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Ohhh, the utter shame and humiliation these poor XXXs must be feeling
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Post# 95399   4/5/2010 at 15:53 (3,608 days old) by electrolux~137 ()        

Scroll down to the end of the listings.......

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Post# 95400 , Reply# 1   4/5/2010 at 15:57 (3,608 days old) by electrolux~137 ()        

p.s. at those prices, do you think these will fly off the shelf??

Post# 95403 , Reply# 2   4/5/2010 at 16:17 (3,608 days old) by arh1953 ( River Park, in Port St. Lucie, Florida)        

arh1953's profile picture
I think they'll fall off the shelves, in suicide attempts.

Post# 95404 , Reply# 3   4/5/2010 at 16:24 (3,608 days old) by joe22 ()        

its their second listing

Post# 95405 , Reply# 4   4/5/2010 at 16:28 (3,608 days old) by kenkart ()        
have mercy

This makes me want to chew nails and spit b bs ,If you put some peoples brain in a hummingbird,they would fly backwards and kiss a mules ass for a morningglory!

Post# 95416 , Reply# 5   4/5/2010 at 18:30 (3,608 days old) by sireluxomatic ()        

I agree that the XXX's look pretty appalling, but those Model G's look good, the dark blue one in particular.

Post# 95427 , Reply# 6   4/5/2010 at 19:44 (3,608 days old) by petek (Ontario)        

Actually I rather like them. They look to be well done/painted from what I can see and I'd rather one of those than a new piece of plastic anyday. And in the right setting like a mod condo or apartment they'd be great.

Post# 95429 , Reply# 7   4/5/2010 at 19:50 (3,608 days old) by electrolux~137 ()        

Petek, I would agree with you on just about any other vacuum cleaner than the XXX. That machine in its original splendor is so gloriously beautiful, that, to me, tarting them up in these garish colors is almost as horrific a travesty as painting a moustache on the Mona Lisa.

Well, not really ... but to me they really do look Gawd-Awful!

Post# 95470 , Reply# 8   4/6/2010 at 01:12 (3,607 days old) by akabent (LEFT Coast)        
'almost as horrific a travesty as painting a moustache o

Or... Photo-shopping THE HOOVER COMPANY! (sorry, couldn't resist!)

Post# 95479 , Reply# 9   4/6/2010 at 08:32 (3,607 days old) by petek (Ontario)        

No problemo, to each their own tastes. I like that the guy is finding a new niche market for machines that might otherwise have gone to the dump and lost forever. Besides he'd probably be able to paint them back to near original colors if someone wanted to order one that way.

Post# 95481 , Reply# 10   4/6/2010 at 09:05 (3,607 days old) by filterqueen83 ()        
I like them

I think its really cool some people are into this retro vintage think and not really as much as we are. Some people like classic cars and others like moded out hot rods. I personally like the classic look of things and there original state but I can appreciate the look for sure.

Post# 95483 , Reply# 11   4/6/2010 at 09:23 (3,607 days old) by ohio_tuec ()        

Yeah, I'm not sure how I feel about the custom paintjobs, even more uncertain of the XXX retrofitted with a more powerful Ametek motor. It's like ruining a piece of history. If he outfitted it with a powernozzle and electric hose, it might be worth the $299.99. What I would like to know is while there is still an abundance of XXX's on eBay, why are there no prewar examples ever seen? Were they recycled in the metal scrap drives of WWII?

Post# 95491 , Reply# 12   4/6/2010 at 11:42 (3,607 days old) by electrolux~137 ()        

'almost as horrific a travesty as painting a moustache on the Mona Lisa. '
Or... Photo-shopping THE HOOVER COMPANY! (sorry, couldn't resist!)

Oh boy, wow.



What to say.......

Lowering my head slightly and raising my hand timidly:

May I gently remind everyone, and Akabent in particular, that my reason for "Photo-shopping THE HOOVER COMPANY" was as my own unique and personal commentary on the tragic and heartbreaking demise of the American branch of that company.

It was meant as a statement of mourning and grief, not as mockery of the Hoover Company or those who cherish its products --- nor was I disfiguring any Hoover machines, as the seller of these XXXs has done.

I deeply regreted that some people took offense at my commentary, and was sorry for the resulting conflagration that broke out and roared completely out of control, the flames fueled by white-hot personal attacks against me.

That some people are STILL harboring resentments against me, nearly a year and a half later, is disappointing -- to say the least.

Rick, it really is too bad that you "couldn't resist."

Post# 95492 , Reply# 13   4/6/2010 at 11:51 (3,607 days old) by electrolux~137 ()        

As to the scarcity of pre-war XXXs, I think it's due mostly to the fact that so fewer of them were manufactured than the post-war models. That along with the fact that they're simply older and, thus, more likely to have been lost or destroyed.

I'm of two minds about the original Lurelle Guild design and Electrolux's subsequent "improvements" on it.

On one hand, the later models are lighter-weight, the chrome rear-end stays beautiful much longer than the original polished aluminum, the new flat filters are easier to replace, the front cover works better, and the machine in general was made somewhat more streamlined.

On the other hand, the original design does have a vintage aesthetic that is very appealing and beautiful, and it had perfectly balanced proportions that were lost in the subsequent revisions.

Post# 95529 , Reply# 14   4/6/2010 at 17:51 (3,607 days old) by kirbyklassic80 ()        

I think the red and blue xxx electroluxs look cool, I'd buy them if I had the money.

Post# 95541 , Reply# 15   4/6/2010 at 20:42 (3,607 days old) by vinvac (Dubuque IA)        

vinvac's profile picture
I have mixed feelings...I don't like the colors, but I must is better to see them being sold and used rather than taken as garbage.

If they sell, the owner will have one of the most reliable vacuums ever made. Look at some of the awful colors of the new vacuums on the market....I won't mention any names...


Post# 95542 , Reply# 16   4/6/2010 at 21:03 (3,607 days old) by akabent (LEFT Coast)        
Awful colors....

How very true, Morgan. And like Charlie, I tend to be more of a purest, but as you and Pete pointed out, it is better to have them preserved than headed to the crusher. There are, however, some vacuums I would heartily recommend doing just that!

Post# 95546 , Reply# 17   4/6/2010 at 21:44 (3,607 days old) by compactelectra (Rancho Mirage, CA - New home of the Obamas)        
To Heck With The Vacuums Themselves!

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Although the artistic value is worth something. I'd almost be willing to pay the price just for those tools. You can't find them in that condition with the bumpers! Hmmm...


Post# 95558 , Reply# 18   4/6/2010 at 22:58 (3,606 days old) by electrolux~137 ()        

That's a very good point Fred, especially with the dusting brushes. And I saw that on this seller's XXXs that have original dusting brushes, the rubber bumpers are missing because surely the rubber had disintegrated long ago.

(And this makes you wonder about the condition about the rubber air-sealing "lip" inside the brush since that "lip" and the bumper consisted of one single piece of rubber. That "lip" is vital for good performance with the dusting brush because it keeps the suction from getting diffused and lost through the long bristles, and also keeps the bristles from curling inward and getting sucked up inside the brush housing.)

The early XXX Electrolux dusting brush and the floor brush had black rubber bumpers that have held up very well. I have several each of these tools with beautiful, intact bumpers.

When the LX-style rug nozzle was first introduced in 1949 as an optional (extra cost) accessory for the XXX, it had a gray rubber bumper that also holds up well. The same type of rubber (or, at any rate, the same color) was used for the bumpers for the floor tool and dusting brush. I've seen a lot of gray-rubber floor brushes with intact bumpers but hardly ever see a gray-rubber dusting brush with intact bumpers because for some reason the gray bumper on that tool does not last a long time.

Then when the LX came out and the XXX was sold as a lower-tier model, the rubber for all three attachments (for both models) was a bluish-gray rubber that has not held up at all well. The dusting brush bumpers become petrified and brittle; pieces of the rubber crumble off every time you handle the brush. The floor brush and rug nozzle bumpers develops a strange sort of "skin condition" where the rubber deteriorates and develops a sort of "leprosy" for lack of a better description: It develops crumbling blisters and pitting and then eventually becomes dry and brittle like the dusting brush.

Clearly Electrolux changed the rubber formulation for blue-gray rubber bumpers, or else the different dye negatively impacted the rubber somehow.

The only attachment that seems to have bumpers and rubber parts that have consistently held up is the first version of the floor polisher attachment. A variety of colors and materials for the bumper and "snout" were used for the roughly 10 yeas that version of the polisher was made: Dark gray rubber, light gray rubber, deep turquoise rubber, bluish-gray rubber, and then ultimately some type of dark blue-gray plastic for the last models made. I've never seen a polisher with "bad" bumpers, and I've seen a lot of 'em!

More than anyone probably wants to know, or cares about... heheh.......

Post# 95560 , Reply# 19   4/7/2010 at 02:40 (3,606 days old) by vintagehoover ()        
Colour... surely a matter of taste? I'm sure after the endless variations of austere maroon, brown and beige of the 40s, plenty were reviled by the extensive use of frivolous pastel shades in the 50s. Of course, these people failed to understand the work of, for example, Henry Dreyfuss and Faber Birren, who sought to make Hoover's product line look more lightweight by influencing the pyschology of the consumer with the use of a lighter pallette.

Thus, in the same way today, plenty will fail to understand why certain companies - mentioning no names - use bold colours to draw attention to key aspects of their unique patented technology. Which strikes a cord with the consumer, helping sell many millions of cleaners, win the approval of design counsils worldwide, and ultimately lead to their inclusion in art and design museums all over the world as an icon of modern design. Can't argue with results!

Consumer products are always intended to be 'of their time'. It's a shame the same can't always be said of the people who buy them. But as long as the older generation are horrified, the younger generation is getting something right!

Long live progress!

Post# 95561 , Reply# 20   4/7/2010 at 05:12 (3,606 days old) by 1926700 ()        
i personally think....

who EVER painted those poor dears that GOD awful color should be drug out in the street and shot with no mercy!! i absolutely detest painting a good vintage cleaner like this any other color than the original. just my thought
all my best

Post# 95563 , Reply# 21   4/7/2010 at 06:43 (3,606 days old) by vintagehoover ()        

Jason, that's ridiculously offensive and a total overreaction. Get a grip.

Post# 95565 , Reply# 22   4/7/2010 at 09:34 (3,606 days old) by sireluxomatic ()        
Just keep that lack of mercy rolling right along

“But as long as the older generation are horrified, the younger generation is getting something right!”

I find myself agreeing with this more and more every day.

As to being shot, hanged, garroted, or otherwise foully dispatched for painting a vacuum cleaner, should I await the firing squad for this? Granted, its no XXX, but still one of my best-loved cleaners, and it made me re-think my previous opinion of the XXX repaints as “appalling”.

Up with progress.

Post# 95569 , Reply# 23   4/7/2010 at 11:44 (3,606 days old) by petek (Ontario)        

Good grief, what's the story on that 89.

Post# 95570 , Reply# 24   4/7/2010 at 12:12 (3,606 days old) by sireluxomatic ()        

I previously posted about it in the following thread. Its by no means finished or even an adequate job of painting, and it makes that fellow's XXXs look like masterpieces by comparison.

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