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Worlds first BAGGED Dyson is born
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Post# 389805   4/4/2018 at 13:17 (201 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

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Here it is. Bagged Dyson DC40. I had second bin so I can use it bagged or bagless. So far it seems to be more powerful than with the bagless bin.

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Post# 389808 , Reply# 1   4/4/2018 at 13:34 (201 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
Wow!! I'd bet "James" would not be pleased, lol

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Now, if you were here in the U.S. you could enter that in the vac competition at the VCCC convention this summer in Spokane... "Monster Vac".
"Wee Davey' would eat this us, maybe you as well.

Post# 389811 , Reply# 2   4/4/2018 at 13:52 (201 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

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This is what happens when I have too much spare time :D

New bagged Dyson solves all the problems what the Dyson created :D
- higher filtration
- extra airflow & suction power
- no more messy bin emptying
- no more clogged cyclones
- no more filter washing

Obviously it's still just a prototype, but working with more potential :)

Post# 389814 , Reply# 3   4/4/2018 at 14:29 (201 days old) by huskyvacs (Northern Indiana)        

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Wow, that April Fools prank really wasn't a prank! The Dyson Ball Bag lives!

Post# 389834 , Reply# 4   4/4/2018 at 21:01 (201 days old) by broomvac (N/A)        

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Cool idea, Mikko! I'm impressed.

It surprises me that nobody has tried this with a Dyson before. It looked relatively straightforward to do.

Now, find a way to have the bag eject out of the bottom the same way you would normally empty a Dyson. Then you would really be on to something! Talk about hygienic dirt disposal!

Post# 389837 , Reply# 5   4/4/2018 at 21:32 (201 days old) by mariotron (Texas )        
That's awesome!

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There's just something about a bagged Dyson that really gets. Wonder what James would think lol!

Are you going to make a video demonstrating it? And if you don't mind would tell tell us how you made it? I really find custom made stuff interesting.

Post# 389841 , Reply# 6   4/4/2018 at 22:03 (201 days old) by HonestJoe68 (Mansfield, Ohio)        

Hi Mike,

Wow that is a great idea and you do an excellent job in building different vacuums!

I enjoy your videos and like that you share the things you build and create. I had to think of a Hoover that I used to own and love.. I actually wish Id never sold it.. but maybe I will find another one someday.

Anyhow, Its so cool how you created a Bagged vacuum from a Bagless and I thought of my old favorite Hoover Savvy 2, Bagged and Bagless vacuum. Hoover sold them with BOTH bins so you could decide if you wanted to go bagless or use the Hoover Y style HEPA bags. I think I only used mine as a Bagged vacuum and if I even tried the bagless, it was only to give it a try.

But thanks for sharing and you have a lot of creativity and great ideas... you should help design vacuums for some company. Thanks again!


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Post# 389845 , Reply# 7   4/4/2018 at 23:15 (201 days old) by broomvac (N/A)        

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Years ago I had the Hoover Dual V from Sam's Club to replace my Dirt Devil Vision Swivel Glide (with massive pleated filter). I believe this vacuum was also called the V2. It was basically the same thing as the Savvy/Convertible except it had two counter-rotating brush rolls instead of just one. The agitation was great, but the dirt chamber was not. I recall it came with the bagless bin only. I was not really a fan of the twin chamber bagless system. Having had only bagless vacuums with pleated filters, I came to accept the drop in suction that happened when the bin filled.

The Dual V eventually got replaced by a cheezy green and blue Hoover Fusion, the first dual cyclonic vacuum Hoover introduced in America. That vacuum was my first experience with a vacuum that never lost suction. I finished vacuuming my house with the Fusion and checked the suction through the hose to see if the suction was, in fact, still as strong as it was before. To my astonishment, it hadn't faded at all! The Dual V and Dirt Devil Vision both would have definitely lost a significant amount of performance after cleaning up that much dust. It was then that I realized that vacuum cleaners were entering a new era.

Ever since, I have been a huge appreciator of cyclonic vacuums.

Apologies for my digression.

Post# 389852 , Reply# 8   4/5/2018 at 00:18 (201 days old) by MadMan (Chicago, IL, USA)        

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Wow dude, nice work! You actually made the Dyson BALL BAG.

But hey... as the bag is confined in the bin, won't that hinder airflow through the bag? Clever to cut up the filter holder thing though, I imagine that helps. But doesn't the suction just suck the bag to the walls of the dust bin?

Post# 389853 , Reply# 9   4/5/2018 at 00:37 (201 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

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Thanks guys!
There is video coming today.
I quite didn't get the airflow increase what I was aiming for. Looks like it's not just the cyclones what limit the airflow.
Piping from the floorhead to the bin is full of narrow and sharp bends. Transition from the bin inlet to the bag is also a bit too sharp.
Well at least I now get 65 cfm from the hose end when it originally was 55 cfm.
I have to do smoother adapter for the bag and hope it will increase the airflow.
Also making sure it is truly sealed need to be checked.

Also my DIY canister vac is waiting DC14 bin/cyclone to arrive from the UK :)

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Post# 389854 , Reply# 10   4/5/2018 at 01:09 (201 days old) by broomvac (N/A)        

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I like your enginuity and look forward to the video.

I, too, like to build vacuums sometimes. I have been known to take old vacuum motors and make vacuum cleaners of my own design with them. Incidentally, when I got the Hoover Fusion I mentioned earlier, I disassembled my worn out Hoover Dual V and took the motor out. I made the discovery that the suction motor could be wedges perfectly inside a two-liter soda bottle with the bottom cut off. I put the motor inside a cut up bottle, put the bottle inside a bucket, filled the bucket with old rags (sound insulation), and drilled holes in the bucket to diffuse the exhausted air after it blew through the old rags. What I describe doesnt seem very elegant, but dare I say, it was. It was quiet and powerful! I stacked another 5-gallon bucket on top of the unit I just described to form the bag chamber. Inside would go a HEPA Kirby bag. This was my garage vac for a while.

I would also put together cyclonic systems periodically. I would use these cyclones in place of the bag. I would make cyclones out of anything I could get my hands on that was cone-shaped. One cyclone which I made out of a tapered thermos was particularly effective. I even cleaned my fireplace with it!

I have a spare used bin and cyclone assembly for my Dyson Cinetic upright. I have been throwing around the idea of attaching this thing to my shop vac and setting it up to run all day just sucking in air from outside. Where I live, the wind blows hard and frequently turns the sky brown with dust. I am curious to see how well the ultra-efficient Cinetic cyclones could purify this dusty air.

A cyclone system from a Dyson Cinetic might be a neat thing to try with your homemade vacuum.

Keep experimenting!

Post# 389866 , Reply# 11   4/5/2018 at 14:50 (200 days old) by vacuumdevil (Denver)        

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You should continue making these and offer them on eBay.
That would be a quick way to refurbish and fix a lot of vacuums.

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Post# 389868 , Reply# 12   4/5/2018 at 16:17 (200 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

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Maybe I should. I also have the Kirby bagless conversion kit with the famous dust deputy cyclone ready to be tested :D

Post# 389878 , Reply# 13   4/5/2018 at 16:47 (200 days old) by singingrainbow (Texas)        

That looks awesome! I look forward to seeing the video.

I also look forward to seeing your kirby dust deputy setup. I set up a dust deputy for my kirbys last summer, it works pretty well but my set up is a little bulky. I'd bet yours will be much better!

Post# 389900 , Reply# 14   4/5/2018 at 21:43 (200 days old) by compactc9guy (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

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Would that over heath the motor it was nit desing to have a bag ?

Post# 389930 , Reply# 15   4/6/2018 at 05:27 (200 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

mike811's profile picture
Motor is fine with the bag setup. Major air flow loss comes from the internal piping. Piping eats 18 cfm in this Dyson. Cyclone system eats 24 cfm. Bagged bin eats almost the same as the cyclones because of the sharp bend leading to the bag. I have to redesign the adapter leading to the bag. None of my bagged vacuums limit so much airflow like this.

Post# 389956 , Reply# 16   4/6/2018 at 13:40 (199 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
Just think:

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a ball sac... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Post# 389957 , Reply# 17   4/6/2018 at 13:41 (199 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
Present THAT to

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research and development!

Post# 390029 , Reply# 18   4/7/2018 at 02:48 (199 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

No joking afterall-The bagged bin is an interesting experiment-too bad that didn't work out better.Frankly the Dyson should be redesigned from the ground up-just too many twists and turns in the airpath-and too long.and to add to this is the changing shape of the airducts.the bagged bin still could be good for folks with allergies.

Post# 390033 , Reply# 19   4/7/2018 at 03:42 (199 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

mike811's profile picture
I have made much better transition from the bin inlet to the bag. You can see from the picture that the old transition what I use now isn't smooth at all causing airflow drop.
Let's hope I can get more cfm from it.

Motor in this Dyson DC40 (1100 watts) could be more powerful. I mean my 30 years old Philips (1000 watts) can pull same 104 cfm from the canister body and it's going through the bag and pre motor filter.

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Post# 390050 , Reply# 20   4/7/2018 at 10:42 (199 days old) by Crazykirbydude (Lexington, KY)        

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Didn't I suggest on the other thread that you could extensively modify a Dyson bin to accommodate bags? 😜 On a separate note, does anyone else get a little bit angry at the Dyson commercials?

Post# 390068 , Reply# 21   4/7/2018 at 14:18 (198 days old) by Rolls_rapide (Scotland)        
Dyson advertisements

I have to say that Mr Dyson does come across as exceedingly smug.

In fact, the best Dyson adverts are the ones he doesn't appear in!

Post# 390069 , Reply# 22   4/7/2018 at 14:19 (198 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

mike811's profile picture
I think you did :D
Dyson commercials are somewhat annoying. Especially early ones where they praise no loss of suction. Problem with it is that the bagged vacuums have more suction and especially airflow to start with. So with the modern bagged vacuum airflow even with the full bag is still much better than in the no loss of suction Dyson :D
Here is video of my updated Bagged DC40 vs bagless DC40.
Difference isn't big but difference it is :D

I am not totally happy to the results, but at least it has some increase in airflow. Bin still needs grooves to allow air to flow through the whole bag. Almost all bagged vacuums has those grooves so air can flow freely from the sides of the bag. They also help in no loss of suction when the bag fills.
That's my next update.

Post# 390163 , Reply# 23   4/8/2018 at 20:54 (197 days old) by MadMan (Chicago, IL, USA)        

madman's profile picture
"Bin still needs grooves to allow air to flow through the whole bag."

Yes, exactly. Hmm. You could take some metal wire coat hangers and make a big spring-shaped spiral, to put around the bag and hold it away from the bin. Or... you could take some kind of wire mesh and make a cylinder shape to hold the bag. I suppose chicken wire might work. I was thinking of using some kind of stiff wire mesh and making it pleated to space it away from the bin, but now that seems like too much work compared to my first two suggestions.

Or... something.

Post# 390179 , Reply# 24   4/9/2018 at 07:18 (197 days old) by crazykirbydude (Lexington, KY)        

crazykirbydude's profile picture
I would take a piece of large pipe and drill holes in it. That way it would be like the bag cage that the Electrolux cleaners had.

Post# 390180 , Reply# 25   4/9/2018 at 07:50 (197 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

mike811's profile picture
Grooves installed. I used windows rubber seal strips.

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Post# 390192 , Reply# 26   4/9/2018 at 13:35 (196 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
I'm still VERY impressed with your hough process!

gottahaveahoove's profile picture
This is probably how most engineers started all of it.
Yes, I've seen the new Dyson ads... "That's why we've stopped designing corded vacuums". ..... for instance.
Proud and smug are different.
I've seen both. Smug is so... "smug". Anyone else know smug people?
Still, I'll stick with my HOOVERS.

Post# 390214 , Reply# 27   4/9/2018 at 15:45 (196 days old) by dysonuk (staffordshire)        

dysonuk's profile picture
I think that's very clever

keep up the good work

Post# 390242 , Reply# 28   4/9/2018 at 23:47 (196 days old) by MadMan (Chicago, IL, USA)        

madman's profile picture
That might work, you'll have to test and see if the bag is held far enough away from the walls.

A pipe with holes was where I went first, then I realized you'd have to put more holes in it than would be practical. Because only a few holes would only improve suction by just the area of all the holes.

I still think a wire mesh cylinder is the best route.

Post# 391943 , Reply# 29   5/13/2018 at 23:35 by Mike811 (Finland)        
Bagged Dyson DC40 mkII

mike811's profile picture
I totally forgot to share this. So final video it being complete.

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