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Got rid of my iron and replaced it with....
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Post# 369818   4/2/2017 at 15:38 (444 days old) by matt8808 (Teesside - North East - UK)        

I seem to have gone through so many steam generator irons in the last few years its unreal.

My first was a Bosch one and I loved it. This got me hooked on steam generators over 'normal' steam irons.

The first Bosch developed a fault on the pump and was replaced under warranty. The second Bosch developed a fault on the pump too (seems to be a common fault on them reading the reviews) so I replaced it with a 'normal' Bosch iron as I was sick of the unreliability of the steam generators.

Didn't have any issues with the normal Bosch iron but it just wasn't as good as a steam generator. I still have the normal Bosch iron as a backup - won't part with it as it was rather expensive for a normal style iron at around 70/80.

So when the sales were on I bought a Tefal steam generator.

This lasted a few weeks but then one day randomly blurted out black liquid and stained a work shirt.

So that was returned and exchanged for a Braun steam generator.

The Braun was literally THE best steam generator I'd used. It was from the i5 series.

The only gripe I had with it was the water tank was fixed to the main unit and wasn't removable.
After a few months it started to go mouldy at the bottom of the tank and it was impossible to clean it due to the tank not being removable.

I returned it and exchanged it for a Braun i3 series as this had a removable water tank.

Again fantastic iron but after a few months the pump inside became very noisy.

A few weeks ago I flicked on to QVC on the TV and they were selling clothes presses. I'd never seen one before and watched for maybe 15 minutes as they gave a demo. It looked so easy and efficient but I remained skeptical as I know these TV shopping channels will take a turd, sprinkle it with glitter and try to sell it as the next best thing.

So when the last steam generator started making dying sounds I remembered the clothes press on QVC and set about finding a local retailer that sold them.

Argos sell a Singer branded one so I went and bought one.

I'll never use an iron again. Ever.

The press is so much easier, quicker and gives much better results.

Lay the clothes in it, pull the handle down, lift the handle back up and hey presto perfectly pressed clothes!

I've never been so exited at the prospect of doing laundry.

I whole heartedly recommend them 100% over an iron or steam generator

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Post# 369819 , Reply# 1   4/2/2017 at 15:39 (444 days old) by matt8808 (Teesside - North East - UK)        

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Post# 369833 , Reply# 2   4/2/2017 at 18:17 (444 days old) by human (Pines of Carolina)        

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My solution was to just give up ironing. My ex-wife made me iron everything, even t-shirts. When I left her, I swore off ironing and haven't done it since. I wear my wrinkles proudly as a badge of honor.

Post# 369877 , Reply# 3   4/3/2017 at 08:56 (443 days old) by rugsucker (Elizabethton TN)        
"give up ironing"

Yes!As a child I had sheets, and everything else, that the maid ironed.No more.I have irons as collector items(including the TipToe)that are unused (& available).Do you also agree that making a bed in the morning just to unmake it in the evening is a waste of time?

Post# 369893 , Reply# 4   4/3/2017 at 11:32 (443 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
Oh, I MUST make the bed as soon as I get out of it.

gottahaveahoove's profile picture
If I die during the day, and the family goes into my house, at least they'll say , (among other things), " Gee, he always made the bed. Also, if anyone comes to the hou7se, I. like them to see a properly made bed (hospital corners) . I also have a beautiful 4 poster bed, I like it to always look perfect. (snob that I am), lol
IF/WHEN I have company, I'll wash sheets. dry them on the clothesline, when possible, and put them right on the beds. Mu guests love that fresh, crisp smell. Sometimes, they wake up late, due to the comfort. I NEVER iron sheets.
Shirts, linens, a different story.

Post# 369898 , Reply# 5   4/3/2017 at 12:31 (443 days old) by crazykirbydude (Lexington, KY)        

crazykirbydude's profile picture
Why iron? I mean, the second you put the clothes on, they wrinkle again. It's just an extra thing that needs doing.

Post# 369909 , Reply# 6   4/3/2017 at 13:58 (443 days old) by human (Pines of Carolina)        

human's profile picture
Jimmy wrote: Do you also agree that making a bed in the morning just to unmake it in the evening is a waste of time?

I reply: Absolutely. I only make up the bed whenever I change and/or wash the sheets. I live alone and my cats couldn't care less.

Post# 369912 , Reply# 7   4/3/2017 at 14:41 (443 days old) by matt8808 (Teesside - North East - UK)        

You're all vile slobs! hahaha

I iron pretty much everything apart from underwear and jeans.

T-shirts get ironed along with bedding. Cant beat ironed sheets. Or should that be that they all get pressed now?

And my bed gets made to some degree every day. If I have time I'll tuck the edges of the quilt in neatly like in the picture but if I'm in a rush it just gets a quick shake down, plump up of the pillows and I'll throw the coloured 'show cushions' back on loosely.

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Post# 369936 , Reply# 8   4/3/2017 at 23:12 (443 days old) by AlexHoovers94 (Manchester UK)        

alexhoovers94's profile picture
Why would you iron bedding?

I don't think I know anyone who does lol.

Post# 369951 , Reply# 9   4/4/2017 at 02:30 (442 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

The only "ironing" I would like to do is to try out and Ironrite rotary presser machine.Sounds like that could make ironing "fun"?I live alone and don't bother making up my bed,either.When I get home from work,its eat breakfast,shower,than go to bed.In one of the Applianceville videos I have-it shows an owner video how to use the machine.This is from the fifties!!!Figure when PP clothes came out-many irons then gathered dust in linen closets.Don't see them at yard sales anymore!During a Julia Child video some years ago-she was at a place that didn't have a heat source to cook with-so they got her a couple of irons,placed them upside down and she heated her pans with them-worked well!

Post# 370004 , Reply# 10   4/4/2017 at 11:53 (442 days old) by luxkid1980 (Richmond, Virginia)        

So Matt, where do you store that close press when you aren't using it? Seems like it takes up a big footprint, but maybe not.

Post# 370040 , Reply# 11   4/4/2017 at 17:27 (442 days old) by matt8808 (Teesside - North East - UK)        

It stands on its end for storage....

I've stole a pic from Google to use as an example...

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Post# 370056 , Reply# 12   4/4/2017 at 21:27 (442 days old) by Luxkid1980 (Richmond, Virginia)        

Oh, that's nifty! Sounds like it would be a nice change to traditional ironing.

Post# 370650 , Reply# 13   4/13/2017 at 17:02 (433 days old) by Turbo500 (West Yorkshire, UK)        

turbo500's profile picture
Oh my, I have iron lust!

I hate ironing. HATE IT. But in a job where both myself and my hubby need to wear shirts, it's a necessary evil at times. I was looking at this not too long back and remembering the QVC demo. My friends disabled Mum also had one as she found it easy to use.

Interesting to see the results, thanks for posting!

Post# 370729 , Reply# 14   4/14/2017 at 18:50 (432 days old) by matt8808 (Teesside - North East - UK)        

Honestly, Chris, its the best thing I've bought in ages. Took a bit of getting used to but now I've used it a few times I fly through the ironing. Don't even need to put water in it for the steam... the heat and pressure of it clamping down leaves everything pressed to perfection.

And you could cut your finger on the lines it puts into shirt sleeves they're so sharp.

Post# 370775 , Reply# 15   4/15/2017 at 09:11 (431 days old) by fan-of-fans (USA)        

fan-of-fans's profile picture
Hate ironing too. I don't iron any clothes and my dress shirts I just buy the Wrinkle Resistant ones and run on Permanent Press. And no I don't make my bed anymore either, if company comes I just close the bedroom doors.

Post# 370909 , Reply# 16   4/17/2017 at 22:02 (429 days old) by dustin (Jackson, MI)        

dustin's profile picture
Iron? Do what? Nope. I wash clothes and fold them. I don't have much of anything that wrinkles so why bother? I rarely make my bed and don't iron any of my bedding. No, I'm not a slob, I wear clean clothes every day, shower every morning, and wash my sheets weekly. I just have better things to do than iron clothes that are just going to get wrinkled as soon as I sit down! I may iron the pillow cases on the guest beds so they look fresh and not slept in but not often. Only in the summer with cotton sheets.

Post# 372018 , Reply# 17   5/10/2017 at 21:36 (406 days old) by cocobird5 (Laguna Hills)        

When I was first married, my (now ex) husband believed that the best way for me to show my love for him was by ironing his shirts. I did a few, but it was a week before Christmas. I got him a whole bunch of permanent press shirts that didn't need to be ironed at all. And that was the end of ironing.

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