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Why Dyson is the best vacuum in the planet.
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Post# 386752   2/26/2018 at 05:10 (211 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

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According to this guy. He is very serious about it.
I don't agree.

Post# 386753 , Reply# 1   2/26/2018 at 05:12 (211 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

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Post# 386755 , Reply# 2   2/26/2018 at 06:47 (210 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

These "videos" are CRAP no matter how you look at it!!!!We see NO vacuums being used or dust being picked up!!DON'T go by this!!!!YOU need to see and use the vacuum cleaner in question and judge for yourself!!!How come is it most METAL vacuum can be decades old and still WORK-where most plastic bagless machines get buried in the landfills-the MIXED plastics in most of these is NOT recyclable!!When the metal vacuum or other item finally reaches EOL the metal is more easily recycled-and--Plastics require OIL to make!!

Post# 386756 , Reply# 3   2/26/2018 at 07:06 (210 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

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Here is what I asked from him:
"Why sand on/under carpet tests are misleading" Because Dyson with its low performance don´t do well on those tests.
The first link in the description provides this explanation and the second link is relevant to a full understanding of associated physical process of vacuuming. The test being misleading is not related to the 'performance' of any brand of vacuum for such a 'test'. Such a test is misleading and unrepresentative of real world use or vacuum design.

He is clearly trying to push the Dyson brand.
Real evidence is totally missing.

Post# 386757 , Reply# 4   2/26/2018 at 07:10 (210 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

mike811's profile picture
Another ridiculous answer:
My question:
Flour under the carpet test is very simple test of the deep cleaning performances. Dyson vacuums has a poor airflow so they can't deepclean. Simple physics.
His answer:
Unfortunately, this doesn't address any of the issues raised in the videos linked in the description. It's for that reason why it's a fallacious test and doesn't really demonstrate deep cleaning, as convincing as it may look, cosmetically. As stated in this video, only industry standard testing is meaningful for the three reasons discussed. YouTube bedroom demos and 'tests' have value as visual entertainment only and cannot be used to conclude anything about real-world performance of any vacuum.

Hi has probably never used a real vacuum 😅

Post# 386759 , Reply# 5   2/26/2018 at 07:47 (210 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

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The second video I agree with. You can take agitation too far. But clearly Dysons are not the best vacuums. The latest Dysons do a decent job but the use of multi cyclones will always restrict airflow.

Post# 386760 , Reply# 6   2/26/2018 at 08:55 (210 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

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Carpet shedding agitation isn't needed, but you still need certain amount of agitation (with the airflow + suction) te pick up deepdown grit.
So I agree with you on that.
Someone used photos of his videos and he got very angry, but at the same time he uses other youtubers video screenshots in his videos including mine :D
According to him you can clean carpets with minimal agitation, airflow and suction if the cleaning head has right design. Oh well let him think so.
I asked documents for his claims and so far he hasn't gave any.
Big note that I this is nothing personal against him. I just think, that his claims are so far off from the truth that I had to discuss about this subject.

Post# 386762 , Reply# 7   2/26/2018 at 11:09 (210 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

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I just had a look at some of his videos. Is he being paid by Dyson?

Post# 386763 , Reply# 8   2/26/2018 at 11:24 (210 days old) by huskyvacs (Northern Indiana)        

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It's all just clickbait, friends. People shovel these videos out to get their YouTube Partner money and dupe people into watching them. Don't take them so seriously, it's just more of the same trash that litters YouTube these days sadly.

Post# 386764 , Reply# 9   2/26/2018 at 12:02 (210 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        
Dyson claims

mike811's profile picture
I don't take these seriously. Turns out that the claims "best cleaning performance across all floor types" comes from the Dyson.
He just admitted it in his latest comment.
So he obviously work for the Dyson.
Comment can be seen in the link where I asked who makes these tests.
So this turns out to be just a Dyson hype.


Post# 386769 , Reply# 10   2/26/2018 at 13:52 (210 days old) by luxkid1980 (Richmond, Virginia)        

I didn't even have to watch the video to know that Dyson's are mostly hype. haha.

Post# 386771 , Reply# 11   2/26/2018 at 14:01 (210 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

vacfan1982's profile picture
A lot of the things he says in his videos are true he sounds like a very knowledgeable guy. He makes some very interesting points. But i lose respect when he claims Dysons are the best cleaning vacs 🙄

Post# 386776 , Reply# 12   2/26/2018 at 14:21 (210 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

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I agree with you. Many good points in his videos, but when he said that now the best cleaning vacuum is modern technology bagless vacuum (Dyson). He also said that the bagged vacuum is old technology which clogs up quickly. At that point I lost respect.
He hasn't used modern bagged vacuum because for example Miele C3 has a lot more airflow even with the full bag than the best Dyson available. Miele C3 only lost 11 cfm comparing empty bag to the full bag.

I will ignore him now on and use the vacuums what I think clean the best :)

Post# 386777 , Reply# 13   2/26/2018 at 14:31 (210 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

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Yes me too Mr Snickers 😀 I asked him to come on here for a debate but I don't think he will. He will get ripped to shreads on here haha. Btw it feels like Finland in Wales today, it's bloody freezing! Brrrrrrrrr

Post# 386781 , Reply# 14   2/26/2018 at 16:01 (210 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

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He would never came to here. It would get too ugly with his industry tested best cleaning bagless vacuum cleaner 😁
It's very cold here too. Time to stay inside or my brains will freeze 🤕 😅

Post# 386783 , Reply# 15   2/26/2018 at 16:13 (210 days old) by huskyvacs (Northern Indiana)        

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This makes me wonder if Dyson has "hitmen" that will eliminate you if you say bad words about them like Tacony has been doing to one of the members here.

Post# 386784 , Reply# 16   2/26/2018 at 16:40 (210 days old) by bryan1980 (Texas)        
What a joke...

Years ago, my wife and I bought in to the Dyson hype, and bought one for $400 that lasted about 6 months. I can say with some certainty that they don't hold up to daily usage, at least around our house. Wish I would have spent the money on a used Kirby back then, we'd still be using it today.

Post# 386785 , Reply# 17   2/26/2018 at 16:42 (210 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

mike811's profile picture
He might be one of those. His behavior is very arrogant if someone says something against his opinion.

Post# 386786 , Reply# 18   2/26/2018 at 16:48 (210 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

mike811's profile picture
I have the Dyson DC40 just for the collection and demonstration purposes. It looks nice, but I wouldn't use it for daily use. Bad performance on my high pile rugs and very flexible spine/handle will keep it in the closet.

Post# 386788 , Reply# 19   2/26/2018 at 16:54 (210 days old) by bikerray (Middle Earth)        

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Beyond the sales crap, I'm guessing he never had to service one, with all the hidden screws and parts that snap together.

Post# 386800 , Reply# 20   2/26/2018 at 20:10 (210 days old) by kirby519 (Wisconsin)        

I have never fallen for any of the Hype about the current modern vacuums available today. Any thing that sounds that good to be true usually is.

I didn't buy a new Kirby until I had used a Heritage II that some I knew had. Was Impressed with it. I have used Kirby's all my life and would have bought a rebuilt Kirby before using the Heritage II first.

I wouldn't consider buying a new Kirby again until I used a Sentria that I purchased at a yard sale for $50.00. Now I'm thinking maybe a Avalir. I do know someone with a Sentria or Sentria II complete for a song I may purchase it. My Mom is using The Sentria and liking it.

Post# 386803 , Reply# 21   2/26/2018 at 20:27 (210 days old) by vacmaster (Southern California)        

I couldn't make it through the first video without being annoyed

Post# 386807 , Reply# 22   2/26/2018 at 22:22 (210 days old) by kirby519 (Wisconsin)        

I had the same problem. After a few minutes I said forget it.

Post# 386812 , Reply# 23   2/26/2018 at 23:50 (210 days old) by HonestJoe68 (Mansfield, Ohio)        

I agree with all of you guys here on vacuumland. And I found his videos annoying. And I also Strongly believe Dyson spends more money than any other brand on advertising and hiring people to flood the market with questionable “High 5 Star type Reviews” for the sole purpose to sell more vacuums!

I’m actually embarrassed to admit at one time I drank the Koolaid Sir James So craftily sold (at one point I owned 20 new Dyson products) but reality sunk in and I now have only 6 Dyson vacuums left. I do enjoy the Dyson heater in my bathroom, but mainly just because I think it looks cool. Lol But as far as vacuums.. I also have only used both my Dyson Ball Animal 2 and Dyson Small Ball Multi Floor (both the newest models) Once or Twice since buying them. It’s not that I hate them but rather just don’t find them as exciting as I used to. So thanks for opening this dialog by sharing how supporting only ONE Vacuum manufacturer is not feasible with the multitude of choices, Floor types, carpet types, and on and on. We all have favorites And preferred brands, but variety is the spice of life I’ve found.

BUT... this is my point of view on vacuum cleaners and I totally appreciate how kind and considerate all of you have been with me thus far on this site.

I LOVE, absolutely take joy in and practically get goose bumps over ANY new vacuum cleaner... from a simple $30 hand vac to my $1,200 Riccar... but that’s just me and my pure vacuum collector passion. And most importantly I support ALL vacuum types and brands and LOVE hearing all of you guys share your vacuum passions, stories and memories.

Now I’ll admit, the higher the cost, yes the elation and excitement lasts much longer.. Lol I still get a big smile on my face using my Riccar, Sebo, Miele, Kirby, Maytag or Simplicity high end vacuums. That said my personal thoughts (No shade nor disrespect to anyone here) is you cannot compare Apples to Oranges.. so it’s obvious a $200 vacuum and a $1,500 vacuum will be made with different materials, operate differently and other things you just can’t compare.

So I say with total respect and fondness for all of you and ALL your vacuums... I am happy for you all when something excites you, I 100% totally support your opinions, preferences and likes/dislikes... but we won’t (nor should we) all always 100% agree on which vacuum does what best, etc.

Thank you ALL for helping me experience new things, learn more about other vacuum cleaners and mostly, thank you for sharing in my silly excitement and sometimes excessive exuberance and passion for a “Vacuum Cleaner”! I’m so glad we can all agree to disagree, voice helpful tips and otherwise just have this wonderful place we all can share what Vacuum Cleaners mean to us!

My best to everyone here... thanks for letting me be ME and enjoy collecting any vacuum.. even if I fall in love with nothing more than the color of it.. lol( perfect example the Kirby Sentra II bag design), hehe. So I get great joy out of because of all you great people and how you share your passions, great advice and pictures. Thank you!

Post# 386832 , Reply# 24   2/27/2018 at 10:09 (209 days old) by Sensotronic (Englandshire)        

I had to block this person from commenting on my videos as he was very annoying with far too much time on his hands as he wrote complete essays with a very notable bias towards Dyson.

My own reviews are based on what I think about the product in my own home, how easy it is to use and how they clean and I don't ever claim they are scientifically accurate , but outside the vacuum collecting community, most consumers are happy with a vacuum that leaves their floors and carpets looking clean.

He may well work for Dyson or he could be just a Dyson fan boy, but anyone who only thinks one brand of vacuum is better than all the rest clearly hasn't tried a lot of different cleaners to make that judgement.
I enjoy trying all different types of cleaners modern, vintage, bagged and bagless and I haven't found the perfect vacuum cleaner and I doubt I ever will.

Post# 386834 , Reply# 25   2/27/2018 at 10:17 (209 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

vacfan1982's profile picture
I enjoy lots of different brands too. Wish we had more American brands available in the UK though because most of what we have currently available in the UK doesn't excite me 🙄

Post# 386839 , Reply# 26   2/27/2018 at 11:17 (209 days old) by Mike811 (Finland)        

mike811's profile picture
I have blocked him too. He was using my material in his videos and he has very arrogant style of commenting. So I let him be in his little circles.

I still haven't ordered any vacuums from the US. Shipping costs are too high for my budget + additional step down transformer.
We need more powerhead canisters to the Europe. So far what I have seen only ones are the Miele C3 and AEG/Electrolux UltraOne.
Lux Inteligence is out of my budget. For now at least.

Post# 386842 , Reply# 27   2/27/2018 at 11:43 (209 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

vacfan1982's profile picture
Yes very expensive to import from the US import fees and shipping plus transformer.

I would like to see more PN cylinders but they never seem to sell in the UK. I'd also like to see more bagged upright too but there's not much hope of that, it's bagless that sell these days. I'm going to stick with what I have 😁

Post# 386843 , Reply# 28   2/27/2018 at 11:53 (209 days old) by HonestJoe68 (Mansfield, Ohio)        
@mike811 @vacfan1982

I feel for you guys, I understand in the USA we are such crazy consumers that must have our options and choices! So we do tend to have large amounts of models the UK or other 220 electric countries don’t get.

But on the other side.. I’d LOVE to have the beautiful Vorwerk Kobold in a USA 120 volt. I know they sell upconverters for us here, but I’m not wanting to go that far, and as you said too.. the cost to ship them inside the USA is exorbitant to say the least. Also, I really adore some if the cool Morphy Richards I’ve seen on my friend Roger Lang’s (ibaisaic) YouTube. and don’t even get me started on my coveted Hoover Dust Managers or the lovely Turbomaster Total System! Oh and one more I Lust for.. the newest X series Sebo vacuums with the Pet Boost Button, newest design, HEPA filtration and LED headlights!

So I really wish we all could share vacuums... it would be a lot of fun. I would highly recommend any of our Tacony (USA only) brands to you guys, if they could make them 220... the Riccar, Simplicity and Maytag are gorgeous uprights.

Oh and one last funny thing.. Roger informed me that most UK people call a “Canister” style vacuum a Cylinder and the electric cords are leads.. Lol

I feel for you guys.. anyone own a newer Vorwerk Kobold and want to make my week by posting pics.. that would be excellent and much appreciated!

Somebody should start a thread of “Only available here... UK or USA” vacuum list with pictures. Just a thought. Thanks guys!

Post# 386844 , Reply# 29   2/27/2018 at 12:04 (209 days old) by Vacfan1982 (Cardiff)        

vacfan1982's profile picture
I know Chris (turbo500) has the Vorwerk kobold he likes it a lot. There's also a member from Sweden who's name escapes me who has one also.

Yes let's start an Atlantic vacuum swap. That's a good idea 😁

Post# 386965 , Reply# 30   3/1/2018 at 14:08 (207 days old) by bikerray (Middle Earth)        

bikerray's profile picture
I have a Dyson DC24.
I would love to find a spare used brush roll for it so I could rebristle the brush roll with horsehair and see if it still rips the nap out of the carpet.

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