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???? Last really well built vacuum made???
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Post# 373671   6/11/2017 at 18:31 (344 days old) by kenkart (Mocksville, NC)        

Me thinks the last Air Way Sanitizors,Like the Purple Tom Gasko Edition..ALL METAL quality.

Post# 373675 , Reply# 1   6/11/2017 at 20:02 (344 days old) by wyaple (Pickerington, OH)        
How are you defining well built?

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1) Long lasting without repair?
2) Best ergonomics?
3) Best performance relative to its age?
4) Other?

More info please Hans.


Post# 373676 , Reply# 2   6/11/2017 at 20:14 (344 days old) by kenkart (Mocksville, NC)        

Metal not plastic, for a canister or tank, double ball bearing two fan motor, quality push button switch, no circuit boards,good attachments,a good dusting brush such as is sold with Kirby, etc.

Post# 373681 , Reply# 3   6/11/2017 at 22:04 (344 days old) by kirbylux77 (Orillia, Ontario, Canada)        

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Hans, I think the TriStar EXL would certainly qualify for being one of the "last really well built" vacuums, according to your standards. It still used the double stage Electro Motor, metal body, no circuit boards. Only flaw is the plastic direct-connect wands.

Another qualifying one, in my mind, would be the Filter Queen Limited Edition from the early 2000's. It still used a Ametek double stage motor & the metal wand & flat-belt powerhead that cleans better than the new one. Granted, it does use a circuit board & a 2 speed switch, but they don't break down often.

The Metropolitan canisters sold today would also qualify, if you don't mind the cheap Chinese-made Dustcare PB11 powerhead.


Post# 373682 , Reply# 4   6/11/2017 at 22:05 (344 days old) by n0oxy (Saint Louis Missouri, United States)        
last Air-way

I think that was the last Air-way model that was made, the motor has a great sound on that vacuum and if I can ever find one I would get it for sure, I would love to have that canister model.

Post# 373683 , Reply# 5   6/11/2017 at 22:13 (344 days old) by n0oxy (Saint Louis Missouri, United States)        
metropolitan vacuum

Yes, I have one of these, they are built very well, metal body and a two stage motor. It seems that the two stage motors are very hard to find these days, most manufacturers, even higher quality ones such as Tacony, Miele and Sebo use one stage motors that spin much faster. The metropolitan vacuum's hose end is standard and also has a standard plug, so you can easily pair it with a different power nozzle such as a Wessel Werk, Lindhaus or Sebo nozzle. The metropolitan vacuum is also not the quietest, it has a lot of air flow and that's what makes most of the noise. Interestingly, with this vacuum, if you set it to low speed, the power that is sent through the hose is also reduced so the power nozzle will run slower as well, that's the only vacuum I have seen that does this.

Post# 373684 , Reply# 6   6/11/2017 at 22:34 (344 days old) by n0oxy (Saint Louis Missouri, United States)        
tristar EXL

Wasn't that the model that Aerus came out with once they bought interstate engineering? If so, Rob, I agree with you, not only did they switch from metal to plastic wands, but the hose end is nonstandard and so is the electrical connection which limits what attachments you can use. For me at least, that would be a deal breaker for purchasing a vacuum. I thought the EXL was when they switched to the cheaper one stage motor, perhaps that was later, but I know that this was done at some point. In my opinion, Aerus totally ruined the compact tristar vacuums when they purchased that company.

Post# 373692 , Reply# 7   6/11/2017 at 23:33 (344 days old) by KirbyClassicIII (Milwaukie, Oregon)        
Kirby Legend II?

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Wasn't the Legend II the last Kirby that could last for years without major repairs?


I know it was the last Kirby to have the most significant use of metal in the housing and other external parts.



Post# 373696 , Reply# 8   6/12/2017 at 04:22 (344 days old) by kenkart (Mocksville, NC)        
I agree

I don't like the self propelled Kirbys, too heavy!! They are good carpet cleaners, I have a Metropolitan, and it IS a great vacuum, Mine has the Douglass powerhead which gets a bad rap, but I think its a really good powerhead.

Post# 373701 , Reply# 9   6/12/2017 at 07:46 (344 days old) by vacuumlad1650 (Chicago Suburbs)        

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I think when AirWay and AirTec went to Pot the quality left forever. That's just my opinion.

Post# 373713 , Reply# 10   6/12/2017 at 13:51 (343 days old) by kirbylux77 (Orillia, Ontario, Canada)        

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Yes, that's right, the TriStar EXL was the first entirely new model after Aerus bought Interstate Engineering. I would agree, the nonstandard tool issue would be annoying, but they do offer an adapter to use standard 32mm tools with. And I really like that the wands were changed to direct connect plastic wands....sure they have their issues, but ANY vacuum with direct connect wands has had issues with them eventually. Although it doesn't allow you to use any other powerhead, the Electrolux L shaped powerhead with the 10 degree brushroll is every bit as good as the CXL powerhead, if not better in some ways, & you get a geared belt. And let's not forget that Aerus did introduce a mini powerhead with the EXL, which is great for pet owners & stair cleaning. Interstate Engineering never did develop any kind of mini powerhead, all they ever did was re-brand a Wessell Werk turbo brush.

The single stage Electrolux AB motor from Sweden was introduced on the next model, the MG1.


Post# 373733 , Reply# 11   6/12/2017 at 19:54 (343 days old) by n0oxy (Saint Louis Missouri, United States)        
tristar models

I was actually going to ask about the mg1, mg2, ETC. So those are Aerus models as well then. It sounds like the DXL was the last one that Interstate had before Aerus bought them. I know there is an adapter that allows you to use standard attachments, but as you said, the electrical connection is also different which is also a deal breaker for me. I want to be able to use any attachment or power nozzle, if I can't do that, than that model is out for me. The Miele electrical connection is also a bit different, my Miele uses a nonelectric hose. I'm actually pondering getting a Sirena, not sure yet, since I have a visual impairment, I'm wondering if I would be able to maintain it. I really like the motor sound on that machine, and I could also use it as an air cleaner. A water based vacuum is the only kind of bagless vacuum I would ever consider. Probably a Sirena or a used Rainbow E2 if I could find one at a good price.

Post# 373741 , Reply# 12   6/12/2017 at 21:17 (343 days old) by man114 (Buffalo NY)        

Plastic shouldn't be a non consideration. I've got many early Fantom Thunders and still find 20+ year old ones at thrifts with nothing wrong with them.

When I worked at Rainbow I used to call people to demo the new one and I can't tell you how many daily driver D4s were out there as far back as 1980s that had never even been serviced.

Post# 373788 , Reply# 13   6/13/2017 at 11:23 (342 days old) by Dysonman1 (undisclosed)        

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I agree Hans. The airway signature series was, to me, the last great all metal canister vacuum ever made.

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Post# 373813 , Reply# 14   6/13/2017 at 14:10 (342 days old) by Kirbysthebest (Wichita, KS)        
Casting my vote

I agree with Air-Way.  Very well built, durable, trouble free machines.



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Post# 373816 , Reply# 15   6/13/2017 at 15:00 (342 days old) by suckolux (Yuba City, CA)        

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Handsome , machine too!

Post# 373885 , Reply# 16   6/14/2017 at 17:25 (341 days old) by crazykirbydude (Lexington, KY)        

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Aerus Electroluxes are some of the best in my opinion.

Post# 374274 , Reply# 17   6/21/2017 at 23:56 (334 days old) by myles_v (Fredericksburg, VA)        

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Current Kirby machines, current Aerus, current Rainbow. Plenty of well-built machines are still being made.

Post# 374277 , Reply# 18   6/22/2017 at 05:04 (334 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        
Kirbys & Nilfisk GM80

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Kirbys are still very well made, but for many people in the US Nilfisk might be unknown make.
It's a very old company and they have always made these "barrel" style vacuums. GM80 Body has always been aluminium and it still is.
These are true workhorses and they last extremely long.
I have my first Nilfisk GM80 from the 1985, but comparing it to the latest model GM80 there is not much differences.
Still same aluminium body. New models have single stage motor (1200W 10amps). My GM80 from 1985 has two stage motor (1100W 9amps).
What I found amazing is, that I measured the airflow from the hose end (what I have extended to 2,5 meters) (8 feet).
Kirby airflow meter showed 9. That's a 108 cfm so these are very powerful vacuums.
Pre motor filter has huge surface area and bags are big also.
GM80 weights only 5kg (11 pounds).
You can get GM80 with optional HEPA filter.
Price is in the EU around 400 (445$)

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Post# 374348 , Reply# 19   6/24/2017 at 03:27 (332 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

In the US the Nilfisk GM 80 type vacuums are marketed primarily to commercial users rather than residential.Cleaning services like them.I used my Volt with mine and it worked well.Have to use a Kirby Filtrete bag in my GM80 since I don't have orig bags and I don't want to use paper bags.Does Nilfisk make Filtrete style bags for these now?

Post# 374352 , Reply# 20   6/24/2017 at 04:56 (332 days old) by kenkart (Mocksville, NC)        
I have

A 70 ,80 and 90 Nilfisk, really fine quality, even the 90 that is plastic, the reason I don't use them more is the bags are expensive and have to be ordered as no one around here knows what they are.

Post# 374376 , Reply# 21   6/24/2017 at 15:29 (331 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        
GM80 bags

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Here in the Finland GM80 was quite popular also in the household use.
I ordered 5 fleece bags for it and price was around 10. Not bad at all when you think how long those last.
You can see the extra powerhead connector in my GM80. Beast at cleaning with the Wessel Werk EBK 340 ph.

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Post# 374388 , Reply# 22   6/25/2017 at 01:04 (331 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

YES!!!Just what I need for my GM80-Filterte-fleece-or the spun weave cloth bags.Guess you have to order from online.Closest Nilfisk dealer to me is in Raleigh.

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