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Some Hoover Vault Finds...
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Post# 27777   12/24/2007 at 14:23 (4,285 days old) by myhooverco ()        

I had the chance to visit the Hoover vault last month as they were shutting down the building. I was able to salvage some items. They had a sale of all of the rest of the machines post 1970 models at the end of November. I was able to grab a few there too. Nothing was auctioned off. It is bitter sweet for me. Here is one of the items that I saved. A 1970 model 704-01. It is unused still wearing its original belt and paper bag. It fires right up. The cord holder is missing at the top of the handle, but otherwise is in mint condition and runs like brand new!


Post# 27778 , Reply# 1   12/24/2007 at 14:23 (4,285 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is a close up of this machine...

Post# 27779 , Reply# 2   12/24/2007 at 14:24 (4,285 days old) by myhooverco ()        

A close up of the cord can clearly see the number tatooed on it by the Hoover Company.

Post# 27780 , Reply# 3   12/24/2007 at 14:25 (4,285 days old) by myhooverco ()        

The underneath...I did change the belt but left the empty paper bag in the machine. It even smells new!


Post# 27781 , Reply# 4   12/24/2007 at 14:26 (4,285 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is the 704-01 on the truck headed home...I was able to save a "few" from the trash anyway. I wish that I could have saved more.


Post# 27782 , Reply# 5   12/24/2007 at 14:28 (4,285 days old) by myhooverco ()        

I even got a few that were still in the box. This is a commercial model 348 from 1975 according to the tag. Again this is brand new and has never seen dirt. It is the last one off of the line.


Post# 27783 , Reply# 6   12/24/2007 at 14:29 (4,285 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is a JCPenney cleaner from 1975. It is number 1001 meaning the first off of the line. I have never seen any Hoover this color!

Post# 27784 , Reply# 7   12/24/2007 at 14:32 (4,285 days old) by myhooverco ()        

There were many private label cleaners that TTI was getting rid of. This is another Penncrest. It is a cord reel model from 1968. I have the later version with the four postion height adjuster. This is the earlier version with two positions and a round cord reel. It is number 1001.


Post# 27785 , Reply# 8   12/24/2007 at 14:33 (4,285 days old) by myhooverco ()        

I did not rescue only is a 1975 Slimline with cord reel number 1001!

Post# 27786 , Reply# 9   12/24/2007 at 14:34 (4,285 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is the first of the last Slimline models made.

Post# 27787 , Reply# 10   12/24/2007 at 14:35 (4,285 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is the first (1001) Hoover Guardsman Celebrity from 1975.

Post# 27788 , Reply# 11   12/24/2007 at 14:36 (4,285 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is one of the oldest pieces that I was able to save...a model 85 sans hose or tools, but it is number "1" off of the line...

Post# 27789 , Reply# 12   12/24/2007 at 14:36 (4,285 days old) by myhooverco ()        

The serial number plate...

Post# 27790 , Reply# 13   12/24/2007 at 14:39 (4,285 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is a 1980 version from JCPenney that looks like a Decade80 but in red...number 1001

Post# 27791 , Reply# 14   12/24/2007 at 14:41 (4,285 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This Wards DAM was the first machine to catch my eye. I really liked the shade of gold. It works like brand new. I had to grease the agitator and change both belts. It is nice to have a brand new DAM to use!

Post# 27792 , Reply# 15   12/24/2007 at 14:41 (4,285 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is a JCPenney DAM that is also number 1001...

Post# 27793 , Reply# 16   12/24/2007 at 14:42 (4,285 days old) by myhooverco ()        

It still had its original JCPenney paper bag installed...

Post# 27794 , Reply# 17   12/24/2007 at 14:43 (4,285 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is a close up of the front base and the label...

Post# 27795 , Reply# 18   12/24/2007 at 14:49 (4,285 days old) by arh1953 ( River Park, in Port St. Lucie, Florida)        
So glad you were able to rescue these

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I sure hope somebody else was looking to rescue too, even the thrift stores. That is the most fascinating bunch of cleaners that has been posted lately. How hard will it be to outfit that Constellation with proper hose and tools?

Post# 27796 , Reply# 19   12/24/2007 at 15:08 (4,285 days old) by petek (Ontario)        

Fantastic stuff,, more pictures pleeeze

Post# 27800 , Reply# 20   12/24/2007 at 15:44 (4,285 days old) by myvacsrock (New York, NY)        

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Tom what about the all white and the brown JCpenny cleaners?

Post# 27802 , Reply# 21   12/24/2007 at 16:01 (4,285 days old) by rexaircollector (Loganville, GA)        

YAY! Glad you were able to rescue these wonderful machines. They truly deserve to be in their new adoptive home and I know you will cherish them for many years to come.


Post# 27815 , Reply# 22   12/24/2007 at 17:36 (4,285 days old) by vac-o-matic (Saint Louis, Mo.)        

What great finds! So, will any of these be on the raffle table at the convention? (hint, hint)


Post# 27816 , Reply# 23   12/24/2007 at 18:21 (4,285 days old) by crevicetool (GA )        
It is amazing that you were able to....

grab machines that have those serial numbers,(OOOOO1) etc. Truly you will be able to protect the heritage of what was once the great Hoover company that, let's face it, us vacuum weirdo's owe so much to....

Thanks for being available to nab those legends


Post# 27818 , Reply# 24   12/24/2007 at 18:28 (4,285 days old) by hoover28 (Oneida N.Y.)        
great finds

thanks for the pic.s. glad you found all the vacuums.


Post# 27823 , Reply# 25   12/24/2007 at 20:21 (4,284 days old) by buffster ()        


Congratulations. Christmas came early this year! I'm having heart palpitations reading this threading and seeing all those wonderful cleaners. And, I'm sure I'm not alone. I'm just waiting to see a post from Fred S. and Jeff Parker. They're going to need smelling salts.


Post# 27824 , Reply# 26   12/24/2007 at 20:45 (4,284 days old) by electroluxxxx (Syracuse, NY )        

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Hi Really nice find. really makes me jealous because I really like hoover.
such a sad thing that they had shut down the factory I really would have loved a tour.

Post# 27827 , Reply# 27   12/24/2007 at 22:15 (4,284 days old) by dial-a-nap (Omaha - the home of the TV Dinner)        

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Absolutely amazing finds - it's good to know you've preserved so many of these firsts and lasts of the Hoover company. Even though it's bittersweet, at least these fine examples won't be lost to the ages.

Post# 27830 , Reply# 28   12/24/2007 at 22:33 (4,284 days old) by swingette ()        

that commercial model 348 is fabulous. i love the way Convertibles work on carpet!

Post# 27832 , Reply# 29   12/25/2007 at 00:22 (4,284 days old) by vacuumkid3 ()        

WOW TOM!! Now you have your own "vault!" I am so happy for you because you are so deserving of all of these. I love the Constellation and the Convertibles!! Anyways, I hope you will continue to enjoy them, and Merry Christmas!


Post# 27851 , Reply# 30   12/25/2007 at 01:40 (4,284 days old) by red_october ()        

That's Effing amazing! Congradulations on the find of the century, you lucky bastard you! But remember, a truck's not full until you've pilled goods in the cab 'til you can just sit in it and change gears!!!

I love those branded units; the Wards one especially, and the oddball commercial models. Again, congrats!

Post# 27865 , Reply# 31   12/25/2007 at 07:17 (4,284 days old) by sleepdoc (St. Louis, MO)        

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It's a good thing you were able to take those machines. Otherwise, they'd be lost forever, and I've never seen or even known of most of the uprights you posted above.

Post# 27866 , Reply# 32   12/25/2007 at 07:25 (4,284 days old) by luxg ()        

Tom, somehow it just makes one feel better about this whole sad story to know that you were able to at least save some of these older wonderful machines. They are now in a very loving home where they belong. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us.

Post# 27872 , Reply# 33   12/25/2007 at 08:35 (4,284 days old) by kirbymodel2c (Nottingham, England)        

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A quick question for tom.

What happened to the older Hoovers and Hoovers competitors vacs?
Did u get any of those.
If they was auctioned off what did they go for?


Post# 27876 , Reply# 34   12/25/2007 at 11:14 (4,284 days old) by rugmaster37 ()        
I just poured me a nice drink here at my x-mas party and saw


Holy crap Tom, what a freakin sweet haul. I had heard about your "vault resscue mission" from Kyle. The very first picture put me literally in shock. So much so that a dribble of my drink went down the chin and onto my sweater.

Im of course hoping that I may visit you again sometime to see all those Cord Reel Covertibles that you were able to save. I also LOVE those Wards Dial-A-Matics as well. I remember many of those Wards ones either model 870 or 880, and I believe were colors of "frosting white", and possibly "aztec gold". I have none of my catalogs with me as of now, so I can't pull the proper names out.

Where is Jeff P. He would rattle them off immediatly and not need a catalog.

I have never seen ANY of the Penncrest, or JcPenney badged DAM cleaners . Not one even in 14 years of being in the vacuum industry in one form or another.

I can imagine that your trip while wonderful for your collection was as described "bittersweet". To bad that TTI was hell bent and determined to empty it out. They probably need the room to store their collection of Dirt Devils from 1985 forward. Yeesh....

So wonderful that you got them, and I too am very curious as to what happened to the machines that were pre-1970, and where did they all end up.

I can only imagine that your wife was a bit stunned to see the machines as they came into the house....

Well Merry Christmas to you Tom, It's good to see that those you ahve obtained have been rescued and saved from TTI's plan, which was probably to dumpthem in the middle of the Atlantic...



Post# 27877 , Reply# 35   12/25/2007 at 11:39 (4,284 days old) by ohio_tuec ()        
Vault Contents

Tom, I'm glad to see someone has preserved a nice assortment of Hoover oddities from the vault. I thought TTI was saving all of the vault contents. Good to see they will be preserved by someone who appreciates Hoovers. I would give my right eye for that Montgomery Ward's DAM, or even the JC Penney model (with the original bag no less!) I recall a long time ago Tom Gasko mentioned that there were also some non-Hoovers in the vault, like an early Air-Way Sanitary System and even an Ohio I think. There was also a Constellation with a motorized powerhead and either a Connie or a Celebrity constructed entirely of Lucite, so you could see the inner workings. Merry Christmas to all!

- Karl

Post# 27879 , Reply# 36   12/25/2007 at 12:48 (4,284 days old) by charles~richard ()        

Such treasures, Tom! I join everyone else in congratulating you and am glad you were able to rescue these things. I also wonder about the storehouse of competitors' machines that were there -- any of them still around? Were you able to retrieve any of them?

A much sadder fate befell Electrolux historical memorabilia when the Greenwich Connecticut plant closed (in 1985). A man found my website whose father was a former CEO with Electrolux. He emailed me with commendations on my Electrolux History site, and said it was "too bad" I was not around when the Conn. plant closed, because dumpster after dumpster load went to the dump -- archives, prototypes, design renderings and models, paper materials, photos, decades of advertising collateral, you-name-it.

Other than a few things that some of the Electrolux oldtimers took with them as mementos, it all went to the dump. Now, even the factory is no more. It was leveled in 1988 to make way for a huge luxury condominium development.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO charles~richard's LINK

Post# 27880 , Reply# 37   12/25/2007 at 13:14 (4,284 days old) by ge1969 (Jefferson, GA)        

Hey Tom! Merry Christmas to you! Just wondering what you could tell me about the green Constellation on the back of the truck, such as what model it is and if you were lucky enough to get the hose or tools with it. As the others have said, congrats on a great find. Later, Trg

Post# 27881 , Reply# 38   12/25/2007 at 13:17 (4,284 days old) by arh1953 ( River Park, in Port St. Lucie, Florida)        

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It makes me truly sick to think of all the companies that jet their archives into the infernos or dumpsters the split second there is a buyout or bankruptcy. The Packard Motor Car Company threw out tons of invaluable documents and pictures the moment of their merger with Studebaker in 1955. Into the furnace. But thanks again for all those terrific pictures, we want more when you can!

Post# 27891 , Reply# 39   12/25/2007 at 16:59 (4,284 days old) by hoover1060 ()        
What was not mentioned...

Is that some of those cleaners never quite made it to the stores(such as the powerdrive JCPenney DAM and the red JCP Decade 80.
They are one of a kind prototypes. Very cool.
I am glad to now see that there is a cord reel Convertible in a collection, as well as that Ward's DAM. Very rare machines indeed!
I am looking forward to seeing them all in person!

Post# 27892 , Reply# 40   12/25/2007 at 17:34 (4,284 days old) by normvac (COLUMBUS, OHIO)        
Congratualtions Tom

Wow! I am so happy to see the machines that you SAVED from the vault. Like some of the others, I too am wondering where did the pre 1970's machines go? Were they all Hoover or other
brands too??
Inquiring minds need to know???

Post# 27895 , Reply# 41   12/25/2007 at 18:19 (4,284 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is a JCPenney commercial cleaner circa early 1980's...

Post# 27896 , Reply# 42   12/25/2007 at 18:21 (4,284 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is a pair of commercial cleaners...the green InnKare was made for Holiday Inn and is circa 1975 and is number 1001. The all red machine is also 1001 and is from 1979...the red one is the only one in the bunch that does not run...

Post# 27897 , Reply# 43   12/25/2007 at 18:22 (4,284 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Plastic Ward's upright from 1979 number 1001 and it is two speed!

Post# 27898 , Reply# 44   12/25/2007 at 18:24 (4,284 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is a pair of Ward's uprights...the one on the left is from '81 and the one on the right is from '83. Both are 1001 and two speed...

Post# 27899 , Reply# 45   12/25/2007 at 18:25 (4,284 days old) by myhooverco ()        

A Ward's Concept One from 1982...I think that there was a common color theme on these Ward's machines!

Post# 27900 , Reply# 46   12/25/2007 at 18:27 (4,284 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This machine dates from 1966 and is number 1001. It is for the Blue Lustre company and you could rent this for $1. I wonder how many of these survived? Notice that the Hoover logo is missing...instead there is a brushed piece of aluminum over the spot!

Post# 27901 , Reply# 47   12/25/2007 at 18:28 (4,284 days old) by myhooverco ()        

These are Floor a Matics...they are each serial number 1001 from 1969 and 1971...

Post# 27902 , Reply# 48   12/25/2007 at 18:30 (4,284 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Just for Kyle... here are my plain Jane JCPenney cleaners all in white...the plastic based one only has one cord hook...the one on the right is a metal one and it has two hooks for the cord at least! These are very basic machines for sure...

Post# 27903 , Reply# 49   12/25/2007 at 18:38 (4,284 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Thanks for all of the great comments guys...I just wanted to share some of these with all of you who might appreciate them. Around here, the folks in charge of getting rid of them just look at them and think what a bother...I have to get rid of this "stuff" now. I was more than happy to take as much as I could off of their hands. I would watch ebay as I think that some more of it may end up there like most recently the giant Hoover cleaners.

As for the rest of the stuff in the vault, the older stuff (pre-1957) went to Cleveland at the TTI headquarters. They kept all of the experimental stuff and most of the competitor cleaners. There was a bunch of old stuff (bojack) machines. They were in a room together. I would say there was at least 50 or so electric and a few non electric. The McKinley museum was offered the machines, but I am not sure that they took them. They were offered to me and the Historical Center, but we both declined deciding to keep Hoover history instead due to lack of space. I can tell you that I saw Airways, Premiers, Cadillac, etc. Those machines did not get scrapped that I do know. The only items for sure that were scrapped as told to me were the cleaning tool sets! At least the machines themselves were saved.

Again thanks for the great comments. I do have more to share. Of course, anyone coming to the convention in August of 2008 will get to see all of these items and the items that the Historical Center picked up as well. Look for more photos soon....


Post# 27917 , Reply# 50   12/26/2007 at 01:15 (4,283 days old) by hygiene903 (Galion, OH)        
Great Finds, Tom!!

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It's great that you were able to rescue them. And I can't think of anyone more deserving to have them. Congratulations!

Post# 27925 , Reply# 51   12/26/2007 at 04:45 (4,283 days old) by seamusuk (Dover Kent UK)        

Hey Tom

Im absolutly gobsmacked!

Its so cool all these will be staying in North Canton :)

So have they started spilling out of the Hoover rooms now??


P.s Will shoot ya a mail later as well

Post# 27926 , Reply# 52   12/26/2007 at 05:40 (4,283 days old) by arh1953 ( River Park, in Port St. Lucie, Florida)        

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The pictures get juicier with each new item. You have a collection that makes a diamond mine look poor. I love those Ward and Penney's uprights, I wish I could get my hands on one. I have the Ward/Hoover Portapower, which is better than nothing!

Post# 28020 , Reply# 53   12/27/2007 at 14:32 (4,282 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is a U4001 in "brown"...

Post# 28021 , Reply# 54   12/27/2007 at 14:32 (4,282 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is the underside...never used!

Post# 28022 , Reply# 55   12/27/2007 at 14:33 (4,282 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here it the tag to the U4001...

Post# 28023 , Reply# 56   12/27/2007 at 14:35 (4,282 days old) by myhooverco ()        

I picked up two model 2011 Slimline cleaners. The one on the left is marked "Early" and the serial number is 1001. The one on the right is marked late and has a very high serial number. I take this to mean that it is the last one off of the line. So this makes first and last off of the line!

Post# 28024 , Reply# 57   12/27/2007 at 14:36 (4,282 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is the tag...

Post# 28025 , Reply# 58   12/27/2007 at 14:36 (4,282 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here it the later tag...same model

Post# 28026 , Reply# 59   12/27/2007 at 14:38 (4,282 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is a Hoover Dimension canister built on 1-15-86 serial number 1002! This seems to be a very basic version of this series with no electronic controls and only one speed. I really liked the blue color.

Post# 28027 , Reply# 60   12/27/2007 at 14:39 (4,282 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here it the agitator to the Dimension...

Post# 28028 , Reply# 61   12/27/2007 at 14:40 (4,282 days old) by myhooverco ()        

I picked up a new in the box is marked as being "Late" built in 1975!

Post# 28029 , Reply# 62   12/27/2007 at 14:41 (4,282 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is a peek inside! It has been taken out and photographed but never put together. The bag is still sealed in a plastic bag. Talk about unused!

Post# 28030 , Reply# 63   12/27/2007 at 14:42 (4,282 days old) by myhooverco ()        

A look at the tag for the U4007 which is attached to the box itself rather than the cleaner...I am really glad that everything remained tagged!

Post# 28031 , Reply# 64   12/27/2007 at 14:44 (4,282 days old) by myhooverco ()        

I also picked up an 87 Connie. It is also marked "Late" so it must be one of the last ones too. I did not get a hose, but it does work on the "blower" setting. The guts to the machine are still intact. Now if I could only find the unique hose that went with this cleaner!!!

Post# 28035 , Reply# 65   12/27/2007 at 15:22 (4,282 days old) by myvacsrock (New York, NY)        

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I LOVE EVERYTHING!! My favorite is the penncrest cord reel and the plastic bade plain jane penncrest.

Are you gonna post pics of the hoover hard bag thing with the cord reel? I'd like to see it!

Post# 28038 , Reply# 66   12/27/2007 at 17:23 (4,282 days old) by hoover1060 ()        
Penncrest cord reel

When are we going to get to see your Penncrest cord reel Kyle? I heard you were very fortunate to have one given to you brand new never used! Thats awesome! I would really like to see it! There are so few of those around, and to get one never used is indeed a treat!

Post# 28043 , Reply# 67   12/27/2007 at 19:04 (4,282 days old) by electroluxxxx (Syracuse, NY )        

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Very very nice tom. makes me Jealous. lol. anyway I was wondering how you were able to get your hands on all of these machines. they are just so Fabulous.

Post# 28047 , Reply# 68   12/27/2007 at 20:43 (4,281 days old) by myvacsrock (New York, NY)        

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Yes Jeff i did get the chance to get one, my set back is i have to take like 20 vacuums with it. I don't need/want them. But yes i do ahve pics of it, he sent me! I was also lucky enough to get a NIB Hoover Junior with it! Never opened!! The Penncrest is unopened...he said the glue/staples are still intact!!

I cannot wait to get it! Any ideas about the extra machines i am getting with it??

Post# 28061 , Reply# 69   12/28/2007 at 00:44 (4,281 days old) by rugmaster37 ()        
Rallye Gold and Oyster White

This was the colors that Wards used to describe their PD-DAM in the "Fall and Winter 1978" Catalog.

This machine sold for $149.95 and was catalog # 82 C 870 MS.

It was one of only six Hoover built models that Wards offered that year. This one Dialamatic, for full size cleaners, and then four models of QuickBrooms, one with Powernozzle, and then the slimline portable, and pixie style cleaners.

Tom you got some beautiful stuff there....


Post# 28062 , Reply# 70   12/28/2007 at 00:49 (4,281 days old) by portable (Corvallis, OR)        
Wow Tom -

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I'm flabbergasted, saddened, happy and thrilled for you all at once. Too bad Hoover (or what was Hoover) is chucking out its history. We'll have to watch and see where the earlier machines end up. Congrats on helping to preserve a piece of Hoover history.

Post# 28079 , Reply# 71   12/28/2007 at 13:09 (4,281 days old) by azman293 ()        
My mom has gone hoover crazy!

It was funny, I was showing these pictures to my mom and telling her the story. She all of a sudden blurted out "I want one!". She has fallen in love with the U4021 and now looks like she likes all the vintage hoovers! Looks like I will be getting more hoovers in the future. Also, Tom those are very nice machines you are very lucky to live where you live!

Post# 28084 , Reply# 72   12/28/2007 at 16:14 (4,281 days old) by charles~richard ()        
What I don't understand is,

what was the point in rebadging Hoovers for Penneys, Wards, etc? Couldn't people tell -- didn't they KNOW just by looking at the machines -- that they were HOOVERS?

Now, if some off-brand company was manufacturing them that would be different. But these so clearly are Hoovers. And Hoovers have always been so recognizable. Well, until the death of the Convertible anyway. After that, to me, the Hoovers just looked like all the other plastic vacuums out there.

I remember as a kid seeing the "HOOVER" vacuums in Penneys and thinking to myself, "Who are they trying to fool?!" And that was my opinion -- that the retail stores were trying to fool people into thinking that THEY made these beautiful machines!!

Post# 28085 , Reply# 73   12/28/2007 at 16:27 (4,281 days old) by vintagehoover ()        

...with store-branded machines, all the internal parts - motor componants, wheels, etc - are stamped 'Hoover', anyway?

Post# 28086 , Reply# 74   12/28/2007 at 17:20 (4,281 days old) by petek (Ontario)        

There's a few reasons why products were/are rebadged or re-branded the term retailers/manufactures. One big one was the strong customer loyalty base to a particular department store brandname. The ultimate being Kenmore and even to this day I would suppose there are still people who think that Sears actually builds their own washers/dryers etc.
Some other reasons are that when the store has a major manufacture rebrand for them exclusivly they no doubt got a lower price and could sell the same product for a lower price or on easy credit terms without creating as much ill will with retailers or independent distributors selling the real brand name models.
It worked both ways,,the salesman at the department store selling the Wards Hoover could whisper in the customers ear that they were actually buying a good rebranded Hoover at a lower price and the independent could say to his customer he was buying the real Hoover and not one of Hoovers lower cost department store machines if the customer asked. That sort of thing.
In the end Hoover was the winner every which way because all they want to do in the first place is make the vacuums and sell as many as they can.

Post# 28087 , Reply# 75   12/28/2007 at 17:45 (4,281 days old) by petek (Ontario)        

re "wouldn't people know they were Hoovers?"

Well if it was my mother and sister looking at them in the store they wouldn't have the foggiest idea unless someone told them and I don't think they would be part of a minority. It's something many people just don't see because it doesn't really interest them fully like it does us.

Last time I took mom out to buy a new toaster I pointed out to her that the Proctor-Silex for $19 was the identical machine to the Betty Crocker at $12 sitting on the same shelf. Only the end cap plastic part was slightly altered but the toaster guts etc were exactly the same. She would have never noticed but thought the Proctor Silex was probably a better toaster because she's familiar with that brand and not Betty Crocker for making toasters only cake mixes and so bought the PS toaster for $7 more. She got the Betty Crocker version and saved $7.

Post# 28090 , Reply# 76   12/28/2007 at 20:28 (4,280 days old) by g3 ()        

Rebranding for Sears (mostly) also occured with Toys.

From 1950 to 1955 Sears sold Marx Trains & Playsets under the name of "Happi-Time" and from 1956 to 1969 under the name "Allstate". After 1969 they were just branded as "Sears".

The "Happi-Time" brand sold by Sears had the exact Marx train or playset sold by other retailers, whereas some of the "Allstate" brand of trains had unique markings & colors.

The outer packaging whether it was "Happi-Time", "Allstate" or "Sears" never mentioned Marx, although the parts were stamped Marx.

Some of these "Allstate" trains are very valuable today!

Post# 28095 , Reply# 77   12/28/2007 at 21:57 (4,280 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Just my two cents...

I know that with the Penncrest machines that Penney's dictated to Hoover the features that they wanted. Hoover built it for them at the price Penneys wanted. Penneys had a say in the product. They could then sell bags and accessories for the machines in their catalogs and make more profit. Today, rather than rebadge the machines, Hoover and others make specific models for stores. You won't find a Hoover cleaner at that price anywhere else because it is made exclusively for that store. There is no price matching then. Penneys got exclusive colors and features all their own. For instance the first Penncrest cleaner from 1963 was much like the low end Hoover except that it had chromed foot pedals, a zipper bag jacket, a handle grip, and a full wrap around bumper. The low end Hoover had none of those features. Penneys wanted a better machine. Beyond that, the cleaners were identical in function. I think that the stores wanted some continuity within their product lines so that their customers could identify the product with the store. Also, if you bought it at Penneys, then you had a major store that would stand behind it much like Sears today. Years ago many people ordered from catalogs as no stores were close by. The product continuity had to help in the catalog arena too. Just my two cents...


Post# 28119 , Reply# 78   12/29/2007 at 19:22 (4,280 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This find surprised me somewhat. I have always heard about these but never saw one in person...

Post# 28120 , Reply# 79   12/29/2007 at 19:24 (4,279 days old) by myhooverco ()        

The one that the Historical Center received was the better model. It was maroon and it had a cord reel. This one is the cheaper version if that is possible (very cheap plastic...I broke the handle off...YIKES!...just by closing the bag door...some glue and some patience saved it)

Post# 28121 , Reply# 80   12/29/2007 at 19:24 (4,279 days old) by myhooverco ()        

close up of the base...

Post# 28122 , Reply# 81   12/29/2007 at 19:25 (4,279 days old) by myhooverco ()        

close up of the lettering on the bag door...

Post# 28123 , Reply# 82   12/29/2007 at 19:26 (4,279 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is the original paper bag...these took type "O" bags I believe. Andy Weter sent me a pack or two of these bags...thanks Andy!

Post# 28124 , Reply# 83   12/29/2007 at 19:29 (4,279 days old) by myhooverco ()        

The brushroll seems narrower than the regular Hoover of the time. Could this be a type of "junior" for the US? It has shades of the Innovation and the Elite in its design. I can see why these are hard to find. I have not used it since it is so fragile. I am sure that it is acceptable. It is a bit noisy when I turned it on for the first time. This one was made 7-30-85 and the serial number is 3959 so it is not the first one off of the line by any means. It is very unusual for the US market anyway.

Post# 28125 , Reply# 84   12/29/2007 at 19:44 (4,279 days old) by seamusuk (Dover Kent UK)        
Its a Turbopower

Hey Tom !
Thats the cheaper more basic version of the Turbomaster / innovation . It uses the same bags and is an excellent but somewhat noisy performer . Will catch up with emails tomoz etc :-)seamus

Post# 28130 , Reply# 85   12/30/2007 at 06:34 (4,279 days old) by 74simon ()        
Hey Tom,

I can't believe TTI has desecrated the vault like that! Thank heavens that there's someone with your dedication to have saved all of these. The Hoover Gods must be greatful to you!


Post# 28143 , Reply# 86   12/30/2007 at 09:40 (4,279 days old) by arh1953 ( River Park, in Port St. Lucie, Florida)        

arh1953's profile picture
That Sovereign is quite interesting, even if it is beyond collector interest. I just picked up a little used Bissell Dyna-Clean that doesn't look like it would take much to destroy.

Post# 28149 , Reply# 87   12/30/2007 at 15:46 (4,279 days old) by electroluxxxx (Syracuse, NY )        

electroluxxxx's profile picture
Awesome find it kind of looks like the Electrolux that I saw on youtube a while back. also I was told that you can tell the age of a machine by looking at the Serial Number. is that true???

Post# 28150 , Reply# 88   12/30/2007 at 15:55 (4,279 days old) by hoover1060 ()        
serial numbers and dates,,,

Yes, with Hoover products starting in late 1987 the date it was made is in the serial number, the first 4 digits are the month and year made.

With regards to Penncrest cleaners and people not knowing they were Hoovers, Penney's didn't even try to hide the fact their cleaners were re badged hoovers...their 1966 Catalog stated that their uprights "beat as they sweep as they clean"
Sheesh even Ray Charles could see it was a Hoover!

Post# 28152 , Reply# 89   12/30/2007 at 16:01 (4,279 days old) by electroluxxxx (Syracuse, NY )        

electroluxxxx's profile picture
thank you much I will now go check each hoover I have. also did you read the email I sent to you about the Model 61??

Post# 28156 , Reply# 90   12/30/2007 at 16:53 (4,279 days old) by petek (Ontario)        

And it has the royal warrant as well for all the Hyacinth Buckets out there.
I too thought it looked a little like the Electrolux

Post# 28163 , Reply# 91   12/30/2007 at 21:03 (4,278 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Thank you all for your kind just seems that someone in this town should care about the legacy of the company that built the town to begin with!

Pete...I am very glad that you noticed the royal warrant. Hyacinth could vacuum with the Sovereign but she would have to invite the Barker-Finch couple down the street to watch her Hoover the rugs!LOL!


Post# 28164 , Reply# 92   12/30/2007 at 21:33 (4,278 days old) by electroluxxxx (Syracuse, NY )        

electroluxxxx's profile picture
It is an electrolux but under a different name. you can see the electrolux symbol on the front of the machine

Post# 28170 , Reply# 93   12/30/2007 at 22:20 (4,278 days old) by hoover1060 ()        
The Soverign was

actually a variation on the UK Turbopower Junior and the Australian Turbopower Lark.
They are the babies in the Turbo family, with the granddaddy being the Conquest

Post# 28171 , Reply# 94   12/30/2007 at 22:22 (4,278 days old) by hoover1060 ()        
Brush rolls

They are very similar.
The Conquest is a daily driver for me, despite its size it pushes quite easily and picks up Jack and Symmone's hair very well.

Tom I am sure Hyacinth would want to show her Hoover off to Councillor Mrs. Nugent as well...

Post# 28172 , Reply# 95   12/30/2007 at 23:19 (4,278 days old) by vintageroyal611 ()        
Jeff, funny you should mention the Conquest ...

My school bought 3 Conquests the 16 inch model last month and one of them already blew out its motor.

Post# 28193 , Reply# 96   12/31/2007 at 14:13 (4,278 days old) by myhooverco ()        


Interesting comparison on the Conquest and the Junior. Even the Soveriegn has a similar brush roll...

Oh, you know that Rose's friend Mr. Helliwell would never be allowed to vacuum with Hyacinth's Sovereign and would probably not be permitted past her doorstep at least with his shoes still on!


Post# 28194 , Reply# 97   12/31/2007 at 14:36 (4,278 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is a 1966 Penncrest...serial number one...not too fond of the color but it is a harder to find model.

Post# 28195 , Reply# 98   12/31/2007 at 14:37 (4,278 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is the tag with its information from when it was built...

Post# 28196 , Reply# 99   12/31/2007 at 14:38 (4,278 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is a look at the pristine business end of the is the usual Hoover fare two speed motor and the famous IBAISAIC agitator!

Post# 28198 , Reply# 100   12/31/2007 at 14:39 (4,278 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is a later JCPenney cleaner. It is only a one speed machine and has no headlight.

Post# 28199 , Reply# 101   12/31/2007 at 14:40 (4,278 days old) by myhooverco ()        

A close up of the orange lettering....

Post# 28200 , Reply# 102   12/31/2007 at 14:41 (4,278 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is the whole the bag pattern and the hard plastic matching top to the bag...

Post# 28201 , Reply# 103   12/31/2007 at 14:41 (4,278 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is its tag with all of the important information for this model...

Post# 28202 , Reply# 104   12/31/2007 at 14:42 (4,278 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is a look at the bottom...

Post# 28203 , Reply# 105   12/31/2007 at 14:44 (4,278 days old) by myhooverco ()        

One thing that I did notice was the difference in the bottom plate. The plate is notched for the edge cleaning feature that all Hoover cleaners had at the time. However, this JCPenney model is only notched at the top leaving two suction entrances in the plate instead of the usual four...any thoughts????

Post# 28204 , Reply# 106   12/31/2007 at 14:57 (4,278 days old) by myhooverco ()        

1982 JCP version of the Decade 80...

Post# 28205 , Reply# 107   12/31/2007 at 14:58 (4,278 days old) by myhooverco ()        

another shot...

Post# 28206 , Reply# 108   12/31/2007 at 14:58 (4,278 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is a close up of its tag...

Post# 28207 , Reply# 109   12/31/2007 at 15:00 (4,278 days old) by myhooverco ()        

The bottom...

Post# 28208 , Reply# 110   12/31/2007 at 15:00 (4,278 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is a nice blue bottom of the line JCP cleaner made by the Hoover Company...

Post# 28209 , Reply# 111   12/31/2007 at 15:01 (4,278 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Another angle...

Post# 28210 , Reply# 112   12/31/2007 at 15:01 (4,278 days old) by myhooverco ()        

The information tag...

Post# 28211 , Reply# 113   12/31/2007 at 15:02 (4,278 days old) by myhooverco ()        

The bottom...

Post# 28214 , Reply# 114   12/31/2007 at 15:51 (4,278 days old) by vac-o-matic (Saint Louis, Mo.)        
1966 Penncrest Deluxe

Tom, I love that model, is it a taupeish color in person? Do you know when they dropped the Penncrest name?

Post# 28217 , Reply# 115   12/31/2007 at 16:54 (4,278 days old) by hoover1060 ()        
Penncrest name

was dropped sometime in the early 70's when they changed the name of the store to JC Penney.

Post# 28226 , Reply# 116   12/31/2007 at 18:31 (4,278 days old) by buffster ()        
Penncrest name


Are you referring to the logo change in 1971 when it was changed from Penneys to JCPenney? The only name change of which I'm aware occurred in 1913 when The Golden Rule became JCPenney. Am I missing a piece of history?


Post# 28228 , Reply# 117   12/31/2007 at 18:41 (4,278 days old) by hoover1060 ()        
Yes thats the one

when the name/logo changed to JCPenney...

Sorry for the confusion

Post# 28234 , Reply# 118   12/31/2007 at 19:28 (4,277 days old) by buffster ()        
Penncrest name


Thanks for the factoid. I love learning about the history of our iconic institutions, especially if it has to do with shopping. :) I just thought perhaps I overlooked some important piece of Pennys' history.

I hope you and Michael have a very special New Year's Eve.


Post# 28241 , Reply# 119   1/1/2008 at 14:08 (4,277 days old) by charles~richard ()        

As usual, the older logo was far more attractive and interesting. The calligrapy-style lettering has style and class; the new logo is just plain old Helvetica slightly stylized. Borrrrrr-ing!!!

Post# 28349 , Reply# 120   1/4/2008 at 11:04 (4,274 days old) by andy (Boston, MA)        

Tom, I've been meaning to post on this thread all week, but WOW! I love these unique versions of various Hoovers. And I'm glad you got a Sovereign! Congratulations.

Post# 28363 , Reply# 121   1/4/2008 at 14:49 (4,274 days old) by myhooverco ()        


Thanks for the kind words. It means a lot coming from you. Thanks!


Post# 29431 , Reply# 122   1/17/2008 at 19:59 (4,260 days old) by sbnhvlvr (South Bend, IN)        


After seeing all of your finds from the Hoover Vault, I remembered that I have an old Montomgery Ward Carper Shampooer.
Look forward to meeting you in August.

Post# 29432 , Reply# 123   1/17/2008 at 20:00 (4,260 days old) by sbnhvlvr (South Bend, IN)        

A few more shots of the Montomgery Ward Carpet Shampooer

Post# 29433 , Reply# 124   1/17/2008 at 20:00 (4,260 days old) by sbnhvlvr (South Bend, IN)        

The Montgomery Ward and her Hoover Cousin

Post# 29435 , Reply# 125   1/17/2008 at 20:48 (4,260 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Wow...Rob! I like the bright color of the private label Hoover scrubber. I think that the simple fact that it is marked MW makes it collectible in its own right. I look forward to meeting you (another Hoover fanatic) in August. It is going to be the best vacuum convention ever!


Post# 30139 , Reply# 126   1/24/2008 at 10:45 (4,254 days old) by swiveltop (Galveston, TX)        

The Inncare,Fuller Brush Rebaged Hoovers and others sure banked some bucks on e-bay,and more listed,get em while you can,Congrats

Post# 30505 , Reply# 127   1/28/2008 at 19:06 (4,250 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is a model 589 Hoover Convertible "Custom" although it is only marked Convertible. It was built on 12.18.68 and is serial number ONE. It is Victorian Rose and Seal Griege light.


Post# 30506 , Reply# 128   1/28/2008 at 19:07 (4,250 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is another view. The bag is still soft and pliable. All of the snaps are there too and work just fine. It sounds a little "growly" but that is to be expected after sitting in a box on a shelf for all of those years.


Post# 30508 , Reply# 129   1/28/2008 at 19:08 (4,250 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is her tag...

Post# 30509 , Reply# 130   1/28/2008 at 19:09 (4,250 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This particular model 66 is the LAST one off of the line as indicated by the serial number on the tag and the machine. It is one of the nicest ones from the vault too. It was kept safely in a Hoover 1060 box of all things, but well preserved.


Post# 30510 , Reply# 131   1/28/2008 at 19:10 (4,250 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is a view of the bag and the base from behind. The bag has a hard time opening up fully.

Post# 30511 , Reply# 132   1/28/2008 at 19:11 (4,250 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is her tag...

Post# 30512 , Reply# 133   1/28/2008 at 19:12 (4,250 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Bottom dirt has been through her, ever!

Post# 30513 , Reply# 134   1/28/2008 at 19:13 (4,250 days old) by myhooverco ()        

The bag is the original too. The rubber cover over the base of the bag is still intact. The zipper; perfect.

Post# 30514 , Reply# 135   1/28/2008 at 19:14 (4,250 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is a side view. I have never seen a piece of hood trim fit so well. This is the way that they were supposed to look. This hood is not all distorted but rather shiny and retaining its original shape.


Post# 30522 , Reply# 136   1/28/2008 at 21:13 (4,249 days old) by hoover28 (Oneida N.Y.)        

Good find. wish I could find a new in box convertible. I have some that are near new. but just ant the same.


Post# 30526 , Reply# 137   1/28/2008 at 22:00 (4,249 days old) by ohio_tuec ()        
Model 66 convertible

That is a beauty indeed! Finding an early convertible with a pristine bag is quite a rarity. I too have a model 66, only mine has the Hoover medallion encased in some sort of Lucite? It has a later white vinyl bag with the Hoover logo. Does yours have a bag spring, or the spring-loaded hook on the back of the handle? Mine has the hook.

Post# 30531 , Reply# 138   1/28/2008 at 23:37 (4,249 days old) by air-waycharlie (USA)        
Oh Tom...................

air-waycharlie's profile picture
my mouth is watering! That 66 is lovely and probably one of my favorites---just ask Fred S.

Treasure that baby! The first year of the, "Slimline". What a find!

I hope to see it at N. Canton later this year.

Post# 30532 , Reply# 139   1/28/2008 at 23:39 (4,249 days old) by air-waycharlie (USA)        

air-waycharlie's profile picture
the 589..............Oy Vey! There are no other words.

Post# 30535 , Reply# 140   1/29/2008 at 01:18 (4,249 days old) by hamiltonbeachbo ()        
Nice Hoover 66, Tom

I'm with you Charlie!!
The 66 is one of my favorites as well. It was the first Hoover Convertible I ever pushed at about 5 years of age. My Aunt Elnore had that machined and used it routinely with the wonderful Ultraflex hose and attachments. I was completely enthralled by it. Great Fun!!


Post# 30536 , Reply# 141   1/29/2008 at 04:36 (4,249 days old) by chestermikeuk (Rainhill (Birthplace of the Railway),England, UK.)        
Hoover - The Product of Experience..!!!

chestermikeuk's profile picture
Wow, Tom, what gems, one thing Hoover wer`nt afraid of was colour!!! what is the official colour of the 66?? great camera shots with complimentary coloured rugs...Enjoy, Mike

Post# 30544 , Reply# 142   1/29/2008 at 09:36 (4,249 days old) by luxg ()        

Tom, that model 66 is just to beautiful!!!

Post# 30624 , Reply# 143   1/30/2008 at 08:42 (4,248 days old) by seamusuk (Dover Kent UK)        
It was kept safely in a Hoover 1060 box of all things.......

Hey Tom

Stunning!- was the 66 prone to hood warping in the same way as the 65/652?

Ref the 1060 box you had best no belittle it- Jeff might be listening lol!


P.s ref the 589- I had a pair of socks that colour in about 1983- they were the height of Primary school fashion !

Post# 30643 , Reply# 144   1/30/2008 at 15:56 (4,248 days old) by myhooverco ()        


I had to laugh at the socks!! This machine is a real awful color of pink (just my opinion).

The early 66's were prone to the same warping problems as the 652. Later in the run they used a "harder" plastic that was more sturdy like the later Convertible models.


Post# 30645 , Reply# 145   1/30/2008 at 17:30 (4,248 days old) by hoover1060 ()        

The colors of model 66 are Garland Green and pearl white with gold trim.
the Hoover Company actually hired a color consultant to pick the colors of their machines.
Faber Birren spent his life researching colors and their effects on people.


Post# 31410 , Reply# 146   2/10/2008 at 15:05 (4,237 days old) by myhooverco ()        


What could be in this 1060 box????

Post# 31411 , Reply# 147   2/10/2008 at 15:06 (4,237 days old) by myhooverco ()        

It is a 334 from 12.12.68. It is painted the seal greige light instead of the earlier grey. It also sports the small medallion. This one is near the end of this models production run.


Post# 31412 , Reply# 148   2/10/2008 at 15:07 (4,237 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is a look at the bottom...

Post# 31413 , Reply# 149   2/10/2008 at 15:07 (4,237 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is a look at the two position height adjuster that was discontinued on the next model the 344.

Post# 31414 , Reply# 150   2/10/2008 at 15:08 (4,237 days old) by myhooverco ()        

How about one from across the pond??

Post# 31415 , Reply# 151   2/10/2008 at 15:10 (4,237 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is a 1334 built on 8.14.58. It still wears its original "flex" and special plug to match. The base is all metal not plastic like our version from the 60's and 70's. This is a very well made unit.

Post# 31416 , Reply# 152   2/10/2008 at 15:10 (4,237 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is the bottom view...

Post# 31417 , Reply# 153   2/10/2008 at 15:11 (4,237 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is the whole machine. It is hard to see but there is a matching pink handle grip too. This is a very pretty machine.


Post# 31418 , Reply# 154   2/10/2008 at 15:12 (4,237 days old) by myhooverco ()        

What could be in this box???

(actually, everything has come in a 1060 box for some reason??????)

Post# 31419 , Reply# 155   2/10/2008 at 15:13 (4,237 days old) by myhooverco ()        

It is a 584! This one again is a very late one since it is painted seal griege light and has the small "foil" medalion.

Post# 31420 , Reply# 156   2/10/2008 at 15:15 (4,237 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is the two position height adjuster that was replaced on the model 589 by the four position adjuster. There is a slight bit of damage to the top of the hood. I am not sure how this happened but it is not the only model affected by this type of damage.

Post# 31421 , Reply# 157   2/10/2008 at 15:15 (4,237 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Bag detail....note the smaller "Hoover" lettering.

Post# 31422 , Reply# 158   2/10/2008 at 15:16 (4,237 days old) by myhooverco ()        

I have even run across a new model 35. It is also a very late model having the small medallion. The bag is very soft still.

Post# 31423 , Reply# 159   2/10/2008 at 15:17 (4,237 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Bottom details...

Post# 31424 , Reply# 160   2/10/2008 at 15:20 (4,237 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Now there just had to be another pink one in the bunch? This model 65 came to me in not the best of shape. It was even missing an agitator. However the base was beautiful! It had been used in some kind of test involving lots of white powder. The original medallion was the large metal one which I replaced with an NOS two piece medallion.

Post# 31425 , Reply# 161   2/10/2008 at 15:21 (4,237 days old) by myhooverco ()        

In the previous photo, there is a small drilled hole just above the bumper. I am not sure what this was for. All I had was the base and the bag. I cleaned the powder from under the hood and greased the motor bearing and cleaned the powder from under the fan too! It runs like a champ.

Post# 31426 , Reply# 162   2/10/2008 at 15:23 (4,237 days old) by myhooverco ()        

The condition was not that great when I opened the box. The hood seen here was split. I guess this was due to the shrinking plastic. I had a used hood that I installed using the original lens and headlight trim. I was bummed when I saw this awful cracked hood. I wonder how many machines over the years suffered this fate?

Post# 31427 , Reply# 163   2/10/2008 at 15:23 (4,237 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is a view of the bottom...

Post# 31428 , Reply# 164   2/10/2008 at 15:25 (4,237 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is a shot of the whole cleaner. It was built on 12.1.59.

Post# 31429 , Reply# 165   2/10/2008 at 16:12 (4,237 days old) by badata ()        
very cool

and all that stuff is right where it needs to be, in your collection, preserved for history!

Post# 31430 , Reply# 166   2/10/2008 at 16:32 (4,237 days old) by seamusuk (Dover Kent UK)        

Hey Tom

I would sell body parts for that 1334!!!!.

If you look the prongs on that plug are adjustable to fit a 5 or 15A socket. (they unscrew and fit in different screw holes).
There is a fitting used in conjunction with it to connect to a standard UK bayonet light fitting. When that was made it was not unusual for houses to be wired for lighting only with no power sockets.

Will take a pic asap :)


Post# 31432 , Reply# 167   2/10/2008 at 16:38 (4,237 days old) by seamusuk (Dover Kent UK)        
and a question...

Is the front plate metal or plastic?

Post# 31440 , Reply# 168   2/10/2008 at 17:07 (4,237 days old) by myhooverco ()        


It is an all metal machine. The cover plate included! I hope to hear it run someday. Thanks for the information on the plug. I wondered how it worked. Thanks!


Post# 31504 , Reply# 169   2/11/2008 at 04:12 (4,236 days old) by buffster ()        
OMG!!! Is Right!

This orgy of Hoovers just never ends! Amazing and awesome. Congratulations Tom. Dreams really do come true. And, thank you for documenting your journey through this wonderful photo journal. I've thoroughly enjoyed living vicariously through your lens and postings.

Can't wait to see your collection this August.


Post# 31516 , Reply# 170   2/11/2008 at 07:25 (4,236 days old) by luxg ()        

Tom what beautiful machines. I love the color of the 334!! I wonder what that was called? I am so happy that you are saving all these pieces of history. Your vacuum room must be busting at the seams!!

Post# 31559 , Reply# 171   2/11/2008 at 14:44 (4,236 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Terry...that color is Porcelain Blue and Seal Griege Light. Originally the base on the first run machines was grey.

How about some Canadian machines????

Here is a 1222. I am guessing mid 1950s on this one. It is very much like our 115 from the 1940s just updated colors.

Post# 31560 , Reply# 172   2/11/2008 at 14:44 (4,236 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is the bag...I am still working on finding a handle for it.

Post# 31561 , Reply# 173   2/11/2008 at 14:45 (4,236 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Another angle...

Post# 31563 , Reply# 174   2/11/2008 at 14:46 (4,236 days old) by myhooverco ()        

The bottom...

Post# 31565 , Reply# 175   2/11/2008 at 14:47 (4,236 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Model 67 anyone??? No, this is a model 671 from Hamilton, Ontario. Notice the one piece handle that was only used on our model 65.

Post# 31566 , Reply# 176   2/11/2008 at 14:47 (4,236 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is a close up...this one too has never been used.

Post# 31569 , Reply# 177   2/11/2008 at 14:49 (4,236 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is a pic of the bottom. The bottom plate is painted not shined. The hood screws are a ***** to get out as they are not slotted. Rather they are like some sort of thumb screw that probably took a special tool. Anyway I removed the hood to grease the bottom bearing which was DRY!

Post# 31570 , Reply# 178   2/11/2008 at 14:49 (4,236 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Another angle...

Post# 31572 , Reply# 179   2/11/2008 at 14:51 (4,236 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This would be a rare find anyway but Canadian? The US version model 564 was made just for a short while. I am not sure how long the Canadian version 566 was built. This was a hybrid. It had just a short bumper, snap bag, but used the deluxe hood with headlight. The bag on this one is just as soft as it was the day it was built.

Post# 31573 , Reply# 180   2/11/2008 at 14:52 (4,236 days old) by myhooverco ()        

close has one small scrape unfortunately!

Post# 31575 , Reply# 181   2/11/2008 at 14:52 (4,236 days old) by myhooverco ()        

bottom view...the same applies here for the 566 as the 671.

Post# 31576 , Reply# 182   2/11/2008 at 14:54 (4,236 days old) by myhooverco ()        

A model 36 by any other name? No, this one is a 361. Same color. It should have a one piece handle but I swapped it for the American version. This machine is only a one speed machine! I wish that I had the attachment set for this cleaner.

Post# 31577 , Reply# 183   2/11/2008 at 14:55 (4,236 days old) by myhooverco ()        

...bag detail! My model 36 says just Hoover....this one says Hoover Convertible.

Post# 31578 , Reply# 184   2/11/2008 at 14:55 (4,236 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is its tag...

Post# 31579 , Reply# 185   2/11/2008 at 14:57 (4,236 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is the bottom...there is no second speed actuator anywhere. It still uses those **** screws to remove the hood. At least I did not have to grease the bearing on this one!

Post# 31580 , Reply# 186   2/11/2008 at 14:58 (4,236 days old) by myhooverco ()        

How about another American version? This time it is a very LATE Hoover Convertible model 70. This one was about 3,000 from the end of the line according to serial numbers. Too bad about the spot of grey paint. Any suggestions on how to remove it?

Post# 31581 , Reply# 187   2/11/2008 at 14:59 (4,236 days old) by myhooverco ()        

bag details...notice the lack of the word "Convertible"?

Post# 31583 , Reply# 188   2/11/2008 at 14:59 (4,236 days old) by myhooverco ()        

The cord even still has the little orange-ish paper labels on it. Some of them did fall out as I was putting it together though.

Post# 31584 , Reply# 189   2/11/2008 at 15:00 (4,236 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Side view...the little "booties" that cover the foot pedals were changed at some point to white. My earlier model 70 has blue "booties".

Post# 31585 , Reply# 190   2/11/2008 at 15:01 (4,236 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is its official Hoover vault tag...

Post# 31586 , Reply# 191   2/11/2008 at 15:02 (4,236 days old) by myhooverco ()        

bottom details...

Post# 31587 , Reply# 192   2/11/2008 at 15:04 (4,236 days old) by myhooverco ()        

I have more to post. I was home today from school due to the below 0 temperatures so I thought that I might post a few. My "sanctuary" here in Hooverland "East" is truly full. Thanks again for all of your kind words on this thread. I look forward to having the club here to see my collection in August. I look forward more to the machines that you are all going to be bringing to North Canton!


Post# 31590 , Reply# 193   2/11/2008 at 15:47 (4,236 days old) by hoover1060 ()        
Too bad about the spot of grey paint. Any suggestions on how

You should be ashamed of yourself, having that machine flawed as it is in your collection!
You'll just have to toss it in a box and send it here, where I will gladly see to its disposition...

{{ducks and runs}}

Post# 31593 , Reply# 194   2/11/2008 at 16:19 (4,236 days old) by arh1953 ( River Park, in Port St. Lucie, Florida)        

arh1953's profile picture
Maybe a Magic Eraser for that spot, or a light auto rubbing compound. Or you could send it to Florida, (just a thought). Thanks for this latest line of sparkly colored Hoover pics.

Post# 31595 , Reply# 195   2/11/2008 at 16:31 (4,236 days old) by vinvac (Dubuque IA)        

vinvac's profile picture

Shipping is cheaper to Iowa, I will send a prepaid return box and I will take care of the spot of gray paint.

There is a product out there called Opps... I think it would be safe to use.

Morgan.... By the way great pictures.

Post# 31599 , Reply# 196   2/11/2008 at 16:49 (4,236 days old) by charles~richard ()        

That 1222 is gorgeous! Much lovlier than the 115, the only machine of that type I have ever seen. Didn't even know the 1222 existed!

Post# 31664 , Reply# 197   2/11/2008 at 22:26 (4,235 days old) by swingette ()        

Tom Anderson, its one thrill after another with you! Love that 70 589, 584, 334...that painted bottom plate. painted like a models 63. And that outrageous Mastercraft you have on eBay. And that 361 is flawless.

Post# 31680 , Reply# 198   2/12/2008 at 06:45 (4,235 days old) by chestermikeuk (Rainhill (Birthplace of the Railway),England, UK.)        
Hoover - Who Better!!!

chestermikeuk's profile picture
Well Tom, what can I say!!blimey, you`d better make sure the locks and alarm are on at night!!!great to see the first of the re-vamped UK Hoover Juniors, the colour is Rose & Ivory White, and the Canadian 1222, like our 1224!!

Did Hoover UK send all their first models to "The Vault" do you know??

Enjoy, Mike

Post# 31689 , Reply# 199   2/12/2008 at 08:56 (4,235 days old) by vibrabeat ()        

Tom, Im just in awe of all of the vault finds.......There is no one more generous and more deserving to have these than you. Your collection was always the best, and now with the vault finds it is truely the best in the world. We are all so proud of you.

Post# 31725 , Reply# 200   2/12/2008 at 18:48 (4,235 days old) by myhooverco ()        


I am getting used to the painted plates. They seem not as pretty to me in a way. I guess I just like the shine!


Thanks for the information on the Juniors. They are very nice machines and very well built. I have to say that they are much nicer than the ones we had in the US. It is no wonder they sold so well in the UK.


Thanks for your kind words. I am not sure that I deserve it or am entitled to this stuff. It is more about being in the right place at the right time! Just wait until the club gets to visit your house with all of your great vacuums, washers, etc. this summer at the convention. You have a wonderful collection of vintage items that are mint. I guess we are the keepers of history!


Post# 31771 , Reply# 201   2/12/2008 at 22:15 (4,234 days old) by swiveltop (Galveston, TX)        

just keep checking e-bay and you will find the Hoover vault vacuum you are looking for,but you will pay $$$$$$$$,just pretending to preserve the Hoover vault,but making a big profit on e-bay

Post# 31772 , Reply# 202   2/12/2008 at 22:29 (4,234 days old) by swiveltop (Galveston, TX)        

Those vacuums should have went to a museum, not to some,so called collecter and just sold willy nilly to anybody

Post# 31774 , Reply# 203   2/12/2008 at 22:58 (4,234 days old) by hoover1060 ()        
vacuums on ebay from the vault...

Are NOT Tom's... he is selling the for someone else locally who bought what was left when the vault sale was ended.

Tom ain't making a dime on that ebay stuff.

Post# 31777 , Reply# 204   2/12/2008 at 23:18 (4,234 days old) by swingette ()        

so what if someone is selling Hoover vault stuff? TTI obviously doesnt care. better the machines sold than in the trash. how many museums would take in Hoover cleaners?

Post# 31779 , Reply# 205   2/12/2008 at 23:27 (4,234 days old) by hoover1060 ()        
the vault sale

was open to the public...anybody could go. Whats on ebay is just a fraction of what was there.
You're right David, there was too much for a museum.

Post# 31783 , Reply# 206   2/13/2008 at 00:34 (4,234 days old) by badata ()        

AND>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> its NOBODY's business what ANYONE does with ANYTHING in their life let alone their collection. SOME people need to mind their own business before assuming things about others.........or at LEAST ask first!!!!

Post# 31789 , Reply# 207   2/13/2008 at 04:21 (4,234 days old) by vibrabeat ()        

Dear "Swiveltop"
1. Im NOT looking for anything. If I was all I would have to do is ASK Tom Anderson for it and he would give it to me free. I have know him for many years and he is a kind and generous person, which is more than I can say for you from the tone of your post.
2. I was PERSONALLY at the Hoover Auction and could have bought anything I wanted. I did in fact leave with a couple of rare items which are none of your business or anyone elses.
3. I have known about the ebay auctions and they are NOT for Tom Anderson but for another person, Tom just being the person in the middle.
4. Who ever YOU are, OR WHATEVER you are, you really should learn your facts before you open your big mouth and make an ass out of yourself on a public forum.

Post# 31799 , Reply# 208   2/13/2008 at 07:14 (4,234 days old) by aeoliandave (Stratford Ontario Canada)        

aeoliandave's profile picture
Mark, one might also want to re-read and amend what one has said in one's own profile before blindly lashing out, however how well intentioned.

"I didn't care they were cheap, and I would have a garage sale on the weekends and really clean up."

Post# 31802 , Reply# 209   2/13/2008 at 07:32 (4,234 days old) by vinvac (Dubuque IA)        

vinvac's profile picture
Again jealousy is ruling in the hearts of many.

I can not agree more, the people that attended the public auction that was held by the new Hoover owners have every right to do what they want with any of the vacuums they have purchased.

Personally knowing Tom Anderson, knowing how much time he has put into preserving the history of the Hooover Vacuum, he deserves only praise! He has been working very hard to preserve as much information as possible about any and all vacuums that have come out of the Hoover vault.

I purchased one of the Hoover Vault Vacuums myself from the gentlemen that did purchase vacuums from the vault, the same man that Tom is selling the vacuums for. He is also a very nice man but also a very good business man. He owns a vac shop and is in business to support himself.

Personally I am tired of all the whining and complaining about prices on E-bay, Craig's list ect. People that are selling vacuums are looking to make money as any of us trying to sell vacuums, cars ect would be. It is a fair market, the highest bidder is that simple! For me, I just hope that the vacuums will be going to a very loving home or be used for the purpose they were intended to be used for. I don't win everything I want, but as Fred S. pointed out in one of his vacuum find threads....patients pays off...sometimes it is worth the wait. It also amazes me that when other club members post vacuums on E-bay that do bring good prices, we never here about that...or those who sell on E-bay and have reserves that need to be met first...we never hear about that ....

Tom, hold your head high,keep up the good work, don't let the negative comments of jealous people get you down. Those of us that truly know you and know what you do on a daily basis for the Hoover Historical Society know the truth.

Post# 31807 , Reply# 210   2/13/2008 at 08:19 (4,234 days old) by luxg ()        

Of course it would have been wonderful if these machines could have gone into a museum. However at this time I do not know of any museum available. Anyone could have gone to the auction and bought whatever they could afford. Even now if you have a great desire for one of these machines you have a chance to get one off of ebay. I for one am thankful that these machines were saved, they could have all gone to the crusher. I have to agree with Michael, it is really no ones business what someone else is doing with there collection. Just remember jealousy is the root of all evil! Tom is a wonderful person and selling these vacuums for a friend sounds like something he would do!! Let's all just be happy that the machines were saved.

Post# 31809 , Reply# 211   2/13/2008 at 08:39 (4,234 days old) by ian88 ()        

Again, this is me being outspoken..but re: saving hoover's heritage..who else would? who else CAN? who else is more passionate about Hoover than Tom? I can't think of anyone, Boss Hoover perhaps..but he can't really do much about it in this material realm sadly.

In short, Tom's the man for the job.

Post# 31810 , Reply# 212   2/13/2008 at 09:08 (4,234 days old) by hoover1060 ()        
Just my 2 cents...

I know if Tom could have gotten everything from that sale, he would have.
However he only has so much space and so much $$$.

The stuff on ebay that has been listed by Tom is not his. These are items that were left over when the sale ended, and they were purchased by a local vac dealer in Canton. Since the vac delaer does not have a computer, he has asked Tom to sell some items on ebay for him.

The unkind words above are tame from some of what I have heard from Tom, regarding emails and messages through ebay he has received. Its really crappy how people have lashed out at him because he is doing someone a favor.

Post# 31812 , Reply# 213   2/13/2008 at 09:37 (4,234 days old) by swiveltop (Galveston, TX)        

WOW,Really touched a nerve on that one,yes in the late 70's I did sell a lot of vacuums, but they were hardly collecters items then,you could still purchase them new,the one vacuum I wish I still had was my green Kenmore Duo Power,Vibrabeat,You didn't even bother to post a profile,Tom is a wonderful person,he didn't even bother to post some nasty comments that you bitter queens did.

Post# 31820 , Reply# 214   2/13/2008 at 10:49 (4,234 days old) by hamiltonbeachbo ()        
Don't Let this Get You Down


Just consider the source ... the world is made of all kinds.
Don't let the negative, jealous outbursts get you down.
Please just let it roll off your back..
I think you've done a great thing with salvaging these machines and posting the pics.
It is such great fun to see the various mint vintage machines and their vault tags.
Your Fine ... Stand firm.
All who know you know your heart and that's what counts.
Thanks for posting whenever you can ... really enjoy your threads.
Stay warm and enjoy!!


Post# 31821 , Reply# 215   2/13/2008 at 10:58 (4,234 days old) by arh1953 ( River Park, in Port St. Lucie, Florida)        

arh1953's profile picture
I wasn't going to add anything. I wondered too, but figured it wasn't any of my business, and every one of us only has but so much space anyway. I still get hate mail for a major mistake I made in another site. Didn't deserve any of it either. Lesson was, don't share everything.

Post# 31856 , Reply# 216   2/13/2008 at 17:30 (4,234 days old) by air-waycharlie (USA)        

air-waycharlie's profile picture
Isn't this when somebody is supposed to post a picture of a cake to get off the subject?

How about this?


Post# 31857 , Reply# 217   2/13/2008 at 17:32 (4,234 days old) by air-waycharlie (USA)        
Or maybe...........

air-waycharlie's profile picture
this! Check out this shade of green! I guess we could call it, "Pea Green With Envy!"

Post# 31859 , Reply# 218   2/13/2008 at 17:41 (4,234 days old) by arh1953 ( River Park, in Port St. Lucie, Florida)        
Food, Glorious Food!

arh1953's profile picture
So tempting and luscious! How 'bout some milk with that?

Post# 31861 , Reply# 219   2/13/2008 at 17:48 (4,234 days old) by swingette ()        
How 'bout some milk with that?


Post# 31863 , Reply# 220   2/13/2008 at 17:52 (4,234 days old) by arh1953 ( River Park, in Port St. Lucie, Florida)        

arh1953's profile picture

Post# 31881 , Reply# 221   2/13/2008 at 19:13 (4,234 days old) by myhooverco ()        


Thanks for the cake and


Thanks even more the! :)

Thanks for the nice comments everyone! I am touched.


Post# 31882 , Reply# 222   2/13/2008 at 19:15 (4,234 days old) by myhooverco ()        


I am not sure how the vault worked in relation to Canada, the UK, or any other plant. The serial number on the 1334 is "KL-12185". Maybe you can fill me in on this one? I have no information on this model at all and am not sure how to read the serial number. Thanks for any help that you might give.


Post# 31883 , Reply# 223   2/13/2008 at 19:22 (4,234 days old) by ian88 ()        

@ Pic.

I actually hope those AREN'T real :P

Post# 31886 , Reply# 224   2/13/2008 at 19:39 (4,233 days old) by aeoliandave (Stratford Ontario Canada)        
This looks like a job for Fred Nelson.

aeoliandave's profile picture
If ever we needed the *POOF* interrupt, it is now...

Despite how amusing the thread is becoming while we wait for a a simple 'oops, sorry' rather than the offensive and badly punctuated defensive posture offered up so far, might we all make email requests to the Webmaster to please remove all posts from #31721 onward, so that Tom's invaluable thread can live on in the archives unsullied?

This is not censorship. We've all read the posts so there's no reason to preserve them for all time. But, Tom's original post and the positive ongoing contributions to its intent should be. I mean, what message is being sent to oldies and newbies alike who will access this wonderfully illustrated stroll down memory lane...and then they get to this unexpected speedbump? This is one of the threads I've bookmarked, as I have many in the archives, for later revisiting and research.

Cast your vote to

my 17 cents and moving on.


Post# 31890 , Reply# 225   2/13/2008 at 19:53 (4,233 days old) by swingette ()        

Dave, good points. Shame to have to bug the webmaster over trifles and make it into a big deal, but as long as we are on the subject...

I was hoping i had misunderstood Swiveltops post. I thought he was gonna say "I was drunk when i wrote that" or "I was talking about something else".

It wouldnt have mattered except that Tom Anderson LOVES the Hoover Company. I dont know him that well but seems to me that now that The Hoover Company has nearly died, Tom is a huge part of whats left. He knows more about The Hoover Cleaner than TTI probably.

Its sad to mess up a nice thread with a misunderstanding.

Post# 31899 , Reply# 226   2/13/2008 at 21:13 (4,233 days old) by swiveltop (Galveston, TX)        

Tom, I'm really sorry and meant no harm,I would never even send someone a rude e-mail,you are a wonderfull person and have preserved Hoover's history,some of these people just thrive on drama and will take anything and take it way out of text. Mark

Post# 31933 , Reply# 227   2/14/2008 at 09:10 (4,233 days old) by electroluxxxx (Syracuse, NY )        

electroluxxxx's profile picture
those look real I saw a lot of those on the maury show last year. LOL

Post# 32147 , Reply# 228   2/16/2008 at 13:20 (4,231 days old) by myhooverco ()        


Thanks for your appology. I appreciate it. Vibrabeat is one of my closest friends and a very honest and nice person. He was just coming to my defense. I do hope that you hold nothing against him. This summer at the vacuum convention, if you can make it, he will be holding an open house so that club members can view his impressive vacuum collection. It should be one of the highlights of the convention!


Post# 32148 , Reply# 229   2/16/2008 at 14:28 (4,231 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is a 1976 Hoover Convertible...

Post# 32149 , Reply# 230   2/16/2008 at 14:33 (4,231 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is its Hoover "samples room" tag...too bad it is not number 1!

Post# 32150 , Reply# 231   2/16/2008 at 14:34 (4,231 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Model number and serial number...

Post# 32151 , Reply# 232   2/16/2008 at 14:34 (4,231 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is the brush roll compartment...again never used!

Post# 32152 , Reply# 233   2/16/2008 at 14:35 (4,231 days old) by myhooverco ()        

...side shot...

Post# 32153 , Reply# 234   2/16/2008 at 14:36 (4,231 days old) by myhooverco ()        

The original bag is still installed...

Post# 32154 , Reply# 235   2/16/2008 at 14:37 (4,231 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This one has no writing on the bag jacket. I guess that this one must have been a mid line model. It uses the bottom fill type C bags as the top fill design was not introduced until 1977.

Post# 33094 , Reply# 236   2/23/2008 at 16:52 (4,224 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is the U4107-001. It was the first plastic chasis version built in Nov. 1978.


Post# 33095 , Reply# 237   2/23/2008 at 16:53 (4,224 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is its tag...

Post# 33096 , Reply# 238   2/23/2008 at 16:54 (4,224 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is the machine tag...

Post# 33097 , Reply# 239   2/23/2008 at 16:56 (4,224 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is the base. I am not a huge fan of the plastic chasis, however they do clean as well as a metal chasis model. I just do not like the "hollow" sound that comes from the plastic. I am sure that it was a cost and weight reduction on the part of the Hoover Company. Note the metal fan chamber liner.

Post# 33098 , Reply# 240   2/23/2008 at 16:58 (4,224 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This model (both metal and plastic) was the first to offer the consumer a type A bag that filled from the top instead of the bottom. It was much easier to change and held more dirt. It also offered more surface area for filtration. Today, you can get the really good bags from 3M. Note the early version of the fill tube. The later ones used a push on collor instead of the slide in collar. The early ones tended to leak dust easier.


Post# 33099 , Reply# 241   2/23/2008 at 16:59 (4,224 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Its sister in the line up is the U4109-001. This one has a headlight and was built on the same day as the U4107 above.

Post# 33100 , Reply# 242   2/23/2008 at 17:00 (4,224 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Vault tag details...

Post# 33101 , Reply# 243   2/23/2008 at 17:01 (4,224 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is the machine tag details....

Post# 33102 , Reply# 244   2/23/2008 at 17:37 (4,224 days old) by myvacsrock (New York, NY)        

myvacsrock's profile picture
You've done it yet again!!


Post# 33104 , Reply# 245   2/23/2008 at 19:13 (4,224 days old) by aeoliandave (Stratford Ontario Canada)        

aeoliandave's profile picture
The Hoover Prime Number. What an extra thrill that must be. [:{)

Hearty Congrats, Tom.

Post# 33117 , Reply# 246   2/23/2008 at 21:08 (4,223 days old) by swingette ()        

... I dare you to take this thread to 300!!

Post# 33191 , Reply# 247   2/25/2008 at 10:58 (4,222 days old) by vibrabeat ()        

Tom, thats a great looking vac with the top fill bag.......Any history of why it took Hoover so long to convert to this type of bag? Even tho the bottom fill bags work very well, the top fill sure made for a cleaner outer bag when it came time to empty them.............

Post# 33271 , Reply# 248   2/26/2008 at 08:32 (4,221 days old) by myhooverco ()        


I am not sure why it took the US so long to convert from the bottom fill to the top fill bags. I know that the UK used an upside down C bag on some of their models which was kind of top fill. Maybe they waited until the machines had more powerful motors? Hoover was selling their machnes especially the Convertible models as fast as they could build them so you have to ask why they would change a good thing. Not until some stiff competition from Eureka did things start to change in the 1970's. Any thoughts out there in Vacuumland???


Post# 33273 , Reply# 249   2/26/2008 at 08:47 (4,221 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is a "Junior" cleaner model 1340.

Post# 33274 , Reply# 250   2/26/2008 at 08:48 (4,221 days old) by myhooverco ()        

You can see that eventhough it is from the vault there is some sun fading of the plastic. Here it is with the cover plate removed.

Post# 33275 , Reply# 251   2/26/2008 at 08:49 (4,221 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is a side view. These were made in the UK except for the bag, handle and cord which were made here in North Canton.

Post# 33277 , Reply# 252   2/26/2008 at 08:59 (4,221 days old) by myhooverco ()        

The Hoover tag...I doubt if this is the last one but it is a later model since it has the smaller Hoover logo on the cover.

Post# 33278 , Reply# 253   2/26/2008 at 09:00 (4,221 days old) by myhooverco ()        

bottom view...

Post# 33279 , Reply# 254   2/26/2008 at 09:00 (4,221 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Close up of the smaller brushroll...

Post# 33280 , Reply# 255   2/26/2008 at 09:01 (4,221 days old) by myhooverco ()        

The machine tag...

Post# 33281 , Reply# 256   2/26/2008 at 09:03 (4,221 days old) by myhooverco ()        

These are not from the vault, but they could have been! This tool set was a gift from Buffalo Joe a few years back and I really appreciate being able to display them with my collection of Junior cleaners. This is a 1331 set. Later in the 70's they changed it to 1341 which was white with a plastic machine end instead of the aluminum one that is shown here.

Post# 33282 , Reply# 257   2/26/2008 at 09:05 (4,221 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Connecting the tools to a Junior is easy! You just place the connector in the slot after removing the cover. Do not remove the belt!

Post# 33283 , Reply# 258   2/26/2008 at 09:05 (4,221 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Make sure that the lever is turned completely to the right.

Post# 33284 , Reply# 259   2/26/2008 at 09:07 (4,221 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Then with more force, turn the lever completely to the left in a counterclockwise direction. This will lift the belt out of the way so that the hose can be connected.

Post# 33285 , Reply# 260   2/26/2008 at 09:09 (4,221 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Then you just insert the metal machine end of the hose. There is a button on the hose to push when you want to remove the hose. Then just reverse the steps and the belt will be restored to the armature. The suction is quite good with the tools. I can see why these sold so well in the UK. Too bad we did not have more models here especially the dirtsearcher model with the headlight!


Post# 33311 , Reply# 261   2/26/2008 at 11:52 (4,221 days old) by arh1953 ( River Park, in Port St. Lucie, Florida)        
More great stuff

arh1953's profile picture
It just gets better with every picture. I can't believe some of these things. Hate how the light plastics discolor with age though.

Post# 33471 , Reply# 262   2/27/2008 at 18:18 (4,220 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is a first series Celebrity cleaner. This one is a straight suction and has the three little casters on the bottom. It is an odd color too. Perfect for 1974!

Post# 33473 , Reply# 263   2/27/2008 at 18:19 (4,220 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is the tag...just about 34 years old!

Post# 33474 , Reply# 264   2/27/2008 at 18:19 (4,220 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Side view...

Post# 33475 , Reply# 265   2/27/2008 at 18:21 (4,220 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Close up of the blower lever that cuts off the difuser and directs the exhaust air to the opening on the bottom for the hose...

Post# 33476 , Reply# 266   2/27/2008 at 18:21 (4,220 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Inside...clean as the day it was built even the original bag...I did fire it up and it runs great.

Post# 33477 , Reply# 267   2/27/2008 at 18:22 (4,220 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is the top tool garden on this one...I think that my friend still has one or two more of these to sell off.

Post# 33480 , Reply# 268   2/27/2008 at 18:39 (4,220 days old) by arh1953 ( River Park, in Port St. Lucie, Florida)        

arh1953's profile picture
I haven't seen that model anywhere except in pictures, and for some reason, that design is my least favorite. And this one here is drop dead gorgeous!! It's starting to grow on me.......

Post# 33819 , Reply# 269   3/2/2008 at 15:32 (4,216 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is a 1953 edition model 42 "Areodyne". This was the cheap version of the model 53. It was built on 9.4.53 and is one of the last 4,000 or so made. Not the first of last unit, but still oh so cool!

Post# 33820 , Reply# 270   3/2/2008 at 15:33 (4,216 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Tag information...

Post# 33821 , Reply# 271   3/2/2008 at 15:34 (4,216 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Hose end...thanks to our very own Kyle, I have a nice tool set, instruction booklet, and a box. Kyle the tools and accessories still have a very good home here!

Post# 33822 , Reply# 272   3/2/2008 at 15:36 (4,216 days old) by myhooverco ()        

bottom details...note the white cord...I am still looking for a nice blue Hoover cord for it. This one is off of a later polisher and is "branded" Hoover on the plug end. This is not the easiest machine to work on!

Post# 33824 , Reply# 273   3/2/2008 at 15:37 (4,216 days old) by myhooverco ()        

machine information plate...a little blurry!

Post# 33825 , Reply# 274   3/2/2008 at 15:37 (4,216 days old) by myhooverco ()        

more information...

Post# 33826 , Reply# 275   3/2/2008 at 15:39 (4,216 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Looking inside the bag. This machine was equipped with both the cloth and the disposable paper bag. This paper bag feels like the same material as the type W Handisac. I wonder if these were available in the reusable paper bags?

Post# 33827 , Reply# 276   3/2/2008 at 15:39 (4,216 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Clean as a whistle inside...

Post# 33828 , Reply# 277   3/2/2008 at 15:40 (4,216 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Cloth bag details...

Post# 33829 , Reply# 278   3/2/2008 at 15:41 (4,216 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Hoover logo glam shot!

Post# 33831 , Reply# 279   3/2/2008 at 15:42 (4,216 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Where it sets on display...

Post# 33832 , Reply# 280   3/2/2008 at 15:45 (4,216 days old) by myhooverco ()        

The line of Areodynes...the first grey one is a model 55 and is the rarest of all Areodynes. I wish that I had found one of these in the vault! The 55 is a combination of a 52 front end and a 53 rear end. The 55 was discontinued due to the success of the Constellation. The sole remaining cylinder cleaner in the Hoover lineup after the 55 was the Hoover Holiday model 415. Does anyone have one for sale???? This is the last item I need to complete the 1950s line of Hoover appliances! It is so much fun looking for one!

Post# 33833 , Reply# 281   3/2/2008 at 15:46 (4,216 days old) by arh1953 ( River Park, in Port St. Lucie, Florida)        

arh1953's profile picture
Jeff, that is FANTASTIC!! Keep 'em coming!

Post# 33846 , Reply# 282   3/2/2008 at 18:46 (4,216 days old) by rolls_rapide (-)        
Hoover 'Disposall' paper bags

Could someone please post more photos of the original paper bags for the UK 'Senior'/'Junior' (US 'Convertible')?

I ask due to curiosity; I have my Gran's HOOVER 'Junior' 1334. It shows in the manual, paper bags that appear to be pre-shaped to slide over the bag tube. Apparently, they also had a bag clip to slide over the other, openable end.

The cleaner was purchased in December 1961 (the section of the Guarantee card is in the tools box).

Also in the tools box is a very thin, white paper bag, slightly glossy exterior, with the Hoover roundel upon it, in black print. It mentions model numbers 1334, 638, and 652. There doesn't appear to be any instructions/diagrams on it (you know, 'align the arrow to the O', kind of thing).

Is this a dustbag, or merely the bag in which the hoover bags came?

Post# 33850 , Reply# 283   3/2/2008 at 20:33 (4,215 days old) by arh1953 ( River Park, in Port St. Lucie, Florida)        
Sorry, wrong name

arh1953's profile picture
I mean Tom! Great '53 Hoover!

Post# 33966 , Reply# 284   3/3/2008 at 23:40 (4,214 days old) by swingette ()        
bottom vs top (fill)

yes, i think Eureka's continual improvement of their uprights (ball bearing brushroll, rugulator/dial-a-nap) in the early 70s kinda forced Hoover to improve.

im reminded of the 70s Hoover ad with the hotel executive housekeeper. she makes it very clear that wood or aluminum are not acceptable agitator materials. guess Hoover was losing sales to Eureka?

Post# 34322 , Reply# 285   3/8/2008 at 13:58 (4,210 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is a Hoover model 2001...

Post# 34323 , Reply# 286   3/8/2008 at 13:59 (4,210 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is the garland green exterior!

Post# 34324 , Reply# 287   3/8/2008 at 14:00 (4,210 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Inside with bag...

Post# 34325 , Reply# 288   3/8/2008 at 14:00 (4,210 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Paper bag is removed...

Post# 34326 , Reply# 289   3/8/2008 at 14:02 (4,210 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Close up of the tool storage. This is the cheapest canister Hoover made at the time. You only got just these cleaning tools plus a floor tool and a telescopic wand. This machine has lots of suction though!

Post# 34327 , Reply# 290   3/8/2008 at 14:02 (4,210 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is another "Slimline"...

Post# 34328 , Reply# 291   3/8/2008 at 14:03 (4,210 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is a nice aqua color...

Post# 34330 , Reply# 292   3/8/2008 at 14:04 (4,210 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Inside details...this model came with a dusting brush and a fabric brush...the early ones had no third wheel. This one does since it is so late. I am guessing that this was the "better" Slimline...

Post# 34331 , Reply# 293   3/8/2008 at 14:05 (4,210 days old) by myhooverco ()        

I liked the little outlines of where the tools fit in the cardboard holder. I guess some people just did not know where to put them!

Post# 34332 , Reply# 294   3/8/2008 at 14:06 (4,210 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This model maches the model 36 upright very well. The colors are the same though they may not look like it in the photo.

Post# 34333 , Reply# 295   3/8/2008 at 14:07 (4,210 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Another unknown model...

Post# 34334 , Reply# 296   3/8/2008 at 14:08 (4,210 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is the whole machine. It is a very light yellow on top with a taupe bottom way before Hoover adopted that color on their regular cleaners. The tools are taupe in color too at a time when all tools were either grey or seal griege. Does anyone know anything at all about the John Plain Company?

Post# 34336 , Reply# 297   3/8/2008 at 14:09 (4,210 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Inside details...

Post# 34337 , Reply# 298   3/8/2008 at 14:10 (4,210 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Tool caddy details...

Post# 34338 , Reply# 299   3/8/2008 at 14:33 (4,210 days old) by hoover1060 ()        
almost 300 Tom

I think this one is 299!!!

Post# 34339 , Reply# 300   3/8/2008 at 14:40 (4,210 days old) by myhooverco ()        

How about this one for 300?

Post# 34340 , Reply# 301   3/8/2008 at 14:42 (4,210 days old) by arh1953 ( River Park, in Port St. Lucie, Florida)        
Sensational Slimlines

arh1953's profile picture
I think I like that better than the Portable. Now I think this is 300. This is the best thread yet!

Post# 34361 , Reply# 302   3/8/2008 at 23:17 (4,209 days old) by luxg ()        

Great pictures Tom!! I just love that beautiful aqua color on the model 36!

Post# 34449 , Reply# 303   3/10/2008 at 08:18 (4,208 days old) by dial-a-nap (Omaha - the home of the TV Dinner)        

dial-a-nap's profile picture
Always enjoy looking at this thread, Tom. Those are some wonderful machines you've brought home from the vault!

Post# 34462 , Reply# 304   3/10/2008 at 16:45 (4,208 days old) by vibrabeat ()        

Enjoyed taking with you last night Tom, with plans for the convention. As soon as the snow melts and our blizzards end, I need to set up a time to show you what I brought home from the Hoover auction! Some of it is very interesting...........

Post# 35684 , Reply# 305   3/24/2008 at 19:30 (4,194 days old) by camelotshadow (Valley Village)        

Just like candy
every color of the rainbow

Really enjoyed this thread & now I finally get to

thank Tom for sharing pics from his unique treasures


Post# 35726 , Reply# 306   3/25/2008 at 00:02 (4,193 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
every color!!

gottahaveahoove's profile picture
Hi Tom. I'm finally in the "forum" and plan to join. Meeting you in Aug will be a highlight. It was genious how HOOVER made a convertible, cannister, broom, polisher in matching colors. I love them. As Jackie Kennedy said while shopping, "I'll have this in every color:. Are there ANY photos of the Hoover factory inside? Are they working on the place yet? Can we go there in Aug? Do you have pligrimages to your home? I, too, am a HOOVER diehard. You've sold me a few things on ebay over the past year. I'm astounded by your collection. It's INSPIRING. Thanks, John

Post# 35728 , Reply# 307   3/25/2008 at 00:13 (4,193 days old) by camelotshadow (Valley Village)        

Well, a stylish lady wouldn't have just one pair of gray shoes
would she? Then why would you expect her to cross the carpet in the same old vac day in day out...

This way the stylish lady could color coordinate her vac to her outfit!!!!!!!!


Post# 35731 , Reply# 308   3/25/2008 at 00:32 (4,193 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        

gottahaveahoove's profile picture
You're KILLING ME !!!!! I do rotate,alternate, etc.. my machines This big old place has a front and back staircase. 10 convertibles line the steps, like Catholic school. My friends, (both of them) open the door and DIE laughing. It's amazing how people are in my house for a while, notice a 69 here, 70 there 1076, etc. and just "wonder..." but don't dare ask.It could bee worse, I could drink ! all Irish, and NEVER touched a drop. Some think I have a "problem". I can't say "telescoping wand" without laughs. Am I alone??

Post# 35732 , Reply# 309   3/25/2008 at 00:33 (4,193 days old) by camelotshadow (Valley Village)        


Too bad Hoover didn't hire me to write the ad's


Post# 35736 , Reply# 310   3/25/2008 at 01:01 (4,193 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        

gottahaveahoove's profile picture
If only HOOVER made a lyposuction attachment.I'm waiting. Does anyone think , like the Connie, TTI will have enough sense to bring back others? Do they realize what MADE HOOVEr great lies in it's acrchives? I go to K-Mart, Walmart, look the the boxes of the cleaners, see Mexico, China, and Glenwillow, and become sad. It's hard to even recognize the infamous handles. Thank GOD the round emblem is still around. I think it's the most attractive signage ever. Am I nuts?

Post# 35739 , Reply# 311   3/25/2008 at 01:17 (4,193 days old) by camelotshadow (Valley Village)        

Well don't that have a massage unit...OOOh maybe that's filter queen...LOL

Bet your right!

Do it yourself

LIPPOVAC brought to you by Hoover!


Post# 35741 , Reply# 312   3/25/2008 at 01:19 (4,193 days old) by camelotshadow (Valley Village)        

Shhhhh...only your Hoover knows for sure...LOL

Post# 35752 , Reply# 313   3/25/2008 at 06:56 (4,193 days old) by arh1953 ( River Park, in Port St. Lucie, Florida)        

arh1953's profile picture
Two staircases? You need two Constellations!

Post# 35767 , Reply# 314   3/25/2008 at 09:32 (4,193 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        

gottahaveahoove's profile picture
I have 5, silly boy. I know I must eventually procure a "new" one, but, that's on my list. They are a bit pricy... not getting one with my looks.

Post# 35772 , Reply# 315   3/25/2008 at 10:40 (4,193 days old) by arh1953 ( River Park, in Port St. Lucie, Florida)        
I wish I had one......

arh1953's profile picture
OK, then that means you need one more so you will have three per staircase! Nothing like being prepared!

Post# 35840 , Reply# 316   3/25/2008 at 23:25 (4,192 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
I'm Prepared..

gottahaveahoove's profile picture
..for almost anything.Can tie a knot like a sailor. There are about 7 things I can do well. I have a lot of doubles too, The turquoise, orange, gold, orange and brown (2) the gold and tan w/ tilt tools (2)A new one would be nice I do like the quality of the new Connie tools, horsehair, far better than the "onboard" brushless stuff. yes???

Post# 36037 , Reply# 317   3/27/2008 at 16:12 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Picked this one up this week...model 67

Post# 36038 , Reply# 318   3/27/2008 at 16:13 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Close up of the tag...

Post# 36039 , Reply# 319   3/27/2008 at 16:14 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

bottom machine tag...

Post# 36040 , Reply# 320   3/27/2008 at 16:14 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

bottom of machine...

Post# 36041 , Reply# 321   3/27/2008 at 16:15 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

serial number...this is not the last one made but is within the last 3,000 or so...

Post# 36042 , Reply# 322   3/27/2008 at 16:16 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

close up...

Post# 36043 , Reply# 323   3/27/2008 at 16:17 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

from the top...I am not sure why the bag was so is as soft as it could be too!

Post# 36044 , Reply# 324   3/27/2008 at 16:19 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This one is a 32...this cleaner is one that I needed to complete my early Convertible series. The one that I had before I had to repaint and I never really liked the way that it turned out. So I am very happy with this new addition.

Post# 36045 , Reply# 325   3/27/2008 at 16:20 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

close up of the bag...

Post# 36046 , Reply# 326   3/27/2008 at 16:20 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

tag for the machine...

Post# 36047 , Reply# 327   3/27/2008 at 16:21 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

bottom machine tag...

Post# 36048 , Reply# 328   3/27/2008 at 16:22 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

serial number...again not the last but in the last batch of them...

Post# 36053 , Reply# 329   3/27/2008 at 16:54 (4,191 days old) by vibrabeat ()        

Those are just beautiful Tom! That bag is wrinkled cause its old! Ha, just like most old bags get........wrinkled!

BTW, you mention that a couple these were near the last 3000 of the production run. Do you have any knowledge of what Hoover's production output would have been per week/month? Just wondered how many they might have produced per day/shift, etc. of the Convertibles....

Post# 36060 , Reply# 330   3/27/2008 at 17:53 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        


Too funny...old bags!LOL! Production was around 2,000 or so machines I was told. However, I am not sure if that was per shift or total output for a 24 hour period. They did not run the line 24/7 for days at a time. So if a machine was produced for a year it was an on again off again situation the way that I understood it at least at this time. It was sort of easy to switch models on a line since there was so much component sharing between the machines.


Post# 36061 , Reply# 331   3/27/2008 at 17:55 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Another item I picked up was a 334 serial number 1001...the only problem is with the cord. It happens to be very crispy although the machine runs strong and quiet. I would never use this one as it does not have a paper bag in it.

Post# 36062 , Reply# 332   3/27/2008 at 17:56 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

the Hoover vault tag...

Post# 36063 , Reply# 333   3/27/2008 at 17:57 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

front view showing the bag...

Post# 36064 , Reply# 334   3/27/2008 at 17:57 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

machine plate i.d...

Post# 36065 , Reply# 335   3/27/2008 at 17:58 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

serial number details...

Post# 36066 , Reply# 336   3/27/2008 at 17:59 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

rear of the bag as it goes into the machine...this is where the damage usually happened as the machine aged. This one is brand new and has never had dirt go through it.

Post# 36067 , Reply# 337   3/27/2008 at 18:01 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

I also picked up the first version of the Hoover Guardsman. It has rear conversion, different lettering on the bag, C tube, black cord, step on switch without a cover (a'la model 31). This baby is super clean and has never been used so it just gleams!

Post# 36068 , Reply# 338   3/27/2008 at 18:02 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

front view...

Post# 36069 , Reply# 339   3/27/2008 at 18:02 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

close up...

Post# 36070 , Reply# 340   3/27/2008 at 18:03 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Hoover vault tag...

Post# 36076 , Reply# 341   3/27/2008 at 18:22 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

bottom view...

Post# 36078 , Reply# 342   3/27/2008 at 18:22 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

serial number details...

Post# 36079 , Reply# 343   3/27/2008 at 18:24 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This unit is one that I have been looking forward to adding to my collection. It is a model 652 and it is mint. I have had fun checking out the differences between this model and the model 65. Unfortunately, I cannot say if it runs or how well it runs as I have no way of testing it. It is just a beautiful machine.

Post# 36080 , Reply# 344   3/27/2008 at 18:27 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is a close up of the plug which is the same as the model 1334 that I posted photos of on this thread already. Note the bag is printed on the "US" side of the bag and not the "UK" side of the bag. The bag is the same material that we used but this particular one is so soft. I have never seen anything like it. The cord is very thick and obviously matches the cleaner to a "T".

Post# 36082 , Reply# 345   3/27/2008 at 18:29 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here are the bottom details. The main difference is the foot switch which is very similar to our model 31 switch sans location. The switch actuator is very simple in function but really over engineered and would be durable. I had to take the switch out to lubricate it as it was not "clicking" like it should. This is a one speed. There is no high speed switch like the US version. All in all, it is very, very well built!

Post# 36083 , Reply# 346   3/27/2008 at 18:30 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

This is a close up of the machine tag. I do not have the Hoover vault tag as of now.

Post# 36084 , Reply# 347   3/27/2008 at 18:31 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is the serial number details. Maybe our UK guys could tell me more about this machine? This one is a beauty!

Post# 36085 , Reply# 348   3/27/2008 at 18:32 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is a side view of the top and switch...

Post# 36086 , Reply# 349   3/27/2008 at 18:34 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

...the handle grip...the handle is aluminum not steel like the US 65. Also, it seems to me that the handle is shorter! When I compare the 65 to the 652, the 65 is taller! Can anyone tell me why?

Post# 36087 , Reply# 350   3/27/2008 at 18:34 (4,191 days old) by hoovercelebrity ()        

Feel free to send that 652 to me, and I'll be glad to test it for you...plugged into my voltage converter. :-)

I can take pictures, video... It'd be just like being there!


Post# 36088 , Reply# 351   3/27/2008 at 18:36 (4,191 days old) by seamusuk (Dover Kent UK)        




Post# 36089 , Reply# 352   3/27/2008 at 18:39 (4,191 days old) by seamusuk (Dover Kent UK)        

Is it not US Voltage?

*sends Tom plug adaptor*

Post# 36094 , Reply# 353   3/27/2008 at 18:52 (4,191 days old) by vacuumkid3 ()        

Interesting! It is indeed US voltage, Tom! Maybe you can test it out sooner than you might have thought! :-) Oh...just be careful!


Post# 36095 , Reply# 354   3/27/2008 at 18:54 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Why would Hoover UK make a 652 for US voltage and not give it a US plug? Same goes for the Junior 1334. Odd to say the least.


Post# 36096 , Reply# 355   3/27/2008 at 18:55 (4,191 days old) by vacuumkid3 ()        

Beats me! Must be rare! :-)


Post# 36098 , Reply# 356   3/27/2008 at 19:23 (4,191 days old) by seamusuk (Dover Kent UK)        
UK Voltage

Hey Tom

240V didnt become the standard universal voltage till approx 1967- before that it varied between approx 80 and 260v. Because of this Hoovers were made to suit and its not unheard of to come across examples that have been converted to 240v- normally the rating plate is filed and restamped to show this.

I guess it would have been easy therefore to fit that with a 115V motor- is the 1334 the same???


Post# 36099 , Reply# 357   3/27/2008 at 19:35 (4,191 days old) by seamusuk (Dover Kent UK)        
The 240V version

Is rating 9 225-250V

This is the plate of my Grey 652A- our 1st twin speed version

Post# 36100 , Reply# 358   3/27/2008 at 19:47 (4,191 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Thanks Seamus...both the 1334 and the 652 share the same 100-115 voltage. I guess I will have to find a way to plug in both machines...any suggestions? I could easily remove the plugs and put on a US plug. I would rather have some kind of "converter" to add to the end of the 652 and then just plug it into my US socket. This way I could keep both machines original. Thanks again for the info, I really appreciate it.


Post# 36119 , Reply# 359   3/27/2008 at 22:19 (4,190 days old) by swingette ()        

Who needs a model O when you have a NEW 334 and u7033?

Post# 36132 , Reply# 360   3/28/2008 at 01:22 (4,190 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
Model 67

gottahaveahoove's profile picture
is the one that started it ALL in this house. Mine was bought in May, 1961. It was borrowed, used, and abused. It's still here, in need of repai. So THAT is what it looked like NEW thanks.

Post# 36137 , Reply# 361   3/28/2008 at 01:54 (4,190 days old) by seamusuk (Dover Kent UK)        


Will pop ya one that will do the job in the post in the next few days ;)


Post# 36187 , Reply# 362   3/28/2008 at 15:03 (4,190 days old) by chestermikeuk (Rainhill (Birthplace of the Railway),England, UK.)        
UK Hoover Senior 652

chestermikeuk's profile picture
Wow, thats one pretty machine, well done Tom, thats a keeper if ever I saw one!!!

The serial numbers you require are:

JS. 10,001 - January 1959
JS. 37,500 - July 1959
JS. 346,000 Closed January 1962

Cheers, Mike

p.s I shudder to think what you`re saving for the Grand Finale from this side of the pond!!! a Hoover 507 Conquest perhaps!!!

Post# 36350 , Reply# 363   3/29/2008 at 19:47 (4,189 days old) by seamusuk (Dover Kent UK)        
The 652 and bags etc

Hey Tom

With regard to the Hoover being on the "wrong" side ive discussed the Vinyl bags with a couple of other UK collectors and the general conclusion is that they were sourced fron North Canton rather than being made over here. I presonally think this for a couple of reasons- firstly no other UK machine has a vinyl bag and I wouldnt have thought it would have been worth equiping Perivale with the equipment to make them for the one model. Also the later 652 version has the Grey cloth bag from the 652A, but with Burgundy flecks in the fabric and a vertical burgundy stripe running through the Hoover lettering. I should be aquiring one of these fairly soon :). Im guessing we changed when the 67 ceased production at which point NC would have stopped producing the Pink bags.

In the case of yours id guess it was shipped from Perivale without a bag and a 65 one was added once it got to the Vault??

Hope this kinda helps lol!


P.S to Mike- tut tut its actually a Deluxe 652...
*Starts running*........

Post# 36351 , Reply# 364   3/29/2008 at 19:49 (4,189 days old) by seamusuk (Dover Kent UK)        
One more

The cable will be replaced with the original Pank type by the time it gets here :)

Post# 36352 , Reply# 365   3/29/2008 at 19:57 (4,189 days old) by seamusuk (Dover Kent UK)        

I wrote that at work but couldnt post it for some odd reason!- the late 652 has my name on so to speak and should be arriving shortly ....... :) :)


Post# 36353 , Reply# 366   3/29/2008 at 20:01 (4,189 days old) by seamusuk (Dover Kent UK)        
I really really...

Must not post when Ive been drinking........

Didnt think Id mentioned I was aquiring said machine...

*Shuts up and goes to bed*

Post# 36368 , Reply# 367   3/29/2008 at 21:31 (4,188 days old) by myhooverco ()        


Thanks for the information. I was under the impression that the UK 652 came with the vinyl bags not cloth. I saw one on You Tube and it has the same vinyl bag but with the printing on the other side. It makes sense that it was shipped here from Perivale without a bag. The bag on the machine is like a US model 67 bag but made from model 65 material. Are these models hard to find in the UK? The Convertible model 65 is a hard to find model here simply because of age. Thanks again!


Thanks for the serial number information. I wish that there was a Conquest 507 but no such luck!


Post# 36375 , Reply# 368   3/29/2008 at 22:03 (4,188 days old) by vintagehoover ()        
Deluxe 652

For most of the production run, the UK 652 did come with the vinyl bag. Towards the end of the production run, they switched to the cloth one Seamus posted the pictures of. I don't know when the change-over occurred, we're getting a bit 'modern' for me!

It's hard to say which is rarer; although more vinyl-bag machines were sold, they were more fragile, and it's rare to see one intact. An all-original vinyl-bagged 652 sold on eBay last week for 165. The hood-warping syndrome this model suffered makes it all the more tricky to find a good example.

Both me and Simon have videos of our 652s on YouTube. Here's mine:

CLICK HERE TO GO TO vintagehoover's LINK

Post# 36377 , Reply# 369   3/29/2008 at 22:16 (4,188 days old) by myhooverco ()        


Thanks for the update on the 652. I never thought that I would own one. Your 652 is beautiful. Did you restore it or is it all original? You are correct about the early vinyl being very fragile. I have seen many early "Convertible" models that have stiff vinyl jackets to the point that they are crispy! I was very surprised to find that my 652 was very soft. It must have been all of those years in the dark box that preserved it. The hood warpage was a problem on our 65, 66, and 67 models. Some fared better than others but most of the 65's suffered from this ailment. I cannot thank you enough for your reply.


Post# 36389 , Reply# 370   3/29/2008 at 23:18 (4,188 days old) by vintagehoover ()        
Hi Tom...

Glad to be able to help!

My 652 originally belonged to my friend (and Vacuumland message-board poster!) Clark, who found it chucked in a skip, of all places! Somehow it had survived it's violent abandonment totally unscathed. He named her Rosie, and she had pride of place in his collection. Last year, in preparation for his upcoming wedding (he's now happily married), he listed Rosie for sale on eBay. I couldn't pass up the chance to give her a good home, so I hit Buy It Now!

It didn't need much work; just a decent all-over clean, and some white spirit to remove the paint scuffs from the chassis and hood, and the dirt from the flex and furniture guard. Then some furniture polish to bring out the shine. All the parts are original to this machine - no donors were involved!

Post# 36430 , Reply# 371   3/30/2008 at 05:44 (4,188 days old) by arh1953 ( River Park, in Port St. Lucie, Florida)        

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Rosie's a looker alright. Glad she ended up with you.

Post# 36432 , Reply# 372   3/30/2008 at 07:10 (4,188 days old) by seamusuk (Dover Kent UK)        
One thing I cant work out..

Is what possessed Hoover to make the next version - the 1st incarnation of the 652A battleship grey, bit of a comedown after the pink lol!


Post# 36434 , Reply# 373   3/30/2008 at 08:00 (4,188 days old) by xraytech ()        

hey tom,
I love your collection, I would love to have a new in box convertible and some of the JC Penney cleaners, Also do you know when they converted the convertibles to top Fill type A bags, I have a model 4349 that is top fill, wondering when it was made

Post# 36479 , Reply# 374   3/30/2008 at 14:41 (4,188 days old) by myhooverco ()        


I agree with you about the change in color to grey. Although I find it too a very pretty cleaner since it was so different than anything we had here.


Thank you for introducing me to Rosie officially that is. She is a beatiful machine and has been well preserved. She is in very good hands and will live the pampered lifestyle now. It looks like her switch is a darker red than what is on my machine. My switch is bright red. Any thoughts? Could this just be a result of age?


Thanks for your kind comments. The Convertible went to the type A top fill bag on the top line 1977 models that had the new square handles. Later most all of the line had the top fill bags. I think the last of the bottom type C bag machines were built in 1988 or so.


Post# 36776 , Reply# 375   4/1/2008 at 05:01 (4,186 days old) by xraytech ()        


I dont remember seeing any Concepts here. Do you not collect them or did you not get them posted?

Post# 36785 , Reply# 376   4/1/2008 at 06:01 (4,186 days old) by vintagehoover ()        
On/off switch...

I'm not sure about the on/off switch, Tom - all the UK 652/652As I've seen have had the darker, burgandy/maroon switch, like my 652 has.

Does your switch look like it's painted, or is the plastic itself that bright red?

Post# 36858 , Reply# 377   4/1/2008 at 15:54 (4,186 days old) by myhooverco ()        


Mine has the bright red plastic throughout. I notice that yours is darker. I just wondered if you had ever seen one with the brighter red switch. I find that it is a little in the way. I like how they put the foot switch on the base on the later models. However, this set up is very cool and unique and I have to say very well made. I am always impressed with the quality of the UK machines in the 50's 60's and 70's. The UK plastic based 652s or 6525s were much much better made than our plastic Convertible models. Thanks for the insight!


Post# 36859 , Reply# 378   4/1/2008 at 15:56 (4,186 days old) by myhooverco ()        


I did not pick up any Concept machines from the vault. I have the first set of four from 1978. I also have a 1983 Concept II but that is really all that I have room for. They are a very well made machine that really cleans carpet well. You would be surprised at how many are still in use around town!


Post# 37197 , Reply# 379   4/4/2008 at 21:18 (4,182 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is my model 652 up and running...


Post# 37199 , Reply# 380   4/4/2008 at 21:22 (4,182 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Here is the 1334 Junior running...


Post# 37200 , Reply# 381   4/4/2008 at 21:27 (4,182 days old) by myhooverco ()        

I have to thank Seamus for the plug adapter for these machines. Not only did he send me the adapter but also a pack of UK Hoover bags and a package each of belts. Thank you Seamus for your generousity! I have had so much fun running both machines this evening that I just had to put them up on YouTube. I really wanted to keep the original ends on the cords as they are so unique. I hope everyone enjoys the first attempt at YouTube!


Post# 37208 , Reply# 382   4/4/2008 at 22:49 (4,182 days old) by hoover28 (Oneida N.Y.)        


glad to see you got them runing. thay sound great.


Post# 37216 , Reply# 383   4/4/2008 at 23:43 (4,182 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
you must have

gottahaveahoove's profile picture
VERY clean carpets. How many cases of bags to you have? I've a huge supply myself, but, I'm sure can't hold a candle.........................

Post# 37220 , Reply# 384   4/5/2008 at 03:47 (4,182 days old) by seamusuk (Dover Kent UK)        

Hey Tom

As I said it was a pleasure to send the adaptor etc- ref the belts I believe the 652 ones are made of a softer rubber than the US Convertible belts and are more "stretchy". I know I noticed the difference when I changed the belt on the 1010 Jeff sent me.

Its very cool to see the 1334 and 652 in action ;).

Oh one thing- did either of them still have their original paper bags installed?- they would have the open end same as your Handisacks. If so any chance of pics?.


Post# 39313 , Reply# 385   5/1/2008 at 17:19 (4,156 days old) by vintagehoover ()        
Red on/off switch

Getting back to what we were saying about your 652 having a red, rather than burgandy on/off switch, Seamus pointed out something I'd forgotten, when he came to visit on Monday; my 1334 has a red switch. This leads me to believe that the earliest 1334s and 652s must have all had red switches, changing to burgandy slighly later in production.

My 1334 is more than a little scratched on top, but it's in all-original condition. It's also an early one, with the metal fan cover - all that metal makes it much heavier than the later plastic bodied machines, though! I have a boxed set of tools to go with it, which are nearly mint. Sadly, although I do also have the manual, it's been partially eaten by a mouse, and is falling to pieces!

Post# 39314 , Reply# 386   5/1/2008 at 18:33 (4,156 days old) by myhooverco ()        


Thanks for the input on the switch colors. My 1334 also has the red switch like you show in the photo. I wonder why they changed the color?

Oh and Seamus...they both have their original paper bags in them and yes they open at the top and bottom. I wish we had this option on our machines. Seems like it would save a lot of waste if you wanted to.


Post# 39475 , Reply# 387   5/4/2008 at 15:21 (4,153 days old) by rolls_rapide (-)        
My 1334...

Has a plastic fan cover, burgundy foot-switch, and was purchased by my Gran in December 1961 (according to the Guarantee card).

Post# 340762 , Reply# 388   1/6/2016 at 01:15 (1,350 days old) by Vintagevaclover (Athens, GA)        

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There are so many awesome vacs on this thread!

Post# 345623 , Reply# 389   2/27/2016 at 16:27 (1,298 days old) by Miskini (Northville, Michigan )        

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This has to be one of the greatest scores of all time.

Post# 402994 , Reply# 390   12/23/2018 at 17:46 (268 days old) by CGross (NYC )        


I just started using this site & though it has been ten years, this is a very impressive story. Shame you couldn't save more. My parents had what I think was a 652 which I enjoyed using when I was a little boy. My father taught me how to remove the hood and change the light bulb and how to replace the belt. I currently have a 1060 which serves as my go to vacuum. it is missing its lens so if you or anyone else has one to spare, I would be very grateful.


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