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Full Presentation of the Dyson V10 Unveiling
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Post# 387588   3/9/2018 at 14:42 (199 days old) by henrydreyfuss (Ohio)        

henrydreyfuss's profile picture
Dyson just uploaded the full presentation of the Cyclone V10 reveal. I love this kind of stuff, and it's fun to see James Dyson discuss the development process of their latest gadget.

(I see this was just linked in another thread, but I'll post this as well, so as many enthusiasts as possible can enjoy it)

Post# 387590 , Reply# 1   3/9/2018 at 14:45 (199 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

vacfan1982's profile picture
Very interesting video. Im gonna get a V10 shortly.
I got a Dyson Light Ball yesterday and so far I'm very impressed with it. 😍

Post# 387591 , Reply# 2   3/9/2018 at 14:49 (199 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

vacfan1982's profile picture
Henry Dreyfuss there won't be many enthusiasts on here who will enjoy it haha 😂

Post# 387592 , Reply# 3   3/9/2018 at 14:52 (199 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

vacfan1982's profile picture
Unless someone shoots him at the end of his presentation 😀😀😀

Post# 387593 , Reply# 4   3/9/2018 at 14:56 (199 days old) by henrydreyfuss (Ohio)        

henrydreyfuss's profile picture
I just bought a V8 (fantastic vacuum), but the new model looks very nice. I like the idea of a larger (and self-cleaning!) bin, more power, and longer battery life.

Post# 387600 , Reply# 5   3/9/2018 at 15:48 (199 days old) by n0oxy (Saint Louis Missouri, United States)        
two filters

It still has two filters which will clog very quickly since it's a bagless machine, no thanks.

Post# 387617 , Reply# 6   3/9/2018 at 18:59 (199 days old) by henrydreyfuss (Ohio)        
Both filters are now one unit on this model

henrydreyfuss's profile picture
Pretty clever! If you've never used one of these Dyson stick vacs, you may be surprised at how low-maintenance the washable filters are. I used my DC59 daily for nearly a year, and I never had to wash the pre-motor filter. Under heavy use, even washing them 2 or 3 times a year is adequate. You just dump the dirt, and move on!

Post# 387619 , Reply# 7   3/9/2018 at 20:36 (199 days old) by rvarley (Oregon)        

I have been using the V8 for a couple of years and have only had to give it a thorough, take it apart cleaning once. And that was just because it was starting to smell a little doggy. It would not be my only vacuum, nor the 'if you could only have one' machine, but it's darned convenient.

I've noticed 2 tech review youtube channels (review of phones, laptops, etc) have done reviews on the V10. Funny to watch those young guys pretend to be enthusiastic about a vacuum. I suppose they are being paid to do the reviews.

Post# 387653 , Reply# 8   3/10/2018 at 03:26 (199 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

vacfan1982's profile picture
The cyclones are extremely efficient at filtering out the dust down to microscopic particles so the pre motor filter stays clean for long periods unlike some other inferior bagless cleaners also the brushless motor produces no carbon dust.

People need to actually try out these cleaners instead of just jumping on the Dyson hatred bandwagon 😀

Post# 387655 , Reply# 9   3/10/2018 at 04:11 (199 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

In theory the cyclones filter the dust-but I have seen so many cyclone type bagless vacuums come to the vac shop to be unclogged-you should see the stuff that collects in these cyclones-their tiny size causes them to get clogged with mainly hair and lint.And still the VERY FINE dust gets by them and clogs the filters.Since many bagless cleaner customers don't read the vacuums book or even ignores the filters altogether-the filters get clogged and the motor overheats.I would be concwerned about a motor that turns at 100,000 + RPM-this is the speed of a dental drill-their bearings are cooled by air and water.What cools the bearing in these ultra high speed motors?I would want a motor that turns at a LOWER speed instead.And since the faster the motor rotor turns--the more noise its going to make.And the circuits to make it run are a concern.If those burn out-the whole thing ends up in the trash.

Post# 387662 , Reply# 10   3/10/2018 at 04:51 (199 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

vacfan1982's profile picture
The reason the cyclones get clogged is because the go above the max fill line blocking the shrowd and cutting off the airflow, the cyclones don't work optimally then. Also you need to keep the shrowd clean.

On the V8 and V10 the shrowd is self cleaning.

Post# 387663 , Reply# 11   3/10/2018 at 05:00 (199 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

vacfan1982's profile picture
Reading the reviews the V10 is very quiet in the low and medium setting.

It looks like an awesome cleaner to me. Millions of people are going to love it which is what really counts 😁

Post# 387664 , Reply# 12   3/10/2018 at 05:05 (199 days old) by henrydreyfuss (Ohio)        

henrydreyfuss's profile picture
This new model has the fan on the back of the motor, instead of the front. I'm assuming this was designed to cool the motor and ancillary components as the suction air passes by.

The only model Dyson's I've seen with clogged cyclones, are the models that had engineering flaws, which have been long addressed. Designed properly, they're pretty worry-free!

Post# 387700 , Reply# 13   3/10/2018 at 13:23 (198 days old) by broomvac (N/A)        

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I am very much in favor of cyclonic separation. Impressive is the cyclonic separation ability of my Dyson DC33--and that is an "antiquated" model with relatively large cyclones by today's standards. I can only imagine how well my Cinetic upright will do!

Post# 387715 , Reply# 14   3/10/2018 at 14:48 (198 days old) by Madaboutsebo (Midlands, UK)        

madaboutsebo's profile picture
Interesting launch video of James Dyson revealing and explaining the new V10! Interesting facts and features of the new motor and battery technology. I hear the onboard motor chip senses airflow, air pressure and altitude to adjust the motor due to it high speed so that should help with cool airflow over the motor! I also hear it senses if there is a blockage, filter needs washing or is not fitted correctly so probably won’t work until these issues are resolved!?

Couple of interesting things James mentions in this launch is ‘airflow’ he states you need high airflow to get dust out of carpets! Also he says they will continue to manufacture their corded machines (present range!) but not invest any R&D to produce any new design/technology corded machines! Think there has been a lot of confusion over this online! It’s a bold move and decision he and his company have taken but not one I’m surprised about! James Dyson has hinted in past interviews online his plans would be to go cordless with his vacuum cleaners in the future and the time has come! Dyson have always done things differently to the norm so to speak so why should this be any different!

I’ve not owned or purchased a Dyson in over 10 year or so having gone back to bagged vacuums but have to say this new machine looks interesting.

In another interview I’ve seen online he says “My own belief is that corded machine [sales] will fall off a cliff,” he elaborates. “It’ll happen quite quickly. I could be completely wrong, and none of you will buy my battery machine, but I believe in doing what we think is right. We’ve got what we think is a very clever team, working on very interesting motors, and we’re constantly changing them and coming up with new motors to do different things.”

Post# 387809 , Reply# 15   3/12/2018 at 08:14 (196 days old) by luxkid1980 (Richmond, Virginia)        

Not that I ever base my buying considerations on reviews by Consumer Reports, but they were not initially impressed with the V10. But they do say they will re-test once it hits the market. For now, they do not see it replacing a corded upright vacuum.

I'm less concerned that it can "..pick up 25 percent more dirt from carpet than the Dyson V8 Animal," and will be interested to see how it compares to other manufacturer's corded vacuums. I wonder if they will do that comparison or if it will only be compared to other cordless stick vacs.

Post# 387810 , Reply# 16   3/12/2018 at 08:29 (196 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

vacfan1982's profile picture
In max mode the V10 has 151 airwatts. That is more than Dysons corded uprights. The light ball has 90 airwatts and I think the DC41 Mk2 has 120 airwatts.

So they can now compete with corded vacs.

Post# 387812 , Reply# 17   3/12/2018 at 09:06 (196 days old) by broomvac (N/A)        

broomvac's profile picture
Cinetic upright has 180 AW.

Ball Multi Floor 2 has 245 AW.

Ball Animal 2 has 270 AW.

Post# 387813 , Reply# 18   3/12/2018 at 09:15 (196 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

vacfan1982's profile picture
Not in the UK 😁

Post# 387814 , Reply# 19   3/12/2018 at 09:22 (196 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

vacfan1982's profile picture
In the UK the big ball 2 which is a cylinder cleaner has 180 air watts and the big ball 2 cinetic cylinder has 160 airwatts

But I'm taking about upright cleaners. The V10 in max mode matches their upright cleaners.

Post# 387815 , Reply# 20   3/12/2018 at 09:24 (196 days old) by suckolux (Yuba City, CA)        

suckolux's profile picture
Currently available? Surely not all.

Post# 387816 , Reply# 21   3/12/2018 at 09:30 (196 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

vacfan1982's profile picture
The Cinectic big ball upright has 120 airwatts in the UK. But it's ball is too big for me 😁

Post# 387818 , Reply# 22   3/12/2018 at 09:37 (196 days old) by broomvac (N/A)        

broomvac's profile picture
All of the cleaners I listed are uprights currently sold in the US.

The Dyson “Ball” canister currently sold in the US has 280 AW. The “Big Ball” canister has 250 AW.

I believe even my DC33 upright, too, has 255 AW. The DC07 even had 300 or so.

Post# 387819 , Reply# 23   3/12/2018 at 09:38 (196 days old) by broomvac (N/A)        

broomvac's profile picture
It seems Dyson’s US cleaners have higher ratings.

Post# 387821 , Reply# 24   3/12/2018 at 09:48 (196 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

vacfan1982's profile picture
We have power restrictions in the UK down to the EU. Airwatts can be misleading though.
I have read quite a few reviews of the V10 now and they are all very positive. 👍

Post# 387824 , Reply# 25   3/12/2018 at 10:01 (196 days old) by broomvac (N/A)        

broomvac's profile picture
Not saying it’s bad. I am always in favor of progress. I would definitely say that the V10 is an impressive leap of progress for cordless vacuums.

However, I’m not sure that it is ready to replace full-size corded uprights in the US. My house has carpet with a pile that is over half an inch thick, and there is enough of it that a good vacuuming can take an hour. This is not uncommon in the US. I’m sorry to say that I don’t think the V10 is ready to replace my Dyson uprights. I don’t see it having enough air wattage or agitation to clean as thoroughly as the uprights, and I don’t see it having enough “range,” especially on the 151 AW setting.

I do think it will shine in small homes, apartments, and anywhere there is a lot of hard floors to clean.

Post# 387826 , Reply# 26   3/12/2018 at 10:07 (196 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

vacfan1982's profile picture
It may not suit very large homes with thick pile carpets but I think the majority will get on very well with them. Time will tel. The proof of the pudding is in the eating 😀

Post# 387835 , Reply# 27   3/12/2018 at 11:26 (196 days old) by suckolux (Yuba City, CA)        

suckolux's profile picture
I love my v8, use it daily, unless I am doing the weekly deep clean, or monthly every surface clean. I get by fine as mostly on low power setting, 625 sq ft and hard wood floors and large room rugs, not heavy pile. However, every friend I visit here in California, wall to wall or many rooms are and 1500 to 2500 sq ft, just not going to cut it for them at the moment I feel. Be great for the daily however for most areas.

Post# 387848 , Reply# 28   3/12/2018 at 11:47 (196 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

vacfan1982's profile picture
Yes I agree for very large homes they won't be ideal. Maybe just for a quick pick it.

Post# 387849 , Reply# 29   3/12/2018 at 11:59 (196 days old) by suckolux (Yuba City, CA)        

suckolux's profile picture
You probably said it better :)

Post# 387870 , Reply# 30   3/12/2018 at 17:05 (196 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

mike811's profile picture
Everybody is talking about the airwatts.
You guys have to remember that the corded models have much more airflow.
For example V8 has only 30 cfm airflow.
100 airwatt DC40 has 65 cfm so quite a big difference even if the airwatt rating is the same.

Post# 387909 , Reply# 31   3/13/2018 at 02:28 (196 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

vacfan1982's profile picture
I'm not saying the V10 will match the best corded Vacs but it will match some corded vacs and that is quite an achievement for a cordless cleaner.

Whether they can reach the point where their cordless can match the best corded cleaners and have a battery that will give a decent run time plus still be lightweight we will have to see.

It will be quite a challenge. But if anyone can do it Dyson can 😁

Post# 387910 , Reply# 32   3/13/2018 at 02:40 (196 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

mike811's profile picture
It doesn't quite macth the corded Dysons, but it sure is gettinmg closer.
Battery technology is constantly going forward, so no long and we can see 200 aw and 65 cfm cordless Dyson.

How you like your Light Ball upright? :)

Post# 387911 , Reply# 33   3/13/2018 at 03:42 (196 days old) by henrydreyfuss (Ohio)        

henrydreyfuss's profile picture
Agitation and airflow are more important than pure suction. Compared to Dyson's best cleaning uprights, the agitation of the V10 cleaner head is what will hold it back. Although excellent for a cordless, by design, the Dyson cordless vacuums nylon brushes don't protrude outside of the sole plate, so they're far more gentle than their best corded siblings.

I will say that Dyson has absolutely crushed it on hard floors, whether upright, canister, or cordless. They work beautifully!

Post# 387913 , Reply# 34   3/13/2018 at 06:45 (196 days old) by vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

vacfan1982's profile picture
I';m returning the Light Ball Mike not because I didn't like it but because I think I will prefer the convenience of the V8. I have other vacs for very deep cleaning :)

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