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Tan Model G sales receipt - something interesting
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Post# 120869   1/10/2011 at 19:30 (4,791 days old) by electrolux~137 ()        

Last week, I saw a tan G instruction brochure on eBay. I was interested in getting it because it also came with the sales receipt and power nozzle folder (the latter showing the turquoise G).

Well, it came today. In looking over the sales receipt I saw something interesting:

1 Model G #D00313V . . . . . . .  $149.75
1 Power Nozzle . . . . . . . . .  $ 49.75
1 Elect. Hose  . . . . . . . . .  $ 21.00
 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  -------
 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  $220.50
Credit for Hose  . . . . . . . . ($ 10.50)
Total Cash Price . . . . . . . .  $210.00
Sales Tax  . . . . . . . . . . .  $ 10.50
Total Cash Sales Price . . . . .  $220.50

Now then. I've seen a prototype turquoise G electric hose. It has a red line running through the tracing.

However, I have never seen -- or even heard of -- a tan G electric hose, let alone one that was available to purchasers. Have any of you out there in Vacuumland seen one? If so, did it also have some sort of distinguishable color in the tracing?

This seems very curious to me inasmuch as the very first 1205 still had a wrap-around-cord hose. And I am wondering, did that tan G electric hose have pigtails or direct-connect (at both ends)? It seeeeeems to me that the turquoise G electric hose was direct-connect but I may be wrong; it was quite a few years ago when I last saw one.

And isn't it interesting how the salesman kept the standard G hose, presumably with wrap-around cord, and gave the customer credit for it! I surely would love to find a tan G electric hose!!

Post# 120882 , Reply# 1   1/10/2011 at 20:32 (4,791 days old) by mercuryman ()        

Does the receipt have a date on it? Perhaps after the introduction of the electric hose for the Model 1205, electric pigtail hoses were offered for the tan Model G? Just a speculation...

Post# 120884 , Reply# 2   1/10/2011 at 20:38 (4,791 days old) by electrolux~137 ()        

Oh, duhhh. I meant to include the date of the receipt. It's May 29, 1967.

Post# 120886 , Reply# 3   1/10/2011 at 20:47 (4,791 days old) by mercuryman ()        
Now that I Think of It

I don't think the Model 1205 ever had a pigtail cord that wrapped around the hose. I think the earliest 1205 had an electric pigtail hose.

In that respect, as the date on your receipt is from '67, perhaps the latest Model G was offered with an electric pigtail hose? It could have been a slight modification made late in production on that machine's hose which was carried over to the soon-to-be-introduced Model 1205, as the early 1205 still had a pigtail outlet like the G did. Thinking in terms of how it seems Electrolux ever-so-often-and-slightly changed certain features of their cleaners, perhaps the electric pigtail hose was offered for the G for only a short time?

Post# 120888 , Reply# 4   1/10/2011 at 21:08 (4,791 days old) by electrolux~137 ()        

btw the tan G was sold only for a brief time -- introduced in early to mid 1967 and through mid 1968 when the 1205 came out.

As to the early 1205, I was pretty sure the first one had a wrap-around-PN-hose but I certainly might be wrong. Regardless, this is the first reference I've ever seen to a consumer-available electric hose for the Model G.

Incidentally, there -was- a tan G PN brochure (and note that it has the wrap-around PN cord on it), so it's kind of odd that this set of literature I just got came with the turquoise version.

Post# 120991 , Reply# 5   1/11/2011 at 19:29 (4,790 days old) by electroluxtank ()        
Hose on my Tan Electrolux Model G I got used.

Here is the hose off a TAN Electrolux Model G I bought used with Power unit PN-1. The power unit is not tan but blue, it is the variant with two steel tubes and the top section/sheath upper section "cover" is plastic and is TAN too.

I have no clue if this hose has always been with this vac for since new.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO electroluxtank's LINK

Post# 120992 , Reply# 6   1/11/2011 at 19:38 (4,790 days old) by electroluxtank ()        
Tan G and the hose

Here is the Tan G and PN-1 and hose.

The Brand New Model G that was bought here in the 1960's was in all blue/aqua trim, the hose; power unit base and tube and brush

Post# 120994 , Reply# 7   1/11/2011 at 19:57 (4,790 days old) by electroluxtank ()        

Here I am no expert in hoses at all. The vacs are mostly used for cleanup. In Katrina I lost some due to a lot of water, some were saved too. I have picked up spare machines from thrift stores and ebay basically to save time, I still have a ruined house being fixed.

My Grandmother had a XXX, my mom & Dad another XXX and turq Model G.

Myself in wanting to buy another hose, often I have bought an entire tank vac and good hose at a thrift store cheaper than buying another hose on ebay or the internet.

My two 1205's have the hoses of course that do not fit my XXX, E,F G's etc. The others tend to get mixed up.

The hose shown in the post above did come with that Tan G

Post# 121000 , Reply# 8   1/11/2011 at 21:58 (4,790 days old) by electrolux~137 ()        

That's a replacement hose. The original tan G hose is pale beige with closely spaced pairs of gold (not brown) striping. The handle end has a suction relief valve with a white sliding plastic cover.

The power nozzle is from a 1205. The tan G pn is off-white with a dark tan bumper.

You can see some photos of the original hose and PN on the linked page.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO electrolux~137's LINK

Post# 312134 , Reply# 9   1/15/2015 at 16:47 (3,325 days old) by Kevin (Livonia)        
Re: Reply #4

I believe it was tig21er (John) who'd remembered that the tan Model G made its debut in 1966--not 1967 as so many sources indicate.

Well, not that I didn't believe John, but here is proof that he remembered accurately: a 6/29/66 date of purchase on a tan Model G owner's manual and the same date on the tan PN-1 flyer from a current eBay listing.

I think discrepancies about beginning production years occur in large part due to earlier sales in certain parts of the country--or even branches with high sales volumes that received newer models sooner than those who had older stock yet to sell.

Correspondingly, I believe it was John who'd posted that the aqua Model G debuted in October 1960--yet some literature states that it was 1961--same deal.

Makes me wonder, then, if the Model R's debut was in October 1959?

Check it out the 1966 Tan G documents:

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Post# 312135 , Reply# 10   1/15/2015 at 16:56 (3,325 days old) by Kevin (Livonia)        
Re: "Electric Hose"

I wonder if it just denoted that it came with the power cord as the power nozzle was not a standard item at the time; so those opting for a straight suction machine would have just bought a hose without the cord?

Post# 312142 , Reply# 11   1/15/2015 at 18:50 (3,325 days old) by rugsucker (Elizabethton TN)        

I don't have all the answers but of few thoughts to add.All branches recieved and introduced new models at the same time.But with the new mo intro the old mo would likely be a close out special price while existing stock lasted.Also some slow moving vacs such as comm or factory rebuilt could sit in stock room longer.Also branches with to few of a model could transfer from one with to many.
Elux through the mo G would be packed with vac,std hose,2 wands,3 atts and bags.Early PN was separate and price would include strap cord.(Salesman had a tool like old fashioned button hook to put on hose.)
1205 and later included above plus 2 piece PN wand.Then if a wood floor customer wanted std Elux the electric hose would be swapped for std and PN & PN wands returned to branch.

Post# 312172 , Reply# 12   1/16/2015 at 07:20 (3,325 days old) by williamr1248 (USA)        
Tan model G sales

When I started with Electrolux as a summer college job,they were JUST coming out with the model 1205. You are correct, in that the first few weeks,they were selling the last of the new TAN G's. They were discounted and I have the paper work at what the sale price was at the time. I believe they were sold out of the tan power nozzles and were offering the tan machine as in store sales. The power nozzle was sold as a separate option and it was $49.75..
When we started selling the new 1205, the machines were NOT packed with the power nozzle. We sold the power nozzle and cord that went along the hose as an extra cost item.
I remember that tool we carried so we could add the electric cord to the customers new hose for the 1205 and it DID look like a button hook.

This was over 40 years ago and back then a LOT of loyal Electrolux customers had no interest in the power nozzle unless they had bought the cheap newer nylon carpeting. Many of my customers still had nice wool or oriental rugs and would not use a beater brush on their rugs. Many also were used to the quiet Electrolux and had no use for the noise the power nozzle created.
I remember even though I was very young, I thought the new 1205 looked cheap
compared to the model G. It was louder and we had problems with the plastic handle breaking on the new 1205's.

This was a very different time and people who were Electrolux owners had no use for a Hoover or Kirby. Customers were very brand loyal.
I did however sell lots of Electrolux's to Hoover owners when you would show how much dirt their uprights were leaving in the carpets. The selling feature was of course the "automatic" Electrolux never runs with a dirt clogged bag.
Same idea as the Rexair-you are always cleaning and not just moving dirt around.

Post# 312193 , Reply# 13   1/16/2015 at 12:20 (3,325 days old) by dysonman1 (the county)        
Model G Electric Hose

dysonman1's profile picture
The Electric Hose for both color versions of the model G were made in Canada. The turquoise one was offered AFTER the turquoise G was replaced by the Tan model. The Tan G Electric Hose was offered DURING the run of the tan G. Miss Pletcher has the tan color Electric G hose in the collection.

Here is my Turquoise Model G electric hose, and it's pigtail along with tracer detail. Note the highly unusual hose end.

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Post# 312195 , Reply# 14   1/16/2015 at 12:26 (3,325 days old) by dysonman1 (the county)        
First model 1205

dysonman1's profile picture
The first model 1205 can be easily identified. The Automatic Control panel is black, not blue. There is no dusting brush clip. The bag "lock out" plunger was round. There is no Screen at the back of the bag compartment. There was no electric hose (not UL approved yet - but they knew it was coming) so there was BOTH the female receptacle as well as the electrified hose port opening. The Power Nozzle had a plastic one piece wand. The hose was the non-electric hose with the NEW plastic pistol grip. The 'rat run' cord was strapped onto the hose. It also had a unique instruction manual as Consolidated Foods had not yet bought the company. Once the electric hose was UL approved, and CF had purchased Electrolux, the instruction book changed, as well as the small changes to the machine. By the way, the hose they were waiting for UL approval on, was made in Canada. It would be the pistol grip electric hose with telescopic wand. The USA wouldn't make their own electric hose until 1970.

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Post# 312242 , Reply# 15   1/16/2015 at 20:33 (3,324 days old) by Kevin (Livonia)        

Doug Smith mentioned that the Model G was briefly sold in Canada in the mid-'60s (around the end of the aqua Model G run and the beginning of the tan Model G run) to test market the US's power nozzle. Its success caused Canada to import the US Model PN-1 in colors matching its Model ZB88 and Model ZB86; which was first featured in their updated 1967 owners manuals.

Anyway, given that information along with the fact that the Canadians manufactured the first North American Electrolux electric hoses it follows that the Model G electric hoses in both colors were made as upgrades for the Canadian market; not for the US market. Canada, in fact, introduced its electric hose as an option in 1968 (at the end of the tan Model G run). The ones that made it to the States were likely brought from US immigrants, Canadian relatives of US citizens, or obtained by Electrolux Corporation executives which accounts for their extreme rarity.

It would be great to hear from John (tig21er) or another person involved with Electrolux during the Model G sales era to either confirm or correct these conclusions.

Post# 312246 , Reply# 16   1/16/2015 at 21:04 (3,324 days old) by williamr1248 (USA)        
Tan model G sales

You are 100% correct on your post except in Indianapolis the machines I was selling still had the regular Electrolux metal hose handle.

Post# 312260 , Reply# 17   1/16/2015 at 23:37 (3,324 days old) by kirbyduh (Kentucky )        
What a wealth of 1205 information!

I am actually a big 1205 fan. I believe they looked so modern for their time. I have both an earlier version and a later version with the electric hose.

For a long time, I have been perplexed by the fact that the early one has BOTH a pigtail port and direct connection. Thanks, Tom, for shedding light on that for me. It is so interesting that the machine was brought to market without the hose finalized.

Those earlier power nozzles with the white plastic sheath must be quite sparse- the only one I have ever seen is yours pictured. I need to find it and a telescopic wand for my set of 1205s. I know those plastic wands seem so fragile. I treat the one on my G PN very gently!

By the way, both my 1205s seem to have less suction than my early turquoise G. It seems like the 1205s should be more powerful since they used the tan G motor, even before they upgraded the 1205 motor in 1972.

Post# 312291 , Reply# 18   1/17/2015 at 09:51 (3,324 days old) by dysonman1 (the county)        

dysonman1's profile picture
The 1205 uses the same motor (with a different mounting set up) as the model G. However, the model G used a bag "cage", so the airflow could be drawn for the entire bag surface. The 1205's sealed bag chamber chocked off some of that airflow. The bag cage was originally an Air-Way invention. When Electrolux was designing their first disposable bag models, they had only Air-Way's model 55 to look at. While the plastic, solid bag chamber was economical, it's ironic that the matching model L (with it's plastic bag "cage") had more airflow - even though both the 1205 and the model L used the same motor. In fact, the blue model L has the distinction of having the largest bag capacity, as it was deeper than any other bag cage or chamber Electrolux had ever made. The White as well as the Tan model L's used a metal bag cage, which wasn't as deep - so the bag couldn't open up as much.

Post# 312314 , Reply# 19   1/17/2015 at 13:42 (3,324 days old) by Collector2 (Moose Jaw, Sk)        

collector2's profile picture
Hey Kevin

To my knowledge we didn't ever see the power hose for the model G here (although stuff did appear down east that we never saw out west so anything is possible). The strange thing is that the handgrip used on it was never used on any of our machines. I would have thought that they would have put out one to retrofit the model 88 with but our first power hose (for the model 89) used the same handgrip as the first of the power hoses on the 1205. Very strange situation with that.

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