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dyson + hammer =
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Post# 178105   4/23/2012 at 08:51 (3,001 days old) by kirby (passadena md)        

nothing my brother decided to try to desatroy my dyson last noght but he failed he took a 6 pound sleghamer and swung it at the dyson but it bounced off.

Post# 178113 , Reply# 1   4/23/2012 at 09:22 (3,001 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Am I the only person thinking this is a useless thread ?

Post# 178128 , Reply# 2   4/23/2012 at 11:38 (3,001 days old) by rugsucker (Elizabethton TN)        

This is actually similar to an early Dyson story(I think in James Dysons book)of taking Dyson to store buyers who had never seen Dyson and were concerned with quality.They were invited to hit with hammer both their current vacs for sale & Dyson.Guess what won?

Post# 178131 , Reply# 3   4/23/2012 at 11:55 (3,001 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

@ Jmurray, no idea of exact figures. I'll judge whether it was useless or not by how it pans out in time. Of course, if it does prove to be useless, I'll not look at it further, never mind posting to hint I didn't care for it much.

Post# 178134 , Reply# 4   4/23/2012 at 12:03 (3,001 days old) by turbomaster1984 (Ripley, Derbyshire)        

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thing is there seems to be a thing for someones threads to gain as many posts as they can get to somehow simulate popularity.

Have noticed that for a while now, and once a topic gets around 70 or 80 posts you find it then gets repeated by someone who wants to be popular.

Always backfires and thread gets ignored.

Had just the same over at about a Hotpoint thread where 200 odd pictures were posted and 3 months later a "have a go" member wanted us to post it all again depsite it being in the archives.

turned out he wanted a popular thread. Highly original huh.

Its NEVER the amount of posts a thread gets but the QUALITY inside them that makes a good thread. Have read some really good threads where only 1 post has been made and its been informative and cleared up a matter without any need for other questions or ponders let alone drivel to bump the count up.

Post# 178149 , Reply# 5   4/23/2012 at 13:32 (3,001 days old) by bagintheback (Flagstaff, Arizona)        

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turbomaster1984, I completely agree! I have wanted to say something like that for a awhile but say not sure how to say it politely and to the point. I never start a new thread until I look in the archives for my answer, and if I can't find anything or I am not satisfied, then I will start a thread.

Please no more of the generic threads, like "Here is a thread to discuss _______ products." If someone wants to talk about something specific, they have every right to do so and not are being held back. Like you said turbomaster1984, quality is better than quantity.

Post# 178152 , Reply# 6   4/23/2012 at 13:40 (3,001 days old) by bagintheback (Flagstaff, Arizona)        
On the topic of Dyson

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I am sorry to hear that your brother would even attempt to break one of your vacuums, but I am not surprised to hear the Dyson survived. They make those out of very durable ABS plastic. Dyson even has some test videos on their web-site with what I think is a DC33 being dropped many feet of the ground, while remaining intact. Not very many vacuums made today can survive that.

Post# 178153 , Reply# 7   4/23/2012 at 13:48 (3,001 days old) by twocvbloke ()        

Just to be as random as the thread, I saw a pair of DC-01 De Stijls for sale in Stanley (Co. Durham, of course) today, I'm sure I saw something somewhere here about them...

They also had a Hoover Junior 119 too, but I don't think that was for sale...

Post# 178156 , Reply# 8   4/23/2012 at 14:17 (3,001 days old) by Rolls_rapide (-)        
Older Dysons

I fixed a friend's "DC04i" a couple of days ago (clogged wand, broken belt). The plastic on it has become very brittle, with little bits here and there snapped off (crevice tool storage slot, and wand release catch).

My DC15 in comparison, seems to have a better quality of plastic.

Post# 178157 , Reply# 9   4/23/2012 at 14:35 (3,001 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

Yes the Dyson plastic can be chronic and as you point out would shatter and crack. It is the grey plastics with the mottled effect, dull finish, which are stronger. The other type is very thin and can be snapped easily by hand, especially as the cleaner gets older. Even cleaners with the mottled plastic have shiny parts which can still be broken, such as the carry handle on the DC07. It is the clear drum which seems to be the thickest and strongest plastic of all Dysons through the ages. In fact I am surprised that Dyson used the plastic they did. For all that I don't dislike Dyson cleaners on the whole, I think the overall build quality has been very poor. I think the DC01 was the poorest of all and am surprised that people didn't mind, and surprised also that Dyson didn't do anything to change it.

I also do not like the way the extension tube slides into the hose, because firstly it makes the extension tube dirty to handle, and secondly because it often ruptures the hose when putting it away. I think it is because James Dyson likes his idea of the foldaway extension tube that the company has continued to make this feature for 20 odd years, in the face of all the hoses which keep breaking. I would like to know, only as a matter of interest, how much money Dyson has spent on postage and packaging sending out hoses under guarantee.

Post# 178161 , Reply# 10   4/23/2012 at 14:45 (3,001 days old) by twocvbloke ()        
"how much money Dyson has spent on postage and packaging

Enough to keep the Royal Mail in business... :P

Post# 178163 , Reply# 11   4/23/2012 at 14:51 (3,001 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

Is that who they use then? I have no idea. I just know from what people have said that Dyson dispatch parts left, right, & centre if the machine is in guarantee. I suspect the parts cost them very little, but the manpower in taking the phone call, the admin, and picking & physical packing the parts must add up to quite a lot of money, plus of course the P and P which I mentioned. All of which could maybe be reduced if the designs of the new model cleaners didn't duplicate the faults of the previous model. But then I think to myself what do I know. That is why Mr Dyson is rich and I am not!

Post# 178170 , Reply# 12   4/23/2012 at 15:31 (3,001 days old) by Rolls_rapide (-)        

Yes, Royal Mail is who they use.

DC01 was a very flimsy machine, I had two brand new DC01 Absolutes within a fortnight shatter in the wheel axle area, allowing air to get straight into the motor, making the machine useless.

Post# 178177 , Reply# 13   4/23/2012 at 16:01 (3,001 days old) by gsheen (Cape Town South Africa)        

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Just out of interest sakes , if you leave abs in the sun for any long period( years 5+) of time it will become brittleIE if he machine stands near a window and gets direct sunlight.


The lavender dc04 and dc07 dysons had a habit of doing this if the machine was stored near sunlight. They also faded for the same reason  

Post# 178178 , Reply# 14   4/23/2012 at 16:02 (3,001 days old) by gsheen (Cape Town South Africa)        

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The newer colour dysons , with the iron colour do not have this problem. 

Post# 178182 , Reply# 15   4/23/2012 at 16:22 (3,001 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

The iron colour is what I was referring to, thanks, I couldn't recall the name. No other vacuum cleaner manufacturer seemed to make cleaners which were quite so brittle, unless you consider the odd one or two, like one of the red Hoover Autoflex turbopower machines. But it was something of a one off. Many Dyson cleaners seem to snap, and as has been said it was worse when sunlight played a part. Yet this plastic was used by Dyson for so long. I think also that as well as being thin, the plastic was insufficiently supported in places. Where I have seen huge chunks missing, it has often been around hollow spaces on the cleaner. Though the soleplate of the DC01 was always a poor design. I used to sell lots of those.

Post# 178188 , Reply# 16   4/23/2012 at 16:52 (3,001 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
Just jumping in here....

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My cousin's "ever capable" bride has a Dyson. She loves it..until she took it apart. Shi might as well have hit it with a hammer... If I had that hammer, it might go to her head. She's the one who patronized me with, "You COLLECT vacuums? Just how MANY do you have"? Nor bashing (do I bash?), but, I'd put any of my collection agaist her disassembled/reassembled Dyson. On her bestday, she's not the "brighjtest bulb in the chandelier".

Post# 178195 , Reply# 17   4/23/2012 at 17:17 (3,001 days old) by gsheen (Cape Town South Africa)        

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I must say that we have very few if any snapped dysons here in SA and we are very hard on vacuums, to give you an idea the life expectancy of a miele is 3 years. We have had kirby's snapped in half ( sentria and a g3) as most people here have a cleaner to clean the house the vacuum tends to get abused. Even the dyson floor tools last long here. 


Just checked through my records and we have had two snapped dysons, a dc14 that fell 3 floors ( long story ) and a dc 25 that was hit by a car in the garage ( customers drunk son )


What we do replace alot of are the dc14 sole plates as  uneven slate& natural stone  flooring and terracotta flooring is very popular here and the cleaning lady's just run the machines across them till there is nothing left, but on that note we had a kirby g6 in the other day that's entire cleaner head had been sanded down by similar flooring   

Post# 178196 , Reply# 18   4/23/2012 at 17:24 (3,001 days old) by gsheen (Cape Town South Africa)        

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"She's the one who patronized me" 


I love it when people ask me that these days , I just ask them what they collect , Stamps ,,,, you mean little pieces of paper that can't do anything ,,,,HOW strange ,,, shuts them up so fast 



Post# 178199 , Reply# 19   4/23/2012 at 17:30 (3,001 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
well put

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My former boss, leftover from Woodstock, (no bra, save the planet, herbal colon cleanses, tofu, Cesar Chavez) hates HOOVER, loves Dyson (Mummy was British), hates cats, children, ME. One can't reason with THAT much ignorance!

Post# 178200 , Reply# 20   4/23/2012 at 17:32 (3,001 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

I will never understand the promotion of upright cleaners being used on hard floors, even with the brushes switched off, because for me a hose and floor tool is what is needed. But that aside, I will also never understand why in the UK at least Dyson have regularly made cleaners which they call 'all floors' as in the brushes can be switched off, and yet still have included a hard floor tool for the hose on certain all floor models. Whilst I personally think that a floor tool is better than using the cleaner upright, I think Dyson should have made their minds up what it was they believed in, because to me saying the cleaner can be used upright on hard floors and then including a hard floor tool as well is sending out very mixed messages to the consumer.

As for Dysons snapping, it is very common here in the UK, but we have of course had the cleaners for much longer than many other countries, so have more models and examples to speak about. It is probably fair to say that the uprights were worse than the cylinders. The main handle on the DC01 would often snap in two, around the ridges above the release catch. Also the wheels would wear out, if not that the supports around the central hole would split. The soleplate I have mentioned already.

The DC04, DC03, and DC07 cleaners were all liable to have the loop on the handle snap off, sometimes the handle would split in half like the DC01 would, particularly if the cleaner toppled over backwards. But a brief look at many old UK Dysons will reveal bits of plastic missing from various areas of the machine.

Post# 178264 , Reply# 21   4/24/2012 at 05:02 (3,001 days old) by gsheen (Cape Town South Africa)        

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Vintage repairer


you make some good points , I sell dysons all day so here are my views on your points,

Hardfloors , Most houses have carpets and hardflooring , If you can only afford one vacuum then a upright is the way to go because it can clean the hardflooring ( brushes off ) and give the carpet a good clean , better than any non pn cylinder.

Why include the had floor tool , will to get under things like couches beds and so on.


My house is split on flooring , we have carpets , marble , terracotta stone , origan pine and some rugs, I prefer an upright over a cylinder to vacuum anywhere in the house because its faster and easier ( to me ) and I hate dragging a machine behind me 

Post# 178274 , Reply# 22   4/24/2012 at 07:03 (3,001 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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"once a topic gets around 70 or 80 posts you find it then gets repeated by someone who wants to be popular." Totally agree Robert. Just like with my "Bagged or Bagless" thread. This guy is just desperate to be popular in my opinion.

Post# 178275 , Reply# 23   4/24/2012 at 07:08 (3,001 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        
"On her bestday, she's not the "brighjtest bulb

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I know exactly what you mean.

I once had somebody ask me why I collect Vacuum Cleaners, but mentioning her collection of shoes soon shut her up.

She tried to reply with "well at least I can wear my shoes!", but I simply replied with "well I can use my Vacuum Cleaners!".

Post# 178305 , Reply# 24   4/24/2012 at 09:28 (3,000 days old) by gsheen (Cape Town South Africa)        

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mm this topic has brought up some very interesting points.


To be fair I hardly ever look in the archives before making a thread and why would you, new members join every day and things change,

Imagine how boring this forum would be if we all never posted because some one posted a similar thread back 4 years ago.


This forum is ment to be here for discussing your vacuum's, The way you collect what models you like , other vacuum topics and then to share our passion and some of our lives with each other in a "safe " place were you won't get ripped off because of what you like or who you are.


There has been a lot of infighting on this forum and I for one got so sick of it I lost interest in posting for a while. 

Considering that most of us faced some form of persecution because of our fondness of vacuums at some point in our lives It seems strange that there is so little tolerance when someone says the wrong thing or posts something that seems worthless to others. Remember that your vacuum collection may be worthwhile to you but to some one else its a pile of junk needing to be taken to the scrapheap. In the same way when some one posts a thread about something that upsets them why mock or take them to task just because you don't agree or see any value in there thread. 



Post# 178316 , Reply# 25   4/24/2012 at 10:20 (3,000 days old) by mieles7 (DFW, TX)        

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How does a vacuum get dropped 3 stories, and what part of the Kirby broke in half?

Post# 178319 , Reply# 26   4/24/2012 at 10:59 (3,000 days old) by gsheen (Cape Town South Africa)        

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sen you asked I will tell, 

a dc14 fll 3 storied when the owner tried lowering it to his car from the 6th floor  below to clean it. ( similar to a pic in a thread on this forum) The BRITE SPARK tried lowering it by the extension lead it was pluged into when it unplugged and fell.


the cleaner head of the kirby , the one side was missing , on both machines , same customer though  

Post# 178322 , Reply# 27   4/24/2012 at 11:22 (3,000 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
Ever so eloquent GARETH!

gottahaveahoove's profile picture
well put, indeed. We are all here to share, learn, explore, laugh, etc, about vacuums. The ones we like, dislike, admire, question. We don't judge, bash, or try to hurt anyone,(intentionally). We can/should agree to disagree.
Look at the friendship that have been cultivated within this group.We,ve seen parents, partners, pets die, and we are there. Newer people might not know that a topic has been brought up before. WE may not know how to look it up. Hasn't EVERYTHING been talked about by now?"We've" been persecuted by others, we don't need that from within. Just my $02.There are vacuums I wouldn't be interested in, but, I respect those who do. Well, I don'thave much respect for my whackjob cousin. ANd, that was long before I heard about her Dyson! My nasty boss LOVES "British" Dysons. She told me, "It even had a BALL". It took everything I had to NOT say, "Yeah? Well, I have TWO"! She said, "I just love my ball". I was thinking, "I love mine, too". But I restrained myself.

Post# 178329 , Reply# 28   4/24/2012 at 12:10 (3,000 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        
We Are Not All The Same...though!

sebo_fan's profile picture
Rugsucker - yep you're spot on - James Dyson was quite honest about how a Sebo upright vacuum's bin could be smashed by a hammer compared to the hammer bouncing off his DC01 - pity that I managed to smash the front of my DC01 in a few years later with my own experiment to the sides of the machine's floor head.

I think in all honesty it was a cheap trick. Just because a vacuum cleaner has an indestructible exterior doesn't mean that it is well built - one can only go so far with quality claims and the DC01 was far from perfect when it was launched. As the owner of one, I found the machine to be good at clean up but not without constant problems to the filters having to be replaced and dust leaking into the motor. Not exactly well made then!

VR & gsheen - uprights with brush roll off function. Yes, in a larger area of being able to pick up dust, brush on/off rolls could well look like they're not well designed. I however prefer using my Felix for a quick clean instead of having to drag a canister behind me and go to the fuss and bother. It is true that whilst suction floor heads are thus bigger and have larger dust channels to suck dust in without a brush roll that gets in the way, I guess it comes down to individual need and at the time of the cleaning session. If I was required to clean a lot of hard floors in a home that predominately had hard floors over carpets, then yes I'd get out the Deluxe Parquet floor head for the Felix and use that - it is after all a floor tool that can be used on any of the Sebo cylinders - likewise to anyone who has a stick vac similar to the Sebo Felix that has the optional usage of the hard floor tool. But when only requiring to clean a small bit of hard floor, I just take advantage of the brush roll/on/off button the PN floor head.

As for forum topics - the posts can be deleted and fighting can occur if opinions are one sided, ignorant of what is going on in the world and other aspects of consumer collecting hobbies! We're not all here to make friends, but we're here to benefit in some ways from one another's habits or experiences. Opinions can change over the years and as a forum we should be allow to voice that. Yes, there may be posts that don't appear to make sense to YOU but they may appeal to someone else and yes whilst past posts or threads are on this forum, there isn't an etiquette put in place that teaches members to look at past threads - an example of this is the Hoover Turbopower threads - they and other UK Hoover models from the past have been added on here, yet some new members aren't bothering to look.

Post# 178340 , Reply# 29   4/24/2012 at 12:46 (3,000 days old) by jakesvacs ()        

While I do not support smashing vacuums, that does show that dyson use good building materials. I have found after time it does get weaker, there is certain dysons you could snap in half trying to push it over a threshold!

Post# 178348 , Reply# 30   4/24/2012 at 13:18 (3,000 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        

gottahaveahoove's profile picture
You know I'd NEVER bash. That said, it is a shame that they could snap after age. That's a lot of money to invest to see it weaken. Just a comment. Dyson is truly NOT the only brand to do that. My beloved HOOVER has some now that are truly not stellar as well.

Post# 178365 , Reply# 31   4/24/2012 at 14:32 (3,000 days old) by jakesvacs ()        

John, your right in every respect.
By saying I do not support smashing vacuums, I was not pointing fingers! We can not all be savers! I admit, a certain dyson was saved from a skip and the only way to get to the bit I needed was to use a hammer,saw and screwdriver.

Post# 178379 , Reply# 32   4/24/2012 at 15:48 (3,000 days old) by kirby (passadena md)        

just so you know i am not desperate to be popular as i have not been all of my life so i have no idea how it feals

Post# 178382 , Reply# 33   4/24/2012 at 15:57 (3,000 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

Gareth I like your message and to be honest I would never think to look in the archive unless prompted to do so.

Regarding the hard-floor tool supplied with some multifloor Dyson uprights, it never occurred to me until you said that it would be used for low level cleaning, with the bulk of the cleaning done in upright mode with brushes off. My personal choice is to never use an upright on none carpeted surfaces, irrespective of a brush roll or not. I like to use a cylinder cleaner, as if it were a broom almost. The only personal gripe I have with cylinders is that they don't work as well on carpets and can be very hard to move. Otherwise I'd never have an upright.

Post# 178609 , Reply# 34   4/25/2012 at 22:22 (2,999 days old) by BriGuy (Wichita, Kansas)        
Well said Gareth

briguy's profile picture
Gareth you hit the nail on the head! I have often thought that same thing. Some of us have put up with too much s@#t over the years because of our passion for vacuums. We don't need it here.

"Considering that most of us faced some form of persecution because of our fondness of vacuums at some point in our lives It seems strange that there is so little tolerance when someone says the wrong thing or posts something that seems worthless to others."

Post# 178706 , Reply# 35   4/26/2012 at 17:27 (2,998 days old) by floor-a-matic (somewhere)        
Here we go again!

Why bring up this subject here again? I thought we are SUPPOSED TO PRESERVE & COLLECT VACUUMS, NOT DESTROY THEM!

Post# 178709 , Reply# 36   4/26/2012 at 17:32 (2,998 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

Did you see the post Gareth made?

Post# 178788 , Reply# 37   4/27/2012 at 10:40 (2,997 days old) by SuctionSelector (Leeds, England)        

suctionselector's profile picture
It was me who made that thread, I did NOT want a popular thread, just wanted to learn more about Hotpoint! I was unaware of the archive thread until you told me!

Post# 178873 , Reply# 38   4/27/2012 at 19:56 (2,997 days old) by turbomaster1984 (Ripley, Derbyshire)        

turbomaster1984's profile picture

It wasnt you I was referring to hence I did not mention your name.

The member I refer to is long off the scene but most likely lurking.

Still it begs the question as why so many useless threads are made when answers ARE in the archives and are very easily found using the searchalator .

Post# 178920 , Reply# 39   4/28/2012 at 02:36 (2,997 days old) by gsheen (Cape Town South Africa)        

gsheen's profile picture

Because New memebers can answer with there opinions which may differ from those of the past, I mean really whats the big fuss

Post# 178990 , Reply# 40   4/28/2012 at 16:35 (2,996 days old) by parwaz786 ( )        

OMG dc01 destijls for sale? how much? i have been on a look out for ages

Post# 178993 , Reply# 41   4/28/2012 at 16:40 (2,996 days old) by parwaz786 ( )        
I was doing DIY

I done DIY, to help my dad i took my trusty dc08 down there, DC07 animal was being cleaned out so it did very well! it has sucked up plaster, sawdust, fine brick-wall dust for like 5 times now, all i had to do is just bang out the filters and empty it like every 5 mins or 2 mins for emptying! i had to hammer the skurting boards in place, and hammer a nail in one of those and accidently hit the dyson's contact head, and i was like omg, tough! i then hit the bin with a hammer, not a crack! i can even stand on the bins without breaking them
that's quality but my Dc04 lime is fragile compared to our new dc25 animal
I also noticed a dc01 is stronger than a dc04...

Post# 179074 , Reply# 42   4/29/2012 at 07:43 (2,996 days old) by SuctionSelector (Leeds, England)        

suctionselector's profile picture
Sorry about that. How are your machines?

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