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TriStar/Compact canister Mom gave me
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Post# 395016   7/15/2018 at 17:20 by dartman (Portland OR)        

Well like it says we as a family got this thing brand new in the late 70's I think as a bonus for some MLM thing Mom was trying. It says Sir Anthony James on it which was what they called all the goodies they were enticing her to join with. We also got a Microwave that lasted quite a while and we used to use this in our house all the time.
I THOUGHT she had given it away but recently she was clearing out a spare bedroom and found it buried in the closet. It does still run but the motor bearings are shot and it sparks like crazy from the brushes. I tore it apart and tried to get the fan to stop rubbing the case and lubed up the one main bearing. I remember it doing a much better job suction wise and grooming the rug but it was so busy rattling around internally I think it's at about half suction and the power head probably needs attention but the brush rolls look great.
I don't really need anymore vacs but it is kinda sentimental and when mom and my lil sister found it they knew I always liked it so it's mine now.
I can get a brand new motor for about 68 shipped or a whole body in a newer style with a good motor for 54 shipped.
Wonder if it's worth spending any money on at this point seeing how I have a 5700 royal upright and a 4650 Canister that I use all the time and do a great job.
Anyways figured if nothing else the vacuum nuts here would like to see a odball version out in the wild.

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Post# 395018 , Reply# 1   7/15/2018 at 17:53 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

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that is a re branded Compact electra interstate C8 canister vacuum geta new motor and it will be a reallll work horse do it fix her up !you wont regret it

Post# 395020 , Reply# 2   7/15/2018 at 18:31 by dartman (Portland OR)        

Yeah, figure I'll put it on the list of things that can wait but I want to fix eventually and see how it does with a good motor again. I think thew newer ones have a better power head and I KNOW the later Royal power heads were way better as I also have a 413 I loved that just isn't as good as the Panasonic version the 4650 has.
You think my attachments will fit the newer style body as I can get that A101 cheaper then a new motor shipped.
Guess I'll make a saved search for the motor and see if a better deal comes along then once it's back to where it used to be it'll compete favorably with my Royals.

Post# 395021 , Reply# 3   7/15/2018 at 18:40 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

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no no no no oh no dont go whit the 101 the original Compact Tristar were far better and more power full than the later mg1 series! The power head on a compact electra c8 is a beast whit the Vibra groomer 2 or 3 brush-roll or even better whit a sevron style brush roll i own a compact electra vacuum and its cleaning best fix yours ! 2 stage amteck motor electri h ose and new brush roll metal vbibra groomer 3 and youl have one heck of a cleaning beast

Post# 395024 , Reply# 4   7/15/2018 at 19:18 by dartman (Portland OR)        

So just the motor out of the 101 would be a downgrade or is it the same one in a newer body? If it's exactly the same I could just swap it in and save a few bucks, if not eventually I'll pick up one of the new ones, thanks. I think mine has a row of brushes and a beater bar set up on the powerhead. It's all as we got it and I doubt anything other then bags has ever been changed.

Post# 395027 , Reply# 5   7/15/2018 at 20:02 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

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leep the original you wont regret it sun message me i know about those

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Post# 395038 , Reply# 6   7/15/2018 at 21:49 by dartman (Portland OR)        

OK, now no newer motor then. The 70 dollar one is a 2 wire that claims to be for the older style Compacts. I was looking it over and it wasn't obvious how to tear it down to rebuild it and I didn't research new bearings and brushes yet but if I can get those way cheaper that should fix it right up. This is the link for the new motor You obviously know if this is the right motor or just one that will work. Guess I need to research the bearings and brushes and how to tear it down to rebuild it.

Post# 395041 , Reply# 7   7/15/2018 at 22:10 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

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ooooh yes this will fit the compact and will make it original like in 1978 this will a lats long time yeppers get that sun message me on here i will help

Post# 395048 , Reply# 8   7/15/2018 at 23:05 by dartman (Portland OR)        
How to message you

OK, thanks for all the help and advise and it sounds like that guys new motor is the one to get. I couldn't find any bearings or tear down info in a quick search but I have that link saved and will order a new motor when ready to tear into it again. Let me know how to message you or just hit my e-mail address in my profile and we can chat about it more if you like.
I certainly remember this vacuum working a LOT better and quieter then it does now so probably the bearings were starting to get bad when we finally stopped using it and got whatever else we were using afterwards which I don't remember. I do remember finding a Kenmore plastic canister for 10 bucks that had a power head but the plastic body was all cracked so it worked but blew dust a lot. I seem to remember the power head wasn't bad but when I moved out we got the Royal 413 tank and it was like a year old so we used that for years and I kept replacing the hoses and belts till they got near impossible to find so many years later.

Post# 395050 , Reply# 9   7/16/2018 at 00:01 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

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message me in my email on my profile and we can talk there i own a compact electra and i have friends that i message also let me know i want to know what you do whit this vacuum im interested in it message me on my adress in my profile

Post# 395052 , Reply# 10   7/16/2018 at 00:08 by dartman (Portland OR)        

You don't have a email listed in your profile but I do on mine if you want to talk that way.

Post# 395055 , Reply# 11   7/16/2018 at 00:22 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

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sure just message yaaa

Post# 395069 , Reply# 12   7/16/2018 at 08:50 by kirbyvertibles (Independence, KS)        

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agreed!!! The older style motor was way better. Fix this thing up. This is a special oddball and is very much worth keeping around.
I wonder why this has the c-8 hose and cord but the c-9 power nozzle? Is this model a c-8 or c-9?

Post# 395108 , Reply# 13   7/16/2018 at 19:27 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

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yes definitely worth fixing either c8 or c9 its an odd ball for sure fix the original motor and power head hed have a cleaning best odd ball

Post# 395123 , Reply# 14   7/17/2018 at 01:00 by dartman (Portland OR)        

Well I'll check my PayPal balance and see if I have enough money to pay for that new motor the guy on eBay has listed. Like I said I remember it working really well on the carpet in the house we had built in 77, good old shag back then. Now it screeches abd rattles when you turn it on or off and is about half power. It keeps belching out smoke or dust when the bearing shifts and the fan hits too so I've stopped test running it till I get it fixed. The brushes look easy enough to replace, maybe the bearings but no clue how to tear the motor completely down and I bet by the time I find the parts with shipping that new motor is about the same and way easier. Will be interesting to see how it compares to the Royal 4650 I really love, or the 5700 upright that also works great. Today was Prime day so been picking up things I've wanted cheap so trying to not over do it. If anyone here has Prime it's worth checking out.

Post# 395262 , Reply# 15   7/19/2018 at 11:22 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        
keep me posted

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keep me posted on your progress whit the vacuum i m a huge compact tristar fan

Post# 395313 , Reply# 16   7/19/2018 at 23:06 by dartman (Portland OR)        

I ordered the motor and it's already on its way so will update when it shows up and I get it installed. Hopefully it will be as good as I remember but either way it should be as good as it can be with the new motor. That guy has more than 10 available for anyone with a early Compact that might be needing one.

Post# 395314 , Reply# 17   7/19/2018 at 23:23 by dartman (Portland OR)        
Model questions

That vacuum was a promo from a multi level marketing scheme my mom signed up for so maybe Interstate threw a bunch of parts together they had a bunch of and painted it to match what the company ordering it wanted for a good price on a bulk small run of leftover parts. I'm pretty sure she paid something up front for the goodies with the expectation she'd make money back on what she ended up selling and supposedly got a deal on the trinkets.
It would be interesting to see how many private label versions of the Compacts in that era were built as I never knew what company originally made it and I thought it looked cool and worked well, plus it was way quieter than the Kirbys I was used to.

Post# 395315 , Reply# 18   7/19/2018 at 23:30 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

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that isa Compact Electra C8 or C9 vacuum a cleaning beast whit a good motor and filter cloth bag paper bag its a work horse install the new motor and gasket should be a good as new keep me posted

Post# 395326 , Reply# 19   7/20/2018 at 09:26 by kirbyvertibles (Independence, KS)        

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Can you see what the model number is on the bottom?

Post# 395378 , Reply# 20   7/21/2018 at 02:40 by dartman (Portland OR)        

I'll have to look and if it's interesting I can post a picture. I don't know if the serial number plate I posted really helps but I got the typical things I thought would be helpful.

Post# 395400 , Reply# 21   7/21/2018 at 10:41 by Ultralux88 (Denver, Colorado)        

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The model will be on the bottom front, there's a whole thing there cast into the bottom housing with all of that information.


I really like the color!

Post# 395498 , Reply# 22   7/23/2018 at 21:15 by dartman (Portland OR)        

Yeah, I always liked it and the crinkle paint finish. Been busy this weekend trying to get my bigger 480 gig ssd I bought during prime day to take a clone of my 128 gig ssd we put in when it was thrown together last year. Motor is supposed to show up the 28th or so so looking forward to slapping it in and seeing how it works when everything is like new again.
I'll have to take a look underneath and see what it says. I do know I like the external power cords to run the powerhead vs the powered hoses the Royals use that always goes bad somewhere. It also appears that the powerhead has a sliding power level switch that either does nothing or just bleeds off some of the suction as doesn't appear to have any mechanical or electrical hookups at all. The Royals in canister and upright the brush can be raised and lowered to work with any carpet you have.

Post# 395500 , Reply# 23   7/23/2018 at 22:29 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

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keep me posted on your vacuum

Post# 395501 , Reply# 24   7/23/2018 at 22:31 by suckolux (Yuba City, CA)        

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It bleeds off suction,Eureka head

Post# 395503 , Reply# 25   7/23/2018 at 22:47 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

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yes Eureka power head auto adjust and suction relief on top correct thats why i love my Compact C9 select suction level low pile normal shag and voila simple yet effective

Post# 395651 , Reply# 26   7/26/2018 at 23:57 by dartman (Portland OR)        
Motor showed up

It showed up a few days ago packed very securely in a factory style box. Motor is definitely brand new and tight. Machine will be as new or better than new when it's installed but no time till the weekend as I'm going in early every day due to being almost 100 every day this week so far. If anyone needs a new motor for one of these earlier machines I think this is a great deal even with 10 bucks shipping. It came very quickly, much faster than qouted.

Post# 395654 , Reply# 27   7/27/2018 at 00:39 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

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please keep me posted on the repair and let me know how it turns out best of luck

Post# 395721 , Reply# 28   7/28/2018 at 16:55 by dartman (Portland OR)        
motor installed

Well after waking up a bit figured I'd tear it down and stuff in the new motor. The old one was removed and that's when I noticed something is loose and rattling around inside but haven't tried to figure out exactly how to tear it down and see what happened and if it might be salvageable. New motor is nice and quite and of course has great suction. Power head also is having motor issues and squeals and bogs down from time to time so I lubed the rollers and the parts I could get to on the motor there to see if it helps but it does work. Putting the sole plate back on was a bit of a challenge as it doesn't want to slide over the front locating stops very well and because of that the brush wasn't really making good contact with the carpet. I got that figured out and it now fluffs and grooms the carpet pretty well and really seems to clean. Overall when the brush head isn't squealing it's nice and quiet with a drone from the brush beating the carpet.
It started working a bit better after I took it back down and lubed it up some more too but don't know if it'll settle in or get worse later. Guy who sold this motor has a high power version for 69 plus shipping and only difference is more power and slightly longer but the round housing is the exact same size. I probably would have tried that one if I'd noticed it and another seller was selling it for about same price but free shipping.
Anyways here's some pics

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Post# 395723 , Reply# 29   7/28/2018 at 18:21 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

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awesome !!! so glad you got your compact back up and running that is soo sweet!!question how did u open the compact ?

Post# 395726 , Reply# 30   7/28/2018 at 19:00 by dartman (Portland OR)        

There are 3 screws total that hold this C9 together. 2 in the wheel openings in the body, the back regular wheels, and one up front that also holds the 2 plastic retainers for the powerhead cord where it plugs into the body. It splits exactly in half with a bit of convincing around the rubber bumper to pop it open. Once it's open the motor is right there with all the wiring. Your machine should have been similar I'd think but it looks like the bodies changed a bit over the years. There are a few exploded diagrams online at the big vacuum repair sites around.
It truly is a very simple design with not a lot of complicated parts to deal with. The hard part was figuring out how it came apart but once I saw how it was done I only spend a hour or so swapping out the motor. It fired right up nicely and was pretty quiet. The smaller powerhead gets between tight spots easier and I'll play with it and see if the powerhead motor starts running smoother as it gets run and the oil gets around to the dry parts. I couldn't figure out how to pull it and not sure how to tear down the main motor either but I really want to see whats loose inside it.

Post# 395733 , Reply# 31   7/28/2018 at 20:18 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        
Wonderfull !

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Perfect i actually did find the screws after i ask this question haha . Thanks !
I wanted to know because i had my Compact C9,(same as yours but blue ) vacuum cleaner for a few years .And motor runs strong and smooth just wanted to know and check, if any thing at all needed replacing just to be on the safe side . All i did was change the filters and bags, also a new hose . My power head has a chevron style brush roll and ive also replace the power head motor , whit a genuine compact motor .Now i recommend you replace your power nozzle motor whit a new one before it seizes up on you during use . I f you ever need information on your Compact C9 re badge contact me . I am so glad you got your vacuum working again .PS vid of my compact

CLICK HERE TO GO TO compactc9guy's LINK

Post# 395734 , Reply# 32   7/28/2018 at 20:19 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

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mine says Canadian Us British patterns yours only says usa wonder if mine is a rare C9 ????

Post# 395742 , Reply# 33   7/28/2018 at 21:03 by dartman (Portland OR)        

I didn't realize you never opened yours up so glad to help with the disassembly instructions. As you found out it's not obvious at first how these things are screwed together but between Google and here everything can be figured out. They also sell new brushes for various versions of the motors cheap but haven't found any bearings for them yet but a new motor fixed that issue. Your lucky yours was still mechanically fine. Like I said maybe that's why we stopped using it later in it's life as it got badly noisy when the bearings went away and I had moved to my own house and eventually bought that 413 Royal I still have that also works great.
Now I want to figure out how to disassemble the motor to see what is bad and what came loose internally. Somebody here ought to get that extra power motor for 69 and see if it fits and works better. It's only about a inch longer and other than that is the same diameter and all that so should be enough room in the case to use it. Your unit is probably like many things in Canada, made locally with US and other parts to fit your market, like the old Mercury/Ford trucks, and I believe some early Valiants that actually were Darts in the USA.

Post# 395747 , Reply# 34   7/28/2018 at 21:49 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        
my Compact C9

compactc9guy's profile picture
I bought my machine on ebay and made sure i had a good working compact . Shes been trouble free ever since i got her .Now shes been repainted ,a new hose new motor in the power head new tristar compact original NOS replacement hose ,seems longer than my previous one and crush proof ,new exhaust cap ,enviro care papper bag ,cloth bag and motor filter . The motor in mine has never been touch as far as i know shes like factory internally maybe thats why she pulls so much suction and has extremely good air flow no one mess whit it .

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Post# 395756 , Reply# 35   7/29/2018 at 00:03 by dartman (Portland OR)        

Great, the powerhead on mine did OK for another 10 minute or so run so maybe the oil started penetrating all the dry areas in the bearings and bushings as it was probably in that closet untouched since 90 when they bought their manufactured home she still lives in. If she hadn't decided to clean out that closet it probably would have sat buried till she leaves us. She just bought a new Shark and now she says it's hard to push but I guess it works great. She had a Orek xl upright and probably a few other plastic garbage vacs she gave up on. She should have fixed up the campact and maybe kept one of the Kirbys she used to have and she would have been set for the rest of her life.
Pretty sure I told her I'd find her a Old Royal or give her one of mine but she got a deal on the Shark at Costco.

Post# 395763 , Reply# 36   7/29/2018 at 06:35 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

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Yes if shes older cheap vac are easyer to push il stick to my Compact C9 no matter what glad you got yours running again.could you post a pic of the finish product

Post# 395855 , Reply# 37   7/31/2018 at 08:58 by kirbylux77 (Orillia, Ontario, Canada)        

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Congratulations on doing the motor transplant & getting your Compact working again. Yours is definitely a unique color & variant for sure, & will be a conversation piece in your collection. It's also nice to keep vacuums that have family history too. I also personally like the Compact PN that's a re-badged Eureka Roto-Matic with the bleeder valve instead of the TriStar PN they lade mater based on the Eureka seems to me that the brushroll bristles seem to stick out the bottom plate & groom slightly better than the TriStar PN does. And the straight-suction hose with PN cord on the outside would be more reliable & trouble-free long term than the electric hoses would be. The only thing I would suggest, since Eureka Roto-Matic parts are becoming more scarce as time goes on, is I would pick up a spare powerhead internal hose, just to have on hand when it requires replacement. Over time, those hoses will develop cracks & breaks to the point it will affect the vacuum's performance & need replacement.

It's probably best to just throw out the old motor. Sure, they are easy to repair if you wanted to, but they are so inexpensive to replace you're likely to spend at least half what a new motor in parts to repair the old one. Plus, being from the late 1970's, that motor's electrical components have so much wear & tear on them, it has a relatively short life left if it was able to be successfully repaired.

As for that motor that was a higher power version & slightly longer, that is a Ametek 115923 motor the Ebay seller was also offering. Consider yourself lucky you stuck with the Ametek 116311 motor you bought that is original to Compact/TriStar vacuums. That 115923 motor will NOT fit the Compact vacuums, ONLY the TriStar vacuums. The reason is, when you pulled apart your Compact you would have seen the blower end of your vacuum is part of the magnesium body. If you take off the exhaust diffuser, you will see there is a plastic ring riveted in place that has the lugs to attach the exhaust diffuser. In the early 1980's, Compact was turned into a vac shop brand for a short while & the first red two-speed TriStar was introduced. The first TriStar CXL single speed model after that saw the design of the blower port changed, it was no longer built into the metal body but turned into a plastic blower basket riveted in place that has the ring for the exhaust diffuser built in. Those TriStar CXL & DXL canisters after the red two-speed model can take that Ametek 115923 motor, as the blower basket can be trimmed & modified to take that motor.

However, for people that own a Compact, are in need of replacing the motor & want to upgrade it's performance, there is another option available. Electro Motor, the original Aerus Electrolux motor manufacturer, was the motor used in the TriStar EXL. This was changed with the TriStar MG1, though, when Electro Motor was sold off from Aerus. There are 2 versions of that motor available that will fit perfectly into Compact & TriStar vacuums. The LH0274 on the website linked below is the standard replacement motor for Electrolux 2100 canisters, & pulls 100" waterlift, same as the Ametek 115923 does, & is carried by most vac shop suppliers & found on Ebay quite easily. The LH6500SR motor, though, is a HUGE improvement over the Ametek 116311, 115923 & LH0274 motors, though, & pulls a whopping 117" waterlift. Both of these motors are the same dimensions as the Ametek 116311 motor, & should fit perfectly in their place. When installing the new motor, you would have to cut off the wires from the old motor & put on a couple of 3/16 inch female disconnect terminals to connect the new motor. Also be sure to put some Pliobond on the rubber motor mount to be sure that new, much more powerful motor stays in place once installed.


Post# 395888 , Reply# 38   7/31/2018 at 20:07 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

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Yes the motor he put in his Compact is a factory replacement the other one will not work glad he got his unusual Compact C9 working again .

Post# 395893 , Reply# 39   7/31/2018 at 21:11 by Rivstg1 (colorado springs)        

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I agree with your idea of possibly....getting her a Royal upright. I find them EASY to push/pull. aka 'clean' the carpets and they are so powerful maintenance really...nothing to clogging etc

Post# 395922 , Reply# 40   8/1/2018 at 12:43 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

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thats also at her age would be easier for her but even if itsa heavy beast il stick to my lovely C9

Post# 395964 , Reply# 41   8/1/2018 at 22:37 by dartman (Portland OR)        

Wow, been busy on my thread since I last checked in. My sister has the day off and decided to use the c9 to clean up her room and hit some of our parrots favorite spots to mess up. It was working fine, sounded fine and she was in cleaning her bathroom rug when the powerhead belt snapped, not surpring considering how ancient it is so it kinda outa commission for now. Starks here should sell belts locally she'll probably head over during her outings tomorrow and get a new one and see how it goes. The powerhead motor seems to be doing ok once all the oil soaked in. I wondered why she was using the Royal 4650 when I got home what with the new old toy to play with. Thanks for the info on improved yet will fit motors, I can always modify or add connectors to make them work and I love modifying and tweaking anything I own to improve performance as long as it doesn't destroy the unit.

Post# 395965 , Reply# 42   8/1/2018 at 22:49 by dartman (Portland OR)        
Finished pics

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Post# 395974 , Reply# 43   8/1/2018 at 23:20 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

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all you need is a enviro care paper bag cloth bag motor filter and exhaust cap and voila and new belt and youl be all set looks good

Post# 395981 , Reply# 44   8/2/2018 at 00:53 by dartman (Portland OR)        

It still has the cloth bag it came with, a ancient paper bag that is easy to dump, and the foam motor filter it came with and the little chrome foam exhaust filter so pretty much as delivered with battle scars. We'll get the belt and see how it goes. That fancy hepa exhaust filter might be something to try later if everything seems stable. Good thing I have a stable of working vacs now and they are talking about mom giving me the old Royal 501 tiny furniture vacuum she's had around forever that I don't think she ever uses now. She's always had it and I can't remember how she got it but sister thinks maybe she got it with Green Stamps, remember those.

Post# 395982 , Reply# 45   8/2/2018 at 01:20 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

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well the filter fresh been known to restrict air flow from exhaust port is what i heard .I run my Compact whit, enviro care paper bag, cloth bag, foam filter , and the difuser cap and have no issues what so ever . get a new belt and your compact will be back to cleaning like the beats it really is Best of luck nice to see it running .

Post# 396050 , Reply# 46   8/2/2018 at 19:49 by dartman (Portland OR)        

She got 2 belts and some more bags for the Royal 4650 today and I just installed one of them. Both motors are still running smooth and beater bar is humming along again. Lady at Starks knew exactly what belt she needed when she said she needed a belt for a Tristar/Compact 9. She also said those bags aren't for the Compact you got the belts for. She said I have all kinds of vacuum and I like them and she just nodded, yep we have customers like that.
I just got a 10 pack of bags for the Royal but she wanted her favorite hepa high quality bags I guess and they sold her 3 more of the cheap bags again. The belts came in a 2 pack and was like 6 bucks.
I wish she would have bought some new bags for the c9 but I didn't tell her that it needs new ones... Oh well, it's back among the living again and I cleaned up after bird yet again.

Post# 396053 , Reply# 47   8/2/2018 at 20:46 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

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Try Ebay enviro care paper bags tristar compact will find plenty

Post# 396057 , Reply# 48   8/2/2018 at 20:54 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

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Like this paper bag for tristar compact

  Photos...       <              >      Photo 1 of 2         View Full Size
Post# 396088 , Reply# 49   8/2/2018 at 23:26 by dartman (Portland OR)        

Thanks, I'll have to check on those and some for the Royals too as those are the ones sister says she likes best in the 4650 but we ran out and I got a 10 pack of the cheaper ones.

Post# 396148 , Reply# 50   8/3/2018 at 20:21 by dartman (Portland OR)        
Got a 12 pack

Ordered a 12 pack, surprisingly Amazon was a few bucks cheaper with free prime shipping so they'll probably be here Saturday. I spose I could order some for the Royal too but now we have a ton of the cheaper ones to burn through and I think the hepa part of the Royal is a bit better no matter what bag is installed. The bags were 6.88 shipped with Prime which if you order a lot of things through Amazon and like decent streaming HD videos is actually worth signing up for what with fast free shipping on most things.

Post# 396336 , Reply# 51   8/6/2018 at 17:48 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

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Well thats good it will perform great whit a enviro care paper bag and a good cloth bag . Im glad you got her working again . I use my Compact C9 daily and love it my brush roll is a chevron style brush roll and works wonders on my rugs and carpets i have an electric hose on mine tho .Whit a new motor and bags it will last a life time

Post# 396785 , Reply# 52   8/15/2018 at 12:54 by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

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Always nice to have a place were you can have spare bags .Glad you got her going.

Post# 396814 , Reply# 53   8/15/2018 at 21:46 by dartman (Portland OR)        

I have a 12x16 mini barn shed with a loft and 4 br so one is kinda the everything we use a bit but don't want out in the shed room so a bit of storage but could always use more. Put one of the new bags in as the 30 or so year old one was pretty full and worn out. You can dump the bags easily and reuse them if they aren't too nasty so that's nice and different. The powerhead seems to run fine now but seems to bog down a bit on the rug but everything works and isn't making bad noises anymore.

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