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Best affordable bagless vacuum for small apartment with no pets?
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Post# 389212   3/27/2018 at 15:33 by niclonnic (Bonney Lake, WA)        

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After her Dyson broke, I'm doing research on a new vacuum for my mom. She lives in a small (roughly 740 sq. ft.) one-bedroom apartment with no pets, is allergic to dust and has a tight budget. The place is mostly carpeted, but has vinyl on the entryway, kitchen and bathroom floors.

I've posted about this a few years ago, but we ultimately got nowhere and she kept using the Dyson. But this time, we're doing it for real.

I have a new rule: Her new vacuum MUST be bagless. Bagged vacuums will NOT be tolerated!

What would you recommend?

Post# 389214 , Reply# 1   3/27/2018 at 16:07 by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

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Probably the Hoover Air if she wants a light full sized upright.

Post# 389216 , Reply# 2   3/27/2018 at 16:25 by HonestJoe68 (Mansfield, Ohio)        

To Not waste your time.. what approximately is your budget?? I can say one amount is tight but to some others tight is higher? How high is the pile on her carpeting.. standard or thick/plush? Is any bagless vacuum brand out as far as do you dislike any brands? Is weight of the vacuum an issue.. you looking for very lightweight vacuums or average?? I only ask out of respect as my Mom has a hard time getting around, so she needs lightweight.

Sorry to answer a question with more questions, but I own a lot of bagless vacuums under $150 bucks and even some that are under $75.. so I may be able to offer first hand, knowledgeable help for you both.

Thanks 😃👍🏼

Post# 389219 , Reply# 3   3/27/2018 at 16:57 by niclonnic (Bonney Lake, WA)        

niclonnic's profile picture
I'm not sure what my mom's budget is. For one thing, she can't afford another Dyson, because they're too expensive. Even a Dyson DC33, which is a Walmart exclusive, is $200! She can't pay that much for a vacuum. So I'm guessing $150 or less?

The carpet pile is standard. I'm open to any brand of bagless vacuum. I don't think weight is an issue, as Mom doesn't have any physical limitations (she's in her mid-50s).

Post# 389220 , Reply# 4   3/27/2018 at 17:10 by matt8808 (Teesside - North East - UK)        

Why not spend less than $30 and fix the Dyson??

Post# 389224 , Reply# 5   3/27/2018 at 18:28 by niclonnic (Bonney Lake, WA)        
I could, but...

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Based off of a video we watched, the clutch is difficult to replace. I'm not sure if we have a long Torx screwdriver lying around. And I may also need to replace the filters in the Dyson, which'll cost extra.

Post# 389226 , Reply# 6   3/27/2018 at 19:12 by crazykirbydude (Lexington, KY)        

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A Bissell CleanView would be good. Decent performance and cheap enough to replace if it croaks. They are around $80. Bagged vacuums would greatly outperform a bagless vacuum, though.

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Post# 389227 , Reply# 7   3/27/2018 at 19:22 by Iann_nic (NJ)        

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Dyson all the way!! It doesnít have to be the last eat model either, used is even fine!

Post# 389229 , Reply# 8   3/27/2018 at 19:38 by niclonnic (Bonney Lake, WA)        

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@crazykirbydude As a matter of fact, I was looking at the Bissell CleanView on Amazon the other day. I think it would be great for my mom. But I'm still looking.

@Iann_nic As I've stated in reply #3, Dyson is too expensive. My mom doesn't want a used vacuum; I even offered to buy her a vacuum from Goodwill, since I volunteer there and the vacuums are only $9.99 each, but she is opposed to using somebody else's used, stinky machine. So brand new is what we're going for.

Post# 389230 , Reply# 9   3/27/2018 at 20:00 by Iann_nic (NJ)        

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Dyson all the way!! It doesnít have to be the last eat model either, used is even fine!

Post# 389233 , Reply# 10   3/27/2018 at 20:36 by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

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Get a Hoover Rewind T-Series UH70120 - Consumer Reports rates it a Best Buy at $130. Very good deep carpet cleaning plus excellent air flow through the hose for tool use.

You can also look at the Kenmore Pet Friendly Crossover which is an excellent bagless cleaner, though costs about $250. Also top rated by CR and tagged as a Best Buy.

Post# 389234 , Reply# 11   3/27/2018 at 20:55 by suckolux (Yuba City, CA)        

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I had a Hoover air, early one, actually liked it.

Post# 389248 , Reply# 12   3/27/2018 at 21:58 by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

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Are you sure you don't want to fix the Dyson? If she really likes that vacuum, why not try to fix it first? Of course Dysons aren't easy to fix, but why not take it to a vacuum dealer and have them fix it instead? Since the clutch on Amazon is so cheap, what you could do is buy the part but take it in to them with the vacuum and explain that you're on budget fixing it. It'll cost some labor but they would also inspect and do a basic tune up such as cleaning the filters, emptying the bin, and cleaning the paint marks off the vacuum. That's what we always do when we do service since I work at vacuum store.

If that were to not be the case, I would recommend the Hoover Air line up if you're on a budget. The Hoover T Series is good but the Air has swivel steering and it has a geared belt which is designed to last a lifetime of the vacuum. I would not recommend any Bissell, some of them may clean alright but their support services are terrible. The Dirt Devil Razor line up are really surprising vacuums. The Eureka FloorRovers just recently came out, I haven't tried one yet but from what I hear, the reviews are mostly positive.

Post# 389262 , Reply# 13   3/27/2018 at 23:23 by niclonnic (Bonney Lake, WA)        

niclonnic's profile picture
The idea of taking the Dyson to a vacuum dealer sounds tempting. I'd have to look for dealers around my area.

I looked at the Hoover Air Steerable the other day; right now it's $100 on Amazon, but it has a 3.5 star average rating. I'm looking for a vacuum that has a 4-star or higher rating. I have always had good luck with Bissell.

Post# 389287 , Reply# 14   3/28/2018 at 07:23 by crazykirbydude (Lexington, KY)        

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The funny thing is, that CleanView will outclean a Dyson. A Kirby would put both of them to shame though.

Post# 389293 , Reply# 15   3/28/2018 at 10:02 by Oldskoolguy (Chicago, Illinois)        

Maybe a REALLY good bagless vacuum would be a vacuum with a shake out bag. Or perhaps a direct air upright with a dirt cup. Those really clean better than your standard bagless vacuum. Some suggestions are the sanitaire SC679J, Sanitaire sc886, Bissell bg100c, and the Hoover guardsman c1433-010. I believe there is a reusable cloth bag for the Hoover guardsman c1431-010 as well. Itíll go over the fill tube like a normal disposable bag, but Iím not sure itís still sold. you can also get a Royal all metal upright and purchase a separate shakeout bag from someplace else. But if youíre looking for a clean air bagless vacuum, then I donít really have many suggestions.

Post# 389303 , Reply# 16   3/28/2018 at 11:37 by crazykirbydude (Lexington, KY)        

crazykirbydude's profile picture
He said under $150.

Post# 389318 , Reply# 17   3/28/2018 at 16:49 by HonestJoe68 (Mansfield, Ohio)        

Hey Nick!

I was at Walmart and saw a Hoover Total Home Pet, there newest design and itís price is reduced to $128. I also attached pics of vacuums sold at Walmart, that are excellent Bagless vacuums Iíve used and recommend for your Mom. (Google showed you have a Walmart in Bonney Lake), so I hope this is convenient for you both too. And they have a nice return policy if your Mom doesnít like it, as well as offer insurance for really cheap.

My Favorite is the first one, Hoover Total Home, but I gave you a wider price range to try and save you both money, but still get a great performing vacuum. There are Hooverís and Bissell (you mentioned you like Bissell) but if you need recommendations on Dirt Devil or other brands, let me know but these included are my top rated personal recommendations.

Any questions on any of these vacuums pictured.. just let me know and Iíll be glad to help.

Thanks and good luck!

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Post# 389320 , Reply# 18   3/28/2018 at 17:35 by vacuumdevil (Denver)        

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I would opt for a Hoover Air machine.

I have a video on it it's the last one in this playlist of budget vacuums.
Budget Vacuum Reviews:

Post# 389328 , Reply# 19   3/28/2018 at 19:01 by niclonnic (Bonney Lake, WA)        

niclonnic's profile picture
@Oldskoolguy I'm afraid my mom wouldn't like a heavy duty commercial upright. They're kind of expensive, and don't have any tools.

@HonestJoe68 All those vacuums look nice, but they're mostly "pet" vacuums, which we don't need. Mom lives by herself in an apartment in Parkland, a suburb of Tacoma. Sometimes, I help with her shopping at my local Walmart.

Well, after reading everybody's suggestions: I've narrowed it down to one of three vacuums:
- Bissell CleanView 1831, $80
- Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Plus UH70120, $130
- Hoover WindTunnel Air Steerable UH72400, $100

Post# 389332 , Reply# 20   3/28/2018 at 19:29 by cuffs054 (monticello, ga)        

Aldi has a new version of their upright for $70.00. Buy a couple and be happy.

Post# 389336 , Reply# 21   3/28/2018 at 20:21 by HonestJoe68 (Mansfield, Ohio)        

Hey Nick,

I totally understand that your Mom has no pets.. but to be honest I donít even pay attention to this as itís typically a gimmick.

LOTS of people I know buy ďPetĒ vacuums that donít own pets. The vacuums I listed are great performers on typical household dirt, dust and normal NON pet stuff.

So itís ok no matter what, I was just trying to help. I understand if you donít want a vacuum that is labeled as a ďPetĒ vacuum, even though it doesnít effect the way it works in Non pet homes.

Good luck and my best to you and your Mom. 😃👍🏼

Post# 389338 , Reply# 22   3/28/2018 at 20:33 by Luxkid1980 (Richmond, Virginia)        

Agreed. The "pet" designation on vacuums is just to fool folks into thinking they have to buy one with that name if they pets at home. That's silly.

If your mom isn't considering a bagged vacuum cleaner, I would just get any bagless unit you can find at the big box stores as she will likey have to replace it in a few years. No sense in spending much money on a bagless machine.

Post# 389340 , Reply# 23   3/28/2018 at 21:11 by Dustin (Jackson, MI)        

dustin's profile picture
I'd say either the Bissell Cleanview mentioned above (I've had experience with that version, and it seemed like a solid, good performing machine, and also surprisingly quiet) or a Shark navigator (one of the lower end models, not the $300 powered lift away)

Post# 389351 , Reply# 24   3/29/2018 at 01:05 by broomvac (N/A)        

broomvac's profile picture
Manufacturer refurbished Dysons get so thoroughly cleaned that you would never be able to tell that these were previously owned. Sure, it may have a little scuff or two, but thatís about it. Thatís my assessment based on the one I just bought.

Itís a tad more than $150, but the link below may just be the ticket to getting a killer bagless vacuum for a lot less than the full price of a Dyson.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO broomvac's LINK on eBay

Post# 389353 , Reply# 25   3/29/2018 at 02:14 by niclonnic (Bonney Lake, WA)        
Shark Navigator

niclonnic's profile picture
What does everybody think of the Shark Navigator Lift-Away? It's around $150, and people rave about it. Is it a good value?

@broomvac A refurbished Dyson sounds tempting, especially for the price. But I'm not sure if my mom will accept a refurbished vacuum.

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Post# 389356 , Reply# 26   3/29/2018 at 03:51 by HonestJoe68 (Mansfield, Ohio)        

Hey Nick,

I have to say I agree with broomvac and the only reason I didnít mention the refurbished Dysonís as an option is I knew your budget was under $150.. BUT these are great machines.

If you want to show the video from Roger Lang (ibaisaic) on his latest Dyson Refubished Vacuum purchase, she can see just how SPOTLESS Dyson sends their machines out. They are like brand new and maybe a tiny scuff here or there but brand new cyclones, brand new filters, etc. I think even Roger was a bit suprised, but as youíll see in his video, he recommends them too. The key is ONLY buy the Dyson from Dysonís own refurbished section of eBay, that way you will know Dyson is the one who refurbished it and it will be like new.

I hope this helps. Oh and the only thing I know about the Shark you pictured in your last post, I owned one but no longer have it. I gave it away as I just didnít feel it had the power I needed and I didnít care for the screen inside the dirt bin at the top. On mine, same color and style, the screen did Not come out and it was a Pain to clean any lint, dirt and crud off that accumulated on it often. IF it is removable, that might be ok. But I still recommend the Hoovers and Bissell I picked or the Hoover WIndtunnel T Series.. thatís got a lot of suction and cleans well.

Thanks and keep us posted... I hope my comments help and Iím not making it harder for you to choose.. I really just want to be of help. Iím sure you will find your Mom a great vacuum no matter what.


Post# 389360 , Reply# 27   3/29/2018 at 07:22 by crazykirbydude (Lexington, KY)        

crazykirbydude's profile picture
I've always had decent luck with Bissells.

Post# 389378 , Reply# 28   3/29/2018 at 11:26 by thegen5gal (Alabama)        

thegen5gal's profile picture
Hoover Tempo is a good machine. They are out of production but I think you can still find some on Amazon. They are around $76 and have a CFM of around 80 which is where you start getting into a machine that actually deep cleans.
Good luck!

Post# 389389 , Reply# 29   3/29/2018 at 15:03 by niclonnic (Bonney Lake, WA)        

niclonnic's profile picture
@HonestJoe68 I just watched Roger's video on his refurbished Dyson DC19. I'm amazed at how pristine it looks! I've subscribed to him.

As for Shark, the thing that bothers me the most about them is the fact that they're single cyclonic, and thus have to rely on filters to trap the fine dust. It's a misleading "never loses suction" claim. A few years ago, I posted on here a rant about poor filtration on Shark vacuums. I'll include a link to it.

@thegen5gal No offense, but didn't you read my OP? I'm looking for a BAGLESS vacuum. My mom doesn't want a bagged vacuum.


Post# 389393 , Reply# 30   3/29/2018 at 16:17 by Dustin (Jackson, MI)        

dustin's profile picture
I think the Shark you posted would be fine, even though they do have filters they have excellent suction and any I've used have also been very quiet.

Post# 389396 , Reply# 31   3/29/2018 at 17:33 by vacuumdevil (Denver)        

vacuumdevil's profile picture
@Dustin stop trolling!

Post# 389847 , Reply# 32   4/4/2018 at 23:33 by Dustin (Jackson, MI)        

dustin's profile picture
Alrighty then.... Didn't know I was wrong in posting my opinion! I'm not going to apologize though, I've been a member here for far longer than you have and have never before been accused of "trolling"!

Post# 389856 , Reply# 33   4/5/2018 at 06:33 by Mike811 (Finland)        

mike811's profile picture
Sharks actually cleans very well and they are pretty quiet. I have done tests with my Shark NV500 and dare I say it, it almost cleans well as the Sebo Felix. Even the carpet and rug institute recommends Shark.
Downside is that the filters need regular maintenance and if something goes wrong support for spare parts is slim.
One of the better Chinese made vacuums.
I just wouldn't have high hopes it to last long. However that's the same thing with all "Wallmart" vacuums.

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