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Electrolux Marquee
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Post# 432869   9/30/2020 at 19:43 by bill57 (Cleveland, Ohio)        

My beautiful Marquee hose nozzle broke: the plastic part where the power nozzle plugs into. I need the plastic part, or the entire hose with that connection in tact (see photo).
I have the older hose from Model G. But I donít know how to get power from the motor, since the Marquee does not have a receptacle in the tank to plug into. Any help will be appreciated.

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Post# 432871 , Reply# 1   9/30/2020 at 19:50 by vacuumlad1650 (Coal City, IL)        

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There are replacement handlgrips available. Check Ebay

Post# 432877 , Reply# 2   9/30/2020 at 21:26 by human (Pines of Carolina)        
Replacing the handle...

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Yeah, the handle for my Silverado's hose was broken in exactly the same way. It was held together with a whole bunch of duct tape when I got it so I tried gluing it together with JB Weldótotal fail, which pretty much sums up my entire experience with JB Weld. Fortunately, as Andy pointed out, those handles are fairly easy to come by, either on or off of a hose. Electrolux used that same hose handle, both on vinyl and woven hoses, going back to at least the Golden Jubilee in the mid-'70s. They show up periodically on eBay but it may take some time to find a good deal since pricing can be all over the place. Sometimes an entire hose can be cheaper than just a handle. Some vendors sell brand new third party handles but those won't fit a genuine Electrolux hose and some are honest enough to say as much. They may look pretty similar but a vendor I asked told me the diameter of the opening is too big for the hose and the electrical contacts don't necessarily line up the same.

Removing and replacing those handles is pretty easy. Just remove the two screws on the underside and lift the cover carefully, starting at the end closest to the metal end and then pull the cover forward to disengage the two tabs on the other end. Once the cover is removed, the handle comes right off the end of the hose.

Post# 433098 , Reply# 3   10/5/2020 at 12:15 by kirbylux77 (Orillia, Ontario, Canada)        

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Good information as always. This is precisely the reason I save hose handles from genuine Electrolux hoses....ya never know when one will break.

However, one small correction to the information supplied above....That hose handle made it's debut on the final version of the American Electrolux 1205. And here in Canada, that hose handle wasn't introduced until the mid 1980's when the Canadian Electrolux 2100 was introduced to replace the E2000. Up until that point, the 89, AP series and E2000 used a hose handle similar, but with a trigger on/off switch and slide suction control valve on the front. The generic hoses use this same design today, just with a on/off switch instead.

The 2100 also introduced the 2 in 1 combination dusting/upholstery brush after the first year into that model's run, as well as the introduction of the PN5 L shaped powerhead.


Post# 433113 , Reply# 4   10/5/2020 at 20:43 by Jo (Dallas,TX)        

Options for replacement include:

1. Finding a used one one on eBay. Though they can be pricey when compared to a fresh new one from Aerus.. just make sure you get a genuine Electrolux or Aerus one. The generics wonít fit, I tried already, the inside way they fit on is different and it has to be due to patent infringements.

2. Call Aerus/Electrolux local branch to find out how much a replacement is. This is the style currently used on the ďLux ClassicĒ vacuum they sell so you can let them know thatís the style you need. I know they used to be around $25 which is about the going rate on eBay for someoneís used one so buying new might make more sense. If you canít find a local Aerus branch check out and call Ray Satterwhite, he can get and send you what you need.

3. You may wish to buy a worn out braided hose on eBay that has the same handle...they use the same handle, may get one cheaper than just the handle alone as people donít know how to remove the handle and could be selling the whole leaky hose cheaply.

You have to use this exact same handle, no others will work. Make sure it has the round suction control dial thatís your key to knowing itís the correct handle as there is One Genuine model that has that round knob. Generics do not have it and they wonít fit the end of the hose.

To remove and replace you must remove the two screws fromthe underpiece then Unclip the sides of where it wraps around the power port by the handle, once those are unclipped, apply mild backward pressure while pulling the under section off then once itís pulled away, pivot it out and the opposite end will come out and then the main part of the handle will slide right off.

Reassembly is opposite..install main handle first all the way and hold it in place. If the hose isnít in all the way the power will not works make sure it is all the way in.

Iíve managed to save a few over the years from bad braided hoses before I chucked the hose.

Let us know how you make out.

Iíve never seen one broken that badly...did the plastic crack over time and finally snap or was there an accident that caused this?

I try to be careful with the hose handles. They are such a high use item and subject to damage. Also if the tip of the metal end gets out of round it can be difficult to fit the wands or attachments on and virtually impossible to get it back Into round again. I have one someone mashed so they got rid of the whole vacuum..but I got it bent back after hours of work but it is still very hard to pull off the power nozzle wand and the sidekick attachment but I can do it.


Post# 433115 , Reply# 5   10/5/2020 at 20:50 by Jo (Dallas,TX)        

There are often genuine Used rubber hoses on eBay. Not sure if your hose is rubber or the braided one. I prefer the genuine rubber ones the plastic is far better And the rubber hose lasts far longer than the braided hoses. I just got A genuine used one for my Marquise for $40 tax and shipping included. They pop up periodically, just make sure the hose handle has the round suction control dial...newer ones made after 2003 donít have the Electrolux name on them once they became Aerus and there is a generic that looks similar but it has the switch and a slide air control door on the top, people complain the air control door tends to slide open a lot. I donít care for any of the generics, too many issues, some donít work with the sidekick, reports of screws coming loose and stripping out..some the handles donít swivel. I like to stay genuine when I can.


Post# 433116 , Reply# 6   10/5/2020 at 20:56 by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
This is a great deal on a rubber hose that will fit


Genuine Used Electrolux hose. This is a great price for this.

The 1205 uses the same hose as the your Marquise!


Post# 433118 , Reply# 7   10/5/2020 at 21:00 by Jo (Dallas,TX)        

Bill, please ask the seller to show a complete picture Of the underside of the handle, I donít see the round knob, In the pictures the way they took them... if it broke off then it could leak at the suction control part. The knobs are not something that can be changed out from your hose handle...if it is missing the bottom strip will need to be replaced and therefore not such a good deal.


Post# 433140 , Reply# 8   10/6/2020 at 09:40 by bill57 (Cleveland, Ohio)        

Thanks very much all. Iíll start with local Aerus. Turns out I have the Grand Marquee!

Post# 433141 , Reply# 9   10/6/2020 at 10:37 by Jo (Dallas,TX)        

Nice, the Grand Marquise is basically nearly identical to the Marquise, mostly the color is different. There may have been motor differences and thatís about it.

Let us know how you make out. Curious what Aerus charges for a new handle currently.


Post# 433143 , Reply# 10   10/6/2020 at 11:51 by human (Pines of Carolina)        
$76 Hose...

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I bought a Diamond J at Goodwill a few years ago for $10 and it came with an aftermarket hose that had a $76 price sticker from a local (and now defunct) Aerus dealer. Made me feel like I was getting a hell of a bargain for the vacuum, hose, wand and PN5 power nozzle. I did have to replace a screw on the hose handle with a slightly larger one but have had no further issues with it.

Post# 433343 , Reply# 11   10/10/2020 at 15:54 by bill57 (Cleveland, Ohio)        

Love your story, human.
Aerus charged me $120 for a new hose, complete. Once and done.

Post# 433394 , Reply# 12   10/11/2020 at 10:42 by Jo (Dallas,TX)        
Just curious

Was there an option to buy just the handle and how much did they want for that? Also was your hose the braided one or the rubber one like the new one? If the old one is the rubber one and itís all in good shape except for the handle I might be interested in it.

If it was the braided type I can see having replaced the entire thing. It will likely outlast the vacuum motor at this point.


Post# 433483 , Reply# 13   10/13/2020 at 19:24 by quebecois (Waterloo, Canada)        

Bill, let me know if you don't find anything that suits your need on ebay, i have a few handles of the right model in my basement. It is not a big item, shipping cost from Canada to your place shouldn't be outrageous.

Post# 433805 , Reply# 14   10/19/2020 at 18:54 by bill57 (Cleveland, Ohio)        

Jon, The hose was rubber. It was the same as my original. He wanted $60 for the handle alone, so I opted for the entire new unit. Of course retail is a ripoff, but my DIY days have passed.

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