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What the best/your favorite "mainstream" vaccums and brands?
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Post# 429639   8/8/2020 at 00:50 (309 days old) by mariotron (Texas )        

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Probably a weird question to ask but... say you had to pick a vacuum you'd find at most Wal-Marts and Targets where mostly the only brands you see like Bissell, Hoover, Dirt Devil, and Shark (guess you can add dyson too?)... which of those brands would you chose and which model?

Don't really expect these to compare to your higher end favorites but mostly just a comparison between themselves.

Post# 429646 , Reply# 1   8/8/2020 at 08:45 (309 days old) by BillbobJim (ohio)        
Hoover windtunnel

I'd be fine with any higher end Hoover Windtunnel, Even bagless. I don't like the green t-series bagless though. I own the Hoover windtunnel max bagged t-series. But, yes wouldn't mind a Hoover.

Oh, yes, maybe the power-lifter bagged from Bissell. Those aren't bad I've heard.

Post# 429648 , Reply# 2   8/8/2020 at 09:00 (309 days old) by fan-of-fans (USA)        

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Bissell Powerforce Bagged. Good price, and good performing machine generally.

If Hoover still made the Self Propelled Windtunnel, that would probably be my best choice. As it is now, any of the bagged Hoovers. I also like the React line.

I don't have any experience with Dyson, but I might give one a try.

Shark is another I might go for. My experience with those has been pretty good.

For a while, Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes were selling Kenmore vacuums on their websites. If they had sold them in-store that would have been my choice.

Post# 429649 , Reply# 3   8/8/2020 at 09:13 (309 days old) by dysonman1 (the county)        

Probably the Titan (Kenmore)

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Post# 429657 , Reply# 4   8/8/2020 at 13:28 (308 days old) by RoyalFan103 (Seattle,Washington)        
I do like Maytag Hoovers.

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But I think my Hoover Rewind (2016) does just as good as my Maytag Hoover Empower.

Post# 429658 , Reply# 5   8/8/2020 at 13:41 (308 days old) by fan-of-fans (USA)        

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I like the Titan line of vacuums, but I didn't really think of them, since I don't consider them mainstream. We don't have any vacuum shops anywhere near here to find them at. And no Sears left for many miles.

Post# 429663 , Reply# 6   8/8/2020 at 16:33 (308 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        

I like the shark stick vacuums. A friend turned me on to it when she bought it off qvc several years ago. She died and so I kept it but then gave it to my partners parents and they love it, I got a new one for myself with more features. It is very versatile And easy to use. Many complain it doesnít stand on its own but it has options for that, lean against the wall or take the motor base off and clip it to the clip on the wand down low.

My Sister got one too and now has a second for her small vacation cottage as it doesnít take up much space to store and cleans everything beautifully and a flex hose can be added as well as more attachments.

The power nozzle has the geared brush like Electrolux so it doesnít burn or stretch out needing replacement. Pricing is reasonable. It is bagless and the filter is easily washed like washing a kitchen sponge and The design is good as it does a pretty good job of not clogging the filter very often so cleaning the filter doesnít have to be done too often. Great to use for tight space, hardwoods, carpet, furniture, you name it, there isnít much of a vacuuming job it canít do. Especially when equipped with the hard floor hero tool which is the hard floor brush.

Iím a hardcore Aerus/Electrolux fan and this is about the only mainstream store vacuum that comes close to my liking any other brand and Iíve tried a lot of vacuums over time. The similar styled Dyson may be good too...but itís cordless which I donít care for and very pricey in comparison so I felt the Sharks quality was similar for a lot less money and I prefer corded so I donít have to worry about batteries crapping out if Iím in the mood to do my whole house cleaning with it which it can handle. I mostly decided on it to replace an old eureka stick vac I would use for quick clean ups when itís handle broke and the handles are now discontinued...low and behold, I found it much more powerful and versatile that I could use it to clean my entire house just as thoroughly as my Electrolux canister.


Post# 429691 , Reply# 7   8/8/2020 at 23:42 (308 days old) by Lesinutah (Utah)        

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The shark navigator are the vacuum I'm choosing. I recently cleaned my navigator and it's suction and performance was impressive. .
I do usually use my compact c9 and I use a couple bags every time I vacuum. If I had a choice I would probably get a Titan. It seems like it's exactly what I'd want out of a vacuum.

Post# 429699 , Reply# 8   8/9/2020 at 00:58 (308 days old) by vacuumdevil (Vacuum Hell )        

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Hoover/TTI at walmart Target

You can get Miele at Bed bath & beyond and Best buy.

Post# 429701 , Reply# 9   8/9/2020 at 01:10 (308 days old) by RegularRett69 (San Clemente California, USA)        

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I'd go for Hoovers. They seem to be back in business for cheap vacs, and new technology, despite other factors like quality. The new(ish) OnePwr line is looking great. I have seen the Mieles at Bed Bath and Beyond, just went there the other day. Those Mieles really surprised me just sitting there. I'd say shark as second place next to hoover, since they seem to clean well, but not stay well. I wouldn't buy a Shark new. Really hate the problem where the hose from nozzle to main cleaner splits.

Post# 429707 , Reply# 10   8/9/2020 at 07:37 (308 days old) by fan-of-fans (USA)        

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My Bed Bath and Beyond doesn't sell Miele unfortunately.

Post# 429719 , Reply# 11   8/9/2020 at 14:09 (307 days old) by n0oxy (Saint Louis Missouri, United States)        
preferred brand

I would not get any of the vacuums that Walmart or Target sell, most are bagless and the quality is not very good on any of those. I think the best brand available right now is Sebo, their vacuums are well made and clean very well.
I bought my Miele Olympus from Bed Bath and Beyond, last time I was there they still had some Miele models.
You can buy the Titan vacuums on line if you don't have a vacuum shop close to you. Looking at the Titan line up, it appears they currently have two canisters, the 9200 and the 9500, does anyone know what the difference is?

Post# 429731 , Reply# 12   8/9/2020 at 18:36 (307 days old) by bagintheback (Flagstaff, Arizona)        

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I bought a referb DC-14 in 2011 and if I had to buy a brand new vaccum today I'd just buy their cheapest corded upright again. I know you're suspose to change the HEPA filter every few years but I never had, and the suction is still the same. I've even used it to suck up water before and the cyclones kept everything out of the motor. The quick wand/hose release on the handle works so well and makes a canister vac unnecessary. I see so many used vacuums at the Goodwill like Bisells, Hoovers, Shark and Dirt Devil, and compared to anything made after 2005ish, Dysons seems to have held up the best.

Actually my current set up is the DC-14 set up in a closet attached to a 50ft central vac hose. I can just use an Electrolux carpet/floor combo tool and reach most of the house just fine. Admittly, the clutch does need to be replaced, but that went out 8 years after I bought it, which is a fantastic life for any rubber vacuum belt.

If we weren't talking about mainstream or new, I'd buy another Electrolux Siverado or Hoover Convertible, but Target doesn't carry those :)

Post# 429739 , Reply# 13   8/9/2020 at 21:04 (307 days old) by mariotron (Texas )        
Thanks for your replies.

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I see a lot praise for Shark and Hoover here. I don't really hear of much talk about third React line but from the looks of it they seem to be more Shark-like. Speaking of which... while I wouldn't replace my Kirby with it I I'd love to see Shark make a bagged version of the Duo. I've seen them work really well on hard floors. Would like to try out a Bissell power lifter too.

Man, if the Convertibles came back that would amazing. Just imagine them doing it a limited run Retro promotion.

Speaking of that didn't Eureka do that recently? I could've swore I saw a listing or post of a Retro Eureka with a chrome hood and Plad bag with turquoise trim.

Post# 429740 , Reply# 14   8/9/2020 at 21:15 (307 days old) by fan-of-fans (USA)        

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Hoover could essentially make a retro version of the Commercial Decade upright. I wish they still sold that lime green Decade with the LED headlight, I loved the looks of it.

Speaking of wanting a bagged Shark, Kenmore just came out with a bagged vacuum that's basically like a Shark. Looks really nice. See my other thread I made earlier on it.

Post# 429766 , Reply# 15   8/10/2020 at 11:31 (306 days old) by thevacuumman (Borger, TX)        

thevacuumman's profile picture
I actually like Hoover's latest offerings especially the Windtunnel Max Bagged, I've been eyeing one for a bit at my ACE Hardware and I'm tempted to go get it. I've also know people that have bought some of their newer bagless uprights and they seem to like them. I do like the Kenmore Canisters and I've looked at some of the Titan powerteams at out vacuum store so maybe I might eventually get one, but can't say for sure right now.

Post# 429768 , Reply# 16   8/10/2020 at 12:13 (306 days old) by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

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What's my favorite, Kenmore and/or Panasonic (There were a few times where I have seen Panasonics sold in discount stores before). What would I buy in discount stores today? Miele. I've also seen some Mieles sold from Bed Bath & Beyond. But if Walmart or Target were my only choices to buy a brand from, Hoover would be my choice.

Post# 429772 , Reply# 17   8/10/2020 at 14:01 (306 days old) by Bagintheback (Flagstaff, Arizona)        
@mariotron Retro Eureka

bagintheback's profile picture
I canít believe I canít find a picture but Eureka did make a retro F&G Eureka for a small amount of time in the early-2000s. The color scheme was exactly how you described. It was almost like how Ford came out with that throwback retro-styled Ford Thunderbird around the same time.

Not to hijack the thread, but if anyone has a picture or owns that retro Eureka it would be great to see one again. I know theyíre pretty uncommon now.

Post# 429779 , Reply# 18   8/10/2020 at 17:53 (306 days old) by Marks_here (_._)        
This one??

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Post# 429797 , Reply# 19   8/11/2020 at 08:38 (306 days old) by human (Pines of Carolina)        

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Looks like a re-badged Sanitaire.

Post# 430656 , Reply# 20   8/25/2020 at 21:52 (291 days old) by kirby519 (Wisconsin)        

At one time it was the bagged Hoover Windtunnel. Worked very well and the upfront cost was under $200.00 at the time. Add a 25' extension cord and you were good to go.

I liked them for our accounts that were 5,000 sq. ft. or under.

So far it is the only clean air upright I can honestly say I really liked.

Post# 430660 , Reply# 21   8/25/2020 at 22:17 (291 days old) by Air-WayCharlie (USA)        

Its a tie between my Aerus Guardian Platinum and my Tri-Star CS. But, I like to use the same power nozzle on both which is the Tri-Star version with a genuine Lux brush roll that came with the Lux 6000 upright retrofitted. It is the version with the lime green nylon brush strips that are arguably the best grooming on any type of carpet even berber. Why Lux/Aerus stopped making this brush roll....I'll never understand.

The suction on both vacuums is superb and the filtration, IMO, is even better than on the last version of the Air-Way tank which was incredible.

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Post# 430701 , Reply# 22   8/26/2020 at 17:25 (290 days old) by compuvac (Kekistan)        

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For me it depends what shop i go to, at some shops the selection is very limited so for me the best vacuum there is a under 80 euro bagged Rowenta. Other shops have more expensive brands like Miele so of course i would go with a Miele, and if Numatic's were more common in Spain I would get a Henry. As for shop-vacs/wet & dry vacs that can be found in hardware stores i would get any Karcher model higher than the WD2 because they are usually decent value for their price although i'm curious about other brands like Nilfisk as i haven't used their wet & dry vacuums.

Post# 430783 , Reply# 23   8/27/2020 at 17:14 (289 days old) by EurekaFanSquid (Sacramento, California)        

eurekafansquid's profile picture
Eureka, 2004 - 2006 eureka to be exact.

Post# 441013 , Reply# 24   4/18/2021 at 20:13 by ridgidwd0670 (se wood co ohio)        

ridgidwd0670's profile picture
I got a TriStar EXL & CS (EXL PN equipped with green bristle brush roll; & CS PN has the stock brush roller)

Both TriStar vacs are equipped with Ametek 115923 high performance motor (Yes, I switched the crappy JEI motor before I used the CS for the 1st time to give it more CFM)

I also use Electrolux 2100 with 6-row blue bristle brush roller in the 1693 PN

The green bristle brush roller rarely gets used because I tried it on a rug & the fringes got ripped off the edge of the rug, so I use the stock brush roll on the CS now

Or I use my old Eureka ESP on worn carpet & makes them 'like new' now

Post# 441024 , Reply# 25   4/19/2021 at 08:44 by Mike811 (Finland)        

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Electrolux UltraOne with the new style powerhead.
Insanely quiet vacuum.

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Post# 441046 , Reply# 26   4/20/2021 at 04:32 by huskyvacs (Indiana)        

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Hoover for me. Despite what longtime Hoover experts say about the newer models made with the finest of China pride (sarcasm), they actually do clean really well.

Bissell and Dirt Devil are good too if you have a budget worse off than Hoover's price bracket. The Bissell Powerforce bagged is hands down one of the greatest bargain bin vacuums of this decade. I have no idea how they did it.

Dirt Devil has been on the low end of the scale but you have to watch them, they are coming up there and their uprights are getting really close to contending with Hoover's Windtunnel line. Not quite there yet - but close.

Dyson and Shark are absolutely not worth paying the retail MSRP for their uprights or the sticks. Get them used. They perform exactly the same as previous models that you can get on eBay or find at Goodwill for under $100 or $50 even. Sharks love to drop performance off about 2 months after owning them for no reason at all no matter how clean you keep them, and Dysons will eat up and fray carpet because of their extremely rough brushroll. Buyer beware.

Post# 441078 , Reply# 27   4/21/2021 at 10:34 by KirbyMan2007 (Cedar Bluff, Alabama)        

I would choose the Bissell Powerforce Bagged

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