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Hoover PowerMax Deluxe canister
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Post# 456576   9/7/2022 at 16:53 by JustJunque (Western MA)        

Hey all,

I'm posting this in "Vintage", because I honestly don't know how old this is. If it should be in "Contemporary", I apologize.
I took a ride to the Salvation Army store the other day, not expecting to find anything.
But, a power nozzle with chrome wands caught my eye, so I went to investigate.
What I found was a plastic canister vacuum that didn't really interest me initially. But, the more I looked, the more I liked.
I like the sort of taupe color. I like the fact that it has its power nozzle and all of the on-board tools. I like that it came with three unopened packages of genuine Hoover bags, and a couple of spare belts for the power nozzle. I like that it's an American-made Hoover.
It had a price sticker on it, but no price written on it.
When I brought it up front to plug it in and see if it worked, I asked the cashier about the price. She kind of shrugged and said, "$5.99?"
I was good with that! Especially, since it did run, and sounded good to me.

Now, for the nit-picking.
It feels kind of fragile and plasti-crappy, compared to my Electroluxes or vintage machines.
It's a little more scuffed up than I originally thought.
Inside the bag compartment was very dirty, and the two filters look like they've never been replaced or cleaned.
There's definitely something wonky about the power nozzle. One side doesn't seem to line up properly.
On the underside, some of you are probably familiar with the three screws that are marked with the crossed-out screwdriver picture. I assume that means, don't remove these three screws. Well, those three screws are missing.
I took out the four screws to open it up, and immediately noticed the broken belt. Also, the bulb looks very black; like it must be burned out. More significantly, the motor seems very loose, in my very unprofessional opinion; like it's just sitting in there. Perhaps that's what the three missing screws are for? I don't touch anything mechanical or electrical. I just clean them up. So, I honestly don't have any idea how things are supposed to be fastened in place.

I'll eventually post more pictures. But, for now, can anyone fill me in on the age of this model? I'll include a picture of the information tag.
Also, I'm completely unfamiliar with this model in general. I'd love to hear anything you can tell me about it. And, please share your thoughts on the power nozzle. I'm not going to attempt to run it until I feel more confident that it put together correctly.
Can anyone tell me if the two filters are still available? I'm guessing they're pre and after motor filters.

I'm sure I'll have more questions eventually. But, anything you can tell me about it would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!


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Post# 456579 , Reply# 1   9/7/2022 at 19:30 by JustJunque (Western MA)        

Still in the cleaning process, but here's a quick picture with everything just thrown together.
Sorry it's sideways.


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Post# 456580 , Reply# 2   9/7/2022 at 22:09 by kirbylux77 (London, Ontario, Canada)        

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Barry, for $5.99, you did really good! Yes, I agree those vacuums are very plasticky, but bear in mind that it would have been sold in the late 90s-early 2000's for just under $400, and likely in Walmart or Kmart or some other discount department store/retailer.

Sounds like someone has opened the powerhead up and tried to do a repair, then gave up for some reason. Those 3 screws are the ones that go right into the underside of the powerhead motor and hold it in place onto the powerhead body. Turn it on first, make sure it works, and if it does take the powerhead into a hardware store and buy 3 screws for it. You will need to have the base with you and the motor to make sure the screws actually fit. While you are there, go into the vacuum aisle and buy a pack of Hoover Celebrity belts, they used the same belt for all their powerheads except for the Duros and Windtunnel powerheads. You should also be able to find a replacement lightbulb if you go into the specialty lighting section as well. Also, while you are at it, when you reassemble the powerhead, take the brushroll in your hand, spin it and make sure there is no damage and has good would be the time to replace it if it does require it.


Post# 456591 , Reply# 3   9/8/2022 at 09:32 by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
My sister had one of those!!!

gottahaveahoove's profile picture

It was a different  It was used very hard, for years, by her AND cleaning people.

 She had it serviced a few times. A wheel broke off.  She finally replaced it and gave it to me.

  That might be cheap plastic, but, it was a good cleaner.  Nice powerhead.

  Thanks for posting the pic !!!

  You got a good deal.


Post# 456592 , Reply# 4   9/8/2022 at 10:15 by luxlife (Under a Pecan Tree)        
Is this what replaced the Dimension models?

I donít remember if there was some overlap with these and the Dimensions, or if this came soon after. I vaguely remember a Powermax that had more features.

Post# 456595 , Reply# 5   9/8/2022 at 11:40 by JustJunque (Western MA)        

I still know very little about it. But, since acquiring it, and doing a little searching, it seems that they made it in different trim levels. My "Deluxe" is probably lower end; unless there was a straight suction version without a power nozzle.
I've already forgotten what it was called, but I saw a video of a PowerMax maybe Supreme? Elite?
It had controls on the handle to turn the brush roll on and off, and to adjust the speed of the main motor.


Post# 456596 , Reply# 6   9/8/2022 at 12:02 by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
I'll have to check the one I have

gottahaveahoove's profile picture

that belonged to my sister.  It MIGHT be a different model.  But, it looks awfully close, except for the color.

   That machine saw a good time.


Post# 456610 , Reply# 7   9/8/2022 at 18:33 by Gman (Ripon, CA)        

There was the Hoover Futura that was the same vacuum. Had one around 96/97. Not sure when they changed to the Powermax.

Post# 456622 , Reply# 8   9/8/2022 at 22:11 by JustJunque (Western MA)        

I think I may have dumb lucked into figuring out part of the problem with the power nozzle.
I took it apart to clean inside it, and I just started trying to observe if anything was obviously not lining up properly when I went to put the two halves back together.
Something about the belt guard didn't look right, so I popped it out and discovered this.
It looks like somehow, the belt ran up against the little metal part. There's a lot of rubber residue on it.
That most likely broke the belt. Also, I'm thinking maybe enough heat built up to distort the plastic under this metal part. I don't know if it shows in the picture, but it looks like part of the plastic is out of shape.
I have a new belt guard on order.

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Post# 456757 , Reply# 9   9/14/2022 at 15:05 by JustJunque (Western MA)        

Well, the new belt guard arrived today.
It's NOS, sealed in the original bag. So, I don't think it's been messed with. However, it has no little metal piece on the end of it, like the one that came off of my vacuum.
Is it possible that piece would have been sold separately?
Or, is it possible that the metal piece isn't even part of the vacuum, and just something that the previous owner vacuumed up, and it almost miraculously got hooked on the end of the belt guard; wreaking all sorts of havoc?
It just fits on there so perfectly, I took for granted that it was supposed to be there.

I think I just answered my own question.
It appears that it is supposed to be there, and would have to be purchased separately.
It's called a "Rib shoe".


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Post# 456768 , Reply# 10   9/15/2022 at 00:12 by martin187 (Illinois)        
Good find!

I have a Powermax Supreme, the highest end model they made, and other than the frequent hose splitting at the handle with the grey hose it has been phenomenal. I ended up replacing the hose with a black more rubbery one, took a while to find one with the electronic suction control, but I did and have had no issues since. Next I'll have to replace or repair the cord coming out of the power head, it's starting to fray.

Post# 456781 , Reply# 11   9/15/2022 at 10:39 by JustJunque (Western MA)        

Thanks Martin,

I'm trying not to get discouraged with it. That happens easily for me.
I guess I did get a good deal. If nothing else, just because of how complete it is.
And most of it seems to be in good condition, except for the power head.
I think I have most of the pieces I need. The little metal "rib shoe" is ordered. Once that arrives, I think I can put it all back together.
Fortunately, my power head cord is still in good shape. I've heard that's a problem spot with these.
My other big issue was the fact that the bag compartment smelled horrible from whatever it last vacuumed up, and the fact that the full bag had been left in it, along with the dirtiest filters I've ever seen.
After cleaning it multiple times, and leaving it open to air out, I think it's finally good.
It's getting both filters replaced, and I have HEPA bags for it.
I don't usually do any actual repairs; just cleaning. So, I'm really hoping I can get this power head sorted out and working properly.
This type of Hoover is all new to me, but it seems like it would be a decent machine.
Funny that when I bought it, I thought it might be fun to have something "new" to play with.
I had no idea it was 21 years old, and the design had been around even longer!


Post# 456924 , Reply# 12   9/20/2022 at 20:39 by Durango159 (State College, PA)        

durango159's profile picture
Hello and sorry for not seeing this sooner. I received your email and also message here in Vacuumland.

Your machine was manufactured December 2001. The first 4 digits of that serial are MMYY of manufacture.

The 3 screws in triangle pattern missing on yours would be for the power head motor. That's quite discouraging that the screws are missing. The original screws would be a flat top Philips head screw similar in size to 1/4 x 20 coarse thread. Approx. 3/8" depth into the unit itself. They are a much different screw from the 4 perimeter screws that hold the nozzle together.

Very interesting issue you came across with the belt guard. I'm gonna guess it wasn't properly re-installed on one of the occasions the unit was serviced. The belt guard has two slots that slide into the agitator cavity rear wall on the top housing. Additionally, there are 2 pins that connect to slots on the ceiling of the agitator cavity for it. So be sure to properly line up all 4 connection points.

Additionally, if you have issues with the top cover, ensure the rear wheels are all the same orientation installing into the power head housing. Pushing on each a little should help ensure it is properly installed.

Yes, the machines are plastic but they work and function well and that machine would have sold most commonly for $199.99 on sale from various department stores or online. Full retail in the U.S. would be around $259.

This unit was high mid tier in the canister line up at the time. The Windtunnel canister came out in 1999 and became Hoover's top of line units. Prior to that the the PowerMax was the top. The top tier PowerMax would have been one of two models: Hoover PowerMax Ultra S3620 circa 1999-2003.
Hoover PowerMax Supreme S3611 circa 1995 -1998
Both of those were a forest green color with controls on hose handle for:
Full Machine On/Off
Brush Roll On/Off
Variable speed suction motor

Post# 456926 , Reply# 13   9/20/2022 at 20:51 by Durango159 (State College, PA)        
The Spectrum Replaced the Dimension 1000

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To answer the question of the Hoover Dimension 1000 replacement, that would be the Spectrum.

I believe there was a short time frame that the Dimension 1000 and Spectrum canister coexisted but I'm not sure for how long. The Dimension 1000/ Supremacy series canisters lasted till 1991ish... It was around that time the S body suction unit came out.
The S body suction unit is what we have in this post.
There were MANY S body suction units over time!

Spectrum: Fully featured units with 13.5" headlight equipped Quadraflex PowerMatic nozzle

Futura: MANY units and colors from straight suction with manual wrap cord storage to cord rewind with headlight equipped dual row bristle brush roll power nozzle. Never with covered tool storage though.

PowerMax: Primarily high end Hoover S bag models all with power nozzle up until about 2000. Prior to that time all PowerMax's had a low profile, headlight equipped power nozzle, same styling in this post. After that time they had a few different models each with various features from straight suction to TOL with variable speed suction control

Windtunnel: All high end machines with the 15" Windtunnel power nozzle

Commercial: Backpack unit with straps and straight suction

TurboPower: 2 year warranty Black colored units that were remakes of others in their regular line up.
TurboPower 2000- straight suction
TurboPower 5000 S3577-- based off high end Futura canister line
TurboPower 5000 S3612-- based off the PowerMax Deluxe in this post
TurboPower 6000 S3613-- not available after around 1998.. a PowerMax based unit with brush roll on/off
TurboPower 7000 S3646-- Entry level Windtunnel canister with features of green Windtunnel S3630
TurboPower 75000 S3649-- TOL Windtunnel canister with features of translucent green Windtunnel Ultra S3661 including on board storage for air turbine hand tool.

Post# 456942 , Reply# 14   9/21/2022 at 13:03 by JustJunque (Western MA)        

Wow! Thanks for all the information!
Somewhere down the road, if I happened to find a black hose with the brush roll on/off switch in the handle, that might be a fun upgrade.
If I end up liking this PowerMax, I might keep my eyes open for a translucent WindTunnel version in the future.
Right now, I'm just waiting for all the bits and pieces I ordered for this one to arrive, and see if I can successfully get everything put back together and working properly!


Post# 456943 , Reply# 15   9/21/2022 at 13:20 by Durango159 (State College, PA)        

durango159's profile picture
You're welcome!
I'll try to check back in here next week and check the status. Hopefully the power nozzle housing screw slots are in good shape. I don't know why someone would take those off and not reinstall, it wouldn't function.

Post# 457757 , Reply# 16   11/3/2022 at 12:25 by JustJunque (Western MA)        
Finally back together

Well, it took a while to acquire all the discontinued bits and pieces, but the power head is finally all put back together. And, after owning the vacuum since early September, I've gotten to run it for its (for me) maiden voyage.
The brush roll seemed in good shape, and the power head motor sounds fine. But, I replaced the belt, headlight bulb, the brush roll bearings, the belt guard, and the rib shoe, and the screws that hold the motor in place. I was fortunate enough to find someone selling them on eBay.
The rib shoe was probably the hardest thing to find, and the reason it took so long to get everything buttoned back up. Since I don't have a work area, I had parts all over the floor of the breezeway. It's nice to get that all cleared out!
The vacuum sounds and works great! It has all new filters, a new HEPA bag, and I bought a set of black plastic twist-lock wands to keep dedicated for the bare floor tool. Sort of Electrolux-esque.
Like someone else had stated; one thing I would like to see different is the rear wheels of the canister itself. They're smooth plastic, and not the freest rolling. On the hardwood floors, I basically ended up just dragging it. It would be nice if Hoover had made the part that contacts the floor rubberized somehow. But, overall, I like the vacuum a lot. And, it was pretty rewarding, being the first time I've ever really repaired any part of a vacuum.


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