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Electrolux model 1453
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Post# 79228   8/24/2009 at 23:17 (3,374 days old) by louvac (A)        

Hey guys!

Talk about a stripped down model! Can anyone tell me about this model Lux? It's technically model 1453 with 7.7 amps with PN and 5.5 without....or so it says inside the bag door. It definitely appears to be a bare bones model---not even a cord winder! When was it made/out? Where sold? How much did it cost?

The suction is piss poor and the hose is not clogged or kinked. The suction is just as poor on the machine end, as well.

When I take the back off, are there any tell tale indicators as to whether or not the motor was replaced with an after market model with less power?

Post# 79229 , Reply# 1   8/24/2009 at 23:38 (3,374 days old) by kirbykid63 (Wilmington Delaware)        
sounds like the special 1980-85?

Yes now if the suction is poor it is most likely the hose is original,try a new plastic hose.this model took the place of the model L and shared the same motor as the L.This model was brown during the olympia model run and silver for the silverado run,there was a white model during the diamond J and shared the new non rebuild able motor. I like this model if you replace the hose you will find this machine to be a great machine.

Post# 79245 , Reply# 2   8/25/2009 at 06:47 (3,374 days old) by electrolux-dude (Canyon, TX)        
Poor Suction

Another reason for poor suction could be that it either does have a replacement lamb motor although I've seen very few of these in this particular model of Lux. More than likely the motor needs to be cleaned. Richard or myself, Nathan, can e-mail you instructions on how to dis-assemble and clean the motor. With a good cleaning, of the motor and suction fans, they will run like new and you'll be amazed at how much better the suction is. If you need assistance--let Rich or I know.
Nathan L. Thomas

Post# 79246 , Reply# 3   8/25/2009 at 06:53 (3,374 days old) by louvac (A)        
realized I had forgotten to attach the here they

Here are some pics of the model "1453"

Post# 79248 , Reply# 4   8/25/2009 at 07:13 (3,374 days old) by arh1953 ( River Park, in Port St. Lucie, Florida)        
Beautiful little Lux

arh1953's profile picture
I like that, and I have a similar Eureka The Boss Mighty Mite that was left here with the Eureka Precision Boss, from about twenty years ago. I love them.

Post# 79290 , Reply# 5   8/25/2009 at 20:53 (3,373 days old) by eluxomarty (Palm Springs)        

This model looks to be in the same color scheme as the Marquis which came out in 1987 I believe. In our conversation I was under the impression that the hose was a vinyl wrapped leaky hose. This hose should be okay and provide good suction.

Maybe this was the model the Electrolux guy wheeled out when the buyer did not want to pay for a Marquis. The economy model perhaps?

Nathan's theory about the dirty motor sounds good to me. During one of the vacuum clinics at one of the conventions, I forget which, a canister was taken apart and we were shown how much dirt and dust can collect in the fans. Perhaps this vacuum was used with leaky bojack bags?


Post# 79291 , Reply# 6   8/25/2009 at 20:59 (3,373 days old) by louvac (A)        
Here's pic #2

Another shot after I reduced the size so it would upload!

Post# 79293 , Reply# 7   8/25/2009 at 21:17 (3,373 days old) by elux89 ()        
Poor suction--I agree

Neat looking unit, but I agree with the comments on the suction/airflow side. The motors were nowhere near as powerful as the super J, olympia 1, silverado, nor the later 5.7 inch diameter motor that came in the late Silverado and the model 1521 (diamond j, marquis,ultralux etc.) I had the privilege of putting on the waterlift and airflow meter on this model that was current at the time of the Olympia 1


Post# 79294 , Reply# 8   8/25/2009 at 21:43 (3,373 days old) by normvac (COLUMBUS, OHIO)        
I would have to agree with the motor refurb.

I have personally used 2 of these machines. Owned the tan and brown 1453, always had great suction. Then the gray 1453, which a friend has owned for the past 20 years. Except for the
power nozzle which died a slow death about 5 years ago. They
still use the straight suction attachments of the machine.
I have replaced motors in these luxes and did not get the motor sealed or seated properly. Had to totally take it apart
and do it over. Some times it fine until the cleaner gets it
first big bump, then it becomes unsealed and so digresses in the power.

Post# 79297 , Reply# 9   8/25/2009 at 21:58 (3,373 days old) by louvac (A)        


the machine is neat looking indeed. Intriguing to me actually! Some Electroluxes look to me like locomotives and so I guess that's why I like them-I love trains, too!
Again, the motor specs state: 5.5 amps, 7.7 with powernozzle.


how can I tell for sure if the motor has been replaced? There are no spaces around machine and no air is leaking. When I say the suction is poor, I mean that it does not compare to a Super J or Diamond Jubilee or Silverado. Or, even the Lux 2000 which is sort of a bare bones model, also!
What year is the machine?

Post# 79299 , Reply# 10   8/25/2009 at 22:10 (3,373 days old) by kirbykid63 (Wilmington Delaware)        
Check the fans

Sometimes,a past owner takes the machine apart and puts a fan in backwards,this will almost completely diminish the airflow .Also if a bag burst in the machine dust could have clogged the fans. I have owned and serviced these machines and find them to perform well when working right.

Post# 79304 , Reply# 11   8/26/2009 at 01:36 (3,373 days old) by joe22 ()        

i have one of these, original box etc. does not have a cord winder (it was an extra add on) but has the L shaped delux (at the time) power nozzle. it has very good suction and is one of my fave luxs. joe

Post# 79416 , Reply# 12   8/27/2009 at 16:50 (3,372 days old) by louvac (A)        

Rich and Nathan.....

I now think that there is a leak--or at least something is not sealing correctly because when I hold my hand over the hose attachment end there is almost no change in the sound of the motor which tells me that air is somehow bypassing the usual inlet!

Can either of you send me instructions on how to take the machine apart? I know that the key is the side bumpers which actually function as side clamps. I need to know what to look for.....


Post# 79418 , Reply# 13   8/27/2009 at 16:56 (3,372 days old) by lux1521 ()        

This machine opens from the back. Two screws on the back if I remember correctly. The the motor is removed with 4 nuts just like a 1205 - Ultralux machines. The side bumpers on metal cleaners have no role in holding the machine together.

I'd guess the seal between the fans and the bag case is misplaced or improperly installed.

Post# 79445 , Reply# 14   8/27/2009 at 20:34 (3,372 days old) by louvac (A)        

Ok Guys.....

I found out what's goin on......took the back end the motor.

For starters, something funky was done to the cord assembly. It appears the prong set is staggered, which looks to be normal. In other words the cord end to the machine is sort of like a has one male and one female thingy....and so does the receptacle inside the machine in reverse...kinda like a 9V battery deal....But the male prong on the machine side appears to be crushed or distorted.

So, I pulled the motor out and directly in front of the machine was what was left of a type of foam "diaphragm". Once you compressed a piece of it, it stayed crushed. Less than half of it was there. So I imagine that this is where the suction was lost. Correct?

Now, I will have to get a new foam diaphragm and repair the machine end cord prong.

Post# 79448 , Reply# 15   8/27/2009 at 21:33 (3,371 days old) by lux1521 ()        

Was the foam between the motor and the plastic motor cover? If so, then I doubt that is your problem. I'd be looking between the motor and bag case.

Post# 79461 , Reply# 16   8/27/2009 at 23:03 (3,371 days old) by kirbykid63 (Wilmington Delaware)        
Make a new foam gasket

Go to a fabric store and purchase a piece of foam and use the old gasket as a pattern and cut out a new piece.You will be back in business soon.

Richard Groski

Post# 79464 , Reply# 17   8/27/2009 at 23:15 (3,371 days old) by aeoliandave (Stratford Ontario Canada)        

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You've got to have an air-tight seal between the front fan intake and the back of the motor. Many cylinders like Electrolux support the motor/fan case inside a rubber ring (to cut back on vibration and noise) that clamps tight around when the motor is bolted in place or is sandwiched between the two case halves. This gasket would not be made of foam because of foam's inherent porosity. Foam is used for particulate filters.

Check again exactly what the motor unit is seated against or mounted in. Often it can be a rubber diaphragm ring and sometimes they tear in the thin cross section. I've succesfully repaired these by first sewing the tear closed flat edge to edge with large stitches, then contact rubber cementing a section of sheet rubber - like from an innertube - as a new layer, trimming away the excess, then remounting the motor through it's old bolt holes and voila! new leak-less seal.


Post# 378904 , Reply# 18   9/25/2017 at 05:38 (421 days old) by flash0008 (North Carolina)        
Please help; cleaning an Electrolux 1453

Probably the wrong place to put this but here goes. I've just spent the last several days online looking at every Parts List/Breakdown Drawing/Diagram/Schematic that ever existed EXCEPT for the one I'm looking for. I just acquired a Model 1453 Canister Vacuum and a couple of Power Nozzles (a PN4 & PN4A)and wanted to at least clean them up good including the motor(s). So could I bother one of you guys who seem to know a lot about this to link me to a useful Parts List/Drawing and some instructions on take down & cleaning? Also any advice/tips on the subject would be greatly appreciated. I'll throw in some pics though I don't know if needed or not. Thanks so much in advance. Keith

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Post# 382141 , Reply# 19   12/4/2017 at 13:33 (351 days old) by swoosh (Connecticut)        
Electrolux 1453 Power Nozzle issue

Hi, Not sure what's wrong with the power nozzle. It stops and goes randomly while vacuuming even a low pile rug. I can't see any obstruction. I've disassembled it, and all looks fine to the naked eye.
Does anyone have any idea what may be wrong?
I've owned this for over 40 years, and it's been going strong all this time!

Post# 382206 , Reply# 20   12/5/2017 at 17:00 (350 days old) by vacuumdevil (Denver)        

vacuumdevil's profile picture
That's my childhood vacuum. Still one of my favorite vintage machines out there.

Post# 382216 , Reply# 21   12/5/2017 at 20:19 (349 days old) by Ctvacman (CT)        

Itís most likely the hose not making good conection with the wand, have you replaced the hose recently or at all since you originally bought it? Not sure where you live in ct but I know the good and bad shops that can help you out.

Post# 382302 , Reply# 22   12/7/2017 at 22:56 (347 days old) by Bimmer740 (Long Island, New York)        

bimmer740's profile picture
Have you checked the connection where the handle and the wand meet? Also maybe try replacing the cord that is within the wand sheath. If you the hose handle was removed from the wand without shutting of the power nozzle it can cause damage to the electrical connections.

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