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Rare Electrolux Hose?
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Post# 139188   6/9/2011 at 20:14 (4,649 days old) by Electrolux-Dude (Canyon, TX)        

Here's an interesting Electrolux Hose I got today, the handle end looks really different, Is it rare?

Post# 139205 , Reply# 1   6/9/2011 at 21:09 (4,649 days old) by suckolux (Yuba City, CA)        

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1205? NO?

Post# 139212 , Reply# 2   6/9/2011 at 21:25 (4,649 days old) by Crevicetool (GA )        


I'm wondering if this is one of those "experimental" Lux "G" electric hoses that for some reason didn't do too well - and they quit making them. Are there red tracings in the hose?

There was a thread on this hose once I think.

It's cool lookin'


Post# 139220 , Reply# 3   6/9/2011 at 21:45 (4,649 days old) by Electrolux-Dude (Canyon, TX)        
Red Tracings

Yes there are red tracings in the hose.
That's what I'm thinking--Perhaps for a Lux G.

Post# 139224 , Reply# 4   6/9/2011 at 21:53 (4,649 days old) by Crevicetool (GA )        

Then I do think it is one of those super-rare hoses! Hang on to it for sure!!!

Better yet, send it to me and I'll watch over it for you. You shouldn't have to burden yourself keeping an eye on that hose.

Look, you don't have to thank me - happy to do it!


Post# 139225 , Reply# 5   6/9/2011 at 21:54 (4,649 days old) by pnluxconvlvr (Georgia)        
Great original hose.

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That's nice.

Post# 139236 , Reply# 6   6/9/2011 at 22:34 (4,649 days old) by Red_October ()        

OK, stupid question time here. I know some early power nozzles had problems -specifically the hoses shocked the ever-living shit out of people. Is this one of those hoses? What was the problem with it, and what was the problem with the early Lewyt PNs that supposedly electrocuted people? Was it manufacturing defects? Lousy design? Wear?

Post# 139261 , Reply# 7   6/10/2011 at 00:59 (4,649 days old) by electrolux~137 ()        




Oh my goodness. I need smelling salts QUICK.


That is a very rare hose, the first Electrolux electric hose, introduced with the Model G. It was a flop so they didn't continue selling it. There was a similar version for the bronze G that apparently was also a flop because again it was mothballed.


The first 1205 came out with a non-electric hose with a strap-on cord. It wasn't until the second version of the 1205 that Electrolux again tried an electric hose, with a pigtail on the motor end, then finally they came up with an all-electric, direct-connect electric hose with the last 1205.


Boy oh boy, what a lucky, once-in-a-lifetime find. I sure hope you will care for it lovingly. NOT for daily-driver use!!!

Post# 139276 , Reply# 8   6/10/2011 at 07:30 (4,649 days old) by countryguy (Astorville, ON, Canada)        

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Why was the hose a flop?  It doesn't look cumbersome to use like the current Aerus hose.



Post# 139297 , Reply# 9   6/10/2011 at 12:42 (4,648 days old) by kenkart ()        

That is RARE! indeed! I have heard that they were prone to fail early,but they probably were no worse than the braided hoses from the Golden J thru the last metal body machines, those hoses are terrible.

Post# 139300 , Reply# 10   6/10/2011 at 14:04 (4,648 days old) by vinvac (Dubuque IA)        

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Not to change the subject here, but was Electrolux the only company that made an anti-clog hose. Machine end of the hose bigger than tool end? The picture that Nathan posted shows that so clearly.

Great find Nathan....I am sure that Crevicetool will do a wonderful job of keeping an eye on it for you.....................................................................................................................................................................................

Oh what that man won't try.....LOL


Post# 139305 , Reply# 11   6/10/2011 at 15:26 (4,648 days old) by luxflairguy (Wilmington, NC)        

I also have on of these hoses. I've had it about 15 years. More than rare and mine looks to never have been used. It is one of the few vacuum items I have that I keep in a secure storage area (along with a box of various Hoover brush strips)!.
Yes, it does have red tracer strips.
My Mother's 1205, purchased on 6/30/69 had the external hose cord. Six months later, the lady across the street bought a 1205 and it came with a direct connect machine end and the chorme curved wand with the double sided connection for the PN cord. One of my Mother's best friends, had a 1205 with the PN 2 and another friend had a 1205 with the full direct connect hose with the Canadian telescopic wand and a PN-1. I don't think there's ever going to be an end to the variations seen for the 1205 because to me, it was the machine that Electrolux tried out all their changes on. I may be contradicted, but I've ammassed lots of photo's of the variations on the 1205. You see as many 1205's today on EBay in the various combinations.

Post# 139348 , Reply# 12   6/10/2011 at 21:18 (4,648 days old) by collector2 (Moose Jaw, Sk)        

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Re reply #6 -OK, stupid question time here. I know some early power nozzles had problems -specifically the hoses shocked the ever-living shit out of people. Is this one of those hoses? What was the problem with it, and what was the problem with the early Lewyt PNs that supposedly electrocuted people? Was it manufacturing defects? Lousy design? Wear?

It was the Lewyt machines that had that problem. What happened was they created an isolated 24 V circuit for the powerhead using a secondary winding on the motor as a transformer. Unfortunately they used the body of the machine and the wands/handgrip themselves as one pole of the circuit. When the motor got overheated the vanish insulating the wires melted off and the primary and secondary windings shorted together, sending 120 volts to the powerhead and charging the body wands and handgrip. Anyone touching these parts and beign grounded got a shock.

Electrolux always used a 120 Volt powerhead and, consequently, the power hoses were insulated so as not to allow them to become charged. I can see no reason that you should worry about a hose like this unless it was in very poor shape with exposed wires.

Post# 139368 , Reply# 13   6/10/2011 at 22:53 (4,648 days old) by Red_October ()        

Thanks! I always wondered about that. All I knew was that there was trouble with early ones electrocuting people, and I read later that it was Lewyt that did it. Then even later I read about rare Electrolux hoses with red patterns that were rare and supposedly "problematic". Guess I put two and two together and came up with five! If I were to guess why that hose was troublesome or unpopular, I would say it might have something to do with the huge bulge at the handle where the cord attaches. I've seen pictures of ones like that set up, and it looks a touch clumsy.

Post# 139455 , Reply# 14   6/11/2011 at 16:16 (4,647 days old) by floor-a-matic (somewhere)        
Electrolux hose

I had one like that (1st pic) but it was in poor shape & got thrown out; I wish I kept it. I don't really like the current style aftermarket hoses (except the one with Genuine Lux handle w/switch) because the suction control is a knob & not a slider & some hoses have bulky ends.

Post# 240145 , Reply# 15   7/15/2013 at 16:09 (3,882 days old) by floor-a-matic (somewhere)        

How rare are these two Electrolux hoses? Both are leaky, but cosmetically good shape.  I guess those came from the 1205-era?

This post was last edited 07/15/2013 at 19:10
Post# 240160 , Reply# 16   7/15/2013 at 16:57 (3,882 days old) by kenkart ()        

Are fairly un common, but that first G hose is the RAREST of the rare.The 1205 hoses didnt hold up too well, neither did the Golden J,or Super J hoses, none of the electric hoses were as good as a 30,60, e-f-or g hose.

Post# 240183 , Reply# 17   7/15/2013 at 22:18 (3,882 days old) by dysonman1 (the county)        
Electric Hoses for Model G's

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The Model G Electric Hose was imported from Canada. It wasn't a 'failure' in the marketplace, it simply wasn't UL approved. There were only two shipments, both were sent to the US AFTER the 1205 was launched. There were NOT available during the run of the models G (both Turquoise and Bronze). In 1968, after the model 1205 was about six months into its run (with a non-electric hose packed standard and NO electric hose available for it), the first 1205 Electric hoses that WERE UL approved, were shipped from Canada along with the telescopic wand. The severe use that maids put on the Lux machines, forced the change to the more durable but less convenient "pigtail" wand cord hook up to the hose.

Post# 240187 , Reply# 18   7/15/2013 at 23:15 (3,882 days old) by kenkart ()        
I didnt know this!!!

But I sure would love to find one!

Post# 240191 , Reply# 19   7/16/2013 at 02:14 (3,882 days old) by BrianKirbyClass (Eudora Kansas)        

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An Aunt of mine bought a new 1205 in around 1971, 72. It came with the direct connect machine end PN hose, and the dual plug metal hose end. It also came with a blue PN1, but not the telescoping wand, it was the standard blue sheath.
Anyway, after about 4-5 yrs of heavy use, ( she had that THICK, HEAVY, LONG shag carpet that had to be raked) the hose started smelling hot one day, like that hot burning electrical smell.
Then, all of a sudden, sparks started to fly out of a little hole in the hose, about 2-3 inches down from the PN plug on the handle. The PN never lost power, and the hose nor handle never caused a shock, but the sparks flew out of the little hole in the hose like crazy. This would have been about the time of the Super J, as she called the Electolux man right away, and he sold her a new pistol grip yellow Super J hose. That 1205 did last a VERY long time.Was in the late 1980s when The hose finally got too leaky, and the PN got tired. There were hardly any bristles left on the little PN 1 brush roll. She bought a new Kenmore Powermate after that. The 1205 motor was still going when she finally thru it away.

Post# 240216 , Reply# 20   7/16/2013 at 09:38 (3,882 days old) by rugsucker (Elizabethton TN)        
"rare hoses ?"

The hose on the left in reply 15 was most likely taken to a branch and then sent to the factory for repair(new ends).This was often done for customers with an out of warranty hose who did not want to spend 3 or 4 times as much $ on a new hose for what would then be an older Elux.It would come back with new end or ends and be 3-6 in shorter.

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