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What cleaning supplies do you use in your home?
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Post# 415099   10/20/2019 at 11:28 (455 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        

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We may have touched on this LONG ago. But, (and, new members, join in)..............
how do you clean your house? Bleach? Murphy's Oil? Vinegar?
Share with the class??

Post# 415103 , Reply# 1   10/20/2019 at 14:40 (455 days old) by Electroluxxxx (Somewhere out there)        

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I usually use some stuff called ever spring, target sells it. Itís pretty much all natural and it works wonders. There are several types of all purpose cleaners and a glass cleaner as well as dish soap, toilet paper etc... for laundry I use gain, and downy or if Iím feeling ďbulkyĒ I get the Kirkland stuff from Costco. Toilet cleaner is Lysol gel. Floors, either Murphyís oil soap, or Johnson diversey prominence (commercial stuff) in the battery powered Hoover floor mate.

Post# 415112 , Reply# 2   10/20/2019 at 21:27 (455 days old) by vacuumlad1650 (Coal City, IL)        

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We dont use anything fancy. Fabuloso or Pine Sol on the floors, Ajax for dishware, windex for windows, and pledge for woodwork.

Post# 415123 , Reply# 3   10/20/2019 at 23:48 (455 days old) by Lesinutah (Utah)        

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Bar keepers friend. It's a foam spray similar to comet and scrubbing bubbles.
I just spray bkf foam in bath tub let it sit. I use detachable showerhead spray foam off.
Windex and febreeze.
I use tide pods there idiot proof.
That's covers most of the cleaners.

Post# 415134 , Reply# 4   10/21/2019 at 13:16 (454 days old) by vINVAC (Dubuque IA)        

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Pledge - I dust first with the vacuum and then use Pledge

Ammonia - To clean the kitchen. Oven racks are placed in a black plastic bag with a cup ammonia and placed in the sun. After several hours they wipe clean.

Bar Keepers Friend - All we can use on our shower and other bathroom fixtures

SprayWay Glass Cleaner - Once you have used SprayWay Glass cleaner you will never go back to Windex. It is the best!


The Works - Toilet Bowl cleaner. 


Mr. Clean Febreze - for the floors.


Dawn Dish Soap


Cascade Gel for the dishwasher - prefer the orange.


And for deep cleaning - always a Kirby vacuum

Post# 415139 , Reply# 5   10/21/2019 at 15:21 (454 days old) by pr-21 (Middletown, OH)        

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Pledge Reguvenating Polish or Lemon Oil


Lemon Oil for Wood Cabinets in Kitchen and Baths


Pinsol Cleaner for Bathroom and Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner


Windex for Glass and Figurines


Homemade Window Cleaner for windows. You can find several variations online. Mine has a 3rd

teaspoon of dawn, mixed with regular vinegar, not apple cider, and water. I use an old windex bottle and

mark on it homemade window cleaner. This is good stuff. Be sure to shake it up before you use it.


Tile floors I use a micro fiber mop with Shaw Hard Surface Floor Cleaner. When washing mop pads,

I use a higher rinse level to get soap they won't streak when you use them again.......Be sure to

vacuum hard surface floors first.....


Lambs wool Dusters in different lengths. I have high vaulted ceilings and ceiling fans. I can stand on a step

ladder to dust them. Don't forget the globes as well. I have ledges as well that I keep plants on and I use

my Kirby with the longer extended hose and wall brush to clean them. Lambs wool duster will work 

as long as you don't let much dust settle between cleanings......I also have wood blinds in all my rooms

and the lambs wool duster works great on them as well. If you haven't cleaned the blinds in a while

use a canister vacuum with a horse hair dusting brush. This works the best.....


For antique wood furniture that seems to be drying out. Kramers Antique furniture improver. Be 

sure to follow the instructions. One of my grandmothers antique tables had a water mark on it

and I saw this at a flee market. The gentleman told me it would remove the water mark, but I

would need to keep putting it on until the mark finally gone. I just about gave up, but then I

noticed the water mark getting less and less, until it was gone.....I believe you can find Kramers on



Lastly I use Micro Fiber Cloths to dust, polish etc, but I use one for each one. I like the 20 gram

as they are not as thick and can get into tight places. I have bought thicker when they were out

of stock, but I prefer the 20 gram. Then I use one for just glass mirrors.


Since I am a collector, I obviously have many vacuums. Uprights, canisters (with power nozzles) , and Rainbows. 








Post# 415141 , Reply# 6   10/21/2019 at 16:06 (454 days old) by kloveland (Tulsa, OK)        

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My ex was very generous and left me with an assortment of cleaning products. I personally feel that the older cleaners had stronger chemicals and cleaned thoroughly. I've used the dollar tree brand cleaning products and felt like they didn't clean as well. Although, LA's awesome cleaner seems to work fairly well. I also shop estate sales and pickup the older cleaning products when I see them.

I also use Lemon Pledge and a Kirby for deep cleaning. Can't beat it! Although, the convertibles work fairly well! The problem I've been having with the convertibles lately is the belts snapping. Most of mine are old and dry rotted. I just ordered some fresh ones.

Post# 415169 , Reply# 7   10/22/2019 at 13:19 (453 days old) by parunner58 (Davenport, FL)        

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For Dishes, Finish Quantom Max, Jet Dry, LemiShine Detergent Booster(for DW) and Dawn Foam

For Laundry, Tide HE, Snuggle, and Lysol Laundry Sanitizer, Oxi Clean Pretreat

Bathroom, Scrubbing Bubbles, Toilet Gels, Toilet Cleaner, Bathroom Foam.

Furniture, Pledge

Hard Surfaces, Mr. Clean

Floors, Mr. Clean and Bissal Floor Cleaner/Pet in my Crosswave.

Post# 415416 , Reply# 8   10/30/2019 at 09:23 (445 days old) by dysonman1 (Rolla, MO)        

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The KitchenAid Superba works best with Great Value powder and Lemi-Shine to soften the hard water we have in Missouri's Ozarks.

The Speed Queen works best with Purex liquid and Roma powder sprinkled in until I get a layer of suds. My Speed Queen was made to wash with the lid UP, so I can add more detergent at any point in the wash cycle. Aldi's fabric softener for the rinse.

Hand washing dishes - Joy liquid.

Floors (in the Hoover FloorMate or the Lux Floor Pro) - Spic & Span liquid floor cleaner.

I also like Ajax cleanser over Comet.

Post# 415515 , Reply# 9   11/4/2019 at 22:34 (440 days old) by Lesinutah (Utah)        

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Joy is made by the same company as Dawn. I noticed since oil spill in gulf of Mexico Dawn cleaning off the oil covered birds shifted the tide. I would dare say same substance.
Tide and gain are made by same company. I'd say tide is a touch better but I use both.
With Comet spray foam cleaner, Bar Keepers friend spray foam, scrubbing bubbles spray foam are great for toilets. You spray it on spray it off and you don't have to worry.

Post# 416009 , Reply# 10   11/16/2019 at 21:37 (428 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
I use:

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Bon Ami for sinks, Sprayway for glass, if not water and vinegar or alcohol. Pledge wood cleaner or Murphy's Oil, Spic and Span or Top Job for tile, and clorox for the toilets. Vacuuming is with ANY Hoover cleaner.

Post# 416922 , Reply# 11   12/4/2019 at 19:35 (410 days old) by CMBCOOL01 (United States)        

Lysol disinfectant spray or some other disinfect spray for counters, sinks, and toilets

Windex for windows, mirrors, and glass furniture

disinfectant pledge for the wood furniture

Ofcourse a couple other things for stainless steel and mop solution for the floor ofcourse i also use a stiffer pad for spots

Post# 416941 , Reply# 12   12/5/2019 at 00:29 (410 days old) by gregvacs28 (space coast)        

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baking soda in a dispenser type container with a handle
white vinegar in a spray bottle
sparingly using bleach
rubbing alcohol
lemon juice
scrub brushes of various sizes.

Post# 416990 , Reply# 13   12/6/2019 at 12:15 (408 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
I also have spray bottles from the $$ Store filled with:

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Clorox and water, the other with Lysol (original ) cleaner and water.

Post# 425806 , Reply# 14   5/21/2020 at 12:07 (241 days old) by sanitaire (anchorage, alaska)        

spartan super hdq. neutral ph, disinfectant. cleans anything. 1/2 ounce makes a gallon rtu product. commercial products all the way.

Post# 425810 , Reply# 15   5/21/2020 at 15:15 (241 days old) by JustJunque (Western MA)        

What is this "housecleaning" you speak of?

Post# 425821 , Reply# 16   5/21/2020 at 17:39 (241 days old) by gregvacs28 (space coast)        
Peggy Bundy

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When did you move to the east coast?

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Post# 425827 , Reply# 17   5/21/2020 at 19:18 (241 days old) by JustJunque (Western MA)        

Just kidding.
I just couldn't resist. I just have a sense of humor that most people don't seem to get.
Truth be told, I'm not the "Mr. Clean" that I got nicknamed at home when I was young.
Full time job and health issues just tend to take most of my time and energy.
There are a few products that I like.
We actually use both Windex and Sprayway for glass. Not at the same time.
We tend to use Pledge or Guardsman when we polish furniture or woodwork.
Dawn for dishes. Tide powder or liquid most of the time for laundry.
I just got some older Spic and Span that my mom was going to throw away. That was one that she always bought when I was young, and the scent takes me back to childhood days, when I used to help her clean.
I used it most recently on the floors in our bathrooms.


Post# 425984 , Reply# 18   5/24/2020 at 16:33 (238 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        

Because we have a ton of natural stone in our kitchen and bathrooms, Murphyís oil soap diluted in a spray bottle works well for these natural stone surfaces.

Currently using Lysol toilet bowl cleaner because thatís what Costco carries for toilet bowl cleaner.

Windex for Windows mirrors and stainless steel appliances.

Odoban for anything that needs deodorizing or disinfecting and laundry freshening

Tide and Gain for laundry...for whites I add oxyclean and Clorox 2 with tide powder and hot water and soak the whites in this slurry for an hour or two after a few minutes of agitation, then continue the wash after the soaking. My partner really gets the white hand towels quite dirty and I donít like them with that grayed look.

I prefer gain for the sheets and my clothes, just smells nice.

Usually also keep some all purpose cleaner like Ajax, Mr. Clean, or 409 around for jobs like washing out the kitchen trash can, washing out plastic tubs, etc. but odoban works for this purpose too and I usually make it into a spray by diluting in an old 409 spray bottle.

The Mr. Clean eraser is my newest addition and I love cleans my stainless steel kitchen sink like nothing else...add water and some dish soap and wash, the sink shines like the day it was new, works better than comet and doesnít scratch! I also use it in my shower and on my shower glass with windex. My shower is marble so I have to be careful not to use any acidic cleaners and I have a steamer I use periodically on it, but I also sometimes use Clorox cleanup with the mr. clean eraser as mildew grows in the pores of the marble,,,,yuck...even with leaving the shower door open so it dries as fast as possible.

I have some Zep Orange degreaser for cleaning the underside of the kitchen vent hood and my grill. Works great but is strong, must test in inconspicuous spot first. Tried to see if it would remove soap scum in my acrylic tubs, but it wonít..

.I have to use ďscrub freeĒ tub and shower cleaner for tubs and shower tile that is NOT natural stone, itís the best thing Iíve found to remove soap scum with a soft brush or Mr. clean eraser.

Odd thing is I noticed my Sister did not get soap scum buildup in her showers when she lived in Cincinnati, Ohio. Apparently the soft water there causes it to not stick to the shower tiles or glass. How wonderful!

I also have some Mrs. Meyers all purpose cleaner which is safe for natural stone and comes as a concentrate to dilute in the spray bottle. I love the scents of the products and are safe and bio degradable. I try to use primarily cleaners that say...Ēif swallowed, drink a glass of waterĒ primarily for household cleaning, and if I need something stronger, I do have those available for the tough jobs.

Note...never keep a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner with the lid partially open under your bathroom sink, it rusted out everything metal under the sink, the faucet, the shit offs, the cabinet hinges...everything...then the braided faucet supply lines busted. Thatís how we discovered what was happening, when it was too late and we had water spraying everywhere under the sink. My Partner's Father left the twist top for the toilet bowl cleaner open because he was having trouble opening and closing it he said...but the bleach or acidic fumes rusted everything in my freshly remodeled house!


Post# 425985 , Reply# 19   5/24/2020 at 16:42 (238 days old) by Jo (Dallas,TX)        

I also have tons of rags and rag towels for all cleaning so I donít have to waste money on disposable swifter pads. Use one of those dash duster mops for dusting and vacuum the dust off of it with my Electrolux canister. Make dusting really, really, fast. My mom would use a soft cloth for years, it was slow and made me hate to dust. I bought this little hand mop to dust with long ago and the first time I used it I fell in love with it because it was almost as simple as waving a wand over whatever was dusty and it picks up all the dust. I think the cotton is treated with something that clings the dust, I donít wash it, just vacuum the dust off. Had it for years still works good this way.

For my floors I vacuum, never sweep. My sister one time was sweeping her kitchen floor when I was visiting, the sun was coming in on the floor and in the beam of the sun I could see clouds of dust being churned up in the air from the broom. From that day on I never swept with a broom to clean floors, only vacuum. I do have a broom, but itís used rarely and usually only if Iíve spilled something dry on the floor like cereal or rice. I have a spray microfiber pad mop I use to mop the floors which is designed to put up your own cleaner in it but I have yet to find a product that doesnít leave a film on my dark hardwoods.


Post# 428185 , Reply# 20   7/5/2020 at 10:33 (196 days old) by OldSuck (Houston, Texas )        
Youíre Funny. 😜

Letís see,...
I always have Brill-0 or S.O.S. pads in the house.
I donít use them often, but when you need one, you need one.
Easy-Off is a must as well.
Once or twice a year I like to give my pots, pans, & casserole dishes The Easy-Off Treatment, so the crusty nooks & crannies the dishwasher misses donít get away from me.
Abrasive powder is essential. Pretty much any brand will do. If Iím out Iíll use baking soda.
I love Pine-Sol and Murphyís Oil Soap just for the fragrance. Theyíre not a good choice for the floor, but I use them whenever I think of something theyíre good for.
Simple Green is good to have for degreasing motors & stuff.
Pledge is nice. It also doubles as a stainless steel polish, enamel polish,... all sorts of things. Itís just a spray wax. I donít know why they only market it for wood.
Other than that Iíll occasionally buy Windex or Fantastic or something similar, but I mostly just keep a good supply of vinegar, bleach, ammonia, rubbing alcohol, baking soda, and Dawn. With those ingredients and a spray bottle, I can clean just about anything for pennies per bottle, and customize the ratios to suit my needs.
Never mix bleach with ammonia or vinegar, of course, but dilute it with water and maybe add a few drops of Dawn and itís very handy. Spray the sink with it and sprinkle some baking soda around and who needs Comet? Seriously.
And vinegar has about a million uses. Itís insane! From weed-killer to fabric & room deodorizer.
It will clear bacon or cigarette odors out of a room as well as Febreeze. Of course the room smells like a Greek salad afterward, but it goes away once it dries. Not that thereís anything wrong with Greek salad. 😜 EVERYTHING doesnít always have to smell like "citrus breeze" or lavender/vanilla.
OK, Iím just rambling now.

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Post# 428199 , Reply# 21   7/5/2020 at 15:00 (196 days old) by RainbowD4C (Saint Joseph, Michigan )        
Going down the l list.

rainbowd4c's profile picture
Pledge and Murphy Oil Soap for wood products.
Windex for glass metal.
Lysol Scrubbing Bubbles for the bathroom tub, shower and vanity.
Clorox Cleaning Wand for the toilet.
Lysol Kitchen Pro for counters and appliances.
Bleach for different things.
Mister Clean or Pine Sol for floors and different surfaces like around the toilet base and outside of the bathtub.
Bar Keepers friend for my pots and pans if they are stained.
Cascade pods for the dishwasher.
Dawn dish soap.

Hoover steam mate for cleaning carpets.
Spin mop.
And either the Rainbow or my Lux Classic. Lately it's more the Lux for a time thing.

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