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Electrolux Olympia 1401B Hose - Repair or Replace
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Post# 435437   11/25/2020 at 04:28 by w1986 (USA)        

It's time to replace the original woven beige chevron hose on this wonderful machine.

Is aftermarket stock available to use my original handle and end and if so, is it an easy DIY job? I know it won't match but do want beige. I like that my original handle says Electrolux.

If not, are there any better replacements out there? Too many different ones to choose on eBay. I would like it to be as close to original as possible.


Post# 435440 , Reply# 1   11/25/2020 at 06:01 by Real1shep (Walla Walla, WA)        

topic has been brought up often in here. The aftermarket hoses now are all Chinesium. The quality is hit & miss. There are often OE hoses on eBay, but you'll have to communicate with the seller on the leaking/testing part.

Another route is to contact Aerus and buy an OE hose from them. Nothing made today is going to be a perfect match to your OE hose in color, most likely.

Sooooo...keep your original hose for show and buy a sound OE hose from eBay or a new hose from Aerus.


Post# 435441 , Reply# 2   11/25/2020 at 08:34 by human (Pines of Carolina)        

human's profile picture
Unfortunately, your original hose cannot be repaired although the handle portion can easily be removed and used to replace a damaged or missing one on another hose. Your best bet is to find a gray vinyl OEM hose on eBay. Prices are all over the place so a little patience will net you a good deal. Third party hoses are hit-and-miss but I guess I've been lucky with the ones I have. No major problems to report.

Post# 435444 , Reply# 3   11/25/2020 at 10:00 by Thevacomaticiec (Bathurst )        

thevacomaticiec's profile picture
Just put a vinyl hose this topic comes up so many times .New hose skip the dip

Post# 435446 , Reply# 4   11/25/2020 at 10:33 by Real1shep (Walla Walla, WA)        
Aftermarket hoses.....

going into the early 2000's were OK....I have several.

It was sometime after that the switchover went to all Chinesium.

Last aftermarket hose I bought was about 4yrs ago. Chrome flaking off, would not fit my Sidekick until the chrome flaked off And don't assume that the higher priced aftermarket hoses are better than the lower priced aftermarkets....same hose.


Post# 435473 , Reply# 5   11/26/2020 at 04:57 by w1986 (USA)        

Thanks everyone all of your informative replies! The last thing I want is Chinesium, I have a Sidekick too. This machine lives in our garage for use on our cars. Indoors we're Miele.

I'm going to contact an Aerus dealer to see what they offer. Otherwise a beige vinyl hose on eBay with my fingers crossed.

Post# 435538 , Reply# 6   11/27/2020 at 11:11 by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
The OEM used ones

The original Electrolux used rubber ones come up for sale used on eBay periodically. I would recommend that to keep your costs down and avoid the generics. Sometime you have to wait but usually can get one within a month or two checking daily, sort by newly listed makes it easier, puts any new ones at the top of your list so you donít have to sift through what youíve already seen.

Donít bother with a woven one, most used ones are on the way out if they donít already leak horribly. The only thing they are good for is the hose handles to use on a rubber OEM hose with a damaged handle.

The OEM hose handle will NOT fit any of the generics. Iíve tried that already. Even the one that looks nearly identical except for the switch and suction valve differences.


Post# 435546 , Reply# 7   11/27/2020 at 14:09 by w1986 (USA)        
OEM Braided vs Rubber

Thanks Jo! I did not know there was an OEM rubber version. Are those the ones with the wire coiled around the exterior of the hose, sometimes in a contrasting color?

It's promising there's OEM hope for my machine which otherwise has great suction!

Post# 435549 , Reply# 8   11/27/2020 at 15:00 by Louvac (A)        
Lux hoses

More information

Hello Guys!

From what I was told by a reputable authorized Electrolux Shop (Aerus), the old saran braided hoses were an issue and prone to replacement and far from ideal. Rob had told me that in the day, a customer would bring in the old hose which was then sent to an authorized Electrolux repair center (somewhere) designed for the purpose of repairing these hoses by a special machine. The dealers would collect several of them from customers and send them off in a bunch for repair. There was a machine designed to remove the bad blank (the soft material hose portion) while keeping the customer's ends.

In other words, these hoses were not meant to be repaired/replaced by the dealer by hand because there was a specific machine process for doing this. I have personally reached the point where there is no reason for me to keep these old useless saran hoses that were too short to begin with and where they caused the machine to always be nipping at your ankles. They may have been beautiful and well constructed by they didn't stand the test of time.

Don't let the dealers fool you and tell that the after market replacements are inferior because they are not. At least I have never found any issue with them and they make the vacuum a sheer joy to use. No more knocking things off of the coffee tables and end tables and the machine follows you much better. And, many of the after market hoses comes with a switch to conveniently turn off the power nozzle. See for yourself! Try replacing an old Lux electric hose (even a non electric with a crushproof version) and see how incredible the suction is!

The machine will have new life!

Post# 435556 , Reply# 9   11/27/2020 at 16:05 by Real1shep (Walla Walla, WA)        

well I'm telling you the aftermarket hoses ARE likely to be inferior as not. It's hit & miss with Chinesium.

The Aerus hose will be the real deal as far as quality. And believe me, I'm not partial to giving an Aerus dealer over $100 for just a vac hose. But the only worthwhile alternative is to get a newer style used Elux hose on eBay.


Post# 435558 , Reply# 10   11/27/2020 at 16:10 by Louvac (A)        
If you think

....the genuine Lux/Aerus hoses aren't chinesium.....think again! Just about everything today is made there.

REMEMBER: It's also how well you take care of something that determines how well it will serve you and how long it will last!

I'll say it again....I have had no problems whatsoever with the after market replacement hoses....none!

Post# 435567 , Reply# 11   11/27/2020 at 21:59 by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Some donít with the sidekicks

This has been posted repeatedly...some of the aftermarket hoses donít work properly with the sidekicks. Happenned to my Mom. Also people complain the slide air vents open all the time and they have to rig them shut with rubber bands or tape. That seems like it would be annoying and problematic to me.

Yes, a factor too is in how well the product is used/abused and cared for but it seems the aftermarket ones are more fragile from my experience.


Post# 435576 , Reply# 12   11/28/2020 at 08:52 by Real1shep (Walla Walla, WA)        

I'll say it has nothing to do with how one "TREATS" the hose. The chrome can start to flake off from the get go and they can also not fit the Sidekick and wand sheath properly. Just because you got one that worked makes it ridiculous to assume that other accounts of problems are non-existent.

NO ONE here has complained of the Aerus hoses they bought. And Aerus will stand behind their hoses no matter where it's made.


Post# 435577 , Reply# 13   11/28/2020 at 09:53 by Jo (Dallas,TX)        

The Aerus hoses are definitely better quality overall so worth the money for someone who wants one to last the test of time. If I want to spend less than new, I buy a used rubber genuine one off eBay. Completely agree with you Kevin.


Post# 435579 , Reply# 14   11/28/2020 at 11:19 by electroluxxxx (Somewhere out there)        

electroluxxxx's profile picture
if you would like to get a good replacement at half of the cost of the Aerus hoses, go with the perfect C-103 hose. its identical and will work with these machines with no issues, I have 2 of them and obviously a perfect machine and I find them to be just as good as the OEM if not better!

CLICK HERE TO GO TO electroluxxxx's LINK

Post# 435582 , Reply# 15   11/28/2020 at 14:25 by w1986 (USA)        
My Black Friday Purchase

Thanks electroluxxxx for the link! I just came in from vacuuming my car, saw your post and purchased one. Important to me is the Sidekick will work too.

How wonderful to save this terrific machine! I grew up with them so it's sort of nostalgic to also use on my vintage car. I remember how my mom would store her machines upright so as to not bend the braided hose at the machine end. I think improper storage is what did mine in, tightly stored beneath a work bench in the garage, hose still attached.

Cheers, I can't wait ;)

Post# 435587 , Reply# 16   11/28/2020 at 17:44 by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
I had one of those hoses

It seemed to be the best of the generics but could tell it wasnít quite as good. I gave the vac away to a friend. Havenít really asked how it is lasting him. Did notice the suction control slider was kinda loose when I had it but seemed easy enough to slide it shut as itís right there on the top of the handle and quite obvious. This is the one I tried to see if a genuine one handle could fit in and no, it would not. The design of the innards is slightly different not allowing anything but the same handle to be put on it. The rubber hose material seemed to be just as good as the OEM and the machine end also seemed to be quite good too. I never tried my sidekick with the hose, but it worked fine with the power nozzle wand.


Post# 435589 , Reply# 17   11/28/2020 at 19:03 by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
To w1986...

The oem rubber hoses have the wiring built into them. Aerus//Electrolux started changing to this type in the late 90s as the old braided ones still never would last so they made the change to the rubber or vinyl hoses. Most of them you can see the wiring through the clear outer layer woven in on the ribs. The way you can tell an oem from a generic is look closely at the handle. The oem has the genuine handle with the round knob on the underside that you turn for the suction control. None of the generics have this round knob style for the suction control. There will also be little groves on either side by the round knob that are air vents. Some are stamped Electrolux on the handle as well provided they were made before 2003, once the name became Aerus they stopped stamping the Electrolux name on the handle and did not change it to Aerus but rather left it without a name. It can take some time to find a used OEM hose on eBay but Aerus does sell them new as well for all models back to the 1205. Iíve heard that they have discontinued producing the ďpigtailĒ version with the small wire coming out at the machine end to plug into the power outlet on the older metal models such as the F, R, G, and L but also heard conflicting stories that it can be special ordered. All those models are over 40 years old now as the L was the last model that used that hose and went out of production in 1979. If they have discontinued even the option to special order this hose, seems they donít want to support machines over 40 years of age. The metal bodied machines that use the next hose such as the 1205 through Ultralux series were made from 1968 to about 1995 so since they want to support the machines made in the 90s those use the same hose on several models back to 1968. I believe they may still make a non electric oem hose as well to fit the older models.

For people who have an old braided hose with the external wire strapped on, a replacement non electric hose can be used, eleven a generic...and the strapped on wiring can be transferred from the old hose to the new hose. The external wire should not be discarded if in good condition, they may no longer be in production either. Electrolux made both styles to get power out to the end of the hose. The fully electric hose was more pricey and an upgrade when they were first made for the next several years or the other less pricey option if one wanted a power nozzle was to just buy the external strap on wire for less cost and use it on the included standard non electric hose. I believe they offered this to fit various budgets as the power nozzle became more and more popular as an option before it was included as standard equipment in the 80ís. Models such as the 1205 could not use the non electric hose (the first year 1205ís could but after that none could) because they discontinued the little plug power port on the top of the line models in favor of the hose end with the two contact pins built into it that engage in the slots in the hose receptacle on the front of the machine. This ďautomaticĒ power connection style was introduced with the 1205. The plastic bodies canisters used a similar style of automatic connection which was the standard from the Canadian models and continued as the plastic bodied canisters essentially were the Canadian models and then the Renaissance and later top models use a prong style built in to the hose end. Todayís Lux Classic and Lux Legacy still use the plastic body machine end hoses from the Canadian design and the Lux platinum uses a style all its own.

With so many 1205s, Golden Jubilees, Super Js, Olympias, Diamond Jubilees, Marquises, Grand Marquises, Legacys, and Ultralux classics and Ultralux LXs out there still it would be foolish to discontinue the one hose that fits all these those machines even though all of these machines are over 25 years old now and a new oem vinyl hose is available from Aerus. They only sell the rubber/vinyl, no longer the braided style.


Post# 435599 , Reply# 18   11/29/2020 at 08:18 by w1986 (USA)        
Aerus link?

Jon or anyone else, Do you have a link for the new oem vinyl hose available from Aerus?

Like my vintage German car, I want to keep it all OEM.

Post# 435709 , Reply# 19   12/1/2020 at 13:22 by lux14 (Leawood Kansas)        

This has all been great information. I am asssuming that the color of the current EOM hoses are all black. I would want a beige one new. I feel that it would blend in with the machine and attachments better. The black really stands out if the machine is not black. Anyone have any info on current EOM colors? Thanks!

Post# 435710 , Reply# 20   12/1/2020 at 13:34 by w1986 (USA)        

This morning I called Aerus/Elextrolux at 800-243-9078 and learned the replacement hose for $129 is on backorder. When I asked about the color, she didn't know but speculated it may be due to a color change of black or gray.

I would want a beige one too.

Post# 435734 , Reply# 21   12/1/2020 at 20:42 by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
I donít think the hoses are black

Call Ray Satterwhite at RVA vacuums. He is an Aerus Electrolux dealer in Richmond VA. Iím sure he will tell you what color hose he has in stock for your Olympia. Check out his website at His phone number is there too. His son specializes in restorations! We just referred someone to him who needed a hose for his Silverado and he bought it feom him and Ray sent it to him because there was no local branch. It is quite possible they are making the current replacement hoses in beige. It wonít be the light cream color to match the Olympia trim, more the beige that was used on the later models after the Silverado.

There is an OEM used beige vinyl hose on ebay at the moment for your machine.

Saw it yesterday.


Post# 435772 , Reply# 22   12/2/2020 at 13:02 by lux14 (Leawood Kansas)        


Thanks for the follow up and information. Really appreciate!

Post# 435810 , Reply# 23   12/3/2020 at 13:14 by lux14 (Leawood Kansas)        

I never saw the Beige EOM hose unfortunately maybe it sold. I did see an after market hose that looks very similar to an EOM.........But thanks for passing that info on.

Post# 435811 , Reply# 24   12/3/2020 at 13:51 by Jo (Dallas,TX)        

Yes there are generics that look close to OEM but they have the suction control sliding air vent on the top and a switch on the underside to shut off the power to the power nozzle. This one is about the best generic out there, the handle swivels just like the genuine.

If you are not in a rush, search daily and sort by newly listed, an OEM for your model will come up within a month or less Iíd say.


Post# 435812 , Reply# 25   12/3/2020 at 13:54 by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Hereís an OEM vinyl used

This will fit your machine and is OEM


Post# 435814 , Reply# 26   12/3/2020 at 14:01 by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
It is older though

That one I sent the link to is the first and earliest generation of the vinyl hoses as the first generation was an opaque coating on the outer layer like this. Next the outer layer was clear and the inner layer was colored so you can see the gray and white wires and the fabric reinforcing string in the hose.

It seems kinda well used and dirty, might want to wait for a newer one to come up unless you are ok with this one. It is reasonably priced and includes the shipping.


Post# 435826 , Reply# 27   12/3/2020 at 18:41 by Real1shep (Walla Walla, WA)        
It's well....

used for sure.....but I think it will clean up OK. But I'd ask the seller if it leaks and if he says no, then you can get your money back through PayPal if it does.


Post# 435847 , Reply# 28   12/4/2020 at 12:40 by lux14 (Leawood Kansas)        

Thanks Kevin and Jon!

Post# 435946 , Reply# 29   12/5/2020 at 21:43 by ridgidwd0670 (se wood co ohio)        

ridgidwd0670's profile picture
I once found a blue (more of a cadet blue/gray mix) generic Electrolux coiled vinyl electrified hose & bought it for my 1205; but I tried to paint it teal so it can match my 1205. Sadly the paint job didn't last too long after a few uses. I used Krylon canned spray paint

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