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'Say Goodbye To Big Corded Vacuums'
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Post# 396340   8/6/2018 at 18:15 by jake1234 (greasby)        

I dont know who else has heard this but I have just seen a Dyson advert with James Dyson saying that the company has ended the production of corded full sized vacuum cleaners so if you want one I would get one whilst you still can! He said he has managed to get the power of a full sized vacuum cleaner into a cordless one so production of the corded has ended. Just like when the company was launched in 1993 and the slogan was 'Say Goodbye To The Bag' the 2018 modern day equivilant is 'Say Goodbye To Big Corded Vacuums' which made me smile, doesnt have the same ring to it, does it? Anyway, I would love to know all of your opinions on this big news, wether you think its good or bad or weather you agree or disagree and wether you think other vacuum cleaner manufacturers will do the same thing.

Regards, Jake.

Post# 396343 , Reply# 1   8/6/2018 at 18:38 by luxflairguy (Wilmington, NC)        

I'll stick with my corded KIRBY's and Numatics any day over a battery. I run a vacuum 2-3 hours daily and can't think of any cordless machine that can handle my needs! Greg

Post# 396349 , Reply# 2   8/6/2018 at 20:44 by texaskirbyguy (Plano, TX)        

Big corded vacs are here to stay; let dyson loose out on the sales.
I work at a large semiconductor company and have been directly involved in battery and charging technology for years. I can say that the battery tech is not there yet, in a size and weight suitable for a deep cleaning machine to do a full HOUSE-cleaning on one charge, let alone something more. If you have a small apartment without carpet or pets, cordless may be fine (for 5 years until the probable sealed-in battery dies). But if you have a house with carpet, and even worse, with PETS, cordless will not cut it. Or sweep it.. Or even suck it....
Look at everything else out there now that is cordless - their corded ancestors are still out there, too, and for a reason.
Looks like we will not be seeing any new dysons in commercial establishments or large expensive homes (or even average homes with CARPET), but I am not unhappy about it. Those with a real need to clean will stick to a real tool.

Post# 396350 , Reply# 3   8/6/2018 at 21:36 by Kirbysthebest (Wichita, KS)        

I didnt think I heard they were ending production of the corded vacs, I think they are ending development of new corded vacs.

Post# 396351 , Reply# 4   8/6/2018 at 21:51 by completenutt (West Hollywood, California)        
@ Harley.. Yes, that what I heard him say as well.

completenutt's profile picture

As far as how all future vacuums will be cordless...  It may never happen, as smaller companies won't have the resources to mass produce cordless machines and sell them at a reasonable cost.


Large companies like TTI or Midea or Dyson or Miele, etc … will have the R&D budget as well as the vendors to make it happen.  The products coming will hopefully surprise us, and the joy of "free-vacuuming" will be the new standard for those owners who want to try it.


It is hard to go back once your go cord free.. in addition, it adds to the spontaneity of cleaning up small jobs, and we may find people using their vacuums more often!


Low run times and low CFM might be initial offerings, but with battery technology advancing quickly... who knows?





Post# 396359 , Reply# 5   8/7/2018 at 02:15 by kirbylux77 (Orillia, Ontario, Canada)        

kirbylux77's profile picture
Rob - You say the battery technology isn't here yet? I disagree with that entirely.

The fact that Tacony has been able to market a lightweight upright with a runtime of 1 hour proves it. Now, granted, it does have some limitations, such as the brushroll using softer bristles to minimize drain on the battery, but those limitations will quickly diminish as battery technology improves.

I also think that, for the meantime, while it would be unpractical to put enough batteries to power a full size upright & make a full size cordless upright, it would be possible to make a cordless canister vacuum with a powerhead.

I used to have a BionX 250PL ebike kit with 26 volt battery, later upgraded to 48 volt, on my mountain bike. The 250 watt motor was EXTREMELY powerful, & it was possible to get about 20 km on a single charge. If it's possible for a 26 or 48 volt battery to power a ebike with a adult male rider, plus the weight of the bike itself (57 lbs), then it is VERY POSSIBLE to make it power a 10 or 11 amp motor plus a small 1.5 amp powerhead motor for 45 minutes to a hour.

The batteries are still a bit on the heavy side - my BionX batteries weighed just under 7 lbs each. So while it wouldn't be practical to put such a heavy weight on a full size upright, as it would be too heavy to push & pull, it would work perfectly in a canister vacuum. The reason for this is you pull the weight behind you in a canister vacuum. While it may be a little bit bigger, bulkier & heavier at first than a corded canister vacuum, that would change & improve over time as the battery technology improves & they get smaller.

Having said that, I don't agree with ever making a full powered, cordless stick vacuum to replace a canister or upright vacuum. I could totally see how a stick vacuum with the power of a full size upright being a pain in the butt to use. Where they have their place is supplementing a full size vacuum for quick pickups & jobs full size vacuums are impractical for.


Post# 396361 , Reply# 6   8/7/2018 at 02:24 by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

Another place with battery technology-power tools and yard tools.I use walk mowers that are cordless electric 60 or 80V batterys and the battery can run the mower for about 45min.A mower motor is larger than a vacuum motor!And these mowers replace gas ones.If you have 12 grand you can get a rechargeable cordless ZTR rider that can work for 8 hrs on a charge!It charges overnight for more work! Would love one!!!Lean,Green Machines makes them-and they make a cardless electric hand mower that can run all day on a large battery that mounts on the handle.And they make cordless power handtools that can run from a backpack battery pack.All are Lithium Ion.

Post# 396368 , Reply# 7   8/7/2018 at 05:05 by Mike811 (Finland)        

mike811's profile picture
With a modern technology Dyson could make a cordless Ball upright. Just a bigger battery and motor than in the V10.
I really don't like the idea of stick vacuum. Dust capacity is small and if they make it bigger it comes very top heavy.
In the Ball upright weight will be on the floor and not in your hand. So Ball upright with a big battery/motor would work better in my opinion.
V10 is a terrible idea to replace the normal full size upright.

Post# 396370 , Reply# 8   8/7/2018 at 06:21 by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

With all the talk of cordless vacuums and other machines-figure corded ones will ALWAYS be around-unlimited run time and lower cost.Since vacuums are used in the home-an outlet is usually nearby--but the Simplicity cordless Freedom vacuum is just FUN to use!!!Just pick it up and GO!Both types of vacuums and other devices will coexist.

Post# 396372 , Reply# 9   8/7/2018 at 08:37 by rugsucker (Elizabethton TN)        
Dyson said future vacs will be cordless---

---Alex Lewyt said in the 50s that future vacs would be atomic powered,possibly to get more publicity that he was well known for.So just how well do these future predictions turn out??

Post# 396395 , Reply# 10   8/7/2018 at 19:49 by kirby519 (Wisconsin)        

Hoover has a commercial upright and a back pac vacuum that are both battery. The upright is pale in performance. We tested one out in our office before even trying it in the field. The vacuum itself cost as much as a high end domestic vacuum and the batteries and charger add almost half as much cost in the end you are looking at $1,200.00 for a vacuum that will operate for approximately 60 - 90 minutes depending on what mode you have it set for. A quick 10 min clean up in a busy office would be ok.


Post# 396397 , Reply# 11   8/7/2018 at 20:07 by CaptainSlow (Singapore)        
"let dyson loose out on the sales"

I'd say it's dependent on the market's demographics. Dyson cordless are all the rage here. Compact, dense urban homes with people leading busy lifestyles. Cordless and robotic vacuums are taking over, especially since homes which have any carpet at all aren't thick wall-to-wall like those in the US.

Combine that with the fact that 99% of consumers here have never had a powerhead vacuum and now experience it first hand with the V8/V10, Dyson cordless are like a godsend to them. The lack of any viable competitor in the typical department store aids Dyson's sales further. Not to mention mega marketing is very effective in the modern big city world.

Post# 396405 , Reply# 12   8/7/2018 at 21:50 by texaskirbyguy (Plano, TX)        

Kirbylux, we can certainly agree to disagree but the technology is not here now to make a standard lightweight replacement upright DEEP cleaning vacuum that will do a whole house at once and wipe out the corded vacuum market as dyson suggests. Heck my 1700 sq ft home takes an hour to do the floors and 90% is plush carpet - it takes an hour to do. The model you mentioned already had limits, so that is not a full replacement. I would like a real test on an hour of run time with it - sounds like marketing to me - maybe 10% berber carpet in their test? Will it still be an hour after one year? Soft bristles will not get hair and lint out of plush deep carpet either. The tech is not too far off, however, it will take a long while to mature. I did forget to mention COST, which will be the biggest factor. People will still want decent performing $100 vacs and that will not get a GOOD cordless any time soon. Maybe 600-1000 might but very few will take that kind of risk.
To Tolivacs post, cordless lawnmowers have been out for a while but I have only seen one ever being used, and that was a neighbor across the street for a year. He could only do one half of the yard per day. Cordless saws, blowers and trimmers are great - I use them myself and love em for short jobs. However corded models are still in big demand. Why? Limitations on battery life, cost, weight, cost of batteries, etc. I still have corded models for big jobs.
Then there is the cost of replacement batteries, and potential safety issues with lithium batteries, so the development still has a way to go.
Heck, I was ready to convert my old go-kart over to electric after seeing some online videos, until I saw what it would cost! Perhaps some day it will become affordable.
There will be a day a good cordless vac is made. However, corded ones are not going away anytime soon, if at all. Lastly, I have never seen a lawn or cleaning service using a cordless product, so they will keep a demand for corded or gas tools.
Anyway take it all for what you paid for it - time will surely tell...

Post# 396418 , Reply# 13   8/8/2018 at 03:10 by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

I have had NO problems with the batterys on my cordless mowers-4 of the Lithium batterys are now 6 years old and still charge and work to their full capacity!And these electric mowers will OUTPOWER a gas one!For the area I do 2 battery packs do the job.The rest of my lawn I have a contractor do it.Too big for the cordless hand mowers.

Post# 396424 , Reply# 14   8/8/2018 at 04:43 by jake1234 (greasby)        
Cordless Vacuums

I dont think cordless will ever fully take over. There are just too many people that want a corded vacuum as they are more reliable and they want a full sized upright. As someone else said on here, not to mention the unlimited running time.

Post# 396443 , Reply# 15   8/8/2018 at 19:39 by lakewebsterkid (Dayton, Ohio)        
Cordless vacuum

No way. I will not purchase a cordless vacuum that does not have a cord until they are proven. What happens to batteries over time? They decline in 'health'. What does that mean? Declining performance and battery life. Eventually you will need to replace the battery or the vacuum. It just makes it more disposable and with greater compromises. I read recently that the V10 Dyson will only operate at HIGH for 7 minutes before running out. This is just about 3 minutes short of being able to do my entire house. The battery would be constantly charged and drained in order to perform this task. I predict that there will be many issues with customers being dissatisfied.

Post# 396506 , Reply# 16   8/9/2018 at 13:25 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

compactc9guy's profile picture
Nothing will make me buy a cordless even for dusting or small job i take my long big Compact or Electrolux canister .

Post# 396649 , Reply# 17   8/12/2018 at 09:06 by n0oxy (Saint Louis Missouri, United States)        
Dyson is making a mistake

If in fact Dyson is completely stopping production of corded vacuums, that is a foolish mistake. James Dyson can say the future of vacuums is all cordless all he wants, perhaps some day that will be the case, but not any time soon. A cordless vacuum is simply not as powerful as a corded one, there's no getting around it, and a cordless vacuum is limited by battery run time, if you need to clean for a long time, you will either need to swap out the battery or charge it in order to finish the job. And then there is the issue of batteries aging and not working as well, though a battery should last for several years if it's good quality. The use of lithium ion batteries has eliminated the memory effect and other issues that plagued nickel based batteries.
Regarding Rob's desire for a cordless canister, it is possible, you could get a cordless Henry and combine it with the Volt power nozzle or the new battery power nozzle made by Perfect Products.
I've seen the specs for some cordless backpacks and the water lift and CFM are simply not as high as the corded models, yet they are more expensive because of the battery and charger. As far as I am concerned, you are paying more and getting less with these. Use a 50 foot extension cord with a corded backpack and you should not have to switch outlets very often. Despite what James Dyson says, the corded vacuum is not going away any time soon, probably not even in our life time.

Post# 396680 , Reply# 18   8/12/2018 at 21:29 by Oreck_XL (Brooklyn, New York 11211)        
I have a better idea....

oreck_xl's profile picture
How about Dyson says "goodbye" to making vacuums altogether? Dyson may as well because a cordless vacuum has planned obsolescence built in when the battery ultimately won't take a charge anymore, and people know that. I really think James Dyson doesn't care anymore what people think of his vacuums. People will buy it simply because it's a Dyson.

Post# 396732 , Reply# 19   8/13/2018 at 22:58 by human (Pines of Carolina)        
I wouldn't even take a Dyson for free

human's profile picture
So last Friday, a friend of mine calls me up because she's just bought a love seat at a thrift shop for $10 and needs me to come pick it up in the van and take it to her apartment. When I pulled up at the back door of the store, there's a Dyson vacuum cleaner sitting there with a sticker on it that says "Free--Needs a new plug". Sure enough, the plug is missing a prong. My friend says 'Hey, there's another vacuum for you," but I wouldn't bite and neither would she when I offered to fix it up for her and relieve her of my Kirby Heritage 1D, which she says is too heavy for her. And by the time we got the sofa loaded up, she'd decided she didn't want it after all, so now I'm stuck with it in the back of the an until I can get it somewhere to donate it.

Post# 397127 , Reply# 20   8/22/2018 at 20:41 by vacuumdevil (Denver)        
James Dyson Lies like a rug

vacuumdevil's profile picture
How many times is this Lie going to have to be debunked?

Post# 397151 , Reply# 21   8/23/2018 at 12:37 by bryan1980 (Texas)        
Just speaking for myself

I've never had a situation where I've needed a vacuum and an outlet wasn't nearby, and I've never looked at having to plug a vacuum in as a big hassle.

Post# 397155 , Reply# 22   8/23/2018 at 13:51 by Royalfan (Chicago)        

royalfan's profile picture
@bryan1980 You don't understand they're trying to solve first world problems. 🤣😂

Post# 397228 , Reply# 23   8/25/2018 at 04:37 by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

HMMM-you still need an OUTLET to charge the cordless vacuum!!So some time in its lifetime-it has a cord for charging.

Post# 397230 , Reply# 24   8/25/2018 at 07:18 by Rolls_rapide (Scotland)        

I've been wondering whether Dyson IS actually going to be totally get rid of making conventional corded vacuums, or are they just stopping future development of them?

They'd be incredibly foolish to write-off a swathe of consumers looking for mains-operated machines.

Maybe they'll still continue to sell the same cylinder model and upright model, a decade later? A bit like Hoover's 'Purepower' upright, still available twenty-odd years later, stripped of all fripperies but functional.

Post# 397235 , Reply# 25   8/25/2018 at 08:18 by HonestJoe68 (Mansfield, Ohio)        

My experience regarding Dyson and the decision to stop development of corded vacuums.

I was told by a supervisor by the name of Tom that the only thing Dyson has “temporarily” stopped is “development” of new corded vacuum cleaners right now and it is ONLY the development and per him, temporary. Dyson will continue to sell and manufacture current available corded models. Now, most of us already know these facts.. but further conversation with him was interesting...

He could Not confirm or deny IF any new model corded Dyson vacuums we’re still to be released anytime soon, in the USA, as I asked him if any new designs had already been developed but Not yet released, prior to his decision to stop development. My question was in hopes the USA would get the Animal 2 version upright the UK received. I explained I’d LOVE to have that UK design as even though I love my Purple USA version of the Animal 2, I like the extra features of the UK version with the same name. From the sound of his voice and hesitations as I asked, I will “assume” the USA will Not receive any new corded upright designs, anytime soon. Which makes sense as the Dyson Animal 2 and the Dyson Small Ball Multi Floor are in the forefront of the corded upright section and the older Cinetic less prominent.

So Tom said, the corded vacuums will remain (for now) and Dyson actually decided since the Cordless/Battery Vacuum is the most desired type of vacuum on the market, at this moment, Dyson shifted ALL its design teams (Corded Upright, Corded Canister/Cylinder) to the development of the next line of fully cordless vacuums. Tom also would Not confirm if Dyson would manufacture Cordless Uprights or Canister Vacuums, which I would LOVE to see something like Dyson's own version of the Riccar or Simplicity Cordless Upright.

With all the “mystery” he still verified/confirmed and made it clear Sir James has Not said corded vacuums will be phased out any time soon, rather instead, the entire vacuum division of Dyson will simply be concentrating on future designs of Cordless models.

I get excellent VIP treatment from Dyson and they have always been very helpful and gone way above and beyond in service and sales for me, but in this business it’s Anyone’s guess as to what is coming to Dyson in the future... I’m just excited to see where they will go next!

I just wanted to throw this out into the discussion, like I said they can “say” anything to us the consumers.. but only Sir James knows what he has planned for the future! Lol. I’m just gonna grab some popcorn and sit and watch what happens!

Thanks, Patrick

Post# 398736 , Reply# 26   9/25/2018 at 02:55 by mikanic (Leeds)        
I agree with all of you!

It's just awkward, not to mention it was GTECH who invented cordless first. At least you might know that if you're from the UK.

I've used the v10 before in Currys PC World, and as far as business goes, it's not about the money. It's the product.

At around £400, I would have liked to see more storage, a decent design, and most importantly a brush bar that DEEP cleans. Not to mention that one brand do fan-cooling arc-shaped batteries, but that's off topic. However, a battery from that brand could very well go into a full-sized upright that could be battery-powered.

The sound of a vacuum cleaner working looks better and sounds better if it's big. It doesn't have to be heavy to be big.

Post# 398739 , Reply# 27   9/25/2018 at 03:54 by GREGVACS28 (in a house)        

gregvacs28's profile picture

Battery appliances are preferred.

Even if they stopped building corded vacs tomorrow, the market wouldn't suffer. Younger generations are the ones buying vacs. The market is already saturated for typical corded vacs. Dyson said they are no longer developing NEW products....for now. But it's inevitable.

What we aren't seeing at the moment is the battery makers gearing up because the demand is outstripping production. So the manufacturers from electric car manufacturers to home appliance makers have to ease into things.

Even if a battery lasted 30 minutes on charge and a person wanted to vacuum longer, they can swap batteries.

Also, things like petroleum based appliances like lawn mowers don't go on endlessly. You have to put in gas, oil, change filters, they are dirty, noisy, smelly, the engines wear down. Electric appliances don't do that.

I've used a cordless black and decker weed eater and that thing is awesome.
Also a battery robotic lawnmower- so much better than gas.

Batteries can be recharged on one's own solar system, so one can easily and affordably charge they're own appliances.

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Post# 398760 , Reply# 28   9/25/2018 at 16:55 by dysonman1 (Missouri)        

dysonman1's profile picture
I've been using the cordless Riccar SupraLite 8 pound upright at work now for 3 years. I've had the cordless power nozzle (the Volt) for my Vacuflo central vac for over 2 years now. I swapped out the soft brush roller of the Volt for a steel brush roller with stiff brushes (from the Riccar corded 8 pound deluxe upright) and found my run time to be about 50 minutes on a full charge.

While I like some Dyson vacuums very much (and some I don't), personally I think cordless is the way of the future for all vacuum manufacturers.

Post# 398776 , Reply# 29   9/26/2018 at 00:32 by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

Both my Volt and the Cordless Superlite vacuums at my place get frequent use too!Really like them!So handy and the Volt works with any canister vacuum hose hose fits the Volts wand!

Post# 398792 , Reply# 30   9/26/2018 at 10:41 by human (Pines of Carolina)        
The ultimate in planned obsolescence...

human's profile picture
Have you ever noticed how cordless devices increasingly have sealed battery compartments with non-replaceable battery packs? Some even come with instructions for how to destroy the device to remove the depleted battery pack for recycling at the end of the device's "useful life". So if you buy into this line of horseshit, the whole device is only intended to last only as long as the battery pack when the rest of the device could last considerably longer--and keep more plastic out of our landfills--if it were designed with a replaceable battery pack. Nonsense!

Post# 398803 , Reply# 31   9/26/2018 at 16:02 by n0oxy (Saint Louis Missouri, United States)        
battery on cordless power nozzles

I'm not sure if the battery on the volt is designed to be user replaceable or not, but the battery on the Perfect power nozzle, which is very similar to an Aerus Electrolux power nozzle definitely is, it can be easily removed and a new battery can be attached, and the charger connects to the battery itself, not the nozzle for charging. It would be really interesting to have a cleaning comparison between these two battery nozzles, of course, some of this would depend on the vacuum it was used on but it would be interesting.
I have not seen replacement batteries available yet for the Perfect nozzle, probably because it's still pretty new. They will both give excellent carpet cleaning ability to a straight suction vac.
I recently read that Wessel-Werk was getting in to the battery nozzle market as well, that should be interesting if it's true.

Post# 398919 , Reply# 32   9/29/2018 at 01:57 by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

The battery on the Volt or the Simplicity Freedom uprights can be removed by two screws on the bottom-back of the battery.Just remove the screws-unplug the battery and put on a new one.Some Simplicity cordless uprights have a clip latch you use to undo the battery and you can put a new one on or a second charged battery.These machines are liked for commercial use.

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