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The most frustrating vacuum video on Youtube.
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Post# 406710   3/15/2019 at 15:14 (1,362 days old) by vexorgtr (Sheffield, Ohio)        

This guy's whole channel is basically raving about his dyson stick vac... and in this case how it's BETTER than a Central Vacuum system... Absolute rubbish. I hope his stick vac fails. As a CV owner, I can tell you it's the most effective system I've ever used, I've never clogged the tube, have it vented outside, and dirt goes into the bag. Arrrg. Every time I see this in my suggested I want to give this video 400 thumbs downs.

link below..........


Post# 406711 , Reply# 1   3/15/2019 at 16:00 (1,362 days old) by dysonman1 (the county)        

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I know it's hard to hear - but you shouldn't let it bother you. Everyone has his or her own opinion. I never thought much of central vacuums until I got my Vacuflo. Now I think they are great, but I also have a Hide-A-Hose which help me to like it because I don't have to put the hose away.

Post# 406713 , Reply# 2   3/15/2019 at 16:16 (1,362 days old) by huskyvacs (Indiana)        

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I hear you. I have no idea why people keep buying Dyson sticks. They only last 15 minutes and just whisk the surface of the carpet, and do not suck anything out of the fibers down to the floorboards, leaving it all in the carpet. Remember the old Eureka commercials with the cartoon dust devils sawing apart the carpet? Funny how we keep moving backwards as society progresses and nobody has a memory past 10 years.

Also the video and his logic is so flawed anyway. It's like comparing a twin axle dump truck to a pickup truck in terms of hauling capacity. Comparing a Dyson cordless stick with a 15 minute battery to a wall-powered enormous central vacuum makes no sense.

Post# 406718 , Reply# 3   3/15/2019 at 18:02 (1,362 days old) by vexorgtr (Sheffield, Ohio)        
At my house, a stick vac would be a total joke.

Our house is pretty big, and there's LOTS of areas that need vacuumed. There's no way on earth that you could sweep my house with a stick vacuum... There's over a dozen rooms to sweep, and three levels. I've decided sometimes to fully vacuum all floors, furniture and drapes... and it's a several hour job even with the most efficient tools.

Heck, when I moved from the Nutone motor (vintage) to the Imperium (modern)... I was getting dirt I couldn't get before... then when I upgraded from TurboCat to electric, I got even more dirt from way back when. When 20+ year old carpet is
fluffy enough that you can put footprints in it, you know you're doing a decent job.

His affection for that Stick vac is like that of some Apple Computer users... they get angry if you suggest there's any other product worth using, and if you think that anything else is better in any way, they want you dead.

Post# 406734 , Reply# 4   3/16/2019 at 01:42 (1,361 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

The video-------TOTAL CRAP!!!!!!I don't see the person using his Dyson stick vacuum-he just rants on at how bad central vacs are.Not this goon again-just ignore his total know nothing RUBBISH!!!!!

Post# 406788 , Reply# 5   3/16/2019 at 21:12 (1,361 days old) by vexorgtr (Sheffield, Ohio)        
I think this guys whole channel needs deleted....

Other videos are full of false tests... where he'll take a Henry with nothing but suction, and compare it to his stick vac with a turbo nozzle... Any kind of agitating brush is better than straight suction on a carpet.

Arrrg. I don't mind most vac channels, as they try and put some fair tests together and then go from that... If you're going to compare similar machines, that's fine, but when you're rigging the tests then they aren't really tests!

Post# 406802 , Reply# 6   3/17/2019 at 07:28 (1,360 days old) by mark40511 (Lexington, KY)        
Even in a house

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that's not that dirty or doesn't get much traffic - I still would NOT trust a stick vac!

Post# 406853 , Reply# 7   3/18/2019 at 11:20 (1,359 days old) by vacuumdevil (Vacuum Hell )        

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Lol I have seen this .

The whole channel is false information.

I will eventually get around to making roasting video of this.

"The vacuum advisor" 🗣️YouTube channel is pretty bad as well.

Post# 406854 , Reply# 8   3/18/2019 at 11:26 (1,359 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

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I actually agree with some of the things Johnny L8 says. It's not all rubbish.

Post# 406856 , Reply# 9   3/18/2019 at 11:31 (1,359 days old) by vacuumdevil (Vacuum Hell )        

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You might want to specifically clarify that .

All I have seen is rubbish& misinformation from that channel.

Post# 406969 , Reply# 10   3/19/2019 at 23:59 (1,357 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        
Be aware!

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I have had to contact the youtube because this guy has took screenshots from my channel videos. So he made a copyright violation.
Those videos have been removed from his channel. I am not the only youtuber who has had to do the same thing.
He is clearly against everyone who doesn't agree with him with his Dyson obsession.
If you argue with him, he always ask for links for other peoples claims, but he doesn't show any links to his claims.
At least other youtubers show tests, but all he does is talk like a robot and show those cartoon like "data sheets" what he made.

Post# 406998 , Reply# 11   3/20/2019 at 21:17 (1,357 days old) by vexorgtr (Sheffield, Ohio)        
Better than buying a Stick Vac....

Today I had to repair the handle on one of my CV's hoses...

I sure wasted money doing that, as I could instead vacuum for 15 minutes at a time with far less airflow and suction. Should have bought that stick vac. LOL.


Post# 407010 , Reply# 12   3/21/2019 at 00:51 (1,356 days old) by vacuumdevil (Vacuum Hell )        

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@Mike811 Wow ! Who ever is running that channel is a real piece of shit then .

Unfortunately cartoon like "data sheets" are becoming all the more common on vacuum YouTube channels. A few other channels do this to . I can't think of any vacuum YouTube channel that is actually practicing proper scientific technique. In my humble opinion a spreadsheet is useless for youtube.
if you include a link I'm happy to follow a complaint to YouTube as well about that dude copywriting infringement on your channel.

Post# 407019 , Reply# 13   3/21/2019 at 08:50 (1,356 days old) by vexorgtr (Sheffield, Ohio)        
I don't think that "Vacuum Wars" is too bad.

The "Vacuum Wars" Youtube channel isn't one I flag as horrible, as they set up the same tests for several vacuums. Maybe It's not scientific, but It's at least fair in my estimation.

Post# 407027 , Reply# 14   3/21/2019 at 20:37 (1,356 days old) by vacuumdevil (Vacuum Hell )        

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@vexorgtr I met the dude who does vacuum wars he's a pretty chill guy! He got into this out of frustration of his shark vacuums apparently. Guys got a degree in film and it shows in his videos! I wouldn't say they're scientific ,but I would definitely say he's working hard on that! But we weren't rtalking about his channel.

Post# 407031 , Reply# 15   3/21/2019 at 22:55 (1,355 days old) by vexorgtr (Sheffield, Ohio)        

I was trying to quash my negativity. Imagine the horror one feels when they've built up a central vacuum and sold their other vacuums to finance it... and once It's tuned up and working to a higher standard than anything I've used prior... Some idiot makes a video saying his stupid stick vac works better.

Although it may have no bearing on real world performance, one of the FUNNIEST old demos that I've seen performed was hooking two vacs up hose to hose, and seeing which one could collapse the other's bag. This was much more fun before we saw all the hard plastic enclosures and bag-less systems.

At this point in time, the ONLY vacuum cleaner that gets used inside my home is the CV. I like the reduced noise, increased power, and lack of odors. I've got it working to my satisfaction, and I have a tool for just about every purpose I can think of... therefore, I don't appreciate some pretentious faceless bum telling me that I'm a fool for building up the system I've always wanted.

There, back on rage topic.

Post# 407248 , Reply# 16   3/27/2019 at 10:55 (1,350 days old) by ralph123 (Little Rock, AR)        

Assuming the central vac is installed properly and is not clogged or leaking, it likely works very well. However, many are very leaky or partially clogged, or have hose problems and have little suction/air flow. The Dyson could easily beat those. In real life, there are a lot of lousy central vac installs out there, combined with user error and indifference. They are nearly worthless in performance.

Post# 407251 , Reply# 17   3/27/2019 at 11:48 (1,350 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

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I installed an MD central vac 3 years ago. I've never had a clog or noticed any leaks.

It is very powerful, I can feel the suction pulling the carpet up. Very pleased with mine.

Post# 407258 , Reply# 18   3/27/2019 at 15:44 (1,350 days old) by vexorgtr (Sheffield, Ohio)        

My home's CV piping is from the 70's, and there havn't been leak issues. It was installed by someone who must have been a plumber. It's done like water drain pipes are... everything goes downhill.

My preference is to have a bag type power unit, due to easy maintenance. There's enough power in my CV to lift carpet and linoleum, so I have to be sure that the tools are proper for the job. The floor brush with wheels is a good way to prevent "clamping" to the hard surface floors. The shop area ends up with many small computer screws on the floor, and they go right up the vac with no issue.

Post# 407347 , Reply# 19   3/29/2019 at 13:06 (1,348 days old) by vacuumdevil (Vacuum Hell )        
Science Fiction

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@ralph123 That's not Common for a central vacuum to clog.
I know lots of installers and repair People in the Central Vacuum Industry.
Central vacuum don't relay clog Simple physics of how there designed,
Leaky Pies are not common ether.
I think you should do some more research.

@vexorgtr @Vacfan1982 Make the point and case !

Post# 407350 , Reply# 20   3/29/2019 at 16:09 (1,348 days old) by vexorgtr (Sheffield, Ohio)        

Whomever is handling the pipe work for the central vac just needs to think about the flow, and lay the pipe work in a way that debris cannot escape the air flow path and be tossed into a non flowing area. If your CV is plumbed well, it will be very unlikely to clog. I have not experienced a clog with my system to date. (12 years)

If you've never used a properly installed central vacuum, I encourage everyone to try it out. Even with the old 70's era motor, it still performed well. Now with the modern motor, it's the king of dirt pick-up.

Post# 407997 , Reply# 21   4/12/2019 at 23:00 (1,333 days old) by hmc1981 (St. Augustine, Florida)        
If you think he is annoying now...

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Just wait.

Apparently he got his hands on a G5 and is using it for a series of new videos. He claims that “they are all the same anyway” and something along the lines of the Kirby nuts will go bonkers and any information contrary to them all being the same is rubbish...

But even if you don’t care for Kirby, the modifications made to them since the G5 run (1997-1999) have absolutely improved their performance. I doubt I’ll watch the videos, but did think it was appropriate to inform others of what’s to come, lol.

Happy vacuuming - whatever machine(s) you use.

Post# 408015 , Reply# 22   4/13/2019 at 14:03 (1,333 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

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This Vacuum Facts guy seems to have only two goals.
1: To proof why the Dyson V10/11 is the worlds best vacuum.
2: How wrong everyone else are.
He has made up nickname for the vacuum enthusiasts: Rapid vacuum enthusiasts.

Post# 408065 , Reply# 23   4/14/2019 at 04:10 (1,332 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

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Very subtle changes to the Kirby.

Mike it's "Rabid vacuum enthusiasts" 😁

Post# 408068 , Reply# 24   4/14/2019 at 06:22 (1,332 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

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Oh yes :D
Well Generation series Kirbys are quite same except improved stiffer oblique style brushroll and more power (higher motor rpm).
We all already know what the results of his "tests" will be. V10 is far better than the Kirby :D
Thing is that he has already done the damage to his reputation. Just looking all of his videos show how obsessed he is with the Dyson. His biggest mistake was to start war against "rabid vacuum enthusiasts" He has also done several copyright violations and number of videos has been removed from his channel by youtube. I know that the Kirby hype can be overwhelming at times, but he is in totally different level.
His attitude and arrogance has caused huge amount of dislikes to his videos so he had to hide them. At first people got mad at him, but now nobody seems to care anymore. He is what he is and we all know it.
When one youtuber vacuumed V11 filter with another vacuum he absolutely flipped :D
So better leave him alone and block him. I certainly have and I don't bother anymore commenting or watching his videos :)

Post# 408072 , Reply# 25   4/14/2019 at 07:46 (1,332 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

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It's all a bit too serious isn't it. We are discussing vacuums not Brexit 😂

Post# 408075 , Reply# 26   4/14/2019 at 09:12 (1,332 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

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You are right. I am actually very relaxed person, but I got carried away :D

Post# 408076 , Reply# 27   4/14/2019 at 10:08 (1,332 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

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Johnny seems to have that effect on people 🙈

Post# 408087 , Reply# 28   4/14/2019 at 18:56 (1,332 days old) by crazykirbydude (Lexington, KY)        

This post has been removed by the webmaster.

Post# 408134 , Reply# 29   4/15/2019 at 13:53 (1,331 days old) by crazykirbydude (Lexington, KY)        

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Sorry, I got a bit heated. Trolls really piss me off though!

Post# 408142 , Reply# 30   4/15/2019 at 17:15 (1,331 days old) by vexorgtr (Sheffield, Ohio)        
Kirby is fundimentally the same for many years.....

We know that Kirby systems have seen small improvements over time, but the system was very solid to start with. Kirby vacs are among the most powerful, and since the product is effective, major changes are not in order. I look at the 70's era one my mom had... newer units had the transmission drive, better bag/filter, stuff I think we can agree made it better.

Mr. Vacuum Facts crossed the line with me by disrespecting the central vac... which is my favorite. That does not mean I thumb my nose at other machines, but I have found my favorite.

Post# 408143 , Reply# 31   4/15/2019 at 17:15 (1,331 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

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This Vacuum Facts guy is against the whole vacuum cleaner community. You're not the only one who has been affected. Majority of his videos are made to (try) convince people how wrong they are and how misleading their videos are. I am surprised that his channel hasn't been taken down after all the copyright violations. You can Imagine how upset I was to find out that he had taken screen shots from my videos. Then using those in his videos to show how "ridiculous" my videos are.
He is poison to the whole vacuum community.
I don't even want to watch his videos anymore, because I just get frustrated.

Post# 408178 , Reply# 32   4/16/2019 at 06:42 (1,330 days old) by peepsail (Canada)        


The guy is a knob head but I'm not sure if you're necessarily in the right, over copyright law. His usage sounds like textbook fair use.

"In its most general sense, a fair use is any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owner. In other words, fair use is a defense against a claim of copyright infringement. If your use qualifies as a fair use, then it would not be considered an infringement."

Post# 408181 , Reply# 33   4/16/2019 at 08:43 (1,330 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

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Well youtube removed few videos from his channel after I made the copyright claims. Those videos had screenshots from my channel.

Post# 408185 , Reply# 34   4/16/2019 at 09:02 (1,330 days old) by crazykirbydude (Lexington, KY)        

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JohnnyL8 is a total tool. He dismisses proven scientific fact as marketing mumbo jumbo. It's a proven fact that strong airflow is needed to properly clean floors and carpeting. Dyson cleaners only produce around 52 CFM of airflow for a full size upright, which is the worst airflow of any high end upright. A Kirby Avalir 2 produces around 150 CFM at the cleaner head, which is almost THREE TIMES as much as a Dyson. An Aerus Electrolux canister will get about 100 CFM as well, almost twice that of a Dyson. Also, The Kirby and Aerus Electrolux agitate with vibration. The Dyson agitates by grinding and tearing at the carpet fibers. When you vacuum with a Dyson, most of the stuff in that bin is actually ripped up carpet fibers, not dirt! There have been numerous complaints of Dysons tearing up carpets, and even some carpet manufacturers will void your warranty if you use a Dyson on that carpet. They're also not durable. I came across a Dyson DC07 a few days ago that you could pull to bits with your hands! I don't even need to mention the Dyson V10's self destruct battery!

Post# 408189 , Reply# 35   4/16/2019 at 12:23 (1,330 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

vacfan1982's profile picture
If you look at Johnny's new video he's shows that the Kirby doesn't perform as well on modern carpets which have a waterproof non permeable backing. I won't pick up any flour from under the carpet.

I think you all should watch 😁

Post# 408191 , Reply# 36   4/16/2019 at 13:30 (1,330 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

mike811's profile picture

Fitted carpets in the US are mostly flow through. EU countries rarely have fitted carpets (only UK). Mostly rugs are used in the EU (flow through) where the Kirby performs well. So totally pointless video unless UK is the whole EU LOL
Here is the video:

Post# 408192 , Reply# 37   4/16/2019 at 13:38 (1,330 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

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Yes I made this point in the comments. But maybe the future is waterproof backed non permeable carpets.

Post# 408199 , Reply# 38   4/16/2019 at 15:03 (1,330 days old) by crazykirbydude (Lexington, KY)        

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Well, nothing will pick up flour from underneath a rubber backed carpet! I still stand by Kirby. It has a Gold CRI seal, while Dyson and Shark have none!

Post# 408203 , Reply# 39   4/16/2019 at 16:23 (1,330 days old) by Kirbysthebest (Midwest)        
Flour Pick up

The thing with a non-porous  carpet backing.  Though true you couldn't pick up flour you placed underneath,  but being non-porous, light sand and such wouldn't have worked it's way under the carpet either, so you wouldn't have to pick it up.


Different vacuums work better, or differently on different carpet types.  Kirby doesn't do well on glued down kitchen style carpet; it wants to seal to the carpet.   Luckily I have 50 some different machines to choose from so I am not at a loss for the different carpet types.

Post# 408207 , Reply# 40   4/16/2019 at 18:11 (1,330 days old) by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

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I rarely have time to watch videos as much as I like to nowadays. I also agree with Tom, anybody has their own opinions. And arguing is really not my thing to get into. I've watched that central vac video a while ago, it was the only video that I have seen on their channel. I don't think I've lasted more than 5 minutes of the video. If you don't like watching videos of this channel, just simply don't watch anymore of them.

Post# 408228 , Reply# 41   4/16/2019 at 22:57 (1,329 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

mike811's profile picture

Here it is. My test how well the Kirby G6 (stiff oblique brushroll) works on the rubber bagged rug against the Dyson has MKII (US - Ball Multi Floor 2).

Post# 408243 , Reply# 42   4/17/2019 at 08:08 (1,329 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

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I got this lecture from JohnnyL8 (Vacuum Facts) after he saw my video (above).
He is totally out of his mind and better to avoid and just forget.

"Nevertheless, good effort on your part to at least attempt to show an honest test of the very point which was initially dismissed. It nicely shows everything I said here about how Kirby's airflow drops like a stone on carpet relative to the open hose, is 100% true. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to draw too meaningful a conclusion about the quantified relative cleaning performance from your test, because measurements are inaccurate and suffer from many testing flaws which affect results. Firstly, you only make a single pass forwards and backwards, which doesn’t account for statistical variability of particle removal from carpets; I've discussed this many times on my channel. Secondly, you don’t accurately represent that real-world users would repeat passes (at least twice) for obviously exaggerated messes like you had as an initial condition, and in such a way that unswept belt lines are addressed. Thirdly, you used the Kirby after an initial clean from both units to attempt to quantify the residual remaining. This limits the residual mass extraction to the performance of the Kirby in both cases which is another source of error. This mixing of machines can’t be done in performance testing, as it mixes variables and renders it an unfair test.

You'll see this week some highly accurate, milligram accuracy, fully quantified testing of relative performance of a Kirby with a more representative dust type containing a range of particle sizes, and which accounts for statistical variability in deep-cleaning. Unlike most amateur tests, the results are fairly conclusive and devoid of sources of common error, and are thus less inaccurate. I'll also add that there is no good evidence that US (or EU) homes have one type of carpet over another. This is a made up myth. I heard that most US homes favour hard flooring, in fact."

Post# 408249 , Reply# 43   4/17/2019 at 08:43 (1,329 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

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Well at least he was polite 😂

Post# 408253 , Reply# 44   4/17/2019 at 12:02 (1,329 days old) by sptyks (Skowhegan, Maine)        
My 2 cents...

sptyks's profile picture

Just about everything this Johnny guy says in his videos is total BS!!!





Post# 408254 , Reply# 45   4/17/2019 at 12:32 (1,329 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

vacfan1982's profile picture
Actually the points he is making about the Kirby this week are correct.
It doesn't perform at it's best on his carpet which is non permeable.

It works better on carpet that allows air to flow through. I don't agree with everything he says but a lot of it makes perfect sense.

Post# 408255 , Reply# 46   4/17/2019 at 12:59 (1,329 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

mike811's profile picture

Kirby is not even designed to work on the sealed carpets. Many have pointed that out when I have tested my Kirby on my rubber backed sealed rugs.
Note that US homes are full of wall to wall carpets that are flow through on those Kirby performs fantastically.
Somehow he thinks that his tests are correct and other youtubers tests are "misleading". Total BS.
Just look how Kirby works on the flow trough rug/carpet compared to modern Dyson:

Post# 408257 , Reply# 47   4/17/2019 at 13:15 (1,329 days old) by ralph123 (Little Rock, AR)        

I'm not convinced that the Kirby vs Dyson test is fair, since the Kirby was also used to pick the winner. I say this because you don't really know how much dirt was missed by each vacuum. you only know that the Kirby picked up less dirt on the Kirby side than the Dyson side. You would need to give the Dyson the opportunity to pick up dirt missed by the Kirby as well to be more fair.

Post# 408258 , Reply# 48   4/17/2019 at 13:16 (1,329 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

vacfan1982's profile picture

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Post# 408259 , Reply# 49   4/17/2019 at 13:26 (1,329 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

mike811's profile picture

Kirby was used to pick up the remaining dirt because Dyson really can't on this type of rug.

Post# 408271 , Reply# 50   4/17/2019 at 22:49 (1,328 days old) by vexorgtr (Sheffield, Ohio)        

It's funny, we really should be talking about cleaning effectiveness, but we love to dwell on the numbers. It's easy to think about the CFM, sealed suction, and air watts, yet the ultimate question is...... Does it remove the dust dirt and sand effectively?

In case you were wondering, In the USA hard floors are currently very popular in new homes, and in remodels, but in older homes, wall to wall carpet is still very common. Our home has lots of carpet, and a good deal of hard floors too.... thus the Central vac serves me well. With the variety of tools, its light weight and strong power make things easier. I like that I can easily clean high and low. It's actually easy to vacuum the ceiling, the walls, the lights... anything I want to.

Post# 408273 , Reply# 51   4/17/2019 at 23:12 (1,328 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

mike811's profile picture

You are right. Numbers are just numbers. I have done a lot of testing and the cleaning head design is extremely important along with the airflow. Kirby is my best vacuum for fine dust pick up. Sebo Felix and Vorwerk VK135 are best for the sand pick up (although Kirby comes close).

Post# 408282 , Reply# 52   4/18/2019 at 18:28 (1,328 days old) by Hmc1981 (St. Augustine, Florida)        

hmc1981's profile picture
I really don’t know why I’m adding to this, it doesn’t really matter.

I guess for me, it has nothing to do with the make of the machines, it’s his attitude. For example: He once said the Carpet and Rug Institute was a “cowboy organization” (or whatever cowboy thing he said) without providing details and hard evidence that their testing methods are inaccurate - and then goes on to tell others that unless they can back up what they say with hard evidence, what they say is therefore mere opinion and not based on facts. To me that’s just a double standard and it’s unfair, and to me discredits everything he does.

I own several vacuums, many different makes. MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE- I’ve used a couple of Dysons, one a DC41, the other I don’t remember. There’s an area in my home (house is quite old) where I keep the litter box... wood floors with some large gaps between planks. The ONLY machines I’ve ever used that DIDN'T pick up the litter that was in between the planks were the Dysons. I guess what I’m saying is that his “facts” do not match my reality - and that’s the point. There isn’t one single machine that can do everything perfectly and better. The very nature of his videos is dishonest and I could give a flying f what he’s testing against, he is the one guilty of misleading people, not his claim of the opposite.

Post# 408400 , Reply# 53   4/21/2019 at 12:40 (1,325 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

mike811's profile picture

Here he goes again. He did one big mistake when he tested the Kirby. He used dirt meter to test the Kirby. Dirt meter greatly limits Kirby air flow even when it's clean.

Post# 408421 , Reply# 54   4/22/2019 at 00:09 (1,324 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

I just IGNORE that clown and DO NOT watch his goofy videos.He is just a DYSON salesman in disguise!!

Post# 408423 , Reply# 55   4/22/2019 at 05:34 (1,324 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

mike811's profile picture

I shouldn't have commented to his video.
It's like talking to the wall. Nothing else than criticism how everything what I say is wrong.
Better to leave him alone and let him live in his Dyson bubble.

Post# 408447 , Reply# 56   4/22/2019 at 13:38 (1,324 days old) by vaclab (Pickerington, Ohio)        
JohnnyL8 has INTENTIONALLY RIGGED this test

vaclab's profile picture
Let's count the ways, shall we?

1) By using an airflow robbing dirt meter and pads that clog with large amounts of dust almost immediately. Easy to prove and I have on my channel.

2) By using a brushroll with worn bristles. Compare a new chevron style to his and you will see much tighter tufts.

3) By not proving in any way (that I can find quickly) his G5 is "up to snuff". In other words, we have no idea how well it is performing natively.

AND three more things that are quite hilarious is that he wants to compare a mid-90's machine to a late 2010's machine, when there are obvious updates like:

1) Newer style oblique stiff brushroll and
2) HEPA bags
3) 20%-25% higher airflow (Avalir vs. older G series).

The best thing I laughed at in his video is his obvious misuse of the term MASS. Yup, what he claims is mass is actually weight. Mass is weight divided by gravity.

HOWEVER, did everyone notice that his mangled, crippled G5 had essentially the same pickup as the almighty V10 up through "Cleaning Session #6"?

If he has the ability to weigh the dirt pickup, why didn't he just weigh a bag multiple times? Frankly, his test proves the very opposite of what he thinks. That high airflow in a traditional dirty air vacuum could easily beat a V10 on his porous carpet if it wasn't intentionally crippled.

I think I remember informing him of his suction versus airflow confusion back a few years ago in videos he's probably deleted by now.

Look, if I really wanted to cheat, I could probably create any number of tests if I wanted to prove machine X is better than machine Y, but that's simply not what I'm about.

Let me know if I've missed anything...


Post# 408449 , Reply# 57   4/22/2019 at 14:10 (1,324 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

mike811's profile picture

Indeed he intentionally rigged the test and when I pointed those to him he just totally ignored my opinions. I saw your video how badly the dirt meter lowers the airflow and he thinks that "some airflow loss" doesn't matter. So 47 cfm is minor difference compared to the 121 cfm LOL! Same with the old vs new brushroll type. He just claims that it doesn't matter and the added agitation doesn't change anything.
He is full of BS with his V10.

Post# 408453 , Reply# 58   4/22/2019 at 14:57 (1,324 days old) by Hmc1981 (St. Augustine, Florida)        

hmc1981's profile picture
Didn’t he write you and say something along the lines of your test being inaccurate because you only did a single pass and a real world user would make at least two passes? Doesn’t he understand that in the real world people wouldn’t be vacuuming with the dirt meter? Lol. It takes all sorts to make a world.

I haven’t seen his “test” yet. Not sure if I will or not. He’s just so pompous - insisting he is accurate and everyone else is wrong. I’ll give him one thing, he’s accurately inaccurate.

Happy vacuuming!

Post# 408458 , Reply# 59   4/22/2019 at 15:45 (1,324 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

mike811's profile picture
He criticises everything what other testers do. Too many or little passes, too much or too little debris, wrong type of carpet, etc. And of course his tests are only one to be trusted LOL
I have never seen anyone so aggressive against vacuum collectors. His life mission is to proof that the Dyson stick vacuums are the best vacuums in the world.
He is always right and others are always wrong.
But he is pretty much alone with his opinions. Only few hardcore Dyson fans agree with him.
This person is full of anger and rage against us: vacuum community. It's easy to see from his videos and comments.
Actually it's so bad that it's hilarious 😃

I am not too bothered about his videos. I have too much fun making my own videos ☺

Post# 408460 , Reply# 60   4/22/2019 at 16:04 (1,324 days old) by Hmc1981 (St. Augustine, Florida)        

hmc1981's profile picture
Wrong type of carpet?!?!?! My goodness. So what are people supposed to do - design their home around the vacuum cleaner? Or maybe just buy a machine that works on whatever flooring they currently have.

This guy needs some psychiatric help—- like NOW! Hahaha.

Post# 409279 , Reply# 61   5/9/2019 at 12:22 (1,307 days old) by DesiredName (Utah)        

desiredname's profile picture
So basically this guy is saying that if you have carpet that restricts all airflow then your Dyson will work about as well as a kirby.... In that case any vacuum would work poorly. Thanks Vacuum Facts channel. I now know that my Dysons will work about as well at vacuuming crumbs off plastic wrap as my kirbys and other direct air machines. Really good to know.

Post# 409288 , Reply# 62   5/9/2019 at 17:49 (1,307 days old) by vacuumdevil (Vacuum Hell )        

vacuumdevil's profile picture
This made me laugh today!
This guy does a test with a different discontinued model in a different country with different floor tools and wonders why the results are different.

Post# 409302 , Reply# 63   5/10/2019 at 08:45 (1,306 days old) by beko1987 (Stokenchurch, United Kingdom)        

He is a very annoying person, and I speak as a content creator! If any of you watch my videos (and hi if you do!) I'm always very careful to not do anything scientific so he can't go off on one. Hats off to Alex and VacuumWars who get it constantly.

The issue with him is he has some mental health issues I think. If you ever saw his first Dyson Zorb video, where he rubbed zorb into his carpet with a turned off v10... I commented and said many things, and he asked me to prove it (as he always does) so I did, because if you ever saw my Zorb video, I have 3 generations of Zorb powder, and did what I thought were fair, to the letter tests using Dysons own instructions (spoiler, it freshens and revives the pile a bit but has zero stain removal). And as the comments went on, he got more agitated that he did not know the facts, that I knew better than he did. HE has to fact-check. That's where 99% of people commenting on his video fall down, they cannot explain the facts better than he can. After this I don't seem to get it as much as others (although he called me a screwdriver warrior in a comment recently about my v11 torque head breaking, as if I would willingly break something costing me £50 a month!) which is quite nice. I did reach out to him in the zorb comments telling him to email/message me and I'd gladly send him detailed photo's of the various zorb packagings, a scan of the dc04 zorbster manual... nothing.

A couple of other collectors like him and chat to him regularly, you'll be seeing a Sebo felix on his channel soon and I think that's coming from VacMat (another non-boased, totally nice kid...) so he will soon be trying to wind up the Sebo fans (please just don't fall for it). On the facebook groups I am a member of many people have blocked the members in question so information does not go back to Johnny, we sit in the 'dark corners of the internet' as he says.

What I have also noticed is it's always the same few people who comment positivly on his videos. Personally I usually see 4 or 5 fresh faces commenting on my videos every time, as well as my faithfull allegience of fans, on his... usually the same people.

It's a pain, I present my content in a way that he can pick no holes in (so my unscientific dirt pickup tests for fun because people like seeing them rather than 'look at how much this vacuum picks up etc') and poke blatent fun at him too. He begrudgingly commented on my V11 torque head annoyances video an surprisingly conceded that I might actually have a point (I had to sit down and have a drink at that point) although rounded off by saying that of course I was wrong... I have to prove that the flipping torque head fails to pick up bits of 1930's india rubber wire now because I supidly commented saying that I was cleaning up after a major re-wire of a Hoover 800 (where I'd replaced all the cloth covered perishing cable from the coil back, but forgot that it doesn't solder easily so had to cut it back a few times)and the torque head just spat it around the brushroll and flung it out (which it did) and he called me out on it and told me off for not filming it! Might collab with Alex on this one, we have axes to grind, especially since he straight out called Alex a liar and an idiot in various comments... now I know Alex is possibly an idiot but he is most certainly not a liar.

I am the only 'major' channel who has not blocked him as far as I know, because I can take the abuse and generally not care, and it's funny watching him wade in with a comment and suddenly running away when all my fans rip him to shreds. However sadly I know of at least 2 examples where his comments and general idiocy caused 2 people who I personally really like to either stop fully or go quiet for a while as their minds just could not shake it off like I can. And that's wrong. So he is just blocked as it's easier (which I should do really, but I like to poke the angry bee every once in a while when I'm bored)

I share your pain everyone!


Post# 409309 , Reply# 64   5/10/2019 at 11:48 (1,306 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

mike811's profile picture
I think the most important thing to remember is that whatever he says majority of people will realize how sick he is.
His comments are pure evil and sickness and people aren't stupid. Vacuum Facts has gone totally crazy in his comments. He is so out of control that even blind can see it. He clearly doesn't realize it how he has totally lost his reputation. Now people only know him as a raging Dyson fanatic who desperately needs mental help.

I once made a video about "certain" channel stealing content from my videos and of course I didn't mention what the channel was. Almost everyone knew what the channel was. So there is a way to make his channel to go downhill. Every collector just makes a video about "certain" channel and he is going to drown in to the dislikes and tons of hate comments. Eventually he will be gone from youtube or at least most hated. Well he is already most hated youtuber.

Post# 409356 , Reply# 65   5/11/2019 at 16:32 (1,305 days old) by beko1987 (Stokenchurch, United Kingdom)        

Well he, via process of elimination between myself and ibaisaic) accused me of deliberately breaking my v11 head so I could have a pop at dyson.

Things have escalated and he is on version 3 of his explanation. I'm about to sit down and compare the 3 and make VacuumFacts state facts for once...

Post# 409377 , Reply# 66   5/12/2019 at 13:42 (1,304 days old) by FanOfVacuums2 (Williamsburg, VA)        

fanofvacuums2's profile picture
I have never engaged with this person or even heard of him before seeing this thread, but I must say that many of his critiques of the Kirby in his Kirby G5 versus Dyson V11 video are hilarious. First of all, the G5 is a very old model and the Avalir 2 does have various improvements. He could still have some actual points against the Kirby because it is a thirty-year-old design with a bit of a learning curve for new owners to say the least, but he takes it way too far. His descriptions of how dangerous they are to lift and use are amazing. I have never ran over my toes or hit myself with one. Never once did it ever cross my mind that I may need to wear safety shoes or any other protective equipment. He acts as if they weigh so much more than they actually do. I can just imagine a scenario of him mowing over his toes with the G5; smashing it into walls, furniture, and himself; and straining himself while pathetically trying to carry it with two hands at the top of the handle instead of at the carrying handles like he did in the video. He must be a very clumsy person. Also, his attempt to make Tech Drive sound complex is really something else. It is like driving a car and being puzzled on how to put it in and out of gear. I hope that he does not try to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission. He would have a meltdown if he finds the whopping two options of Kirby's Tech Drive system confusing.

Post# 409379 , Reply# 67   5/12/2019 at 17:28 (1,304 days old) by beko1987 (Stokenchurch, United Kingdom)        

Well it could be worse, he seems to be suing myself and another collector... You'd have to go to his v11 review video to see it all and I wouldn't wish that on anyone but I stood up to him and now he 'cannot comment any further'...

What I have gleaned is he-

Goes silent and one other random person will take over for a bit
Gets angry

I then wound him up by mentioning libel and slander, because in my eyes he did, and lo and behold an hour later he cannot comment further but is allowed to make a short statement.

Ill not get the suit dry cleaned just yet

Post# 409416 , Reply# 68   5/13/2019 at 22:18 (1,302 days old) by vexorgtr (Sheffield, Ohio)        
Law Suit???

Good grief.... I have not even tried to contact him. I THINK I left a comment, and down-voted a few videos, but that's about all. I think his misguided opinions (facts according to his videos) are a waste of effort.

Post# 409434 , Reply# 69   5/14/2019 at 15:45 (1,302 days old) by beko1987 (Stokenchurch, United Kingdom)        

I did go full on though... we went through his usual, then denial, then back to the usual, then he got someone else to have a go, then he sprung back with an AHA! then 'I now cannot comment further, this is slander...and since then silence

He did set himself up horribly for the fall. If youve seen my V11 - new torque head video, I mention right at the end that it doesnt like big messes. His original comment (youll see it in the 100+ comments thread on the video)word for word took my video apart and accused me of doing it on purpose and doing a dishonorable warrnaty claim. And by that, and process of elimination because the only other person on the whole of youtube who had a broken head was Ibaisaic, who didn't do a warranty claim.

After 2 flipping days of back and forth, he finally watches the video and wakes right up and latches on to me saying I did do a mess test, and accused me of bullying him for a reaction. He went back in his box when I said the test was woodshavings from the hamster (clean of course) coffee and glitter, filled the thing up in 2 passes then clogged back into the wand, oops).

This tells me that his original comment was just showboating to his echo chamber, and he knew nothing about any of it, and assumed the lot. So he makes cr@p up, can't take people questioning him, then says he has sought advice (which was 10pm on a sunday evening UK time...)

I'm not going to poke him again because I've got what I want from it, will be interesting to see what the next video is about though!

Post# 409435 , Reply# 70   5/14/2019 at 16:00 (1,302 days old) by vacuumdevil (Vacuum Hell )        

vacuumdevil's profile picture
Started getting long drawn-out comments similar to Johnny's from "Matthew Locke" either the same person or they're very good friends. Was wondering if anybody else can confirm or deny this?

  View Full Size
Post# 409468 , Reply# 71   5/15/2019 at 08:49 (1,301 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

mike811's profile picture

Matthew Lock (The Vac Mat) worships Johnny and his videos. Matt is always defending Johnny. He is hardcore Dyson fanatic, but he is also very young. About 14-15 years old. I had to block Matt because he sent me very nasty comment against my testing. Worst of all he made video what included screenshots from my video. Obviously I made copyright claim and his video was removed.

Post# 409513 , Reply# 72   5/16/2019 at 04:24 (1,300 days old) by beko1987 (Stokenchurch, United Kingdom)        

Matt likes sebo and Swan now... Because they gave him free machines to test...

I'm always a bit careful to now have too much of a go at the younger ones, because I think back to how much of an idiot I was whwn I was 13. The real test is what their like then they grow up... I do talk to matt and have not had an issue, he can take a difference of opinion and be good conversation. But I do agree he can be silly.

"In this life you can be oh so smart or oh so pleasant For years I was smart, I recommend pleasant Being smart can make you rich and bring respect and reverence But the rewards of being pleasant are far more incandescent"

Post# 409518 , Reply# 73   5/16/2019 at 11:10 (1,300 days old) by vacuumdevil (Vacuum Hell )        

vacuumdevil's profile picture
@Mike811 I had a similar experience with him. Would occasionally send me messages asking vacuum related questions. Then out of left field started leaving a large amount of hate comments. Ended up blocking him as well.

@beko1987 You're definitely right we were all kids once.
That's why I just put him on the block list. No way of reasoning with a child like that .

Post# 409519 , Reply# 74   5/16/2019 at 14:39 (1,300 days old) by RitaWilliams (Villahermosa)        

That's some pretty funny stuff hahaha

Post# 409560 , Reply# 75   5/18/2019 at 12:35 (1,298 days old) by vacuumdevil (Vacuum Hell )        

vacuumdevil's profile picture
Recently made a video in the subject.

Post# 409575 , Reply# 76   5/19/2019 at 06:48 (1,297 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

mike811's profile picture

It was about time someone makes video about him. I made video about him a while ago, but seems to me that it's time to do more updated video.

Post# 409606 , Reply# 77   5/20/2019 at 18:06 (1,296 days old) by vexorgtr (Sheffield, Ohio)        
Mr. Vacuum Facts........

He reminds me of a brainwashed apple fanboy. It doesn't matter what kind of computer product you have, test, or recommend... it has to be trash because it's not Apple.

Mr. Vacuum Facts is obviously a fan boy, and anything that isn't his precious toy must be somehow inferior.

Post# 409768 , Reply# 78   5/25/2019 at 14:32 (1,291 days old) by mariotron (Texas )        

mariotron's profile picture
This. Reminds of the guy who argued with me that apple is "smart" for making theirs iOS devices compatible with expandable storage and why you shouldn't think otherwise.

That and his use of the words "evidence" "facts" "scientific and the term "light-years ahead" make want to rip my monitor in half with my bare hands.

Post# 409946 , Reply# 79   5/30/2019 at 01:50 (1,286 days old) by vacuumdevil (Vacuum Hell )        

vacuumdevil's profile picture
@vexorgtr @mariotron
I think that's a great example of what's going on here. couldn't agree more with you guys!

Post# 410904 , Reply# 80   6/26/2019 at 00:06 (1,259 days old) by ridgidwd0670 (se wood co ohio)        

ridgidwd0670's profile picture
Bagged is BETTER!

I wouldnt waste $ on a Diesoon V6

My old Eureka bagged corded stick vac will OUTCLEAN ANY BAGLESS stick vac; however I use my Eureka ESP for quick pick-ups on carpet

I'm planning to get a CV with the Perfect kit (old style Lux)

Yrs ago I had a NuTone with Hayden SuperPak but it was a rental house

Post# 455236 , Reply# 81   7/27/2022 at 00:54 by rlsellman21 (Hanover, PA)        
Johnny's Kirby bashing video

I'm currently watching the video he made on the Kirby vacuum, and how he claims it's inferior to the Dyson V10. Definitely seems like he's just a Dyson fanboy that trashes any other brand or vacuum technology as inferior. Look, I love Dyson vacuums too, but I also love Kirby, and there are plenty of other brands that have really good vacuums that I can respect and appreciate.

Post# 455246 , Reply# 82   7/27/2022 at 12:29 by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
Ryan, You're in Hanover??

gottahaveahoove's profile picture

Perhaps sometime, you could visit?  I'm b/w Wilkes-Barre and Scranton. I taught at The Governor's School for the Arts one summer in Hanover PA.


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