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Miele S8 blowing air out cord
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Post# 393921   6/26/2018 at 22:24 by mllc (MA, USA)        

Hello, I have a 6 year old Miele S8 Homecare that is blowing air out of the cord wind area rather than the top where the filter is. I can't remember when it started doing this, but I would have to say it was right around the time I brought the vacuum into the dealer for a cleaning and to have the plug replaced. Is there any reason for this and is there a quick fix for this? The dealer is about 90 mins away, and I would rather not have to go back to them if it's something easy.

Post# 393933 , Reply# 1   6/27/2018 at 09:31 by dirtmaster37 (Stay tuned to the DUMONT network...)        
On your S8 leaking air...

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I am a Miele dealer/warranty service center, and feel that I can confidently and properly answer your question.

Q/S: Is there any reason for this and is there a quick fix for this?

A: Yes there is, and well sadly NO.

Q/S: I have a 6 year old Miele S8 Homecare that is blowing air out of the cord wind area rather than the top where the filter is.

A: Answer in parts..

1. Then the seals weren't properly re-installed. There is a seal on the main wiring harness that goes from the "Cord-Reel/Rewind" assembly into the motor compartment. If this was pinched, or not re-seated exactly, it would allow air into that "Cord-Rewind" area, and the air would be felt. It is possible during the cleaning/ repair that this was not reinstalled properly. But unless your tech was a complete moron, he/she should have caught this, BUT things happen.

2 The deeper issue is that, Miele machines are built with tolerances, that RARELY allows for error in re-assembly. These machines need to go back together exactly for it to go together correctly. (In my 22 years of experience of most brands, with Miele being the most stringent on this note, they all do to a degree). So if that seal on the wiring loom into the motor wasn't seated right, it shouldn't have went back together. BUT again, things happen all the time. This is the ONLY area that (makes sense) where air "could" escape....or SHOULD escape from compartment of motor to the compartment of cord-rewind.

3. When you said "replaced the plug". did you mean he replaced the cord on the cord reel? or that he slapped some 2.00 hardware store plug on it? If the dealer did anything other than sold you a whole cord assembly and rewound it on the reel, take it back and PLEASE GOD have it corrected. Mieles draw high amps, and those plugs just aren't safe. PERIOD. They will over time pull off and create quite the spark show/catch fire/or just electrocute the beejeesus out of you. Pay the money for the cord if it wasn't done. The reel can be disassembled FAR enough to just replace the cord, and not the whole cord-reel assembly. Don't let the dealer tell you otherwise. Unless that spring, or a major art of the reel assembly is broken. it's not needed. IN summary to this part... It's worth it long range, to make right your expensive machine. Unless, of course, that is what occurred already. Then if so, disregard all of # 3.

Q/S : The dealer is about 90 mins away, and I would rather not have to go back to them if it's something easy.

A: In parts..

1. Yeah thats a rough drive, but the answer isn't easy. Unless you take it apart yourself and inspect. I would't do that tho. It's not worth possible further issues. that said, this dealer needs to make good on a mistake they made, that caused a issue where your Miele wasn't repaired properly. He/she needs to correct, at a convenience to you this as it shouldn't be happening at all. Talk to them first, and see what their response is. If it's positive, make the drive and have them fix it. It will be worth it long run to protect an expensive investment in your home. At that time, If he did anything other than put a WHOLE NEW cord assembly on the reel, have that remedied. The cord usually runs no more than $40.00. If it's said to be more that place is ripping you off, and see below.

2. Prior to you driving all that way, I would contact Miele about this directly, to see if they will do anything from their end. You can dial (800)-999-1360, or go to . Once there they have a easy to find "Contact Us" option, where you can easily describe what's happened, the dealer in question etc. Explain your distance issue. They DO in some cases come right to you and will do the repair for you. Thats is an absolute extreme case scenario, where either the dealer is unwilling to help/ or you really REALLY give them the business. Careful on that tho, they can also tell you "you are on your own" and good luck. Walk a fine line there.

3. Most likely they will call said dealer, and set up that you are coming back, etc and to do XYZ to remedy the issue.

Hope that helps.


Post# 393938 , Reply# 2   6/27/2018 at 11:05 by Relhall (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)        

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Very true that the entire cord should be replaced. Hopefully that was done.

That said, these arenít impossible to work on IF you have the ability to take things apart and put them back together properly AND the tools to do so. Hopefully they didnít actually leave a part out when reassembling as that might necessitate a repeat visit.

I like working on my own units whenever possible as I Iíll get to personally inspect everything and clean it all as I go. Miele makes a little tool that can assist, but itís not necessary. I know a lot of shops donít have one. Itís just a plastic wedge - similar to what is used to remove automotive trim panels. The main one youíll need is that Torx head. Check one of the exposed ones to see if you have the proper size.

If you choose to take it apart, there are tricks to removing some of the trim pieces and and buttons. I am out of the office today, but if you post your model# I can see if I have any info I can share with you tomorrow.

That is, if you dare ...

Best of luck with your vacuum ~

Post# 393969 , Reply# 3   6/27/2018 at 22:46 by mllc (MA, USA)        

Thanks for your responses. While I have the tools and probably the skills to take the vacuum apart, it sounds like it's a labor intensive project. I'd rather bring it to the dealer and make them fix their work rather than deal with the stress of doing it myself.

They said they replaced the whole cord, and the plug certainly looks OEM, I really think they either used the wrong part, or just put a new plug on it. The cord they "replaced" it with is several feet shorter than what it used to be. They did a great job cleaning the vacuum, it looked brand new. It seems weird to me to say that I really like a vacuum cleaner, but I have 4 heavy shedding dogs, and I couldn't imagine life without it. It gets used every day, I just wish the cord was longer, I'm seriously contemplating having an outlet added into my hallway so I can clean the bedrooms without having to move outlets.

Post# 394068 , Reply# 4   6/29/2018 at 23:26 by Relhall (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)        

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I would certainly bring it back after reading that. Wrong part and poor installation.

Miele only has a few cord options for their reels and each looks identical save for those three feet you refer to. (Smaller units get the shorter cords, your reel can handle the longest.)

I should also mention that their cords had been backordered for some time recently so substitutions have occurred. Regardless, that thing needs to go back.

Good luck with your vac ~

Post# 394429 , Reply# 5   7/5/2018 at 22:52 by mllc (MA, USA)        

So I took the vacuum into the dealer today, told him that it was blowing air out the back. He plugged it in, turned it on, felt the air coming out the back and said it was normal for it to do that. He said that it was because the filter was nearing the end of it's life. I questioned the fact that it's supposed to be a sealed system, and air escaping before going through the filter wasn't exactly sealed. He was the only one there at the time, so I couldn't ask the old man that usually helps me, and it didn't seem like he was going to help me any further, so I left. I'm thinking of taking it back to another dealer next week, it's just a pain that I have to drive 50 miles each way to have a vacuum cleaner serviced. I bought it because my partner has allergies and we have 4 dogs, having air not pass through the filter defeats the purpose of buying a $1000 vacuum. I'm really thinking of going to aerus dealer 3 miles away and seeing what aerus has to offer for my needs.

Post# 394433 , Reply# 6   7/6/2018 at 04:49 by kirbylux77 (Orillia, Ontario, Canada)        

kirbylux77's profile picture
Mike, before you start looking at Aerus vacuums, if I was you I would find another Miele dealer & INSIST they fix it properly with no excuses!

What your dealer told you is a total lie....a clogged/worn out HEPA filter would NOT cause air to escape thru the cord rewinder on a Miele S8/C3. There are YouTube videos on Miele's that use the same filter yours does, & what DOES happen is the filter won't allow the bag door to stay closed properly while running, due to the back pressure a clogged filter will cause.

Take it to another dealer, explain what the cleaner is doing & also state what this dealer told you. I'm certain they will get a good laugh at the nonsense this asshole told you, & you will have no problem getting your Miele fully sealed & in good working order again.

You might also want to consider contacting Miele & reporting the dealer who stated it was only a clogged filter. Of course, no reputable manufacturer wants a dealer selling their product who gives bad service after the sale, so he will most likely be threatened with having his Miele dealership revoked.



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