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eBay: Electrolux Corporation HPR Remanufactured Cleaner
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Post# 392606   6/1/2018 at 01:03 by Paul (MN)        

Ever heard of an Electrolux HPR Deluxe Model vacuum cleaner? Well, there's one on eBay that can be yours if you pay the BIN price for $225.00 or if "the price is right"! I'm guessing that HPR stands for "High Performance Remanufactured".

It could be a refurbished Olympia One 1401-B or a 2-handled Silverado Deluxe 1505 (the first Silverados had the Olympia One 1401-B back handle and the Olympia 1401 finger grip) since the model is not stated in the listing.

Observations: Looks to be painted taupe, the same as the Marquise 1521 era (1987-88); the hose and sand-colored PN5 are from the Diamond Jubilee 1521 era (1984-85).

Here's the eBay link:

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Post# 392615 , Reply# 1   6/1/2018 at 09:09 by vac-o-matic (Saint Louis, Mo.)        

That's a nice machine, and I have never heard the HPR moniker before. I would hope by that time that it would have at least a Super J model type motor, or newer and not maybe a 1205 style. I have not seen a handle setup like that. I sold Olys and Silverados back in the day part time. Olys were 399.99 and the Silverado went up to 479.99 IIRC, and they were very easy to sell at the time. I remember mid-model of the Oly they changed the handle setup, increased the diameter of the wheels, and more effective bumper guards.

Post# 392618 , Reply# 2   6/1/2018 at 09:45 by dysonman1 (Missouri)        

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The High Performance Rebuild came out about 1 year into the run of the Diamond Jubilee. They were either Super J's or Olympia One's. The color matched the DJ as did the tools and PN. Elux also did away at that time with the rebuilt L's and 1205's.

Post# 392634 , Reply# 3   6/1/2018 at 14:36 by Paul (MN)        

Good info. Thanks.

From the seller ...

"Main unit model number is 1401
Power nozzle number is PN5
The copyright year of the manual is 1986 - April if Iím not mistaken
There is nothing in the manual that states what HPR means but it is a manufacturer refurbished unit."

So, it seems as though it's a mix-and-match as the (Super J or early Olympia One) 1401's bumpers were without the fins and had one long carrying handle and a finger grip. In addition, the top trim is the original Silverado Deluxe 1505's with the shorter 1401-B handle and 1401 finger grip.

Btw, I have two Olympia One manuals copyrighted 1979: one which specified model 1401 and one with the 1401-B designation, illustrating the differences.

Post# 392638 , Reply# 4   6/1/2018 at 16:05 by completenutt (West Hollywood, California)        
Vintage virgin!!

completenutt's profile picture
Hey everyone!

I don't know why this caught my eye.. I'm usually a new vac guy, but after reading so many member's kwelling over original authentic Electrolux, I had thought I wanted a Model XXX, but actually put in a bid on this today.. Mainly becacuse I'm not a tinkerer with repairs and this is remanufactured.. it doesn't say if it's been used since the remanufacture or not, but I'm taking my chances!

So excited.. but the color and rough texture finish don't look original (from my novice eye). Do you guys know?

OMG, six days to wait to see if I win. Oy!!

Post# 392671 , Reply# 5   6/1/2018 at 22:35 by Paul (MN)        

Sounds like you've been bitten by the Electrolux bug, Bill.

Regarding your query, the textured metal is original, but it's been repainted. Electrolux Corporation used the textured metal on its cylinder vacs from around 1973 to 1993 (except for the budget Model Ls, which were designed in the '60s but manufactured until 1979 and the Canadian-style lexan-bodied vacs that sold concurrently with the metal ones from 1985 to 1993 in the U.S.).

As an "Electromix", some parts of the HPR may have originally been honey gold, harvest gold, metallic brown, or ivory.

Even though it's a rebuild, it's unique and hard-to-find. Also, it should be a good cleaner; although after 30 years it may be due for another overhaul.

Hope you win it! Keep us posted.

Post# 392728 , Reply# 6   6/2/2018 at 22:17 by Paul (MN)        

Just noticed that the manual's cover photo doesn't match with the actual cleaner in the listing, which has the 1401-B & later 1505 two-handled top trim, so there must have been different versions of the HPR Deluxe.

To me, the colors look more like the Marquise's rather than the DJ's, so I'd presume that the HPR is an '87 or '88 model.

Post# 392768 , Reply# 7   6/3/2018 at 21:52 by keither (California )        

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@ Paul and others in the group discussion :

Attached are pics of my Electrolux Rebuilt 1401 ( HPR ) I totally forgot that Electrolux dubbed this model HPR ( High Performance Rebuilt) I wanted to confirm that yes, this model may have been sold in only two different hammertone colors ( Lite grey and a lite coffee brown color )

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Post# 392814 , Reply# 8   6/4/2018 at 17:42 by completenutt (West Hollywood, California)        

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I just noticed that when YouTube-ing the Olympia One and also the Silveado deluxe

and on the 1401-B (

all had a second handle (perpendicular to the long handle) between the power switch on top and the other long handle. The recess is still there on the vacuum on eBay that I bid on, but the handle is missing... I noticed it is also not there on Keith's rebuilt 1401.

Minor detail, but were they originally released like that or is the part missing?


CLICK HERE TO GO TO completenutt's LINK

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Post# 392836 , Reply# 9   6/5/2018 at 00:24 by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

Did like these Lux vacuums-but in ones observed in trade in piles or brought to vac shops for repair-the plastic handles were ALWAYS broken,the large rocker power switch and the plastic glider-wheel assembly on the front bottom of the machine.the paper bags filled quickly with the floor power nozzle-the use of Filtrete type bags improved these a lot!!!

Post# 392883 , Reply# 10   6/6/2018 at 01:56 by completenutt (West Hollywood, California)        

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Do you think I could find one of those front handles to screw on?

Who could I trust in Los Angeles area to give it the once over, deep clean and check?

I'm so excited!

Post# 392889 , Reply# 11   6/6/2018 at 08:21 by rugsucker (Elizabethton TN)        

Handle is not missing as seen on cover of above HPR owners manual.The first Silverados of April 82 had this handle assembly for a new look.Later went back to the 2nd Olympia handle.

Post# 392893 , Reply# 12   6/6/2018 at 10:25 by completenutt (West Hollywood, California)        

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Okay, thanks!

Post# 392950 , Reply# 13   6/7/2018 at 14:40 by completenutt (West Hollywood, California)        
I won the eBay auction!

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Hi Paul and Keith.

I counterbid and then it fell off with no response. Then I bid again and the seller counterbid and I countered that and they accepted. I emailed the seller and it has been used since the Rebuild, so I'm wondering if anyone knows a reputable person or shop in Los Angeles who can do a deep cleaning of the machine (check pre motor filter, etc) and check for hose leaks, etc.? Or is that my job?!?

I ended up paying almost $200 including shipping, but compared to other listings, it looks in very reasonable condition, except for a few deep scratches on the control panel face plate.

Do you think the top part was originally stainless on this model.. as in many pics of that era's Electrolux Silverados and Olympia Ones, and/or has been repainted to match body color during the Rebuild?

What are the best filter bags to buy? Any with a HEPA equivalent performance?

Sorry for so many questions.


Post# 392955 , Reply# 14   6/7/2018 at 15:16 by vac-o-matic (Saint Louis, Mo.)        

Hey Bill, congrats on winning the bid! That really does look like a low use machine from what I can see. The hose could possibly leak, but you can find a nice used/new vinyl electric hose on ebay. Those braided hoses can look great but do leak over time if not stored properly. You can probably find hepa type replacement bags on ebay or any reputable vac shop, and if not, they should be willing to order them for you, at least mine does. As far as a vac shop, word of mouth may be the best. I'm spoiled here in St. Louis by having a couple of vac shops that really caters to me and any vac collector I've referred, being honest, fair, and able to work on older vacuums. Good luck!

Post# 392963 , Reply# 15   6/7/2018 at 17:08 by completenutt (West Hollywood, California)        

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Thanks Rick!

Post# 392969 , Reply# 16   6/7/2018 at 20:07 by keither (California )        

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Hi Bill : I don't have experience in the arena of cleaning the inside of a machine or installing replacement parts, and I don't know of any repairmen in your area that specializes in refurbishing vacs. The top part was originally stainless. My HPR is model 1401 ( Super J ). I'm not sure if they rebuilt used Olympia's or Silverado's, but I've only heard of the Super J's being rebuilt.

** Paul please chime in **

Congratulations on your win and I hope you will be happy with your new machine!


Post# 392970 , Reply# 17   6/7/2018 at 20:33 by completenutt (West Hollywood, California)        

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Thanks Keith!

Post# 392976 , Reply# 18   6/7/2018 at 23:31 by Paul (MN)        

Congratulations on winning the HPR, Bill! I'm sure you'll enjoy using an Electrolux of that period. Regarding a vac shop, I'd get some price quotes from general vacuum cleaner shops first and then contact Aerus. You can get a pretty good idea of whether a tech is reputable by chatting with her/him awhile. Ask several questions and inform the person that you're shopping for good service and a good price.

Regarding the hose ... the old hose leak test is to put some clean dish water in a spray bottle then spritz the outside of the hose. Next, attach the hose to the exhaust port and plug the other end with your hand. Test by turning on the cleaner on with your toe and looking for bubbles. If leaks exist, consider resealing the hose (there are several threads that explain the process).

As for the filter bags, I can speak with experience about the improved airflow with allergen-rated bags (DVC brand)and have heard that HEPAs are the best. You may also want to take Rex's advice above and give Filtretes a shot. I've never tried them. Anyway, be careful of the blue "Home Solutions" brand as some are inferior; leaking dust like sieves.

Also, not to contradict Keith, but the top trims (as the company calls them) of the Olympia One (1401, 1401-B, & 1505) and Silverado Deluxe 1505 were not stainless steel, but finished in chrome.


Hi Keith,

Since I'm not a Vacuumland member, I don't receive email notifications about threads, so I apologize for not checking this till now.

Thanks for the color info. The light coffee brown is the color of Bill's HPR, then. While I've never seen it in person, it sounds attractive and delicious! :)

I'm thinking you should consider attempting to get every model Aerus has ever made, because you have a great start; and you possess a knack of finding such complete cleaners in good condition. If you decide to do so at some point and want a list of all the labels and models let me know.

As for the Electrolux rebuilding program, I'm guessing it ended when upper management bought out Consolidated Foods in 1987. I couldn't believe it when I recently saw a black Lux Classic in an Aerus discard pile. The dealer explained that the owner didn't want to replace the worn out motor, and he had no interest himself in replacing it for a resale (even though the body was in good condition). He remarked that they no longer rebuild motors (he doesn't even have any grease in his shop).

Post# 392978 , Reply# 19   6/7/2018 at 23:49 by completenutt (West Hollywood, California)        

completenutt's profile picture

You're amazing!

Thanks for the kind words and advice.


Post# 393014 , Reply# 20   6/8/2018 at 18:10 by completenutt (West Hollywood, California)        

completenutt's profile picture

Quick question..

Is there a pre motor filter accessable by removing the inner bag compartment shell. I remember seeing one in an older Model XXX you tube video when he took the machine apart, but can't find a similar video for this era model.

Also, is there a post motor filter? I know with the top exhaust models (eg. Model 2100 or even the Aerus Lux Classic) there is one under the plastic top grill plate, but I can't find any info for this one either.

I could just wait for the instruction manual that might come with the machine, but I'm over excited to get started I guess. tongue-out

I bought the Perfect C brand Hepa filter Type C bags on Amazon today. They are listed as HEPA Media F, which is really an amazing 99.999 capturing of micro-allergens.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO completenutt's LINK on eBay

Post# 393029 , Reply# 21   6/8/2018 at 23:39 by Paul (MN)        

Thanks, Bill! Glad to help.

Electrolux Corporation's filtration initially included an exhaust filter (Model XII to the early Model E - Automatics). Around 1958, it was discontinued as being unnecessary with the new multi-ply paper filter bags.

In 1985 when Electrolux Corporation and Electrolux Canada, Inc. merged, Canada's Lexan tanks (Hi-Tech 2100, L-E 2100--later 1623) were added to the U.S. line and re-introduced the afterfilters to the American market (Canadian cleaners have all used them). None of the metal cleaners of the U.S. line from 1958 to 1993 used them.

As for the pre-motor filters, according to the users manuals I've seen, ProTeam, which partnered with Aerus on designing and manufacturing the Electrolux Commercial upright vacuum cleaners, introduced them to Aerus (Electrolux USA) customers in the late 1990s. Interestingly, the Lux Legacy owners manual in the "current" manual menu on Aerus's website doesn't include a pre-motor filter so it must be an older one.

I'm not sure about the Model XXX pre-motor filter you saw. I have several Model XXXs, none of which have one.

You can get some filter material, though, and cut your own to fit the bag chamber of your HPR.

Post# 393030 , Reply# 22   6/8/2018 at 23:47 by Paul (MN)        

"None of the metal cleaners of the U.S. line from 1958 to 1993 used them."

None of the household cleaners ... used them. The Model G, hospital version, and the commercial canisters (C.A., CB, & CB2000) used them.

Post# 393039 , Reply# 23   6/9/2018 at 12:28 by completenutt (West Hollywood, California)        
TMI in a good way!!

completenutt's profile picture

I would have put money down that I remember during the attached video the guy took out the dust bag, and then removed the inner perforated metal shell with screws at the bottom and on the other side was a pre-motor filter.

Clearly it's not in the video, but I remember seeing it somewhere.  Could have been another cleaner.  That's a quandry!


**Update:  Just found it at 2:35.  It was an exhaust filter attached to the cord rewind and rear exhaust assembly.... which explains why the motor was so crusty when he opened that part... no pre-motor filter.  Not sure if that was the original configuration though as he notes the filter is dated 1973.**


Anyway, thanks again for the real deal answers!  I found a very highly rated and reviewed vacuum repair shop called Garland Vacuum on Los Feliz Blvd. in L.A.  I'll probably call a few others and Aerus for pricing of a deep clean and once over.  Anyone will probably try to upsell me with some new parts, etc.  But I know I'll keep the HPR for the rest of my life, so I may as well invest now so I can enjoy using it without the worry of someone else's ancient dust bunny being expelled into my home while using it!!


You guys are all such a great support system and I felt my first real feelings of love for all the like minded collectors who understand the fixation (my family teases me about!) on these wonderful appliances that we all collect and who helped me in my journey here for my first vintage Electrolux purchase.


Thanks again x 100!!


I'll try to make the convention next year!  I'll be like a pig in …..



CLICK HERE TO GO TO completenutt's LINK

This post was last edited 06/09/2018 at 17:53
Post# 393059 , Reply# 24   6/9/2018 at 21:42 by Paul (MN)        

The Model XXX afterfilters were available for many years after 1954, when original production was discontinued. Another explanation of the filter marked 1973 is that it had been part of a bulk purchase years earlier.

I also mark the date on my filter bags and other filters as a point of reference.


Correction in my last reply: Electrolux USA introduced the multi-ply bags during the run of the Model E-Automatic, so that would have been in either '56 or '57 (not '58).

Post# 393476 , Reply# 25   6/18/2018 at 14:38 by completenutt (West Hollywood, California)        
In love... already looking for another with a chrome top!

completenutt's profile picture
Arrived aged but in very good condition! No body dents, and less scratches than I expected. Motor running smoothly for over a half hour during cleaning.

Interesting question..

Has anyone noticed that even with the suction regulator closed on the hose handle, the suction increases a bit if you open the blower door instead of letting the exhaust be diffused along the regular exhaust vents along the entire top with door closed. Does anyone do that regularly to increase airflow?

So many questions.. like why the beautiful machine is so damn long, yet manuevers effortlessly!

Are replacement braided OEM hoses with electric available?

I think this one has less than a year left.

So in love!

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