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Another Day, Another eBay Seller
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Post# 444888   8/19/2021 at 18:56 (413 days old) by huskyvacs (Indiana)        

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I have no idea what this epidemic of eBay sellers is where they think they can just list stuff for fun and not have anything set and ready to go before listing it. It's why I don't really buy vacuums on eBay anymore.

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Post# 444898 , Reply# 1   8/19/2021 at 23:46 (413 days old) by MadMan (Chicago, IL, USA)        

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It's an epidemic of stupidity. It can be observed everywhere, not just ebay.

Post# 444905 , Reply# 2   8/20/2021 at 09:21 (413 days old) by human (Pines of Carolina)        

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The sad part is eBay provides some pretty good tools for accurately calculating shipping costs and people just don't use them. As a seller, I figure that if I screw up on the shipping cost, that's on me. The only time I was ever really bitten by that was when I grossly underestimated the shipping on a hose for a Kirby Tradition I was selling and ended up completely losing money on the deal. What had to pay for shipping was more than the buyer paid for the item plus shipping, so I was literally paying to get rid of it. But that was my screw-up so I just chalked it up to experience, honored my commitment and moved on.

Post# 444918 , Reply# 3   8/20/2021 at 20:03 (412 days old) by fan-of-fans (USA)        

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I had this happen a few months ago, I checked out and paid, and immediately got a message from the seller that the shipping would be $20 more and that they wouldn't cover it.

Honestly, I could have just paid it, but to me the item wasn't worth that much to me, and the shipping price kind of seemed outrageous anyway.

So I got (more upset than I should have) and told them that if I didn't get the item or a refund that I was going to have to give them negative feedback.

Anyway, I got a refund, and I just didn't leave them any feedback.

I thought it was silly that they couldn't cover the difference, but I realize 20 bucks is 20 bucks, and they weren't likely making much on the stuff they were selling.

Post# 444935 , Reply# 4   8/21/2021 at 04:00 (412 days old) by huskyvacs (Indiana)        

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Yeah, I sell on eBay as a boost to my income, which is not much, and I get all my packing supplies from the dollar store and out of dumpsters, and I save any useable supplies still good from past orders. I can't afford to ship things at my own cost when I only make $5 or so per item, but I would never demand the buyer pay to play unless they were OK with it.

When I ordered a vacuum from Canada the seller was $30 short because he didn't know about Customs charges on large boxes going over the border that were on top of the shipping cost. I paid it out because it really wasn't that much considering where it was coming from and I really wanted a Canadian vac for my collection (when will I ever be in Canada?)

I have a postal scale I got about 10+ years ago that can handle packages up to 100 something lbs, but its difficult balancing large boxes on it. I had the post office calibrate it for me a few years ago as it had gone out of true in the past decade, and that's how I get by on sales. If I come up with shipping difference more than $10 I will inform the buyer and if they do not want to pay, I will cancel the sale. If it is under $10 I will eat it and send it out regardless if I lose $. Luckily it only happens a couple times every few years.

I use the trick the post office taught me when I first started selling, round up your postage about 3oz from whatever the scale says to account for tare differences and you should be OK. You don't want to round up too much then you scare away buyers with the shipping rate.

This seller with this Kirby, they demanded I pay an extra $100 on top of the $60 I already paid, making it over $160 to ship this vacuum. They demanded I give my paypal address so I could send the invoice. They cancelled the sale and refunded when I said I couldn't pay, but makes me wonder if it was a scam.

Post# 444939 , Reply# 5   8/21/2021 at 07:52 (412 days old) by Lesinutah (Utah)        

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You sign up for they give you a free scale. I have my item boxed ready to ship and put the label on it. I also go to and get a quote as well as a few other sites. With the box dimensions and weight you know exactly what it costs to ship. I over quoted a customer once. I refunded the difference and told them what happened.
I sold my patriot a few months ago. I was at habitat for humanity and found a box of 60 patriot storm bags and 2 filters. This was the day after I shipped the vacuum. I got the bags for $5 and shipping was $25. I messaged the buyer and told them I have almost a lifetime supply of bags and a couple filters I paid $5 for and I could shop them for $15 making it $20. If they paid $20 I'd ship it to them and I also told them the value of what I would send was around $200. They happily paid and loved my honesty and kindness. I had no idea for the bags and the buyer would be set for life.
I always try to find the lowest prices and I'm honest with buyers. I basically treat them how I would like to be treated.

Post# 445049 , Reply# 6   8/23/2021 at 14:21 (409 days old) by kloveland (Tulsa)        

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I'm sorry. Sellers should have shipping figured out before they list their item. I wonder if the seller was trying to ship the whole Kirby without dissembling it. I'm with you. I do all the packing myself. I do not trust FedEx or UPS to pack a vintage vacuum correctly.

Post# 445119 , Reply# 7   8/24/2021 at 20:26 (408 days old) by huskyvacs (Indiana)        

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Yeah I think they do that, many people do not know how to break it down smaller.

I'll never forget one seller I bought an Oreck from, man he was committed. He had the entire vacuum in about 2 dozen pieces and fit it into a small 12x12 or so box. I had no idea what it was when it arrived I thought he sent the wrong thing by mistake. I was amazed the Orecks even came apart in that many pieces. It was like putting together a tent. lol

Post# 445228 , Reply# 8   8/27/2021 at 15:57 (405 days old) by human (Pines of Carolina)        
Lazy seller...

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I just had an annoying experience with an eBay package today. I bought a complete 'Reno Group' for my Legend II for cheap. It included the Rug Renovator/Shampooer, spray bottle, and Zipp Brush in its original drawstring bag all in its original box in very nice condition. Unfortunately, the seller decided to shortcut the process and just taped up the 30-something year old box and slapped a shipping label on it, without adding any padding, and shipped it out. Not only was the box mummified with tape, it got a little crushed in transit. Thankfully, the contents arrived intact. I guess I should consider myself lucky he shipped it FedEx and not USPS or it might not have arrived at all, but that's a different rant altogether.

I sent the seller a polite message, expressing my disappointment and making it clear that I had considered the original box to be part of the item and not just a throwaway shipping container. He sent a terse apology, explaining that he "hadn't thought of that". In my reply, I acknowleded that perhaps I should have spelled out my expectation in a 'note to seller' at the time of checkout but having purchased several boxed Kirby accessory sets on eBay, all of which, up until today, all had arrived carefully packed inside a protective outer box, I didn't think of it, either.

Oh well, since the tools themselves aren't damaged, I guess I need to just let it drop at this point and just chalk it up as a lesson to not assume the seller shares the common sense about such things that I have.

Post# 445233 , Reply# 9   8/27/2021 at 19:26 (405 days old) by huskyvacs (Indiana)        

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Yeah I have seen people do that before - even Goodwill. They don't know vacuums are collectible and just send it off as-is. It's just a box to them. When I ordered a little Panasonic JetFlo hand vac from, they had just shipped it off in its original box. Giant FedEx label all over it. Luckily the thin-walled box made it, but I didn't even attempt to take the label off because it would either leave a big sticky mark or just tear the box completely.

Post# 445238 , Reply# 10   8/27/2021 at 20:19 (405 days old) by human (Pines of Carolina)        
I did what I could...

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Fortunately, the shipping label was stuck completely on top of tape so I managed to get it off fairly easily, and then started working on the tape. I peeled off wherever there was tape over tape and anywhere the tape wasn't tightly adhered but as soon as it started lifting off the printed surface of the box, I immediately stopped and cut the tape back as far as I could with scissors and smoothed the remainder back down. I did the best I could under the circumstances but it's still irksome, especially given how nice the tools inside the box are. I honestly don't think they've been used more than perhaps once or twice--if at all. I got the whole thing, including shipping cost, for what a loose Zipp brush usually goes for on eBay so I can't complain too much.

Post# 445245 , Reply# 11   8/27/2021 at 22:23 (405 days old) by fan-of-fans (USA)        

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Yeah, typically whenever I buy something in the original box, I send the seller a message to please protect the original packaging. However, even when I haven't, they typically place it into another box with peanuts in between. I have also had in some cases the seller wrap the original box in a layer of cardboard.

Just this week I bought a set of Hoover upright attachments on eBay, and the seller wrapped the original box with paper, which worked too.

Sometimes, I guess the seller just thinks of it like a new item and the box is just a box to them.

Another thing to watch out for is vacuums with sticker type decals. Last year I bought a Hoover Celebrity QS and the seller did not protect the decals on the power nozzle or the canister and they got all scuffed up and gouged. I decided to keep the vacuum but sent the seller pics of the damage, and they offered a generous partial refund.

Now, if there's anything particularly vulnerable like that, I message the seller to pay attention to those areas. Most seem to pack pretty well though.

Post# 445780 , Reply# 12   9/8/2021 at 20:08 (393 days old) by huskyvacs (Indiana)        

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This seller, twoday2266 , definitely a scammer. I looked back on this auction and seen it was relisted with the shipping $24.86 higher than what I was charged, and it was sold and shipped. After the seller tried to scam me out of $120 on shipping.

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Post# 446150 , Reply# 13   9/17/2021 at 16:34 (384 days old) by human (Pines of Carolina)        
Tried to make me pay for their mistake...

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I just had another one today. I had ordered a fill tube for a Heritage II and the seller--Top Vacuum Parts--sent me the wrong tube. What I received was one for an Avalir and the Mini Emtor and header wouldn't fit onto the ends so I returned it. The tube arrived back in the seller's hands today and they promptly refunded but shorted me a $2.75 "Item Deduction" and a prorated amount of the sales tax accordingly. I mean, c'mon! It was THEIR mistake and they penalized ME?!? Needless to say, I immediately disputed this with eBay and with in minutes, eBay stepped in and refunded me the difference.

Granted, it was a paltry sum but I just don't like being treated that way. I was very disappointed in Top Vacuum Parts, from whom I had purchased in the past with no problems, but they're now 'blacklisted', as far as I'm concerned.

Post# 446201 , Reply# 14   9/18/2021 at 15:02 (383 days old) by fan-of-fans (USA)        

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Sounds like they charged a restocking fee, without any warning. I have ordered a few things from that seller without issue, but I'll be on the lookout if I need to return any thing.

Post# 446253 , Reply# 15   9/19/2021 at 19:26 (382 days old) by huskyvacs (Indiana)        

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Yeah they likely have an automated system or its a multiple employee business and you got hit with a restocking fee that contradicted what another employee might have said as that employee didn't handle your item.

Post# 446393 , Reply# 16   9/22/2021 at 12:58 (380 days old) by texaskirbyguy (Plano, TX)        

Here is something to watch for when you get packages - the package dimensions and weight on the shipping label.
Do they closely resemble the actual dimensions and weight?

Having an account with a shipping company allows the sellers to prepay the package using the 'honor system' and just place it into the hands of they shipping company. Usually those are just tossed (literally) onto the conveyor and sent along - no verification of weights and dimensions. I had seen this when I was at fedex shipping Kirbys all over the country two years ago.

I have seen from my own packages - multiple times - gross differences in weights and dimensions that are well in the seller's favor. My guess is they do this until they are caught, those times possibly being some of the examples above wanting more $ for shipping.

I recently bought a car steering column for my sister's old car on ebay for 130.00 with free shipping from NJ to TX. Package measure 36"x20"x20" and weighed 40 lbs. EXCELLENT packing job, too!
Label had dimensions of 18"x20"x14" and weight at 35lbs. Big difference.

I had also bought a parts Kirby D50 motor unit for 28.00 plus free shipping from ebay a while back. It weighed about 15lbs but had 4lbs on the label. Small mistake, eh?

Something to keep in mind when the deal with shipping looks a bit too good to be true. I think many sellers may be trying this...

Post# 446433 , Reply# 17   9/23/2021 at 21:41 (378 days old) by fan-of-fans (USA)        

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I did take a bit of a chance last week. I bought something on eBay that had a damaged and "open box" and the seller did not show any pics of the item inside. Fortunately everything was there and no damage. It didn't look like it had even been opened. And I got an item that usually sells for $200-300 for $69 with free shipping. So I guess sometimes it pays to take the risk. I was about to pay $300 for it from Home Depot. So I definitely got a deal.

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