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First Kirby in my collection
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Post# 139778   6/15/2011 at 10:42 (4,645 days old) by mjsosins ()        

Bought this from my neighbor for $10. Only problem with it is the spring that holds the bag on at the bottom is rusted and breaking apart. Not sure how to tell the year. I'm kind of new to Kirbys, but it reminded me of the one my mom had when I was only a toddler. The plate on the bottom says "Classic Omega 1-CB" on it. When I have some time, I'd like to polish up the metal and get this thing looking real nice.

Post# 139781 , Reply# 1   6/15/2011 at 11:18 (4,645 days old) by LongLiveKirbys (Minneapolis)        
The kirby classic omega

was manufactured by the scott and fetzer company from 1973-1976. it was the first kirby to have the lined headlight bumber, the first to have the larger hieght adjustment, the first to use a headlight lense, the first to use the thumb rest on the handle, etc. also that bag isnt original, there are 3 different versions of the original omega bag. below is a pic of my omega with one of the versions. the one you have is a kirby bojack. so it is a kirby bag just not an original omega one. the tan color does go nicely with the chocolate brown on the omega though.
Hope this helps!!!


Post# 139783 , Reply# 2   6/15/2011 at 11:19 (4,645 days old) by LongLiveKirbys (Minneapolis)        
the bag

on yours is the type of bag either kirby or a kirby dealer would put on a redone machine such as yours

Post# 139786 , Reply# 3   6/15/2011 at 11:55 (4,644 days old) by kirbymodel2c (Nottingham, England)        

kirbymodel2c's profile picture

I always thought Trevors version of the Kirby Omega bag was the 2nd version of the bag as the 1st version was "pin striped" and kirby had problems with it.So they moved on to the 2nd version.
Then the 3rd version was just a plain material version...

I've got a new in box omega with the 1st version of the bag and a Omega with the 2nd version. I don't feel the need to get the 3rd version of the bag lol.


Post# 139845 , Reply# 4   6/15/2011 at 19:51 (4,644 days old) by vac_whisperer ()        

The bag is aftermarket/bojack and the cord appears to be from a Classic III. But, like I say, "A Kirby is a Kirby no matter WHAT." The bag and cord shouldnt be too hard to come by. Other than those little things, very nice Kirby!

Kirbys will almost sneak up on you. I went from having one Kirby to eight in a matter of months.


Post# 139846 , Reply# 5   6/15/2011 at 19:52 (4,644 days old) by vac_whisperer ()        

PS: The Classic Omega was made from '73-'76 I believe.


Post# 139848 , Reply# 6   6/15/2011 at 20:00 (4,644 days old) by kirby519 (Wisconsin)        

Could any one really have to many Kirbys My collection consits of 13 machines at the time. I do have 2 of some models. I need some pre 500 series models and would like the versions of the Scott & Fetzer sanitation systems as well as the vacuettes. Sadly 30 yrs ago I missed out on what i believe was one of the C models at a local rumage sale. It had the above floor tools with it and was priced at $100.00 to bad being in my early teens didn't have the cash and couldn't get it. I did ask my mom for the cash but no soap on that. I could cry my eyes out now wishing I could have landed it. Would have been an excelent start to my collection.

Post# 139851 , Reply# 7   6/15/2011 at 20:33 (4,644 days old) by bnsd60m9200 (Akron OH)        

bnsd60m9200's profile picture
@ vac_whisperer "Kirbys will almost sneak up on you." yes they do. i now have 3 in my collection and am on the hunt for an omega myself. i also have about 25 that will be refurbed for sale too. that sneak up was dumb luck and will most likely NEVER find that many kirby's at once again in my lifetime; especially all vintage cleaners.

you have no idea how thrilled i was when the newest model kirby we found from the hunt at the warehouse sale was a heritage. the oldest i have dates from 1949 from that haul.

Post# 139981 , Reply# 8   6/16/2011 at 21:23 (4,643 days old) by KirbyLover (Louisville Kentucky )        
congrats on your Omega!

I like the Omega, it's really one of the first of the modern machines. My favorite feature is the large nozzle which covers the front wheels (The Heritage II of the 80's they made the nozzle smaller and wheels exposed, not as nice looking if you ask me!)

I would suggest getting a brown cord for it and the clip thing, you can find them on ebay.

Here is mine, can anyone tell if this is an original bag? And what style? I like the machine works pretty good but I might take apart the motor and see if anything needs to be cleaned or replaced as it's not as smooth running as I'd like.

Post# 140002 , Reply# 9   6/16/2011 at 22:44 (4,643 days old) by vac_whisperer ()        

That bag doesnt look original. The original would have a patch that says "Kirby Classic O (O for omega symbol) on it.


Post# 140014 , Reply# 10   6/16/2011 at 23:44 (4,643 days old) by Briankirbyclass (Eudora Kansas)        

briankirbyclass's profile picture
I have and will always love the Kirby Classic Omega. The dark "Rosewood" brown, the large Rug Nozzle,,the sound of the motor and fan. AAhhhh, nothing else like it. Even a Classic 1CR, the model right before the Omega, just isnt the same, altho it holds a special place in my heart too.
I know ive prob said this before, but we had a neighbor in 1975 that bought a brand new Omega i was SOOOO jelous of. I was a kid then, and vacuum crazy, so of course id try and just get a glimps of it whenever i could. (All we had was a lousy dust pumping Hoover Connie,,and a DAM that was nothing but trouble,,,oh how i wished and dreamed that WE,,or at least I had a Kirby Classic Omega!)
Luckily our neighbors were a little dense, and would take the Omega out to their driveway to vacuum the car out with. The minute i would hear that unmistakable Kirby motor "Roar",,id go rushing out to get a glimpse. One sunny summer day they brought out the new Omega, and left the rug nozzle and attachment box in the middle of the driveway while they had the hose on the motor to clean out the car.
The sun hitting that brand new mirror like finish on that rug nozzle was blinding!I remember thinking how COOL that was,,that you could take off the WHOLE front of the Kirby. Our dumb old DAM sure didnt do THAT!
The Omega really was/is a stunning looking machine when brand new or newly rebuilt and polished. The most Classic Kirby of them all. (imho)

Post# 140147 , Reply# 11   6/18/2011 at 19:54 (4,641 days old) by kirby519 (Wisconsin)        

What was your disapointment with the 1CR? I have used them new and used and always like the performace of that machine. I also used the 1CB Clasic omega and really didn't notice any big differnces. The Tradition was a let down to me as well as the first run of the Heritage model the later Heritage models work very well as does my Heritage II and Legend II.

Post# 140159 , Reply# 12   6/18/2011 at 20:35 (4,641 days old) by Briankirbyclass (Eudora Kansas)        

briankirbyclass's profile picture
No disapointment with the ICR here,,ive always loved that model too. There is just something about the Omega that is special to me. I think its the color,,the dark rosewood brown is beautiful against the metal of the Kirby. Especially when the metal is shined up like a mirror!

Post# 140617 , Reply# 13   6/22/2011 at 19:26 (4,637 days old) by kirby519 (Wisconsin)        
1 CR

I understand your feelings My personal Favorite is the model 519 that red trim against a polished body really looks good. That was my grand mothers first kirby and the one I learned on. My mom has a Classic Omega I like that one as well. I have more hours of use on it than she does. But if it says "Kirby" on it Im going to use it. If only to see if I like the current Model. I have a Heritage II as my primary Vacuum and really like it. Mine has the trim line head.

Post# 140760 , Reply# 14   6/23/2011 at 21:25 (4,636 days old) by sanitronic ()        
kirby omega bags, and my intro!

hello everybody! i have collected kirbys since dec '06 and i have every model in complete original condition (bags, cords, etc.) from dual sanitronic 50 to the sentria, along with a sanitronic 562, a 561, and a few older ones.

the 1st kirby classic omega bag was one that looked exactly like the classic 1s bag, then they went to the pinstripe bag, then the diamond patterned bag. my 75 omega has the diamond patterned bag.

Post# 140765 , Reply# 15   6/23/2011 at 21:47 (4,636 days old) by kirby519 (Wisconsin)        
Omega Nozzle


I like the look of the around the wheels nozzle of the classic series. When the mini emptor was introduced the over all size of the head made it look very bulky. The trim line head stream lined the look of the machine. The large head looks better with the Sani emptor.

As we all know anyone out side the "Kirby family" has issues with the kirby. Kirby wanted to make it look lighter and more stream lined to attract customers who though it was to heavy. The 500 series and the Sanitronic were very attractive machines with their rounded nozzles and bell shaped motor housings it has made them very popular and favored machines. I myself am very attracted to the machines that resemble 500 series. I also like the look of the classic series especially when shined up like a mirror. They do look grand. I recently saw a picture of an unused Heritage II (which is my main driver) And thought WOW I had forgotten how Great mine looked when I got it.

Post# 140790 , Reply# 16   6/24/2011 at 06:56 (4,636 days old) by KirbyLover (Louisville Kentucky )        
Omega Nozzle

@kirby519 I agree with what you say. From a functional standpoint, I do like the smaller size of the G series (my Heritage II is not complete so I have never actually used it yet!) but as with classic cars that have big chrome bumpers and tail fins and all that good stuff, that is the very reason why the large nozzle is so sexy.

I've been very frustrated all week- I've been wanting to buff some aluminum(!) and have purchased a bench grinder and buff pad kit, but one buff pad is too narrow to fit on the grinder so the next day I purchased another one, but it was too hot that day to work in the garage. Was going get it set up yesterday but didn't have long enough bolts to bolt down the grinder to my work stand. BUT! I found an actual grinder stand on sale which I am going to pick up today, I hope it is not flimsy. I will remember to get bolts as well!! By the end of the day I hope to be buffing some Kirby parts, and hopefully shine up some large nozzles by the weekend :D

On my link is an ebay auction for a Omega with attachments, 9 bids at the moment and near $100 with shipping (that is 80 shipping to Canada, yours may vary)

CLICK HERE TO GO TO KirbyLover's LINK on eBay

Post# 140833 , Reply# 17   6/24/2011 at 21:23 (4,635 days old) by kirby519 (Wisconsin)        


You may want to weight the stand as it does take some pressure to really bring out a good shine. I have a bench grinder and can slow it down or stop it when buffing my prized Kirbys. I also have a grinder attachament for the air compressor and it works well. It is like buffing floor finish. Heat and pressure bring out the best shine. Wish I had access to the same type used at the kirby plant. Came close to having a cleaning account with such buffers. I did comment on those buffers and the person I met with asked why. I stated that if I had something like that or access to it all my Kirbys and Commercial Royals would shine like new again.

Post# 141623 , Reply# 18   6/30/2011 at 23:34 (4,629 days old) by kirbydude ()        
bag color

i just donated a kirby classic omega 1-cb it had a solid gold bag with a zipper. is this original to this model?

Post# 141625 , Reply# 19   7/1/2011 at 00:01 (4,629 days old) by henry200 (Saint Paul MN)        

Yes, the bag was a gold color, with a leather-like name badge on the front.

Post# 374178 , Reply# 20   6/19/2017 at 19:27 (2,448 days old) by desireeg (shelby ohio)        
vintage kirby classic 1-cb

I believe I have a 1975 vintage Kirby classic omega 1-cb with all the attachments except the floor wax handle and the manual. if anyone can help me out that would be great. just would like to know more about it and the value.

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