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Mint! Eureka PowerTouch Cordaway model 2083
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Post# 369524   3/29/2017 at 22:01 (389 days old) by Vintagefox (California)        

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Went to the local Swap Meet with my younger brother today. Wasn't finding much of anything, just a random assortment of beat up power tools, filthy Kodak cameras and clothes. However among the flea market junk was this Eureka. The cord winder and box top bag instantly stood out to me, the condition of it even more so. It was only scuffed up and slightly dusty. I pulled it out and asked the seller how much he wanted for it. He simply replied "Well here try it out, let me hook it up to my inverter". As soon as he depressed the power touch switch, I was greeted with a gentle whirr of the motor and spinning brush roll. At that point I just paid the guy and took off LOL. Now I'm mainly a Hoover, GE and Electrolux guy but this was just one very low mile, and well cared for machine. I just couldn't pass it up. To my surprise this machine is VERY well built, compared to my previous experience with the late 90s/2000s Eureka plastic junk that we owned in the past.

This machine actually didn't need much. I just installed a new belt, and gave everything (including the cord, handle, wheels, and bag) a good wipe down. Buffed out the marks on the metal hood and buffed the furniture guard as well. The area by the Hi/LO/ACC switch is kinda dented, as if someone had dropped something on it.

I did take some before and after shots but the machine was pretty clean as it is so it's kind of difficult to tell the difference in the photos.

However I do have a quick question for the Eureka experts here. How does one get the hood off and get inside the motor? I mean it runs fine but I'd like to see if everything is clean and in order. Any info would be appreciated.

The first 5 images are the "Before" and the last 5 are the "After" shots.


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Post# 369539 , Reply# 1   3/30/2017 at 06:11 (389 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

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Oh gosh....that is the exact same model we got in 1974 to replace our 1960 blue Eureka Super Automatic! Top rated in Consumer Reports in 1973. The tested model was 2082...the 2083 has only one change: the addition of Edge Kleener channels on both sides of the chrome brush roll cover.

What a great cleaner....the only weak spot is the plastic frame around the Power Touch bar under the handle. Ours cracked after a few years but I got a replacement from Eureka.

Hint: tilt the front of the cleaner off the carpet whenever you want to adjust the red Rugulator height adjuster - it makes it easier to slide.

Also, the handle has three positions: upright for storage, angled for regular cleaning and "flat to the floor" for cleaning under furniture (you press on the release pedal a second time to get it to go flat).

Post# 369579 , Reply# 2   3/30/2017 at 13:04 (389 days old) by Vintagefox (California)        

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Ah nice! It certainly does vibrate the carpet a little more than my Hoover Convertible. The PowerTouch switch is going to take some getting used to, but overall I'm very pleased.

The one on this one appears alright but I'll be sure to be gentle with the switch if that's the case. I don't believe it'll be easy to find a NOS replacement switch haha.

I'll keep that all in mind Thanks! Though I probably won't be using this machine on it's lowest handle setting considering how nice the bag is.

Quick question, you wouldn't happen to know to remove the hood on this machine? Are there metal tabs that I have to unbend. The only screw head I can spot is on the metal bracket holding the rear wheel axle in place. This machine has me stumped!


Post# 369583 , Reply# 3   3/30/2017 at 13:52 (389 days old) by suckolux (Yuba City, CA)        

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Great cleaners, powerful! There should be two spring loops showing on the bottom just above the wheels, needle-nose pliers and release them, that's it.

Post# 369594 , Reply# 4   3/30/2017 at 17:36 (389 days old) by Vintagefox (California)        

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Thanks for the information! I popped the hood off and removed some yellow shag carpet fluff.. Bearings appear to be fine and same goes for the motor brushes. They look practically new.


Post# 369595 , Reply# 5   3/30/2017 at 18:10 (389 days old) by suckolux (Yuba City, CA)        

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Good to hear, darn nice machine

Post# 369610 , Reply# 6   3/31/2017 at 00:32 (388 days old) by Vintagefox (California)        

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Getting the springs back on was a pain in the butt, but thankfully they're back on. (After like 6 attempts)
Indeed it is, might even make it my Daily Driver and preserve my Hoovers. Heh :P

Post# 369622 , Reply# 7   3/31/2017 at 06:40 (388 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

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Love the sound of these high-end metal Eurekas....that low hum is now so familiar to me that I could identify a Eureka upright blindfolded!!!!

It really is an excellent carpet cleaner...and the top-fill F&G bag holds a lot of dirt so you can go a long time between bag changes.

Yours looks like it was barely used! Not a scratch in sight on the hood!

"EUREKA. The very best in vacuum cleaners."

Post# 369648 , Reply# 8   3/31/2017 at 08:59 (388 days old) by rugsucker (Elizabethton TN)        

NICE!Eureka.Great find.
While I don't quite agree that later F-G Eurekas were "plastic junk"yours above would be one of the most deluxe,quality Eurekas ever with all features.The optional attachments would have been in the plastic caddy.
Happy Vacuuming.
(I have several of these left for parts,to restore or metal scrappers.Anyone??)

Post# 369716 , Reply# 9   4/1/2017 at 01:02 (387 days old) by Vintagefox (California)        

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@ eurekaprince: They certainly do sound different than any of my other machines. Kind of neat to see that they used ball bearings all around.

I was quite surprised at the high fill point.Might take me a couple months before I ever reach that fill line. Whoever owned this machine certainly loved it considering it was fitted with a hepa/cloth f & g bag.

It was either seldom used or very well loved. The "Edge Kleener" decals are still intact as well. The hood did have some marks on it, but thankfully they buffed out with ease.

@ rugsucker: Thanks! I'll be sure to take care of this machine like its last owner has. When I said "plastic junk" I was mainly referring to "The Boss" series machine. It was just awful.. but that's just my opinion. I know there have been some really neat machines in Eureka's line up, some equal or slightly better than Hoovers.
I haven't been able find any photos of the tool caddy setup. I assume the tools attached to machine through a "pan adaptor" correct?

Post# 369717 , Reply# 10   4/1/2017 at 01:59 (387 days old) by TheSpiritOf76 (Historic Midtown Wichita Kansas. )        
Very nice find!

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That is a VERY rare machine! Congrats! That model was in Antique White. That as part of the new 1972 line, and ran until 1974.


I have this model too! This is one of my favorite machines. I am including some paperwork, and one add showing the entire 1972-74 ad.

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Post# 369727 , Reply# 11   4/1/2017 at 08:34 (387 days old) by rugsucker (Elizabethton TN)        

Great information above from Jae.It is interesting to see uprights with the best type paper bags at that time(and improved since)but canisters that would never have a paper bag as good and as simple for the customer to change as AirWay or Electrolux canisters from years past.
Eureka BOSS-Boss started with F-G style and later would include as many as 7 different models including hand and broom vacs.The Bravos most deserve the term 'plastic junk'but did work well during their usually short and loud life span.Imagine the confusion of a customer wanting a part for a 'Boss'.
Tools-All used the front converter but the deluxe kit had all attachments,metal wands and the 2 sided plastic storage caddy.

Post# 369827 , Reply# 12   4/2/2017 at 17:23 (386 days old) by sweeperboy (Pennsylvania)        
Attachment use with power grip handle

I've never seen or used an Eureka upright with the touch power handle grip so I might be missing the obvious, but I'm curious how the cleaner was powered on when using the attachments? Holding the handle grip with one hand and the curved hose end in the other seems rather inconvenient and clumsy.

Post# 369841 , Reply# 13   4/2/2017 at 20:39 (385 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

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Eureka uprights with a Power Touch handle have a 3-position toggle switch on the front - up is high power, middle is low power and down is "attachment" setting which means the motor is constantly on. You can use the "att" setting to clean carpets too - it bypasses the Power Touch bar and keeps the motor on the high setting.

These Eurekas offered an optional tool set in a fancy red plastic caddy...I'll find a photo and post asap.

Post# 369842 , Reply# 14   4/2/2017 at 20:47 (385 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

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Here's a Youtube clip showing the tool set you could buy for the Eureka 2000 series of uprights. The attachments would not have been blue like in this clip - they would have been in a matching beige/ivory colour....

CLICK HERE TO GO TO eurekaprince's LINK

Post# 369865 , Reply# 15   4/3/2017 at 03:14 (385 days old) by Vintagefox (California)        

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@ TheSpiritOf76 Thanks for sharing the advertisements, and information on this machine! Gotta love the hey-day of shag carpeting.

@ rugsucker It might be the Bravo, it's been so long since I last saw that machine. However I do remember that it had the push on style bags (Like Hoover's Type A bag) it had a plastic bag cover with a rounded off top and the base looked very similar to the Hoover Elites of the same era.

@ sweeperboy Like Eurekaprince mentioned this machine has 3 position toggle switch for attachments which keeps the motor running. Also handy for keeping the machine ON if you're the type with floaty fingers.

Post# 370041 , Reply# 16   4/4/2017 at 18:34 (384 days old) by Vintagefox (California)        

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A look under the hood and motor brushes. All appears to be in order, bulb has darkened a bit, but it still works and to be expected.
Should mention, any leftover dust shown was removed before putting it back together.

I'm not exactly sure but I shouldn't have to service these bearings right? They feel/sound fine and also appear to be of the sealed bearing type.

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Post# 370042 , Reply# 17   4/4/2017 at 18:44 (384 days old) by vacuumlad1650 (Chicago Suburbs)        

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If they run smooth they are fine. You *can* pry up the rubber seal and re-pack it, but by then I just grab my gearing puller and replace the whole thing.

Post# 370043 , Reply# 18   4/4/2017 at 18:45 (384 days old) by vacuumlad1650 (Chicago Suburbs)        

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Pardon the Typo...Bearing* puller. Not Gearing puller

Post# 370045 , Reply# 19   4/4/2017 at 19:36 (384 days old) by Vintagefox (California)        

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Thanks for the information!

I'm going to leave them be, as there is zero play and spins freely. Definitely a pretty low hour machine.


Post# 370049 , Reply# 20   4/4/2017 at 20:12 (384 days old) by vacuumlad1650 (Chicago Suburbs)        

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Those are dual ball bearing machines if I remember right. The top bearing obviously is. Those shouldn't have any play, but a worn Sleeve Bearing/Bushing would.

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