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Dyson V10 Dok
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Post# 394079   6/30/2018 at 03:31 by HonestJoe68 (Mansfield, Ohio)        

Ok, who now that they rushed out and bought the new Dyson V10 when it first released is mad Dyson is NOW offering the V10 Dok, FREE with every purchase of a V10! 😤

I’m all about organization so this just might tip the scale and push me to get the new V10! But it will bug the crap outta me that I have a Dyson V6, V7, V8 and V10... No V9 Dyson? 😂Lol

It’s a really cool storage dock, I just wish Dyson made this for the V8 too as I’d love to store it like this Dok!

Anyone else tempted to buy a V10 now because they added the “Dok” Docking Station AND Three Free Tools with purchase?

Thanks Guys - Patrick


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Post# 394080 , Reply# 1   6/30/2018 at 06:03 by Rolls_rapide (Scotland)        

Call me cynical if you wish, but I don't see much difference when comparing that Dyson docking stand to the old conventional hoover tool box, stored in the cupboard under the stairs.

At least with a proper 'tools onboard' upright or cylinder machine, the tools really are close at hand - under a lid, clipped to the back, or on the hose.

With this Dyson set-up, you could conceivably get some distance from the dock (another room or two distant) before realising you need a different tool, then having to go back and get it.

And how many folk are going to do that? They'll just not bother going back for the tools, or simply use the existing nozzle, or use the suction tube alone.

I can't imagine many folk want to have their daily grubby vac on display next to the living room sofa either... they'll sling it in a cupboard.

Post# 394088 , Reply# 2   6/30/2018 at 11:07 by JUJU93 (florida)        
tool bag

Call me crazy but doesn't dyson offer a tool bag that can really be used for any model. On top of that it takes up less space and is more portable than this new dok. On top of that this new dok is only free with the absolute models on dysons website. If you get the animal or motorhead than you don'r get it free. But what I want to know is does this dok station come with the tools shown in the storage compartment or do you have to get those separate?

Post# 394102 , Reply# 3   6/30/2018 at 16:06 by huskyvacs (Northern Indiana)        

huskyvacs's profile picture
I will not be rushing out to get it, because I do not care! It would take me about 2 months to be able to afford something like that, and why would I when the Kirby G4 that I just bought for $40 that was left abandoned in an office basement for 20 years with a water pipe dripping on it can still clean circles around that Dyson?

Also, unless you put them in a dishwasher after every use, vacuum tools smell. Why put those on display? It's just another gimmicky fad for rich people to decorate their house. I'd say wait a year or two and that hunk of plastic would start popping up in Goodwill.

Post# 394120 , Reply# 4   6/30/2018 at 21:49 by HonestJoe68 (Mansfield, Ohio)        

Julian @JUJU93

You get whichever tools come standard with whichever version of the Dyson V10 you buy and besides the free Dok Docking station, you get your choice of Three more Free Tools. So unless you get the lowest model, you will have many if not most of the tools to fit in the Dok. And Yes, although Dyson does have the tool bag and the hanging tool bag to store your accessories and tools, it’s different from the Dok, which appears to be for those people with limited space so the vacuum can be stored and charged if you’ve no wall to mount your charger or no room in your closets.


I use my vacuum cleaners to clean my home and it’s only ever normal household dust and pet hair. My vacuums and attachment tools are Never “grubby” and certainly never unsightly or dirty. I do see your point but I think Dyson owners appreciate aesthetics as well as function. Also, the Hoover caddy is great but this is a charging/docking station for the vacuum as well as the tools, not simply a tool caddy. But to each his own.. I would use it and if I were going to clean in another room beyond the Dok, I’d grab the tool or removable box built in and take that with me. I’m all over the house listening to music and dancing about anyhow, so it’s no big deal to me to run back to the Dok for a tool I might need.


I appreciate your opinion but your comment was an answer in itself. You’re a practical vacuum buyer who might not invest or want to invest several hundred dollars (or $699 for the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute) so I get that... but I simply wondered IF any vacuum collectors here who do spend Dyson prices were interested in this free accessory. My post reallly isn’t aimed at the practical shoppers/collectors. The same way I would Never spend several Thousand dollars on a brand new Kirby or Rainbow or Aerus vacuum, high end vacuum cleaners, I don’t have a problem spending $600 for a Dyson or Sebo, Riccar, Simplicity or middle range Miele.

To each his own I say to everyone and no harm NO foul....

BUT.. my post was (to be fair) aimed at those of us who did or might buy a Dyson V10. I didn’t post the pics, video and question asking if the Dok and V10 are “worth the money”or for “the rich”.

The comments I do get.. IF I even get comments to my posts are 90% critical of me and my choices.. BUT if you look at all of my comments and replies to everyone else’s posts, I always congratulate new vacuum purchases and compliment those who can repair their own vacuums, etc. But since I’ve joined, if you look, most of my posts do Not even get replied to or comments posted. Some get several hundred views, but if I’m lucky one or two comments.

So, I tried and I guess when I shared I have over 250 vacuum cleaners.. instead of comments like Wow or Cool.. I get silence or criticism about buying a Shark instead of adding another Kirby to my collection.. which btw.. they might as well rename this Contemporary thread to the Kirby, Aerus and Rainbow Blog.. because those are the threads hundreds read and comment on. (Example Look at the 8057 views and 190 comments on the Kirby Avalir 2 thread)

I’ve ALWAYS been a fair, friendly and open to anything guy when it comes to vacuums.. but even being a Nice guy on here doesn’t matter. Soooo... to put it most politely and without malice or spite toward ANYONE here.. I GIVE UP!

I don’t have the time to post and put photos of my newest vacuum purchases and comment and compliment everyone here.. only to be ignored or criticized. Life’s too short, I’m 50 years old and what I thought would be FUN and enjoyable Blog about collecting vacuum cleaners has only been disheartening and just plain sad for me. A very few of you (you know who you are) have been lovely and thoughtful toward me, but I should have listened to the now WISE advice from a very close and very important vacuum collector friend of mine to “Beware” of the behavior and “easy excitability” of the majority on this website.

My best wishes to everyone at and all of life’s happiness to you all. I will reply to this thread if needed, but after this.. I am moving on and will cancel my membership and no longer participate in a blog that SHOULD be about friendly banter between fellow vacuum enthusiasts.. sadly in my humble opinion and in my own personal experience.. it’s been FAR from fair and fun.

Love and respect to all...


Post# 394130 , Reply# 5   7/1/2018 at 02:32 by huskyvacs (Northern Indiana)        

huskyvacs's profile picture
Sad to see you go, Joe. I remember when you first joined, you did a lot of good reviews that were very concise and thorough! You also reviewed current vacuums which was interesting to read. You have the advantage of being so rich that you can get all these new vacuums as soon as they hit the floor and you have the first chance at getting a review out while the vacuum is fresh. Not many private people can do that other than a big corporation like CNet or Consumer Reports.

It might just be people misread your posts and interpret them to mean something else and then one person comments something and everyone else follows off that person's comments instead of your review and it gradually gets more and more off topic. Kind of like gossip back in the old days, the more people it goes through the more mangled the story got.

I dunno about the forum but I think that a lot of newer collectors maybe do not know about this site at all, or know how to operate this rather dated layout, so that's why it seems dead. All the older members leave, and no new ones are coming in, so things just stagnate for awhile and that's why people's posts get no comments. Same happened to me too just since last fall. Get a nearly 100 year old very rare Bee Vac with a special general store distributor logo from Wisconsin that's never seen before....and the thread gets a handful of comments then it flatlines.

I mean I see plenty of collectors on YouTube making videos daily of vacuums new and old, but they are not members here and you never hear about it on this side of the collector's community. Probably best to hang out on youtube and just focus on recently uploaded vacuum videos and follow certain people that upload vac videos.I know I just randomly found this place when in Google one day last year (probably the same way I found it in 2013), I had no idea it existed at all. The reddit collector's forum for vacuum cleaners is also tumbleweeds there too, most of the time it's just "help me with so and so" types of posts.But I do agree that people can get defensive and set in their ways about brands versus good or bad or personal experiences. I love Dirt Devils, and any time I post about Dirt Devils here, it gets deliberately ignored, or out come the pitchforks and wondering why someone could like "trash". lol Not much love goes to industrial Shop Vacs here either (of any marque). Never seen a single post about one for as long as I've been here.

Going back through the archives, 2008-2012 seemed to be prime time here with a lot of posts and comments about ordinary vacs and weird stuff and even stuff from Walmart and KMart and all the other marts. It is very much like you said now, just the top 3 brands of dealer-only vacs and not much else. I am thinking that based on the time I have been here and analyzing people's comments, I think that people now see modern "plasticrap" vacuums as the enemy and want to abolish it and pay no attention to it at all. They want things to go back to metal vacuums and things like Windtunnels and Power Drives and Turbopowers. To me, I think the Eureka Florrover is rather charming in its ugliness and would like to own one, but post about it here and you'd be in for a wild ride for sure!

The Eureka Altima is another vacuum here I have come to learn shares a lot of hatred on this site for whatever odd reason. Not sure why, you always see love for it on YouTube and other owners. To me, I like it, I never seen a vacuum with an onboard feather duster before or since. My cat loves it anyway lol

It's just the nature of the internet though, people only comment on what they are interested in, and its really nothing to get hurt over if someone says something bad because it's just virtual words on a virtual screen and not indicative of much importance. You can just walk away and forget about it and over time the post will get archived and lost to time. Don't let it affect your life, I don't. For me, I always like getting longer comments versus just single word drive-by comments like "cool" or "nice".

Maybe make your own Facebook account for your collection for your each of your vacuum reviews and post about them there (maybe something like "HonestJoe's Honest Reviews")? I don't know if they have photo gallery folder options there, but if they do, you could make folders for each vacuum brand and then group each review in that folder with a photo of each vacuum to go with the review. People would still be able to comment on the posts, and you would have the option to remove negative posts or moderate them on your page. I'm not sure about how popular Facebook still is anymore though with all of the privacy issues that happened (I never had an account). Doesn't the vacuum cleaner museum have a facebook account? I think they do.

But yeah, there's always other options out there to try, just a matter of figuring out what site has good pros and cons for what you want to do there. Hope you find something that works!

Post# 394132 , Reply# 6   7/1/2018 at 06:42 by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

The Dyson V10 is indeed,an interesting vacuum-but OVERPRICED-seems like this could be like a DTD vacuum cleaner.I see these cordless "stick" vacuums as kitchen crumb vacuums or by the door doormat vacuums.If the machine was half its price-would probably buy one.when I looked at the Best Buy display of these they had three different versions-a basic one-smaller bin,basic tools for $499.Then the "grand" deluxe for $699 with two powernozzles and a set of tools almost like a Kirby.The deluxe model has a larger dust bin and the charging dock and tool rack.I haven't brought myself to buy one of these-but curious about the V10.

Post# 394147 , Reply# 7   7/1/2018 at 11:42 by JustJunque (Western MA)        
Hey Patrick

I hope you'll reconsider bailing on the Vacuumland forum.
I've only been around for a year or so, but I'll second what another member said about it being sort of hit or miss.
I' don't have a big collection. Just a few Electroluxes, now a couple of Hoovers, and a few Orecks.
I'm mostly into canisters and vintage stuff.
So, I guess I'm part of the reason you want to leave.
I read posts about new vacuums, because I can appreciate all of them for what they are, but I'm not likely to reply.
Also, as someone who's not a true collector, and has no experience with working on vacuums, I have posted several times looking for advice on my acquisitions.
I didn't realize that would annoy some members.
As an aside; I've made a couple of attempts at humor in my posts, and it would appear that my jokes go over like a lead balloon.
Maybe that's not the case. But, nobody has ever responded with an "lol" or anything.
Perhaps people read them, and even chuckled to themselves, but just didn't post a response.
It's difficult on a forum to determine the intent behind the written word.
You don't have the luxury of hearing a tone of voice, or seeing a facial expression or anything.

I have found most people on here to be quite pleasant and helpful though.
And some who just go above and beyond in helpfulness and generosity.

Some, who have been around longer than myself, have stated that it's just not as active here lately as it used to be.

I don't know if I'm making any sense, or just sort of rambling.
But I do hope you'll reconsider.
Your being here as a friendly contributing member might help make the next new member who's into the newest technology to feel more welcome!

Just my somewhat disjointed and lengthy two cents.


Post# 394171 , Reply# 8   7/1/2018 at 20:33 by singingrainbow (Texas)        

I have very much enjoyed reading your posts and the pictures of your collection you have shared. I really enjoy vacuums from every era as you do, I'm sorry I haven't replied to your posts very often. I'm still on the lookout for a good deal on a black and decker powerseries pro based on your experience with yours.

I will very much miss reading your posts, but I completely understand your reasoning. I rarely share anything about my own collection because of some of the feedback I would no doubt get.


P.S. I think the dok is cool. I'm glad dyson is offering something like that finally. It looks very well thought out.

Post# 394228 , Reply# 9   7/2/2018 at 17:32 by JustJunque (Western MA)        

You mentioned that you love Dirt Devils.
Maybe you would appreciate something that I picked up recently.
It's a non-working, Walmart store display model of the Dirt Devil Vac & Dust.
I almost didn't buy it, because I don't even need another stick vac...never mind one that doesn't even run.
But, I had never seen anything like it before, and it appealed to me as a novelty.
I'm keeping it all in its original box for now, but I may eventually set it up.
Especially if I ever have a spot to "display" my vacuums.


Post# 394263 , Reply# 10   7/3/2018 at 04:19 by HonestJoe68 (Mansfield, Ohio)        
Thanks guys!

Hey, thank you Barry, Huskyvacs and Scott...

Hearing from you three makes me feel a bit better, but still so frustrated with this site as I see other topics, threads and specific members threads getting a LOT of action. While I still feel somewhat invisible here. I only joined so I could connect and conversate with other vacuum collectors as I have a difficult time finding other people where I live that even “understand” my vacuum cleaner collecting passion. I wanted to fit in among peers and fellow collectors and feel more “normal” in my (since childhood) fascination and desire to collect, use and repair vacuum cleaners.

So with that said, I guess I will not make any hasty decisions and see what happens. It’s also rather disheartening that only three people even said anything to me, considering the “Views” of this thread after I made my farewell comment. But I digress LOL.

Thank you three for making me feel welcome and that my pictures and reviews were at least enjoyed. I understand the “not leaving a comment” on every thread.. so NO hard feelings to anyone who just reads my posts but doesn’t comment.. It’s just natural to want to be heard and have fun communicating with others of similar interests.

Lastly, YES simple text, even with emojis and LOL’s can be misrepresented or totally misunderstood. That is why I wish I had the knowledge and talents like Roger Lang to make videos instead of just picture reviews. I would LOVE to reach other collectors, even in a much much smaller volume than ibaisaic.. but here on. I felt Totally Invisible most of the time I have been a member.

SO I will try to Not take it personally, but I do hope that I find more people on here who want to interact and share vacuum cleaner stories and new purchases. I DO admit to being quite an “addict” when it comes to my collecting vacuum cleaners, but I really don’t have any other hobbies, nor do I buy anything (Besides Vacuums) that is expensive.. I’ve got very basic, cheap taste in clothes, shoes, etc. LOL

Ok... Thanks again guys and I will keep an eye out on the threads for a while and maybe see how new comments are taken and TRY one more time to feel seen and heard.

Hugs, Patrick

Post# 394291 , Reply# 11   7/3/2018 at 18:15 by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

eurekaprince's profile picture
Even though I am not a fan of these Dyson stick vacs, I love the company’s emphasis on cool, modern industrial design - similar to the Apple Company. The idea of offering a well designed storage unit for a vacuum cleaner is enthusiastically welcomed by this “cleanerphile”! Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, most vac-makers offered some kind of separate tool caddy for all the attachments and bags and belts. Then they all signed on to the unfortunate idea that it’s better to have every attachment on board, which has made cleaners heavier and bulkier and uglier and more cumbersome to use. I hope that we can return to the idea of a separate, well designed tool caddy that can be carried out to the “work site” along with the main vacuum cleaner.

It would make using my beloved Miele Alize so much better if Miele offered a cool, modern tool caddy that could store all the extra attachments and bags and filtres I have. Are you listening Miele?

Post# 394292 , Reply# 12   7/3/2018 at 18:26 by vacuumdevil (Denver)        
I returned my dyson v10

vacuumdevil's profile picture
I returned my dyson v10.

The v8 was just oked

TTi makes the best cordless stick right now

Post# 394328 , Reply# 13   7/4/2018 at 03:40 by huskyvacs (Northern Indiana)        
@ JustJunque

huskyvacs's profile picture
That sounds cool! I think for the displays they only unhook the battery from the circuit board or remove the charging mechanism, so if you open it up it can probably work again. Not sure. I remember seeing the Gator as a prize on The Price Is Right last year.

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