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Nice vintage vacuum for everyday use
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Post# 149263   8/28/2011 at 13:13 (4,566 days old) by rll70sman ()        

Hi all. I'm usually on but thought to flip over to this site for some sound advice. My 2001 Kenmore Whispertone canister is slowly falling apart, and I'm looking for a nice vintage vacuum cleaner for everyday use. I've come to the conclusion that anything brand new is pretty short-lived. I know of a nice old 1979-80 Montgomery Ward-badged Eureka upright that seems like a good choice. What would you recommend as a daily driver? Is there any brand that's better than another? Thanks for your help!


Post# 149267 , Reply# 1   8/28/2011 at 14:22 (4,566 days old) by xraytech ()        

I would reccomend something that was a rather common model when new and something easy to repair.
I think your mention of the Wards badged Eureka is a great choice for daily use, other things I'd suggest also would be the Hoover Convertible, or if you are a canister person an electrolux like a Super J or Olympia.

Hope this helps, and let us know what you choose.

Post# 149269 , Reply# 2   8/28/2011 at 15:08 (4,566 days old) by hydralique (Los Angeles)        

A high end, high quality vac that was made by a company still making vacuums is going to be easiest to find parts for - you might look into Tristar (Compact), Filter Queen, Raibow or Kirby in addition to the old Electroluxes. Any of these should last for years and years if maintained.

Post# 149276 , Reply# 3   8/28/2011 at 16:17 (4,566 days old) by Real1 ()        

you can live with a canister type vac, you can't beat the LUX G. If you wanna go a little newer and still have a all metal, transitional model-the LUX 1205 with the fully electric hose & PN-2. I'm partial, but hey, you asked!;-)

No particular problem (except matching color body parts), getting parts for either model, although more out there currently for the 1205.


Post# 149287 , Reply# 4   8/28/2011 at 16:53 (4,566 days old) by henry200 (Saint Paul MN)        

I'm prefer a cannister and I'll second the idea of an Electrolux.  I have several vintage ones and they are all great performers with no problems, and a few are well over 50 years old.  Filter Queens and Compacts are also great machines.  For an upright you can't go wrong with a Eureka or a Hoover Convertible.  A Kirby in good condition is mighty nice too. 

Post# 149304 , Reply# 5   8/28/2011 at 18:28 (4,565 days old) by xraytech ()        

A kirby is another good choice, but remember if it is a pre-Heritage model it will have the dump bag which could be a real mess to empty

Post# 149306 , Reply# 6   8/28/2011 at 18:46 (4,565 days old) by vac_whisperer ()        

Um, I think you mean pre-Tradition.

Post# 149307 , Reply# 7   8/28/2011 at 19:13 (4,565 days old) by xraytech ()        

no, I meant pre heritage, at least in my area everyone opted for dump bag Trditions

Post# 149308 , Reply# 8   8/28/2011 at 19:37 (4,565 days old) by vac_whisperer ()        

Dumpout-bags were an option all the way up to the H2, as the Trad was the first Kirby to feature the dumpout bag.

Post# 149333 , Reply# 9   8/28/2011 at 21:57 (4,565 days old) by Brandon_W_T ()        

The Legend two was the last kirby to have a dump out bag system. Also last for the 13" brush roll.

As for a good reliable vacuum for daily use thats vintage, you can not beat an old Eureka F&G or maybe a hoover convertible. Eureka upright parts are still quite easy to get.

Post# 149352 , Reply# 10   8/29/2011 at 00:31 (4,565 days old) by bnsd60m9200 (Akron OH)        

bnsd60m9200's profile picture
from personal experience, shake bags on kirby's really aren't messy. once you shake the bag out and open the emtor, it plops into a neat little pile on a piece of news print of paper towel you put under it and you toss it.

Post# 149456 , Reply# 11   8/29/2011 at 17:44 (4,565 days old) by vacuumfreak (Ontario, Canada)        

If you are looking for an upright I would go with a Eureka F&G model, a Hoover Convertible or a kirby. If you are looking for a canister though, Electrolux's and Compact/Tristar's are good too ;-)

Post# 149575 , Reply# 12   8/30/2011 at 12:17 (4,564 days old) by KirbyLover (Louisville Kentucky )        
They don't make them like they used to..

If you have mostly carpet and like uprights, I would suggest KIRBY! I think the Hertiage through Legend II are the toughest Kirbys ever made. The Heritage was the first to get the modern paper bag and also I like the bag hanger, it's a better design then the Classic/Tradition style. Tradition was the first to get paper bags, but they are they old style and the fill tube is thinner (can clog). This is easy enough to fix by putting a Heritage style sani-emtor or mini emtor with the larger fill tube (you could do it with older models as well, but you'd have to get a cloth bag with a zipper). Everyone will tell you the mini-empor (most popular on the Heritage II/Legend II) work better than the larger sani-emtor however I find the sani-emtor still works fine on my Heritage.

If you don't have alot of carpet (wood floor, a few area rugs) then a Kirby isn't the best choice as they are big and heavy to move around.

Post# 149578 , Reply# 13   8/30/2011 at 12:31 (4,564 days old) by tazcatsdad (Buffalo, NY)        
They REALLY don't make them like they used to! :)

tazcatsdad's profile picture

If I had to rely solely on a vintage machine as my daily driver, I'd opt for an F&G Eureka (like one of the 2000 series models pictured below) or a Hoover Convertible (as far as uprights go) -- based on the fact that parts for both of these designs can still be obtained.  As for canisters, I'd choose a pre-Aerus Electrolux (even though I have an Epic 6500SR, my personal faves are the Diamond Jubilee or the 2100) or a Filter Queen (such as the Majestic Triple Crown) ... they're both time-tested designs that are still easily serviceable.


Hope this helps -- good luck in your search!


Bill W.

Post# 149580 , Reply# 14   8/30/2011 at 12:35 (4,564 days old) by Sablekid ()        

How about an older Royal?

No nonsense deep cleaner.

Post# 149581 , Reply# 15   8/30/2011 at 12:42 (4,564 days old) by Brandon_W_T ()        


I have been using mine a lot recently. I just LOVE this machine. Eurekas best.

Post# 149614 , Reply# 16   8/30/2011 at 17:42 (4,564 days old) by mercuryman ()        
You Can't Beat an Old Lux:

These machines are workhorses and, to this day, can be repaired very easily with the abundance of available replacement parts out there. This is a pic of a Model 1205:

Post# 149615 , Reply# 17   8/30/2011 at 17:43 (4,564 days old) by mercuryman ()        
And if you want a cute, lightweight Lux:

Here's the Model L:

Post# 149619 , Reply# 18   8/30/2011 at 18:14 (4,563 days old) by Floor-A-Matic (somewhere)        

Kirby (SUPER duper powerful)
Hoover Convertible
Eureka F & G style
Royal metal

Electrolux (Easy bag change)
Filter Queen
Rainbow (NO filters to buy! Uses only water)

Or maybe even a central vac?

Post# 149653 , Reply# 19   8/30/2011 at 21:52 (4,563 days old) by hygiene903 (Galion, OH)        

hygiene903's profile picture
I agree with the older Royal! Or better yet, Electro-Hygiene!

Post# 149689 , Reply# 20   8/31/2011 at 01:49 (4,563 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

Use Royals and Eurekas that DON'T have the F&G bags-those clog and leak-harder to install.Sometimes the paper bag fill tube can tear if the vacuum picks up something hard or sharp.Don't use the F&G "bojack" bag on a Kirby-you will hinder its performance.Hoover Convertables are excellent vintage machines-despite the simple "C" bag-performance is excellent.Canisters I would go as many do-vintage 'Lux,older metal body Filter Queen,Compact-Tristar,Older Royal metal "torpedo" tank vacuums,Rainbows,Fairfax-don't overlook those.Water Matics are another one-like a Filter Queen but can be adapted to wet pickup.

Post# 149725 , Reply# 21   8/31/2011 at 10:08 (4,563 days old) by henry200 (Saint Paul MN)        

You can obtain F&G style bags now made of the Filtrete material.  They vastly out-perform the original paper ones.

Post# 149733 , Reply# 22   8/31/2011 at 12:31 (4,563 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
You can never go wrong with a

gottahaveahoove's profile picture

HOOVER Convertible,  especially a metal one.  Best of luck.

Post# 149834 , Reply# 23   9/1/2011 at 03:42 (4,562 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

I have some Filtrete F&G bags-but these still have that dreaded paper fill tube.I hate the paper filler tubes-maybe use some sort of plastic?

Post# 149864 , Reply# 24   9/1/2011 at 10:02 (4,562 days old) by henry200 (Saint Paul MN)        

Tolivac, I think you're on to something.  If the paper fill tube tears it's usually down at the bottom where it attaches to the cuff because there's too much "play."  What if there was a longer tube (I'm picturing one on a bottom-fill Convertible but longer)  which extended farther up inside the paper tube, holding it open and more rigid along the length up until near where the air path enters the bag itself?   I think it's worth an experiment if an appropriate diameter plastic tube can be found.

Post# 149887 , Reply# 25   9/1/2011 at 11:52 (4,562 days old) by xraytech ()        

the new Sanitaires have a top fill bag set up now and you can retrofit the setup to the old Eureka F&G uprights

Post# 150001 , Reply# 26   9/2/2011 at 00:49 (4,561 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

I can't use the Filtrete F&G bags in my older Royals that use the "A" bag but have to use the F&G bags instead-no one here carries Royal "A" bags-the Filtrete F&G bags paper tubes tear anytime I try to use if I use the older Royals will temporarily put a "B" outer bag on them.the "B" bags perform much better-same as with the Eurekas using the top fill bags on them.

Post# 150055 , Reply# 27   9/2/2011 at 13:31 (4,561 days old) by Air-WayCharlie (USA)        
There is always...........

air-waycharlie's profile picture
the Air-Way canisters from the Mark ll 88 up until the Signature Series and Centurians. There were several models in between, most all with power nozzles. Bags are still available through Air-Tec of Worchester, MA.

The UltraLux was a great vacuum too.

Post# 151044 , Reply# 28   9/9/2011 at 11:53 (4,554 days old) by hooverboy (Germany)        

es ist einfach geil was ihr schrebt!?:-):-):-):-):-):-):-

Post# 151057 , Reply# 29   9/9/2011 at 16:53 (4,554 days old) by Brandon_W_T ()        

Ihre worten sind schwer zu folgen, Hooverboy.

Post# 151062 , Reply# 30   9/9/2011 at 17:25 (4,554 days old) by floor-a-matic (somewhere)        

what does that mean, in English?

Post# 151063 , Reply# 31   9/9/2011 at 17:27 (4,554 days old) by ElectroluxKirby ()        

I have a Kirby Legend II, and it's an awesome vac. I also have a Kirby Tradition with the shake out bag and I don't mind it at all. I shake it all down and empty it out over the outside trash can.

As for canisters, I really like my Electrolux Olympia One and AE.

Post# 151065 , Reply# 32   9/9/2011 at 17:42 (4,554 days old) by Brandon_W_T ()        


I replied to his comment of Its great what you write (he has a typo in there interestingly) Schrebt should be spelled schreibt. Which means to write.

I said your words are hard to follow.

Post# 151100 , Reply# 33   9/10/2011 at 07:26 (4,553 days old) by kenkart ()        
f and g bags

I love F and G bags, ive never had a problem with them,

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