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Hoover Power MAX canisters.
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Post# 234764   6/1/2013 at 13:02 (2,933 days old) by tjhooverman ()        

I am thinking about the Power MAX canisters. Including the Power MAX Supreme 950. I am also wondering if they were brochures for those canisters. If so I would like to see them.

Post# 234790 , Reply# 1   6/1/2013 at 17:15 (2,933 days old) by danemodsandy ()        

....Something - ANYTHING - else to use.

There was a PowerMax in my house for a while, brought by my other half. It was the worst piece of garbage I have ever seen disguised as a canister vacuum cleaner in my life.

The lid of the tool compartment suffered a broken latch one week in. The cord of the PN was cleverly routed in such a way that it dragged the floor whenever the PN was used, and quickly developed a hole in its insulation, exposing bare wire to the carpet's surface. Shortening the cord periodically took care of it for a while, but the day came when further shortening was not possible, and the cord is a special 3-wire one with a proprietary plug, which means you're at TTI's mercy for replacement costs.

The wand/tool system was atrocious. Tools fit into the wands instead of over them, as most vac tools do. They lock into one fixed position, so that there is no way to swivel a tool to reach a tricky spot. The suction control, normally on most vacs' hose end, is on one of the wands, meaning that if you want lower suction for vacuuming, say, a lampshade, you have to use a wand, which is cumbersome. The dusting brush is awful, with very hard nylon bristles that might be great for scrubbing your gas grill, but which left fine scratches in my good furniture. The upholstery brush had little rubber "fingers" which were evidently intended to help coax pet hair off fabrics, but which just made the brush hard to move on upholstery.

The ON/OFF button and the cord rewind button are identical in appearance, and have unreadable markings (they're just pressed into black plastic, with no paint fill to make them visible), so you're forever retracting the cord when you just mean to turn the thing off. This is a little hard on the plug when the machine is still plugged in.

RUN - do not walk - away from these horribly-designed machines. The one that was in my house was tossed the instant its PN cord couldn't be shortened any more.

It was two years old.

Post# 235469 , Reply# 2   6/6/2013 at 16:23 (2,928 days old) by tjhooverman ()        

Were there any brochures?

Post# 236069 , Reply# 3   6/10/2013 at 22:04 (2,924 days old) by Durango159 (State College, PA)        
I absolutely love this series!!!

durango159's profile picture
I don't have any brochures but I do have 15 almost 16 years of experience with these. Are they perfect== No! Are they great cleaners== Yes. The Hoover PowerMax line of canister vacuums utilizes the exact same attachment set as found on the 1980's Hoover Dimension 1000. Starting with many convertibles and the Hoover Celebrity canister series Hoover created their own attachment set that was unique to them and could not be used on other vacs, nor could other vacs attachments work on the Hoover. While some would look at this as inconvenient and unhelpful, the tool set included was of decent quality with great performance. For instance the Hoover canister upholstery nozzles were fitted with a strip of rubber grooming fingers, unlike competitors which had bristles. This intern utilizes static electricity to groom the pile while reaching deep down embedded dirt to carry it to the air stream. The bare floor brush utilized by Hoover on the Dimension 1000, PowerMax, Futura and 1st generation Windtunnel canisters was terrific. Bristle strips on the sides for stabilization and also edge cleaning along base boards, bristle strips down center of tool allowing dirt to enter air stream and not be pushed away as with other tools, where bristles line perimeter of tool. The chrome wand system with plastic release latches is the same from previous Hoover canisters. Not as convenient as many other canisters on the market, but yet a reliable system and user friendly, especially is you had previous Hoover canister experience!!

The power nozzles on this series were very powerful, with great torque. Although they used a stretch belt system, the powerful motor on these nozzles would greatly outperform many other power nozzles on the market with a stretch belt. The genuine Hoover belt for these models was the same as on Quadraflex Powermatics and is part number 38528-011, a wide stretch belt with small diameter so it took quite a while before it was too stretched to perform well. In 16 years of using these vacs, I have yet to have a belt break, and I only replace them about once a year.

The double row helix bristled agitator with auger design is the same as on the Hoover Elites. Early PowerMax canisters up till around 1999 used a solid continuous dual bristle row with only 2 spaces-- 1 for belt area and other for middle nozzle support bar. Around 1999 Hoover streamlined this agitator to be the exact same part number to work with their Elite, Encore, Sprint, Preferred, Dimension, Futura, Runabout, TurboPower 1500, 1700, 2000, 2200 and similar styled 12" Elite uprights. The base plate of the Elites had 3 base plate support bars, and therefore the brush roll had 2 extra notches in between the bristles to match the bar. Entry level Hoover canister series that used a non-headlight equipped hood utilized a single row bristle agitator part number: 48414079. Higher echelon models such as Futura Supreme, PowerMax Deluxe, PowerMax Supreme, PowerMax Ultra, TurboPower 5000, and 6000 utilized the dual row bristled agitator part number: 48414081.

Hoover PowerMax series canisters offer a very large bag capacity Type S bag. If you compared this bag size to competing canister vacuums at the time such as Eureka World Vac with a Type V bag, Dirt Devil can vac, Electrolux bags, and many other canisters, Hoovers had a terrific capacity. Similar in size to the Kenmores and Panasonics bag capacity which is also quite generous. Now available from Hoover are Type S HEPA bags which I highly recommend.

Sadly the wheels on these units are a major disappointment. The suction unit utilizes smooth plastic wheels in the rear and a plastic swivel in the front. Positioning of the wheels is great, but the wheels need traction and would do better with a neoprene or rubber coating. They had a tendency to skid on waxed floors. The suction unit also 2 carpet skids on the front on either side of the swivel wheels. These had a tendency to catch and clack along on some ceramic tile grouted floors. I would have preferred these glides not exist. The power nozzle wheels contained 2 plastic front wheels on rounded metal axles. The rounded metal axles turned in the connecting base causing a squeak. These front wheels on the power head should have been twice as wide and had axles that better snapped into base with splined, hex, or squared off ends so the axle couldn't turn in the base. The worst wheels on this system were the rear power nozzle wheels. Very cheaply made built together plastic wheel on axle system. Wheels were not sealed so dirt got caught in these and grinded axle so that wheels would not turn right after a few years and get stuck. Additionally placement of these wheels should have been further back so that if you reclined handle back, with power nozzle in upright position, you could roll the unit around. Not the case with the design on this. The wheels were positioned too far in and unit would not lift rear of nozzle off floor enough on rear wheels to wheel around a room.

Filtration on these units is fair at best. I am an allergy sufferer and never had a problem with it, but performing service on these I could see where a lot of dirt is blown out into the air. Unit should have had an exhaust filter exactly where dirt exits machine. Premotor filter should have been more substantial.

The cord on these was extremely stiff. The extremely stiff cord, especially in colder conditions was too stiff for the cord winder and caused several cord winders to fail prematurely. Also cord kept that permanent coiled up look rather than straightening out.

Pictured below is my Hoover PowerMax Supreme S3530. This was a later model PowerMax, I believe built in 2001. This was after Hoover eliminated the Futura line and utilized the Futura style power nozzle hood under the PowerMax name.

Post# 236071 , Reply# 4   6/10/2013 at 22:31 (2,924 days old) by Durango159 (State College, PA)        
Other features

durango159's profile picture
Hoover went through 2 Hose materials on these. The first material was very stiff, with a rougher outer texture and dark gray color. This hose had a tendency to be extremely stiff and highly unmanueverable in colder conditions, while ofter gaining permanent kinks eventually leading to tears.
Thankfully around 1998 Hoover upgraded the hose material to a terrific, lighter weight, highly maneuverable and flexible black colored hose material. This hose material is very flexible and terrific. I have never seen a permanent kink in one. They are great regardless of air temperature.

Unlike Cen-Tec quick release style power nozzles and some other power nozzles with cord management systems, Hoover power nozzles had no cord management. Power nozzle cords if not repositioned properly would start to shred at exit of power nozzle. The best way to prevent this is to leave as much slack as possible at bottom of wand to power head, without it dragging on the floor much. I always attach hose to wands, plug in cord and then proceed to snap cord to wands, leaving proper slack in areas. If with using this vacuum system, you'd be disconnecting power head each week to use bare floor brush- I'd recommend a second set of wands leaving power nozzle with its own dedicated set of wands, not to be disturbed!!! Later models of the Hoover PowerMax such as the translucent red PowerMax Deluxe S3608, translucent Sapphire Blue PowerMax Deluxe S3606, TurboPower 5000 S3612, and Windtunnel canisters such as translucent sapphire Blue Windtunnel Plus S3639 had an accordion on the power nozzle cord to cease this problem.

The gas pump handle is nice but attachment lock was never properly gauged on these. Hoover started the gas pump handle with the PowerMax's predecessor the Hoover Spectrum and central vacuum systems. The Spectrum was the suction unit of a PowerMax with headlight equipped 14" Quadraflex Powermatic nozzles. Hoover carried this hose through for use with Central vacuums, Spectrum, PowerMax, 1st generation Windtunnel, canisters and TurboPower 5000, 6000, 7000 & 7500 also Lowe's Hardware Exclusive Hoover Windtunnel Preferred model: S3641.

Hoover changed motors over the years. My first Hoover PowerMax purchased in 1997 had a 9.8Amp motor. Some models had a 9.6Amp motor and later models had a 9.3Amp motor. All very energy efficient. It is terrific to get excellent cleaning power while being energy efficient. I have experienced better cleaning performance with an energy efficient Hoover PowerMax canister than with a 12Amp Kenmore or 12Amp Eureka Worldvac canister.

Below is a Hoover PowerMax Deluxe S3601 in gorgeous tan with 9.3Amp motor. This model was around 1999. It had the Elite style universal agitator with extra nozzle support bar gaps, the revised black hose material. Unlike some previous higher echelon models the PowerMax Deluxe S3601 did not have a belt view window, or brush roll on/off switch. I have sold this unit. Also for these models, Hoover's Cleaning Effectiveness per Amp rating was discontinued and no longer posted on models.

Post# 236073 , Reply# 5   6/10/2013 at 23:01 (2,924 days old) by Durango159 (State College, PA)        
Hoover TurboPower canisters

durango159's profile picture
Hoover TurboPower 5000 S3577. This one is more confusing. Hoover did 3 revisions of the Hoover TurboPower 5000.
1st Model, which was mine:
Hoover TurboPower 5000 S3577, 9.8Amp motor, styling and features comparable to a Hoover Futura Supreme S3569. Therefore this unit had the Futura styled power nozzle only in TurboPower black and in gold font on nozzle it said Hoover, Uses only 9.8 Amps, 11.0 CEA rating, Dual Edge cleaning. Hoover CEA rating of 11.0 uncovered tool storage, basic, non-gas pump hose handle as found on Futuras and entry level Dimension 1000's with suction relief valve on handle.

2nd version, Hoover TurboPower 5000 S3577 revision:
Unit was based off of the Hoover PowerMax Supreme S3530. The CEA rating was removed, motor became a 9.3Amp, power nozzle now stated: Hoover TurboPower in gold font in addition to Brushed Edge Cleaning on both sides. Unit was given newer style, better quality hose material with gas pump handle. Model number S3577 remained.

3rd version, Hoover TurboPower 5000, now new model number: S3612
This model reappeared a year or so after the previous S3577 TurboPower 5000 series had been discontinued. The new TurboPower 5000 was fit to resemble a PowerMax Deluxe S3606 styled machine. It had the PowerMax, low profile head, which was labeled Hoover TurboPower 5000, covered tool storage, micro filter under dusting brush, gas pump handle, 9.3Amp motor and accordion on power nozzle cord at exit.

Hoover TurboPower 6000, S3613. This model was an exact mate to one of my favorite and my first Hoover PowerMax series listed below. The TurboPower 6000 was a copy off of the navy blue PowerMax S3603-040. It was black with Gold font on power head stating TurboPower 6000. 9.8Amp motor, covered tool storage, brush roll/on off switch, Hoover 12.0 CEA rating, micro filter, older style hose.

Hoover TurboPower 7000, S3646, S3646-090 These machines were Windtunnel canisters meant to copy the gorgeous green Hoover Windtunnel inception: S3630. The S3646-090 included the newly released air turbine powered hand tool.

Hoover TurboPower 7500 S3649. TOL model meant to copy the Hoover Windtunnel Ultra S3655 and S3661 models. These fully loaded Windtunnel canisters had on/off switch on handle for entire system, brush roll, and a variable speed motor suction control, among other standard features of micro filter, covered tool storage, covered tool storage with enlarged special door to store air turbine handle onboard.

Pictured below is a googled image of 1st series Hoover TurboPower 5000. You'll notice how power nozzle is only marked as Hoover and does not mention Turbo Power.

Post# 236075 , Reply# 6   6/10/2013 at 23:03 (2,924 days old) by Durango159 (State College, PA)        
2nd version of Hoover TurboPower 5000

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Googled image of Hoover TurboPower 5000 S3577. Notice power nozzle is still Futura styled but with new label of Hoover TurboPower. Also CEA rating is removed but allergy information is now featured. Also better style hose material on this one.

Post# 236076 , Reply# 7   6/10/2013 at 23:06 (2,924 days old) by Durango159 (State College, PA)        
Final Hoover TurboPower 5000 S3612

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Unit closely resembles a Hoover PowerMax Deluxe. This series represents the last generation of the Hoover PowerMax styled machines. R.I.P. as I loved this series. I have done house cleaning for many years as a side gig and have always used Hoover PowerMax canisters in my clients homes for their durability, cleaning performance and ease of use. Love them.

Post# 236078 , Reply# 8   6/10/2013 at 23:17 (2,924 days old) by Durango159 (State College, PA)        
More of my PowerMax history!

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On September 26, 1997 my family purchased its first Hoover PowerMax line canister vacuum for about $200 from BJ's Wholesale Club. This machine was a Hoover PowerMax S3603-040, gorgeous navy blue. It featured the slim profile Hoover PowerMax power nozzle with dual row 12" agitator that was continuous bristle and single gap for middle housing support bar. This model had the older style "bad" gray hose. Other features for the PowerMax S3603-040:
Covered tool storage, belt view window, brush on/off switch on handle, 9.8Amp motor, Hoover 12.0 CEA rating, 25' cord with rewind, post motor micro filter in red pull out cassette below dusting brush.
I love this machine. 3 months shy of its 16 year birthday, it is still in service for my sister. It has been abused by several cleaning ladies over the years and my sister and fiancÚ. This machine was originally purchased by my parents for use in our home-- I was 14 at the time. It replaced a 5 year old Panasonic MC-9527 JetFlo canister which motor smoked up our house!

2nd machine we got was for another floor in parents home. Hoover TurboPower 5000 S3577, 1st generation style of TurboPower 5000. Purchased in May 2008 as a demo unit at local vac shop. This unit was good but we found not as good as our original PowerMax. After about 5 years the cord winder broke, and we put this unit in the attic as a spare/ parts donor machine.

3rd machine for other floor of home was a Hoover PowerMax Runabout S3614. A Kmart exclusive but actually highly featured PowerMax on the market. This unit has exactly same features as our original unit including belt check window and brush roll on/off switch but with upgraded hose, 9.3Amp motor. Unit is black is pictured below. Now about 12 years old, this unit is still in use at my parents house today!! Cord winder has been replaced otherwise machine has not needed any other repairs, aside from filter, belt and cleanup maintenance. The tool lid fitted on this machine in picture is not original. Hoover tool lids were not made very well with small, delicate plastic prongs that break easily.

Post# 236079 , Reply# 9   6/10/2013 at 23:21 (2,924 days old) by Durango159 (State College, PA)        
Continuing On:

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In 2004 when my parents put the Hoover TurboPower 5000 into the attic when cord winder broke, we got another Hoover PowerMax canister. Hoover PowerMax Deluxe S3608. 9.3Amp motor, micro filter. No on/off switch for brush roll, not belt view window. But otherwise same great cleaner. Hoover added the accordion in back of nozzle for cord protection along with they revised the power nozzle sticker. Translucent bag doors were also coming into play on Hoover machines.

Post# 236081 , Reply# 10   6/10/2013 at 23:38 (2,924 days old) by Durango159 (State College, PA)        
My personal unit

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In 2003 while living away at college, I didn't tolerate the vacuum at my fraternity house. I wanted more power and I loved canisters especially being very happy with all of my parents PowerMax's over the years. I got myself a Hoover PowerMax Deluxe S3607.

The Hoover PowerMax Deluxe S3607 was shortly after Hoover streamlined their canisters down to PowerMax and Windtunnel lines. As such here were the models:
Hoover PowerMax S3510- Straight suction red colored Futura style suction tank.

Hoover PowerMax Plus S3520. Teal colored suction unit, non headlight equipped black covered power power nozzle with single brush agitator 48414079. Non-gas pump style grip with suction regulator.

Hoover PowerMax Supreme S3530. Deep wine burgundy Futura Supreme styled unit. Futura styled power nozzle, non covered on board tool storage. Base of suction unit was an off white/ tan. This is the same unit that I own above in first picture.

Hoover PowerMax Deluxe S3610. Deep wine burgundy PowerMax style unit. Belt view window, brush on/off, micro filter.
*** Hoover discontinued this model shortly to come out stripped down Hoover PowerMax Deluxes: S3607 which had belt view window but no brushroll on/off. Hoover PowerMax Deluxe S3601-- no belt view window or brush roll on/off.

TOL: Hoover PowerMax Ultra S3620. Gorgeous green. Fully loaded with entire system on/off switch, brush roll on/off, variable speed suction motor control. This model replaced the earlier TOL Hoover PowerMax Supreme S3611 with same features, different name. The PowerMax Supreme S3611 was on the market in 1997 when I got my parents got PowerMax S3603-040.

The Hoover PowerMax Deluxe S3607 is pictured below. It has received a donor motor as my sister's X-Fiance decided to clean under their leaking dishwasher with it and killed the motor. GRRRRRRR! I have replaced the hose on the unit as a college roommate had ruined my original with a knife on his floor. So replacement hose is better than original with brushroll on/off switch. :)

Post# 236082 , Reply# 11   6/10/2013 at 23:41 (2,924 days old) by Durango159 (State College, PA)        

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Agitator underside view of PowerMax nozzles and a Windtunnel power head with green bristles.

Post# 236083 , Reply# 12   6/10/2013 at 23:42 (2,924 days old) by Durango159 (State College, PA)        

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Ready to clean!

Post# 236084 , Reply# 13   6/10/2013 at 23:45 (2,924 days old) by Durango159 (State College, PA)        

durango159's profile picture
Googled image of blue translucent Hoover PowerMax Deluxe S3606. 9.3Amp motor, covered tool storage, PowerMax nozzle, newer style hose. No brush roll on/off, no belt view window.

Post# 236085 , Reply# 14   6/10/2013 at 23:49 (2,924 days old) by Durango159 (State College, PA)        
Hoover Windtunnel inception

durango159's profile picture
1st model of the Windtunnel canister line. The bagged green S3630 Hoover Windtunnel. 12Amp motor, same tool set as PowerMax, micro filter, covered tool storage, 25' cord with winder, wand storage hook for one handed carrying. Original Hoover PowerMax S3603-040 and PowerMax Supreme S3611 had this stow away hook too.

Post# 236391 , Reply# 15   6/13/2013 at 15:49 (2,921 days old) by tjhooverman ()        
Hoover PowerMAX Supreme 950

This just came across my mind.

Post# 236449 , Reply# 16   6/13/2013 at 21:13 (2,921 days old) by Durango159 (State College, PA)        

durango159's profile picture
Great machine above!

Post# 236456 , Reply# 17   6/13/2013 at 22:26 (2,921 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

eurekaprince's profile picture
Nice cleaners for sure, and at one point in 1993, the PowerMax was top rated by Consumer Reports along with a red Eureka World Vac canister.

I still don't understand how Hoover could design a fancy gas pump handle without a suction release valve. As noted above, most people need to reduce suction when using small tools without the wands, so putting the suction release valve on one of the wands really seems illogical to me, or maybe it was just an afterthought?

Post# 282590 , Reply# 18   5/31/2014 at 16:30 (2,569 days old) by martin187 (Illinois)        
old one

My mom had the green powermax until she gave it to my grandma. I wish she hadn't because my grandma lost the power head and everyone of the attachments but the crevice tool.

Post# 442497 , Reply# 19   6/2/2021 at 09:28 by mattworld808 (Plainfield)        
Anyone got pictures of the Windtunnel S3640?

mattworld808's profile picture
I have been looking around and I cant find anything about the Hoover Windtunnel ultra canister with the S3640 model number.

Post# 442508 , Reply# 20   6/2/2021 at 17:46 by tylerhawkins84 (Elkhart, IN)        
Wind Tunnel Canister

One of the places where my grandparents rented in Florida had a Hoover Wind Tunnel canister in hunter green from the late '90s. When they first got there they found the power nozzle pretty much inoperable. I think the motor was seized with dust and hair and the belt needed changing. When I came to stay with them for a week I disassembled it and cleaned the motor and got it running again and then we got a belt for it at a local vacuum shop and it turned out to be a pretty decent cleaner. Before that they were just trying to use the direct suction from the vacuum and not getting very far.

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