these older ones apart though.


Post# 435479 , Reply# 148   11/26/2020 at 10:03 (1,326 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

detroitdirtbag's profile picture
Post# 435532 , Reply# 149   11/27/2020 at 09:29 (1,325 days old) by dysonman1 (the county)        

dysonman1's profile picture
Why would someone try to sell an electric Super J hose with no pistol grip?

Post# 435537 , Reply# 150   11/27/2020 at 11:07 (1,325 days old) by human (Pines of Carolina)        

human's profile picture
dysonman1 wrote:
Why would someone try to sell an electric Super J hose with no pistol grip?

I reply:
People will try to sell anything. Whether someone actually buys it is an entirely different story. Chances are it leaks like a sieve and the handle has been reused on another hose. I bought a vinyl hose with no grip on the cheap one time but I had a handle for it in my parts box and was able to come out with a good hose. Had the hose been a woven one like that one, I wouldn't have bothered.

Post# 435542 , Reply# 151   11/27/2020 at 11:48 (1,325 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Someone may buy it

Perhaps someone may buy it and put their hose handle on it unknowingly that these woven hoses often wear out and leak. It may not leak too bad yet but itís bound to happen. But at this age Iíd be surprised if it doesnít leak. I did think this was stupid to see this listed for sale though but the seller may have damaged the handle and bought a whole new hose or I replaced the entire vacuum and is selling any remaining non broken parts. Those of us ďprosĒ here know that these old woven hoses are generally useless except for collectible purposes of looks and display only and not for actual functional use.

This hose is actually a Golden Jubilee hose making it even older... the super J ones were white with gold and blue stripes. Probably someone who mixed up the models. Golden Jubilee and Suoer J look nearly identical at a glance and are often mixed up. The Super J is longer and the top coverís back end is slanted out on a 45 degree angle to make it fit the slightly longer body. Aside from that and the 50th anniversary sticker on the Golden Jubilee or Super J logo on the chrome past the blower door there is virtually no other obvious visible differences so they often get mixed up. The super Jís are painted inside the bag door, the Golden Jubileeís are not. The super J was likely named Super J because it had the better motor making it a ďsuper Golden JubileeĒ I think was the concept behind naming it. The Golden Jubilee anniversary was now over at this point as well but the model was selling well in the Gold coloring so simplifying it to ďSuper JĒ made the most sense but gold decor was still in during that period.

I remember my Grandmotherís Golden Jubilee when it was spanking new. It was really quite ďglamorousĒ in comparison to the past coloring of most Electroluxís which were predominantly recurring shades of teal blue with some occasional variations to bronze, beige and creams. It also of course was now still quite advanced as it was the second generation of the new horizontal rectangular body, something that became very popular with the blue 1205 and this just made it better and the change in the top panel too made it look even better and more advanced. My Grandmother had a lot of Gold accents in her house including in the carpet then, so the Golden Jubilee just fit right in to her formal decor much better than her previous blue 1205. As the Gold styling outgrew its time, almond came in and most appliances were white or Almond with brown or wood grain trim and control I imagine this is why the Olympia was chosen to be brown and cream. Surprised it wasnít red, white and blue for the Olympics! But that likely would not have sold nearly as well but I donít doubt the idea of that was at least brought up by someone when developing the Olympia, but perhaps the coloring may have been already chosen well before it became the official vacuum cleaner of the 1980 Olympic Winter Games which were held in Lake Placid, NY.


Post# 435563 , Reply# 152   11/27/2020 at 18:34 (1,324 days old) by electrolux137 (Los Angeles)        

electrolux137's profile picture


Jon, actually you have the GJ and SJ hoses mixed up: The GJ had the white hose and the SJ had the gold one.

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Post# 435568 , Reply# 153   11/27/2020 at 22:08 (1,324 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Gee thanks

For correcting me. I guess somewhere I saw a Super J with the white hose initially and thought that was the correct hose. I really canít remember the original hose on my Grandmotherís Golden Jubilee as by the time I was old enough to be more observant of the hose patterns she had already replaced the original hose with an Olympia series hose when the Electrolux man sold her the Olympia to replace her pristine model L.


Post# 435575 , Reply# 154   11/28/2020 at 08:19 (1,324 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

detroitdirtbag's profile picture
I donít think the Electrolux guy gave the correct hose when my mom bought the F, it did not have any colors on it, it was just a grayish woven one. Iíll have to look through the home movies maybe the vac is laying around.

Post# 435578 , Reply# 155   11/28/2020 at 11:13 (1,324 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Color matching and mismatching patterns and theories.

As Iíve mentioned before, I think some were equipped from the factory with non matching hoses and tools especially at end of a color or model change run. It would seem logical to be the case because it would be too much waste to throw away or sort and ship off the mismatched ones. Machines were sent off in complete boxes to the branches...but attachments and hoses were not just sent in the boxes with the machines but also to the branches as replacement parts when branches ordered them. The machine and parts usually were not paired together separately when someone bought a whole machine, usually the salesman would just give them a complete boxed set. But who knows what was really done at the factory for sure and afterward at the branches. Some Boxed sets could have been and Iím sure were broken down here and there if someone wanted to buy just a replacement canister unit and perhaps the hose but use all their old attachments from a previous model so then all the extra parts would have been added to the branchís parts supply from the box set. Salesman likely werenít attentive to color matching as long as it was a complete set or met the customerís desired set they wanted. But from the amount of mismatching I noticed among people who bought new machines and received them with something mismatched, Iím led to believe mismatching was happening at the factory and itís likely they didnít have runs of different colors at the same time...just decided to change to the new color at a certain time and an older colored canister may have then been paired with a newer colored attachment or hose as the supply from each area was pulled from the bins along the assembly line pack up the box. Thinking about how a factory works that produces each and every item using molds and liquid plastics, coloring agents, paint supplies, dyes and so much more it would seem that when a color change was implemented it was done when the old colorant was used up and the new color supply had already been ordered for the new modelís colors so thatís what determined when the new models colors started production for all the attachments. There was likely a drop dead date for color changes to the canisters themselves to coordinate with the model changes and marketing as I donít see canisters miscolored for the model number or letter. Since attachments and hoses were also sent off to the branches in indefinite quantities determined only by order demand from the branches beyond being included in boxed sets, the quantities of these produced were much higher than the canisters themselves which could easily create overruns or even shortages which would then create the mismatching situation right from the factory. I donít think Electrolux was dedicated as much to color matching each and every unit that went out as that would not be a practical long as it had everything that was to be included, it would do the job and be a complete set regardless of color matching. Likely people didnít question the coloring and just assumed ďthatís the way it was made by the companyĒ when they bought a machine because they didnít have bunches to compare with and say, ďhey that one has a matching hose, I want that!Ē

Iíve just seen so many mismatches where they came purchased this way that this is where my theory on this comes from. Heck, my Aerus Lux Legacy in light blue is all color correct except for the elbow for the combination rug and floor tool, that is next generation white. The entire tool was almost never used so doubt there was ever a replacement done, they may have run out of the dye for the light blue and already had the white dye ready to go if this was produced near the end of the light blue color run so the next batch of elbow connectors ended up white while everything else was still light blue. And this tool was not standard on this model anyway and likely thrown in to the sale or perhaps purchased slightly after...keep in mind the combination rug floor tool itself is color correct, just the elbow which comes off to is different. I didnít buy the machine new, but likely Iím second owner. But for the most part, I do feel that most boxed sets had the correct color matched parts and the occurrence of mismatches was less than the amount of matches overall.

Only someone who worked in the Electrolux factory and perhaps oversaw how all of the production was occurring would know exactly what the practice and policy was for packaging and color matching.

Iíve also observed that if a color mismatch occurred, it was likely paired the following way...the older model canister had any combination of a next generationís colored attachments. Not the other way around, usually wonít see a new generation canister with the older generationís colored hose or tools. So likely they started the color change on the hoses and the attachments prior to the drop dead date of production of the next model so when the drop dead date arrived for the next model, all the hoses and attachments had already started production in the proper color so matching would occur on the newest model right away. Color matching wouldnít be as high a priority on an outgoing model. But rather was selected to be the priority on the latest and greatest.

My best friends Momís model F has a model G hose. The lady I cleaned for had a blue L and it had a golden jubilee or super J gold colored hose and PN-2 with the golden jubilee sticker and Iíve seen many others with color transitions. Iíve seen blue hoses with cream handles instead of the blue ones and so on. But again, it more often seems to be the next generationís colored attachments paired with the previous generation canister when thereís a mismatch.

Thatís why I think your cream rug and floor tool with the teal bumper may have been the original included with the machine. The ones that were cream and teal were produced for the G. If the change happened before the G was produced, then them some Fís during the last year likely would have received some of the G colored attachments, hoses, etc, in any combination...just like my friendís Momís F has the G hose but everything else is F coloring.

Lots of observation and thinking.


Post# 435694 , Reply# 156   11/30/2020 at 21:17 (1,321 days old) by kirbyklekter (Concord,Ca.)        

Years ago I cut the cardboard from the front of a used Electrolux bag to use in place of a regular paper bag. I did this when I was using the machine as a leaf blower on my front porch and also to fill a large air mattress. I get more air flow from the exhaust with less restriction. I put a colored piece of tape near the hose inlet to remind me to put a regular bag back when done. So if you ever come across an Electrolux with just the cardboard mounted in bag compartment,that might be one explanation!

Post# 435807 , Reply# 157   12/3/2020 at 12:47 (1,319 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Thatís scary

To know you could inadvertently run the vac with no bag in it. When I need mine to work well as a blower I just put a fresh bag in and donít suck anything up with it and swap back the partially filled one when Iím done. The fresh bag blocks very little suction.


Post# 435824 , Reply# 158   12/3/2020 at 18:08 (1,318 days old) by detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

detroitdirtbag's profile picture
The only time I used it as a blower is when the hose would get clogged.

Post# 465206 , Reply# 159   8/9/2023 at 19:34 (339 days old) by Detroitdirtbag (Bottom of the Bag)        

detroitdirtbag's profile picture
Itís been a while, anyone have a correct hose for my F?

Post# 465214 , Reply# 160   8/10/2023 at 09:31 (339 days old) by dysonman1 (the county)        

dysonman1's profile picture
I have a spare Automatic F hose. I'll sell it but I'm not dealing with the hell of shipping.

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