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Post# 395272   7/19/2018 at 12:40 by electrolux137 (Land O Plenty USA)        


VERY VERY rare Hoover!!!

CLICK HERE TO GO TO electrolux137's LINK on eBay

Post# 395307 , Reply# 1   7/19/2018 at 21:59 by bnorris938 (Indiana)        

For being nearly ninety years old, that is in exceptional condition. Almost as if someone put it in a closet in 1930-something and forgot they had it!

Post# 395332 , Reply# 2   7/20/2018 at 10:49 by dysonman1 (Missouri)        

dysonman1's profile picture
I don't know for sure, but it looks like the one Kyle K. has - wonder if he's selling his?

Post# 395340 , Reply# 3   7/20/2018 at 11:48 by kenkart (Mocksville, NC)        
One of the rarest machines

I have only seen one , billy Lipmans, years ago, it should bring a thousand!

Post# 395385 , Reply# 4   7/21/2018 at 03:19 by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

One of the few direct air canisters out there.would like one of these-but not from EBay.The unit being sold looks nice,though.For something like this would like to see it in person and try it before pulling the trigger on it.Would be neat to put a new cord on it and get a bag assembly that could use disposable insert bags.You could keep the orig bag for show along with the orig tools-try to get new ones that could fit it if you want to use the vacuum-I would!!

Post# 395390 , Reply# 5   7/21/2018 at 08:48 by dysonman1 (Missouri)        

dysonman1's profile picture
It's well over $400 now. It should easily bring $1000. Miss P. with her unlimited pockets might grab it, who knows? Or, perhaps the Pennsylvania Kirby Lady - her husband is good for a grand any time she wants. I have other things to spend that kind of money on. Like a vacation in New Orleans for decadence.

Stan Kann had one, I used it a few times and can definitely say it was very underpowered. So was the Electrolux model 11 which was the Hoover's competition. It ultimately had LESS suction than a Hoover 700 because the bag was so small. When you took the bag off, it had a lot more power, but even that was limited by its 1.7 amp motor.

Post# 395402 , Reply# 6   7/21/2018 at 11:36 by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
Even to still have the

gottahaveahoove's profile picture
box still intact like that. Very nice. If it's our Kyle, (some of you may remember Kyle...has a model O... was a member here as a very young boy),I hope he is pleased with the sale. He has quite a collection. If it's not "our Kyle", best of luck to him, as well.

Post# 395409 , Reply# 7   7/21/2018 at 13:15 by a007kirbyman (--->> Originally My Mom <<--- (now Wisconsin))        
Hoover duster bidding...

a007kirbyman's profile picture
I have to say it's disappointing & sad; & yet not surprising, the way certain ones complain about the high prices paid for items (in this case, vintage vacuums) by others. ~lol~

Sounds & L@@Ks like jealousy to me. (imho) ~lol~

Especially when the complaining person is one of the very ones pushing up the price on the item(s)!!! ~lol~

I've seen this on numerous items on eBay.

In this case (this complainer) you're currently the second place bidder, driving up the price, at $400.00 (n***c). You were even the 1st to bid & start driving up the price; & you've now bid three (3) times on it so far. ~lol~

You also regularly complain about the (ONLY) Vacuum Cleaner Collectors Club (VCCC), & how it's not the same & that you're not in it.

What you fail to ever mention, it that YOU WERE KICKED OUT OF THE VCCC!!!

And for what it's worth, I haven't seen any cliques (that you refer to) for years in the REAL VCCC!!!

I hope Kyle does well on the sale of this very unique item, though not my cup of tea, so-to-speak!!! ~lol~

Cheers & hagd/n all,


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Post# 395412 , Reply# 8   7/21/2018 at 15:14 by dysonman1 (Missouri)        

dysonman1's profile picture
You must think I'm complaining. All that belching Kirby dust distorts one's mind.

Post# 395423 , Reply# 9   7/21/2018 at 18:04 by akabent (LEFT Coast)        

Ah, Those annoying Facts!!  Bill, I could not have expressed it better myself!!  KUDDOS!!



Post# 395424 , Reply# 10   7/21/2018 at 18:54 by pinkge (Indianapolis,Indiana)        
Nailed it...

I just love Fact's;they are so Factual!

Post# 395427 , Reply# 11   7/21/2018 at 20:16 by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
There are lots of facts!

gottahaveahoove's profile picture
Here, in a public forum may not be the best place to divulge certain facts... about events that took place..... several years ago.
Numerous EBAY items are driven up, sometimes by the seller. Sometimes, others do drive the price up, insult other bidders,accuse people, who possibly have never ever met, of getting together to hurt another, etc.
A shame, really. But, to quote Mr. Johnny Matthis, "It's not for me to say".

Post# 395430 , Reply# 12   7/21/2018 at 21:55 by kenkart (Mocksville, NC)        

This post has been removed by the member who posted it.

Post# 395431 , Reply# 13   7/21/2018 at 21:57 by electrolux137 (Land O Plenty USA)        


How can you figure out who an eBay bidder is when their name is concealed??

Post# 395437 , Reply# 14   7/21/2018 at 22:56 by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
Bill has impeccable records.

gottahaveahoove's profile picture
He is meticulous about keeping track of item sales, bidders, etc. He is in the vacuum business a long time, has bought and sold things, and knows fair trades as well as some less stellar dealings.
I'm not naming names here, nor will I in the future.

Post# 395440 , Reply# 15   7/21/2018 at 23:41 by kenkart (Mocksville, NC)        

This post has been removed by the member who posted it.

Post# 395446 , Reply# 16   7/22/2018 at 08:53 by akabent (LEFT Coast)        

I have never known you to be or act anything but gentlemanly and your posts are always of interest; a great example and ostensibly the very "raison d'etre" for Vacuumland.  But you seem to give a pass to, or support 'D -man' on his nasty and uncalled for comments such as above with their very unkind and inappropriate  references to Mr Pupek and 'the Pennsylvania Kirby Lady.'  There is never a need for, nor is this is the place to berate people.  Yet it is those very comments and the ire they elicit that is exactly what often detracts from Vacuumland.  It has nothing to do with a specific club; rather it is individuals acting poorly...  Case in point.

As an aside, and at least from a personal point of view,  I can't see how anyone would NOT draw the conclusion of jealously from those comments specifically posted and referred to by him in regard to winning the Hoover Duster.   Just my thoughts



Post# 395451 , Reply# 17   7/22/2018 at 12:46 by kenkart (Mocksville, NC)        
Im not getting

in a pissing contest with anyone, No one is perfect, we all have opinions, I deleted my posts because I was exhausted and on edge when I wrote them, we are moving in this god awful summer heat and im about dead....Now, Let me make it clear, Tom Gasko has been one of my very best friends for 25 years, He ,Charlie Lester, Roger Proehl, Billy Lippman,john Young,Clay Floyd,Jimmy Martin,David Watters ,Mike Pletcher and Mike Hays and of course Alex Tabor and John Lucia I met many many years ago, I met them personally in 1995 in Allentown Pa at Bob Kautzmans and Mike Pletchers at my first convention, I have never had any disagreement with any of them, we were like brothers in the old days, we ran up phone bills that were terrible, tom has treated me like a brother all these years, and I just will not turn my back on him just because a few don't like him.

Post# 395453 , Reply# 18   7/22/2018 at 14:27 by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
Nor should you.

gottahaveahoove's profile picture
Your loyalty is beyond admirable.
I, too, know, and am fond of Billy, Mike Pletcher), Alex, (never met Charlie in person, but, we get along fine). And, John Lucia is one of the finest human beings to walk the planet. I do not know the others, some are actually deceased now. It is Mike Pletcher who introduced me to The VCCC. AND, if it weren't for John and Alex, none of anything would have existed. So, for that, I'm grateful. Sadly, there are other circumstances that would/could incriminate others.

Post# 395505 , Reply# 19   7/24/2018 at 01:00 by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
Well, this is the last I'll say about any of this.

gottahaveahoove's profile picture
Trying to increase a price isn't a terribly nice thing to do, especially if it's done to ruin a purchase.
Bashing a club, group, organization AND its members in a small-minded thing to do. Intentionally hurting people is a dirty business.
There's a big elephant in the room. I'm not about to name names, but, there IS solid proof of activities years ago involving bad behavior involving a minor at a convention. There's evidence of harassing an underage member on a youtube channel, that could have resulted in a major lawsuit.I cannot/will not be a part of that. (Remember: The VCCC and Vacuumland were ONE until a few years ago. Parents had an individual investigated, resulting in uncovering unfortunate facts. ALL of this is in documented 'history'. These reasons that resulted in a person being banned for life (that's a very long time), from a club.
I'm not going further, but, there ARE reasons. EVERY action causes a reaction: both positive AND negative.
It is not MY place to go any deeper with this.
We all have tremendous friendships. Some began, for me, with my joining The VCCC I have met fantastic people, learned a lot, have seen a lot of the country, am now VERY welcome in North Canton, The Home of Hoover Appliances.
I look forward to meeting more wonderful folks through The VCCC. It looks like I'll be hosting a convention in a few years... all members will be welcomed into my home.
I also hope this Hoover Duster goes to a good owner, and that the seller enjoys his profit. But, I have no intentions of getting myself into a mess (especially in here) with my mouth.
Sorry for the dissertation, but I stepped in as much as I'm going to.

Post# 395518 , Reply# 20   7/24/2018 at 09:52 by electrolux137 (Land O Plenty USA)        


I never heard about these allegations about "an individual investigated, resulting in uncovering unfortunate facts" etc. etc. etc. and I really don't understand why this has been brought up here. It has nothing to do with the topic at hand, a Hoover Duster on eBay.

Post# 395520 , Reply# 21   7/24/2018 at 10:49 by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
You're right. It really doesn't.

gottahaveahoove's profile picture
The only reason for it (if there were one), was because others brought it up... it went into things that could have gotten very nasty. Thankfully, it wasn't that bad. The bidding history and comments were really the fuel that accelerated things. Most people don't really want to 'go down that road'. I surely don't. The only reason I spoke at all was to hopefully dispel, shed light, put out the fire once and for all.I'm not in the business of starting fires. Nor am I used to getting burned by them ,started by others. Hopefully, that'll end, finally., But, I doubt it.

So, yes. the Hoover Duster IS the topic at hand. The sale of such a machine in such good condition after ALL these years is the main topic. It should only have been that. But, we saw that it didn't. It's not nice when things derail.

Post# 395521 , Reply# 22   7/24/2018 at 10:54 by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
Final note:

gottahaveahoove's profile picture
Not everyone will have heard about investigations, allegations, etc. But, it did happen.There is documented proof, and people still alive who saw it all.
I was not there, either. However............... and, I'm NOT spreading gossip or hearsay. There are many who were there. Some are not even members anymore. Trust me: (or not), I'd never say anything about such delicate things if I didn't know they really happened..and talked with some people who WERE there.
So, onto vacuums...............................

Post# 395537 , Reply# 23   7/25/2018 at 03:13 by electrolux137 (Land O Plenty USA)        


Shades of Kriswell.......!

CLICK HERE TO GO TO electrolux137's LINK

Post# 395556 , Reply# 24   7/25/2018 at 16:15 by JustJunque (Western MA)        
Was this a bargain?

The final/winning bid was $460.
Some were speculating it would bring more than twice that amount.
Did someone get a deal?
I'm totally unfamiliar with these, and have no idea of their value.


Post# 395569 , Reply# 25   7/25/2018 at 20:30 by vac-o-matic (Saint Louis, Mo.)        

A very rare machine which could've gone higher, someone got a good deal, and congrats to Kyle!

Post# 395655 , Reply# 26   7/27/2018 at 05:12 by huskyvacs (Northern Indiana)        

huskyvacs's profile picture
I buy and sell a lot on eBay too, and I can say that the shipping cost killed it. I live just 1 state over, and its $65 for shipping alone on my end, that's insane. I wouldn't think this is that heavy. I've bought entire Kirbys for less, and those are nearly what, 45/50 lbs?

It is a cute little vacuum though, reminds me of a primitive Dyson stick vac, lol

Post# 395664 , Reply# 27   7/27/2018 at 14:47 by myvacsrock (Dayton, OH)        

myvacsrock's profile picture
Well, it went to Atlanta, and can confirm the shipping was indeed $59.35.

A box the size of the one included with the Duster which was 24x13, plus each individual attachment wrapped, padding for the attachment box, padding for the machine... it all goes into a bigger box than you'd expect, but ya know..

If you saw my notice to buyers stating that eBay and UPS over estimated shipping on the listing, and I would refund the difference .. just saying.

Post# 395765 , Reply# 28   7/29/2018 at 06:50 by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

Did the Hoover Duster come with a shoulder sling so you could use it like a "hip" vacuum-looks like the Duster could have been used that way.Or make up a backpack harness and use it like a backpack!

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