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pretty nice electrolux commemorative on ebay
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Post# 446927   10/8/2021 at 16:04 (222 days old) by Gabowenjr (tampa fl)        

Dont know if anybody is looking but a nice electrolux commemorative edition has shown up on ebay. Looks pretty complete. thought I would share. Seller also has a fe other items for sale including a 4c kirby and NIB hoover elite style vacuum.

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Post# 446928 , Reply# 1   10/8/2021 at 16:13 (222 days old) by huskyvacs (Indiana)        

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$674.00 ? Ouch.

Post# 446962 , Reply# 2   10/9/2021 at 21:57 (220 days old) by Lesinutah (Utah)        

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Gasko has one of these.

Post# 446986 , Reply# 3   10/10/2021 at 19:12 (219 days old) by S31463221 (Frenchburg, KY)        
Tom’s Electrolux

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Is actually in my possession now, unless he’s acquired another one. I purchased his close to 5 or 6 years ago! Tom’s machine was unawarded and didn’t have the little plaque on it.

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Post# 447239 , Reply# 4   10/22/2021 at 08:18 (208 days old) by encorevacuums (New Port Richey, FL)        

This seller is a good freind. He is also an Aerus dealer. I know the vacuum well. It is in new condition from his personal collection. Worth every penny.

Post# 447256 , Reply# 5   10/23/2021 at 08:24 (207 days old) by kirbylux77 (London, Ontario, Canada)        

kirbylux77's profile picture
Agreed, Michael. And that example looks mint!

Huakyvacs - Do you not realize that's a pittance for that vacuum? Hmm, let's see....hardly used, all the original attachments included, and a limited edition model not even released to the public? Sorry, reality check for ya here - that should have started at $1,600, not $670. And don't be shocked if a bidding war happens and the price skyrockets like we have seen before.


Post# 447259 , Reply# 6   10/23/2021 at 10:10 (207 days old) by encorevacuums (New Port Richey, FL)        

Dear kirbylux77. Nice to know when someone recognizes the worth of an expensive vacuum cleaner.

Post# 447286 , Reply# 7   10/23/2021 at 23:12 (206 days old) by Lesinutah (Utah)        

lesinutah's profile picture
Because it's recognized doesn't mean it's logical.
You could have a bidding war but your not going to see a bidding war and $650 is not something I'd pay for a vacuum I'd never use. I'd never use as wouldn't want to ruin a rare vacuum.

Post# 447658 , Reply# 8   11/5/2021 at 14:28 (194 days old) by keither (California )        

keither's profile picture
I am now the new owner of the machine- even with some mixed feelings I feel that the machine was worth the rescue. I say " rescue" because this Commemorative Edition is not as mint as it appears in the Ebay advertisements. Cosmetically the machine was not well cared for as its riddled with hardened rust spots and some dents. However, mechanically it rocks. I have a very reliable resource who has agreed to perform a little nip, de-rust, and dent removal procedure in an effort to upgrade the current cosmetic condition of this collectible item from 63% to 99.5% .

This post was last edited 11/05/2021 at 14:49
Post# 447664 , Reply# 9   11/5/2021 at 16:34 (194 days old) by dysonman1 (the county)        

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Congratulations Keither. It's a very nice machine to have in an Electrolux collection.

Post# 447718 , Reply# 10   11/8/2021 at 11:00 (191 days old) by kirbylux77 (London, Ontario, Canada)        

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Keither, congratulations! You own a VERY RARE piece of Electrolux history.

I am glad you got it....if that vacuum gets even half the care the machines in your collection get, it's going to be right at home with you :-).


Post# 447719 , Reply# 11   11/8/2021 at 11:08 (191 days old) by kirbylux77 (London, Ontario, Canada)        

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Lesinutah, once again your rude comments never cease to amaze me! The whole point why someone who collects vacuums would be to save and preserve such a rare piece of history, NOT to use it every day. And just because you wouldn't spend $650 for a vacuum you wouldn't use, there are lots if others that would.

You obviously didn't learn your lesson after I went after you on the TriStar EXL thread earlier this year now did you?! Someone ought to write


all over your forehead :p


Post# 447728 , Reply# 12   11/8/2021 at 20:23 (190 days old) by keither (California )        

keither's profile picture
@ Rob Walton: I do appreciate your kind feedback , however I don't support the attack on Les. Please do not respond and others please don't jump on the bandwagon. Lets move on from here people. I've dealt with enough issues for just buying the machine.


Post# 447735 , Reply# 13   11/9/2021 at 11:30 (190 days old) by encorevacuums (New Port Richey, FL)        

Keith, you had every chance to pull back on purchasing this Electrolux Commemorative Edition. Instead you chose to continue with the purchase all things considered. In my opinion those photo’s clearly showed the blemishes as well as the dents on the bottom of the machine. You still chose to give the seller negative feedback for something that was clearly not his fault and had never tried to misrepresent. All of your questions were answered and in a timely manner, yet you still sent negative comments. You even went as far as to block me for pointing out those photos clearly showed all of the rust blemishes and dents. When the seller tried to reason with you and apologize for any misgivings your blocked him as well. That’s not how collectors should treat each other. Shame on you.

Post# 447741 , Reply# 14   11/9/2021 at 12:42 (190 days old) by keither (California )        

keither's profile picture
@ Michael LaBue: Look B I T C H: Whatever I choose or choose not to purchase has absolutely NOTHING to do with you, or anyone else for that matter. So now you've decided to slither your way to VL and continue your verbal onslaught with a few extra lies for good measure, just to beef up the drama. Your reputation precedes itself and I’m not putting up with any of it. Oh and yes I've blocked your tactless inappropriate ass on Facebook. I will see to blocking you here on VL as well. Wow...this now makes the third time within a week that the Bag Fill indicator has been triggered on this Commemorative. Next???

This post was last edited 11/09/2021 at 17:24
Post# 447742 , Reply# 15   11/9/2021 at 13:27 (190 days old) by vacuumlover11 (Duluth)        

The king of NIB has SPOKEN!(Keither)

Y'all complaining about the money seem bitter and should just move on if you don't like the price. That's not for you to decide.

Also, Michael Lablue is literally the biggest price complainer I've ever met. Every collector who sells or buys has dealt with him and his nasty comments.

Once again, don't like the price? Keep your unwanted comments to yourself and move on.

Post# 447743 , Reply# 16   11/9/2021 at 14:10 (190 days old) by encorevacuums (New Port Richey, FL)        

Keith, your comments above are finally showing your true colors. My point was that you had every opportunity to back away from the eBay sale of the Commemorative edition. You went ahead and bought the machine. When you got it you complained about its condition after the fact. Then you gave the seller negative feedback. Why??? All your ever-so-eloquent posts on face book just went out window from you last comment. I saw all of the correspondence that you sent the seller. He answered all of you question and then some.

I don’t know who this idiot is: “Also, Michael Lablue is literally the biggest price complainer I've ever met. Every collector who sells or buys has dealt with him and his nasty comments.”

But he has no idea what he's talking about.

Post# 447744 , Reply# 17   11/9/2021 at 14:13 (190 days old) by encorevacuums (New Port Richey, FL)        

Vacuumlover if you know so much about me please enlighten me. Please help me remember what and where I complained about prices. Or are you just looking for a fight???

Post# 447748 , Reply# 18   11/9/2021 at 18:18 (189 days old) by huskyvacs (Indiana)        

huskyvacs's profile picture
I'm not sure what's happened here but it looks like encorevacuums is mad that they got caught scamming a collector selling half a piece of crap for an exorbitant price.

Remember when I said "ouch" to the price? Yeah, what happened here in this conversation is exactly why. People think they have something special and can charge so much money for it and it doesn't change anything about it. This Electrolux is no different from the one I just got at a flea market for $5. It's an old vacuum that's been sitting around in a damp basement or garden shed and has suffered from the elements. I'd have paid $100 for it but no more. It's totally silly to pay that much for a vacuum. You can get a LOT rarer vacuums for pennies than this.

Also what's going on here with this logic? Someone cant keep their story straight?

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Post# 447749 , Reply# 19   11/9/2021 at 18:26 (189 days old) by Keither (California )        

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Nathan thanks for the kudos and support man 😂 I swear to god..this Saber toothed drama queen is nothing short of a wrecking ball within the vac collector’s community. She deserves to be banned from the groups ,declawed, and to have her prehistoric predatory dentures permanently removed.

Post# 447751 , Reply# 20   11/9/2021 at 19:41 (189 days old) by encorevacuums (New Port Richey, FL)        

Dear Husky, I think you've missed the point completely. My comments have nothing at all to do with price for this vacuum or any other you seem to think I have anything to do with. The way Keith's vacuum was priced has nothing to do with my being upset with him. Money does not seem to be an issue with Keith. As we all know he has a stellar vacuum cleaner collection. There’s no doubt in my mind that if Keith finds a vacuum cleaner anywhere in or on social media he can afford to buy them at any price. Going back to my point, he accused the seller of misrepresenting the sale. I was privy to all of the communications between Keith and the Seller. Every question that Keith asked regarding the condition was answered. I think the photos in question, show very clearly where there are blemishes and even the dents. He went ahead with the sale. He obliviously was not happy when he opened it. He should have said something at that very moment. Instead of giving the seller “negative feedback” he should have contacted him directly to discuss the situation. He not only blocked me for pointing out the photos clearly showed the condition he blocked the seller when he tried to make amends. That’s just shitty business and not good camaraderie amongst collectors.

Post# 447752 , Reply# 21   11/9/2021 at 19:48 (189 days old) by encorevacuums (New Port Richey, FL)        

BTW KIETH, what you copied and pasted had nothing to do with the eBay ad. If you go back eBay that description and this on you'll see they are not the same. You chose to run with the description from the eBay sale. And rightfully so. I can repost the exact verbiage from the eBay sale if that escapes you. Sorry this upsets you. Maybe it's showing you in a different light to all you munnions

Post# 447755 , Reply# 22   11/9/2021 at 22:02 (189 days old) by huskyvacs (Indiana)        

huskyvacs's profile picture
The auction is right here man, we can all see it.

It is listed as "seller refurbished" and the description says it "has been cleaned up".

Yes you can see the rust spots on the photos clearly, that part is indeed true. Maybe I'm just stupid, but in my world you should not be asking $600 for a vacuum that has rust on it that is also advertised as having been fully refurbished and cleaned up. Stainless steel polish or a soft wire brush would clean that rust off during the "refurbishment" I would imagine...right?

However I do agree with Keith that there is absolutely no indication at all in the auction that says it is physically dented up. You can look at those photos for hours on end 8 ways to Sunday and not see dents because they are taken on a surface that matches the color of the vacuum. Even with you just admitting above that you knew it had dents in it when you sold it (but made no mention of that in the ad?) I still can not see where the dents are in the pics. Hypothetically speaking if I was considering buying this, I would never think at all that it was dented just from studying the photos. All I see is a nasty scuff mark between the rear wheels but there is no indication that its an actual dent or if there is more elsewhere on the vacuum. There's only 1 close up photo of the entire vacuum, the rest of the pics are from a couple feet above it. No close up of the big damage and rust marks at all.

Also this appears to have happened on Facebook, so if the same ad was posted on facebook all fluffed up as being a minty fresh new deal but never changed on eBay, I would be very suspicious of why that would be that the vacuum had 2 different condition notations in 2 different places. Also just as an FYI - it is against eBay policy to sell an item off-eBay when the item is also listed on eBay at the same time. You can only have it listed and stated for sale on eBay and nowhere else.

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Post# 447757 , Reply# 23   11/10/2021 at 07:56 (189 days old) by bnsd60m9200 (Akron OH)        

bnsd60m9200's profile picture
while it may be against ebay policy, people cross post stuff on ebay, fb marketplace , mercari etc ALL the time. when it sells on another platform, they retract the listing citing "error in the listing" OFTEN.

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