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My first Windsor
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Post# 189725   7/13/2012 at 01:49 (2,827 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        

OK, I'm trying not to get too excited because every time I find a vacuum for sale, the seller sells it out from under me before I can get to it, but tomorrow, I'm going to buy my first Windsor for 75 dollars. It's a Sensor 12. I've wanted a Sebo for a while, but I never see them for sale.... the only thing I don't like is that this is NOT the model with the automatic electronic height adjust.... this one has a knob. However, I really don't care, because I never see these for sale. The seller wants 75 for it and I'm not even going to try to talk him down because I really want the machine and I think that's a good price for that vacuum if it's in good shape. It might be missing some attachments though, so hopefully I can find them on Ebay along with bags if I can't find them locally....

Here's a picture.... do you guys think I'm over-paying if I give the 75 that the guy is asking? I never spend that much on a used vacuum, but I also never see these for sale....

Post# 189744 , Reply# 1   7/13/2012 at 07:19 (2,827 days old) by OCScott3085 (DMV)        

In all honesty, I think you are far better off with the adjustable knob than the sensor. My parents have a Sebo X4 whose auto sensor never seems to adjust quite right to the rug or carpet it is cleaning. I think they used the machine for a year or so back in 2006 and it has been sitting in their basement ever since. It was just to be used in between weekly cleanings with their MD Silentmaster central vac. They bought it because I had heard such great things about Sebo...definitely powerful and full-proof for those who are domestically-challenged or otherwise rough on machines(no offense but when my dad bought my mom a Dyson DC 41 a few months ago she spent hours pouring over the instruction manual). However, the auto height adjust never went low enough for my tastes and it tends to bounce along their wall to wall carpet upstairs which I'll admit, is a rather deep pile.Whenever I use the machine I always think to myself, this thing would be SO great if I could just lower the height myself!

Post# 189749 , Reply# 2   7/13/2012 at 08:11 (2,827 days old) by Blackheart (North Dakota)        

blackheart's profile picture
This sale happens. Sebo is pretty well known for their durability, they are also quiet and seem to clean well.

Post# 189768 , Reply# 3   7/13/2012 at 11:26 (2,826 days old) by gsheen (Cape Town South Africa)        

gsheen's profile picture
We get that one here as the G1 I also prefer it to the x4, I prefer setting the hight adjustment myself. I find that some x4 battle with very plush carpet, However it seems to be a hit and miss thing, some sebo owners have no problem on plush carpet and some have endless hassles.

a few weeks ago I made a bit of a mistake, a lady brought in her x4 for service and I lent her a g1 as a loaner as we had to wait for a part needed for a few days. She was so upset because her x4 never left her carpet looking as nice as the g1 did, She ended up tradng the X4 for a refurbed G1

Post# 189776 , Reply# 4   7/13/2012 at 12:42 (2,826 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

sebo_fan's profile picture

Oh Keep it!! Don't get rid of it - just buy it and keep it forever. I know you've been looking for a Windsor/Sebo for ages. 


All we need to do now is convince JM to get one for himself. An old Sebo X1 Automatic would surprise him.

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Post# 189788 , Reply# 5   7/13/2012 at 14:52 (2,826 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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Why is that Ryan ?

Post# 189789 , Reply# 6   7/13/2012 at 14:55 (2,826 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        
Got it!

OK, I got it. The drive was arduous with an inane amount of traffic due to the construction on I4, but I got the silly thing. The guy was a cute young (around my age) spanish guy with a very nice accent and his place was beautiful. After I checked it out, and handed him the money and had the machine in my hand, I told him I was a collector and he couldn't believe someone collected vacuums... I've learned not to do that before the sale!

He then told me he had too more and a Sanitaire SC 886 that he tried to sell... I asked him if he worked in a hotel and he said no.... he was very elusive about how he got them, so I hope they aren't stolen!

Anyway, it's in fair shape.... there are a couple of small gouges in the cord (but I can take care of that with blue painters tape and it will blend right in with the cord I imagine... there aren't any bare wires exposed... There are some scuffs and it is dirty and the brushroll is just covered in hair... I can't wait to clean this thing up!

The metal sole plate has quite a few dings and the motor housing is coming up in the back... it could be stripped screw...

I tried it out for a second and it really feels like a quality machine.... it's not a Hoover WindTunnel to be sure! This is a whole different category! It will not push on my shag rug.... yet another vacuum I can't use there, but I just have to accept that most vacuums aren't made for a shag rug!

I need to buy attachments and bags.... anyone know what attachments this thing came with originally and where the best place to find them is?

I'm on sensory overload today.... I ordered a Nest learning thermostat (look it up on Youtube if you're curious.... it's awesome), and it arrived today and now I have this thing to clean up and play with.... I just don't know what to do first!

Post# 189790 , Reply# 7   7/13/2012 at 15:01 (2,826 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        
pic 2

Ryan and Jamie, please don't turn this thread into yet another drama filled tit for tat.... it's really getting old...

I forgot to proofread before hitting send... the previous message should say "He told me he had *two* more", not *too* more... I do know the difference :o)

Post# 189791 , Reply# 8   7/13/2012 at 15:03 (2,826 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        
pic 3


Post# 189792 , Reply# 9   7/13/2012 at 15:05 (2,826 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        
pic 4


Post# 189793 , Reply# 10   7/13/2012 at 15:06 (2,826 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Oh I'm not, don't worry, I'm just interested as to what Ryan meant by that cryptic comment.

Very nice Windsor by the way!

Post# 189794 , Reply# 11   7/13/2012 at 15:08 (2,826 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        
pic 5


Post# 189795 , Reply# 12   7/13/2012 at 15:10 (2,826 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        
pic 6


Post# 189796 , Reply# 13   7/13/2012 at 15:12 (2,826 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        
pic 7


Post# 189797 , Reply# 14   7/13/2012 at 15:15 (2,826 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        
pic 8


Post# 189798 , Reply# 15   7/13/2012 at 15:25 (2,826 days old) by vacman117 (Valparaiso, IN)        

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That Windsor has some serious potential! Get some rubbing alcohol and #000 steel wool and those scuffs will come right out! Once they are gone, use a clean rag and some Mother's, and that machine will look brand new. You were very lucky to find such a nice one at such a good price. I got my first Windsor for $20, but it is an older model and the list of issues is endless, sadly. But congrats!

Post# 189799 , Reply# 16   7/13/2012 at 15:34 (2,826 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        

Thanks Chase.... I already have all those things, but I'd have never thought to use the 000 steel wool and Mothers on plastic! I usually use a magic clean eraser and plastic polish...

Just called Go-vacuums and ordered a bag kit (comes with filters, as you can see, that exhaust filter is filthy!), dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery tool.... freaking 90 bucks.... more than I paid for the machine. I'll probably never even use the silly crevice tool, but I like to have machines complete if it's possible. Ebay had a crevice tool for like 38 bucks.... Go-vacuum had the attachments for 12 a piece, so I figured that was pretty good. I'd never ordered from them before, but they were nice enough and it was easier to call than try to look around online for the parts.... The dusting brush doesn't fit on board, but it will be nice to have have anyway.

I'm off to start cleaning ;o)

Post# 189808 , Reply# 17   7/13/2012 at 16:34 (2,826 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        

Hey guys.... I'm in the middle of cleaning and I just wanted to say what a quality machine this is. I took some pictures with the motor cover off just in case anyone has never seen the inside....

Got a few surprises along the way... There was not ONE spec of dust under the motor housing.... look at these pictures.... and I didn't clean any of this.... that's just how it looks... brand new!

That shocked me.... also I was shocked by the fact that there are two belts and so many little circuit boards.... what a well designed quality machine though. I'd never even touched a Sebo or Windsor before this, and I was able to take the cord and handle off and the bag compartment off from the power nozzle without even reading how to do it... very intuitive!

Post# 189809 , Reply# 18   7/13/2012 at 16:36 (2,826 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        
pic 2


Post# 189811 , Reply# 19   7/13/2012 at 16:45 (2,826 days old) by gsheen (Cape Town South Africa)        

gsheen's profile picture
I wish we got them in that colour blue, I see the thread has detached itself from the plastic housing on the hood, They do that allot but only ever on that side, I just use a pair of grips and a screwdriver to unscrew it and super glue it back in place and the hood screws back on tightly. I work on allot of sebo's and one thing I will say is you will very seldom find a x o G with a dirty motor compartment no matter what its age.
Great find

Post# 189819 , Reply# 20   7/13/2012 at 16:56 (2,826 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        

Thank you Gareth... I figured something was wrong when it was loose when I initially inspected the machine, but I didn't put two and two together yet.... thank you for bringing that up.... I will definitely do that! So cool you were able to see that from the picture!

Post# 189856 , Reply# 21   7/14/2012 at 03:20 (2,826 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        
Spa complete

OK, I cleaned it up as well as I could and then wiped it down with some armor all because I didn't feel like digging for my plastic polish... I think it turned out pretty well! There were a few gouges in the plastic that wouldn't come completely clean, but it looks a lot better than it did when I got it.

I'm going to order the attachment clip for the dusting brush that goes on the handle so I can keep it on board as well....

after pics...

Post# 189857 , Reply# 22   7/14/2012 at 03:25 (2,826 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        
under side

last pic... under side after.... the brushroll was plastic so I was able to soak it in water to get it clean... can't do that with wooden or particle board ones! I polished the metal part of the bottom plate with Mothers and steel wool.... also used it on some of the scuffs that wouldn't come off with the magic eraser and it worked well.... thanks for the suggestion, Chase. It was textured plastic so the steel wool didn't hurt it, but I was careful too! The wheels didn't come as clean as I would have liked, but they look better in person than the do in the picture.

Post# 189858 , Reply# 23   7/14/2012 at 04:10 (2,826 days old) by gsheen (Cape Town South Africa)        

gsheen's profile picture
Looks Lovely, we only get them in boring grey

Post# 189864 , Reply# 24   7/14/2012 at 07:08 (2,826 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Wow, you have worked wonders!

I see it has only one front wheel rather than the standard two. My 1993 Philips U800 also has that and I find it makes it unstable when in the highest height setting, does the same apply to that Windsor ?

Post# 189879 , Reply# 25   7/14/2012 at 09:10 (2,825 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

sebo_fan's profile picture

 OMG Bobby, you've done a terrific job!! The machine looks brand new now - well done!! Just promise me you'll keep it!

Post# 189910 , Reply# 26   7/14/2012 at 20:52 (2,825 days old) by gmerkt (Edmonds WA)        

You're down there in Florida; maybe the seller gets them from cruise ships. NCL uses Windsors on their ships or at least some of them that I've been on. Security is tight aboard the ships, but perhaps they have to take them ashore or exchange for serviced machines and a little, shall we say, shrinkage, occurs?

Here's a Windsor Versamatic on the Norwegian Sun in Europe:

Post# 189911 , Reply# 27   7/14/2012 at 20:53 (2,825 days old) by gmerkt (Edmonds WA)        

Here's another Windsor on the Norwegian Sun:

Post# 189914 , Reply# 28   7/14/2012 at 21:14 (2,825 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        

Thanks guys I am pleased with it! I can't wait until the accessories come.

You know, the metal part that holds the handle right above the bag chamber had the number 39 written in pen on it... I thought it was lightly scratched into the paint at first, but it came off with a magic eraser, so it may well have been from a cruise ship!

Post# 189943 , Reply# 29   7/14/2012 at 22:54 (2,825 days old) by gmerkt (Edmonds WA)        

It may well have been. On the Norwegian Sun, they had dozens and dozens of them. Each cabin steward and his assistant had one for their section. Multiply that by X number of sections per "residential" deck, X decks for the entire compliment of the housekeeping department, well that adds up to well over 39. Then the restaurant department had their own.

The last ship we were on, Holland America's Oosterdamm, they had very few vacuum cleaners. The housekeeping dept. used canisters (made in Great Britain, I forget the brand) but none of the cabin stewards/assistants used them. The vacs were only used in the common areas, such as passageways, carpeted stairs, etc. The cabin floors were cleaned strictly with brooms. Low pile carpet, but a vac would've been preferred in my mind.

Post# 189952 , Reply# 30   7/14/2012 at 23:17 (2,825 days old) by HooverCelebrity ()        

Wow!  What a great find!  Great job bringing it back to life as well!  Looks like a completely different machine.  The jury is still out for me on my Sebo Felix that Robert gave me for Christmas.  It's definitely a nice vacuum, but there are some things I don't like about it.  But that's another thread. 


Good job with your Windsor!  Enjoy using it!!  Thanks for the awesome thread!

Post# 189963 , Reply# 31   7/15/2012 at 04:01 (2,825 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        

Thank you Fred... I've actually fallen in love with this machine. The hose is the perfect combo of flex and stretch and so easy to activate... the handle release is so simple (though it's on the wrong side much like the Hoover Platinum Lightweight Bagged), and I love that you can turn the middle stop position for the handle on or off. I learned that the reason the inside of the motor compartment stays so clean is because the main air filter actually precedes the motor, instead of coming after it like on most machines! What a great idea. This thing just screams quality all the way around. It pulls itself across my flat carpet (but stops on the shag rug!).... The way the hose retracts back into the wand is awesome. It's not loud at all... the switch is right where it belongs, though it lacks a brushroll off bare floor feature. The carry handle is really uncomfortable.

You know, used to have a vacuum friend that had a Sebo Felix and I tried it out and it didn't impress me one bit... I don't remember what I didn't like about it, but there were a few things that just put me off! I couldn't understand what all the hype was about.

Post# 189985 , Reply# 32   7/15/2012 at 08:35 (2,825 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

sebo_fan's profile picture

The Felix is a different upright altogether; I'm a fan of the original X series/Windsors. I tend to clean hard floors with my X's anyway, regardless of the fact that the brush roll doesn't switch off - the brush roll doesn't hurt the floors but if you wanted to, you could buy one straight suction tube, the extension hose and the hard floor brush that gives you that cleaning feature alone. Just means you can leave the upright against a wall and stretch the hose over alone with the extension hose attached, inserted into the top of the hoister wand, straight tube attached at the bottom and then the hard floor brush.


See Ry-ry's video of his Sebo uprights in other threads. Check 1:27 where you'll see the extension hose being used and straight tube.


Post# 190107 , Reply# 33   7/15/2012 at 22:39 (2,824 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        

Hey guys, I finally got around to making a video if anyone is interested ;o)

CLICK HERE TO GO TO Vacuumfreeeke's LINK

Post# 190226 , Reply# 34   7/16/2012 at 18:36 (2,823 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

sebo_fan's profile picture

Good video  - this is where if you had the extra extension hose and straight tube, you could easily vacuum your thick pile shag rug using the T shaped upholstery brush and the thin strip taken out, which slips out easily for cleaning. Provided you put the Sebo/Windsor against a chair to prevent it falling off, the hose and the extra extension hose can stretch beyond. It also gives the T shaped tool 2 versatile cleaning actions - with or without the brush strip added. The thin brush strip can easily be pulled out by pushing your finger at the back of it and pushing it outwards.


Alternatively Windsor/Sebo used to produce a suction only 2 way floor tool for the Sensor/X1 which can clean these rugs in mind.

Post# 190250 , Reply# 35   7/16/2012 at 20:55 (2,823 days old) by dial-a-nap (Omaha - the home of the TV Dinner)        

dial-a-nap's profile picture
I have had both the sensor model (wide-path) and the smaller, manual height adjusting model. I like the manual knob on the side better, no waiting to start cleaning - though the sensor adjusted itself pretty quickly. The sensor one I had met with a water "accident" at a job site, so it's a goner now but I only paid $50 so didn't mourn for too long. The smaller one I still have but it needs a tear-down and rebuild. I wish the filters & OEM parts weren't so expensive!

Post# 190254 , Reply# 36   7/16/2012 at 21:01 (2,823 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        

Sebofan, I did see that combo tool, it had a pedal with retractable bristles. I used it again after work tonight, and I just can't believe what I've been missing out on my entire life. This thing totally rocks... if anyone has a chance to buy one, I'd recommend it without reservation!

Post# 190257 , Reply# 37   7/16/2012 at 21:32 (2,823 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

sebo_fan's profile picture

Ive often thought about our UK G2 equivalent (and now the U.S have it under the "G Essential" moniker) when it used to be on sale but the Sebo Felix commercial, the Dart now takes its place. I find the Felix is great on carpeting but it doesn't have such a smooth gliding feel, no matter what selections I put the dial at - the auto sensor on the X1 is just terrific - but aside from that it is a well thought out machine. Sebo have had no intention to put anything major to the basic design, just different colours, smoother edges and in time, uprated the motors but still to satisfy the environmentalists or those who wish eco-friendly vacuums with less motor watts.


Personally though, a brush stop button on the floor head like the Felix would be handy as well as a variable suction control on the handle. 

Post# 190545 , Reply# 38   7/19/2012 at 02:48 (2,821 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        
Hey guys....

My "stuff" came, so I'll share some pictures of that too....

I also e-mailed Sebo and told them what I thought of their vacuums, and actually got a response from the CEO.... I thought it was a pretty cool response... I didn't expect the CEO of the company to respond... I'll share it here:

Dear Mr. Pearce,

Thank you very much for your comments that are so supportive of SEBO and Windsor vacuum cleaners. I must say that, although we receive a good number of accolades for our products, it is rare to receive one as glowing as yours! In addition, I watched your You Tube video, and, again, your supportive comments are appreciated.

As you may know, SEBO does not currently advertise our products on national TV or radio. It is only through end-user word-of-mouth referrals and our dedicated dealer network that people discover us. I believe you are now one of our advocates!

Lastly, if you ever need product support or have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us.

Thanks again for your kind words.

Best Regards,

John Van Leuven, CEO
SEBO America, LLC

Post# 190547 , Reply# 39   7/19/2012 at 03:00 (2,821 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        

So, the bags and filters and attachments came from, but there is a problem. The exhaust filter is for a newer machine than mine and is too small. I'm going to e-mail Govacuums and see if they can correct this for me, I hope so.

On the left is the old filter, and on the right is the new one they sent that is the wrong one...

Post# 190548 , Reply# 40   7/19/2012 at 03:04 (2,821 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        

The service kit came with a HEPA filter instead of a regular micro filter... I was surprised by that, but I think it's a good thing....

Post# 190549 , Reply# 41   7/19/2012 at 03:17 (2,821 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        

in the machine.... I like the looks of the original better, but I am sure this one will filter better....

Post# 190551 , Reply# 42   7/19/2012 at 03:20 (2,821 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        

attachments... they look like good quality attachments, but I'm surprised the dusting brush has plastic instead of horse hair bristles... still need another wand and floor tool...

Post# 190552 , Reply# 43   7/19/2012 at 03:23 (2,821 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        

On the vacuum they stick out like sore thumb.... I may get some gray Krylon and spray them to match... we'll see. I did order the clip for the dusting brush so I can keep it on board too, but it didn't come yet... that was an afterthought for sure!

Post# 190553 , Reply# 44   7/19/2012 at 03:30 (2,821 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        

Apparently these are 4 ply, and the original ones were 3 ply... they came with the sealing caps. Hopefully, that will eliminate the smell from the previous owner that emanated from the machine when it was running... it wasn't a terrible smell, but slightly annoying... he did have a pet bird.... better than if he had a dog or was a smoker though... machines from those environments never smell good!

Post# 190554 , Reply# 45   7/19/2012 at 04:10 (2,821 days old) by sensotronic (Englandshire)        

What a shame about the cleaning tools. Go Vacuum do the crevice tool and furniture nozzle in light gray which is the colour of the originals, though they didn't seem to have the light grey dusting brush. The dusting brush you bought is the smaller version which seems to only be available in dark gray though the larger (and better in my opinion) dusting brush is available in light gray.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO sensotronic's LINK

Post# 190560 , Reply# 46   7/19/2012 at 05:28 (2,821 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

sebo_fan's profile picture

Nice of SEBO U.S to send you a CEO response. 


Keep the smaller tool though - I was using my X4 yesterday and the larger tool was doing its best on dusty cupboard shelves, but with the 1300 watt motor on board, the bristles kept getting sucked in. The smaller dusting brush is better to prevent this - but you should keep it incase you get a front clamp for it and have two optional brushes on board at the top of the vac, one behind above the hose and one in front. Or keep it for use with the extension hose if you get one. 

Post# 190866 , Reply# 47   7/21/2012 at 16:50 (2,818 days old) by Sanifan ()        
Great find!

I've always wanted wanted one of those. You lucky duck!

What is the performance difference between the Sensor series and the Versamatics, by the way?

Congrats on finding a great deal!

Post# 191130 , Reply# 48   7/23/2012 at 18:38 (2,816 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        

Sanifan, if you have the opportunity, I'd highly recommend to get one

I thought the machine was powerful before, but with a new bag and HEPA filter installed, it will truly suck the paint off the floor!

I called Govacuums today, and they are sending me the correct exhaust filter, but requested that I return the one that doesn't fit... I likely will as I can't use it anyway... the were nice and apologized for the mistake. I also called Top vacuums because I still haven't gotten the dusting brush clip yet... they are in Florida just as I am and I thought it should have shipped by now... they said they are moving stores and "forgot" to ship it, but will tomorrow! Thank goodness I called!

Sebofan, I have a question... In the link below, is a floor tool that I am considering buying... I just wonder if this will fit my upright, or is it only for the canister models? I like it better than any of the ones I've seen, but I don't know if they have different size diameters for the canisters and uprights....

CLICK HERE TO GO TO Vacuumfreeeke's LINK on eBay

Post# 191139 , Reply# 49   7/23/2012 at 19:51 (2,816 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

sebo_fan's profile picture

It should be able to be used on the wand with an additional straight tube but just make sure whoever is selling this floor tool is a "friction fit" only. Sebo canisters and uprights use the same tools and thus the same sizings - but the X uprights have friction fit tools as opposed to click button release locks on the canisters. So if you were to buy a Sebo floor tool destined to fit a C, D or K model, it would fit the bottom of the wand but it would slide around as it requires a lock to let it stay in place. 


I have the hard floor tool that Sebo sell specifically for the X series. Sebo U.S sell it too. Its called the wall and floor brush code 1325HG in the U.S, 1325DG in the UK - but they also make a friction fit parquet brush under the code number of 1359ER.


There's one in the following U.S Ebay link.



CLICK HERE TO GO TO sebo_fan's LINK on eBay

Post# 248695 , Reply# 50   9/1/2013 at 22:25 (2,411 days old) by vacuumman206 ()        

The guy was probably elusive because he, like I, probably didn't want to say that he's making 100% profit on that machine because he garbage picked it or was given it. I like big foot vacs better, such as my s15. I paid $40 for that, but the clog/bag sensor is bad so it shuts itself off every couple minutes...flip the switch and turn it back on,no biggie. Picked up 2 versamatics for $40 too. Honestly, I don't see any difference between the sensor and versamatic, besides designs and the versamatic is louder, heavier and it doesn't have any height adjustments. Heck I think they both take the same bags. Makes me wonder why anyone would get a versamatic, when the sensor is 200% better.

Post# 248720 , Reply# 51   9/2/2013 at 00:27 (2,411 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        

I like the Sensor better too... I can't believe I've had this vacuum for so long, over a year, thanks for bringing back up the trip through memory lane! LOL I still like it and used it just last night, but I seriously prefer the Miele S7 to anything at the moment.

I don't know if he found it in the garbage or not because he had two of them and they were in pretty darn good shape to be garbage find... I've still not seen any for sale since I bought this, so I'm glad I picked it up when I did... I did eventually get a clip for the dusting brush so it rides on the handle now...

Post# 253926 , Reply# 52   10/25/2013 at 17:16 (2,357 days old) by parwaz786 ( )        

VERY NICE MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post# 261654 , Reply# 53   1/3/2014 at 10:23 (2,287 days old) by Loganvac (Kennett Square, Pennsylvania)        

loganvac's profile picture
I have never seen one of these in that condition for a great price like that. I have wanted a Sebo like that forever, but could never find one at a price suitible to me.Great Ebay find!

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