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Is the new Hyla GST as good as the newest Rainbow?
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Post# 163297   12/25/2011 at 07:37 (3,192 days old) by redgeminipa (Altoona, PA)        

Hello all. We've been eyeing up the newest Rainbow for a while, but they're just not in the budget. So, we've started looking into the new Hyla GST, which isn't fetching nearly as much money on the slightly used eBay market. It seems to be very comparable, and has a great power nozzle, from what I've read. Does anyone own one of these, or this and a new Rainbow for comparison?

With my respiratory problems, we desperately need a good air purification-type machine. After running the Rainbow overnight, I noticed a big difference in the air quality the next morning. Especially after running it on high for an hour or so. Is the Hyla's low speed more effective than the Rainbow's? That's the real complaint with the new Rainbow. Low is too low...

Please don't come back saying water filtration machines are a pain, and you hate dealing with the water. We don't mind it at all, as we use my aunt's new Rainbow on occasion.


Post# 163303 , Reply# 1   12/25/2011 at 11:14 (3,192 days old) by kirbykid63 (Wilmington Delaware)        
Increase the moisture!!!!!

If you are breathing better with this machine running at night it is most likely because it is increasing the relative humidity,not cleaning the air.My humble advice that I am basing this on is 12yrs. of working on vacuums including the Rainbow. Any respiratory therapist will advise you to keep your air humidity level at 50%.You can achieve this by using a good cool mist humidifier for about $40.00.I have taken appart many rainbow type machines over the years and they are by far the dirtiest machines I have ever worked on "THEY DON'T CLEAN AIR".

new2youvacuums eBay top rated power seller.

Post# 163314 , Reply# 2   12/25/2011 at 16:13 (3,191 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

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Post# 163315 , Reply# 3   12/25/2011 at 16:37 (3,191 days old) by joshdonnell ()        

I changed my water a lot and still had to dust . Of course its a kirby they make your house dustier . My advice by a central vac there they only vacuum that makes your home less dusty ! No rainbow can do that they sell you lies

Post# 163316 , Reply# 4   12/25/2011 at 17:02 (3,191 days old) by joshdonnell ()        

I would bet a lot of people now of days would not buy a high end vacuum. And a Lot of owners arent gonna empty the there rainbow or water filteration vacuuum every 2 sec only the thermax does there consumers to emty them when water becomes spratic . I dont use mine it sets in the storge room outstide i want to get rid of it was a pain.

Post# 163317 , Reply# 5   12/25/2011 at 17:48 (3,191 days old) by kirbylux77 (Orillia, Ontario, Canada)        

kirbylux77's profile picture
Dan, the reason your Rainbow removes the dust from the air is simple....It has a HEPA filter!!! Go into back issues of Consumer Reports, & they state the Rainbow D4 was HORRIBLE for cleaning the air, yet their opinion of the Rainbow changed in 1998 when the E series came out & the HEPA filter was added....then they stated the Rainbow was excellent at cleaning the air! And of course everyone here knows of the study that was done by a major university in the early 1990's that proved that a Panasonic upright with a micro-filter bag drastically outfiltered the Rainbow D4.

I also have personally taken apart a Rainbow for repairs....I sold a Rainbow D4 years ago to a dentist who was going to use it to clean his office, & he insisted on buying a Rainbow, as he was fanatical about them. When it came back in to be serviced 3 years later to have new carbons installed in the motor, the motor compartment was FILTHY!!! TONS of dust in there! And this Rainbow showed no signs of abuse, & according to the dentist, was used once a week to clean their office by himself personally.

So, if your REALLY think your Rainbow D4 is clean inside & out, I would dare you to open up your Rainbow, take pics & post them here. Something tells me the pics will show a less than spotless Rainbow.


Post# 163318 , Reply# 6   12/25/2011 at 18:15 (3,191 days old) by dualsanitronic (Omaha)        

The Consumer Reports tests were COMPLETELY FLAWED! The Rainbow instruction book clearly stated theat non water soluble materials such as sawdust, talcum powder and plaster dust should not be vacuumed up with the Rainbow. There was a small foam filter to put on the exhaust if you did have to use it that way. CR ignored those instructions and tested the Rainbow on carpets with TALCUM POWDER to simulate dust,and sand for the deep down dirt. Oh, this gets better! The emissions test consisted of sucking up VERY FINE SAWDUST and measuring the exhaust in a chamber. When Rexair balked, CR then said they took it to a staffer's home where it didn't fare much better! Ha! Give us the test results, I said to myself when I read that! Who knows if the staffer had tons of Carpet Fresh in the carpets or what. Or if CR just said that to avoid a lawsuit, not giving ANY DETAILS ABOUT THE SO CALLED AFTER TEST! I have a Rainbow as my daily driver now from 1989 with no HEPA filter on it, and my apartment is MUCH cleaner than having the Kirby Sentria with cloth HEPA bag that I sold on eBAY! My nose unclogged the day I was given that Rainbow. CR has never, ever liked Rainbows,and have a very definite bias agaist them. Back in the mid 1970s, they rated The Eureka 1255 Roto Matic power team canister number 1 and excellent on deep cleaning carpets! But shortly thereafter, The Rainbow D2 WITH THE EXACT SAME EUREKA POWER NOZZLE on it, and similar air flow was rated, as the said DEAD LAST in their carpet cleaning tests. And as for the Panasonic with micro bags in it. Just remove the cover and look in the bag chamber, then we'll talk!

Post# 163320 , Reply# 7   12/25/2011 at 18:24 (3,191 days old) by joshdonnell ()        

My rainbow didnt my home cleaner and i have no animals. Just me . Theres no way a rainbow can remove all the dust or make a home cleaner a cental vac does that

Post# 163321 , Reply# 8   12/25/2011 at 18:41 (3,191 days old) by dualsanitronic (Omaha)        

Well,it has. The amount of sand and hair in the water was astonishig! The water was very,very dirty at 1st and now is much lighter,so yes it is REALLY doing its job!

Post# 163322 , Reply# 9   12/25/2011 at 18:42 (3,191 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

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Post# 163324 , Reply# 10   12/25/2011 at 18:48 (3,191 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

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Post# 163326 , Reply# 11   12/25/2011 at 19:49 (3,191 days old) by williamr1248 (USA)        
Is the new Hyla GST as good as the new Rainbow

I really  have not used the Hyla but in checking the web site I noticed several things. It does not seem to be as advanced  with the shampoo system and the wet floor  systems. I believe it uses more water which would make the unit heavier to move and empty. Also not sure about service and replacement parts availability.


I will make no comment on the dirt in a  Rainbow motor. My old Rainbow is very clean after years and years of use. I DO change the water often and clean the separator. I can say in my own experience I have much less dust on the blinds,furniture,TV screen when using the Rainbow. I NEVER have any odor and I like not storing the street filth tracked into the house in a dirty paper bag.  The Rainbow is either picking more dirt or exhausting less dirt as my room air cleaner has kept it's hepa filter working almost twice as long since I have been using ONLY the Rainbow for the last  several years.  It has been a big help with my asthma . There must be some reason they have been recommended by allergy doctors for so many years and are rated as allergy friendly and AHAM certified room air cleaner. 

I have had my new machine about 8 months and I  really like how easy it is to use.  It has so many improvements over my 18 year old Rainbow,which still works perfect. 

The Hyla looks like an interesting machine too.

As we always say on this forum-no one right machine for all people.



Post# 163328 , Reply# 12   12/25/2011 at 20:11 (3,191 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

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Post# 163331 , Reply# 13   12/25/2011 at 20:43 (3,191 days old) by redgeminipa (Altoona, PA)        
This got out of hand...

I'm asking for EXPERIENCED USER COMMENTS. I'm VERY familiar with the Rainbow.

Has ANYONE actually USED OR OWN a Hyla GST?!?!

I'll be buying one or the other. At this point, the Hyla is showing more pros than cons.

We have Kirbys, Filter Queens, Oreck, Shark Navigator Lift Away, and VARIOUS OTHER machines. I'm no newbie when it comes to vacuums, and Mike is extremely vacuum savvy.

The only one I'm interested in that I haven't used yet is the Hyla...

I'm 5'9", 200 lbs. and can bench 250. I'm not worried about an extra 2 pounds of water in the basin. If I can lug a Kirby & all attachments up and down stairs at my mom's, these things are nothing for our 1 floor house.

PS: Anyone who suffers from respiratory problems will tell you MORE HUMIDITY MAKES IT HARDER TO BREATH! Using a Rainbow makes it EASIER for me to breath. You can't have it both ways. You figure out what's actually happening when we use the Rainbow. I can tell you, it isn't MORE HUMIDITY. I guess it must be CLEANER AIR.

Sorry for the rant, but I asked a simple question and got many worthless answers.

Post# 163334 , Reply# 14   12/25/2011 at 21:01 (3,191 days old) by mark40511 (Lexington, KY)        

mark40511's profile picture
I've wondered about the Hyla too. Does it have a brushless motor yet on the new one or is it still the old technology? I hear their separator is fixed on the unit and doesn't need to be cleaned. Looks like a nice machine but probably harder to find parts than Rainbow. I hear they cost EVEN MORE brand new than Rainbow brand new, which I didn't think was even possible (LOL)

It's now about 5.5 yrs of me having my Rainbow brand new out of box. I actually (just last week) took the original hepa OFF mine & examined it thoroughly and shined inside the machine in the exhaust port and you can actually see the fans and housing surrounding the exhaust port. There is VERY little dirt in there. It's more of a slight haze that reminds me of when I used to run an ultrasonic humidifier with tap water & there was WHITE a white haze all over EVERYTHING from the hard water (not from dirt). It's ever so slight & smells great inside. It still runs & sounds exactly like the day I first turned it on. I'm not a collector & I actually use my Rainbow averaging once a week. Last week I used it three times - other times I go 2/3 weeks without using it. When I get it out, I can't stop cleaning.

When I first got the machine, the separator never looked dirty so I just rinsed it. I got a clean toothbrush to clean the grooves and they were somewhat dirty. Now, I clean the grooves of the separator each time and I don't see any dirt on the toothbrush at all if I clean it every time. So I guess these new separators accumulate dirt slowly but it's still very important to clean them & I can see how a LOT of people would NOT do this. Even I didn't at first.

Post# 163335 , Reply# 15   12/25/2011 at 21:08 (3,191 days old) by mark40511 (Lexington, KY)        

mark40511's profile picture
Owns one & he told you what he thought : D

Post# 163336 , Reply# 16   12/25/2011 at 21:09 (3,191 days old) by dualsanitronic (Omaha)        

When I have examined The Hyla, I noticed a much cheaper construction, a cruder shampooer and being new to the market, parts will be harder to get. Rainbow's newest power nozzle does outclean the german head on the Hyla as I have used both. Rainbow is certified as an air cleaner by AHAM, is recommended by the Allergy and Asthma Foundation and The Carpet and Rug Institute.Hyla does not have all three certifications. You could perhaps go on a payment plan for the Rainbow, this latest one IS the best yet. The Rainbow does not appreciably raise humidity levels by the way. If you put hot water in it, then it could SLIGHTLY. Rexair touted it as such in the early years. I have met COUNTLESS people over the years that said The Rainbow is the ONLY vacuum they will use as their allergies went way down or a family member and they dust far less. Many of these got the Rainbow before the HEPA filter was even added, Some had vacuums with the cloth-like HEPA bags in them and still said the Rainbow noticably helped them, including a former Kirby dealer of 17 years. His 8 month old carpet was ONLY vacuumed with a Kirby Sentria. When he brought the Rainbow in, it removed so much dirt, he said that he and his wife just about threw up at what they saw what was in the water basin! Rainbow is better!

Post# 163337 , Reply# 17   12/25/2011 at 21:21 (3,191 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Thank you Mark

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
I am done answering questions , wow what a complete waste of time . I will just go back and delete all of my answers enjoy !

Post# 163346 , Reply# 18   12/26/2011 at 03:26 (3,191 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

I own the new Rainbow E2B and three kirby Sentrias-I use them together-the Kirbys for the carpet-the Rainbow for other vacuum jobs-even with the new powernozzle on the Rainbow-the Kirbys still dig up more dirt from the carpets than the rainbow.I use the HEPA Filtrete bags on the Kirbys.Often-just for fun will use the power nozzle on the rainbow.I do like how its rotating whisker brushes get debris along the baseboards.the Kirbys don't always do that.I have looked inside the fancases of my newer Rainbow E2's and found little or no dust-unlike the older rainbow models.Their motors were dustier.and I like the filtration on the rainbow E2 vacuums for the motor-yes,there is a HEPA filter to filter the air intake for the brushless SR motor.Keeps the motor,bearings,and electronics clean.The cooling fan on the E2 motor also blows across the circuit boards to keep them cool.The motor filter is inside the powerdome motor housing-lasts the lifetime of the machine.I just wish Kirby and other would use a similar filter.I like the Rainbows--but I like the job the Kirby does on my carpets better.and I am amazed at how dirty the water does get in the Rainbow bin!I mainly use the Rainbow for bare floors and dusting duties.The weight of a filled Rainbow machine may not by anything to a normal person-but to an elderly one it may be too much.But---you can EMPTY the machine and take it upstairs-and refill it.A full Rainbow weighs almost as much as the Kirby Sentria.

Post# 163348 , Reply# 19   12/26/2011 at 05:21 (3,191 days old) by mark40511 (Lexington, KY)        
Hey tolivac

mark40511's profile picture
Yes.....I've done that before too. Used my Rainbow and the 14 foot hose/ dusting brush to get high/low that I can't do with my other vacuum that doesn't have a long enough hose. I don't think there is any place I can't get to with it.

I wonder what is so different about the Hyla separator that is fixed to the machine and is self-cleaning. You can't even take it OFF to clean it.

For some S T R A N G E reason I'm fascinated with any appliance that uses WATER!

Post# 163349 , Reply# 20   12/26/2011 at 06:18 (3,191 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

If you opt for a central vacuum-make sure it is exhausted to the outside or has a HEPA exhasut filter-otherwise it will blow fine dust into the area where the central power unit is located.I have always preferred portable vacuums-if they have effective HEPA filers-the dust isn't a problem.And the suction and airflow of the portable is right there-not being lost thru piping in the home or the long hose.Just my experience in using two of them.-NuTone and Black&Decker.At work hav e an MD bagged central vacuum on a janitor cart-it works well-but the filtration in the unit isn't real good-fine dust coats the motor compartment.

Post# 163351 , Reply# 21   12/26/2011 at 06:22 (3,191 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

Just a couple questions--has anyone here owned or used a Hyla-Has any members owned or used the Delphin vacuum?Have seen and heard of these advertised on occasion on the Internet-just wonder if anyone has used these cleaning systems.I sort of understand the Delphin comes from Germany-and the Hyla-Poland or something like that.

Post# 163365 , Reply# 22   12/26/2011 at 11:52 (3,191 days old) by redgeminipa (Altoona, PA)        

It wasn't directed towards you. Others posted opinions that were way off topic to the question asked.

Please don't take a childish hissy fit. I didn't say ALL comments were useless...

I DO NOT want to know anything about central vacs. We're in a rental, and I refuse to do that kind of work to a rental... not to mention I have ZERO interest in that type of machine.

I don't care about the shampoo aspects of the Hyla... I have a Royal deep cleaner for that...

All I'm asking is, please comment if you fit the question asked. If not, then please do not waste your or my time. That's all I'm asking.

Unfortunately, here's how this is playing out... "Do you like your Subaru Outback?" Response: "I own a Harley, and it's the best in the business..." It's a means of transportation, but NOT the car in question... Get the idea?

Post# 163370 , Reply# 23   12/26/2011 at 12:43 (3,190 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
I was the only one on here that owns a Hyla GST and gave my opinion and you never even read my post so I decided it wasn`t worth leaving it on here since you ignored it . I only post on here because I have vast knowledge of vacuums 39 years + owning most every high end vacuum and a total of 300 + .

Post# 163398 , Reply# 24   12/26/2011 at 18:40 (3,190 days old) by redgeminipa (Altoona, PA)        

I wish you would have left it posted. There was so much jibber jabber on here, and I wanted to reread your post again, but didn't have much time.

I would like to ask more about your Hyla experience, but I felt I needed to clarify to the many comments that got off topic.

I hope everyone understands that I was asking about owner experience, how it stacks up to the Rainbow, and nothing else. I appreciate all input ON TOPIC.

If it's very comparable to the Rainbow, and I can pick one up for less money, then I'm leaning towards the Hyla. I think the biggest problem with the Hyla's resale value is not many people have ever heard of them, thus the demand is low. Heck, I never heard of them until a couple of months ago.

Post# 163400 , Reply# 25   12/26/2011 at 18:47 (3,190 days old) by RainbowD4C (Saint Joseph, Michigan )        

rainbowd4c's profile picture
As long has I've had my Rainbow I've never had any problems but I can't help but wonder if you are paying for the name? If you think about it Rainbow is the first known water vacuum. Nothing in my own opinion will take it's place. The Hyla, and Thermax all work on the same principles as the Rainbow, and esscentially work all the same way. Some may have different features than others but I still just have to wonder if it is a name we are paying for?

Post# 163402 , Reply# 26   12/26/2011 at 19:18 (3,190 days old) by mark40511 (Lexington, KY)        

mark40511's profile picture
I don't see a single solitary Hyla GST on Ebay. Where do you plan on picking one up for cheap if I may ask? They cost MORE as MUCH or more than Rainbow

Post# 163404 , Reply# 27   12/26/2011 at 19:28 (3,190 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
I prefer the Rainbow over the Hyla

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
my co worker is buying the Hyla from me only because she used to have one and its cheap. She would prefer my Rainbow E2 onyx she said but can`t afford it . Money is the only thing stopping her from getting the Rainbow.I do have the previous Rainbow Blue I am selling but that was too much for her also . I am selling that for $899 it has the newest shampooer the mate all attachments . She vacuums every day and her previous Hyla lasted her 8 years before Hyla she had a Rainbow it lasted her 23 years . I think Rainbows build quality is better than Hyla . If you want something less costly go with Ocean Blue or Pro Aqua .

Post# 163416 , Reply# 28   12/27/2011 at 00:35 (3,190 days old) by dualsanitronic (Omaha)        
Somewhere Over The Rainbow!

Hopefully Ron your questions have been answered. Unfortunately, in the quest to answer your questions, some posts raise other questions that need to be addressed such as some misconceptions about Rainbows. The answers to those misconceptions may not be anything that you don't already know, but may help others who weren't certain about some things. I am 48 years old and have worked on vacuums since I was 9. The personal experience I have had with Hyla has shown it to be inferior to the Rainbow on every level, except for the nice totally self cleaning separator. The Hyla is not junky but its not top of the line either. Let's call the Hyla a Yugo and the Rainbow a Rolls Royce. One Rainbow dealer I know of went off to Hyla,but came back to Rainbow, noticing the lack of good service and second rate quality! BTW,Happy Holidays!

Post# 163584 , Reply# 29   12/28/2011 at 07:56 (3,189 days old) by redgeminipa (Altoona, PA)        

Kirbyloverdan, you just kinda summed it up. For us, it's coming down to price. Thank you for your input. It's greatly appreciated.

Mark40511, when checking eBay, you have to check Completed Listings as well...
6 month old Hyla GST with all standard attachments went for $588 on a bid... When a bargain was sold, another will follow. It pays to keep a watchful eye. Link to completed listing is below.

I think my question has been answered. The new Hyla GST might not be quite as good as the Rainbow for some, but in general, it is comparable. I've read some posts in other forums where owners are claiming to have one of the original Hylas that are still going strong. It's probably a mixed bag.

Thank you all for your input. :)

CLICK HERE TO GO TO redgeminipa's LINK on eBay

Post# 163587 , Reply# 30   12/28/2011 at 09:24 (3,189 days old) by mark40511 (Lexington, KY)        

mark40511's profile picture
Oh cool......And the item is in KY too. (LOL)

Pardon my ignorance.......but how do u search completed listings? I must be overlooking that.

Thanks :D

Post# 163628 , Reply# 31   12/28/2011 at 13:34 (3,188 days old) by redgeminipa (Altoona, PA)        


On the left side, in the next section under Categories, it shows options like Returns Accepted, etc.. Click on Choose More and you should see the option for Completed Listings... check the box :)

Post# 416729 , Reply# 32   11/29/2019 at 22:43 (295 days old) by Lord_Vacuum (Oklahoma)        
My Hyla Experience


I know this thread is old but I thought I would throw in my two cents. I have used and sold rainbows and own a Hyla N Series I just got through using. I sold the E2 Blue and that is the model I own. There are a few things I want to mention about the two machines. Also, you can negotiate the price of a new Hyla with the salesman, Rainbow will NOT negotiate. My grandma got her Hyla for $800 but she bought one along with two other people who also bought one each for themselves.

For one, I tend to find the Hyla easier and faster to use and prefer the way the water is deposited into the water versus the Rainbow’s design. The hose and power head are lighter and swivel, my rainbow’s does not although new design rainbow does. The Hyla uses one hose and my power nozzle cleans hard floors very well so I don’t have to switch hoses like I have to with the Rainbow.

The Hyla water basin is another thing. The port the dirt enters into the water in the Hyla is well below the water line therefore the dirt has no chance of bypassing the water. I’m the rainbow, the area the dirt gets into the water sits right at the water line and the air sort of blows the water out of the way creating a air path that some dust and debree follows before getting into the water. Some of it may not even touch the water especially lighter non-water soluble particles. They did change this on the new Rainbow model SRX but it may have an only marginally better performance. So I think the Hyla wins in this dept.

I am having major problems finding parts for my Hyla and can’t get Hyla USA to answer their customer service line. Something else you’d want to consider for long term ownership.

I’d also want to point out that when I can see a lot of dust in the sun rays by the window and run the rainbow for an hour, all of that goes away. But it doesn’t pull up nearly as much dirt from beneath the carpet that my Kirby does. So it’s up to you to decide if you want the dirt in the floor gone or the dirt in the air.

When I sold Rainbow’s we had a light that we would show people what came out of their vacuums filters or exhausts why they were turned on and the Kirby’s never released anything. The outer bags are made of the same material that doctors masks are except made thicker and the inner bags are made of the most dense HEPA material available. There are different levels, HEPA 11, HEPA 13 etc and the Kirby uses the most sense. Also, even with a a full bag the Kirby maintains 85 percent of it airflow (well over 120cfm) because the fan that generates the power is not pull in the air through the bag, it’s on the other side of it only inches away from the carpet it’s working on. The rainbows have to pull the air through the power nozzle and very long hose so at the power nozzle most of the CFM is lost. Vaclab tested a rainbow E2’s power nozzle airflow and clocked it at only 8cfm. So like I said it’s up to you to decide. If you don’t have carpet and have hard floors it won’t be a hard decision but if you do have carpet you need to research those tests on YouTube. But- if you’d rather have allergy improvement and can live with a lot of dirt beneath your carpet than you have yourself a Hyla.

Personally, I use the Hyla every day and the Kirby once a week to get the deep dirt so I get the best of both worlds. Clean air and clean carpet. Consider buying both. I got my Kirby for $90 brand new on Facebook market place. They have Hyla’s for $300 which is way lower than a new Rainbow. Hope this helps.

PS I attached a photo of what my Hyla got out of my 3-month old mattress. I used the short extension with the upholstery tool.

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