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Whats your quietest and loudest vacuum?
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Post# 115994   11/26/2010 at 22:49 (3,475 days old) by kirby16 ()        

I didnt know which forum to put this in, so i pick this one. The loudest vac i have is my eureka boss lite. The quietest is my panasonic 360 swivel. What are yours?

Post# 116007 , Reply# 1   11/26/2010 at 23:34 (3,475 days old) by suckolux (Yuba City, CA)        

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My quietest is a toss up, Miele or Lux XXX, loudest I am going with the Concept 1. Though the way it cleans, it's worth it.

Post# 116012 , Reply# 2   11/27/2010 at 00:12 (3,475 days old) by DysonAnimal ()        

The 20s - 50s Electroluxes always seem the quietest to me. I don't have any in my collection anymore, but I've owned quite a few in the past.

Hoover Models 541 and 543 also have a wonderful whisper-quiet purr!

Post# 116013 , Reply# 3   11/27/2010 at 00:16 (3,475 days old) by DysonAnimal ()        
The Constellation's another quiet vac...

since the carpet helps suppress motor noise and air turbulence!

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Post# 116016 , Reply# 4   11/27/2010 at 06:44 (3,475 days old) by sanimatic ()        

My quietest is my Miele S7 and my loudest is my Kirby Diamond, neither of which are normally discussed in the vintage forum. Despite the noise factor of my Kirby, I couldn't love it any more.

In contrast to what I would have assumed, I have found that a lot of vacs have become much louder over time instead of quieter. I've had Hoovers in recent years that were real screamers including the original Hoover Windtunnel that I used to have. I remember that the motor did not wind up or wind down. It just abruptly went ON at a loud and piercing pitch. This is in contrast to my favorite vacuum sound of the early Hoover Convertibles that gently wound up to that low pitched roar.

Post# 116018 , Reply# 5   11/27/2010 at 06:58 (3,475 days old) by 2011hoover700 (owosso michigan)        

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My quietest is gotta be my electrolux models xxx and r.
My loudest was my royal everlast model ry8300 it needs a new motor (or used 10 amp) but i do still have it.
My loudest operating one is a royal 608 (set up like a late 1980s 886 having a scent chamber added).I'll post some pics asap.

Post# 116026 , Reply# 6   11/27/2010 at 08:09 (3,475 days old) by dustin (Jackson, MI)        

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my quietest is my Hoover convertible model 35, and The loudest vacuum I own is a Dirt devil featherlite. My 2 loudest vintage vacuums are: Kirby Classic and Hoover celebrity quiet series...!

Post# 116030 , Reply# 7   11/27/2010 at 08:35 (3,475 days old) by aeoliandave (Stratford Ontario Canada)        
Canadian Electrolux 80 series are the quietest. Anything els

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High amp high rpm motors in resonating thin plastic body shells are ear-splitting annoying, imho.

Hey there Jack, your double-blue 822a is a floater! ?

My info from Tom A tells me the first (N American) swiveltop Constellations were built from 11/17/54 through 1957 - from the N Canton records. Three colour combos were available throughout the 3 year run - blue 82, mulberry 84 and heather rose 85. Only the debutante 82 was a nom-floater whereas the quickly introduced 84 & 85 has the same fat lower ring but did float.
Yours has the second generation flared floater ring, which makes sense for a circa 1958 Connie. The second series of N American Constellations with the dorsal fin handle, rim flare and the side-mount hose began in 1958 with the gold 86.

I find this sort of minutia fascinating.

Was your 822 made in Perivale or Hamilton Canada?
When did the Connie begin production in England...and is it possible excess parts inventory was shipped to Perivale for Hoover cost-savings, explaining the swiveltop paired with a flared floater rim?

Inquiring minds...

Another observation - all 4 of my bloated ring Connies (CN 82, US 82 84 85) have very thick porous muffler felt sandwiched inside the ring, floater & non-floater alike. This makes their exhaust note quieter, side by side, than the flared rim Connies.

Post# 116038 , Reply# 8   11/27/2010 at 09:11 (3,475 days old) by DysonAnimal ()        

Hi Dave -

the Henry Dreyfuss-styled*, non-floating Constellation 822 was launched in the UK in 1956. In 1957, the 822 was updated to included the patented Air Lift Suspension technology - the model number remained the same, however, as did the colour scheme. The only visual detail to change was the airfoil skirt.

In 1958, the 822A was launched, again including the Air Lift Suspension. I'm not sure if this cleaner had any significant alterations from the floating 822 - perhaps Hoover just changed the model number to make it easier to distinguish between the floating and non-floating machines.

In 1960, the updated 862 debuted; it featured the re-engineered hose connection and upper shell, complete with the 'fin' handle.

As for the place of production, it may have been Perivale, West London, or Cambuslang in Scotland - perhaps someone could confirm that? On my 822A it just states 'Made by Hoover Ltd, Great Britain'.

862 and 822A are shown below - many thanks to Seamus for the 862, Alistair for the 822A, and Jeff Parker for the 822A hose (not pictured)!

*as with Model 150 and other Dreyfuss Hoovers, although Dreyfuss styled the shell of the cleaner, the core technology was developed and patented by Hoover's engineering team at North Canton.

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Post# 116042 , Reply# 9   11/27/2010 at 09:50 (3,475 days old) by DysonAnimal ()        

Near-complete ensemble (missing upholstery nozzle and manual!)

An original navy-blue plug for this model is fitted to one of my Hoover Minors - I'll have to swap them over sometime...

Post# 116048 , Reply# 10   11/27/2010 at 10:53 (3,475 days old) by Turbo500 (West Yorkshire, UK)        

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Post# 116049 , Reply# 11   11/27/2010 at 11:06 (3,475 days old) by akabent (LEFT Coast)        
Wonderful 84 & 85, Dave!

Those are both gorgeous machines, Dave.
To respond to the theme of the thread, my quietest are the Hoover 543 upright (whisper-quiet as Jack mentioned!) and of course the Lux 30 and Lux G.

Post# 116050 , Reply# 12   11/27/2010 at 11:13 (3,475 days old) by eluxomarty (Palm Springs)        

Quietest would be my Electrolux Hospital G. The whooshing sound at the rug nozzle makes more noise than the vacuum itself.

The loudest is certainly my Royal all metal upright vacuum. I bought it about 10 years ago in El Cajon (near San Diego) at Wholesale Joe The Vacuum King. (shameless plug)

The Royal propels itself if you leave it alone, cleans excellent and has powerful suction when used with the hose. It is just so loud it would wake the dead!

Post# 116059 , Reply# 13   11/27/2010 at 13:37 (3,475 days old) by kirbyvertibles (Independence, KS)        

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my quietest is my Hoover 102, my loudest was my 10 amp Royal. I sold that and now I would say my Westinghouse AKA Eureka World Vac upright with 12 amps is the loudest.

Post# 116061 , Reply# 14   11/27/2010 at 13:41 (3,475 days old) by kirbyvertibles (Independence, KS)        
or I could say...

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that My mid 90's 13 amp Electrolux Central vac is the loudest and the quietest. It just depends on where to stand. Out in the shed where the unit is or in the house where all you hear is the whoosh of air. lol

Post# 116063 , Reply# 15   11/27/2010 at 13:46 (3,475 days old) by petek (Ontario)        

Well that Philips of Chris' above certainly is quiet about on par with the Canadian Elux 80 series. Loudest of mine probably the Concept and Powermax uprights though they're are the most thorough carpet cleaners along with the Royal classic (which is somewhat quieter). The noise of the Concepts and PowerMax is enough to put you off using them imho. Only the PowerMax with it's electronic speed control makes it barely bareable when set on low.
I think the Euro/UK vacs are overall quieter than the US ones. They must have put more emphasis/value on that

Post# 116069 , Reply# 16   11/27/2010 at 14:22 (3,475 days old) by Air-WayCharlie (USA)        

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Loudest ever that I remember, Hoover Dimension and quietest Miele Chapagne.

Post# 116077 , Reply# 17   11/27/2010 at 15:30 (3,474 days old) by williamr1248 (USA)        
What is your quietest and loudest vacum

Here is my list:

(1) Electrolux Oxygen 3-no contest
(2) New Connie's-very soothing tone
(3) Air-Way 66
I don't have any of the wonderful old XXX or G's

(1) Royal Upright Everlast-
(2) Hoover Concept Power Drive (and dust blower too)
(3) Hoover Anniversary upright
(4) Hoover Anniversary Convertible
(5) Oreck XL -ear spliting

Post# 116078 , Reply# 18   11/27/2010 at 15:32 (3,474 days old) by jfalberti (Visalia, CA)        
I'd have to say

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My quietest vacuum is my Filter Queen (without power nozzle). The loudest is my Concept One. Both great cleaners.

Post# 116079 , Reply# 19   11/27/2010 at 15:35 (3,474 days old) by eurekastar (Amarillo, Texas)        

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I'm with Phillip. My loudest vacuum is definitely my 10 amp Royal Upright. My quietest is my Electrolux Model G without the PN. With the PN, it gets pretty loud too.

Post# 116114 , Reply# 20   11/27/2010 at 20:03 (3,474 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        
The Sanyo "Cassette" canister vacuum

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Believe it or not, one of the quietest vintage vacuums I have ever come across was a Sanyo bagless canister vac made in the early 1970's. My father was the advertising manager for Sanyo Canada in the 1970's and one day he brought one of these home. In those days, Sanyo was selling a lot of audio cassette players and recorders, so they used the term for their bagless canister vac as well. The vac was really,really quiet. It was first sold in blue and grey, then there was a red version with a transparent dust container. Sears sold a brown and beige Kenmore version called the "Let's Clean"!!!!!

Hated emptying the dirt out of that blue vac! The cassette had a fine mesh filter that needed to be wiped with a paper towel to get off all the hairs, and there was another cloth bag "downwind" that had to be shaken out producing a mini duststorm in our garage!

I guess our 1970 version was a forerunner to the one you see in the link below

CLICK HERE TO GO TO eurekaprince's LINK

Post# 116115 , Reply# 21   11/27/2010 at 20:05 (3,474 days old) by KirbyClassicIII (Milwaukie, Oregon)        
How Old Is Your 608?

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How old is your 608? Could you please give me the serial #, wherever it is located? An example is: G81B123456. Thank you.

BTW, I would love to see pictures of that with its nozzle mod.


Post# 116125 , Reply# 22   11/27/2010 at 22:00 (3,474 days old) by indyhoover ()        
The loudest....

....without a doubt, is my 10 amp Royal Upright. I swear you can hear it for blocks. The quietest has to be my Constellation Model 82.

Post# 116142 , Reply# 23   11/28/2010 at 01:49 (3,474 days old) by thevacuumman (Borger, TX)        

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My Quietest would be Elux 30
My Loudest would be a tossup between my Shop vac and my Concept one

Post# 116146 , Reply# 24   11/28/2010 at 04:53 (3,474 days old) by vacbear58 (Sutton In Ashfield & London)        
UK Connie Production

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At least initially, the Connie 822 was produced at a separate production facility at Wembley which, as you probably know, is close to Perivale.


Post# 116148 , Reply# 25   11/28/2010 at 04:57 (3,474 days old) by vacbear58 (Sutton In Ashfield & London)        

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I think the Concept 1 and and my DAM Powerdrive take the prize as the loudest cleaners, quietest would be a bit of a tie between Electrlux and Miele.

The quietest cleaner I have ever encountered BY FAR was the Canadian Lux 88/89 - they were literally whisper quiet - well without the PN switched on.


Post# 116253 , Reply# 26   11/28/2010 at 17:04 (3,473 days old) by countryguy (Astorville, ON, Canada)        

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My Lux '89 is the quietest and either the Hoover DAM, Kirby Ultimate G or the GE swivel top are the loudest.


Post# 116288 , Reply# 27   11/28/2010 at 20:17 (3,473 days old) by electroluxxxx (Somewhere out there)        

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Loudest for me is My eureka excalibur upright and the quietest is my Electrolux 89

Post# 116304 , Reply# 28   11/28/2010 at 20:56 (3,473 days old) by vintagecanister ()        
The quiet

one has to be the pink Hoover (587??) that was my Grandmother's and the loudest without a doubt, was the Hoover Dimension 1000.

However, with all respect to both machine's as they've gone to the trash (talk to my ex...) or wherever witches suffering mid-life crisis' send old vacuum's to, the Dimension was noisy mainly due to the PN. That Quadrafelx could wake the dead! Yikes...

Post# 116474 , Reply# 29   11/30/2010 at 13:50 (3,472 days old) by kenkart ()        
Quietest vs Loudest!

Quietest...with out a doubt, the Hospital G, next would be the Turquois G,then probably the Saniway...Noisiest, Hoover 65,GE Upright 1964 vintage!

Post# 116488 , Reply# 30   11/30/2010 at 15:46 (3,471 days old) by klectrolux ()        

Quitest is my AP 280. It's a tie between the Diplomat LX and Silverado for my loudest. I love the sound of the Silverado though.

Post# 116521 , Reply# 31   11/30/2010 at 18:38 (3,471 days old) by eurekastar (Amarillo, Texas)        

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Now that I think about it, I don't think my Royal 10 amp is the loudest vacuum I own. I'm pretty sure it's my circa 1968 Dial-a-Matic. When I refurbished it, I tore it completely apart and removed all the rotting foam rubber. That included that foam tucked inside the motor housing. When I did that, it turned an already loud vacuum into a SCREAMER!

Post# 116542 , Reply# 32   11/30/2010 at 20:48 (3,471 days old) by pinkge (Indianapolis,Indiana)        
Quiet to loud

My Sebo Felix is the quietest,along with my ole pinkGE roll-a-round.The loud one is my Singer R-4.

Post# 117216 , Reply# 33   12/5/2010 at 22:58 (3,466 days old) by hygiene903 (Galion, OH)        
Quietest and Loudest

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My quietest vacuums would be my Filter Queen 350, Lux XXX and G, Royalaire 260, and Electro-Hygiene 966. Loudest would be my Royal 1028Z and Sanitaire S663.

Post# 117817 , Reply# 34   12/11/2010 at 14:24 (3,461 days old) by djtaylor (Salt Lake City, Utah)        
Loud and Quiet

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My loudest vac is my Fairfax. Loudest monster I have ever had. It is mostly used at 8am on the morning after the brats upstairs were jumping off furniture or stomping or what ever it is they do that makes my light fixtures and pictures on the wall rattle until midnight. I'm sorry, but I truly detest those two.
My quietest vacs are my 3 amp Royals. Nice to run, not that great at deep cleaning my carpets. I use the Kirby G6 or the Fairfax for deep cleaning.

Post# 117818 , Reply# 35   12/11/2010 at 14:28 (3,460 days old) by djtaylor (Salt Lake City, Utah)        
To VintageCanister

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Reasons like that are why I sent my ex back to Canada. I'll let his mother deal with all of his 'drama', I don't need it and can't afford it.

Post# 275591 , Reply# 36   4/10/2014 at 21:28 (2,244 days old) by KirbyClassicIII (Milwaukie, Oregon)        

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Damien (2011hoover700),

How did you modify your 608's nozzle to include the deodorizing chamber, anyway? I know none of the Royal commercial vacuums ever did originally... unless you were to use the one mounted in the belt opening similar to the Electro-Hygiene model 285.


Post# 275615 , Reply# 37   4/11/2014 at 02:08 (2,244 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

For me-loudest--my Tornado wet-dry vacuum-quietest-Meile,Sebo canisters.

Post# 275785 , Reply# 38   4/11/2014 at 22:27 (2,243 days old) by fan-of-fans (USA)        

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My loudest would probably be a toss-up between the Shop Vac, Hoover Elite, and Eureka Boss Lite . The quietest would be my Eureka Mighty Mite, then the Kenmore/Sanyo Let's Clean and Penncrest Constellation. Kenmore Progressive and Whispertones would be in between with the Eureka 1934B.

Post# 275848 , Reply# 39   4/12/2014 at 09:02 (2,243 days old) by Anachronism ()        

Our quietest lives up to it's name: "Kent Quiet Jumbo". The Tornado is loud, but just about any plastic shop vac in the shed screams far louder

Post# 275917 , Reply# 40   4/12/2014 at 13:37 (2,243 days old) by ultralux88 (Denver, Colorado)        
I LOVE that Kent, would like to see more of it.

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The quietest thing I have is a Rexair B and the loudest a Black and Decker central vac unit.

Post# 275928 , Reply# 41   4/12/2014 at 15:06 (2,243 days old) by kirbybag (topeka ks )        
loudest vacuum

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got all kirby vacuum my kirby classic III is the loudest my kirby g6 is the quietest kirby vacuum seem to loudest with the hose on them.

Post# 275946 , Reply# 42   4/12/2014 at 18:22 (2,242 days old) by paulg (my sweet home Chicago)        
Quietest and loudest

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Quietest is my Nilfisk.
Loudest WAS my Eureka "shop-type" vac that I bought about 15 years ago.
It was so loud I told the vac shop I would only buy it if they put a MUFFLER on it.
And they did!
For 20 bucks they put a muffler on the exhaust.
Overall I couldn't stand the machine. When the tub later lost its "round" and I couldn't close it properly I threw the thing away. I couldn't throw it far enough actually. Bad purchase.
I still have the muffler though.

Post# 275949 , Reply# 43   4/12/2014 at 18:38 (2,242 days old) by powernozzle ()        

The vacuum I had that made the least noise was my grandparents Electrolux that was on runners as opposed to wheels. The loudest vacuum I ever had was a Riobi canister vac. Did a good vacuuming job tho. That was right after Riobi took over our Singer plant here in town. Always wondered if it was really a re-badged Singer?!

Post# 275950 , Reply# 44   4/12/2014 at 18:46 (2,242 days old) by anthony (leeds uk)        
the loudest

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vacuum i have ever come across was one of those Vax uprights not sure of the model but it was black and orange and was bagless it should have been sold with ear defenders ,The quietest has to be a pink connie that i recently restored already a quiet machine imade it even quieter by lining the base of the machine with carpet underlay the most noise it makes now is the air being sucked into the hose

Post# 275951 , Reply# 45   4/12/2014 at 19:01 (2,242 days old) by FantomFan (Rochester, New York)        
For me

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Hoover Constellation, Premier upright, Hoover Dimension 1000 (w/o) powerhead, fantom lightning, Sharp twin energy, and Panasonic jet flo are my quietest. My tacony made hoover, my hoover decade 800, my kenmore twin fan, kenmore magicord power port, eureka bravo, and hoover concepts are my loudest.

Post# 275955 , Reply# 46   4/12/2014 at 20:52 (2,242 days old) by electrolux137 (Land O Plenty USA)        


Quietest machines I have:

Canadian Electrolux Model Z-30 & Z-55 (basically the same machine with different housings), with the Canadian Z-88 & Z-89 (ditto) a close second.

Loudest machines I have:

Hoover Decade 800, Kirby Legend II with optional small rug nozzle.

Post# 275956 , Reply# 47   4/12/2014 at 20:53 (2,242 days old) by electrolux137 (Land O Plenty USA)        


Post# 275957 , Reply# 48   4/12/2014 at 20:54 (2,242 days old) by electrolux137 (Land O Plenty USA)        


Post# 275958 , Reply# 49   4/12/2014 at 20:54 (2,242 days old) by electrolux137 (Land O Plenty USA)        


Post# 275964 , Reply# 50   4/12/2014 at 22:07 (2,242 days old) by KirbyClassicIII (Milwaukie, Oregon)        

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My quietest vacuums: my circa 1982 Hoover Concept One, my 1985 Royal 880 and my 1987 Stark Deluxe 5000NA (Royal 889).

My loudest vacuums: both my Kirby Classic III and Dual Sanitronic 80.


Post# 275968 , Reply# 51   4/12/2014 at 22:46 (2,242 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

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My quietest vacuum is my wonderful little Electrolux UltraSilencer Green EL6984 Canister Vac!

On it's lowest power setting, you really only hear the air rushing into the nozzle or brush. It's a great little canister easy to use and it comes with the best non-powered suction only carpet nozzle I have ever used. Really happy with this cleaner....too bad it's discontinued.

Post# 276124 , Reply# 52   4/13/2014 at 19:01 (2,241 days old) by LillyLux (Oklahoma City)        

My loudest vacuum cleaner is my Hoover DAM power-drive; sounds like a wood chipper crossed with a jet airplane taking off! (I formerly had a Royal upright, 1997 model that really laid down the law! I had to wear ear protectors. Unlike the DAM, the Royal actually removed dirt from the carpet--but the DAM is fun to run! If I need to do a lot of cursing I turn on the DAM. DAM! (Sorry) The quietest has got to be an old Filter Queen I have. With the exhaust plug in the top it is virtually silent--but I always keep the plug out, to protect the motor from overheating. My harvest gold Elux model G would definitely be next in line and my Elux AF right beside it.

Post# 276252 , Reply# 53   4/14/2014 at 20:39 (2,240 days old) by rainbowjoel (Dexter NM)        

The loudest vacuum is my rainbow E2 2 speed gold model with no sound insulation . Maybe my kenmore. Not sure lol my quietest is my Electrolux Silverado.

Post# 276373 , Reply# 54   4/15/2014 at 14:55 (2,240 days old) by whirlpolf ()        
loud can be peaceful, shril can be nerve-wrecking

This thread is highly entertaining (speaking of how one person perceives the same vacuum a different way than another).

For my own vacs I found the loudest:
- Hoover Celebrity single speed UFO (and unpleasant)
- Siemens B series standard canister (yet pleasent)
- Vortech Force old model (loud, yet very pleasant)

Somewhat in the middle:
Kirby G4 (quite loud but not loudest, yet very unpleasant esp. in shampoo mode)
AEG 1960s stick vac (may compare to Regina quickbrooms) loud, unpleasant
Vorwerk Kobold 117 with PB (quite loud, yet handsomely pleasant)

Low-voiced or "silent" (if that goes for vacuums at all):
All Electrolux / Lux /Volta machines (and pleasant, too).
Older Kirbys (to some extent at least)

Been thinking for some while to find out how "loud" vacs can sound ok, yet "somewhat loud" vacs sound entirely terrible to me.

Bad guys:
Rainbow E2
All high-amp Hoovers
Black&Decker cyclone cheapo
Newer Electrolux shop models

All Miele, Bosch, Siemens

Older Electrolux (door-to-door) and newer Lux models
Metal body Nilfisk bin type (old style)
All Vorwerks before VK 118 (so the older "big-bag" variety)

It all boils down (for me at least) to this:
- the more rectangular the wave of vibration, the nastier (which rules out ALL brushless reluctance motors: Black+Decker bagless, Rainbow E2, newest Vorwerk stick).
Feels like biting on a stuck-up dentist drill in a molar. (NASTY!)
- the more sinusoidal the vibration, the smoother it gets.
(All brush type motors, better yet: induction motors on commercial units.)

Then the dampening between motor and casing:
- The harder the connection the nastier: Hoover Celebrity (the whole body conveys the sound, same with older Juniors and Seniors, worst on all Hoover hardbody uprights as well as ALL Regina canisters with tuna can shape (all that I have seen so far)
- Some dampening rubbers may help (Siemens canisters of the 90s and 80s)

Once the airstream sound is stronger than the motor sound, it feels more "deluxe"
(ALL Electrolux, Lux, Volta, Trident, Vortech Force), so pleasant

Finally, once the different speeds of bearing balls, commutator, brush roll, attached extra devices play a harmonic "chime" within real musik notes (triple or quadruple notes) it can feel VERY pleasant even when loud. There is a tendency towards outer-bag machines, but not always.
Vacs of this kind: Older Vorwerks (1950s to 1970s, the effect vanishing after they had introduced smaller and higher speed motors with the 118 and later models)
Hoover Juniors have the same effect, yet their rattling "hard" vibration transport from motor to casing is dampening this effect.
Kirby models of G4 and up are completely out of this: On carpet mode, they sound somewhat ok (still), but when in shampoo mode, they are a nuisance: This shrill, choked-off air stream fighting its whine against the likewise shrill commutator sound (just a few half notes underneath) and all this combined with the weeet-weet of the gear transmission, that is too much for me.

I deliberately use ear plugs on Black&Decker, Rainbow E2 and Kirby shampooers.
(Btw. all reluctance type motors produce a similar shreaking and grinding voice without any extra attachments at all).
I refuse them, the have a ban in my house.

Musicians here? What do you think?
Not a musician myself, but I just LOVE this medium-level harmonic hum (say "ooommmm", the one that makes you hum along and zone out) together with a FAT rush of air (to tell you it is the AIR that does the job, not a fire siren). Dampened of course (you have to have the feeling the beast is WITHIN, but outside (where you are) there is just stealth work (and a very powerful one!).

"It's the tone that makes the music" (saying)

Post# 336631 , Reply# 55   10/31/2015 at 13:42 (1,676 days old) by kirbyezee1914 (Rochester, N.Y.)        

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My quietest vacuum is probably my Niagra Jr. Hand vac, because it doesn't actualy run.

Post# 336673 , Reply# 56   10/31/2015 at 22:39 (1,675 days old) by kenkart ()        

Hospital G Electrolux and Saniway, noisiest ,Metropolitan tank, and of course a Kirby.

Post# 336701 , Reply# 57   11/1/2015 at 11:30 (1,675 days old) by human (Pines of Carolina)        

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Quietest: Electrolux 1205
Loudest: Dayton shop vac.

Post# 336711 , Reply# 58   11/1/2015 at 13:33 (1,675 days old) by tinytyke (Fairmont, WV)        

The quietest is my Filter Queen 95x, followed by my Hoover 725 and Hoover 700.

Post# 336719 , Reply# 59   11/1/2015 at 16:26 (1,674 days old) by citroenbx (england)        

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my vax is the quietest vacuum I own

my dyson DC07 is the loudest one

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Post# 336748 , Reply# 60   11/1/2015 at 23:55 (1,674 days old) by Packardmanken (atlanta ga)        
Quietest and Loudest Vac

Fun Thread!! My quietest vacuum is a Eureka Roto-Matic tub from the early fifties in red. Made even quieter by the yellow fluffy toilet seat cover that is hooked onto the bottom of the machine by the tool hooks so as not to scratch her new wood floors as she pulled it thru the house! Guess it doubles as a motor muffler as well as damper when dragging it around. Loudest is my Singer Twin-fan upright. WOW its loud. Rebuilding it didnt make a dent in it. Still screams. It is going to take a hike soon….any takers?

Post# 336750 , Reply# 61   11/2/2015 at 00:48 (1,674 days old) by toastermike (Milwaukie Oregon)        

toastermike's profile picture
Quietest are my new Tristar MG1 and my Filter Queen Limited Edition (112B).
Loudest are my Royal 8.9 and 9 amp metal screamers!

My Kirby Legend II not the quietest or loudest, but it has a relaxing sound that makes it pleasent to use each week.


Post# 336754 , Reply# 62   11/2/2015 at 07:32 (1,674 days old) by countryguy (Astorville, ON, Canada)        

countryguy's profile picture
The quietest are my Lux '89 and Guardian Platinum.....loudest is the Kirby Ultimate G Diamond edition.

Post# 336765 , Reply# 63   11/2/2015 at 11:32 (1,674 days old) by vacuumlad1650 (Chicago Suburbs)        

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Quietist: Electrolux Lx
Loudest: Hoover PowerDrive

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Post# 336768 , Reply# 64   11/2/2015 at 13:54 (1,674 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
I would say my loudest is a

gottahaveahoove's profile picture
Hoover Concept.
My quietest is a Hoover Constellation.

Actually, the sharpest, highest pitch vacuum is the Hoover Platinum "portapower' wannabe. It is strong, but is squeals.

Post# 336781 , Reply# 65   11/2/2015 at 16:39 (1,673 days old) by Miskini (Northville, Michigan )        

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My quietest is the riccar prima. Loudest is the Kirby S ii in canister mode.

Post# 336795 , Reply# 66   11/2/2015 at 21:25 (1,673 days old) by Durango159 (State College, PA)        

durango159's profile picture
My quietest is my Hoover Dimension 1000 canister. Loudest in my collection which I don't really consider too loud as it's tone is so pleasant: Hoover Celebrity II Elite.

Now I do currently have in the house waiting to sell a Dirt Devil Vision Turbo- very loud and louder Eureka Powerline! The Eureka is very very loud I would say with heavy vibration in the handle as well. I found at a thrift shop and cleaned it up for selling. It runs good, with no bearing issues that I can tell and brush roll is like new. It's just very loud.

Surprising the compact Kenmore Magic Blue canister is very very loud as well!! I only purchased it to resell and I was glad when it was sold. Very powerful unit but quite loud, I've never heard a canister vacuum so loud and it only had a turbine head, not an electric power head.

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Post# 336836 , Reply# 67   11/3/2015 at 17:27 (1,672 days old) by CharlesKirby66 (Manteca, CA)        
From my very limited collection

charleskirby66's profile picture

My loudest would have to be the Kirby 515.  It has such a strong motor and does a remarkable job at removing very fine dust from carpets.


My quietest, so far, would be a toss up between the Kirby Heritage and Heritage II.  They are both in a state of limbo.  I have yet to work on the Heritage at all since acquiring it, and the Heritage II needs a new exhaust assembly (emptor, fill tube, disposable bag hookup) and headlight lens assembly.


Post# 336868 , Reply# 68   11/4/2015 at 02:18 (1,672 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

Loudest would be my Tornado Task Force WD vacuum,NuTone CV450,then quiet-Sebo D4 Prfemium,And my Meile canisters.

Post# 336878 , Reply# 69   11/4/2015 at 11:31 (1,672 days old) by n0oxy (Saint Louis Missouri, United States)        
my loudest and quietest models

My loudest models would be my shop vacs, and my beam 275c central vacuum unit. The quietest ones are probably the Riccar Prima and the Electrolux Ultra One classic.

Post# 336887 , Reply# 70   11/4/2015 at 13:09 (1,672 days old) by Kirbysthebest (Wichita, KS)        

kirbysthebest's profile picture

Loudest: Simplicity Synergy & Riccar Supralite (I actually think the Direct air motor on the Synergy is the louder one).


Quietest: Lux Guardian Platnium, Miele S190

Post# 336891 , Reply# 71   11/4/2015 at 13:44 (1,672 days old) by Mike81 ()        

I have owned quite many quiet canister vacuum cleaners. There is some of them and comments.

Electrolux Ultraone Z8810:
Extremely quiet, soft tone and very powerfull (425 Airwatts). I sold it when I needed the money. Still greatly regret selling it. Best vacuum I have had.

Bagless Electrolux UltraPerformer:
A bit loud, but not bad. Powerfull (330 Airwatts) Some high pitched tone. I sold it.

Philips PerformerPro FC9193/01:
Quite quiet and soft tone, but because it's huge suction (over 500 Airwatts) medium power level is more than enough then it comes very quiet. Nowadays my parens have it.

Samsung Silky Ego Green:
Good suction (300 Airwatts) and very quiet too. Although motor had some weird "cheap motor" tone. Sold it.

Old AEG Vampyr 402:
Very soft ear pleasing tone and quite quiet. Good suction and large bag.

Old Volta U258:
Soft tone and quite quiet. Slightly louder than AEG. Good suction and large bag also. Excellent build quality.

Old Vorwerk Upright VK 117:
My loudest vacuum. Dirty fan design produces nice airflow, but suction is a bit poor.

My cousins Dyson DC23:
Very loud and high pitched scream. Suction ok.

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Post# 336920 , Reply# 72   11/4/2015 at 20:56 (1,671 days old) by compactc9guy (Bathurst NB)        

compactc9guy's profile picture
Quiet vacuums in my house would be Electrolux zb86 barelly hear it whit the new exhaust filter i put in between the motor and the cord rewind .
Compact C9 is a little louder but deep cleans and my lux discovery 2 is next.
Loud vac would be my 16 gallons shop vac but its power is superbe and i love the suction and big hose on it .It has a 16 feet long hose by 21/2 inche i used a plastic hose connector sure is nice when doing stairs or cleaning out cars .

Post# 336929 , Reply# 73   11/4/2015 at 22:09 (1,671 days old) by warcake (Georgia)        

The quietest vacuum I currently own is my Kirby Classic III. The loudest I have is some plastic junk Eureka that was bought years ago and refuses to die. It's bright yellow, tiny, and bag-less It's crap and the handle is busted, but my mom won't let me replace it.  I don't think I've had a vacuum quieter than my Kirby for the past 10 years. Each plastic vacuum that I've been exposed to in my lifetime have all had the instantaneous ear piercing scream rather than the slow wind up to a stable noise like my old Kirby.

Post# 336954 , Reply# 74   11/5/2015 at 13:17 (1,671 days old) by alex9194 ()        
My vacs

Loudest-Kirby 515
Quietest-Elux XXX

Post# 336957 , Reply# 75   11/5/2015 at 15:07 (1,670 days old) by KirbyLux52804 (Davenport, Iowa)        

kirbylux52804's profile picture
My loudest would have to be my Royal PowerTank, and for the quietest I would say either my Lux XXX or Lux AE.

Post# 336972 , Reply# 76   11/5/2015 at 18:17 (1,670 days old) by kirbyguy ()        
Quiet vs LOUD

My quietest is my Filter Queen Majestic and LOUDEST is my Bison Centurion.

Post# 337041 , Reply# 77   11/7/2015 at 09:15 (1,669 days old) by numaticisfun ()        

Quietest is. NV250(Henry ancestor)
Loudest is 10-amp Hoover

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