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Does anyone else avoid using vacuums because they fear they're going to break
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Post# 410413   6/13/2019 at 14:06 (392 days old) by CMBCOOL01 (United States)        

I acquired a Hoover Windtunnel Self-propelled Anniversary used off craigslist and recently had it serviced as well but i am often not wanting to use it as much as my Kirby because I'm worried being Plastic and a Hoover it will break easily and then I won't be able to find a new one or even parts to fix it does anyone have this worry when using plastic vacuums, am i being paranoid or what, i know it's a vacuum and meant to be used but i want it to be around for a while

Post# 410425 , Reply# 1   6/13/2019 at 18:45 (392 days old) by fan-of-fans (USA)        

fan-of-fans's profile picture
A little bit. Particularly vacuums that I think might be on the rare or collectible side in the future. Like my Kenmore Progressive Intelliclean or if I had a Fantom.

I'm OCD about scratches too and generally I find even if I'm really careful, glossy plastic will get minor scratches or scuffs. So I've never really had a brand new vacuum, I just get ones that have already been used so I don't feel bad about breaking a $200-300 (or any $ really) vacuum in. LOL

Although even with metal vacuums sometimes there are plastic parts that can break too.

Another thing is I don't want to wear out the motors, but I think generally you can get new brushes for most of them. I just don't have the skills to replace and reseat them or work on the bearings. I know how to work on fan motors, but vacuums are a little more complex.

Post# 410445 , Reply# 2   6/14/2019 at 00:41 (391 days old) by huskyvacs (Midwest)        

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I do not. The only one is my Hoover Z700. Mainly because it's already partially broken (shipping damage) and every single part is unobtainable. It's mainly just a display piece for the time being. Once I get at least one of each critical part I can use it freely.

Just don't demo derby them into furniture when using them, and use them like normal and they will be fine. Just watch what you are doing and don't try to force them under things. If you have to clean furniture regardless if the vacuum will fit under it or not, move it anyway.

When I bought my new Eureka in 2016 I was very careful with it, but it is a daily and things do happen. It's had furniture accidentally fall on it, its fallen over when I was using the hose, and its been banged into corners of things when vacuuming, an its all still together. I had to wash the filters back in spring because I neglected to do them on time and it started losing suction. It made a huge mess of the sink with all the dirt in the filters.

Once you spend a week cleaning and refurbing them inside and out, trust me, It will make you be more careful using them, lest you have to go through all of it again. lol

Post# 410454 , Reply# 3   6/14/2019 at 12:13 (391 days old) by sptyks (Skowhegan, Maine)        

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Just curious, but hy did you buy a plastic vacuum knowing it is much more prone to breakage than your Kirby? If you needed another vacuum, why not just get another Kirby?


My brother had a Hoover Wind Tunnel Self Propelled and he had nothing but problems with it, especially the self propelled transmission. I talked him into getting a Kirby Sentria II on ebay about a year ago and he loves it. He has had no problems with it.




Post# 410460 , Reply# 4   6/14/2019 at 14:02 (391 days old) by human (Pines of Carolina)        
Absolutely not...

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If I were afraid a vacuum cleaner was about to break, I wouldn't have it in the first place. That's why I avoid plasticrap vacs and focus on heavy metal machines that are designed to last. Anything else is a waste of time and money.

Post# 410477 , Reply# 5   6/14/2019 at 17:19 (391 days old) by CMBCOOL01 (United States)        

Just to clarify I don't think it's going to break on a whim I'm just waiting it to last as long as possible, personally think the windtunnel selfpropelled is one of the more sturdy vacuums but I'm just trying to keep it around as long as possible, also i got it instead of another Kirby because I wanted it

Post# 410532 , Reply# 6   6/15/2019 at 20:28 (390 days old) by niclonnic (Bonney Lake, WA)        
Kind of

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The one vacuum that I try to baby is my Fantom Fury, mainly due to the difficulty of finding replacement parts for it; Fantom has been out of business for nearly 18 years.

After the pain I went through with the motor last year (long story...) the Fury has been running beautifully ever since. However, I took it for a spin today, and somehow, the thin handle release pedal broke on the left side. The vacuum still stands upright, but not as well as it should.


I asked Mike (electroluxxxx) about what I should do about it, and his solution was to just get another pedal, as he has no extras. I could not find a replacement pedal on eBay. Hate to say it, but I might have to get rid of this Fury. While I like it for nostalgia/sentimentality, it's just not very wise to use it as a daily driver, especially due to the brittle plastic.


Here is a pic of the damage that occurred today.

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Post# 410534 , Reply# 7   6/15/2019 at 22:09 (389 days old) by FantomFan (Rochester, New York)        
Thatís not a broken pedal

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Thatís part of the main lower housing assembly. In order to fix that, you would need a whole new housing. Very easy to replace once you find the housing. I donít see why you would need to get rid of it just because of that. It sounds like you are just overreacting because of it breaking unexpectedly. Thatís a very common issue with those and itís not necessarily that itís brittle plastic. Itís more that it is a thin piece of plastic that is under a lot of stress every time you release the pedal. Itís simply a design flaw that Fantom overlooked. It would be pretty stupid to get rid of it for that issue, especially since thatís your dream machine. I have seen housings on eBay before. Also, check your local thrift stores, Craigslist, vacuum stores, ect.. I guarantee that in time you will find a donor Fury. Just have patience, good luck.

Post# 410535 , Reply# 8   6/15/2019 at 22:12 (389 days old) by FantomFan (Rochester, New York)        

fantomfan's profile picture
I agree that you should not use that as a daily driver. Those Furys just donít hold up like the Thunders do. They also have no where near the cleaning ability of the Thunder. Use one of your newer vacuums for your daily driver and the Fantom for occasional use.

Post# 410550 , Reply# 9   6/16/2019 at 00:54 (389 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

And keep in mind plastic gets more fragile and brittle from age.You have to treat the older plastic machines like they are made of glass!I sure you can use the Fantom as a "looker" machine in the collection not to be used.

Post# 410554 , Reply# 10   6/16/2019 at 08:51 (389 days old) by HonestJoe68 (Mansfield, Ohio)        

My collection and how I buy vacuums for my collection is eclectic and non-sensical. I just buy what I like and sometimes I purchase for the Reputation and Quality (Sebo, Miele, Riccar) and other times I just buy on a whim because I like the color, design or style. I budget my spending so itís not like I can buy a Riccar or Sebo every day, so I do have fun buying inexpensive ďplastic vacsĒ sometimes too. I have vacuums that cost under $100 that I love but if Iím honest, most of my most favorites cost much more. But also with that cost, I have found Iíve had Many Regretted purchases of cheap vacuums, but I have not ever regretted the purchase one of my $500 plus dollar vacuums. I was on the fence with the Sebo Felix but LOVE it now and itís in the daily driver rotation. (Again, Thank you ďibaisaicĒ Roger Lang!)

All that said, I have many vacuums that are carefully packed away with the moisture removing packets (Thanks for the idea ďibaisaicĒ) and Some I just keep and rarely use them for the same reasons as you. Either Iím afraid I will damage it or just do Not want it to be worn out or get any surface damage. I have my Bissell ANNA stored away because of itís rarity and itís only been turned on and used very briefly. Now I just monitor the battery and take great care it stays clean and dry in the spare bedroom.

That is another thing, the best of my collection are stored in a spare bedroom so it is in the climate controlled temperature and I take care to keep the moisture levels low, especially in the wet rainy summer time like now. Plastic gets brittle, moisture damages motors, etc. I Cringe and want to Scream when I think of all the people who keep expensive vacuums in their extreme Hot/Cold garage or damp basements with no regard to the value and cost of those machines.

Otherwise I just use all my vacuums as I get the whim to do so. I try to ďSaveĒ some of them and then I think.. Why own it if Iím just going to look at it?? I have some that I thought Iíd never even use, that I got out and have put into my daily rotation.

Do what you feel comfortable with, but I do agree with you.. sometime you just donít want to think about hearing that horrible sound of something breaking or snapping off. But in the end, I am a collector of Vacuums because I love what they do, and that is Suck up dirt and dust.

Thanks for sharing!


Post# 410563 , Reply# 11   6/16/2019 at 10:45 (389 days old) by kirbyklekter (Concord,Ca.)        
While you are pondering what to do

what do you think about trying something like J.B.Weld 2-part epoxy or similar to make a repair? Worth a try, and if it holds, it buys you some time while you wait for a replacement part or other Fantom.

Post# 410594 , Reply# 12   6/17/2019 at 18:08 (388 days old) by CMBCOOL01 (United States)        

Honestly thinking about it it's not really fair to the machine and the work that went into designing and building it if we're just going to put in a closet, honestly outside of the new crap like shark and dyson most vacuums will hold up well if we be careful and clean frequently and a professional service from time to time generally won't hurt

Post# 410597 , Reply# 13   6/17/2019 at 20:01 (388 days old) by broomvac (N/A)        

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When I found my Thunder, I had to repair a big crack on its lower cord hook and discovered that that Loctite Super Glue Ultra Gel Control is outstanding for repairing the ABS which Fantoms are made of. Now, the hook feels just about as strong as it would have been crack-free.

Good luck!


Post# 410681 , Reply# 14   6/19/2019 at 13:03 (386 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        
Electrolux Precision

mike811's profile picture
My Electrolux Precision.
It's rare in the Europe and plastic what it is made of is very fragile.
I rarely use it and I want to keep it in good condition.
Very powerful vacuum. Most powerful bagless upright what I have used and measured.
Nice dual cyclone system so filter doesn't get dirty so quickly.

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