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Iíd Love to get to know more of you... PLEASE Comment.
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Post# 394264   7/3/2018 at 05:22 by HonestJoe68 (Mansfield, Ohio)        

Hello Members!

Iíve been around here reading, posting and commenting for about 5 months now and Iíd LOVE to get to know more of you by participation in this thread. Iím not complaining, but rather explaining Iíve felt a bit invisible here and would love to see more comments instead of only ďviewsĒ. (See my previous Contemporary Thread Titled: Dyson V10 Dok)

So, if you guys donít mind, please share with me your Favorite Contemporary (Newer) vacuum cleaner and why itís your favorite. If you canít choose one (Like me itís Sophieís choice LOL) Then list your top five or ten vacuum cleaners. Share as little or as much as youíd like and Iíd love it if we can make this a lengthy post with lots of fun conversation and sharing. I enjoy hearing from all of you and love ALL brands and makes of vacuum cleaners as I appreciate anything that is categorized as a vacuum cleaner... itís all stuff that I find exciting and FUN.

To start things off, here are my top ten favorite vacuum cleaners, in no specific order as I love them all as my ďfavoritesĒ

* Sebo Felix Premium (Gloss White), Love the versatility of it and how quiet and efficient it is, along with the easy empty bags.

* Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean Cordless (Blue), Love the powerful suction, easy empty dirt cup and the two removable batteries.

* Riccar Premium Vibrance R20P.2 (Metallic Dark Teal), Love the color, look, high quality construction, high quality chromed steel brushroll and power of this beautiful USA assembled vacuum.

* Bissell Anna Upright Hybrid Cordless (Pearl) Love that itís a hybrid cordless or electric and that itís now discontinued so it will be limited and rare eventually.

* Dyson DC24 (Target Red Limited Edition), I Love that itís a unique color to Target, as thatís my favorite store.

* Kirby Sentria 2 (tan with teal accents) I LOVE my Sentria 2 and itís versatility, powerful suction and HEPA bags, but the main reasons I love this particular Kirby are the bag design and color of the trim, tools and accessories. Itís powerful and durable and all made in the USA.

* Hoover Hushtone 13+ (grey and orange) I love it as itís my favorite commercial vacuum and I love the lifetime belt and that itís super quiet! (65 decibels)

* Miele H1 QuickStep Upright Vacuum with electronic suction control (Metallic Silver) I LOVE this vacuum as it was purchased with the money I saved after I quit smoking cigarettes. (Two packs a day, quit for good November 2011) and the money I would have spent on them.. I used to buy this beautiful $700 German made vacuum cleaner.

* Maytag MO2OR Dual Intake Upright M1200 (Pearl White) I LOVE this vacuum and I might as well include my Maytag M700, M600 and M500 too as they all are awesome, well made, assembled in the USA vacuum cleaners.

* Simplicity A-Go-Go Cordless Broom Vacuum (Green and Metallic Grey) Itís a fun and very versatile cordless vacuum with a nice charging stand and on board hose/tools.

And Lastly, an honorable mention in the Canister/Cylinder Vacuum category:

* Kenmore Bagged Canister Vacuum Model 125.81614 (Metallic Purple) I only own approximately 8 canister style vacuums in my entire collection, but I LOVE the color, on board tools and hand grip power and electronic suction control feature. Itís VERY quiet too with lots of suction.

Thank you everybody and I look forward to lots of comments and sharing.. This IS the reason we have a vacuum cleaner forum to share our passion for collecting vacuum cleaners and tell others what gets us excited! Share why you feel a vacuum cleaner is NOT just an appliance to clean your home... but something that makes us smile and peaks our interest!


Post# 394266 , Reply# 1   7/3/2018 at 06:13 by JustJunque (Western MA)        

Good morning.
I'm glad you decided to give it another chance!

I'm fairly new here as well, and not even a true collector.
But I am a fan, and have been drawn to vacuums since childhood.
The earliest ones that I remember in our home were a Hoover Portable and a Hoover Lark stick vacuum.

And, I want to congratulate you for quitting smoking!
I dabbled as a teen, but I thank God that I never got "hooked".

If you're interested in my rather unimpressive "collection", I'll post again later.
Unfortunately, have to go to work soon. 🙁


Post# 394272 , Reply# 2   7/3/2018 at 10:53 by dysonman1 (Missouri)        

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Hi Patrick:
I go to work every day at The Vacuum Cleaner Museum in St. James, MO. I'm surrounded by vintage and "very" vintage cleaners. Some older than 100 years.

At home it's a different story. I love modern vacuums, and have a good number "in rotation".

My newest cleaner is my Hyla EST with the brushless motor. What a fantastic piece of engineering.

My favorite Vacuum of all time, the Signature Series Air-Way Sanitizor, comes out for spring and fall cleaning.

At the Collector's Convention about three weeks ago, a friend brought me an almost new Hoover React Professional Pet Plus (that's it's entire name). I LOVE IT. What a fantastic machine.

I got a Hoover Air Revolve from Amazon recently for $100. It's a modern take on the General Electric "Roll Easy" from the mid 1950's. I bought it to laugh at, since it's a modern copy of one of the worst vacuums ever. However, it's actually not too bad, picks up very well, and is fun to use. And it's worth exactly what I paid, $100.

I have at home my all time favorite Dyson, the DC17 Absolute. Built exclusively for the USA. It's the best, most powerful Dyson ever made.

I love my Fantom Thunder. I used to have a vacuum repair shop, we were Fantom warranty dealers. I found out that James Dyson was not going to renew his license agreement with Fantom, so they would not be able to make dual cyclone cleaners any longer. I ordered what turned out to be one of the last Fantom Thunders they had in the warehouse. I've kept it nice, but I've still used it a lot.

I also love my Eureka Ultra Whirlwind dual cyclonic upright. Eureka made them briefly in 2000, but Dyson's patents were not expired so they had to take it off the market. I got an almost new one from the estate of the late Mike Hays, who was a vacuum collector. It was used once, if at all, when I got it. Cleans like a DREAM.

I like using my old Kirby G3. Since the new Avalir is in no way different, there's just no reason to get a newer one. Very recently, a Kirby salesman stopped by my home. I told him I had one of his expensive sweeping machines, and when they came out with a really new model, I'd be happy to look.

My two vintage cleaners that are in regular rotation in my house, are my Hoover Dimension 1000 canister, and 65th Anniversary Majestic Filter Queen.

When the Vacuum Cleaner Collectors came to my home, on the last day of the convention this year, I demonstrated my Aerus Electrolux Guardian Platinum, and my Tri-Star Mg2. Love them both.

I have two Miele canisters, a Genimi and an Aquaria. I use the same hose and power nozzle with both of the.

Last but not least is my Riccar Prima with Tandem-Air power nozzle. Fantastic carpet cleaning canister.

I rarely use my Central Vac. While I love my dual motor Vacuflo, using the Hide-A-Hose is kind of a pain. The wally-flex comes in handy in the laundry room to suck the lint out of the Speed Queen.

Post# 394274 , Reply# 3   7/3/2018 at 12:09 by HonestJoe68 (Mansfield, Ohio)        

Hi Barry,

Yep itís partially because of your kind post and also I thought.. well if I even get one or two replies then I should be happy. LOL I just got flustered when I had hundreds of views and no replies and foolishly thought.. what am I doing wrong that nobody likes my posts? But anyhow, if you donít yet own your ďfavoriteĒ vacuum... what would be your dream vacuum and why? Iíd love to hear and include those who may not have found or bought their fantasy vacuum yet. BTW.. Love the Hoover portable and Lark Stick vacuum, I had one years ago in (I think) the two Blue color scheme... may not have been a Lark but definitely a Hoover Stick of that era. I just kinda lost interest in my vintage (Sorry guys, no shade) and sold or gave them away to other collectors. But thank you Barry for your comments and kindness, I appreciate it!

Hi Tom,

WOW I looked up your new Hyla EST and OMG I am coveting it!! Did you happen to see the new Swarovski Crystal Limited Edition Hyla.. Spectacular! Dyson DC17.. LOVE and horrible regret that I sold mine years ago instead of holding on to them! I also own the Hoover React Professional Pet Plus.. LOVE it too, really nice matching and Iím a total sucker for any iPhone app for a vacuum! Lol. Fantom Thunder, Lightening and Wildcat.. Wish I had them all still, another regretful decision, but at least they went to a die hard collector and he still has them today. Hoover Air Revolve.. itís on my Amazon wish list after watching Roger Lang use his to clean up after his Mom had new carpeting put in her home. Cool rolling design! Eureka Ultra Whirlwind.. Cool vacuum and Iíd love to have one also, but I only had the Eureka Bagless (Forget the name) that had those funky Roller Blade wheels in the back.. it was that lime green! Kirby G3.. My only other Kirby Iíve owned, sadly I gave that one to a collector too. Now I have the Awesome Kirby Sentria 2 and the only reason I chose it was itís color scheme.. tan and teal.. LOVE it. Plus I bought it from a woman going through a divorce after 38 years of marriage. The tools had never been used and the Kirby looked brand new, the brushroll was still clean. She said 6 years prior they had all hardwood put in the home and it set in her closet. Anyway, she was SO happy to hear I was a collector she hugged me. LOL. Hoover Dimension and Filter Queen.. both sound really cool too. Not familiar with canister/cylinder type vacuums. Aerus, Tri Star and your Miele canisters.. Awesome vacuums!! Riccar Premium Tandem Air .. excellent, again I only own Riccar Uprights. (Canisters are Simplicity) My Tacony Favs I mentioned above but forgot to list my Simplicity Tandem Air Fetch Pet S30PET in gorgeous Metallic Grass Green.. Iíd never have bought one as Iíd only seen Riccar at my local store... but traveling to Pennsylvania to see family, I found and awesome Simplicity dealer and he gave me a huge discount as I bought my Wonder Power Team Canister with deluxe powered brushroll, the Simplicity A-Go-Go Cordless and my two Flash Micro Handhelds I bought as gifts. So the owner looked at my bill, even with a discount heíd already given me on the other vacuums.. looked at me and said how about the $1,199.95 Fetch Pet for HALF price!! So yep.. I love it and sure wish, like you I had the Tandem Air Nozzel for my Wonder, I bought mine right before the canister Tandem Air nozzle was released.

Ok, thank you both so much for sharing. I hope this thread grows as I LOVE hearing about other peoples favorites and why.. I feel like part of a really cool group instead of a weirdo! LOL

Thanks, Patrick

Post# 394280 , Reply# 4   7/3/2018 at 12:54 by dysonman1 (Missouri)        

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I can always help you out with a Simplicity Tandem-Air power nozzle that will fit on your Wonder.

Hope you get lots of replies.

You live in the heart of vacuum country - Ohio - where it all started when Susan Hoover opened her door to Murray Spangler, carrying what would become the Hoover model 0 and he said "you'll never have to beat your carpets outside again".

Try to plan a trip to Missouri for next years Vacuum Collectors Convention at the Vacuum Cleaner Museum. June 6 - 8. You'll meet LOTS of fellow collectors and have a great time. Best of all, it's FREE.

Post# 394283 , Reply# 5   7/3/2018 at 14:09 by kenkart (Mocksville, NC)        
We all are somewhat different,

As for myself, I have a phobia about having anything newer, most of my machines are from the 60s on back, I do have some 70s 80s and 90s vacuums, but I guess of all of them my favorite newer machine, would be my early 90s Nilfisk GS 90.But I like seeing ALL vacuums, and I really enjoy this group of folks, we have a great time...My story is, I was always attracted to vacuum cleaners, As a very small child, my Aunt bought a new tan model G Electrolux that sparked my life long love of tank and canister machines, especially Electroluxes, im 52 now, and several years ago was given a huge collection of vacuums and mixers and blenders from Mike Hays, a old friend from Greenfield Ohio, this about tripled my collection, I am in the process of moving now to a house with much more and better storage, I counted 60 Eectroluxes as I moved them...LOL, probably close to 500 or so vacuums by the time im done, the Electroluxes are from the first one, the model 5 thru the Rennisance.I have all kinds of odd old machines, Apexes, Lewyts, Westinghouse, GE, Kenmore, Regina, Universal,Hoover, Kingston, Nilfisk, Panasonic,Kirby, Saniway, Royal and a few more brands.Tom Gasko is a great friend and if you can go to the museum it will be well worth your time As Tom knows much more than I do, especially about newer stuff.

Post# 394287 , Reply# 6   7/3/2018 at 16:15 by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
Hi Patrick and WELCOME!!!!!!!

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I've been collecting vacuums for years. I have over 450 HOOVER products in my home. (I KNOW). Although, I have friends who collect other species, I'm all Hoover. more of a devotee to the entire Hoover Company.
I'm also the Vice President of a collectors' group, The V.C.C.C. (The Vacuum Cleaner Collectors' Club) We just returned form Spokane. Every summer, we have a convention in a different city, visiting fellow collectors, seeing their town, etc.I've gotten to see a lot of The U.S. It's great fun. Perhaps you might like some info on our group, too.
Oddly, I learned a few years ago, that I am a distant relative of Murray Spangler, the janitor who, with Boss Hoover, changed the world with The Hoover cleaner.
Again, a great big welcome to you.
John Long, Vice President, The V.C.C.C.

Post# 394289 , Reply# 7   7/3/2018 at 16:51 by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
If you'd like to see some of my stuff.........

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check out Vintage... (archives, now) Preparing the Hoover Gallery.. Care to see some Hoovers. you'll see a sample.

Post# 394290 , Reply# 8   7/3/2018 at 17:27 by JustJunque (Western MA)        
Hey Patrick

As I was saying, I'm not officially a collector.
I have what you might call an obsessive personality.
I tend to buy multiples of random things; bordering on hoarding.
And, I've liked vacuums as long as I can remember.
So...I've ended up owning multiple vacuums.

I have an Oreck XL, which was the first vacuum we ever bought, back when we lived in our apartment.
Once we bought our house, we have mostly hardwood floors, and don't have as much need for the upright.

So, I bought a refurbished Electrolux Epic 6500.
I had fallen for the one my mom had, so I needed one of my own.
I now have three Epic 6500s.
The second one, I found on Craigslist.
A complete, low mileage, one owner machine that I couldn't resist.
The third one is a 75th Anniversary model that I found on the curb.
It was trashed, and doesn't run, but I cleaned it up and plan on replacing the motor, once I get brave enough to attempt the job.
I also found a dark grey Ambassador III on the curb.
Someone had clogged up the power nozzle by vacuuming up some kind of wet mess that then dried in there.
After a thorough cleaning, it turns out it was an almost immaculate machine before someone messed it up.
It's now one of my nicest vacuums. Of course, I had to hit eBay and buy everything for it that wasn't with it when I found it. So, it became a somewhat expensive "free" vacuum! But worth it!

Just recently, I found a complete Hoover Portable at a Salvation Army thrift store.
For $10, I couldn't pass it up.
It's not the same color as the one from my childhood, but at least I have a working Portable.
It works great!

And, just last week, I picked up a blue Hoover Quik-Broom II; also a thrift store find.
It's a three speed stick vac.
Someone neglected it horribly, and it was even dirtier than the trashed Electrolux that I found.
I've made quite a bit of progress with cleaning it, but I have to try to find the courage to take it apart so I can get the bag off to wash it.
My mom had the Lark when I was a kid, and I remember my grandmother having what I believe was a Regina stick vac.
So, I always wanted to have a stick vac of some kind in our home.

A wet/dry vac which I believe is a Craftsman, and has not yet been taken out of its box, and two Oreck hand-held vacuums, one black, one white, round out the "collection".
The black one came with our XL, and the white one belonged to an uncle who no longer wanted it.

I am in the process of trying to acquire a Hoover Celebrity.
That's how I am. Out of the blue, something just catches my eye, and I have to have one...or three.

I can't really say that I have a "dream vacuum" that I hope to own some day.
Today, it's the Celebrity.
And I love my Electroluxes!


Post# 394294 , Reply# 9   7/3/2018 at 19:06 by JustJunque (Western MA)        

Your collection and storage/display area look awesome!

You mentioned mixers.
I have no idea why, but lately I've had a thing for Sunbeam Mixmasters.
As far back as I can remember, my mom has had a chrome stand version.
I have so many fond memories of "helping" her in the kitchen, and the delicious things she would make that the Mixmaster was used in preparing.

We already have a Kitchen Aid stand mixer that we got as a wedding gift, and it seems we never have time to use it.
Never mind adding a second stand mixer to the already overcrowded countertop.

Even though I have no history with them, I've been wanting the hand mixer version all of a sudden.
The hand-held Mixmaster...the five speed with Burst of Power...probably in green.
I love green!
Harvest gold would probably be a close second.
I've seen them on eBay, but I just haven't seen "the one".


Post# 394299 , Reply# 10   7/3/2018 at 21:33 by kenkart (Mocksville, NC)        

I will try and post pictures of the mixers, I have almost every sunbeam from 1930 until the 80s and all but one Kitchen Aid from the first, 1919 until 1980,The portable you want I may have, im not sure,

Post# 394304 , Reply# 11   7/3/2018 at 21:50 by broomvac (N/A)        

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I think this thread is a wonderful idea. This will be a good vacuum cleaner "ice breaker."

You have good taste in vacuums. Of the ones you listed, I think the Maytag M1200 is the one I want the most. The shape of the machine is beautiful, being more rectangular than its Simplicity and Riccar brothers, and the gloss "Maytag White" is sharp! On top of that, it's a tandem air vacuum, which makes it extra cool! In fact, I like the whole Maytag lineup which you have.

My story is likely similar to those of others here. I have been interested in vacuums for as long as I can remember and even before--literally. Since before I was even one I was apparently drawn to vacuums. My mom had a blue Hoover Elite with a side-zip bag and on board attachments at the time. Coincidentally or not, side-zip Elites/Legacys/Soft & Lights have been one of my favorite vacuums ever since despite the fact she got rid of it well before I was old enough to use it.

I keep a "Vacuum Cleaner Resume" to track every vacuum I've owned. Last I checked, it was around 80, but I have (only?) 23, not including my Shop Vac and Craftsman self-propelled leaf/lawn vacuum. I tend to let all but my favorites go after a while. Occasionally, I get rid of one and regret it.

With the exception of a Dirt Devil Pro Series Can Vac and several handheld vacuums, I collect exclusively uprights. Mostly this has been because I love "dirty fan" vacuums, but also because my house has so much carpet that uprights are a better choice. I get my vacuums from all kinds of sources. Some from garage sales, some from friends, some from vacuum stores, some from eBay, but most from thrift stores. Thrift stores have been good to me; I've been able to find some diamonds in the rough. Other times, I'll find a vacuum that I wouldn't usually buy if it wasn't for the fact it has that ONE part I've been needing for so long!

Vintage vs. Contemporary...the age of cleaners I find interesting begins about where Hans's ends, I guess. I like vacuums from the 70's and later. That's why I enjoy this site: no two people here like exactly the same thing.

My favorite contemporary vacuum is my Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy which I purchased refurbished from Dyson's eBay outlet. Cool story: it was rebuilt by the same people who pumped new life into my Fantom Thunder. Sonwil Distribution apparently "Manufacturer Refurbished" both of them, 19 years apart!

The first picture below shows my current vacuum "armada" minus my Oreck Intellashield and new Fantom. Two days ago I found a Fantom Cyclone XT, a definite dream machine of mine. I couldn't be happier because I have a strong interest in Fantoms, Dysons, and any other cyclonic vacuums with Dyson roots!

The other pictures are just select shots of a few of the machines I currently have.

Keep on vacuuming, everyone! All of your responses were interesting and I look forward to reading more.

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Post# 394307 , Reply# 12   7/3/2018 at 22:02 by rivstg1 (colorado springs)        
new to this collecting thing

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I like old most categories...not exclusively all old stuff.....parents insist I was born decades ahead of when I should have . I have 5 Kirbys now and thats my most favorite by far, though I don't know much about other brands in the 1930s-1950's...learning. I would like some restored 50s Kirby's...have my eye on a 516 model at a Pawn shop, hmmmm. Its the 'chrome' ( I know, its polishing aluminum) look that grabs me....and that the styling LOOKS old , even if it isn't that old ( think 1980's model etc). I'm looking at some Royal metal uprights recently too. While I"m not a huge canister fan due to the main units seemingly always getting caught on chairs/corners/doors....I have 2 Rainbow's , though, the really old ones don't do much for me. I"ve learned that i prefer uprights when I bought my first Kirby. My first vacuum that I bought was an OReck XL 9100 which I still have....didn't use it much at ALL since 1999 when I got my first Rainbow, but recently recplaced the headlights and cover for it...just b/c. Actually, I bet lots of you guys do this, that I keep the Oreck in the kitchen closet for a 'quick spill' vacuum, but thats it.
So, my total vacuum collection is 9! ( just got a 2nd kirby Heritage II b/c I wanted teh emptor/bag to use on an older Kirby w/o desposable bags.
While I don't want or aspire to own most of the vacuums many of you talk about here, I RESPECT and appreciate YOUR enthusiasm for 'your' brands, honestly, love your passion and seeing the models that I wouldn't ever look for by all of your posting photos here!

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Post# 394309 , Reply# 13   7/3/2018 at 22:08 by MadMan (Chicago, IL, USA)        

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Hi Patrick!

I'm not really a vacuum collector (yet). That being said, I do technically own 4 vacs, not including machines used for work. I'm more of a general collector (vintage stuff), but ever since I was very little, I've always loved machines in general. I was the kid at the department store who shrugged at the toy aisle, but absolutely HAD to see appliance section.

Don't worry about your threads not getting replies. Folks 'round here tend not to reply if they have nothing to say, that's all.

Post# 394311 , Reply# 14   7/3/2018 at 22:34 by broomvac (N/A)        

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So I posted here before I read your Dyson V10 Dok post. Now that I have done so, I'd just like to encourage you to stay here on Vacuumland with us. I've always enjoyed your posts. I try to do my part to make you and others here feel welcome, just as I want you all to do for me. Even when I don't reply, that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy your thoughts. Frequently, I'm just running low on time or don't know enough about the vacuum in question to leave a thoughtful comment.

My heart is a bit warmed to see some folks here on Vacuumland coming together in this thread and your other post to support you. I've been present on this site in some form or fashion for some 10 or so years now, and I too feel this place has gotten a bit quieter since then. Maybe it's just me; I've transitioned more from wanting to being content with what I've found.

Nevertheless, I try to do my part to keep this site lively and I hope you inspire a new wave of activity from the others, too.

Post# 394312 , Reply# 15   7/3/2018 at 22:44 by fan-of-fans (USA)        

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I guess you could say I like machines in general too, pretty much anything with a plug is interesting to me.

I'm not sure where I got my interest in vacuums but it probably had to do with the Kenmore canisters we had growing up.

You asked favorite contemporary machine. I guess out of the ones I own, it would be my red Kenmore Progressive canister. It's quiet and fun with all of the bells and whistles. I just would rather it had the metal end hose instead of the weird bulky attachments, but they're ok.

I mostly have 90s and newer vacuums in my collection. I do have one or two from the 80s and two Hoovers from the 60s and 70s, a Constellation and a Slimline.

Pretty much any vacuum from any brand that catches my attention I like, no matter the brand or year. Overall I guess I've always favored Kenmores because I grew up with them and to me they're the best vacuums you can find in a department store or big box store these days.

And probably for the same reason, I'm more of a canister person than an upright. I have 3 uprights in my collection compared to 8 canisters.

Someone mentioned Sunbeam Mixmasters too. I like these. I have a harvest gold one from the 70s. I don't use it that much unless I make pancakes or waffles for breakfast. I like the 60s-90s Mixmasters the best, probably because of the shape overall of them. My favorite features are the bowl rotation and the attachment port. I don't have any attachments for mine other than the beaters and dough hooks. I have a Mixmaster 3 speed hand mixer too that's avocado. Nice little mixer.

I've never had a KitchenAid mixer but I do have a blender.

Post# 394317 , Reply# 16   7/3/2018 at 23:54 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

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Well for me
my favorite vacuum are Compact Tristar simply due to the fact my grand ma had one my god father had one both C8 or C9 now i have my own Compact IEC -C9 love it.
Also the Electrolux AP 200 which i got fro a deal 40 $ ! always love the design the air flow and simplicity and direct connect wands and hose ect from the lux waiting to find a Olympia one and super j i curently also have a discovery 2 upright i found in a yard sale for 20 $ and a brand new aerus floor pro to help cleaning and wash my floors love it !
I have always been a shop-vac fan i had several over the years currently own a big 16 gallon shop vac. Id love to own a Filter Queen X31 and a Kenmore Whisper tone canister 4.1.

Post# 394318 , Reply# 17   7/4/2018 at 00:08 by HonestJoe68 (Mansfield, Ohio)        

@dysonman1 Tom, Wow thank you for the offer of the Simplicity Tandem Air nozzle, Iíve debated buying it since I first saw one online. So thank you and Iíll keep you in mind if I decide to buy one. Thanks! I will definitely try to make it to Missouri, but I donít get to travel much this year with so many things on my plate. But Iíve always wanted to go. Fortunately many years ago I went on several tours of the Hoover Plant in North Canton.. Wonderful to see that beautiful factory, but very disheartening that itís gone out of business and about 750 people lost their job. 😥

@kenkart, Hans I totally understand your passion for classic vacuums as many new, contemporary vacuums are totally lacking the extra styling and trim and use of different materials and colors to jazz older vacuums up. I too was attracted to vacuum cleaners, my Mom says, from the time I could walk. Would Love to see your canister vacuums and mixers, they sound beautiful! Amazing collection you have too.... congratulations and what amazing, well built machines you own. I will make it my number one priority to get to the museum too, as but I want to spend a long time so I have to plan at least a weekend and stay near by in a hotel.

@gottahaveahoover, John .. Mr. President, I am totally honored and humbled by such an important person in the world of vacuums would speak such kindness to me. What an amazing job you have and Iím jealous (but very happy for you) that I couldnít see all you have too and travel. WOW, I canít tell you how MANY Hoover vacuums Iíve had in my life and how much JOY they have given me. My great aunt willed me her Hoover Jr., I apologize as I have no idea the model number or age (roughly from the 60ís), but it was a greenish yellow color with a dark sage green fabric bag and what appears to be Bakelite underneath. Then I had a love affair with my grandmaís Hoover Dial-a-Matic in the tan and taupe color scheme (again my sincere apologies for not knowing the correct models or color names). Then I also remember grandma also owned a Hoover Pixie in tan and yellow.. I LOVED playing with that for hours! Then of course my Mom and other Grandma had Hoover Senior vacuums! Moms was Mint Green and Grandmaís was Pink! I admit I was a bit scared of them as a very young child because they were so powerful and awesome machines! Then there were Hoover Convertibles in the family.. my favorite was bright orange. Oh and The Hoover Decade 800 that my Mom owned.. I LOVED that one and it was green color scheme. but I think the one that fascinated me the most was when my Mom bought the Hoover Concept One, then grandma bought the Concept Two a few years later. I thought it was brilliant to put a hand vacuum on the front for cleaning furniture, etc. Moms Concept one was Blue bag with cream body and Grandmaís Concept 2 was a silver/gray color. I own a few vintage, one being a Hoover Quik Broom Stick Vacuum in Yellow (by the way where can I get Hoover ďEĒ bags?) My Quik Broom works great and is pristine and I still have the slide in white disposable bag holder/frame.. I just cannot source E bags. Lastly, I had to buy a Hoover Dial-a-Matic for sentimental reasons! My Contemporary Hoovers are plenty too. I have ALL the Hoover Cordless vacuums, the 2 in 1 stick, the Upright, the Lift and the stick.. I have SO many of those batteries I could run one vacuum for days LOL. I also had to have my second set of Hoover Platinum vacuums, bought last year. I had the Platinum Lightweight Bagged Upright set and gave them to my Uncle who needed a new vacuum. He still uses his and I ordered myself another set last year from Amazon. They are SO awesome.. love the blue lighted on/off and low/high buttons as well as the overall design. I also have the following Hoover: PowerVac Pet Cordless Hand Vacuum, Anniversary Windtunnel Self Propelled, Signature LiNX Cordless Vacuum, Cruise Cordless Ultra light vacuum, REACT Professional and REACT Professional Pet Plus, and three Commercial Hoover vacuums: the Awesome Hoover Hushtone 13+ with Intellibelt and quiet mode and the cool Commercial Backpack Vacuum, Model C2401. And the Commercial Professional Series Bagged Upright CH50020. Wow I didnít even get into the years in my late 20ís when I ordered the Windtunnel off television from the cool infomercial where they showed the yellow ďsandĒ getting scattered by other vacuums.. then I even ordered the Windtunnel Self Propelled.. both in the neat burgundy colors. My life is FULL of fond Hoover memories, so thank you John for your kind words, it means a LOT to me.

Wow Barry... LOVE your share! Loved my first Oreck XL too and always wanted to own more Electrolux vacuums. Great find on your Hoover Portable! Iíve never seen an Ambassador III? LOVE the Hoover Quik Broom and QB2.. so FUN. I forgot to share with John above.. I recently was Gifted a MINT Hoover Constallation (I believe an 858) anyway a friend gave it to me and she was the only owner. It was a wedding gift almost 50 years ago. Itís Orange on top with tan bottom and hose, etc. I was so touched she thought of me. I too love the Hoover Celebrity as well and would be pleased to have one too. Your Mixer collection sounds awesome too and Iíd love to see pics sometime as well.

@broomvac thank you for the kind words and your share too. I do love my Maytag vacuums so much itís hard to not use them everyday. I highly recommend the M1200 if you ever get one, I have seen some good sales on them here and there.. but they are more of an investment like a Miele or Riccar. I LOVE the entire Tacony family to be honest.. I have vacuums from almost all their subsidiary vacuum manufactures. Your Blue Kenmore High Performance and the Kenmore Progressive DirectDrive and ALL your Dirt Devils Iím envious of as I sadly and foolishly got rid of all mine. I had the DD MVP Bagged, I had the RoomMate, the Broom Vac and the original hand held corded vacuum. They are ALL nice, Dyson are fun too.. I have a bad addiction to collecting Dyson and I have SO many Dyson products (28 items, mostly vacuums) That Dyson made me a VIP customer with Lifetime Free Shipping and an automatic 25 percent off every vacuum (except the V10 until itís 6 month old) ordered with customer service at Dyson Direct and I have a special customer service representative I can email or call for help, etc.. Itís SO cool how nice they are to me! I had a laugh with one call not too long ago when the sales manager I was speaking with said in her 10 years with Dyson, she has Never seen a customers account where their Dyson Machines List showed ďNext PageĒ to view all my Dysons. 😳☺️
I have fun collecting vacuums, but with Dyson, I actually love their Hot and Cold heater, the Fans and the Air cleaners too.

@rivstg1 Kelton, Hello and cool share of your unique collection from Vintage to the 90ís. Iíd LOVE to own a Rainbow but havenít made that transition to water filtration vacuums .. YET 🤗👍🏼. Thank you very much for being so kind and respectful to appreciate me and my enthusiasm. Your words inspired me to have fun here and not worry as much about replies and hope that all those ďviewsí were enjoyed and informative. Thanks for everyting and congrats on your wonderful collection!

Hi @MadMan.. we are kindred spirits when you described the Toy Aisle had no affect on you but the Appliance Aisle was your section.. DITTO exactly! I miss our Service Merchandise for that reason... so cool to see the Vacuums lined up in a lighted display.. the only down side I couldnít TOUCH all of the vacuum cleaners LOL. Thank you for sharing and I appreciate everything!

@broomvac.. again, you are awesome! I too have had my heart warmed by the overwhelming response and kindness of the great members of this site.. I finally feel a part of something much bigger than just me or just a passion to collect something. Itís like a great big family! Iím finally NOT the odd ball LOL

Sincere and HUGE thanks to each and every person whoís commented and even to those just reading this thread. I love and appreciate everyone for their sharing and kindness. Vacuum Collectors Unite and I hope to keep hearing more and more sharing. I hope I never miss anyone or forget to reply to anyone.. if I do, itís NOT personal but more a testament that I need reading glasses LOL

My sincerest thank youís!


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Post# 394319 , Reply# 18   7/4/2018 at 00:24 by HonestJoe68 (Mansfield, Ohio)        
@fan-of-fans and @compactc9guy

Cole and Antoine,

Thank you for your shares too.. I took so long and typed so much (Sorry Everybody) that I saw you two posted while I was typing my previous comment. 😳😬

Cole, I love and have a fondness of Kenmore vacuums too and of the few canisters I own, two are Kenmore. I LOVE my Purple Kenmore Canister Model 125.81614 bagged vacuum. I love how even the motorized mini pet tool stores on board and how you can change from the Motorized Brushroll to the soft, dusting brush for hard floors (hands free) without bending or reaching down. Very cool design and SO quiet! Oh and I donít even want to go there with all the mixers Iíve seen growing up LOL. I bought my partner the big Kitchen Aid mixer and all the attachments last year and he Loves it! He is an excellent cook and I love to bake and make desserts. Awesome share and thank you!

Antoine, I worked my second job where the store used a Tri-Star in the black and grey speckled pattern, with the translucent attachments that had silver glitter inside! Love vacuuming with that! Wow Love to see your Electrolux AP200.. those were so cool and neat colors. Also, love to see pictures of your coll Filter Queen X31 are those the cool blue anniversary edition vacuums or the black and red?? Love that you have a Kenmore Whisper Tone Canister.. what color is it?? Thank you for your share and kindness.

Again, sorry for my rambling ON and ON in many comments.. but you guys have made me so happy and welcome to the family!! I felt invisible, but little did I know so many enjoyed reading my posts and hopefully like what I share.

The genuine love for Vacuum Cleaners is a great thing and itís really nice to feel understood and share similar enjoyment and excitement for the collection of these amazing machines that help us keep our home clean!


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Post# 394321 , Reply# 19   7/4/2018 at 00:35 by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

I think we have had favorites before-so I will put down mine at present---Uprights-
Kirby Avalirs-Have #1,2.Yes,these are like the others but still like and use them.
Next would be the Simplicty and "Lux Cordless uprights-lightweight.The ONLY battery powered vacuum that TRUELY works.Like their HUGE Filtrete style bags.
Simplicity and Maytag Tanem air uprights.Like these-use them along with the Kirbys.
And of course metal Royal uprights.And on occasion a Sanitaire.
Canisters-The Areas Lux Guardian Platinum!A favorite!!Have the newer TriStar -like the Platinum better.Qieter and more powerful.
Don't use it much-my MD central vacuum-used freestanding not installed.
The NSS M1 "Pig" a favorite when picking up bulky stuff.
Then my Tornado Task Force External Filter Wet/Dry vacuum-this is the most powerful I have next to the MD central vacuum.Both have 15A motors.

Post# 394322 , Reply# 20   7/4/2018 at 00:37 by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

Oh yes for canisters-forgot it earlier-My Simplicity Tandem air Canister.And my Volt powernozzle with a more powerful motor-use this with any of the canister that it can fit---Yes,even the Kirby configured as a canister!

Post# 394324 , Reply# 21   7/4/2018 at 00:50 by HonestJoe68 (Mansfield, Ohio)        

Hi Rex,

Sorry I figured there might have been a very similar thread to this one, but hopefully nobody minds updating it to get to know more about each other.

Man I forgot one of my important favorite cordless models! LOVE my Riccar Cordless SupraLite Upright, Model R10CV.. the bright metallic blue color makes me smile every time I use it! Itís been my go to so often, even more than my Dyson V8 or Shark IONFlex 2X Cordless combined. Iím an odd weirdo in the fact I cannot allow myself to put any of my Bagless vacuums away with dirt still inside! I donít mean just dumping the dust bin either.. I mean cleaned, wiped, dusted to spotless clean after Iím done using it. I use Swiffer Dusters and wet wipes like crazy! Lol


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Post# 394325 , Reply# 22   7/4/2018 at 01:32 by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

You Riccar is just like my Simpliocitys-and "Lux versions.Just diffrenet brands-Great vacuum,isn't it?Love mine--they get as much use as my Kirbys!Their bags are like bottomless pits!Takes awhile to fill them.
While I am here thought I would put up the hand vac I use-A Lux Lite2.Use it to clean out the car.Wjhen done the SeboE in the kitchen vacuums out the Lux's bag.

Post# 394338 , Reply# 23   7/4/2018 at 09:27 by HonestJoe68 (Mansfield, Ohio)        

Hi Rex,

Yes, I know Simplicity and Riccar have twins and when you mentioned yours.. thatís what made me realize I forgot to mention my Riccar too. I absolutely LOVE all the Tacony company vacuum cleaners and especially the Simplicity and Riccar, as I love to see brightly colored vacuum cleaners. The least likely way to get me to buy a vacuum is offer it in boring gray or bland color. My only exception has been the Pearl White Maytag vacuums.. I got it in my head I had to have all four models and I LOVE the white color. Hey, great idea to use the Sebo to vacuum out the Luxís bag. I have to admit my partner sometimes thinks I am Crazy.. he will say to me, so youíre using one vacuum to clean out another vacuum? I typically clean out all my bagless vacuums with my Sebo Felix but instead of filling my Sebo bag quickly, I also carefully dump the contents and find a dry Swiffer Duster works great to tidy up the bin and catch any fly away dust. Itís funny but when you mentioned you use your Kirby as an upright with your Volt power nozzle, I thought what a great idea! Especially to get under lower areas like the bed and other low furniture. I guess I am weird or too OCD, but I canít mix and match different brand vacuums or attachments. I do use all my Dyson attachment tools on all the Dyson vacuums they fit.. but I canít for example use my Kenmore canister tools on my Simplicity Wonder.. LOL Iím a freak I guess? 😂

Thanks for sharing!


Post# 394364 , Reply# 24   7/5/2018 at 01:09 by blackheart (North Dakota)        

I'm a very performance oriented collector who appreciates unique design as well.

In terms of uprights I like my direct air machines and feel for pure carpet cleaning performance they cannot beat. They have strong airflow and great agitation. I'd say my top 4 are Kirby, Sanitaire (bag on the back style), Royal (metal), And the TOL tandem air units (Synergy/Radiance).

I do also Enjoy canisters. I'd say the Simplicity Wonder Tandem Air is my overall favorite. I also enjoy Miele, and Numatic.

For handhelds I like my little Dyson DC-59 it's wonderful for crumbs and clearing off the table.

For living in the space I do I have a few too many vacs, I try to use my space efficiently though. The 2nd photo didn't splice together as well as I hoped it would. If this weren't bad enough there's 2 central vacs, 3 uprights, 5 handvacs, 1 roomba, and a floormate that are not pictured

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Post# 394365 , Reply# 25   7/5/2018 at 02:51 by HonestJoe68 (Mansfield, Ohio)        

Wow.. nice collection! I must say immediately from the bottom of the second picture.. I spy the side of the Dirt Devil Bagged MVP vacuum, one of my regretted sales from years ago when I sold off over 100 vacuums! 😬☹️ Such a cool vacuum to me, even though itís rather heavy, I Loved mine! When it first came out and I bought the MVP I remember several things that (for that time) were very cool and innovative! It had the on board triangular shaped attachment which I immediately had fun cleaning every corner in my house, also the filtration was great and for me, that was a quiet vacuum compared to others from that decade! I like all those you mentioned too and I see you have the Tandem Air brushroll for your Simplicity Wonder! How do you like the Tandem Brushroll? Does it seem a lot heavier than say the deluxe Simplicity Powered Brushroll without Tandem Air? Iíve been debating purchasing one for my Wonder... see my pics of my Wonder.

Thank you so much for sharing your very nice collection!


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Post# 394366 , Reply# 26   7/5/2018 at 03:02 by blackheart (North Dakota)        
The Ultra MVP

Is one of my more recent finds. I too had one many years ago and ended up getting rid of it. I've been in search for one, for a good price, ever since, and now that I have one and have testing equipment I can see that unit has airflow comparable to my direct air machines. It's just a shame the brushroll motor is too weak to handle it's power. With a few tweaks it could be the best.

I'd recommend the tandem powerhead. It doesn't have a height adjustment but i've never found any occasion in which I'd need it yet. There is always the soft carpet plate if you needed it. I love the audible feedback of debris hitting it's fan it's so assuring that the vacuum it's doing it's job. In terms of carpet cleaning I don't think I've had a better canister. I can't really speak of it's weight as I only have the one powerhead.

Post# 394378 , Reply# 27   7/5/2018 at 09:51 by kirbyvertibles (Independence, KS)        

kirbyvertibles's profile picture
My name is Phillip.
I have happily been a vacuum collector/dealer/repairman/enthusiast my entire life (33 years). I'm happily married to my beautiful wife Shaylee (4 years) and we have a beautiful 7 month old son named Maverick. Shaylee has since meeting me been adding to the collection of vacuums because she thinks it's a lot of fun.
We have over 400 vacuums in our collection, many quite rare. My biggest vacuum passions are Hoover Convertible and Concept cleaners and any/all canister/tank cleaners with power nozzles. We have our vacuums displayed in an 1100sf single wide manufactured home that we bought for the vacuums that is attached to our house and yes it is climate controlled. Eventually we plan to build a new home with a mini meet/collection area.
Other passions of mine are tropical plants, Pugs (we have 5), Mercedes benz, all things retro/vintage mostly from the 50s-80s, t.v show dvd boxed sets, vinyl LPs, oldies and classic rock music and trivia, and so much more. If I was wealthy I'd be one hell of an organized hoarder lol.

Post# 394398 , Reply# 28   7/5/2018 at 16:15 by niclonnic (Bonney Lake, WA)        

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My name is Nick.

I have had an interest in vacuum cleaners for as long as I can remember. There was something so moving about this device that keeps the floors clean. I have had an on and off relationship with vacuums over the time I've lived in my current home. 2005 was the peak of my vacuum obsession. I was in 5th grade, and would hold conversations with my teachers about vacuums. I would ask what kinds of vacuums they had, and they would talk about them, and even bring in pictures and manuals of their machines. After school, I would go on my Windows XP computer and look up all kinds of stuff about vacuums. I was such a nerd back then.

While I enjoyed studying vacuum cleaners, ironically I didn't ACTUALLY vacuum back then, due to a fear of the noise. Eventually, I overcame that.

My favorite vacuum in the whole wide world is a Fantom Fury. We used to own one in our old apartment, but sadly had to get rid of it in the summer of 2001 upon moving to our new house. The Fantom changed the way we vacuumed forever. It operated without filter bags, had continuous cleaning power, was 2 vacuums in one, upright and cleaning wand, and had HEPA filtration. In addition, I think it's the coolest-looking vacuum EVER. It has a sinister look to it.

In my current home, we've had a number of different vacuums. The first one we bought was a Dirt Devil Swivel Glide Vision. This one was somewhat unreliable; while it did a great job cleaning, it was heavy, noisy and stinky. Conversely to the Fantom Fury's dual cyclonic technology, this Dirt Devil had a big, pleated filter in the center of the dirt container. It clogged easily and made the dirt get stuck in the container.

In early 2004, my dad bought a Bissell CleanView bagless vacuum for around $80. This was a great vacuum for the price; it cleaned great and the dirt container was easier to empty than the Dirt Devil. This one was also filter-based, but the primary filter was made of foam, which made it easier to clean, since it was washable. We used that for a few years, and it was reliable. However, in late 2007, the handle release pedal broke; thus the vacuum would no longer lock in the upright position.

Once again, the time had come for us to buy another vacuum. I had been fascinated by the Dyson vacuums for a while, but they were expensive! We couldn't afford one for a few years. So at the end of 2007, my dad and I were at Target, looking for a new vacuum. Looking at the Dysons, my dad spotted a DC07 Animal and asked something like, "Should we get this bad boy?" I said yes, and $500 later, we brought it home. Looking back, I wish we could've gotten a newer Dyson, such as a DC17, as the DC07 was the original Root Cyclone upright. But to be fair, I was only 13, and didn't know any better.

Unlike the Dirt Devil and Bissell that preceded it, we fell in love with this Dyson. It was extremely powerful, built like a tank and had so many attachments! It was the first vacuum to have a turbo brush, which worked really well on the stairs. It was the first vacuum to have an extra-long stretch hose, which was GREAT for stairs. It was the first vacuum to have cyclonic technology in the post-Fantom era. It was just the perfect vacuum. Everything about it was perfect. This was also the first vacuum I was able to finally use, after being afraid of the noise for so long. I've enjoyed vacuuming ever since.

We used the Dyson as our daily driver for about 6 years. Then, 5 years ago this month, my dad was sent a Hoover WindTunnel 2 Rewind Pet from the Amazon Vine program, which is an Amazon program where members get free items sent to them in exchange for a review. Once reviewed, they get to keep them. Anyway, this Hoover he got was surprisingly powerful; it did a better job than the old Dyson. So I began using the Hoover instead of the Dyson.

In May of 2014, my mom announced that she was divorcing my dad; she was moving to an apartment and thus needed a vacuum. So, despite my objections, she took the old Dyson DC07 "Animal," despite the fact that she didn't want pets for her place. And I unsuccessfully tried to convince her to buy a new vacuum; she said she couldn't afford one, which I think is code for liking that Dyson so much.

I had been searching for my childhood vacuum, a Fantom Fury, for many, many years, but had been unsuccessful until February. I was contacted by electroluxxxx here on Vacuumland, and he said he had access to a few green Fantom Fury vacuums and was more than willing to refurbish one for me. So I jumped on that, and on March 17 of this year, I was finally reunited with my childhood Fantom Fury after SO many years of searching.

Anyway, I've rambled on long enough. I joined Vacuumland in May of 2014, and became part of a really cool group of vacuum cleaner enthusiasts! It shows that I'm not the only one having a bizarre interest.


Post# 394430 , Reply# 29   7/6/2018 at 01:10 by huskyvacs (Northern Indiana)        

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I'm 26 and I'm a new collector, having just started last fall, but I have been around vacuums ever since I could walk. I'm working on learning to repair vacuums, I just need to have a clear workbench to operate on them at.

I have all kinds of vacuums in various stages of disrepair I get for cheap. I like all kinds of vacuums from the 20's to today, it depends on its styling and features and if it has some kind of cool gadgets on it.

I do prefer my Kirbys but I am no brand loyalist. I just bought a brand new Eureka on rollback at Walmmart (half off) and it is an amazing vacuum, and it's in a very beautiful burnt orange and black color combo. For the really old antique vacs I have a Bee Vac from a unique general store in Wisconsin (specially branded on the model plate), an Air Way of unknown model, and a Hoover 700 Special. For all other vacuums, I pluck out whatever ones I find interesting at the thrift stores, and if they are not too expensive, on eBay.

I try to help people here when I can if I know about the topic, and I also study other's replies and save them for quick reference when i start digging into my vacs to repair.

I own a Husky and a pomeranian and a cat, and my other hobbies include videogames and Hot Wheels and cellphone collecting. Not heavily dedicated 24/7 to all the collections but I do add to them when I can and maintain them. Lately jsut been trying to sell off excess stuff I don't need around the house on eBay and keep it tidy. Been doing a bit of light gardening and landscaping around the house as well since I'm a bit of a handyman of all tasks when applicable.

Post# 394446 , Reply# 30   7/6/2018 at 14:36 by kirbyduh (Louisville, Kentucky)        

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Hi Patrick,

I don't post as often as I would like, as I stay really busy with work, but welcome to this community!

My favorite modern cleaners are the Black Rainbow E2 and Tristar EXL.

I use my Kirby Avalir quite often, but I am sort of conflicted about how much I actually enjoy using it. It seems like using newer Kirbys has become a very stale experience- it is high time Kirby redesigned their machines. There is PLENTY of room in the floor nozzle to fit a direct drive brush motor inside the brushroll, which would then open up the current belt path for a quick connect hose to clean up small messes...

Post# 394466 , Reply# 31   7/7/2018 at 01:44 by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

Patrick:I have the Maytag white tandem air and the Riccar Radiance Premium Pearl white vacuum.Like the dirt finder lights.Also have a used Simplicity Synergy that has the lights.It is in a weird copper-brown irredescent color.Looks cool under my HPS and Metal Halide lights-collect those,too.Like the Tacony vacuums-well made machines and no nonsense-work well.

Post# 394515 , Reply# 32   7/8/2018 at 12:46 by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

panasonicvac's profile picture
Hi Patrick

I usually don't post on vacuumland often but glad you're here.

I'm a die hard Panasonic fan, I think I'm their only number 1 vacuum fan in the entire world lol. It's too bad they no longer make vacuums anymore but that doesn't change my passion about them and one of my dreams is to collect as many Panasonics that matter to me the most.

I have 3 favorites. However though, they are no longer contemporary.

Panasonic MC-V7387

Panasonic MC-V6255

And Vacumaid P-125

I know I have some of my other favorites but I like these 3 the most out of all the rest of them.

My favorite type of vacuum of all time are metal bypass uprights which are like the ones you would find at a vacuum store such as Panasonic, Tacony(Riccar or Simplicity), Dust care(Evolution or Cirrus), Sanyo and Sharp but out of all of those brands I still prefer Panasonic.

I also like older vacuums like Hoover Elites, Eureka Bravos, Dirt Devil MVPs, etc.
And I also like old school vacuums which includes the newer versions today like Electrolux(Aerus), Kirby, Royal, Rainbow, Filter queen, Eureka(Sanitaire version), or Hoover commercial vacs.
But I love like central vacs, I would never live in a house without one.

Anyways I have a YouTube channel that shows some of my favorites on there. I currently have the MC-V6255 and P-125 on there but I'm still working on getting into the MC-V7387.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO panasonicvac's LINK

Post# 394516 , Reply# 33   7/8/2018 at 13:15 by HonestJoe68 (Mansfield, Ohio)        

Hi Everybody!

Thanks for the info on the Tandem Air brushroll Devin, I too love that sound when you hear the vacuum working to pick up dirt. I will eventually get one Iím sure but I just have a lot more vacuums higher on the priority list LOL. But itís definitely one I will add as I LOVE all things Tacony. 👍🏼

Hi Phillip.. WOW Iíd love to have a separate dedicated area for my vacuum collection. With 250 plus Vacuums from handheld, stick, upright, cordless and a few canister vacuums I basically have them all lined up and arranged in the entire spare bedroom of our home. I have the collectibles in their boxes and some others that I donít use every day in storage (climate controlled too) but Iíd love to have a huge room that I could line the walls with shelves and platforms to display them all properly. Thank you for sharing and Pugs are pretty adorable! Thanks 🐾

Hello Nick.. Great share and thank you so much for giving details and sharing your fond memories of growing up and discovering vacuum cleaners. I too was a bit afraid of my Moms Hoover Senior. But curiosity won out and I eventually ended up loving it and begging Mom to let me vacuum. Fond memories and I appreciate you sharing yours too, I especially love your share about you and your Dad at Target buying the Dyson DC07. I miss mine as I had the Purple Animal model and regret selling it. Iím very sorry to hear you too were a child of divorce and I hope all is well with your family now. My parents divorced when I was 10 years old and I think my fascination with vacuums got more in-depth as a way for me to cope with the sadness. Then when things got better and my Mom remarried a great guy, I was SO happy my new Dad always supported my love of vacuum cleaners and he never made me feel weird or shame for my non-typical hobby. I am SO HAPPY you were able to get another Fantom Fury too! Thank you for your great share! 🤗

Hi Huskyvacs, I understand if you want anonymity but I wish I could at least call you by your first name, as youíve been so nice and friendly on here and I just feel odd not knowing what to address you so I am respectful. Anyhow, I appreciate you and your input and thank you for your great share too. Itís awesome you have such a wide variety of interests and hobbies. Sometimes I wish I did too as I feel like sometimes maybe Iím a bit TOO much obsessed with vacuum cleaners. But I have been busy outdoors lately too as we just had a new concrete driveway added to our home and the front porch deck was rotting away so it was rebuilt too. I am not super handy but a fast learner and can follow instructions, so I was thrilled when the family friend who rebuilt our deck was VERY patient with me and allowed me to help rebuild the deck. Maybe we should start a thread where we could share pictures of our Pets?? They are vacuum related as the sweet walking fur balls contribute lots of hair for us to vacuum up! LOL. Iíd love to see a few pics of your husky and cat. Thanks for your sharing! 🐾

Hello Lane, My Uncle lives in Louisville and some others in our family are in Lexington Kentucky. About 2/3rds of us live in Ohio now so itís great we still get to visit Kentucky too. I Love the mountains and every time we cross over that bridge and I see the ďEntering KentuckyĒ sign.. I almost feel at home, even though I was born here in Ohio. Anyhow, thank you for your share too! The black Rainbow 2 is a beautiful machine and I really wish I could see a Rainbow vacuum in person and vacuum with one. I havenít even had an interest in water filteration vacuums until this blog and the more I see pictures and hear about the wonderful aspects of them.. well I am very interested now. The Tristar ELX is a cool vacuum too and one I had at my the pleasure of using at my first job. It wasnít maintained very well so I got permission to take it home and clean it up. It was so nice and well built it just took a bit of TLC and it ran beautifully again. Great ideas with the Kirby too... is your Avalir the Black and Red model or did you buy the new Avalir 2? I love my Kirby Sentria 2 and even though blue is my favorite color and the newest Avalir 2 is really a cool color scheme.. I am still very satisfied with my Sentria 2. Thatís the only thing about a Kirby.. they are made so well you donít really have a reason to buy the newest model for example just to get a new color. Plus I LOVE the design of the Kirby Sentria 2 Bag! Love the tan and teal colors so much I bought an extra bag for it just in case I need it years from now. Thank you for your share and I understand the ďbusyĒ of life, but even a quick hello is cool too and weíd love to keep hearing from you. Thank you. 😁

Hey Rex! Donít you just Love that Maytag M1200!! Your Riccar Radiance Premium sounds gorgeous too, Iím not sure If Iíve seen the pearl white Riccar before? If you ever get a chance, could you post a picture or two of your vacuums? I bet your Simplicity was beautiful too, I saw that color at the dealer and it is very cool. No pressure, but if you get the time and donít mind.. please share pics as I LOVE to see other peoples vacuums. Itís funny but to this day I think all my friends know to call me when they need a new vacuum and they all show me what they own and are supportive of my collection hobby. Itís funny but I find myself SO delighted by Vacuum cleaners that if I see ďthat lookĒ of confusion or question on someoneís face in the vacuum cleaner aisle or I hear them ask.. I wonder if this would work well for us. Something takes over me and I politely ask them questions about their flooring and cleaning needs and try to help them find what will best work for their needs. Most of the time I already own the vacuum(s) in question so I can tell them first hand my experiences and the pros and cons of each. Itís exciting to see them put a vacuum in their cart and to help them make a more informed choice. Thank you again Rex for your nice comments and your share here today. 🤗👍🏼

Thank you to everyone, as always I am greatful for the kindness and friendly welcome to Vacuumland and I appreciate each and every one of you! I hope to see more people share, not only to continue this thread but also as I am enjoying how people share fond memories too! We all need a reminder of the good things in life and to share happy memories.. sometimes life can knock us down or be difficult.. but one thing can bring us all together.. that is the fondness for vacuum cleaners and collecting them.


Post# 394518 , Reply# 34   7/8/2018 at 13:41 by HonestJoe68 (Mansfield, Ohio)        


WOW.. I too Love a Panasonic vacuum and I will be subscribing to your YouTube as soon as I finish typing this comment. Thank you for your share and I am sorry I didnít see it as I was composing my last comment while you posted yours. Some of my favorite vacuums are ďPanasonicĒ as I had a few Kenmore that I know Panasonic made for Sears. I also had a white, bagless Panasonic Cyclonic Aeroblast vacuum that I loved and thought was genius as the entire dirt cup and cyclone assembly came apart with a twist so you could wash the entire insides so you could eliminate pet odors. I LOVED that vacuum and the only reason I donít have it anymore is my best friend needed a vacuum to clean up after her four dogs, Boston Terriers and a Pug, that she could keep clean as she disliked the odor of dog fur. So it was only a few days old to me, but I gifted it to her and she still loves it and uses it. That was 7 or 8 years ago and I still wish Iíd bought another for myself. (See picture 1). OH and Sanyo and Sharp.. I used to LOVE their vacuum designs and wish Iíd had more of them. I had maybe 5 or 6 Sanyo and 8 or 10 Sharp, but sadly about 6 or 8 years ago, I got to the point of 200 vacuums in my collection and decided to sell them all but 50. So they all went to good homes, but I do regret a lot of those sales. Oh well live and learn I guess. Now I am up to 250 again and this time I am storing the limited or those special to me and selling off maybe 100 or so only this time. If Iím not 100% sure I want to part with it this time, I wonít sell it, but I keep thinking if I make more room, I can add newer vacuums! 😳🤪

I also have, in my wishlist, on Amazon the Panasonic MC-UG223 Bagged Upright vacuum and will eventually buy it because I LOVE the color and itís a Panasonic so I know it will be quiet and work great! I have many vacuums that Iíd love to own again that Panasonic made, but I havenít found them yet or just havenít had the chance to add them to my collection yet. I make myself stick to my vacuum cleaner budget and sometimes itís hard to not just order them at 3am on Amazon! LOL 🤔

So thank you so much for your share and I have added pictures of my vacuums that I ďThinkĒ are made by Panasonic and when I order that Bright Green upright... Iíll definitely add pictures here! Oh and the Silver and Purple Stick vacuum is one I always wanted too.

Thank you! Patrick

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Post# 394541 , Reply# 35   7/8/2018 at 20:44 by hmc1981 (St. Augustine, Florida)        

hmc1981's profile picture
Iím a bit late to respond, but... here I am!

Iíve always loved vacuums, Kirby in particular. Itís only recently (this past month) that Iíve really started collecting, reasons are lengthy but letís just say Iím happy to finally be able to do what Iíve wanted for so long.

Iíll attach some pics, I donít have all of them lined up together, as some are on the second floor.

I just find a great deal of pleasure in finding and restoring these things. My newest is an Avalir (red trim) and my oldest is a mismatched D80 with some Classic III components... Iím trying to return it to the D80 it was built as, but my first steps really are getting it buffed properly, as Iíve already serviced the motor.

Anyhoo. Glad to hear from you, Iím new here myself, donít really have anyone I speak with, so I hope this thread will help change that.

Current vacuums are:

Sentria 2
D80 with Classic III components (a very odd OfferUp buy)

A Sanitaire. Good little cleaner itís very basic and simple, but they perform really well.

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Post# 394557 , Reply# 36   7/9/2018 at 08:01 by HonestJoe68 (Mansfield, Ohio)        

Hi Chris!

Welcome and yes I would love to keep in touch and share collection stories! In case you havenít noticed by my ďLengthyĒ posts.. I love to talk, so you definitely have a friend to speak with anytime you want. Oh and I posted my email as well, so any vacuum questions or comments can be directly sent and if I can, I will always help out or answer what I can about vacuums.

LOVE your vacuum collection and of course your Kirby Sentria 2 is my favorite for obvious reasons LOL. I just love the colors and bag design! Great looking Sanitaire too, I am partial to those and Eureka of that era too. As Iíve said before in comments, Iím not a big fan of the color red, but your Avalir is very sharp looking and the extra touches of Red are nice. Still if I have to choose my favorite color, itís blue or green in any shade. Also, I have to admit the Red Classic 3 is really a sharp looker too! I canít help but love that Kirby and the ones older, simply as a child I always remember seeing a Kirby at someoneís home and it left the most impact. Being a 50 year old, I have very fond memories of visiting relatives or friends of my parents, etc and the pure delight of seeing that persons vacuum cleaner! The Hooverís and the Electrolux and Kirby vacuums made the biggest impressions and Iíll never forget the first time I saw the Dual Sanitronic 80 Kirby, I was maybe 7 years old and we were visiting one of my parents friends. That vacuum made my eyes pop out and the hairs on my neck stand up.. it was maybe 4 or 5 years old, but looked brand new and so shiny! I remember touching it like it was a magnificent art sculpture in a fine museum and being in awe of the craftsmanship and beauty of this machine that (kinda scared me) at that age but WOW was it a memory Iíll never forget.

Ok, again I ramble on and on! But welcome Chris and thank you for sharing! Please keep in touch and share anything, anytime! Have a great week everyone!


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Post# 394569 , Reply# 37   7/9/2018 at 14:18 by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

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There's a factory serviced MC-UL910 that's available if you wish to find one of those again.

My sister-in-law just recently bought a MC-UG223 from Amazon that replaced their Carpet Pro and she overall loves it! The only downfall is the cord is rather short but it's a bottom of the line Panasonic so it's not something to expect compare to their top of the line models. But other than that, I'd say go for it if you want one of those.

Even though I'm not much of a bagless fan, the only ones that I desperately want to find are those Power-On-Demand models. I've always thought those were one of the coolest vacuums that I've ever seen.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO panasonicvac's LINK

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Post# 394588 , Reply# 38   7/9/2018 at 20:46 by FantomFan (Rochester, New York)        
A brief introduction from me...

fantomfan's profile picture
I started collecting in 2009, and the vacuum that started it all was 1997 Fantom Thunder than my Mom and I pick up for $20 on Craigslist. I used the hell out of it for the first few years I had it. Now, it tends to sit but I pull it out now and again. The motor still runs great, like it did when I got it. I also maintain it by blowing out the motor housing/cyclone assembly often. My Fantom obsession started around 2000 when my Aunt sent me free infomercial tapes directly from Fantom Technologies. It was a form of a promotion to try to sell you a Fantom. Every one I watched like educational television. Now, I have many Fantoms, but I've come across other wonderful brands, namely Compact, Rainbow, Royal, and Electrolux. Pretty much all of the canister/tank vacuums I like, I have an example of in my collection. As far as newer vacuums go, I firmly believe Hoover makes the best vacuums for under $200, namely the Hoover Tempo, which clean carpets extraordinarily well for a $70 vacuum. I'm not into newer vacuums unless they are high end makes. I don't care for bagless machines and I tolerate Fantoms for their sentimentality. Here is the list of all the machines that I like that are still made:

-Kirby Sentria II (now the Avalir 2): Incredibly well built and reliable, large capacity bags and excellent cleaning ability. Bulky, and cumbersome but not too many modern vacuums can outclean it.

-Rainbow E2 Black- like the Kirby, a bit bulky and cumbersome but it has excellent cleaning ability. Rainbows are a favorite of mine because they truly make the air feel cleaner after you've used one. I love the fact the vacuum never smells, because you cannot (or should not) store the dirt inside it when you're done.

-Hoover Tempo- definitely the best upright out there for under $100- it's not much more expensive than a Bissell Powerforce but it is built better and cleans better. It filters decently if you use HEPA Y bags in it. The cleaning ability and airflow this has is incredible for the low price it sells for. \

-Hoover multi cyclonic uprights- for the price you pay, the Windtunnel/Air bagless uprights seem to offer everything the average consumer wants for a low price. I've had good luck with them. Even though I'd never buy one for myself, they clean and filter well for a bagless vacuum. They are super easy to maintain and they have a good service reputation, unlike Shark. I always recommend Hoover uprights when a friend wants a low cost bagless upright.

Eureka Mighty Mite- the design is dated but you can't beat the power it has for the price. You can make it filter better with the HEPA filter installed too. The bags are small but plentiful. They've really cut costs with the machine over the years but for the price, it offers a lot of power, and a lot less messy clean up with disposable bags instead of a bagless container.

Post# 394698 , Reply# 39   7/11/2018 at 17:16 by vacuumdevil (Denver)        

vacuumdevil's profile picture
What a splendid idea we need more comradery in the vacuum world!
There's just too much drama out there glad to see this post!
My name is Alex I run a YouTube channel called performance reviews.
I was a vacuum technician for 16 years.
I prefer to collect older American machines and European machines.
you can find a lot of my post under the hashtag #CentralVacuumpropaganda

I also love Central Vacuumms& and have an affinity for anything mechanical.

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