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Removing an Electrolux Model XXX Motor?
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Post# 296442   9/1/2014 at 16:58 (1,326 days old) by Jaker15 (Meridian, ID)        

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Hey all, it's me again! My next project is to tune up my 1949 Electrolux Model 30, and I'd like to take out the motor, check everything out, and clean the fans to see if it improves suction power. Now, I have taken the motor out of my Model L, and that was pretty simple, but I don't really know how the XXX comes apart, because unlike the L, it has what looks like 2 studs on the back end that hold the rear cover in place. I don't want to just start unscrewing stuff and risk breaking something. So, has anyone serviced an Electrolux Model XXX or know how to properly disassemble one? Please let me know, I would really love it! Thanks so much! 

Post# 296464 , Reply# 1   9/1/2014 at 17:47 (1,326 days old) by eurekastar (Amarillo, Texas)        

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Those thumb screws allow you to remove the exhaust cover so that an exhaust filter could be inserted there. You'll need to remove it in order to gain access to the motor.

Post# 296466 , Reply# 2   9/1/2014 at 17:57 (1,326 days old) by eurekastar (Amarillo, Texas)        
Check out this video

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This guys does a really good job of demonstrating how to gain access to the motor. He doesn't show how to take the motor apart. But it's actually pretty intuitive. Just photograph everything you do!


Post# 296471 , Reply# 3   9/1/2014 at 18:48 (1,326 days old) by tig21er (Indiana)        
I beg

to differ on Euerkastars demo. The wires for the switch pull out of the switch and are not soldered in the switch. If you can wait until Sept 2 I can write up everything you need to work on the motor without messing up your motor or gasket.

Post# 296472 , Reply# 4   9/1/2014 at 18:50 (1,326 days old) by tig21er (Indiana)        

by the way the side rails that have the Electrolux name is very easy to come off I will tell you that too.

Post# 296473 , Reply# 5   9/1/2014 at 19:06 (1,326 days old) by Jaker15 (Meridian, ID)        

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I actually got an e-mail from someone (I think it was BikerRay) explaining in detail how to correctly disassemble the Model 30. I will start working on it in the next little while. Thanks for all the help, everyone! smile

Post# 296515 , Reply# 6   9/1/2014 at 22:13 (1,326 days old) by Jaker15 (Meridian, ID)        
Uh oh

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I took the bottom plate off of the motor, and I have no idea how it's supposed to go back on. Does it matter which way it's installed?

Post# 301579 , Reply# 7   10/12/2014 at 16:18 (1,285 days old) by jsonova99 (Parksley, VA)        

Hi, this is my first post, I just purchased a Model XXX that I'm getting ready to restore, could you by any chance email me those detailed instructions that you came across to properly disassemble one of these and access the motor?

Thanks in advance,

Post# 301583 , Reply# 8   10/12/2014 at 16:32 (1,285 days old) by Jaker15 (Meridian, ID)        
Removing the motor

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The process to remove the motor is surprisingly simple, I was surprised at how quickly I was able to get it out. I'll send you an email.

Post# 347943 , Reply# 9   3/18/2016 at 20:25 (762 days old) by jaybake32 (Portlandia)        
Removing Motor

Hi all - I have been lurking here for a bit, and am now a proud owner of a XXX. Not sure what year. I know this is an older post, but, I too am trying to figure out how to get the motor apart, so that I can change the bearings. Does anyone still have the info? Will I have to use a puller? Thanks!

Post# 348298 , Reply# 10   3/22/2016 at 20:36 (758 days old) by Paul (MN)        

Welcome to Vacuumland, Jason.

Sorry, but I can't help you with disassembling a Model 30 motor. If you click on tig21er or bikerray's names, you can email them.

As for dating a Model 30 the best indicator is the power switch casing which has the month and last two digits of the year it was made. It doesn't positively give you the year of manufacture but it gives a ballpark, because the switch may have sat in a box for awhile before being installed. Keep in mind, also, that the it may have been replaced (although it doesn't seem common).

Another way to get a general idea of the manufacture year without opening anything is to look at the bottom of the front trim where the ratings are stamped. The motors prior to 1949 were 475-watts, and those after were 535-watts. Btw, the top of the front trim bears the serial id.

You can also check out Charles Lester's website,, for detailed information about the Model 30 and other pre-1960 Electrolux vacuum cleaners.



Post# 349466 , Reply# 11   4/3/2016 at 22:24 (746 days old) by jaybake32 (Portlandia)        

Okay I went ahead and figured out how to pull her apart, but alas, I cannot remember how to put her back together after putting in the new bearings! I took some pics, basically I am trying to remember how the fan assembly is put back on. Funny thing, I have no recollection of removing the fans from the drive shaft but I must have. Of course, I can't recall which side of the fan is "forward" either. Any help much appreciated.

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Post# 349475 , Reply# 12   4/4/2016 at 00:35 (746 days old) by blknblu (CT)        

I am only used to the Super J and LE motors, but figure out how it goes together before putting the pieces on the shaft.

Look on the circular aluminum fans near the center for clues by looking at the imprints left on them from the piece that was against it when the nut was tightened.

One side may have a smaller one, indicating a bushing.

Another may be larger indicating a washer. The nut will make a different one.

Once you figure it out, mark the pieces carefully with a sharpie.


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Post# 349492 , Reply# 13   4/4/2016 at 09:18 (745 days old) by bikerray (Middle Earth)        

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The fan with the hub pointing up in the center is the lower fan, the fan with the hub pointing down is the upper fan. So it would be lower fan, lower fan housing, upper fan, fan nut, upper fan housing, then the four screws to hold the fan housing together.

In the picture you have the lower fan sitting in the lower fan housing. The center opening where the air is drawn in always faces toward the fan housing opening.

Post# 349541 , Reply# 14   4/4/2016 at 22:51 (745 days old) by jaybake32 (Portlandia)        

Thank you guys! I was able to get her back together with your help. With the new bearings it is running quieter and the suction seems a little better, but, the motor area is still getting quite hot. I used an infrared thermometer and got a reading of 124 F on the surface of the motor surround. I don't remember it running that hot before, is that normal?

Post# 350197 , Reply# 15   4/12/2016 at 23:55 (737 days old) by jaybake32 (Portlandia)        
Answering my own question lol

I looked at the motor, running, and quite a few sparks. I tried a stone on the commutator but it did not seem to help. Anything beyond that exceeds my skill level so I am putting in a replacement motor.

Post# 350309 , Reply# 16   4/14/2016 at 14:47 (735 days old) by jimtyler88 (Anaheim, Califnornia)        
I have a model 30 XXX

It's in mint condition, it even has the original price sticker on it located on the bottom How much do you think this is worth? I do also have the braided fabric original hose and attachments.

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Post# 371014 , Reply# 17   4/19/2017 at 00:59 (366 days old) by Dch112 (Concord, CA)        

Paul, My XXX I believe was manufactured in 1949. It's the 475 watt version so it says anyway. The power switch inside is stamped 4-49. From what I read changes were gradual. Just because is was manufactured in 1949 doesn't mean it's has a 535 watt motor. How does the extra 60 watts improve performance, more suction?

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