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Guess what i got!!
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Post# 1896   9/30/2006 at 20:28 (4,377 days old) by myvacsrock (Dayton, OH)        

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Guess before looking please!

Post# 1897 , Reply# 1   9/30/2006 at 20:29 (4,377 days old) by myvacsrock (Dayton, OH)        

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please one more guess!!

Post# 1898 , Reply# 2   9/30/2006 at 20:30 (4,377 days old) by myvacsrock (Dayton, OH)        

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ok here it is!!


Post# 1899 , Reply# 3   9/30/2006 at 20:31 (4,377 days old) by myvacsrock (Dayton, OH)        

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A guy gave it to me for $1.00
and a free hoover duster!!

Post# 1900 , Reply# 4   9/30/2006 at 20:32 (4,377 days old) by myvacsrock (Dayton, OH)        

myvacsrock's profile picture
here is the duster!

Post# 1902 , Reply# 5   9/30/2006 at 21:07 (4,377 days old) by vacuumkid3 ()        

Hi Kyle,

That is awesome! I emailed you, because I am your age, and my name is Kyle. That sure is a cool Hoover with the Duster! Good luck!


Post# 1903 , Reply# 6   9/30/2006 at 21:14 (4,377 days old) by compactc9 ()        
Well I can't think of a more deserving person.

I also can't believe you actually got one! This is even better than the Riccar (as much as I love Riccars) that you got. I have to say, you are one very lucky person!

Post# 1904 , Reply# 7   9/30/2006 at 21:24 (4,377 days old) by converto-skip ()        

Well like Reggie said You are very deserving of it but man the Hoover collectors will be in Awe several of them I'm sure have tried like hell to get one


Post# 1909 , Reply# 8   9/30/2006 at 23:12 (4,377 days old) by convertible68 ()        
OH....MY.....GOD!!!!!!! *Faint*

I can't believe my eyes, a MODEL O IS FINALLY IN THE CLUB!!!!! To say that this is a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime score is an understatement, and those Dusters aren't exactly easy to find either! I agree with Reggie that you couldn't be more deserving of them either.

Biggest congratulations to you for finding and getting such a unique, historically important machine! It looks like it's in just awesome shape for being close to 100 years old as well!

Post# 1910 , Reply# 9   9/30/2006 at 23:24 (4,377 days old) by charles~richard ()        
WOW Kyle!!!

What GREAT finds!!!!!!!

I'm 1000% jealous of course! :)

Post# 1912 , Reply# 10   9/30/2006 at 23:56 (4,377 days old) by henrydreyfuss (Ohio)        

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Congratulations! What a find! I mean...WHAT A FIND! Holy smokes!

Post# 1913 , Reply# 11   9/30/2006 at 23:57 (4,377 days old) by compactc9 ()        
So, Mr Henry,

When will you be making to trip to visit it and its VERY proud new owner?

Post# 1914 , Reply# 12   9/30/2006 at 23:58 (4,377 days old) by henrydreyfuss (Ohio)        

henrydreyfuss's profile picture
Very soon hopefully *packs camera*

Post# 1919 , Reply# 13   10/1/2006 at 11:21 (4,377 days old) by myvacsrock (Dayton, OH)        

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(it already does though!)

Kyle Krichbaum

Post# 1923 , Reply# 14   10/1/2006 at 12:21 (4,377 days old) by swingette ()        

i am tickled, for many reasons...

Post# 1924 , Reply# 15   10/1/2006 at 13:16 (4,377 days old) by converto-skip ()        

You are one lucky guy that Tom is going to restore it for You as his work id awsome.


Post# 1926 , Reply# 16   10/1/2006 at 13:29 (4,377 days old) by frkirby511 ()        
Good for you, Kyle!!!!!!!!!!

I put my congratulations in with everyone else, Kyle! God Bless you! You got the prize of a lifetime for a vacuum collector. And yes, you certainly do deserve it. Also great that you and Tom will restore it.

[Fr.]Bruce; Memphis.

Post# 1929 , Reply# 17   10/1/2006 at 14:14 (4,377 days old) by myhooverco ()        

Your find is very awesome and it is a once in a lifetime find. The machine was lucky to find you for its new owner. You truly understand the significance of it. As an avid Hoover collector, I am in awe of it. I have to admit that I did not believe you at first but now seeing is believing. It gives me hope that there are others out there yet to be found. I hope to see it in person some day soon. CONGRATULATONS Kyle!!!! Thank you so much for posting pictures of it.

The Model 200 Duster is nothing to sneeze at either! That was Hoovers first canister and it was not very successful. It is amazing that you found one with the original bag. Take good care of those two old gals. They have a lot of life in them yet!


Post# 1930 , Reply# 18   10/1/2006 at 14:33 (4,377 days old) by converto-skip ()        
As the saying goes

well as the saying goes Kyle was in the right place at the right time. Tom I'm sure there has to be more out there somewhere and I do know it is a truly rare rare find. We had a rainbow dealer in the club a couple of years ago and He was telling me there is a guy in I think okla that has one and that he was suppose to get it but I don't think He ever did


Post# 1938 , Reply# 19   10/1/2006 at 21:23 (4,376 days old) by hygiene903 (Galion, OH)        

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Congratulations, Kyle!!! Not one, but two very rare Hoovers--WAY TO GO!!! And with Tom to help you restore it, you will have an EXCELLENT machine when he's finished with it!! He does first class work on everything he works on, and my Hoover 28 is proof of that.

Post# 1949 , Reply# 20   10/2/2006 at 00:20 (4,376 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

Great pair of Hoover machines-Are these the "Holy Grail of vacuums"?_You found BOTH!!Super neat.The only other Hoover "O" is one I saw at the Smithsonian in Wash DC.

Post# 1950 , Reply# 21   10/2/2006 at 00:59 (4,376 days old) by compactc9 ()        

I know there is one other collector with one, and there is the one at the Hoover Histirical center, and now Kyle's here. There must be more out there.

Post# 1960 , Reply# 22   10/2/2006 at 16:37 (4,375 days old) by converto-skip ()        
Reggie Your right

Vachunter has one in his collection


Post# 2390 , Reply# 23   10/11/2006 at 11:41 (4,367 days old) by dysonman ()        
Hoover model 0

There were almost (but not quite) three thousand Hoover model 0's made. Certainly they are very rare, but cannot all be gone.

Congrats to Kyle on the show as well as being gifted with two very nice machines. The duster is an example of Hoover's first attempt to copy another vacuum (the Electrolux, which was taking many Hoover sales at the time).

Wonder if Kyle will grow out of his fascination with sweepers or if he'll join our "family" of collectors when he gets older?

Post# 226283 , Reply# 24   4/3/2013 at 14:11 (2,001 days old) by superj (cos cob,ct)        

How does it work as far as picking stuff up?

Post# 226317 , Reply# 25   4/3/2013 at 16:50 (2,000 days old) by Brandon_W_T ()        


The Hoover model O operates just the same as any later hoover fan first type machine. Its an emerson fan turned on its side and the blades are pitched more to create suction, and a belt drives the brush roll. The machine, since using an electric fan, operates almost inaudibly. They weren't very powerful, but left the design for almost every vacuum made afterwards.

Post# 226330 , Reply# 26   4/3/2013 at 17:55 (2,000 days old) by Vac_whisperer ()        

This is a great thread, I'm happy to see it revived.

Post# 226334 , Reply# 27   4/3/2013 at 18:06 (2,000 days old) by kenkart (Mocksville, NC)        
Its great to see!

Someone who is so young take an interest in very vintage machines!

Post# 226366 , Reply# 28   4/3/2013 at 21:31 (2,000 days old) by myvacsrock (Dayton, OH)        

myvacsrock's profile picture
This is old guys. I got this when i was 12, and i'm almost 19..amazing how time flies.

Post# 226378 , Reply# 29   4/3/2013 at 22:33 (2,000 days old) by squarehandle ()        

What a find!

Post# 226554 , Reply# 30   4/4/2013 at 16:08 (1,999 days old) by superj (cos cob,ct)        


but how dose it run? smooth? if possible, please put up a video on youtube and post a link here

Post# 226611 , Reply# 31   4/4/2013 at 19:49 (1,999 days old) by Brandon_W_T ()        

I had the opportunity to use a Spangler suction sweeper, the predecessor to this machine. Same machine just black, red and gold.

It ran almost inaudibly. The belt on that machine was original and petrified so the brushroll didn't turn.

If you have ever used one of the early 1900s or late 1800s electric fans, you know how quiet they are. Same thing. :)

Post# 226884 , Reply# 32   4/5/2013 at 22:07 (1,998 days old) by kirby505 (Arizona)        

I'd buy it for big dollars I'm talking thousands of dollars

Post# 226888 , Reply# 33   4/5/2013 at 22:55 (1,998 days old) by super-sweeper (KSSRC Refurbishment Center)        

super-sweeper's profile picture
Haven't you've had that cleaner for the longest time now? I recall a certain "History channel" report in which you showcase your running Model 0 Hoover, stating you "Purchased it for $1, and it's worth $10,000",Or ahve you beaten all odds and
purchased a second Model 0?


Post# 227105 , Reply# 34   4/6/2013 at 23:30 (1,997 days old) by myvacsrock (Dayton, OH)        
Of course not..

myvacsrock's profile picture
And trust me, i would have never said the machine is worth that much. The show made me say most of that "BS". Just remember this: almost everything you see on TV is fake or staged in some way or another.
And no i have not found a second Model 0, that's why i commented about how old this thread is.

Post# 227945 , Reply# 35   4/11/2013 at 16:29 (1,992 days old) by SUPER-SWEEPER (KSSRC Refurbishment Center)        

super-sweeper's profile picture
In that case i owe you my greatest appoligies,I need to read thesse things entirely before jumping in to point things out!I can understand how the History channel making you state Crap like that, Make's the show all that much more intresting.

Again, My bad, Kyle.


Post# 227947 , Reply# 36   4/11/2013 at 16:36 (1,992 days old) by SUPER-SWEEPER (KSSRC Refurbishment Center)        
Wait a Second...

super-sweeper's profile picture
How did you manage to reply to a thread that's over 7 years old?


Post# 228007 , Reply# 37   4/11/2013 at 20:12 (1,992 days old) by fatalfranklin ()        

What a cool thread to read. Especially since it is still receiving responses after such a long time. It is quite interesting to read about History Channel's lack of credibility. I can't stand watching many "docu-dramas" because of their crazy summaries.

I just discovered the beauty of vintage vacuums, and I really enjoyed reading about your find. Would love to hear what has become of it!

Post# 319243 , Reply# 38   3/24/2015 at 14:48 (1,281 days old) by Hooverjedilord (England)        

hooverjedilord's profile picture
Wow, this thread is nostalgic for me, I remember watching Kyle on youtube when I was about eight, I'm 16 now. I was so so so jealous, back then my parents wouldn't let me have vacuums, and to me Kyle was an idol of sorts, I mean a kid with so many vacuums, he was everything I wanted to be! This really takes me back!

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